OSA goes a sniffing…

We interrupt our regular schedule for this public service announcement:

OSA is desperately trying to fish out dissidents and have sent out the below email. Please ignore it if you receive it, it is not from us. We would never approach anyone for funding.

The address below does not belong to this blog.

From: scn africa [mailto:scnafrica2011@gmail.com]
Sent: 14 May 2014
To: xxxxx

Subject: Scientologist back in comm

Hello xxxx,

As you may have heard, we require funding to upkeep our forum and also pay for the use of the Mike Rinder blog.

Kindly confirm your contribution amount.

77 thoughts on “OSA goes a sniffing…

  1. So pathetic. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan Brown sent that around. “Pay for the use of Mike Rinder’s blog”. Sounds like the childish stuff he puts on the KSW Lions blog.

  2. Looks like this blog is really bothering them, and having an increasing impact. Is this the first direct attack? (Actually very covert, not really direct.)

    • My thoughts exactly. Sounds like they are attempting to solicit donations by implying they are someone they are not.
      Perhaps an official complaint to the police is in order?
      If nothing else, they can track down the perpetrators.

      • This is a sad, pathetic email that shows that OSA has failed to stop the mass exodus from the church. It would be very ironic if this email was a real attempt to raise money for the church. Since there are many more Scientologists outside the church than inside, why wouldn’t OSA try to scam money from those individuals?

  3. Thank you for letting us know Scnaftica.
    What a disgrace to use these tactics!
    If Mike Rinder wanted funding he is honest enough to
    ask directly himself – he would not be covert!
    Mike Rinder has thousands following his blog and
    believe me any one is free to flow to him on their OWN
    and I mean totally own determinism.
    We are not OSA who has to use covert methods to find out
    who is not part of the Church or under the radar their
    desperation is pathetic
    OSA is very desperate – after all they have to report to DM
    that they are unable to report because we do not sequel on
    each other and do not present ourselves to be interrogated!
    We know what is behind the false smile their game to
    deceive us is over!
    We KNOW who the Enemy is!
    OSA has sat back and betrayed us.
    This shite going down has been under their noses for
    years and they have protected the criminals and
    attacked and declared anyone who has guided them
    to the truth!
    Very embarrassing to have to report back the field is in
    NON-COMPLIANCE to our leaders requests and programs.
    AND to flowing to his money reserves as this stat is declining!
    The South African Lions are not asleep in the Mid-day Sun
    we know exactly what your game is -you have been exposed!

  4. They say neccesity is the mother of all invention.
    I say desperation is the father of all folly!
    Scn africa our voices shine loud in DM’s ears methinks! Let OSA try their luck! Maybe just maybe scenario 4 will play out but not before scenario 2 has a last crack!

  5. Sounds like they’ve joined forces with the Nigerian scammers.
    Its a really weird one though, they have the subject heading as “Scientologists back in comm” but then ask for funding for the “upkeep of our forum” and use of Mike Rinder’s blog???
    What the hell does this even mean? Did they get some illiterate person with no idea of how blogs and the internet works to dream up this crap? Who the hell would even fall for this?

    • Excellent points, Shelley. And they even managed to get the name of this blog wrong — “Scientologist [sic] back in comm” — which is an accomplishment given that only 4 words are involved.
      It’s kind of funny, too, that the only thing they could think of to say in this note is basically “Give us money.” I suppose from the current RCS perspective, that is the only known function of email.

  6. The mind -rot is so palpable with these pathetic OSA remnants. One is looking at the ‘darkest’ degradation possible. Get out of that hell-hole before you go down with him!
    Surely you deserve better than doing the bidding of a sociopathic madman? If you people stick around any longer, he will drive YOU completely insane!…. You have been warned!

