Joburg North – going nowhere slowly

Going nowhere slowly


On the 19th February we posted an article “Panic at Joburg North” about an email doing the rounds which can be seen here.

In this email, Ian Hammond (ED Joburg North) stated “We are at a turning point with the purchase of our Ideal Org building.  We have reached the halfway mark with our fundraising.  There are other interested parties in our building, putting offers in.  We need to make a move and do it fast!! 

So confident was Ian that the purchase of the property was an imminent event, he proudly announced that he had personally  “raised a bond on some property for R2million for the Ideal Org campaign”.

Exactly 3 months later, it’s evident the “imminent” purchase of a building is still “at a turning point” – this is one seriously large corner – apparently with no purchase of a building in sight.

In the meantime, Ian has personally committed himself to a R2 Million bond, meaning he must be paying back this loan by now – out of his own pocket. You can be sure the Church is not making good on these payments.

In commemoration of Ian’s benevolence (some would call it foolishness), he and Cristina get to announce they are now Gold Humanitarians – with their own little poem to boot, including the line that “without Joburg North, Gauteng would be like a two-legged potjie” (for our overseas readers, this is a traditional cast-iron pot used to cook food over an open fire).  What is this analogy even supposed to mean? We already have two failing Ideal Orgs – do we REALLY need another one thrown into the pot? (Sorry, couldn’t help the pun).

Ian & Christina Hammond Promo

This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Poems about Potjies and Tricycles with two proud people all dressed up in traditional Nigerian garb – dress that is not even indigenous to South Africa – talk about a mixed message.

Despite the hoopla there remains no Joburg North building. How long people? How long do you trot along with this?




33 thoughts on “Joburg North – going nowhere slowly

  1. LRH must be turning in his grave, or preparing comm-ev’s in heaven for violations of his policy, with donations for ideal org’s. In my day donations were for services, Deliver training and auditing was the income source. Where the hell does this ideal org rubbish come from.

    “Get donations to buy an expensive building” without the public to support it is a road to disaster. I suppose the “Village Idiot” called David Miscavige instituted this policy of “Donations for Ideal Org’s”, where staff will not get paid.

    One of the most powerful forces in our world is Public Opinion, it is contagious and spreads around the world. Public opinion of Scientology must be at an all time low at this time and that invisible force infects public and Scientologists alike. Having a psycho such as DM in charge of SCN will bring the structure down eventually.


    • Disaster is exactly where “corporate” Scientology is heading. Miscavige has his own reasons for his “policy” of Ideal Orgs, and it has nothing to do with what is told to Scientology public and staff, or what LRH ever conceived of.
      From what I am aware of, all indications do show that public opinion of Scientology is at an all-time low.
      And I agree with your statement: “Having a psycho such as DM in charge of SCN will bring the structure down”.
      Let’s hope it is soon. A lot of people are now working at making it sooner than later.

  2. Anyone who publishes a crap poem like that deserves not only to lose R2m but to have the R2m shoved up their ass. This assault on our sensibilities has to be stopped!

  3. I would also like to add that Miscavige keeps a Billion Dollar slush fund to fight off any legal situations and pay for legal fees. This while staff members around the world work for peanuts. The new flag building was paid for by the hard work of those loyal Scientologists. I believe he also keeps a few luxury vehicles for his own pleasure.

    Someone or someones made a big mistake by allowing him to control the movement

    • Oh, I don’t agree about that one. I think that if someone had the power, and wanted to destroy Scientology, then choosing little davie was a capital choice.
      A lot of money being squirreled away while destroying it. Looks efficient to me.

  4. In what other organization are you required to build or fund a business for yours and others benefit. It is absolutely ridiculous, it is like me saying I will pay to build you a restaurant so I and others can then pay to eat there. Then if you want to be served you have to donate some more on the side as a little sweetener..

  5. Ian and Cristina may be Man of the Moment but the tragedy is that they’ll get a kick in the pants for this, which they probably deserve (this sounds very mean, I know). Ian should know better.
    Further down the road, he’ll leave Scn as well, beat up, fed up and in pieces. Mark my words. And he’ll still have to pay back the R2million and will have nothing to show for it but bitterness and defeat. It’ll destroy him!

  6. Joburg North Org is not a Class V org although it is called that. It is not even up to Mission standards. What are they thinking of?! What is Ian thinking of?!
    Pretoria org was described once on this blog somewhere as ‘always a small org…’ Joburg North is even smaller and has always been so. Currently, there’s about ten staff. What are these ten people going to do in a 3000 or 30 000 square metre building?
    Are there even ten people on services at Joburg North?
    Scientology is supposed to make people saner, hey? What planet are these people living on?

  7. Personally I think the Nigerian shirts are perfect for this promo. The whole Ideal Morgue campaign is like an elaborate Nigerian scam. They should send everyone emails telling them they’ve won the lottery and ask for the person’s bank details and then clean them out – voila! No more ridiculous fundraisers, same product – millions scammed to buy real estate that doesn’t even belong to Scientologists.

  8. Aikona is right. Aikona is lingua franca in South Africa for: No Way Hose!

    This is totally insane. Firstly, God knows how many of the leading supporters and opinion leaders, movers and shakers, of the small Jo’burg North field were declared within days of that Gestapo (too grand a term) mission that arrived here last October. Does the flotsam and jetsam left really think they are ever going to create and make work a pukka org in Joburg North? Give me a break!! Have you seen the mailings of their various themed fund raisers. Same faces with fixed expressions of glee. And always who Frik Blaauw referred to as HRH Jean Gonsalves flanking the Hammonds. And the Dressers – ducked to the UK to probably live off the dole. Hero I understand was quick to spread the word about the Debbie Cook e-mail then someone got hold of her and she then appeared in an e-mail apparently supporting the Ideal Orgs strategy. I wonder what they had to do to her to make her do that. Oh well, poor Dressers go well in your soon to be discovered UK hell!

