We need your input…..


We need your input

Since this blog started last year, we have published 161 articles …. not bad going hey?

Many of you have contributed personal stories and interesting articles to this blog. This is much appreciated – please keep them coming!

It has been our tendency to try post regular articles in order to keep our blog supporters interested, engaged and updated with all the news and other goings on.

We’ve recently received a couple of requests to leave articles up for a little longer, as not everyone visits the blog daily, and before they’ve had the chance to comment on or engage in a discussion thread on a particular post , another article gets posted. Over the last week we’ve had many good articles to publishes and we’ve pushed them out quite rapidly.

In other words, we have been asked to leave a longer gap between the posting of articles.

So, we are putting out a vote to you, our supporters, and would love your feedback:

What length of time do you consider would be adequate between posted articles?

  • Daily
  • 2 Days
  • 3 Days
  • 4 Days

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Obviously if something really important occurs requiring an immediate announcement, we will post an article accordingly.

We look forward to hearing from you!



59 thoughts on “We need your input…..

  1. I enjoy reading the articles that are published on a daily basis. I find it quite funny how, if a day goes by without there being a notification in my inbox from backincomm, I feel almost like something is missing.

    What about moving the “Recent Posts” list a little higher up on your home page, and adding it to each individual blog post page? This may help visitors find the recent articles that they “missed”.

    Whoever you are… keep it up. I know that I, like many others look forward to reading about the shenanigans of the CofS 🙂

  2. Daily. One can always go back to your archived articles. Personally, if a topic is ‘hot’ I still go back and check if there is further debate. I like to see fresh articles.

      • That’s totally true. It may be hard to fathom but I believe I’ve picked up more USEFUL tech here than on course – at least for many years. Since starting the Basics I feel I’ve gone backwards in terms of practical knowledge. Clams? Black and White processing? Creative Processing? Give me a break! I’d still go back to the org today if I could get the auditor training I did when I first came in. Okay, maybe not.

      • Daily, Same here.
        A PM button, and a listing of recent comments seem like a good idea. (If it is automatic, it wouldn’t add to your work load. I do value the the effort that you are putting into this blog. Thank you.)

  3. I think the answer to this question is not simply a number: 1, 2, 3, etc. There are a few considerations concerning this.
    (1) A preliminary question would be: How many readers are happy with the current frequency of articles and how many are not?
    (2) Then, I would say that if a particular article is getting current activity, then it should not be replaced by a new one, regardless of how many days it has been up. How would “current activity” be defined? It would be something like “X” number of comments within the last “Y” number of hours”. For example, 10 comments within the last 8 hours (and since this is mainly a South African blog, at least at the moment, I would not count the hours between 1:00AM and 5:00AM SA time).
    Here we would have to determine good values for “X” and “Y”, which is something I think that ScnAfrica would have the most feeling for (although we could vote on this also).
    (3) Finally, if an article is not getting this agreed-upon level of activity, then it should stay up for a minimum of “Z” days.
    ScnAfrica, I think you are asking us for our vote on the value of “Z”. But I think you should also make suggestions for “X” and “Y”: above, since you are the most experienced with this. And then, other people can make their own suggestions for “X” and “Y”. And then, tally up the answers to all three questions above
    With all that said, here are my answers to these three questions, without yet having ScnAfrica’s suggestions about (2):
    (1) Not totally happy. I think some articles are up for too long a time, but no articles are up for too short a time. (But I happen to be on my computer a lot, day and night, so I am not typical.)
    (2) 10 comments in 8 hours, skipping the hours from 1:00AM SA to 5:00AM SA, and measured approximately every four hours (but no measurements taken after 12:00AM or before 6:00AM).
    (3) 2 days.
    How is that for a simple, straightforward answer?


    • Wow. Looks I am way too complicated here.
      I think I’ll go for 2 days.
      I also agree with “TooChicken…” that it should be easier to see the earlier posts.

  4. Daily is good. it’s not like the earlier post is deleted, just scrolling down will find yesterday’s post.
    If a post is on a roll with hot breaking news and/or stimulating conversations, the “daily” should become 2 days..