  7. I have a question I hope won’t be inappropriate. That last line, “Kindly confirm your donation amount,” *assuming* I would *of course* donate, seems absurdly rude to me. Does it strike most of you as okay?
    Either way, do you think the difference between me and this letter writer is geographical (I’m from the southern US), OSA related, or because I’m a never-in? I have both a male in-law and a female close friend from SA, and their speech patterns sometimes make me feel like a country bumpkin come to town. (Please forgive me if I’m writing like one now?)
    I’m just always interested in the cultural differences in people, whether it’s geographical, political, religious, age, gender, etc. Thanks!

    • It’s a Scientology thing. At international events, when a new item was released for sale (book or lecture, etc) the Sea Org members were trained to walk up to a public person, hand them the item and simply ask “cash, check or charge”. The idea was that David Miscavige already sold the item onstage, and don’t you for one second think that he DIDN’T sell it, because he did. The public was already SOLD on it because David Miscavige was just that good. All you have to do is collect the money. So from about 2003 onward, the “event drill” was simply “Cash, Check or Charge?”. You certainly could not ask is someone WANTED the product.

      • Actually the basis for that mentality goes back to the late ’90′s and a perversion of the PL on “Handling the Public Individual”(which was basically about scheduling and had nothing to do with selling) and the idea that the Scientology public were just a bunch of hypnotized robots with no self determinism.
        (Back then they were trying to get us field auditors to sell the latest lecture series which was the one on games or something like that.
        So they had us “drill” going up to the person and asking “cash, check or credit card” at which point I put on my smily face and pretended to go along with this idiocy.
        Then after the event I bailed to the smoking section and hung out with the other field auditors who felt the same way.)
        Of course it didn’t work then with out the usual threats of being written up or sent to ethics for refusing to follow a direct order from a staff member or whatever but it didn’t stop them from continuing to do it.
        Sorta like Einstein’s definition of insanity which is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
        Though it gives you a clue who the actual robots with no self determinism are.

      • HI alex. This is 8-8008 on Ex scientology Board. Been seeing your comments. We know each other. You can go on Ex scientology Board and send me a PM on there.

    • Hi Grace. No – it’s not a typical kind of email that would go out from the Church – and it’s therefore obviously a “fishing expedition” to see who responds – thus trying to establish who is “out” or disaffected…….. Just proving how low they’re willing to sink – and how pathetic their attempts at getting intel are.
      Usually, they send out begging emails with all sorts of PR catch phrases about “expansion” and wonderful things happening – promising heaven on Earth, getting the robots to respond with donations for a Utopian dream.

    • 100% WOG here. Never even touched by the sweet nectar of Scientology, therefore I have many crimes. LOL. Anyway, the technique you are asking about isn’t a cultural phenomena. It is called “assumption of sale” and is a closing technique taught in many marketing courses (I have a degree in Marketing from JSU in Mississippi). The “cash or charge” angle somebody discussed is the weakest and easiest of the many related closing techniques in this genre and it’s a standard at most any mall in America. I picked it up before the age of 21, having been born and raised in a sales environment. Here’s one twist I threw into the mix when I was in the Air Force, back in the late 1970′s. I was requesting some form of special deference in regard to regulations concerning food prep in the dorms on base. I don’t remember all the particulars but I’ll never forget the closing line I crafted. To wit: Your anticipated cooperative dispensation in this matter is greatly appreciated. You’ll have to buy the Big Book of Tim (if I ever get around to writing it….lol) to find out what my commanding officer’s response to that was, as well as the fallout thereof. Enjoy.

      • Thanks for the background Tim.

        Now that you mention it. I remember others using a similar technique.

        In fact it’s used a lot here on the internet.

        Someone goes on and on and on about a product and wait there’s more etc. then right on the bottom of the page is the pay button.


        Like I wrote in an earlier comment it’s almost like a hypnotic command or suggestion.

