Apocalypse Now or New Renaissance – you choose

By Sheeple Bane

How will it end


Friends, Bloggers, trolls and gollums send me your views and dare to decide on how the church under the it’s current auspices might meet its final demise!

There is a deep sense that the church, now under moral, ethical and social siege, has seen far better days. The death knell surely rings shrill and loud across the lands where the Ideal org strategy has shown itself for what it is – an utter and dismal failure! Throw in the reverse success of GAG 1 & 2, mass declares worldwide and the like. The question looms not if, but when will it all come crashing down? Or will it linger on interminably like the smell of a wet bog?

This brings me to me next point. How precisely might it meet its end? That’s where you the blog contributor come in. I will paint a few possible scenarios for church destruction (or not) and let you people put your postulates where your mouths are! Remember the easiest way to predict the future is to create it. I ask only that you vote towards which of the following scenarios are the most likely to occur. Once you have voted you may then put forward how you think this will all end as other alternatives. I think this exercise will demonstrate some rather interesting outcomes.

So come play with me and let’s see shall we?

Scenario 1: David Miscavige the absolution
DM announces to the world that he is now ready to release ALL the remaining OT levels. He has explains that LRH has been auditing him in his sleep for the last few months and that he was wrong all along. He issues a direct apology to all those he has harmed and asks for forgiveness. To make up the damage,  he gives those victims their entire bridge for free. The ideal org program is admittedly a flop. All empty buildings to be sold and placed into the victim chest, then doled out accordingly. GAT 1 & 2 are to be scrapped completely, all pamphlets and literature to be burnt on LRH b-day event which won’t be mandatory to attend, but it would be nice to have you all there so please come! General ethics amnesty to all those declared. Welcome back! Lastly Heber is to officially take over as the new pope of Scientology (once he recovers physically). David Miscavige will step down and begin my massive A to E steps which have only one additional proviso; it must be signed by every Scientologist for okay!

Scenario 2: Darkness Falls
DM in his last death throws steps up his attacks on any and all who oppose him. He launches campaign after campaign on those leaders in opposition to his church. Independent auditors, opinion leaders and ex-scientologists are attacked relentlessly, no expense is spared! It becomes a desperate fight for survival for those trying to keep the torch of freedom alive. He uses the court of law, corrupt police and private detectives to full effect. The confusion and terror escalates as real executions start happening. Many flee to parts of the world where they hope to escape the eye of DM and his minions. To keep his shrinking flock in line, reverse auditing and dare I say it PDH have become the norm in every church, the new breed of universe corps has arrived! A dark time for all.

Scenario 3: The Long Slow Languish
The church and it’s leader go into a long, drawn out decay that takes years before it crumbles to ruin. Auditing trickles down to a mere 100 plus hrs per month planet wide, course rooms are empty (emptier than now) and a new auditor hasn’t been made for years! Only 5 class v orgs have survived and Flag is no longer the flag ship org, Joburg Day as the last best hope for a new civilization, Albert De Beer with Frankie’s dark glasses (never gets old), no teeth and a hacking cough still promising his 10 parishioners that the real universe corps is coming if only you people will write that last cheque.. Dismal indeed!

Scenario 4: Renaissance
DM is thrown to the dogs by his benefactors and is exposed completely to ruin. A thorough investigation is done by a non-partisan committee that further exposes the individuals who helped place him into power originally. The rabbit hole runs deep! After many months all the loose knots are tied and the world finally understands why LRH and Scientology were thus persecuted and derailed by those who wished to make slaves. There is an instant rise in awareness and demand for improvement is the new clamour. Centres across the planet spring up internationally almost overnight. ALL the tech is now made available including the lost OT levels and it is very cheap! Old SUPs and auditors become instant super heroes and massive training programs begin in all earnest. Other spearhead specialist activities are picked up like the narconon, crimanon and applied scholastics and used by millions. Class V orgs become littered across the globe and clears are made by the minute. A place where true freedom can be won without breaking the bank or disconnecting from your mother!

The end.

There are other possible scenarios. These 4 are but four of many. However please be kind enough to choose one of the 4 and proceed to offer how you think it will play out with your own version if you feel like giving it a go. Don’t hold back, a good sense of humour helps and be as creative as you want. This is our game and the power of choice is ours too – ENJOY!

MUCH LOVE and oceans of ARC & KRC to all!
From, SHEEPLEBANE, the bane of DM and his minions, ignorance, delusion and despair! Long live the freedom lovers!

68 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now or New Renaissance – you choose

  1. My estimation for the Co$:
    65% Scenario 3
    29.5% Scenario 4, due to “Save Scientology” people
    5% Scenario 2
    0.5% Scenario 1
    (Assuming my vote is 1 point: 0.650 goes to S3, 0.295 to S4, 0.050 to S2, and 0.005 to S1)
    John P. Capitalist’s analysis:
    I’m interested in the future of non-black Scn in a general sense.
    “This blog is intended for Scientologists. Of all stripes. Whether part of the official church, independent, Free Zone, Ron’s Org or not attached at all.” https://backincomm.wordpress.com/why-this-blog/

  2. Unfortunately, I’d have to go with #3 a long slow languish. DM will use his money and lawyers to maintain the status quo.
    What will speed up the demise of the church will be loss of tax exempt status in the U.S.
    The church will no longer be profitable for dm and his minions. When the money and power vanish, so will dm.
    Ironically, this is a good turn of events for Scientology, because the cancer that afflicted it will be gone. Scientologists will be able to use what they want of the philosophy with common sense. And for the first time in many years the religion will actually spread because it will be free of control and free of charge.