  5. Whoever is posting has a good sense of what to do. My reading times vary and I mostly read and don’t comment. I value this blog. I wouldn’t mind a private comment button where I can tell the bloggers exactly how an article impinged on me. I like to give feedback but not always publicly.

    • Good idea this “like button”!! Much of the time I really appreciate the posts and comments, but it’s too difficult for me to write my own opinion in English…
      Answer to the question: 1 day or 2. I don’t have always the time to connect daily, but it’s easy to scroll down to find the past articles.

  6. I quite like it the way you’ve been doing it. Average every two days. When there’s a bigger article you’ve left three days.
    Yes, it would be very nice to have an index type place where one could quickly retrieve older articles without looking through each month.

  7. I’d say daily — but Karen does make a good point about posts that are generating valuable comments.

    Of course it’s possible, in these cases, to put up a follow-on post, directing readers to the original discussion but also providing a summary for those just arriving, and perhaps singling out a noteworthy comment (or comments) for special attention and as a spur for further discussion.

    You’re obviously doing things right because this blog has attracted a worldwide readership and appears to be having a positive real-world effect on the community you represent. Under these circumstances, it’s hard to think that slowing things down is the right approach.

    • I agree. Keep the frequency as it was, it is successful. If someone wants to check the thread of a specific post, one only has to click on “notify me of follow-up comments via email”.

  8. I agree with nearly all the comments 🙂 For important posts that are “hot” topics, leave them up a bit longer. Otherwise every 2 days is great with me. I come back often to check comments – I love all the contributions and discussions.

  9. I have noticed from other forums and blogs, that when things are happening daily, more people visit and comment. They also get to know one another a bit better and a sense of community is formed as time goes by. To me, this is a very important part of a good blog, when people interact with one another as well as comment on the article posted. It makes it more interesting for others to read, and so will ensure that the blog keeps growing.
    Just my 2 cents worth 😉

    • YOu all have a very fine blog here with great articles and people. I say every day except if a subject is getting lots of TA and comments, then leave it up longer.

  10. Daily and where there is a hot topic 2 daysx
    Very grateful for the time you put in.
    Very grateful for the voice you have given us.
    ScnAfrica keep all your successful actions you
    are thanked from everyone who reads our blogxx

  11. It seems to me that it could be based on the amount of comments. Once the “TA” is run out of the post then I think you could move off of it. I would say no more than 4 days and no less than one.

    • I agree with Tony. If a thread is getting good TA, it ought to stay at the top of the list because that’s obviously where the strongest interest is. Some discussion forums have underlying software that automatically lists topics from hottest to coldest, so that the most interesting threads are always on top.
      I understand that WordPress probably doesn’t have such a function, so it could become tedious for the blog managers to do it manually. In that case, I go with others’ suggestion to simply leave off posting new articles for a couple of days when a thread is generating tons of comments.

  12. Whatever you think is appropriate. I enjoy (that’s not really the right word, of course) reading the articles here. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  13. Look at Mike Rinder’s site – I think he posts as it comes in. But then he drops the previous ones into smaller spaces just below. Tony’s comment above is valid – watch the TA.

  14. Seems you need to import some of facebooks more applicable functions ie. Like button, private share of data to selected recipients, easy avatar customization, wide variety of emmoticons and voice over IP eventually! Why, cause it gets us even more in comm right? :))

    P.s. I like the articles every 2 days as it gives time for people to digest and comment nicely. However daily works too. Depends on the topic, if its hot bring em on!

    P.p.s. how bout more techical but open plan conversations where we can all put forward problems and solutions via this blog? Unite and assist discussions? A support and protect type affair where we can pool data, recources and actions? Call it open plan scientology. We doing it already pretty much, it may just need tweeks, extra planning and cordination and a IT specialist to make it all work online. Just a few small thoughts..

  15. I think it is up to you, if you have news then give it to us, if not then leave it for the guys to post their comments. It just really does get everyone in comm and keeps us in comm, well done Scnafrica for doing what you set out to do in the first place.

  16. Daily of course!
    Or Twice a day
    Or Once a week.
    Whenever and wherever you get the posts.

    We can CLICK on the older posts and comment!!
    I do that all the time.

    Keep ’em coming NomDePlume, the Mike Rinder style. He posts as he gets. Each topic a different post and not always every day. Go with the flow. The flow knows where to go.

