A little compilation project over 28 years

By Frik Blaauw

Re-writing History

A little compilation project over 28 years

This letter from Joburg Org came today by snail mail –  I was thrilled that Albert and Bob are still communicating to me.  Hi guys!

But on further reading I got a bit confused:  Second paragraph – “we now have Scientology as LRH himself wrote it, C/Sed it and taught it.”

WHAT?   So, we never had it before?   Ugh.

But hold it.  Let’s look closer.  Research and development for 49 years – one single man (some small assistance in the latter years by David Mayo et al).  Hand written notes, old type writers, no word processors.

Then it takes 28 years for a herd of turtles under the master jockey la David to compile what LRH produced!  And they had modern word processors, media, video, computers, and all that lekker goed to make it easier and quicker.

Something wrong with the maths.   And then I remembered!   Straight compilation is quick and easy.  BUT ALTERING WHAT LRH WROTE AND SAID TAKES LONGER – A LOT LONGER.

You don’t believe me?   You believe what little David said about the publisher errors in the books, and so on?   Remember this little guy?

inspectorI did, until I found out that even the tapes we listen to, have been strongly edited.  And in the digital world that’s quite easy.

And the changes are not random – No!   They follow a master plan.   Read on below the Org’s letter.


Dear Scientologist,

Scientology has entered a new age. What has just transpired with the release of Golden Age of Tech II has been 77 years in the making, starting in 1937, the day a young L. Ron Hubbard discovered and codified the Fundamental Principle of Existence. From that day forward this planet started to have a chance, a hope. May 9th, 1950 saw the release of Dianetics, and so began the first real progress of Man; in all these millennia, where only suffering existed.

The research was done and completed by 1986. That started 28 years of compilation. Thus after hundreds of thousands of man hours we now have Scientology as LRH himself wrote it, C/Sed it and taught it. Never before have we had the full power of this technology in our hands.

Come in, experience it for yourself, and join our dedicated team of Scientologists, who are working to bring this freedom to mankind, for the first time in the history of this planet.

The Joburg team are building a Saint Hill size OT org, where we service the public in volume, while the staff move up The Bridge to OT, and receive Superpower, as LRH intended.

With Golden Age of Tech II we are seeing gains and life changing wins that we have never seen before. People’s lives are changing completely on the beginning steps of the Bridge.

The New Civilization has begun. Join our team.


Albert de Beer & Bob Petrie
Executive Director Joburg Day Executive Director Joburg Foundation

Some very professional analyses have been done with what LRH wrote and said and published, by top technical (old) Scientologists.   And these have been compared to the current reproductions.

Let’s just step back a bit.  LRH was a top volume writer and published huge volumes of fiction.  He knew what and how to handle editors and publishers.

Now Ron writes on Dianetics and Scientology and oversees the publishing of his books – a process no different to the fiction ones, and we’re asked to believe from Miscavige that all these error were introduced, and only in the Dianetics and Scientology ones.  And not corrected by RTC for three decades!   Crap.

And then what about the lecture changes and omissions?   Yes, my flock, tape recordings from the 50’s compare badly with lectures sold to you now.

And you should please note, that the current Basic Books are NOT authored “by L Ron Hubbard”, but “based on the works of L Ron Hubbard.”  CSI.

Andreas Grosz of Switzerland has done a superb job of comparing Scientology 0-8, the Book of Basics from the 1950 edition, to Miscavige’s versions.  The extent of the alteration by Miscavige is summarized as follows:

A third of the original whole book is missing. To hide this omission, inapplicable hundreds of pages have been added.  The original book had 154 pages – the new one is over 500 pages.

The description of the Bridge by Ron and the detailed EP of each level is in the 1950 edition, but by the 1976 version, the descriptions have been deleted.  You can now alter the Bridge . . . the door is open to do that.

The Axioms form the very core of the technology.  How about this one, which I quote directly from Andreas’ analysis too:

Axiom 3


[Scientology 0-8, Book of Basics 70-US and 71-DK pg 2, 76-US pg 29, 82-US, 82-DK.]

This Axiom – written by LRH – was first printed in August 1968 in the book THE PHOENIX LECTURES on page 148. This book is based on lectures in Phoenix from 19 July – 03 December 1954, and incidentally is not available from the CoS anymore!

Since then RTC/CST removed the “OR NOT”, thereby effectively “closing the door” on disagreements on their doctrines.

Please re-read the above sentences’ last part.  Slowly.

The Logics:

Logic 4

Logic 4 – A datum is a facsimile of states of being, states of not being, actions or inactions, conclusions, or suppositions in the physical or any other universe.

[Scientology 0-8, Book of Basics 70-US and 71-DK pg 2, 76-US pg 29, 82-US, 82-DK.]