  3. I have to agree that #3, a long slow anguish, is the most likely scenario since it’s what is happening at the moment. Miscavige’s church has accumulated so much mass and inertia that it cannot easily change direction. Perhaps that’s just as well. Scenario #2 could be horrific, with many people killed in a Jonestown/Branch Davidian type showdown.
    How to make the anguish as short as possible? Firstly, kudos to the independents who are making all of the tech available outside the church. I’d take my hat off to them if I owned a hat. Apart from his hoarded wealth, Miscavige’s only asset is a supposed monopoly of the tech.
    And we can all help by standing up and defying the little man. Some might dismiss this strategy as puerile and futile ‘gaming’ – but it’s also effective. Derisive laughter can be as deadly as bullets, especially to a vain leader with a craven need for respect.
    30 years ago only brave individuals could jeer at the peaked caps. They were liable to get Interpol or the Columbian police sooled on them, have loaded guns pointed at their heads, or quietly disappear. Now see how weak the CofS has become when even I can thumb my nose at them.

  4. Scenario 2 was/is mostly happening already. Scenario 3 is more or less in progress; and the increasingly crazy hype is a desperate attempt at sugarcoating it and to “handle” the cognitive dissonance.

  5. #4 would be nice. The problem is that none of your scenarios is likely.
    You have to abolish bulletins and policies before you continue. But this means squirreling, which is against the fundamental idea. Hubbard or no Hubbard? Solve that question first.
    The freezone consists of many different views. And it will most likely end there. Many will claim to be pure. In the long run only the ones will survive that give Scientology a new name and foundation. I know there are some orthodox Scientologists. There is no way that they can succeed in the long run.
    I presume
    a) DM will disappear and live in seclusion somewhere.
    b) DM will be cornered and he will blame all on Hubbard. He will tell a story that no Scientologist can confront.
    In all cases the Church will disappear. Scientology will unfortunately become an abusive term. The technology has a chance to survive, but this is upon the ones who can deal with it. They need someone like David Mayo.
    Even these days you don’t mention that you are a Scientologist openly. Reforms have to be harsh. You must get rid of KSW 1. The slogan “WE ARE SCIENTOLOGY” could lead a peaceful reform. A renaissance is possible, but it has to be more open than anything in history. Only a full confront can save the church and Scientology.
    I strongly believe that Scientology cannot survive unless you take the sweet raisins out of the loaf and throw away what is left. The basement is wobbly. So the question is not how to apply KSW. It should be: To KSW or not to KSW? This quickly leads us to: To squirrel or not to squirrel?
    Which leads to: To be or not to be?
    It is simply impossible to follow all bulletins and policies. Too many are evil. I guess that answers the KSW 1 question already.

    • Barefaced for those who have lost complete agreement with the tech and LRH the above will ring true more than ever. Personally I havent. I hope you change your mind but respect you none the less. Im guessing you got a real raw deal you may never recover from back when. I pray you find your own comfort zone, healing and expansion my friend. Thx for commenting. 🙂

      • Sheeplebane, thanks for your reply.
        I have not lost complete agreement with the tech and LRH. There are good parts as well. As mentioned earlier, I had my wins.
        The point that I am making here is:
        If you disregard the evil parts, then you are squirreling according to LRH. Thus you distanciate yourself from LRH and KSW 1.
        Not black or white, this is the twilight zone (quite dark though).
        LRH has a negative stigma in the wog world. What is your solution? Let’s say you really want to clear the world, why would you want to do it the hard way? You will always be confronted with LRH’s real life.
        Take the good and working parts of the tech! This also means that you have to disregard KSW 1.

      • I see what you mean. I guess thats it then use that part which is true and workable. Chuck the rest. The freezone has done this mainly and tweeked where it was needed. If squirrelling works better than original and can be demonstrated as such then squirrel I say. Nothing should be placed so high it is above change. Look at where that got our major religeons. So in effect I agree Barefaced. 🙂

  6. I agree. I think scenario three is most likely. It’s interesting you should mention a subject that had me slightly confused recently. Voting. There’s quite a similarity to the Church and South African politics. In both cases you have a criminal in charge of a group. There’s conclusive proof that the person is a criminal, and yet a group of voters and followers goes and puts their X next to this person’s name and says “yes I’d like this criminal to be in charge please”. If somebody has an answer to change that voter’s mind somehow, who is still rooting for the bad guy even though he got pummeled with proof that the person is a bad guy, well then they also have the answer how to make scenario three go a bit faster.

  7. There will be no epic final battle .
    There will be no trumpets heralding the end.
    The whole bang-shoot will go out in a whimper.
    There is too much money within the church to bring about an imminent crash. They will hang on for decades, slowing retreating into a secretive, reclusive cult, tucked away on the plains of Utah, following century old “policy” on how to clear the planet.
    So, scenario #3.
    May I just add that I really don’t care. I have new games to play. I came into the church with “ot abilities” and my abilities lessened as my involvement in the church deepened.
    There are better games to play and I am sure you all will find some to play.

  8. Me thinks, Sheeple Bane, you have let the cat out amongst the pigeons here. I’m going to watch this one!
    If left to their own devices, DM will stop when he’s dead. And then the chances are good that a clone/minion of his will step into his shoes, and continue the business. There’s enough cannon fodder on Earth to sustain this group indefinitely. And despite the current membership decline seen by us, DM will pull something out of the bag, I’m sure. He’s not that stupid – he has shown that he plans far ahead.
    Any real, serious counter action to DM, is going to need some action from those outside the Church.
    A major problem in going into any future is that ex-Scientologists (meaning ex-Church members) as I have now seen on this very blog and others, vary considerably in their training, exposure and reality on the technology of Scientology a la LRH. Their views on anything here is too divergent to create a cohesive group, cohesive enough to act together against DM.
    Just as DM took control way back all by himself – not a group – so only an individual will be able to take control from DM. And that means a benevolent dictator. And we come to that point of “take control”. Let’s detail that a bit: that won’t happen in a democratic electoral process, nor negotiations. It’s going to need force.
    Option 4 is no doubt the best desired outcome. So, work backwards (Admin Scale exercise!) to arrive at what must be done, step-wise, to achieve that Ideal Scene. Best option is the benevolent dictator, $500 million, and completely willing to use force. And here I mean force to take over Hemet, Int’s buildings and facilities in LA , the whole of Flag, and every AO. (The ~$500m is for the new merc army. Temporary army.) As little as the great United States’ authorities have given a shit about what is happening in the Hole, so I expect they will also do nothing when shots are fired at Hemet – private party.
    Once control is established, the dictator starts the process of installing the management control structures and systems that were supposed to have there all along, and yes, PLs, orders, HCOBs and all the changes reversed that DM put in place. Massive PR campaigns. Dictator exits.
    Anything else will see the end of Scientology on this planet. Oh, sure, the tech will be delivered in small groups for years to come. But they will also fade away, as there is no formal structure to protect it – from exactly that – fading away.
    A luta continua.

