Dianetics? Auditors? Ok, if there’s time

Dianetics2014The shift of focus of international Scientology events in the last 20 years or so is one interesting indicator of what is now important to official Scientology.

The important dates of Scientology have always been: 13 March – LRH’s birthday; 9 May – anniversary of Dianetics; second Sunday in September – Auditors Day.

There have always been events to mark these days. Since the late 80s greater emphasis has been placed on events in general and the roster increased. In addition to the above three dates the additional days of “celebration” which required events became: 6 June – Anniversary of the Freewinds maiden voyage (and the 3 or 4 weeks of events this spawned); 7 October – Anniversary of the IAS and new years as a general celebration of the previous years progress.

The subject of these events has been a hot topic on blogs and forums the world over. In 2004 something interesting happened. As May 9 approached it was announced that the Dianetics anniversary wouldn’t be an “int event” meaning local events would be hosted in orgs around the country with local speakers. A script was sent to each org to be followed but there wasn’t the usual pressure that comes with an “INT EVENT”.

As the end of August rolled around the same thing happened for Auditors day. For a few years after this these events would sometimes be Int Events (with COB doing the event at Flag and the video being sent out to orgs for their own events) and sometimes local events.

The reaction of staff was one of relief. Local events carried much less pressure and less expense as they could be held in the org as opposed to an expensive event venue.

However looking at this now in retrospect we see that two of the “holiest” days in the Scientology calendar have been reduced to a local side show. While at the same time the “post LRH” dates of the Freewinds maiden voyage and the IAS anniversary are huge. Of course the LRH birthday remains a main focus event.

This shift in attention is symptomatic of what we see in orgs today. Dianetics and the training of auditors is no longer a main line activity. Despite the promotion of Dianetics seminars every weekend and the hoopla of GAT II. The reality is, these are not important activities.

Above is the promotion of the Dianetics celebration in Joburg North. Reduced to a local event this Friday night. Ho hum. Probably an hour or so and then whoever is around can go on course for a bit. We need to leave Saturday night open for a themed fundraiser. At least Pretoria are having it on a Saturday night with hopefully a bit more prestige.


Nothing in this post should suggest that we are punting for events. These events are an abomination and have been destructive in themselves. But if the time and money is going to spent on events, surely it should be for the heart of what it’s all about?

And that, friends, tells us why we find ourselves outside having this discussion. All that Scientologists hold precious has been reduced to a small side show.


23 thoughts on “Dianetics? Auditors? Ok, if there’s time

  1. I don’t have any good guess as to why these two historically important celebrations have been relegated to the back seat by DM, but I would “follow the money”: maybe there’s less money in Book 1 and making auditors than in the things these other celebrations promote. In the COS it’s all about money, not helping people.

    • workshop.dianetics.org was a site where a noob could register for a free HDS. What an awesome intro to the subject!
      dianetics-evolutionofascience.org was where said noob could read Evolution of a Science online in its entirety. Free. Without entering any contact info. Great book and very easy to read.
      Both sites long gone. Funny that.

  2. The fact of International Events itself is a major part of our third dynamic engram. LRH himself had one of these and noted after it occurred that the stats around the world had crashed in orgs. He discovered that staff had gone off their posts to promote these events, and gave this as the reason he made them illegal.
    Additionally, so-called “Int Events” violate the policy DANGER CONDITIONS, RESPONSIBILITY FOR DECLARING. They bypass the entire structure of the church and pass along information that should be going to the field via their local missions and orgs. Not only do Int Events not promote this structure and hold the form of the org, they unmock it.
    That the focus of these events is not on creating auditors and moving people up the Bridge is hardly surprising. It aligns with the subversive motives for having the events in the first place.

    • Mark,

      Another cynical purpose of these International events in my opinion is to disinform the public and make them believe that Scientology has expanded more in the last five years than in the last fifty which as anyone knows who has studied the actual stats presented in their Org Mags which is Auditors made and Grades and Levels Completed is an absolute fantasy.

      Fact is the Church of Scientology has been on life support meaning subsidized almost exclusively by big donos which BTW is in complete violation of the PL Vital Data on Promotion since the Golden Age of Tech.

      In other words the only stat that may be up aside from board feet and real estate purchased is GI which is actually the only Gross Divisional Statistic that may actually be up.

      Even so it’s a false stat because GI is based on Scientology services, books, meters and memberships (not levels of memberships) per the Policies.

      Not only that the main GI that Orgs are supposed be concentrating on in order to pay staff and to buy toilet paper for their rest rooms is what is called “Corrected GI” since all GI for books, meters and memberships or should according to Policy goes to the HCO book account.

      Yet with such things as the IAS and its various levels like a game of Dungeons and Dragons or Mortal Combat or whatever and various Library Projects where the books are either thrown out or put in a discount bin and Way to Happiness Campaigns that includes handing out endless copies of Way to Happiness which usually end up in the nearest Trash Can.

      In other words totally wasted efforts.