This same sentence you find also in the PDC lectures dated 1952.

And the alter-is, the RTC/CST-Version i.e. in [90 DK]:

Logic 4 – A datum is a symbol of matter, energy, space or time, or any combination thereof, in any universe, or the matter, energy, space or time itself, or any combination thereof, in any universe.

Wow!   A datum goes from a facsimile to a symbol . . .

So, dear Albert and Bob, you say that “we now have Scientology as LRH himself wrote it.”    I am confused.  Who wrote the 1950s versions?   Who delivered the lectures?  It sure sounded like Ron.  And the original handwritten notes are very visible on the internet – Ron’s scribbles.

And then we come to an important one:

The Auditors Code

The 1968 version of the code was published in the issues: Scientology 0-8, Book of Basics 70-US and 71-DK pg 2, 76-US pg 29, 82-US, 82-DK.

Here is the LRH issue of HCOPL 14 October 1968   The Auditor’s Code:

I promise to cooperate fully with the legal organizations of Dianetics and Scientology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard in safeguarding the ethical use and practice of the subject according to the basics of Standard Tech.

The 1988 the L. Ron Hubbard Library altered version in Scientology 0-8

I promise to cooperate fully with the authorized organizations of Dianetics and Scientology in safeguarding the ethical use and practice of those subjects.

The orgs are not legal any more, but authorized (by the US-government) and the tech is not developed any more by LRH and not Standard Tech!

(The bold above is used here as emphasis.  Frik)

My thanks to Andreas  (http://www.freiescientologen.de) and the many others who have studied and compared what Ron wrote and said, with the newer RTC versions.   There is a wealth of such works out there.

And Albert and Bob’s statement is a blatant lie. But then they’re caught in the new Axiom 3 . . .

The perversion of the Bridge is very well done, and has been done over 30 years – a long term plan indeed.  And what we have explains why so many people note that the OT abilities displayed by high level church parishioners are not as expected by the observer, and I’m sure not by the church OTs themselves.

A luta continua.


33 thoughts on “A little compilation project over 28 years

  1. This is a case for FRAUD against the Church of Scientology. For 64 years – they have stated that they are $elling 100% pure LRH in KSW “Having the Correct Technology” and that is DONE! These services break the bank – then members have to redo it over and over and re buy everything?
    Please – some attorney get on this and start suing the cult of Scientology for FRAUD!
    Also – Miscavige has not done his job – he should be fired. Mike Rinder’s blog exposes $50 million that Miscavige has amassed in personal wealth while being the leader of Scientology. I don’t know about you – but he needs to be sued too! To think Sea Org Staff eat beans and ricewhile this guy orders caviear and shrimpt or whatever he desires. Lavish lifestyle for leaders of religions are called inurement and the IRS yanks tax exempt status.

    • IM,

      For the first 36 they were selling what was called “Standard Tech” then after Ron moved off the line completely they started issuing BOTWO (Based on the Works of which means derivative which could include, the Process, Echankar, Life Spring, Dianology,EST etc. etc.) alterations with the introduction of the “Life Improvement Course and various BTBs and BPLs that magically turned into HCOBs and PLs ( by some kind of alchemy) then there were those overt products AKA the new Tech and OEC vols which included stickers so the person who bought ’em could “correct” what they missed (like making sure that any PL and HCOB said “Mission” instead of “Franchise” etc.) that according to RTC corrected any possible “errors” in the tech and insured that all Scientologists had the “correct technology” back in ’91.

      Funny how Dave was going on about all these evil SP editors in ’07 when they re-released the Basics that were supposedly fixed back in ’91.

      Basically what I covered were all the alterations made directly to tech and policy and the Basic Books.

      Don’t get me started on the “Golden Age of Tech” 😉

  2. Frik,
    Thanks for posting this.
    Many of us had this information but not as concisely posted as you have here.
    Anyone reading this should be aware that this is just the tip of the iceberg of alterations that have made the tech seem ineffective or has given it a political slant of some kind.
    One major outpoint that we can’t totally blame Miscavige for since it occurred prior to his tenure as COB RTC. Is the complete elimination of the Original OT Levels. As far as I’m concerned this is an enormous Tech Degrade.
    Of course those responsible haven’t overtly said these levels were “old”. But they have covertly said it by replacing these levels with what are now called “New” OT Levels.

  3. Great post Frik!
    Utterly astonishing what Miscavige has done! I’d like to find out what he has edited on the tapes. As far as I know he has taken out all references to any other Scientologists who were at the congresses and courses he was giving; and I think, as well, all mentions of Mary Sue.
    Does anyone have a bigger list of Miscavige changes?