    I have a story to tell that NO one yet has wanted, neither Ortega or Rinder answered me. I was thinking of emailing this site, my favorite. So please, don’t regulate a damn thing. We can deal.

  17. I’m not sure I really understand the issue being expressed. The nature of a blog is somewhat transient. They started out as web logs (web logs –> weblogs –> blogs), which by definition means a web-based systematic record. They are not designed to be as versatile as forum sites. So it’s quite tough to handle the issue of having interest and conversation ‘move on’ as new articles are posted.

    Further, I don’t think it’s necessary to worry about readers who struggle with looking through the archived posts. The archive section on this blog does a straightforward job of sorting past articles. Of course, if readers of this site find it difficult to navigate the WordPress.com blog format, then as an operator of the site, I’m sure you’d want to work to provide the best experience possible for them; soliciting suggestions and improving it if possible. However, again, the nature of blogs and very much the rest of the internet has a learning curve. It’s much easier to help people figure out how to use what’s currently available (seeing as it works just fine) rather than try and reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

    That being said, as the operator of the site, you might still just be concerned that all the time and effort you put into your articles is being wasted on the transient nature of the blog. After all, people have to scroll down in order to see past articles (or use the archives) and many people have busy lives and don’t necessarily want to take the time to “hunt and peck” through the backlog. If this is the case, then fair enough – a lot of work is put into this blog and each article deserves to have as much recognition and traffic as possible.

    So if that’s the case, then I would recommend, perhaps, one of three different things:

    1) Migrate the blog to a forum service.

    2) Keep the blog but adopt a more useful theme. I’m not sure if WordPress offers anything similar to Tumblr but on Tumblr, one can use a theme that looks like a Pinterest page. The whole page can be a mosaic view of multiple blog posts, which is a great way to keep 10, 20 or even 30 previous posts “visualized on the main page.”

    3) Get active with ‘tags.’ Begin tagging your articles with a straightforward descriptor system. If an article is news, tag it with the word “news.” People can then search “news” and have only news articles come up. Other tags could be: OSA, Miscavige, LRH, Tech, GATII, Indie, etc., etc…. Tags are great. Tags can be everyone’s friend. But tags require effort/learning on the part of your readers, which they might not do.

    That’s my few suggestions. Sorry if I missed the mark on what exactly you were referencing in your write-up above.

    • Migrating the blog to a forum service is a wonderful idea. I kind of sort of hoped that the Underground would do that because there are so many people on that site writing about so much, it is impossible to read or find comments. The posts are easy to locate, but not the comments.

      On a forum it can all be organized. I know there are two already, WWP and ESMB, but….they are very different. I did join ESMB but still don’t feel a part of that place the way I feel a part of this blog, Rinders and Ortega’s.

      I do think there is room for another forum filled with those who escaped from, never joined, or never left Scientology (the ‘special correspondents’).

      A brand new forum for your brand new lives.

      Just my 2cents, fwiw.

  18. Every third day would be great. Would like people to indicate if they personally observed what they comment on or not.

  19. I think, a system like the following would be fine.
    1) ScnAfrica should feel comfortable with the frequency.
    2) If there is something urgent, post it right away.
    3) The basis of the frequency:
    3a) The quantity of new articles to post already in the queue, and the estimation of the flow of new articles: slow down or increase the frequency based on the quantity of new articles envisioned.
    3b) The importance of the article: if the article is important, leave it more day(s).
    3c) The amount of unique people reading the latest blog post: if the article is “hot” leave it more day(s).
    3d) The amount of comments: if the article is “hot” leave it more day(s).
    3e) The kind of comments: if the comments are degenerating, post a new article (and maybe close it).
    I think what is really missing are the categories for reading old articles. In WordPress, categories are easy to implement using the tags.
    I don’t think the like button for every comment is a good idea because they are easy to be abused. Marty implemented it, but after a week he took down the like buttons.
    By the way, WordPress has a lot of free (and not free) widgets.

  20. Daily or as needed depending on the news. I think more importantly the community and communication is more important. I am away from any Scientology community these days so its nice to be able to chat back and forth where there are new topics.

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