      While ignoring what they should be doing to get new public according to the PL Books Make Booms is *selling Dianetics*.

      Which brings us to of all the events that should be international which of course is the May 9th event which is the date of the publication of Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health.

      An event so important to Ron personally that many PLs , HCOBs and other issues like RJs are chronologically numbered in the years after this date which ironically is now a localized lil’ event.

      Probably to down play its importance so the junta can say crap like GAT I and II and opening of some less than “Ideal Org” are the most events in the history of Scientology.

      An old trick used by implanters and enslavers since the dawn of time which is to create a false track.

    • Replying to a few comments here.
      In the 1960s and early 1970s, in Scientology, the idea of real OT being achieved, through the Scientology Grade Chart, boomed Scientology.
      The Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course, and Dianetic auditing to Dianetic Case Completion, was the usual first major action, after the HAS and HQS and Student Hat Courses.
      Most people really thought they’d be true Operating Thetans, stably exterior with full perception, etc., in a matter of a few years, at most.
      Anyone could come in and start training to become an auditor and then audit things like Standard Dianetics and the Lower Grades, and in a relatively short time.
      Underneath the giant gold framed picture of LRH (the old full faced one), we did our courses, drilled, and then audited. It was exciting.
      And were were *very* naive.
      Scientology was, as most of us would later realize, a secretive operation and, at that time, most of the secrets had not yet been unearthed.
      In 1978, the middle Grade Chart was changed, and the state of Clear was watered down to “Dianetic Clear.” LRH had become concerned about the “reputation” of Dianetics. (There an HCOB where this is mentioned.) And he wanted Dianetics validated. As former C/S International and LRH’s personal auditor and research assistant, David Mayo, would later reveal, LRH also was very concerned with income, and had changed the definition of Clear “for PR and marketing” reasons.
      The Franchise holders were regarded by LRH as rebellious and way too rich. LRH felt the Franchise holders owed him money, and he wanted their public, who were now being classified as “Dianetic Clears,” and being told to leave the Franchises and move “up lines.” LRH wanted the Franchises weakened, as he didn’t trust them. (This finally exploded in the crushing and looting of the Franchises in 1982.)
      Around 1979 came NOTs, and the changes to the upper Grade Chart. The old (OT 4 – 7) levels were (briefly) openly recognized for having not delivered what they promised (OT), and, now, NOTs – being the “2nd Wall of Fire” – was going to fix that, by solving the problem that OT 3 was thought to have fixed.
      A couple of years earlier (1976), LRH had ordered that prices begin to rise on a monthly basis, and Scientology was becoming very expensive. The new upper Grade Chart made it more expensive. Yet, people were still very excited and felt sure that NOTs was going to take care of the problem that prevented people from becoming true OTs.
      That was thirty five years ago.
      Now we’re all grown up and Scientology is still interesting but, as most realize, it’s no “stairway to heaven.”
      There are no upper *upper* OT levels that LRH had promised.
      The Grade Chart is a mess and, really, Scientology has been a mangled subject since the early 1960s when LRH left actual GPM research – suddenly with no adequate explanation – substituted lists of Implants for actual GPMs, went to Rhodesia, thinking he was the reincarnation of Cecil Rhodes, failed in his attempt to set up a base of operation in Southern Africa, was kicked out, then returned to St. Hill briefly, before having a nervous breakdown in Northern Africa, “drinking lots of rum,” etc., and finally bouncing back by re-creating himself as the Commodore, with little girl messengers, and inventing OT 3 as the “reason why” Mankind had not responded favorably to Scientology.
      OT 3 was hailed as removing the final barrier to OT, just as the Clearing Course had been hailed a few years before, and running actual GPMs had been hailed before that.
      We were naive and we thought excitedly and happily, “This was it!”
      It wasn’t.
      Scientology could probably revitalize itself, partially, by making lower level auditor training easily available, but the problem is: there is no upper *upper” Grade Chart, and there are no *true* OTs.
      There may be true OTs somewhere, but they haven’t been produced by Scientology in its 60+ years. (And while an instance of someone appearing to bring wilted flowers back to life may be impressive, that’s something that non-Scientologists have been known to do also, and, in any event, it’s a long ways from the definition of true OT.)
      Miscavige doesn’t have a Bridge to sell, and he knows it, so he’s building monuments to LRH (and to himself) – the *Idle* Orgs – and raking in the money, through “fundraising” made possible by the 1993 USA IRS decision, and its repercussions around the world. He’s going to build monuments to LRH, and, if you look at LRH’s early (1938) writings, and at later confidential LRH projects, this is in line with what LRH also wanted.
      So Scientology has been – over all – a disappointment (compared to the original hype), which is why most of us have taken what *good* there is in the subject, and discarded the rest, and moved beyond Scientology, *while keeping the good things in Scientology.*