    • Here’s something interesting on this point. When I was supping the VIII Course at Flag in 1992, one of the students, who was a Cl VIII from AOLA but was being made to re-do it, told me they had cut off the beginnings of the VIII tapes. He asked me why – I didn’t have a clue and I had never done the VIII course, so my senior suggested I send up a telex to Int to find out why, I did, and immediately got removed from post and put in ethics with no answer or response of any kind. Interesting, isn’t it.

      • Wow! Unbelievable, Carol!
        I think one reason – although I haven’t checked this out – is because at the beginnings of a lot of lectures LRH acknowledges some of the people who are there, by name. So the mention of their names by LRH had to be removed because Miscavige won’t allow anyone else but himself and LRH to be acknowledged. At any time they may need to be declared..
        And it’s probably even hard for Miscavige to include LRH in this “short” list of people it is OK to acknowledge.

      • You are probably very right – DM definitely wants to get rid of the names and people that knew anything about LRH and the Tech. That way, new people coming in won’t have a clue – and because the tech does work to some degree even when altered, new people think that’s just the way it is – and they accept it.

  4. In our little academy we LOVE those skinny little green books. They’re gold. I’m sure they’re available online in their original form as well. To think that part of the operation has been to get people to take their old materials in to the bookstore officers to be properly disposed of so there would be no chance of that nasty old truth being found in a second hand book store or library book sale. Amazing what people are willing to do!

  5. Frik,
    This is off topic, but I asked this question to you before and you did not respond.
    That is in regards to Jesus living to 70 or something and proved by records in Rome of Jesus drawing pension.
    I asked you for links or supporting or proof data, and you did not reply.
    Can you please provide the proof you claim?
    I have read a lot of different stuff on Jesus, but have never heard that one, before.

    • Hello Dio.
      Sorry about that. Get hold of a book written by Barbara Thiering called “Jesus The Man”. Start there. I have been to Jerusalem . . .and tried walking the route of Jesus’ last day. I couldn’t do it in a Mercedes Benz in the time frame written in the Bible! And so started my research into the lies that was used to build the Christian empire money making machine. And initially it wasn’t – it was a political opposition group to take over and rule Judea again. Outlawed ‘terrorist group’ who had to operate in the dark to stay out of Roman reach. And not having PGP or short wave radio, sent letters in code to their outpost groups. Letters written on the face as religious, but coded so as to mean something else. Thiering and her co-workers cracked the codes. And they have been vilified and their books and reports removed from public access.
      After the crucifixion, the Jewish group needed a charismatic leader as a front man. The books of Mark, Luke, John, were written 32 to 39 years after the crucifixion!
      I have been to Qumran . . .
      Then I got hold of photo copies of the Dead Sea scrolls – and that book has disappeared after lending it to a group of Christians! I have a friend who can read most of that and translated parts of that for me – the original sources of some of the books in the bible. And guess what? Changed and large parts omitted in today’s Bible.
      This sage continues to the 1490′s in Rome . . . .
      Now read up on the fights and final agreement on what the modern Bible should hence forth be where Pope Augustine VI, Lucrea Borgia and Count Machiavelli were involved. (LRH talks about it, I found out later.) And the theme henceforth complied with not telling people that they are spiritual beings, have unlimited OT abilities, came from another planet, and so on. Yes! These were in the previous original version. And the first major omission comes just after Genesis Chapter 5 where the mention of ‘giants’ is in one or two sentences, and then nothing further on that.
      Augustine’s objective was to resurrect the Roman Empire, but realised that doing it via the sword wasn’t going to work, so opted for doing it via the minds of men. And that meant having people who were mental slaves to rule over. Simple Machiavellian strategy. Tell people they’re meat bags, that their souls are in the hands of the Church priests. Heaven and hell. And you’ve got them by the short and curlies. And it has worked.
      Although not completely accurate in the true time line, the TV series The Borgias shows the Pope selling salvation to the flock, and creating MEST items for them to come to Rome and worship – “come and see the original blah that Christ blah, blah”. And pay to experience it. Sounds familiar? Davey boy is playing the same tune!
      This whole cycle has been played over and over on the Track. And is playing again right now with our practical religion that can set us free and not be ruled without our permission.

      • Too damn true. I’m reading a book right now on the Crusades (where do you think my handle Peter the Hermit comes from?) and without wanting to get into any detail at all, on almost every page I get the thought, “wow, that’s what Miscavige is doing right now, all over again”. LRH wasn’t wrong when he said the track is replete with betrayal after betrayal. You think the Crusades had anything to do with Christianity? Paah! But reading this book I certainly get why Miscavige gets the notion he’s walking on the footsteps of Popes! He learned from the best.

