Andrew & Shelley carry on… (part three)

And so our story continues……….

Andrew & Shells


Andrew & Shelley Jackson – Part one
Andrew & Shelley Jackson – Part two

I last left off when the basics had hit town in 2007. The relentless push on this was a whole new level of insane. It was evident that, once again, virtually every single staff and Sea Org member was being ripped off post to sell the basics – again, an “all hands” frenzy which contributed further to destabilizing the org. Not only were we being hounded by our own local reg’s from the org and CLO, but we also had to contend with all-night calls from the likes of Flag, Anzo and Saint Hill.

By this stage, our company had moved to premises relatively close to the org and I am not exaggerating when I say someone from the CLO or the org arrived at our offices DAILY pushing the basics – no appointment or forewarning, just the sudden appearance of a Sea Org member in front of your desk with an arrogant “you will see me now and be regged” attitude.  Even after we bought the package, the regging continued – requests that we buy further packages for “donations to those who couldn’t afford them” – and then there was the library campaign – and on it went.

Joburg Org had now been in “fundraising mode” for more than 8 years. First, the fundraising for the new org, then a short period of relief, followed by virtual weekly IAS fundraising for the 3rd and 4th Dynamic campaigns, and some fundraising started on Joburg Public to donate towards purchasing the Cape Town Ideal Org. Concurrent with this, it was announced we needed to have a Test Centre in town, and so the Johannesburg field were hit yet again with relentless fundraising events.

The Braamfontein Test Centre was an interesting cycle. Public were “sold” on the idea that because the premises were opposite the Witwatersrand University, it would be perfectly situated to attract “upstat” students (thus literate) and we could expect “droves of people” into the centre which would then naturally feed onto the Joburg org (which was located in a suburban residential area with very little foot traffic).

Even though I was not on staff, I voluntarily spent many hours helping the org with call-in for these events. In a mad delusion of grandeur, Albert even asked me to get quotes and prices on a mini-bus which would be used for transporting staff and public to and from the Test Centre. I spent a good deal of time on this cycle which went……………..nowhere.

Fundraiser after fundraiser for the Test Centre took place virtually every weekend – a lot of public even traipsed into town to stand in the empty shell of the building so they could get “mass” on what they were donating for. This was the time when fundraisers started getting inventive with “auctions” and other incentives for donations. People were donating thousands for a set of Tupperware or a bunch of flowers or some other mest donated by public.

Eventually when we thought we were done, yet another event was promoted – the catch phrase was “please come to the event because we will be commending all those who have contributed”. The hidden hint was that this would be the event to announce we were “done” and so public naturally pitched up to get the good news and their commendations. Instead, Albert delivered a cap-in-hand shore story about having “under-budgeted” on the project, and thus a further R3 Million was needed.

And so yet again, Joburg public pulled together and this money was raised. By this stage, Andrew and I had donated in excess of R75,000. (This was on top of all the “free IT support” Andrew was giving the org on an ongoing basis).

Years later I found out that the story about being under-budget and needing further funds was a straight-out lie. The truth was that the money Johannesburg Public had donated for their Test Centre was being siphoned off to pay for the purchase of the Durban Ideal Org property (the same property they paid R16 Million for and then later demolished – leaving an empty lot). Many people still don’t know that they were duped by their own senior SO and Org Management – how’s that for “on the day we can fully trust each other”?

By this point, Ideal Orgs had become a serious “business” affair, with the appointment of Tri-Star as the official Project managers for all the Ideal Orgs. Gone were the days of Scientologist-owned businesses being allowed to “donate” the work as part of their contribution (as had been the case with Joburg in 2003) – all donations had to be straight-up hard cash.  Because Andrew had done so much work to help the CLO and Joburg Org with their computer and IT problems, CO CMO Alex Faust made a specific request that Jacksons Computers be appointed as the official consultants and contractor on the Ideal Org program, and thus we were officially appointed. Our company fell under the same contractual obligations and rules as all other contractors, which meant compliance with all legal formalities in terms of workers safety requirements, contractual agreements etc.  As Andrew was also appointed as the official Consultant for all the Ideal Orgs, he worked directly under the Electrical Engineer, and was thus on the team who consulted to Tri-Star for all future SCN building projects.

With the appointment of Tri-Star and formalizing of the whole African Ideal Orgs project, one would expect a degree of professionalism and thus proper organization of the various projects. Ordinarily, this is how companies as large as Tri-Star and the various appointed Consultants were used to working. Boy, were they in for a surprise.

The building project of the Test Centre project was but a microcosm of what was to come with future projects. Insane demands and requests for last-minute changes and additions to work-orders were constantly being placed on contractors – all of these requests coming from the Church (and possibly being driven down from Int).

This resulted in many of the contractors having to put in extra time as well as employ more staff to get the work done in the required time. Due to the fact that they had already quoted and were already on the job, many of the contractors ended up having to submit additional work orders – resulting in mass confusion and the original budget going up in smoke. The unreal and insane demands for completion of the work to happen “now now now” resulted in most of the contractors including Andrew and our staff literally working around the clock to get the job done.

Not only were unreal targets and demands being made, but all sorts of things had been overlooked such as the fact that due to the locale of the Test Centre (high crime rate area), it would be a matter of time before someone walked off with the very expensive equipment – unless it was virtually nailed down. As a last minute flap, Andrew had to supply cable locks for all the computers. Although he was paid for the actual locks, he was not paid for the extra time taken to install them, as this was not on the “original work order”. Same thing happened when someone in the Sea Org suddenly decided that all the equipment had to be engraved – which meant until it was engraved, it couldn’t be installed.