    • No, this has been the tone level and lingo of SO members as handed down from the top and now oftentimes org staff too, which shows the attitude they’ve been taught of “the public are to do what they’re told.” Words such as “please” or “could you” etc. have practically disappeared from the vocabulary. It goes like this:
      “The event is at … Everyone is expected to be there. Let us know who you are going to bring.”
      So yes, Grace, it is definitely rude, out manners, and out-ARC.

      • Well yeah Meja.


        The Sea Org has always been somewhat paramilitary but beginning in the ’80’s it went into fascist overdrive.

        Before they used to at least try to entice you into going to one of their briefings.

        Now they’re all mandatory.

        Yeah like as if mandatory was ever a selling point for me or Ron’s youngest son for that matter. Since both of us ended up in a Motorcyclist Rights Organization who opposed the *Mandatory* Motorcycle Helmet Law.

        As far as I’m concerned most Sea Org Members lead such a sheltered life that they are totally clueless about the public they are dealing with which is probably one of the reasons why the public is abandoning them in droves.

  8. So obviously OSA.

    Don’t they have any shame?

    As far as I’m concerned OSA makes the GO look like paragons of virtue and that takes some doing but OSA has managed to do it.

    I mean they abolished a whole Network that had been established by policy which had gone rogue and was allegedly taking over Scientology but still acted as a check and counter balance to the nascent fascism of the Sea Org and their top down compliance is god paramilitary obey the braid mentality.

    Obviously the person sending this email is “just following orders” and using a fair game plan that was a dismal failure even back in the days of the ARS newsgroup.

    Probably wrote “done sir!” and sent a copy of this pathetic email to their senior in their compliance report before moving on to another target of opportunity.

  9. I love how they assume that this blog and Rinder’s are intimately connected. You’re CONTINENTS (real ones, not the fakey Scientology stat ones) away from each other! They really must think there’s only ONE group “out to get them.”

  10. Office of Special Affairs are as devious, deadly and criminal as the worst of the Guardian’s Office. At least 10 former Guardian Office “crims” slang for criminal including un-indicted co-conspirators that did not get jail time work there. Linda Hamel is the Commanding Officer, and has been for some 25 years.
    Linda was Programs Ops of The Guardian’s Office “Snow White” program, This was the major criminal conspiracy during the 1970s to purge unfavorable records about the “Church” by burglary, infiltration, theft, deception resulting in FBI raid of 3 Locations Los Angeles, Washington DC and Clearwater.
    CO OSA INT is a very hot seat. The previous commanding officers Larry Brennan, Mike Sutter,. Mike Rinder and Kurt Weiland were on barely 2 years. But remarkably Linda Hamel lives on, on the same post, decade after decade. She never hits the skids. She never gets demoted, she is a DM “Pet.” She is also a snake. I will tell that snake story one of these days.

  11. Pingback: The OSA Stooges Latest Footbullet - Mike Rinder's Blog

  12. How do normal human beings, good folk, who sign a religious pledge for 1 Billion years, (all of OSA are “Sea org members”) how do ethical straight-shooter human beings morph into vicious OSA Thugs ?
    How does that happen ?
    Read this program to character assassinate, manufacture evidence and set and ambush Chuck Beatty, Sea Org for 35 years, Int base Staff, Author Services and INCOMM staff.
    This program written by Fritz Kevenaar, OSA INT intelligence who writes programs to destroy a perceived enemy. This program written by a Sea org member.
    Feel how *ecclesiastical* and *Religious* this is,
    Remember the Church scream in the law courts how they are protected as a *Religion*

    • Karen personally when the GO’s target was the Government Agencies who were indeed harassing the Church back then as far as I was concerned it seemed that the “ends justified the means”.
      Let’s face it Scientology was David against the Government’s Goliath.
      However things like Operation Freakout I found completely odious.
      Yet the GO didn’t specialize in those type of Covert Action against critics while on the other hand that’s all OSA does which is churn out programs like Operation Freakout.