  3. You know, the real sad thing is using basic book 1 tech alone you can sometimes pull off miracles! The church knows this yet constantly squashes all efforts to deliver large volumes of Dianetics auditing to people. At Joburg day with Christy Colbran protecting my 6, I was able to do the unthinkable! Goddamit that was more fun than flying a jet plane or winning a million bucks! Nonetheless after nearly two yrs of book 1 delivery, many staff made and of course a miracle or two my scalp became very tasty for some exec head hunters! I was even sent a problematic HGC pc to handle because the org could not. Methinks this may have contributed to my demise. A measly book 1 auditor outstaging the HGC! Time to put a stop to the threat to our cash cow the HGC pronto!! Can laugh about it now but back then it was the ultimate betrayal! My cat ate better than me
    I tell ya, long hours in the chair, more and more pc’s flooding into div 6, my recruits pillaged from my section etc etc. Nuts! But I put up with it all cause I saw what simple Dianetics could do – utterly FANTASTIC!! I really could see the difference I was making. All the politics, drama and mayhem fell away when looking at the pc’s face at session end!
    The thought of a small army of book oners reaching out into society even today gets the ole juices flowing! Pity about that pesky church..wheres my C4 instruction manual?

      • Thx Morris, great to express oneself freely on this blog. Glad you appreciate my antics. Have an article I would like to submit soon to this space. Perhaps Scnafrica may humour me and publish it? We’lle see I suppose. 🙂

      • LOLS! It’s a deal! Expect a little controversy with an interactive games twist that forces our fellow bloggers to put a postulate where their mouths are and see how it all plays out.. who will get it right in their predictions?

  4. This steady progression of minimizing events where LRH is given clear recognition, to where Miscarriage is the crowning persona on stage, is central to the Pope’s Master Plan.

    • “Miscavige doesn’t have a Bridge to sell, and he knows it, so he’s building monuments to LRH (and to himself) – the *Idle* Orgs – and raking in the money, through “fundraising” made possible by the 1993 USA IRS decision, and its repercussions around the world.
      “He’s going to build monuments to LRH, and, if you look at LRH’s early (1938) writings, and at later confidential LRH projects, this is in line with what LRH also wanted.”
      B V Orts.
      Is Miscavige doing the best he can with what he has? I’m not saying he’s anything but a psycho… but ponder on this.

  5. LRH promoted Book One Dianetics!
    He wanted it to be made available to the public!
    Public learned to become Auditors!
    Auditor and PC educated on the Reactive mind!
    He wrote the Book!!!
    Where are all the Book One Auditors?
    Me thinks DM did not want a huge field of Book One
    auditors knowing what they were doing and making
    Instead new public were lured into the Church and then Regged
    for the most important Services donating to the IAS and Buildings!
    Who can honestly say they are very happy to send raw public and
    new public and new family members into the Org?
    To LRH the most valuable beings on this planet are Auditors.
    Auditors are a huge threat to DM.
    Thank goodness the academies are empty!
    Out side the Church Real Auditors are being trained on LRH tech – not altered tech
    The Giant Hamster of all time is peddling faster and faster and one day
    that wheel will spin out of control – the Lions are watching and waiting –
    we communicate – we have courage and then we will go in for the kill!
    Ever see a headless Hamster!
    This Hamster is related to the Darth Vader of Hamsters not the cute
    fluffy pet Hamsters who I can assure you are not genetically related to the
    Giant SP Hamster (just to reassure hamster lovers and who were looking a bit
    concerned about their little ball of fluff}!

  6. For quite some time I have had my reservations about these events and felt that something was amiss. Its almost a relief to know that others out there have the same feelings and can express them here.

  7. EVENTS! The bane of my existence. Each one promising to reveal the secret of immediate untold expansion or some whole track changing release. What hogwash! A practice in TR 0 two hour confront except the side shows lasting over an hour. And then the STCC drill of changing the subject with the “cash, cheque or credit card” police afterwards. Happy to not be tortured every few months. In hindsight a revealing observation with local events definitely put on the back burner.

    • Yep an exercise in pulling teeth those events were! I hated everyone of them besides the one where we went briefly St. Hill size and the ones where I got to see mango groove and Johnny Kleg playing live! 3 out of the many, the rest felt like i was an idiot dog, chasing parked cars!
      With all the all hands, money spent and other distractions I wonder how many clears and auditors we could have made? Instead we played lick arse to a midget for his own self agrandizement! What a complete waste of valuable recources! Even if Im promised 20 virgins in the afterlife and a blue genie in a bottle to grant my every wish I wont be that trusting again! Not on yer life!!

      • I thought it was tough as a staff member. As a public I felt trapped and bullied and my only getaway plan was one of no arrival.

  8. Personally I liked the local events.
    Good times, good food, good friends, spiked punch.
    My favorite event of all time was the New Years Event in 85-86.
    The last event I got the impression that Ron was actually there when they played RJ 39.
    Then Edgar Winter and band played all night while the sound of small arms fire echoed through out LA.
    After that it seems Ron had definitely left the building and the junta started turning events into some kind of Propaganda organ and a bunch of Health Food Nazis took over the catering and the WCTU handled the beverages.

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