As usual, “Command Intention” set the date for the opening, and come hell or high water, this was to be complied with. Every project has its usual set of snags etc, but the Test Centre was a morass of snags – and some of them serious.  Stupid and glaring mistakes were becoming obvious such as the furniture being installed in front of already installed plugs or computer outlets, resulting in desks having to have extra holes cut into them etc. The snag list just went on and on.

Something that really upset Andrew at this time was the nattering occurring about the electrical contractors on site. He had to work closely with these guys, and in his opinion, they were actually doing a very good job, under the circumstances. But because of the mistakes on the plans and site diagrams and constant demands to change things at the last minute, they were being blamed for things not being right. The owner of the electrical company told Andrew he had never worked with such a bunch of disorganized people in his life, and that even if he was asked to do the next project, he would decline.

In the last week before the opening, I did not see Andrew – he and his staff literally worked 24/7 with very little to no sleep in order to get the work done. Of course, we had to pay our staff overtime to do this, but as it had not been costed in, we could not recover this money and it all came out of our rapidly diminishing “profits”. In the last week, teams of people from the Sea Org were also put to work and even I was running around buying food and coffee (out of my own pocket) for the people working around the clock. I also did a number of errands such as buying the clay for the course rooms (oops – oversight) and other ad-hoc cycles that had somehow been forgotten.

And so, after a frenzied few final weeks to get everything done, the Test Centre opened on the 26th March 2009 (my birthday).  Andrew and I were so exhausted we didn’t even watch much of the opening – Andrew was still inside the building finishing up work as the opening speeches were in progress! The building was named the “Braamfontein Life Improvement Centre” and opened to much fanfare with grand speeches about how wonderful the building was, what an incredible service it was going to be to the community, blah blah blah – and of course all filmed by Gold with their bright-lights, Cherry Pickers and other equipment that had been flown in for the event.

In the end, Andrew’s company had put in an additional work-order of R30,000 worth of labour and travel to get the job done. Because of how badly over-budget the job already was, we agreed with Elmien that this amount would be counted as a “donation” to Ideal Orgs (hiking our Ideal Orgs donations to over R100,000.00).  We could ill afford to do this, as we had to pay our staff for all their overtime. In effect, we actually ended up losing money on the whole project.

After the opening, I visited the Test Centre a couple of times and noticed that Sea Org staff seemed to be running the place.  They were even kitted out in khaki pants and white shirts (the “uniform” for the centre), and were all “on post” – I immediately spotted this as a glaring outpoint and couldn’t help thinking about the “Joburg Saint Hill Size” camouflaged hole with the org being “run” by the SO and then collapsing a while later after the SO withdrew. I experienced an uneasy Déjávu feeling which I justified with the thought that maybe this was a transient occurrence while they recruited and manned up the Test Centre. Little did I know.

When I joined staff two years later in 2011 (yes, I know, shoot me) I found out the Test Centre had been an abysmal failure with very few actual products – and in fact was not even operating anymore having been closed up for 6 months after Michelle Babich – (who had bravely and almost single-handedly run the Centre for a while) got attacked and badly beaten up by an ex-staff member.  Her full story has been published on this blog, and it’s quite an eye-opener. Another good soul thrown onto the rubbish heap.

In late 2011, some semblance of effort was made to re-open and man-up the Centre at least in the afternoons. Gavin Slender had to put about 5 or 6 staff in his car every day after lunch muster to cart them off to the Centre for the afternoon, where they worked for a couple of hours until 5pm and then came back to the org.

Getting a PO approved for petrol was a constant and ongoing problem, and INCOMM had failed since 2009 to debug the telephone system which was supposed to hook up the org to the Test Centre, so there was no way of communicating with the staff at the Test Centre or get any stats reported (which were being demanded daily). I often ended up forking out my own money for cellphone airtime so that the Centre I/C could be in comm with the org.

Today, the Test Centre is a hairs-breath away from being a derelict, rundown, abandoned building. An article appeared on this blog not too long ago showing the state of disrepair and reporting that the Centre is opened “once or twice a week” for a couple of hours – I can guarantee even that has stopped now. Once again, Millions of parishioner’s money literally flushed down the drain. However, the Church owns a nice piece of real estate which cost them nothing – so what do they care?

Back to 2009 – while the Test Centre cycle was in progress, concurrent fundraising for Pretoria Org started – and yet again, Joburg Public were being expected to cough up for this. By this point, public were really starting to balk at the never-ending engram of  fundraising. Even the OT Committee were starting to “push back” and I distinctly remember an interrogatory being put out on Pat and Renie Habib because they had vocalized their dissent with the insane fund-raising going on.

Of course the obvious question was “where were the Pretoria public when we were fundraising for Joburg Org” – and yet the Joburg field were being hit-up for Pretoria. I remember specifically addressing this issue with Albert one day, and he glibly told me that as we (Joburg) were the Continental Org, it was our (as in the Joburg public’s) responsibility to ensure all the African orgs reached Ideal Org status.

At some point along the way, it was announced that Joburg North was also to be included in the Ideal Org Campaign. This was a new development as this org had not been included in the original consulting project. It was already being broadly announced that South Africa was the first country “done” with the purchasing of all their Ideal Orgs. That prestige obviously no longer exists as, despite being in fundraising mode for the last 4 or 5 years, JBG North has still not purchased their building (the why on this will be revealed in due course).