      • Very true, Remoteviewed. For example, in Melbourne in the late ’60s the core of our GO were two decent, well-intentioned couples, the Tampions and the Bellmaines. They took on some real opposition from the state government of the day, who opposed progressive ideas on principle. Pacifism, yoga, scientology, rock n’ roll, non-white immigration, gay rights – those Elmer Fudd types were against it all.

        There may never have been an organised international conspiracy singling out scientology as its target. Or if there was one in the ’60s, it faded out long ago. Compared to scientology organisations, government agencies have short memories. I say that from experience: we burn old files to save storage space, dump people at 65, and plan on a four-year political cycle or the annual funding cycle. Hardly anyone in the Victorian government today would know that their long-repealed Psychological Practices Act 1965 was intended as anti-scientology legislation.

        But once the GO / OSA got going, it had no brakes. It zealously kept its written records and unchangeable policies. With no real enemies, it had to invent them to justify its existence, hence the insane covert actions against critics.

      • I agree David.
        Here NARA (National Archives and Research Administration) hangs on to anything of historical value such as files released under CREST (CIA Records Search Tool) and similar programs.
        Others through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) some indicating that there was indeed an international conspiracy against Scientology:
        Not that Scientology was exclusively singled out as there seemed to be similar actions against other groups and organizations at the time under CoIntelPro and MH/Chaos and other such programs:
        Funny how the so called “critics” go on and on about “Snow White” when it was in fact a rogue operation known as GO 1361 that the “Scientology Eleven” were indicted for according to the “Stipulation of Evidence”:
        Probably to create impression that there was some direct linkage between the Snow White Program which was based on an eval written by Ron regarding trouble the OTC was having operating in Morocco which at the time was a hot bed of international intrigue and was probably written by Mary Sue.
        However when all is said and done. I agree that the Church currently seems to fighting enemies who have been long since dead which we know as a case manifestation of a being known in Scientology terminology as a “suppressive”.
        In other words the Church in my opinion has gone into a suppressive valance.
        See the HCOB on How a Suppressive Becomes One.

      • There were many covert ops initiated by the Guardians Office against private citizens, and there was extensive “tech” – called “Scientology Intelligence tech” – on how to do so.
        However, the U.S. government had little or no interest in those ops against private citizens, and was only concerned about spy and burglarizing ops against government offices.

      • BV,

        Yeah typical of our Government.

        Seems they take the “welfare clause” in the Constitution pretty seriously when it involves their own 😉

  13. Hey OSA – just dying to give you some cash. The stuff is weighing down my wallet. Give me your cell and I’ll get back to you. Btw, could you fly me out to LA? We could do dinner and I’ll give you all the latest hot dope on Rinder et al.
    PS – Say hi to Dave for me

    • MJ, Dave replied via OSA who of course risked everything, by telling me, to tell you to G–F*^#IY@%#F Y*^$% C-$^ $6#ng A*&& -H%*$#. Clearly, he is having a great day, and really pleased to hear from you! 😦

    • Listen closely, listen to my whispers …………..ssssheeeeee OSA is listening, use a browser called “Thor” it is self executing, you don´t have to install it, just download and run it, it gives you total anonymity, you can navigate and shout your lungs without being discovered.
      Another handy tool is the anonymous mail senders, also quite secure, very difficult to detect, there is also a very handy real intelligent like Org tool, called Hidemyass (which hides your IP), i suggest if you don´t want to become known and declared an SP, use these tools, man are they great ..real CIA-like tools.
      Watch OSA has plenty of bucks to spend in investigation, even Julian Assange was caught when he was attacking the Church, this data was shared by a good ethical IT Joburg friend.

  14. What an ironic email. They are basically informing the parishioners that there is a Mike Rinder Blog and a Scientologists Back in Comm forum and you know people will fact check it out. There are still lots of people who are in who don’t look at any “entheta” on the internet. Well, now they just got invited to do so.