    • Some mission was here or it was the crew that came out from Int for the Pretoria opening and the Dressers approached them with questions, probably prompted by Debbie’s email and aligned observations of their own. Courageous, is all I can say about it.
      However, they were ‘handled’, given ‘plausible’ answers and were swung around by a hundred and eighty degrees. Shortly, thereafter, this mission gave a briefing at Joburg North for field members who may have had similar questions. Hero was so well pacified that she personally sent out an email to the field to attend. I nearly went out of curiosity – didn’t, of course.
      I got it on good authority that Hero was devastated when the Corbetts were declared as they were anchor points for her and her OLs. She, apparently, took a hard knock and there may have seemed little now to hold her and Chris here.
      This is how I know it.

  9. When I finally decided to call it a day and left the SO with my family in Clearwater after 22 years service, I was penniless and had to borrow money for airfare to return to South Africa. Fortunately there were still jobs available in SA at that time and I managed to get my children educated so they have good jobs today.

    The exit payment I received for my 22 years service was a suppressive declare. I was also very much into Scientology at that time just like Ian and Christina and would have done anything for the movement. I really feel for those two as their future could be destroyed if they do not have the money to pay for their debt. The banks have no mercy

    • That is truly sick what they did to you Travers. I know other ex Sea Org who they did the same. Some gave over 30 years and the cult through them out with 500 dollars minus the airfare also declared SP and a free loaders debt on top of it.

    • Here’s the thing Travers – Ian Hammond knows exactly how “well” the Ideal Org strategy has worked for Pta and Jhb. And yet he still is pushing for his public to fund yet another empty building. I don’t care how dedicated to the “tech” he is. That is just plain dishonest. He will not blink at people donating money they cannot afford, and which will cause financial hardship, if not ruin, for many of them. He KNOWS this is a fraud, just as Albert, Bob and Willem know it’s a fraud – and yet they still tell people this is what needs to be done.
      I call bullshit on the lot of them. If Ian loses his R2mill, it’s what he deserves for leading others down the same path. I am also not convinced that her really did put in R2mill – it could just as easily be a lie in order to get others to follow suit.

    • Travers, Ian has the money to fund his debt. He’s a big earner. The point is that when he’s treated (if not already being treated) like a rubbish, a nobody which is inevitable in this evil, mafia-like cult and in addition comes to his senses that he’s been conned, he’ll be destroyed.
      Somewhere in the fog that has entered his perception of things, where he knows Joburg North is not going to magically, miraculously change just because it is now housed in an oversized and elaborate building, he’ll jerk awake and have a spiritual siezure. It may take him a very long time to recover because he blindly bought into the scam despite himself. He will not only feel ridiculed and ashamed, he’ll be so angry and bitter, I wouldn’t want to be around him when it happens.
      Perhaps he needs the applause, it is heady stuff. He’ll never forgive himself, though, that he did.

    • Me too, Just Me. Cristina and Ian are good people. One day they will be so very angry………. broke and broken-hearted.

  10. I don’t feel sorry for Ian. He’s a con man.
    When the org’s one building burnt down, and we got emails calling for stuff to keep the academy and offices going from Mandy Waldheim, I loaded up my car and took stationary, kitchen goods, tape player, paper, pencils, notice white board, paper trays, dictionaries, complete set of red volumes, and green volumes. that same afternoon.
    Then a second email, saying that they needed computers – the screens of the old ones were OK . I bought and delivered three brand new IBM PCs, with the latest Windows OS.
    When I went there the following evening to find out whether I could assist with any software (I knew they had very old MS Office versions), everything was installed and up and running in the remaining building. Ian then let slip that the old PCs were not damaged, but wanted new ones. The fire was a good excuse to get the public to respond. He didn’t know at that moment that I was the donor.
    So, he will lose the R2 million.

    • God Lord Frik – your story is almost unbelievable, but these days I am afraid nothing much can surprise or sicken me about RCS anymore.

      Ian Hammond taking advantage of a devastating event (which brought the org to a standstill) by asking for computers which were not rally needed is just sickening – and while you were standing there nogal. What a rip-off. I can just imagine you wanting to rip his face off when you heard that.

      Karma is a bitch – and his is coming for him.

    • I remember this, Frik. It throws a different light on things, doesn’t it? Ian is no Mr Nice Guy.
      And he’s reactive, to boot. How many of the field has he insulted and made wrong (because he’s on staff and they are not) when anything that he can’t confront is posed to him.
      He’s not a problem solver but a major ser faccer. Many public have left because of him, including the Frankels.
      Another thing he systematically did, maybe still does, is rip off the OTC staff for the org. It happened more than once. The OTC would no sooner recruit a new member and next thing they’d moved off to be org staff. Ian would tell them that it was a higher purpose than belonging to the OTC.
      There was many an ARC-break between Jean Gonsalves and Ian.

      • Pick up in many of Ian’s written comms (and verbal) how sorry he feels for himself. He has a chip on this shoulder and tries to make one guilty because he’s in there ‘doing something’ while you’re not.
        He cannot or refuses to (being a Ser Faccer and a martyr), address any legitimate situations posed to him without telling you to join staff and address them yourself. He cannot listen and he cannot confront, is defensive and unwieldy – in my opinion which happens to be spot on. 🙂

  11. Ian has taken on David Miscavige’s valence, as too so many execs. I cant believe they are all still so blind this is not L RON HUBBARDS church it is DM’s. There are so many good people at Joburg North org especially Graham, but he too has been brainwashed since he got back from flag hes just not the same compassionate man.

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