And as if this wasn’t bad enough, it was then announced that Joburg Org would be getting a facelift with the addition of a whole new Div6 wing in order to bring it “up to scratch” with the International minimum-standards for Ideal Orgs.

I remember attending a number of fundraising events where all 3 projects (Pretoria, Joburg North and Joburg Org Facelift) were being fundraised for simultaneously. Public were getting into games conditions to see who could raise the most for their org, and it was around this time that the “bright idea” of the debit order system was conceived.

Around this time Andrew and I were really starting to feel the pinch, but we were confident this would come right once the Ideal Org projects started rolling. Of course, we were fed the PR BS that all the orgs were going to be done within the next two years, so we were not too stressed. In anticipation of the work we would be doing, we bridged some operating capital for the business.

Then Peach got the bright idea that seeing as Jacksons Computers would be doing the work on all the Ideal Orgs, and thus making a profit, we therefore should donate a lot more. If we thought the pressure was bad before, we were in for a nasty surprise at just how relentless and insane it was going to get.

Peach and Elmien would just pitch up at our office and refuse to leave until they had money from us – and this continued week after week after week. Peach even phoned my office, telling our receptionist (who was not a Scientologist) that she was my Gynecologist in an attempt to be put through to me so that she could reg me. Luke Byrnes pulled a similar stunt – claiming to be someone else in an attempt to speak to Andrew for money for some or other project.

And so, we stupidly agreed to “up-front” donate in anticipation of the profits we would make from the Ideal Orgs projects. We upped our status to New Civilization Builder, including signing a debit order to further up our status (which I stopped after a few months).

By November 2010, Andrew and I had donated R250,000.00 to Ideal Orgs. Below is a pic of us receiving our commendation from Albert and Peach, and the notation inside the card (note the themed dress-up garb).

NCB Commend PicNCB Card Inside


And then,  the IAS came for us……………… watch this space!



82 thoughts on “Andrew & Shelley carry on… (part three)

  1. Thank you Shelley.
    It is a good thing to put your whole story out there.
    I applaud you.
    In sympathy with some Sea Org members who told me they were
    not permitted to sleep for the night until they made their quota, I softened
    and purchased some sets, I have a thing on sleep deprivation. By the way
    the CIA defines extended sleep deprivation as a form of torture.
    I covered the basics and the money extortion racket in this video.
    Note the “punishing bodies” of enforced push ups and “jumping jacks”
    if within 10 minutes no one was reached to sell Basics to.

    • Hi Karen – thanks for your ack. It was only once I was “out” and started reading (and listening) to the stories of what the basics “evolution” was like at Int level that I realised how bad it was (just as Chris describes in the video). You are so correct to compare it to torture – that’s exactly what it was (and still is for many). It was happening here too – staff would reg locally until about 10pm, and then start regging overseas people who were in different time zones. I saw first-hand the physical toll this was taking on our org and SO staff – dark circles around the eyes, pale and exhausted zombies just walking around in semi-stupor. Madness, just sheer madness.

      • Sheer madness is right! Keep reading the internet and you will see many stories not unlike your own. All so very important. All helpful in the catharthsis. Thank you for posting your story.

      • Thanks Mary – I have been doing thorough research and reading for a long time (longer than anyone knew about). I think I have seen it all – the good, bad and ugly. I think it’s important to view from all angles. Gone are the days of me ever “blindly trusting” or believing ANYTHING fed to me. LRH was right – LOOK, don’t LISTEN…………….

  2. The Test Centre… to which I donated a very considerable amount of money. Two weekends ago I went into what was a very busy and upstat Braamfontein on a Saturday morning. The place was humming. I made a point of walking by the Test Centre, which is very close to the centre of all this activity and it was locked, and as Shelley says, beginning to look like a slum. In fact, it IS a very good location, sadly run by morons who couldn’t oganise a piss up in a brewery.

    • Such a bloody pity. The place has such potential. If staff were treated a bit better and paid a decent wage, it would be a whole different kettle of fish. We can dream, I guess….. 🙂

  3. Thank you, guys.
    We were all rather insane then . . . . I didn’t want to listen to the little voice on my shoulder.

    • Frik, I think we all had little voices on our shoulders. But we were doing it “for the greatest good” and I believe many of us truly believed we were contributing towards a good cause. Unfortunately, the system will eventually get everyone – if they don’t jump ship, they will just go down with it still clinging to the hope that they are “doing the right thing”.

    • True, Frik. Today, I’m embarrassed to tell my family and friends that they were right all along. I’m not sure if I’ll tell them. They could say to me, we told you all this long ago, how come it took you 20 years to find out!

      • I think you may find that the ARC will rise if you are honest and eat crow. I used to think that “wogs” wouldn’t understand my motivation behind being in Scientology. Truthfully some don’t get it. But most do seem to get it and it brings about a much better understanding on both sides. You can always do it on a gradient if you are scared.

      • happyc, No need to feel at all embarrassed. Just take a simple step up into being PAN-determined, and voila! –You will be able to do this with surprising ease! (Hint, off loading just a whole bunch of perfectly useless considerations, will leave you beaming, 🙂 knowing you have bested yet another impediment to your own real emancipation!) Please let me know how it goes, okay? (ps. I speak directly from my own experience) 🙂

      • Happy – consider telling everyone – it is freeing and that humility helps heal. One thing that happened to me and others in Scientology is LRH says “never say your sorry or apologize”. This is a piece of “tech” that does not work, IMHO.