  15. Oh I know who’s handwork this is. Trademark deception and his highest bright idea is always some kind of Identity theft, or synthetic identity. Identity theft is criminal. Fraud is criminal. But here he goes!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone recently using identity theft, posing as someone they are not, is under investigation right now.

    These people are at “criminality” on the awareness scale. And working under the banner of “Love for L. Ron Hubbard and mankind.”- This is a long shot from Clear. So what is the surprise?

    I strongly suspect the OSA “minds” have evolved to a point of culling P.C. folders to see who has the rock slams and propensity towards suppression, and directly recruits these individuals.

  16. Dear OSA’ers, Sea Org. people, Anybody still remaining in Scientology,

    You may contribute any amount you would like to any indi blog.
    We do not REQUIRE any money.
    We will not STEAL your home.
    We will not TAKE your children hostage.
    We will not HOUND you when you leave the blog.

    • AMEN outraged.
      For all the blogs discussing why I should not return to RCS I’ve frequented since Scientologists started stalking me in an attempt to “recover” me (not gonna happen), not one of them has ever requested money from me. I have contributed some money to some blogs, none to some.
      Some of the people who run the blogs have my email address. None of them have asked me for money. When I have contributed, because I felt like it, I have been thanked and never asked for more.
      I have left some of the blogs, a few of the members have asked why I have left, but respected my decision not to come back, I am not bankrupt. I own my own home and my late model car is paid off. I am not in debt. I talk to all my children and grandchildren on a regular basis. I am happy and healthy. I have control of what I think and what I say and my words and thoughts are not reported back to anyone.
      That is what life is like on the “outside”.

  17. I don’t think its a matter of them trying to get funds. I think its about them gettting names. Its a bit like when the police contact a crim and tell them that they have won the lottery and they need to go to a certain place to claim their prize. When they show up, they get arrested. This ” we need help” email is to find out who is supporting/reading this blog and Mike Rinder’s blog.

  18. Asking South Africans.
    I knew Dalene and Len Regenass well back in the day. (Saint Hill, 1970s)
    Dalene died while still in the Sea org.
    Anyone know what happened to Len?
    If anyone knows him, please send him my Email address

  19. In my PTS/SP pack LRH says something in the order of; “The criminal thinks that everyone behaves the same way he does.” What a smart man!!!…and how appropriate to this piece of OSA promo which anticipates that we are also in the business of scamming people out of their money. Larry probably gave them the idea.

  20. If I may interject something. Again 100 percent WOG so you know I can be trusted. My internet trail is long and wide and most definitely FULLY AUTONOMOUS AND NOT ANONYMOUS, for those who may think I’m a sock. I read a lot of religious apostate websites. I particularly enjoy the Scientology sites, but the Mormons do have their quirky appeal as well. The problem with the abuses in Scientology never getting any traction in the “secular” law enforcement arena pains me greatly. Not as an aggrieved and angry apostate (see above) but as an American who is getting sick and tired of watching the highest level of criminals in my country go un-prosecuted by the authorities in charge of that. That said, it’s harder for me to to justify and maintain my outrage over Scientologists ripping off other Scientologists (the bulk of the activity of Scientology from what I can figure) when high level war criminals (people who tortured toddler’s testicles !!.) graft bloated politicians, and skeezy banksters are hard at work keeping us all on the edge of disaster. Most of America is so nervous our sphincters are already clenched so tight you can’t drive a nail up it with a sledgehammer. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m less than encouraged you’ll receive much help from the WOG authorities in your pursuit of ‘justice’. The organization is more insular than Rome. It took an insider to do-in Caesar and I figure the same thing is likely to play out in Clearwater. Who knows? Maybe some day soon, Scientology will have it’s Martin Luther King Memphis Moment. I don’t have a horse in the race, but I’ve noticed there are quite a growing number of highly damaged and yet very powerful apostates. Some of them are still millionaires even after the bilking and abuse of Scientology. Rich people don’t like getting ripped off. Any one of them might be willing to invest the piddling cost of a high level OT course to a fellow who could inflict an “accident” on Miscaviage. There’s also the chance that the COB, a guy who seems like a self-important bully tyrant will flex up on somebody who stands his ground with a little more ferocity than the group of 70′s era sissies I read about him bitch-slapping around. I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t pretend to be a prophet, so all I can do is speculate based on the available data, but it would not surprise me one iota if the end of the Miscaviage reign of terror ended in a bang and not a whimper. Enjoy.

