That didn’t take long

next big thingJust six months after the launch of the greatest thing for Scientology, GAT II, comes not surprisingly, something huge.

Official Scientology has become the church of what’s next. We took the below email from Mike Rinder’s article yesterday. It jumped out.

Date: Sat, 17 May 2014
From: Joel Morris <>
Subject: [OTC-Mail] FW: from Sara- Save the Date

Dear OTCers,

Join us on Friday, May 30th for “The Biggest Global Impact Ever Event”!

Now that we have the Golden Age of Tech, Phase Two, Super Power, Cause Resurgence, Div 6 Intro Routes and Ideal Orgs

Management will brief you on what is coming next, and it is HUGE!!!!

You will be briefed on major upcoming dissemination strategies that are about to roll out:

* Data about the new TV & Radio Broadcast Studio that you have never heard

* Recent statistics & successes from our internet marketing campaigns

* Upcoming campaigns that are designed to flood public into the orgs in a way never before imagined

The event starts at 7pm!

Let me know that you will be there!



“Management will brief you on what’s coming next and it’s HUGE!!!!”

It is just astounding that they can keep doing this. It is talked about so often on the outside that we should not be surprised but how can we not? With the predictable result of GAT II, this is now legerdemain at it’s tackiest. Wave, wave, swish, swish, look over there ladies and gentlemen! There comes a big thing!

With desperate orgs and haunted public all they can cling to is the hope that the next thing will, indeed, finally be it. If not then a big possibility that the one after that will be.


26 thoughts on “That didn’t take long

  1. “Management will brief you on what’s coming next and it’s HUGE!!!!”
    Perhaps this is the HUGE matter. The Flag OTC has pronounced David Miscavige – ‘The Galactic Samurai’. It is clear that they have reached a point – where even the internet becomes too slow to keep track with the personal expansion of THE MAN.
    It is just HUGELY overwhelming!!!

  2. The smoke, the mirrors, the flashy lights and a few thunder claps never does get old for these people it seems? The same ole clown promising everything
    while his ever diminishing audience still claps at those retried routines! One day all there will be is a lonely dwarf clown under a single spotlight waiting for that roar of addoration and glee that never will come again..

  3. Similar to the story of Pandora’s box, after creating so much ilrepute, the only thing the CO$ has left is hope.

  4. The only Big thing to happen and clear the planet is to make auditors and the
    COS are certainly not doing that. We DONT need anymore new huge announcements, all the true technology is still around, since the 50’s.

  5. Step right up and see the latest, greatest new side show! You will not believe what you’re about to see! Roll up, roll up and take a peek inside to see………….Smoke and mirrors. It’s like a comic tragedy that gets played over and over again – like a stuck record.

    Boy am I glad these days are over for me- I remember call-in after call-in, trying to “wax enthusiastic” in an attempt to get public to the org. Albert had the bright idea of saying “something BIG is happening” when we knew damn well that NOTHING was happening. And then he would scramble around on Friday just before graduation to “find” something “big” so that we didn’t look like total fools. It got old – like an old pair of worn out shoes. And the staff all HATED it – knowing full well they were duping their own public.

    • As public, I hated it with a passion being hunted by the staff to attend graduation for something BIG, you learn quick!
      I always loved to say “really that sounds exciting, are you going..” wait for the pause and then the excuses start, made me laugh.
      But the best graduation was when it was just two of us and I had to hand back the flowers so bob could give them to the next person, all for the photo of course. They should have taken a photo of the empty room, what a joke!

  6. It is like “going on hoping” (Title of C/S Series 62) where you try this, didn’t work; try that, didn’t work either and so on. Same pattern.

  7. “* Upcoming campaigns that are designed to flood public into the orgs in a way never before imagined” – isn’t this what GAT1 was supposed to do? And the basics, and the congresses and GAT2, and Supa Powaz and somewhere in between “ALL ARBITRARIES CANCELLED!” several times?
    It’s like when the groom stands up to make a speech – Why the hell should we believe you?!

  8. I guess Galactic Samurai trumps Commodore.
    Maybe it’s an apt description of the cobb. He has been going down the time track lopping off heads for years and years. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. In other words, Karma.
    He will surely get what he has given out.

  9. Yup. Wait for golden age of administration. Then golden age of ethics. Then golden age of marketing. Then golden age of more fundraising. Then golden age of trying to recover pissed-off field back on service. Then golden age of shit-we have-no-staff-or-public. And finally the golden age of oh well at least we have lots of buildings to sell.

  10. Gee what a surprise GAT II didn’t work (neither did GAT I BTW but it seems the remaining true believers didn’t notice) nor did Super Power (or more accurately the R6 Implant they are calling “Super Power”) and these so called “ideal Orgs” have been a dismal failure.
    But forget all that folks.
    This new “dissemination” program is going to do it.
    Yeah whatever.
    Why not try real honest to god Scientology?
    Because they all know Dave knows best.

    • RV. I remember when KTL/LOC was the next best thing. All other academies emptied into these new academies.
      Then they emptied.
      Don’t think they’ve ever recovered.

      • St,
        Yeah I worked on the pilot at NWC for a short time prior to its release.
        They were supposed to have the staff do it first after export but they decided to skip that step and the rest is history.
        Actually anyone who does Super Power is supposed to do KTL/LOC first because that’s why it was developed but never mind.
        Guess they figured overrunning objectives would make up for that.
        I figured that if they had anyone who was having trouble training as an auditor do KTL/LOC as part of new Primary Correction RD that it would sort out problems with training but instead wiser minds then mine decided to use the Robot Training Center’s RoboTech Training Aid GAT instead.
        So now KTL/LOC has been buried so deep in the collective conscious only a few of us like you and me remember it.

      • In the early ’90s, I came up to Joburg from Durban to study in the Continental Org Academy! I was so excited! Durban was a small struggling org, still is, and I wanted to see how it was REALLY done! The first opportunity I had, it was on a Saturday morning, I rushed up to the Academy to see that it was entirely empty! You could have knocked me down with a feather. I had expected it to be packed with people.
        What I also remember about that event was Course Supervisor. In my excitement, I forgot to use the tone scale to adjust myself to his tone level, I told him I was from Durban and was coming here to study. Yippee! Well, he couldn’t have cared less. 🙂
        I’ve never forgotten this but I was so starry eyed, I didn’t see the writing on the wall.

  11. Yo Willem, Albert, Ian.
    While you wander aimless around your empty orgs, listening to the ticking electricity meter in the background, whiling away your shift with with compliance reports and blown staff flaps, know this:
    When you send out those inane emails saying “this is so big and so important and it is vital for our future”, we don’t believe a word.
    Evidence: low event turnout, low GI, low course starts, no course completions, creaking cash bills, no new people on board.
    You’ve “cried wolf” way too many times.

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