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One of the many observations one makes when leaving the church of Scientology is just how similar the church has become to every other organised religious organisation.

Scientologists within the church often pride themselves on “being different” in that the church is not somehow subject to the same human failings of every other organisation in the world. Just about every religion has gone through a “reformation” or splintering when factions within rebel against the system. There is politics, deception and more.

The following article came across our desk. While it is specifically about a Christian it is a fantastic description of the mindset we all live with in the church and which we have to leave behind.

The article originally appeared in Role Robot and was republished in the Huffington Post. The original article can be found here. With regard to the future of Scientology I believe the final paragraph is particularly relevant when it speaks about moderate voices.

Why I Had to Lose My Religion Before I Could Support Gender Equality

By Samantha Eyler

At 17, I lost my religion. Today, at 27, I want my faith back, but I can’t find it again.

And how I wish I could.

The kind of religion I used to have has been in the news recently after Bill Nye the Science Guy debated the founder of Kentucky’s creation museum, Ken Ham. It’s called Biblical literalism (or what my preacher-father used to proudly term “independent, fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist”), and its logic is straightforward: Everything written in the King James version of the Bible is taken to be true and right in a literal (including scientific, historical, documentary and moral) sense.

Hence, if the Bible says the world was created in six days, that, unquestionably, is what happened; and so on ad infinitum for everything from Noah and the Flood to the morality of homosexuality to the appropriate roles for men and women in the family and society. When I was growing up, the Bible — supplemented by interpretation from a hierarchy of males in my life (father, pastor, teachers) — was the final authority on all of life’s questions.

This has some serious implications for a person’s internal moral compass: You don’t develop one. If you are unlucky enough to have been born a woman in this religion, you are taught that your judgment is inherently subordinate, a muscle not to be flexed. Every quandary is resolved by appeal to an external authority, to someone who is more right than you by virtue of his status as laid out in the inspired Word of God.

Thus, when explaining to his rebellious 11-year-old daughter why I couldn’t ever become a doctor or a senator, my father quoted voluminous passages of Scripture to silence me:

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. (Genesis 3:16)

And of course:

Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. (1 Timothy 2:11-12)

Nevertheless, being religious wasn’t all restriction and subordination. I was very earnest about my relationship with God and memorized huge swathes of the Bible, loving the texture and cadence and poetry of the old-fashioned words. I spent long hours enjoying nature, lifting up prayers for my loved ones, meditating and trying to understand transcendence. I sang in a choir, and I felt the sublime human beauty of sharing harmonies with hundreds of people. I spent post-service Sunday afternoons eating roasts and fried chicken at potlucks in the homes of friends from our congregation.

By the time I was 15, I would be torn away from those friends due to yet another of my father’s endless doctrinal quibbles with the lay preachers about the nature of the Apocalypse. This would lead to my family being thrown out of our church and Christian school. But at the time, I was extraordinarily happy.

I started college as a devout 16-year-old with waist-length hair, floor-length denim skirts, a brain crying out for intellectual exercise and a heart looking for the “Christian fellowship” I’d lost because of my father’s beliefs about the Second Coming of Christ. In my freshman year, I devoured religion and philosophy courses, read the Koran, the Torah, the Ramayana, Plato, Aristotle, Hume, Russell. And my faith started to fall apart as I watched helplessly.

I lost my religion like one loses a beloved family member: with denial, bargaining, acceptance, then grief. For the first time, I began evaluating my faith against my own values, and to my broken-hearted dismay, the former continually came up wanting. The Deuteronomic rules governing sexuality, for instance, were clearly abusive, unethical, making use of female hymens as social currency. When in a religion class I re-read Deuteronomy 22:28’s prescription that a perpetrator of rape must pay his victim’s father 50 shekels and then marry her, I felt aghast, disappointed and betrayed by the God I’d trusted so unquestioningly.

Obviously, many moderate Christians have managed to more loosely interpret the scriptures that had become an intellectual and moral glass house for me. But the problem is, I didn’t know very many of those people then, and the ones I did know I had been taught to demonize as “backsliders” or — that worst of fundamentalist slurs — “compromisers.”

Within three semesters, I had covertly traded my denim skirts for blue jeans on my college campus, and I felt right about it. When my father found out, he demanded to know how I dared defy the Bible’s prohibition against women wearing male clothing, and I confessed in tears that I simply couldn’t believe that anymore — I wasn’t capable of believing it. He threatened to throw me out of the house if I didn’t quit college, give up my scholarship, move home and “get right with God.”

Even as unused to using my own moral compass as I was at age 18, I intuited that quitting college couldn’t possibly be the right thing for me to do then. So I let myself be thrown out, kept studying, moved away to England and reinvented myself as an activist for feminism and social justice.

What happened to me then is something I have seen happen to many other young people who’ve escaped from Biblical literalism: I became, by default, an agnostic obsessed with intellectual rightness, terrified of ever again being brainwashed into believing anything so illogical and destructive as fundamentalism. My religious sanctimoniousness translated quite tidily into secular dogmatism, and I became aggressively anti-faith.

It wasn’t until I became more involved in Latino communities that I realized everything else I had lost when my faith collapsed. I went to Las Vegas after college to campaign for Obama in Hispanic communities, and became close friends with an undocumented immigrant from Mexico City. One Sunday morning, I let her devout mother drag me along to a mass, where I was the only gringa in the room.

I watched in amazement as 500 Mexicans, who in public lived a life in the shadows to forestall any attention that could result in their illegal status being noticed, joined their voices to recite long strings of incomprehensible rosaries in Spanish for hours at a time. And it occurred to me that in the frightened, dislocated life of an undocumented immigrant, faith represents everything good in their lives — the community and shelter and acceptance that they would likely find almost nowhere else in American society.