    • Hi Tim,
      It distresses me as well that many ex-Scientologists and those who claim to be “Independent Scientologists” would resort to calling in the forces of “Law and Order” as well.
      Personally I view it as the pendulum swing of two valued “logic”. The Church is “bad” therefore the Government must be “good”.
      The point I try to make when addressing those who have chosen to acquire membership in what I consider the biggest and most insidious cult of all which in my opinion is the State is that they are not going to do anything for various reasons.
      Probably the biggest is that there are those who support the Church’s eventual self destruction. They no longer have to call in the FDA, FBI, AMA or the CIA (what the late Fletcher Prouty called “Capitalisms Invisible Army”) to engineer Scientology’s demise. They seem quite capable of committing organizational suicide without their help.
      Another one as they’ve been literally burned before as in the case of Waco and there is some evidence now through FOIA that they were indirectly if not directly involved in the tragedy of Jonestown.
      In my opinion it’s all about plausible deniability. In other words any direct involvement in the destruction of another cult or sect will not look good on their resume.
      So for that reason any pleas by former members to “investigate” will probably fall on deaf ears.
      Another reason is that Scientology has international scope and therefore is an intelligence asset.
      (Personally I think the trouble in Greece where the Church was made Persona Non Grata and Putin’s suspicions about Scientology are justified by various spooks involved in the Organization in efforts to “acquire intel” on those targets.)
      Fact is Scientology is not the only organization that has cynically been used by our friends on the dark side. In fact Congress had to fight with various agencies of the “Invisible Government” in order to make the “Peace Corp” off limits to their meddling.
      Also personally I’ve always felt that Miscavige like Reverend Sun Myung Moon has backing by hidden patrons which is the reason that he is so difficult to displace as Scientology’s “Guru”.
      Of course on Mike’s blog you are not allowed to mention this possibility for fear of “derailing” the debate or whatever.
      There you must almost religiously assert that David Miscavige is the “SP” and the “Why” or face being marginalized by the blog’s host as being on drugs or entertaining “fantasies” etc.
      As if one individual all by themselves without any help or shall we use the “C” word a Conspiracy of some kind.
      Anyway in closing I’d like to include an article to those who are Conspiracy adverse:
      Some food for thought.
      Tim I find your “wog” views interesting.
      If you wish you can contact me at:

      • Hi RV, I read your posts with much interest and agree with a lot of what you have to say and appreciate your references. I believe international bankers as Ron wrote about, and not only Ron but more organizations and religions now, are behind the major problems of the world, and behind the earlier attacks on Scientology, using various government organizations, and that Ron stumbled into their lair, but didnt find out the full story until the mid 60s.
        I believe that most of what some people find objectionable in Rons policies were an attempt to handle this problem as it affected the Church and himself. In PT they dont need to attack Scientology, its in its death throes compared to what it was despite the slush fund.
        Personally I dont think dave is caught up with them, although he has definitely, unwittingly, done their work for them. He comes from a Scientology family, in at a young age, there are only reports of him being out of action in hospital for 2 weeks due to asthma. He is at best in the anger band socially, and that really, he lost his calling, he would have made a better leader of the hitler youth.
        I do wonder that as the tech is used successfully, more and more on the outside, and at some point hopefully back in the church and KSW is put in, in the form it was meant to be, ie improving a beings dynamics, that we might again see the attacks from the govt agencies. But looking on the bright side, I do believe we are going thru an evolution of sorts, of us not falling back on “Ron will fix it”, that we have to take responsibility for making it go right (sorry if that phrase restimed some people), and there are people doing that right now, more people will take that responsibility, and because of that the targets will be too broad and widespread, thats the postulate anyway!!