    • Hi Frik
      I can’t say I agree with everything you say (I have some agreement though).
      To me, Ryan Hogarth’s post on this blog on 24 Jan 2014 (link at
      is a good starting point, although he doesn’t describe how the actual orgs in his scenario will be structured.
      We have smart, dedicated, strong-willed (in a good sense) people who are outside the “church” (Mike, Karen, Trey Lotz, Steve Hall, others) who I don’t think would be willing to submit to any higher authority in the future. But they are intent on seeing Scientology continue.
      In my opinion, the people still in the RCS are a lost cause as far as any sort of leadership goes. Maybe they can be rehabilitated and become some part of Scientology in the future, but definitely not in any sort of leadership role, for more than one reason.
      The DROR Mission in Haifa is a good example of a successful Scientology organization that is not controlled by, or subject to any higher authority. To me, this scenario/paradigm for the future of Scientology seems workable.
      There undoubtedly will be more real squirreling in the future and some people who will try to take over after Miscavige is gone. But as long as we have free and open communication as we do now with these blogs and other web-sites, no one has to be suckered into following them.
      As for the future of Miscavige, he is being attacked on many fronts – many lawsuits that are steadily increasing in number, as well as other means, such as getting the Scn IRS tax exemption revoked in the US, etc. I think when his name is sullied enough, and his general public repute and the repute of Scientology has descended even lower than it is now, he will cut and run, probably with a pile of cash – in order to prevent increased public humiliation as well as to prevent himself from going to jail. That’s how I think his “reign” will end.
      Hitler killed himself rather than face the music. Hitler was in Anger (IMO), but Miscavige is 1.1 (god knows where is as a thetan on the negative tone scale). Instead of killing himself, I think he will run and make sure he can’t be found. He has enough money to be able to do this (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has already set this up as one of his “contingency” plans).

      • Morris, I have perused the other comments, some of which are very good, but feel most aligned with your own comments, with nothing to add. 🙂

      • Thank you, RITB39!. There was no Reply button on your comment, do I used another Reply button.

    • Frik I’m afraid you and I are possibly too romantic in our hopes for a positive outcome in all this. Judging from the comments most believe it will go bad..what a pity, too bad too sad I guess. I wanted to gauge what others felt and Im glad to know better about that at least. You are right about most opinions being too divergant though – too right haha!

  9. Long slow anguish for sure. So many people (including some of my own family members) are just so involved even if they don’t really buy into the whole promise of SCN. There’s still a very large social networking benefit to being involved. There is still a status / prestige factor of being invovled; maybe not to the outside world, but within the bubble. It’s a very strong mutual-admiration society. Even people who aren’t actively moving up the Bridge stick around for these other reasons. Even people from LA who have been barred from FLAG and can only do services at Tampa or CC still buy into it.
    The Church has so much money and real estate…in my opinion it could quite factually go on forever even as the membership dwindles. It will never go to zero.

  10. So scenario 3 for most seems most real. Interesting.. Perhaps the possibility for an internal coup de tat window is long past. Is DM soldered in like our neighbour Robert Mugabe is? Does anyone predict a new surprise outcome and say why this may happen fo real?
    I ask the above because I care what happens to the church and Scientology. I have friends and family still very much locked in! If you lot didnt care you would not frequent this blogg and make
    comments. Something in you does care too. Much sweat and toil in support of an ideal, a better existence and elavation beyond tyranny prompted us to rise up and do something. That the church failed doesnt mean we should. I hope we can create a better scenario or is this just a fools notion? Who is to say we cant go up the bridge, watch our kids grow up and drive that Porche really, really fast while making a thousand dollars a minute?

  11. None of the above.
    The criminal organisation will continue to shed as many people as possible before morphing into a financial institution by leveraging its real estate portfolio. The aims of Scientology will be carried out by a small cabal working for the shadows. Then the members of the cabal will die and the lawyers will take the money.
    The practise of Scientology will dwindle down to a dedicated few and, because the brand has become so filthy, the subject will be renamed. One generation from now it might called sci-auditing, or something similar, and a few folks will get together here and there and do it just like a couple of folks might get together and smoke a joint or drink a beer. And they will know what it is they are doing, and they won’t give it any more respect or credit than it deserves because, guess what, no one was alive a thousand years ago, engrams do not exist, and you don’t leave your body and roam around. Basically, its hypnosis, and the e-meter isn’t much more than a bong.
    In a hundred years from now, Scientology will exist only as a circus sideshow . . . roll up, roll up, come and see the fascinating Dr Hubbard and his Mark MMX E-Meter and the amazing exploding tomatoes!!

    • Heh! True . . . ‘cept a bong keeps on giving while $cientology only ever delivers one big hit then every subsequent one is less buzz than the previous. Ain’t nothin’ like a dossociative euphoria stone, or so Im told. : )
      The idea of the cult moving into and operating from the shadows in a morphed form is a mite spooky. A billion dollar war chest plus whatever it can raised via mortgage / sale of properties is more than enough for it to continue putting ethics in on the planet indefnitely. Imagine if it moved into lobbying for government contracts for the provision of social services likes education and health. An utter lack of positive results has done nothing to stem the spread of charter schools, for example . . . too spooky to comtemplace. I think I prefer Option 3, a long slow death by a thousands cuts.