        I find this to be disgusting now. I have no problem apologizing to those people I harmed by my involvement in Scientology – it feels good just to admit I was wrong! But don’t beat yourself up – study up on mind control and cults, Milviludes, etc. It is fascinating.

        It is not your fault. Deception and parlor tricks were used on all of us!

        If you study up on the “ego” you will learn that it is similar to the “reactive mind” and it destroys relationships and gets one into a lot of trouble for the need to be right! It separates us from our spiritual nature – loving, kind, compassionate, caring and giving.

        I realized it was an overt act to hide any longer – to myself! I had to tell everyone the truth once and for all. Most were compassionate and a few said things like “I would never get sucked into a cult – cults are for losers”.

        Well, that is what I said before Scientology (did not know anything about cults) but I did get sucked into it big time! I just laugh and tell them they are right! Who cares what anyone thinks anyway…it is part of our journey and there is something very good that will come out of it eventually for all of us!

        Admitting I was sucked into the cult – was freeing. I told EVERYONE – even those I disconnected because I was convinced that they were SP’s because they were critical of Scientology. I discovered they had no crimes they were hiding but Scientology sure did! That is a piece of tech that needs to go in the trash! “Anyone critical of Scientology or LRH has crimes – big crimes…sordid ones etc” NOT TRUE! Scientology has the crimes but they feed you this tech so you won’t look at them and turn your attention to the one criticizing it!

        Do it only if and you want to. I just thought I would share my experience.

      • Read the book – ‘Russian Mind Control’ written by LRH and found in all Org library’s unless Miss Cabbage got rid of them.

    • What is making some people hang on to Scientology despite the outpoints, is hope. Scientology was able to handle some problem for them in the beginning. They still have problems left and they hope that Scientology will handle those problems for them too.
      Vinaire, you seem to be fixated on constantly disparaging the subject of Scientology and it’s tech. This is not the forum or blog for such discussions. If you wish to communicate your opinions on how flawed or faulty the subject is, then please have your say on the numerous blogs that will allow such comments.

      Besides this, you keep trying to derail our discussion threads by off-topic commments, and you are also attempting to use this blog to advertise your own blog – I have removed the rest of your comment because of this.

  4. A really great post, Jacksons.
    The lack of professionalism of the managing church staff, the quantity of lies and BS, and just the total insanity of it all are astounding! With an end result of no or bad products.
    Peach doesn’t look like a person I would want to meet in a dark alley (I am certain she is carrying a concealed weapon); and Albert sure looks like a clown. (I have to say I never met either of them.)

    • Peach is now at Flag, and a reg for Super Power. In South Africa, we were told she was very ill and being taken overseas by her husband – and then up she pops in a facebook post – all decked out in her bright new Flag uniform. Think she got out quickly before the heads started rolling here……

  5. I love the irony of the following statement:

    “Many people still don’t know that they were duped by their own senior SO and Org Management – how’s that for ‘on the day we can fully trust each other’?”

  6. The following seems to be ultimate purpose: COS owning real estate.

    “Once again, Millions of parishioner’s money literally flushed down the drain. However, the Church owns a nice piece of real estate which cost them nothing – so what do they care?”

  7. This article reminds of the following statement I once saw at a place of work:

    “This place is like a whorehouse. The better you perform the more you get screwed.”

  8. Wow, what a story. Thanks for writing it and letting us share the madness with you. Crazy, crazy, criminal stuff! Whew!
    Can’t wait for the next instalment.
    I hope you’ve recovered or are recovering your losses both financial; and spiritual, emotional and mental. I know that I took a long time to fully recover myself after my experience as a staff member and the accompanying bullying, invalidations, rumours being spread (about me), etc, etc. It took a long time and I’m a strong person.

    • Thanks goodchoices880 – we are starting to recover – fortunately we have found some REAL friendships outside of the bubble who have been enormously supportive and helpful in the transition. It’s a long process, and we are still dealing with the financial fallout, but this is under control. I am sure we will come out all right in the end. Good for you too in your recovery – the rumours and libellous slander from people who were once one’s friends is quite something to confront.

  9. Hi Shelley and Andrew,
    I’ve been looking for a good time post this. I hope you don’t think I am too disrespectful to your post here, which I want to say again I think is intensely interesting, shocking and revealing.
    Have you heard about the new Basics Release, coming soon?
    Here is a partial list of the titles:
    Dianetics: The Original Thesis Concerning Donations
    Dianetics: The Evolution of Donations
    Dianetics: The Modern Science of Healthy Donating
    Science of Survival with Large Donations
    Handbook for Donaters
    Advanced Procedures for Donating
    Self-Financial Analysis for Donating
    Scientology $0 – $8
    Scientology $8 – $80
    Scientology $80 – $8,008.
    The Creation of Human Ability to Donate
    The Problems of Work – Low Pay But Large Donations
    Donations 55!

  10. Haven’t finished the story yet, but this is enough to make anyone furious. “Years later I found out that the story about being under-budget and needing further funds was a straight-out lie. The truth was that the money Johannesburg Public had donated for their Test Centre was being siphoned off to pay for the purchase of the Durban Ideal Org property (the same property they paid R16 Million for and then later demolished – leaving an empty lot). Many people still don’t know that they were duped by their own senior SO and Org Management – how’s that for “on the day we can fully trust each other”?”