      • You may be right Cotch.

        Miscavige may indeed be an “unwitting” operative. Personally I don’t think he is witting of too much beyond his own personal agenda which I believe is absolute power ironically making him that much more easier to manipulate and control.

        I mean all Tom Cruise has to do is mention how much of a dump Paris org was and the next thing you know we have an “Ideal Orgs” crusade

        Or say his buddy Flashback needs a favor to crash Eli Lilly stock so he can make a short sale and Dave’s got CCHR Int going after Prozac (even though there are worse drugs on the market. I mean Prozac is such a light hitter compared to Lithium for example.) or the Jensen has some troublesome staff so get Dave to call in the HCO wet team to take care of it.

        Mostly if they got big bucks or a name that Dave wants to be associated with he’s putty in their hands.

  21. I once had a job in which I was responsible for all a company’s lower level (and a few not so lower level) staff. Being what they were, and South Africa being what it is/was ethics wise, there was always the sweet stench of corruption. My experience was that I never had to do anything – I would just watch like a hawk whenever I was suspicious (usually a little overtly to prompt a reaction) and usually within weeks they would do something stupid to incriminate themselves. Stupid people apparently are incapable of not shooting themselves in the foot. The trigger finger is constantly twitching. I may be wrong, but I think LRH says something like that in Science of Survival. I think BIC is serving this exact purpose with OSA, which if this email is anything to go by, is suffering from irremedial stupidity. Nothing else will explain. Long live BIC!

  22. Ok this won’t happen because people who are out and the majority of the ones who are on their way out are smart enough to see through pathetic attempts like this, but wouldn’t it be humorous if a “fundraising” email for the Back in Comm Blog and Mike Rinder’s Blog sent out by OSA actually brought in tons of funds as opposed to the measly funds raised by their pathetic attempts at fundraising.
    As is is, though the poor three or four under the radar people who are going to be duped by this fishing expedition will be posting here or at Mike’s in the next couple of months to thank the people running these blogs for the public service they are performing by letting them see the light and how OSA screwed them over after OSA attacks them severely and thinks it has “delivered an effective blow to the enemy.”
    A narcissist is a strange breed. They are unable to see how incredibly transparently stupid they look to the rest of the world.

  23. Public Service Announcement
    From: FFOSAB
    To: xxx
    Subject: KAD Lioness
    Hello xxx,
    As you may have heard, KAD Lioness requires funding to upkeep the forum and also to pay for the hate articles against the Scientologists back in comm blog.
    Kindly confirm your contribution amount at KoolAidDrinkersLioness@gmail.com
    This Public Service Announcement was placed by Fishing For OSA Bots (FFOSAB).

  24. LMFAO ROTFF ! Where do they grow this specimen of “stupid?” Clearly, they have not the vaguest idea what they are doing !!

  25. I suppose it would be a bad thing to create email accounts mimicking some still in members and to respond to this OSA email? Something along the lines of:
    “From: LByrnes808@gmail.com
    I’ll gladly contribute to the success of your blog. Thanks for posting my previous COS supportive comments! They’ve really helped keep me off the OSA radar while we attempt to extricate ourselves from the clutches of the church. Please respond with your banking information so I can set up a recurring debit. ML, Larry”
    Or maybe:
    “From: PeachSBklmn@gmail.com
    Wow, I hadn’t heard Mike Rinder’s name in ages! I assumed he was on post in a less visible area but it’s nice to know he’s still working on church PR. I’ll go check out his blog now. I also would like to get in touch with some South African friends that I haven’t heard from lately. Sounds like the Back in Comm blog might be a good start. Thanks again, Peach”

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