      • Option 3 for me, too.

        The idea of Scientology morphing into another identity, such as a financial institution or lobby group, is not a new one. I’ve seen various pro and negative arguments about it and tend to favour the negative proposition. Its true that Miscavige could purchase whatever expertise is needed for a shift behind a cloaking device other than religion but even if a quarter of what is said about him is half-true he lacks the abilities required to pull it off. I’m not attempting to reinforce the “Miscavige-is-the-problem” fallacy, just sayin’ that so long as he runs the show Option 3 is the most likely. Given the various and legal, social, and political battles Scientology now faces, I suggest that Miscavige’s disappearance is a very likely scenario yet, even if that happy day should arrive, the most likely outcome will be the ole “meet the new boss, just like the old boss”. The talent pool is too small and those who flourish and prosper within the Scientology executive matrix have done so by stunting and corrupting whatever ethical and moral bases they operate from, assuming they ever had those qualities to begin with. If Misacvige does vanish, I imagine there would be an attempt to present a mock-up of reform, contrition, the sacrificing to justice of executives, the release of PR bollocks like TWTH, and so on, just as exhibited after Operation Snow White. As we now know, it was a charade to provide sufficient room for LRH to loot and roll-up the Missions while sorting out a corporate reshuffle to prevent as far as possible anything similar happening again. I know, I know – the Christofferson-Titchbourne / Wollersheim cases which exposed LRH personally to charges of fraud also provided impetus. Its all inter-connected and never as simple as it seems.

        (TLA!! From WWP / IRC undernet . . . is that you, girl? Where u bean, how u r, and what are you doing popping up here?? Love ya, miss ya, call me.)

      • Not sure about this morphing idea but tend to agree with you. It all gets a bit too speculative in the absence of DOX. Scientology does seem moribund and has no mechanisms within its structure which allow for reform. And that’s a good thing, I think.

    • Full marks to originality on that comment anonymous! I hope DM or the church wernt responsible for killing someone you know?

    • I think you are spot on Anonymous!

      Scientology is completely dead and over.

      The dog and pony show is going today because Miscavige extorted billions of dollars (from us) that he will use to sue and harass and keep the sheeple filled with lies and propaganda until he goes crazy, which is just around the corner.

      He can’t possibly keep up his charade of abuse and alcoholism without demons driving him right into the hands of the Psychs, where they will administer Electric Shock Therapy, restrain him in straight jackes, inject him with Thorazine and other psych drugs. Miscavige will drool in a cup in Bedlam Psych ward, eliminating waste in his diapers until his death!

      No one will visit him and he will eat pureed food fed to him by Orderlies that slap him around because no one cares!

      Not pretty, I know. But the man has blood on his hands. He has done some serious damage to people for over 30 years and this is his future!

      As for Scientology – it’s name is smashed into the History books alright and there is no reviving it. It would be like trying to make nice out of Nazi in present time. Not gonna happen.

  12. Of all the choices (if I must vote for one), I vote for #3. Long Slow Death.

    Scientology as an organization, a philosophy, a practice, a culture is kaput. For so many reasons. It has passed the point of no return.

  13. Gee Sheeple. sure does look like you’ve thrown the cat amongst the pigeons 🙂

    IMO Scenario 2 is already playing out to a degree – witness the recent witch-hunts and lobbing off of good heads. DM is currently involved in fending off and thrashing out at a myriad of enemies – both real and imagined – hence the wild taking out of ANYONE who speaks out, the vitriolic disgusting Church owned and/sanctioned blogs and the like. The more push-back he gets (and boy, is there plenty push back happening) the more Type 3 he gets. He is NOT looking good – I can literally see all this taking its toll on him physically.

    Scenario 3, is happening as we speak, and I believe has been for many years. Witness JBG and all the other empty Orgs (Ideal or otherwise). The desperation in their comm and promo speaks volumes. The public are either in glee or total apathy. depending on whether they are away from the org or being photographed at an event. There is dissention at all levels – even the OT Committees are starting to “stir” – more than that I cannot say.

    Scenario 4 is also happening – witness Dror Mission and all the other groups that are popping up everywhere. These guys are getting organized, producing good products and people are sitting up and taking notice.

    As for the future – who knows, I see SCN existing in small groups around the world and these will survive to the degree that they produce positive, good products. In other words, REALLY bringing about a change in people’s lives. I certainly don’t see a “revolutionary big bang” happening unless sometimes invents a type of ray-gun or zapping- pen (like Men in Black) that can produce instant OT’s en-masse. One can dream though…….. 🙂

    Thanks for getting us to think Sheeple.

    • Thanks for your input Shelly, I had hoped for some lively devate and creative responses. Very interesting how most people favour scenario 3 the long slow languish. Great that you looked at all the scenarios and could see relevance in them being played out in various places. I still hope for Scenario 4 somehow..who knows pigs may yet fly? 😉