    By the way, Seattle’s “Albert” is Mark Arnold and he did pretty much the same stuff on our area. It’s amazing how they had this “plan” and it was an epic fail wherever they tried it. Of course I’m sure they will blame it on some “SP”.

    • Hi Tony – yes, I think there are many “Alberts” everywhere around the world – the very system and the way it’s set up ensures this. I used to have a lot of respect for Albert and actually thought he was my friend. Unfortunately, my viewpoint of him today is that when his lips are moving, he’s probably lying. After all I had done for him (personally too, I might add), he turned his back on me in the worst possible way – a real traitor who did absolutely nothing to help me when I was being witch-hunted by his Gestapo wife.

      • I agree Shelley. It seems that some of the people that I respected the most turned out to be some of the biggest “bots” around. That’s okay though, I have learned a lot through this journey so far.

  11. Good Grief! Your hearts must have sunk when you read Peach’s note: “Humanitarian here you come!” You just knew that she would be back for more and more and more.
    One question I would like to ask, Shelley: Fundraising for Pretoria started way back when. Then Peach disappeared for about 6-9 months – the shore story was that she had been put on the TTC as a reward for her hard work on the Ideal Org fundraising. Before she left I know that a substantial amount of money had already been raised for Pta, I think in the region of R10Mill. Suddenly, Peach was back and fundraising again without having done much in the line of tech training while she was “on the TTC”. At that point, Pretoria fundraising seemed to start from scratch again with no mention of the money raised before Peach left. Do you guys know anything about this? Why was Peach really sent to Flag and what happened to the money already raised?

    • Hi Draco. You are quite correct on Peach disappearing, and being “rewarded” to join the AOAF Training Team. She was replaced by Quinton Collett who was a totally green non-SCN who only joined the Sea Org so that he could continue his 2D with Celeste Lotz (Anya Viljoen’s 15 year-old daughter). He was supposed to be on the AOAF team, but screwed up royally by telling the immigration guys in the USA he was coming to study SCN, and was promptly deported. So he “replaced” Peach, and she was sent to Flag. Quinton tried his best, but he didn’t have a patch on a veteran like Peach. He was totally unhatted and didn’t even understand Scientology – so failed dismally and then blew (and within short order married 16 year-old Peggie Vasquez). Peach was then brought back to take up her old post – per policy (if your post crashes within 2 years of vacating it, you have to come back). This happened to a number of other SO guys as well – Josh Shapiro and a couple of others.

      • Sorry Draco, I realised I didn’t answer your question about the money. I am sure it was still there. In the article on this blog about the Pretoria Org building fiasco, the budget was initially R21 Million, jumping to R37 Million – and that was JUST the building – no furniture, fittings, signs, equipment, TV Displays or computers etc. I conservatively estimate that more than R50 Million was ultimately spent on this project…….

  12. PS – Thanks for continuing your story – I have been waiting 🙂 Even though we all know how nuts everything was and still is, our jaws still drop to the floor with each new story!

    • I’m glad we’re keeping you guys entertained! In a way, it’s almost like an auditing session to write this all up. I have had many moments of looking at this from an exterior viewpoint and said to myself “what the hell were we thinking?”. It’s hard to explain this to anyone who was never in. One just had to be there, I guess.

      • I know exactly what you mean. Looking back I see so many times when I was staring the truth in the face, and I promptly turned around and wouldn’t really LOOK. I knew it would change everything if I did. But there comes a time when you just run out of excuses and that’s when you start to wake up.

  13. Very well written, Shelly. I hope you pursue your writing — it’s professional standard.
    I guess I was always the incurable cynic. Even back in the 1970s I saw the church as a one-way suction valve that took all it could while promising great tomorrows that never came.
    I found it ironic that in the very place where postulating was the theme of so many endeavors the thing being postulated never came to pass, and the clueless postulators just not-issed and moved on.
    I find it absolutely astonishing that Andrew who was a kind of whiz kid when I was in Jo’burg org — very intelligent, short comm-lag, etc — should still be being taken in by boneheaded church projects run by an out-of-their-depth bunch of nitwits.
    I never joined staff because everybody seemed to be operating out of condition so there was no way anything could have worked.
    My supposed counter intention never was that — it was just obnosis.

    • Hi Leonard – thanks for your validation, I really appreciate it. I understand fully when you say you don’t understand how someone like Andrew got “drawn in” despite his intellectual level. Understand, he was brought up “in the system” and had to some degree since a young age become inured to the nuttiness, as this was the norm (including being overboarded, chain-lockered etc). In the early days, we really did think we were fighting a war to keep Scientology and LRH’s tech alive – and there were genuine external threats on this line. Unfortunately, even though the war and external threats abated, the Church continued in “war” mode, turning it into an internal “get ’em” game on it’s own parishioners. Classic dramatization of Type 3 PTS – the enemy is everywhere. Difficult to spot at the time, but so clear once one steps out of the bubble.

    • Wow! Len Bolton! What a blast from the past! I’m thinking Polly Street Org. Great to hear from you, and thanks for the comments. I can tell you I’m part embarrassed and part ashamed. But I have to admit to my failings and work a new strategy for life going forward. I see a very common pattern here where people were in for a long time and saw things wrong, only to invalidate their knowingness, suppress their true feelings and carry on their pursuit of freedom. Eventually it occurs to them (us) that something us really wrong here. One has been told so often along the way ( most often by regges), that those feelings are just your bank trying to rip you off the bridge. Well I drank the Kool Aid too and took too long to admit that a spade is a spade and the Church is fucked.