  6. Turns out all remaining SCIONS are drinking blue hair dye which is slowly scrambling brains. Only antidote is drinking cherry kool-aide while rubbing the tummy and patting the head. Unfortunately this is currently beyond the reach of most Sea Ogres and staff left.

  7. I think there is more to it than you explain.
    I’ve listen to the Basics, as I regged to do them. Funny thing is, I had listened to the PDC’s, Phoenix Lectures, basically all of the the complete library for 1990.
    And when listening to the lectures while doing the new “basics” from just 3 years ago, you know, starting at the beginning,
    why, listening to all the lectures, I sort of said to myself, “you know, I heard that before being spoken by LRH, yet this a new lecture of “found lost tech”.
    I didn’t quite connect the dots, but I think all these new lectures are a re edited of LRH to form New Lecture Series to sell to us members, if you know what I mean. Only somebody who had listened to all the lectures before, would know.

    • Dear singanddanceall,
      The major issue is that if you’re on the runway set up by the altered tech, you’ll be flying off to no-where land, which causes you to come back to where you started. Someone who starts in Scientology now, with only DM’s version of the Bridge, isn’t going to go free.
      This is why its so important to get the correct training and auditing – and that’s outside the Church. And it happens to be very, very much cheaper.
      Take care.

  8. Thank you Frik for this, i have seen it with my own eyes i have the original 0-8 book of Rons and you are right the church has changed it disgusting!!!! Now imagine what the COS has changed with the OT levels as they have screwed around with the Basics. COS has tweaked the OT levels so you get wins but never never true OT that L RON HUBBARD wrote.

  9. Excellent Article.
    No Surprises here!
    Albert has lost the PLOT!
    We have been trying to get the field to Duplicate and I mean
    Duplicate it is NOT just about the FRAUD, the denial of the
    DISCONNECTION Policy, the pure INVALIDATION of anyone
    who does not part with their money it is about the ALTERED TECH!
    How can real auditors be made – How can real OT’s be produced!
    The Hamster Wheel keeps spinning round and round!

  10. Well, the “clear” EP definition of 1950 has been changed by Ron himself later on. So it is a bit fuzzy here. Ron wrote a lot in the 50s and I would consider many things as invalid. Eg. in Dianetics he asked to “build a better bridge”. Miscavige quoted this in the “Wake up call”. I remember feeling highly uncomfortable, because he indirectly said that Ron did not do this in the following 36 years. Therefore you have to be a bit careful when mentioning old phrases.
    There is another point that native English speakers often do not understand.
    Semicolons get lost in translations. Many of DM’s examples are simply not true for non-English versions.

    • Dear barefacedmessiah,,
      Ok – let’s imagine someone researching and developing a product – anything. He makes a prototype 1. It is better than nothing, so he makes it known to the sheeple. And he continues to research, and he finds improvements. He gets feedback from the sheeple using the product. This adds to the knowledge he needs. He makes that know – prototype 2. And perforce he would have had to change the ‘definition’ of the product. And when we get to prototype No 134, which now has all the bells and whistles, I guess you would say that all the previous prototypes are somehow wrong. And because he changed the definitions 133 times, he’s an asshole. Mmm.
      Not in my book. I’m so thankful the Wright Brothers continued their research, Boeing theirs, McDonnell Douglas theirs, and gave us products to use whilst they researched for the ultimate transporter – “Beam me up, Scottie.” And I thank Ron for what he did and how he did it. And you should be aware by now of the gradients in the Basics relating to standard auditing. The last book overwrites most of the first one . . .
      I didn’t mention odd phrases in my write-up, and neither have the researchers. We mention complete books, complete lectures, complete HCOBs, complete PLs. And an Axiom is an Axiom – it stands by itself. The change in just Logic 4 is profound, my friend!
      There is no doubt that many organisational write-ups, from HCOBs, PLs and EDs, should have fallen away over time, as the global organisation demanded it. But that should only be done from the unaltered original platform that handles the thetan in a positive manner to improve the conditions he is experiencing.
      The McDonnell Douglas DC3 of 1940 was a bitch to fly. Heavy, slow, built like a brick. Chewed fuel. You knew where it had parked the night before because of the oil spills on the ‘mac. But I bet your father was very grateful – directly or indirectly – that such imperfect flying machines were around at the time.
      Be grateful. You will unlikely have the perfect product first time, ever.

    • If we are going to frown on random quotes to make Scientology or LRH look good we must also do the same for quotes such as this that try to make the opposing argument.

    • LRH said that as a result of research into the why and how one could do that, not as a policy which he would follow. Taking quotes out of context is dangerous. For you.
      So, dear Birgit, place yourself in front of me and I’ll control you all the way! And I won’t lie either.

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