  14. I guess # 3 is most likely.
    The Scientology organization will continue as the LRH fan club & monument building and preservation society, with a sub fan club for Miscavige.
    But let’s step back a little and look at what Miscavige inherited in the 1980s:
    A) Stacks of confidential ‘LRH Advices’, which were the final molding of Commodore’s Messenger Miscavige’s mind and outlook. These ‘Advices’ overruled non-confidential (in the Green Vol.s) policy and also confidential (not in the Green Vol.s) policy. Most Scientologists never heard of this senior level of LRH instruction, yet it influences them, sometimes profoundly.
    B) An earlier level of LRH confidential instruction from the 1970s, 1960s, and 1950s, plus other materials from LRH going back to the 1930s. As with the above category, most Scientologists have never seen this level of LRH instruction, but it influences them, sometimes profoundly. A few have seen a small amount of it, such as some confidential HCOPLs not in the Green Volumes, but confidential HCOPLs are the least secret of this level of material.
    C) The visible parts of Scientology – both the visible confidential, and the visible non-confidential. The visible confidential are those parts openly acknowledged as existing and as being confidential. This includes, amongst other things, the OT levels. The non-confidential include such items as LRH books, red and green volumes, and publicly available LRH lectures, etc. These two areas are filled with loose ends and contradictions, and present a pretty mangled picture. Absent from this are the upper OT levels that LRH reassured Scientologists were waiting for them – these levels never existed. Until the late 1980s, Miscavige himself didn’t know that LRH had fibbed when he wrote of many more OT levels. No more OT levels meant no more Bridge for Scientologists to walk, and it necessitated the endless re-cycling of already existing Scientology.
    The USA IRS decision of 1993, and its international repercussions, ushered in the era of pure fund raising, now protected as a “religious practice” underneath Scientology’s fraudulent identity as a “religion.” (See Scientology Religious Cloaking by Brennan.)
    Miscavige, the Sea Org child-man, has complete access to all of LRH’s materials and archives, not only the secret categories listed above, but such things as the films LRH took of people being over boarded on the Royal Scotsman in 1968, and LRH’s personal notebooks and correspondence going back to the 1930s.
    Miscavige knows he has an incomplete and gnarly subject, one without the much desired upper OT levels. He also must realize that LRH instituted a system that made many Scientologists easily influenced and dominated by Scientology. He also has a tax exempt/”religious” status obtained through years of deception and harassment.
    What should he do?
    Tell the truth? That LRH was a bit crazy and paranoid, and built that craziness and paranoia into Scientology? That there are no more OT levels? That the subject is full of deeply secret content and that much of the deeply secret content puts its founder in a bad light? That Scientology is a loose-ended mish mosh? That it really does not deserve the fruits of the USA IRS deal of 1993 that it obtained fraudulently? That Scientology, if it is going to be of use to people who sincerely want to help others, requires a major re-examination and sorting out, and that what’s left will exclude a large part of the current secret doctrine of Scientology, and also exclude some of the non secret doctrine?
    That, to be a sane and benign subject, Scientology needs to be “off Source.”
    That would go over like a lead balloon. So what does he do. He lies.
    And, probably, the person who eventually replaces him will also lie. Why? Because, sadly, most (not all) Scientologists want to hear the lies and cannot tolerate the truth.
    My recommendation: Salvage what is valuable from the subject, discard the rest. And don’t expect the cult of Scientology to be anything else any time soon.

  15. B V I have just one question? Where can one obtain copies of these secret policy letters LRH wrote that superceded the green on white or the red? If what you say is all true I gotta see them!

    • So that you don’t think I’m ignoring you, sheeplebane, in response to your question I did post some information plus four links. So far, it has not been allowed, and that’s OK. I respect the host’s decision if it’s decided that some information is not acceptable.
      However, it does make responding to your request, at this time and place, impossible.
      Maybe it will be re-considered and allowed.
      If not, then you’ll have to do your own searching on this aspect of Scientology.

  16. First, read a non-confidential HCOPL titled ‘Responsibility of Leaders’. Go to the last page or two where the words “tight conspiracy” and “pink legs” appear. Read the LRH instructions that appear around those words. That was a non-confidential – but not publicized – hint at the model on which Scientology was/is run.
    Then do an Internet search on LRH Advices. That would be a start.
    Here are a few links. I hope they all work. There’s much more, but this will give some idea.

    • BV just finished reading your links..
      The Jesse account although interesting has a distinct oddness. This poor chap was forced to do his entire bridge, OT levels included under duress! Its no wonder her blew, dissalusioned and full of contempt of the subject!
      As to these secret alteration dicuments, alter is and squirrelling done by LRH or DM I opened this pandorras box and say it was very pissible back then. If LRH violated his own policies and codes the repercussive impact has no bias. However here in indie land a person has the right to choose that which resonates and works within an ethical framework.
      The rest of the links regarding brain washing manuals, GO course check sheets,the LRH lecture on Rhodesia were all very interesting. I still dont think that if you take it into propper context that LRH was the evil emperor operating with a clandestine agenda known only to few. I see a dude with big kahoonas taking on the big boys. That took courage indeed! I dont care if he went a little paranoid or did some off beat things. He still got MOST of it right.His tech still works damn fine for me. Perhaps if it didnt I may start doubting. Right now, no. In fact even when things went south a corection list here, a pts handling there always solved it. I wonder why it fails for others? Wait a minute it must be Hubbards fault! He’s a madman, he ruined me by trying to help me!! Get real!

      • OK. I don’t think you’ve examined the materials very thoroughly – one link is about 100 single-spaced pages – but, at least, you should know what an “Advice” is, by now, and that there has been/is a level of secret instruction from LRH, pretty much unknown to the rank and file, but used to run Scientology.
        As Jesse Prince wrote: “Miscavige is continuing to carry out LRH’s orders… which [are] contained in the huge LRH orders data base of the INCOMM computer system of Scientology.”
        “LRH intention” is not what you think it is.
        But that takes time to examine and sort out. It took me a few years, and will likely take you probably just as long.
        Best wishes.

      • Well in so saying I guess you have succeeded in creating some doubt as to LRH’s intentions at that time. Perhaps the enemies he had created by the very nature of the aims of Scientology were forcing him to play a more dodgy game? Who knows? What I do know is that from the evil and the good thus contained I as the responsible being can make the choice as to what part I would like to utilize. I feel that as long as most are wining from LRH’ s tech there is no need besides historical to dig up the 5% that was ill intended. Understood? Thanks kindly for offering a more alternative view, it helps keep things in perspective. However, dont be the chap who sees the black spots on the white piece of paper and forgets to notice all the white that surrounds it! 😉

  17. I vote number 4, these are my reasons. There is much sanity in Scientology, when it is duplicated and applied, and there are enough sane and experienced Scios around to make that happen, as I have witnessed on these blogs, been in comm with and met in person. I believe that the goals of Scientology are the same as the goals of people in general and that will help to overcome the obstacles. I believe if the Berlin wall can suddenly be torn down, anything can happen. I believe the course of civilizations can change very rapidly and an idea can take hold, and people in general can run with it when it becomes “the thing to do”. I dont think we have seen the best Scientology has to offer this planet, not by a long shot, we have read about microcosms of it from people who were at the booming orgs or missions on the various blogs and they have only proven to me that its not just Ron who can do it, they have proven to me that it can happen.
    And lastly, I really, really…. really hope it goes that way. 🙂

    • Right on! It’s happening out here. Even in just tiny little groups forming up it’s making a difference.