      • Before I reply is “LosingMyReligion” equal to Andrew?
        Best regards,
        Len Bolton ex Polly St

      • Yes, Len – the same person! It’s the avatar he was using before. I should tell him to change it but I think he likes it so much because of the song…..

      • Hi Andrew
        Back in the 70s you and another precocious kid named Robbie were keeping everybody entertained. You were not only way ahead of some of the older bodies in there but had qualified positions on staff. As juveniles you both had excess energy and sitting still doing abstract study needed some physical outlet. I came in one day and you were both across the road in Polly Street on a vacant lot hurling a used tyre back and forth at one another.
        The bull-bait session that followed went:
        “Could I see the tech sec please”
        “He’s across the road”.
        “Where? I don’t see him — just a couple of kids throwing a tyre”.
        “He’s the one on the left”.
        “What? This is an outrage — I demand to see the ethics officer”.
        “Err — he’s the one on the right”
        I doubt that such light-heartedness exists in orgs today. I haven’t been in for a while but it’s probably more suppressed now, knowing who took over things.
        Anyway I look back on better days and Polly Street was a blast.
        I left South Africa in 1978 but I assume that area is too crime ridden now.

    • Len, your recall is pretty good on that. Robi and I were young and energetic. And well-trained. I guess at the time the sacrifice was sort of worth it because we did a good job and got good results. I had my stats in highest-ever range. We helped people and were to some degree respected despite our age. The down side of course was that we earned nowhere near enough to survive. The cleaning lady was earning more than Simon Hogarth (ED). I guess minimum wage. By 1984 I had married and had a child on the way. I had a hard time reconciling the fact that I was a highly trained professional, saving the planet and individuals, but could not earn enough for lunch or petrol for travel to the org and back. So my 5 year contract from 1976 was way up by 1984 and I left.
      Joburg or moved from Polly Street to Commissioner Street and later to Main Street.
      Downtown Joburg at that time was becoming like Beirut and it was decided to get premises out of town. So started fundraising to buy the old Johannesburg Golf Club in Kensington. And unfortunately so was born fundraising and Ideal Orgs.

      • I salute you Andrew, since i have known you, you were always a very bright young lad who had an incredible drive and much valuable knowledge, i salute you and Shelley, you guys must have been loyal officers back in Teegack, wellcome back real loyal officers, this planet is a serious condition, i really don´t think we will make it safely unless our ET friends intervene, which they are already doing………… you guys know this, we are being visited by 67 different ET races according to a secret study by NATO, done over a period of 20 years.
        Vasbyt and Totsiens to all you guys.
        The Force will be with you, Darked Vader has his days numbered, i think his end will come in a most unexpected way, he will pull it in.

  14. Yowzer! When people say big donors only donate for status – they don’t know the backstory of the PRESSURE brought to bear upon the public, the make wrong if you don’t /can’t donate and the punishing of the staff and SO to make the public sympathetic so they buy stuff. Its like disfiguring a child to make him an effective beggar on the street. SICK. SICK. SICK.

    I wonder who is paying the property rates, effluence and refuse removal of the Test Centre?

    I can’t wait to hear the story about Jbg North.

    • Hi Wendy – yes, that would be a very interesting question. The Test Centre was being run as it’s own Div 6 org, and when I was on staff, I actually had a deputy PES in charge of the Centre. Theoretically, they were supposed to be self-funding and thus able to cover their utilities and other incidental operating costs. I doubt this has ever been the case. I can almost guarantee that just like Pretoria, they are in major default with the Municipal accounts.

      On the status issue – I personally couldn’t STAND the “clique” of the big donors – I made a conscious decision never to associate myself with these “status hungry” people who used to demand respect, special tables at fundraisers and front-row seats reserved for them at events and the like. I abhorred this “flashing” of status with guys walking into events bedecked with status and honour pins on their jackets – like old war generals at some ceremony – Yuk.

  15. Linked to your story through the Underground Bunker, the details are so interesting (and important) for never ins who are trying to make sense of scientology.

  16. Wow – jaw dropped! What a story. The US Exes are writing to senators and congressman in an attempt to have the Co$ investigated by the IRS – it is time they pay taxes on this business they run under the guise of a “church” and non-profit. The IRS is investigating the Co$ and we need people to write to Congressman and Senator’s so that they do a very indepth investigation as to the fraud and abuse of the members.

    Would you be so kind to send your story to this Senator? Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon? It may help our case.

    Thank you for your story and if you write to this Senator – thank you again! Everyone can help expose the truth and hold Scientology accountable for their crimes!

    • Hi Idle Morgue. Being a South African story, I am not sure what impingement this would make in the USA. If it would make any difference, I would be more than willing to submit data on this. I do know that per the exchange laws of our country, the IAS funds raised here are sitting in a local slush fund – busy accumulating interest by the day – as are a number of other Sea Org Reserve accounts which have Millions sitting in them. If this is not making a profit, then I don’t know what is.

      This actually raises a very good point. Local public in South Africa donate money, buildings are bought and renovated to make them worth Millions in Real Estate, ownership is then transferred over to the Church. I am not a pro in areas like this, but it seems a very clever way of “laundering” money and getting the assets out of the country. I would have to look into this in a little more depth.