  18. Hi Sheeple Bane,

    Nice to see you posting an article here on the scnafrica blog.

    Looks like a thought experiment to me like say “Schrödinger’s cat”.

    Highly speculative but what the hell.

    Personally I think we’ve had too much majority rule on the future or some Neo-con bragging about creating new realities or whatever.

    Personally I think the Ol’man got it right in the Rehabilitation of the Spirit of Man Congresses the lecture on What Scientology is Doing and various things he said in the PDCs about “new orders” and such that have since been redacted from the “new and improved” versions of these lectures.

    Contained in the following list of alterations:


    This is what happens when the Church is turned over to a clique of elitists which is not limited to but includes David Miscavige.

    How long will the Church of Scientology last for?

    Really as far as I’m concerned the Church of Scientology is already dead since it really has nothing to do with the Religion of Scientology.

    I know ….I know. CST according to its charter was supposed to decide when the Church of Scientology and the Religion of Scientology were no longer “coterminal” but thanks to various power pushes within the Organization itself by what I call the junta that took over who worship compliance what they erroneously call “command intention” (something that each staff was supposed to work out for themselves according to the actual policy on it) CST has been relegated to nothing but a “repository (more like a suppository with all the current alterations being scribed onto metal plates) of the tech” according the new pilot Technical Dictionary written by Botwo the Squirrel the lil’ rascal who is now the “Author for Hire” for the new “technology” more accurately alterations of the original technology that RTC releases from time to time while claiming to be doing its job of “maintaining the purity of the technology” which seems rather oxymoronic these days since it seems the biggest squirrel these days *is* RTC.

    But anyway.

    When is, in the words of the late great Jim Morrison, this whole shit house gonna come down?

    Who knows?

    Last I looked many other sects or in harsher words cults have been going on for centuries.

    That have even less to offer than the stilted and altered tech of Church of “Scientology”.

    I mean all you need is a few true believers and the backing of say as an outlandish example the National Security State and I guess you could on indefinitely.

    ‘Nuff said.

  19. Like the legend of the little boy who supposedly put his finger in the dyke to prevent a flood, there is an action that would open floodgates.
    Tax exemption.
    Run like a business, crafted with stats like how many crates of coca cola shipped before Thursday 2pm, Radical Official Scientology enjoys Tax Exempt Status + 5000 Sea Org slaves working 80 hour weeks for a pittance. Two things form the bedrock. 5000 slaves and United States Tax Exemption where they enjoy $2 million to $3 million a week raked in at the Flag Land Base alone, tax free.
    It is their Tax exemption in the US that will be a game changer.

    • This is what I’m waiting for, Karen.
      I read on Marti Rathbun’s blog a while ago that he was going to expose this exemption for what it is – a criminal deal with the IRS, a buy off/exchange with them to hush something else up. It was Marti who, after all, was in on the deal so he must have some explosive information to impart.
      I wonder if this is progressing? Does anyone have any news on the latest with regards this?

  20. * Church will peter along the declining slopes for many decades yet to come.

    * The overwhelming majority that leave the CO$ consider the FZ/Indies nutjobs/psychos and do not join this scene but leave Scientology altogether. (I have some stats on that.)

    * DM holds the money bags, controls the lawyers, no one will be able to remove him unless he goes Type III or some situation like that, for the next 25 – 35 years.

    * For well over 30 years the membership has been conditioned and indoctrinated into donation-parting with their money continuously and this will never cease, as once the machine gets stopped, it’s very difficult to get going again without major squawk.

    * Most people leave because of all the over-the-top regerama. I’ve also noted the less people are taking services, the heavier the reging gets … they want their money one way or the other. Perhaps by chance come a point in time where their Ideal Orgs are stably packed wall-to-wall worldwide, the dono-reging will back off to some extent. It’s a financial game of balance. Although I’ve mentioned this here, all this is a very unlikely scenario.

    * Scientology will hobble along out here in Indie/FZ movement as it always has. Too little training going on to sustain this zone, becoming dependent on well-trained auditor/CSes blowing the CO$ … again, as it always has.

    * Bitching about the CO$ has been going on for well over 40 years, and will still be here in another 40. The nature of the complaints have merely changed a tad. 10 years per CO$ reformers max. and then he/she moves on with their lives to be replaced by new CO$ blows with the same as well as newer slightly different complaints. All doors, Indie or CO$, are revolving.

    * Far more Scientology materials have been available within the last 5 years than at any time before, including all the training and OT levels in course-form, and more material will show up yet as time moves forward. It’s never been so easy and affordable to standardly move up the bridge than it is today, so this is a good time to count one’s blessings.

    * So I opt for #5 … my own item, in that the Scientology world will keep keep ebbing and flowing … mostly ebbing like it has since the mid-90’s primarily because of the CO$’s fixation on parishioners pocketbooks.

  21. My vote is # 3 with this caveat:

    Church members pay “donation” money in exchange for rapid expansion and acceptance of Scientology by the general public. Some of this money is used to create the illusion of “expansion” by converting the money into fancy buildings to dangle in front mesmerized members. Sometimes a Super Bowl TV ad is thrown in to make members think the general public is accepting Scientology. But, a lot or most of the money is kept in cash to fund the lean days ahead due to the absence of people in the org.

    By the end of 2014 the why found for empty Orgs will not be a faulty GAG II. Instead, it will be YOU people that are creating and reading blogs like this. So, the dwindling spiral of self destruction will continue with the Church declaring more and more people, fair gaming more of it members and creating more and more active enemies.

    By all accounts, Church of Scientology membership is certainly dwindling, but the expansion of active enemies is increasing at an unbelievable rate. Because “enemy creation” is fueled by all that cash in the bank, it’s hard to predict what will happen. If Miscavige uses the $1 billion real fast, this might go off like a firecracker with the IRS collecting the remaining cash and kicking Sea Org members out on the street. Who knows?

    But, with the goal of creating enemies and having $1 billion in the bank to carry this out, well, it might shorten the #3 “long, drawn out decay” into what kind of end???????

  22. Disclaimer: I have not yet read the article written by Sheeple Bane.
    This is my fear:
    David Miscavige Jones will take a bunch of people, who knows how many, into the desert and kill them all somehow or another.
    I have not given any thought at all to what will happen to Him.

  23. As I see it all 4 scenarios mentioned are probably going to manifest to a greater or lesser degree. But the scenario I believe most likely to develop and bring to an end the “Scientology era” is one most Scientologists will not consider. I have said on more than one occasion that there are “truths” beyond the “truths” of Scientology. The thing is, Scientologists are unlikely to look at any other insights or developments in the fields of the mind and consciousness. The belief that LRH nailed all we need to know about how things work is deeply ingrained into the typical Scientologist’s mindset. This fixed idea prevents most Scientologists from looking and seeing anything of significance beyond LRH’s creation.
    What I am saying is that within the next ten years, or less, humanity’s perspective of how things work will change drastically and the change will not be dictated by Scientology. The new shift in human perspective will simply leave Scientology behind. As is blatantly clear, Scientology is incapable of staying in touch in an ever changing world. This inclination is due to an obsession with survival which is seen as the fundamental urge. Actually this is a misconception; far more basic to consciousness – theta – is the urge toward constant creation – constant renewal. Most Scientologists, due to their adherence to “source”, seem unaware of the latter and consequently will not consider a scenario of the end in which something new simply overshadows what Scientology has to offer.

    • I couldn’t disagree with you more, Joe.
      I really don’t mean any disrespect. Your opinion is based on your experiences and I’m sure that you have thought about the things you say here, probably thought about them a lot.
      But to me, saying that in the future there will be “something new that simply overshadows what Scientology has to offer” is like saying that in the future, people will get tired of breathing air and decide that they’d rather breathe water or methane, or something else. Now of course. this is based on my own experiences and my own thinking a lot about this.

      • As I see it, it is not beyond consciousness – theta – to create realities where life breaths water, methane or nothing at all. Consciousness does not create, it is creation. Creation is what happens where there is consciousness. I find limiting consciousness’s creation capability to the theories of Scientology is kind of narrow minded. Also, and I mean it, no disrespect intended.

    • Maybe you are right Joe.
      It’s hard to predict specifics, of course, but there are a lot of creative people that have successfully used Scientology and now find themselves in the predicament of figuring out what’s next. The Co$ is a dead end street, that’s for sure and only a few people in the Indie/FZ field have the stomach or resources to organize into something called a profitable growing organization.
      Is there a kinder, gentler Buddha on the horizon? Maybe a creative soul will arise from the ashes and surprise everyone. Free auditing and training for everyone? Heaven knows.
      The decentralized delivery of Scientology is growing. Maybe that is the future.
      Or is Scientology the Shakers of the 21st century?
      A game changer might be the legal system preventing the Co$ from attacking anyone. Decentralized Scientology would have a much better chance at survival in that environment.

    • Joe what you speak of is parascientology! We havent even mastered the other one yet. At least I havent. There is much to be had yet unless you have it all wrapped up? No disrespect intended, just feel that you may have given up on the tech prematurely. Bill Robertson had some interesting extrapolations from OT 3 data to form some.. hang on I remember you dont like him much. Oh well thats a pity. However I can see how theta as source of all creativity is senior to everything, including scientology itself!

  24. I have often wondered what really goes on in dm’s mind. Mike Rinder recently said on his blog that dm is not stupid at all. He keeps up with what is going on in the world and contrary to some people’s belief, he is not simply a stupid high school dropout who somehow managed to get control of scn.
    Bearing this in mind, one has to ask – If he is not stupid, why does he keep doing things over and over that contribute every single time to a further shrinkage in the membership of CoS?
    Is it simply that he being possessed of an enormous ego, he simply can’t admit he was wrong the very first time he “corrected” the mistakes, and so keeps on doing the same thing over and over?
    Here’s what I think: DM knows exactly what he is doing and is actually wanting to wipe out scn. He keeps pulling these HUGE moves with GAT and more people move away. He convinces people that the original books were so wrong they all had to be re-written. Keep in mind that every scientologist KNOWS that doing these things are squirrel actions and high crimes. By now everyone who has ever studied ksw1 should have left in disgust. But no, enough of them stick around to keep the orgs ticking over. So he starts the whole fundraising gig which he knows is off policy and some more people leave. He then turns the IAS into a major fundraiser (read getting money for no service given). For many years the IAS had just ticked over with people either being annual or lifetime members. Suddenly there are new statuses that give back nothing more than an annual membership gives. More people leave. But enough still stay on to keep thing ticking over.
    He increases the pressure by turning very single staff member into a fundraiser for IAS and Ideal orgs. Quotas are dished out that are impossible to attain. Punishment and really bad treatment of staff skyrockets. Some more leave others stay.
    By now DM must be thinking “what will it take for ALL of them to fuck off and leave me alone with the money and the property????”
    I am pretty sure dm has absolutely no belief in the tech as witnessed by his lack of personal auditing. He has been on a power trip for many years, but even that must get tired after a while. So I think he is trying really hard to get rid of everyone so that he can stand alone and say “I tried everything in my power to make it work, but there was just not enough back up from my staff and public.”
    He will have all the money and all the buildings, quite apart from the many millions I am sure he has stashed away in Swiss banks etc.
    He just did not bank on so many people still sticking around through thick and thin and this is now a problem for him! He will have to get even more Draconian! Things could get much worse before he is done.