      • Wonderful to be able to read your ‘telling it like it is/was’ Shelley, especially by doing it in a serialized format.

        I would suggest that you ask these questions of Mike Rinder, on his blog. I’m sure he would be more than happy to give you a factual answer, with his usual succinct style! 🙂


    • IM,

      Sure anyone who wants to contact Senator Ron Wyden should by all means do so if they wish.

      Have IRS investigate the Church of Scientology?

      Sure if that’s what you want.

      As far as I’m concerned there are many tax exempt organizations that have done far worse than the Church.

      Take for example the Human Ecology Fund or the Ford Foundation.

      Hey but go fer it dude.

      Personally I don’t think much will happen. Like that big petition to have Scientology investigated by the FBI.

      Anyway today’s May 9th a very significant date in the history of Scientology. Yet it seems to have gone unnoticed by the Church and “Indie” Field.

      So be it.

      • Hey RV, I missed the significance of the date, thanks for reminding me!

        I must admit to feeling a little sad at the thought the church could lose its tax exempt status, Im not talking about daves church, Im talking about Rons church.

        I know there are some who would like to see the church brought down all together somewhat like carpet bombing, and I can understand that feeling. I would prefer to see surgical strikes, which just take out the main cancers of the organization.

        Maybe, there could be a chance that dave is sick of the game he is playing, maybe he can see the writing on the wall and know when the game is up or nearly so. Maybe he would like an out. I think it would be worth a golden handshake for him to go and to take those stuck to his arse with him.

        I remember in a lecture, LRH talking about the Pacific war and saying that Japan was reluctant to surrender because it had to be unconditional, but he said before that, the Japanese were willing to talk and the war could have stopped there, before Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

        I know its probably a long shot but I think the comm line should be there for dave, to make it easy for him to pack his bags and leave.

      • Cotch,

        A happy belated May 9th.

        My own personal views on what is occurring with the Church differ. In my opinion the Church of Scientology has become a political and intelligence asset and Miscavige is nothing but the head of a puppet regime basically.

        This is why the IRS and any other Federal Agency won’t act and the reason for the “Secret Closing Agreement”.

        Hey I may be wrong but I haven’t been so far about the Government investigating the Church which I don’t think will ever happen. No matter how much of a clamor.

        Another possibility is that now the deals been done the Government really has no interest in what the Church does.

        They really have no interest in another Waco or Jonestown which if so is a very smart move on their part.

        Besides why would they do anything?

        The Church seems to be doing its best to discredit itself without Government aid.

        As far as I’m concerned Miscavige’s “leadership” has done more damage to the Church than the combined forces of the CIA, FBI, FDA, AMA, APA, BBB and any other Alphabet soup agency has ever done including what Ron flippantly called Smersh

        Why get rid of Miscavige?

        Whether “witting” or “unwitting” he is working for them and he’s doing a bang up job in my opinion.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they give the lil’ squirrel a jock strap medal.

  17. Hi Shelly and Andrew, Ive enjoyed your story immensely simply because I was there and you couldnt make this stuff up even if you were Steven King!!

    Its always amazing just how peoples desire to help is gimp harnessed and milked until dry in the church! You guys were rodgered good and propper and then some. I remember Albert mentioning your name as the go to girl when shit needed getting done. I also remember his vulgarity when you couldnt dance to his tune as well! Seems nothing was ever good enough for these boys! We were all cannon fodder to be used or disgarded at some execs whim. The name Sandra De SS Stormtrooper stands out for me too. Nightmare asylum!

    Well done for graduating all this and moving on. Hope you find peace and expansion in your new games ahead!

      • Hey Morris, you might not know this, but Charmaine is actually from South Africa. Her mother still lives here – a dear old soul – Sadie Lurie. Sadie had a small stroke in 2012, and we were ORDERED by Int and Flag guys to make sure she was looked after and handled 24/7 – one of my Div Heads was ripped off post to handle this. Reason given : “Charmaine is THE most important/reg on the planet, and when she demands things, people had better hop”. I was totally bypassed on this – it was a direct order from CO/CMO. I was pissed off, and asked if Charmaine was so bloody important, then why didn’t they PAY for Sadie to have this kind of palliative care from professionals – which she obviously needed?

      • Hey Shelley,
        I bet they never did answer you about paying anything for her treatment let alone actually pay anything. Them paying is not the “greatest good” but you local suckers paying is, I guess. I mean suckers in the friendliest of ways you know? 🙂
        I was one of the biggest suckers on the planet so I know of what I speak of.

      • Correct Tony, I got more of a lash-back for even daring to question this. My Div6B Sec used to have to walk to Sadie’s place every morning, give her assists and ensure she had breakfast, then repeat lunchtime and dinner-time. No quarter given if he was late for muster in the mornings. He didn’t have a car so he walked everywhere – I gave him a lift a number of times. During this time, he was also kicked out of his home by his wife with absolutely nothing but the clothes thrown out with him. I took him to the shops and bought him food, toiletries and other essentials etc – all put on my credit card. I’m an SP, you know – that’s what we do 🙂

      • Bwahahaha you wernt Rodgered proppa until it was done by Charmaine Rodger the artful doger!!

        Morris you crack me
        me up haha! That woman gave South Africa a bad name with all her big league crush regging! Reminds me of the parasite that eats its own host out of pure gluttony!