    • Hi Draco,
      I think you are right on many of your points. There is one point I would like to add, which was stated very well recently by Claire Headley in her two radio interviews with Jeffrey Augustine, on his Surviving Scientology Radio. Have you had a chance to listen to these?
      To paraphrase what she said (and my apologies to her if I butchered this too much), it is impossible to figure out rationally what Miscavige is thinking because it is not rational. He is insane, and his thought processes would not make any sense to a rational person.
      Miscavige is very smart, but that is a completely different issue. LRH said in Dianetics 55 (and I paraphrase very broadly): It is not possible to understand something that has so little ARC in it that it is inherently not understandable. Understanding is ARC. So you, from a high level of understanding and ARC, try to “understand” something that is at a low level of ARC. But that can’t be done because there is no understanding there.

  25. Draco said


    High academic intelligence is only one aspect of a being. The “Unabomber” in the US ran a 20 year crime wave of sending bombs in the mail that blew up and killed people or blinded them as they opened the package. Yes, Unabomber was a Harvard *Professor* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Kaczynski, Ted was a solver of high problems on physics and rocket science. But was he emotionally or spiritually sane ? No, He was a madman.

    Miscavige might be academically clever, even brilliant, but his emotional IQ, his spiritual IQ is all along the lowest points of the OCA.

    • Hi Karen. I agree that dm is emotionally and spiritually stunted. I have always thought that he has the emotional age of a high school bully. I was just throwing out another viewpoint to consider as it is something that I had in the back of my mind. It could simply be that the total absence of emotional and spiritual growth in Miscavige leads to his crazy behavior.
      Whatever it is, the other thing that could lead to the end of his tyranny is his health. He is not looking healthy at all these days, so that also can be thrown into the equation regarding the demise of CoS. Can’t happen soon enough for me – the damage caused by his actions is horrific and far reaching.

  26. From what I´ve read about Miscavige on the internet, I firmly believe scenario 2 is the most likely. Unfortunately the outcome of his desperado strategy will be very surprising to him. Many of the people who are close to him, are sick and tired of the little stuffed shirt and hate his guts. Sometime in the near future a small ridiculous thing will happen. It will be the last straw that broke the camel´s back. He will be seized and gagged and beaten severely, so he can finally get a taste of his own medicine, whereupon he will be deported to one of his underground vaults and put into one of his titanium caskets with a lock on it on the outside. There he will reside until the end of time – just like Xenu.
    We all know that neither the police nor the FBI investigate missing scientologists. Parishioners and staffs will be told that David Miscavige is on a long deserved holiday and not coming back shortly. It will definitely be a NO NO to ask about his whereabouts or when he ´s coming back!
    In less than a year after his disappearance noone will be thinking about him anymore. He will be forgotten by all. Just like his wife Shelly. Oh, and Heber. And Diana Hubbard. And Ray Mithof. And Guillaume Lesévre. And Anni Broker. And Pat Broker. And Mary Sue Hubbard. And David Mayo. And many many others, whose names I don´t know or don´t remember.
    And that´ll be THE END of that!!!

    • I had my entire rant nicely written in seperate paragraphs, making it easy to read, before the moderation. Now it´s all cramped together. I find that annoying! What happened?

      • It’s a cool thinking problem. Apologies. Best solution so far, out a period between comments.
        Like this.
        One day soon we’ll address this properly!

  27. Sorry!
    I forgot to say that just before he is put into the titanium casket, he will receive countless shots of Vistaril in his buttocks, just like……………..!?!!!

  28. Another question I pose to all is just how much an influence is DM? If he dropped the body tomorrow how would that affect your predictions on how it will all end? I know this has been covered to some degree but its utterly facinating to see how long DM has held onto power! Longer than Hitler and Napoleon combined perhaps?
    I also conclude that the majority here commenting dont have too much faith in the independant field. If only you knew! I guess under the radar is working, keeps DM of their backs! Finally I tend to agree with most of the boggers out there that pitifully, shamefully and grusomely scenario 3 is most likely as long as kid ego rules the block! I dont see any challengers with reform and overthrow in mind. I see only those who wish to bring the walls of Scientorico down, down, down!!

  29. I would hope for #4, but I guess I am the hopeless romantic here. Quite frankly the world is a crap place to be. Today a friend of mine nearly got hijacked. My staff moan about wages. Countries are run by idiots. And I have a ridiculous e-toll bill to pay.
    It would be at least an idyllic thought that maybe there was hope for the human race. However, it’s always the person that holds the keys (or purse) that decides the course of fate. I think Scientology could work in the right hands. But who is the right person to hold the keys to “eternal freedom?” That’s a tough one. Democracy hasn’t really helped the world. Neither has a dictatorship. We get Fascists and Beaurocrats. Some might argue we are already in a Dictatorship. If we vote for a new Scientology leadership, how do we know they haven’t solicited votes by lining peoples pockets? If a new champion rides forth and topples the powers that be, how long before they succumb to the millions littering the bank accounts across the globe? Do we choose by deeds or popularity? That is the question here. Anyone can promise to help you if there is something that they want. They promise the moon, stars and immortality.
    But when push comes to shove, who will deliver?

    • Sounds like you are in the thick of it mate! Greed, corruption and mayhem! Get out of Joburg for a start, Cape Town is better for sure! Took me 6 months before I acclimatised after moving to the mother city. It truly is the last outpost! Less OSA and Sea org influence here is a bonus too 😉

  30. what i hope for is reform, common sense, amnesty
    what i expect is dm will go down fighting till he’s too old to fight or runs out of money

  31. I think the church will continue a slow long decay and continue to rot from the inside, already the church has dwindled to almost non existence yet still holds so much attention for many who have left! What a waste of time.
    I predict the independant groups growing in size and number and I hope that they manage to steer clear of becoming a corporate organization

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