      • So Int ordered you to look after Sadie, but did not consider it may do Sadie the world of good to actually see her daughter? Or knowing Charmaine…maybe not. Shame on Charmaine for not getting to see her mother.

    • Hi Sheeplebane – thanks so much for your ack. God, you are so right about it being akin to a Stephen King novel……only it’s true – which makes it even scarier. I remember you too, and that lady you handled with breast cancer – can’t remember her name now, but the org hounded her afterwards and she totally blew offlines. In a previous post you mentioned being sent a PC from the HGC – hope to God it wasn’t me. I WAS sent to you, and you were flipping awesome – would have rather had you any day! .

      As for Albert, I had no doubt he also had a good deal of venom to spew about me while pretending I was “so awesome” to my face – that’s the way he rolls, and I saw this demon side of him often during my second sojourn on staff – I was horrified.

      So glad that you guys are out and doing well – would be lovely to see you again some time 🙂

      • Haha, no it wasnt you! You were far to easy to handle lols! It was another lady who had had plenty HGC hrs prior to no avail. They had given up on her and were fed up. I was expected to fix being the “miracle” Dianetics go to person. Gave it my best crack!

        On the Sadie Loerie issue.. another poor soul I was expected to solve! I used to pick her up, audit her, drop her off, take her shopping and lift her around. Didnt mind, she was a dear. What really irked me was how selfish her daughter Charmaine and her son really were! Very sad! Sadie knew it but was too hurt to tell them. She told me many times in our conversations how she missed and needed them.. Poor gal. Symtomatic of how the scene planet wide had decayed I guess. Some would sell their own mothers down the river for “command intention!”

  18. “Once again, Millions of parishioner’s money literally flushed down the drain.”

    This is so so sad. YOu and everyone else were just doing your damnedest best work to make something good happened out of the shitpile of SCIONville. And all you got was pie in the eye.

    Never ever should ANYONE here feel ashamed. Your integrity, your humaneness was never overridden by the greed and stupidity around you.

    And you left. that is all that is important now. keep blogging please. I am on the edge of my seat. I want the Happy ENDING!!

    • Hi outraged. We will keep up the story as it unfolds – believe it or not, it actually gets worse before it gets better – if that’s even possible from what we have revealed so far. My aim is to communicate clearly just how utterly off the rails the RCS is. I hope that message is being communicated clearly. Thanks for your ongoing support.

  19. This div6 guy is doing it to this day. About 2 weeks ago I was in the shopping mall locally and there he was helping Sadie. While he is doing a good thing, The sacrifice and self-denial is painful to behold.

    • What we sometimes tend to forget is that for all the failings of the CoS there are guys in there who joined for the most noble of purposes and continue to do so while ignoring all the shit around them. I know some of them and ask myself – why do they continue? The only answer is that they see themselves helping the person in front of them. Hugh Barfoot (I trust this is the person we are referring to) is such a one, and I personally believe this is the true legacy of LRH.

  20. Loving the story Shelley, keep it coming, on the edge of my seat!
    The sheeple that allow this to continue without so much as a question should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. They deserve to be dragged down with the sinking ship. I won’t be feeling sorry for them!

  21. It’s such a pity about this test center. There were so many hours put into this and it was advertised as the great “in” for Scientology into the young student culture, and even by innuendo an “in” into the African population that is concentrated in that area. I suppose I blindly assumed that the center was up and running and actually producing results, I never realized that it was turning into a giant monument to failure! Actually, if I may be honest, I’m quite pissed off. I was one of those folks that dumped a lot of money into that cycle and it’s disgusting that it’s gone to waste. Is this the product of The Next Great Civilization?

  22. Hello Scientology Africa! Nora Curiston here. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. The events that have happened in South Africa were really big in the Scientology world and you have a lot of subscribers internationally I’m sure. I believe the original purpose of the blog was to create a space for communication about events pertinent to the South African scene. It seems the conversation has broadened to the larger subject of the efficacy of Scientology as a subject in and of itself. I apologize if Scientologists external to your region have taken over the discussion (I’m from a tiny town in Canada). Hope you’ll keep supplying us with factual stories about the situation in South Africa. All the best to you. Nora Curiston Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 09:21:01 +0000 To:

    • Thanks for visiting and supporting the blog Nora. This IS a platform for Scientologists getting back in comm – unfortunately, we do get the odd person who tries to derail the topic or go off on tangents of ad-hominem attacks and disputing the workability of tech. Fortunately, the moderators of the blog seem to have this under control 🙂

  23. I was looking at You tube and I found this movie clip and saw that Michael Roberts/ IAS Regg was in it. I found it pretty ironic. If you look at it you will see what I mean. Sorry for the off topic but it’s pretty funny.

      • Tony this is brilliant. I wonder if Michael saw the irony of this when he was playing the part – or if it just went zooming 100km’s above his head.

      • Nice one Tony. Hilarious. “We’ve got to move, those microwave ovens, we’ve got to move, those color TVs”. Same same for cars. And for IAS statuses.

  24. Thanks a million for taking the trouble to write and post this article. It chronicles a sad state of affairs and how the movement won’t get out of this bind easily, if ever.
    The hype about the test centre and then the sad reality. It really is a losing proposition.
    To those just looking, take note. All of what you read in this article is still going on and has been for years.
    Not just in Joburg but also in Barcelona, Dallas, Portland, London and Berlin.

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