And for that faith, I envied them.

I live in Colombia now, one of the most fragmented societies in the world. I am still a feminist activist, and I worry deeply about how chauvinistic this country is, in large part due to the gender roles, the sexual rules, the Madonna/whore dichotomy, received unquestioningly from Catholic dogma.

Ironically, the women here — the ones most hurt by the restrictions of their faith’s buttressing of patriarchy — seem to be the most committed believers. But who can blame them? I see them herding their families in enormous groups to mass on Sundays, the little kids’ hair intricately braided or slicked down with gel, and I see love, family, community, faith in a better future, strength in numbers. Where else would they get that outside of their churches? Is there a way to push this society toward gender equality, without them having to lose this?

My younger brother was closeted for all of his youth, and in the process of coming out and claiming his identity, he saw his own faith shattered, as I did. Right now, he’s not sorry about that, but I’m sorry for him. I long for a world where we don’t have to choose between our individual freedom and the collective strength provided by our religion.

So moderate people of faith, those of you who can endure the cognitive dissonance of espousing progressive politics while gleaning support in religious traditions that are thousands of years old — I ask you to please speak up. There are many of us who need to hear your voices much more loudly.


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  1. What’s described here applies to any belief system, for example Communism, not just religion.
    Also, having participated in the first “reformation” of Scientology, during the early 1980s, I can report the outcome, an outcome that I see repeating today in the current batch of individuals breaking away from corporate Scientology: The state of reformed Scientologist is a temporary and transitional one. Most people, after a few months, or a few years, cease thinking of themselves as any kind of Scientologist. Unlike Christianity of the middle ages, there is no large vibrant group of reformed (Protestant) Scientologists who form large groups that continue for long periods of time. Instead, without the controls of corporate Scientology, most people move beyond Scientology.
    Also, in the 1960s and the 1970s, I don’t recall anyone ever calling Scientology “their religion,” or “my religion.” We had Scientology crosses and some fellows who dressed up with clerical collars, but it was an inside joke, and recognized as a protective public relations mask worn by the body of data and techniques called Scientology.
    Only when Miscavige came along were rank and file Scientologists expected to begin parroting the “my religion” line.
    Some of the break away groups of the early 1980s also adopted (what LRH called) the “religion angle,” and this was an entirely practical matter, and a bit cynical. It was strategic. The idea was to use the same “religion angle” to protect ourselves from corporate Scientology. When eventually evolving away from (out growing) Scientology, and moving beyond Scientology of any kind, it was also a relief to be able to cease perpetuating the dishonest claim that Scientology was our religion – because it wasn’t for most of us: it was a collection of ideas and techniques.
    Now, many years later, some of those ideas and techniques are still occasionally used, but only a smattering, and not enough to be honestly called “Scientology.”
    That doesn’t mean the dream has died: it hasn’t. The idea of coupling psychotherapy (such as the Lower Grades, etc.) with spiritual development, such as Yoga or other studies – such as, for example, the work done at the Monroe Institute, famous for its out-of-body techniques – is still alive, and some ideas and techniques from Scientology have been added into the mix and have been, IMO, an important addition. The work continues, but I’m sorry to say that Scientology exists – really – only as a corporate mind-manipulation cult. Freed from that, Scientologists eventually move beyond anything that could be called Scientology.
    They change and they grow and, IMO, that’s good.

    • I have to agree with you that in the 60s and early 70s being a church was an inside joke. In Melbourne it was a strategy to get around the State government’s anti-scientology legislation, which prohibited a wide range of ‘psychological practices’ but exempted counselling by clergymen from this ban. The auditor who cleared me in 1972 laughed that she had a card identifying her as a ‘minister in training.’ The org also had a chaplain whose contribution was to play the god-botherer role to hilarious perfection – black suit, cups of tea, boring Sunday sermons and all.
      I don’t consider there was anything dishonest about this: scientology (note the small ‘s’) is a much bigger and more inclusive subject than religion, or science, or even tiddlywinks. How can we characterise it except as a ‘total know’?

      • What the “religion angle” and “religion cloaking” mainly accomplished in the United States was to provide an umbrella of protection, for corporate Scientology, from taxation and from various laws. The USA IRS (Internal Revenue) deal with corporate Scientology reverberated around the world, strengthening corporate Scientology, making outrageous “fundraising” not only legal but encouraged by the government (it’s tax deductible), and making it vastly more difficult for the for-profit, blackmail-gathering, mind-control cult of corporate Scientology to be held accountable for its abuses.
        For a look at corporate Scientology’s “Religious Cloaking” see Brennan’s video on the topic or read the legal declaration.

  2. Thanks, ScnAfrica,
    What a beautifully written piece this is. Some of the clearest, sweetest, most literate and interesting writing I have ever read. Going to re-read it one or two more times and look at all her links.

  3. Lovely piece, we could all take a page out of this book! I guess the phenomenon of cult decompression applies to all. I despise fundamentalism in any form! This poor gal had a Larry Byrns for a Dad, where do they breed these people?
    Great article, glad you released it now inlight of recent debates between the accused kool aiders and the baby bathwater chuckers! Makes you think, doesnt it?

    • I really like what you say, Sheeplebane.
      Separate point, I knew Larry Byrnes personally and was worse off for it.

      • Morris methinks you an I fight from the same corner. Tis a good omen indeed 🙂
        I think in a way its great to be open and clear as to who feels this way or that and debate it all out sanely. On the inside I’d be counting the E/O’s teeth by now! Gratefull for small miracles I guess.
        Regarding Larry, if he has a son by the name of Luke Byrnes the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Such a blinkered existance must be trying indeed!

  4. Scientology CAN exist in a relaxed, productive, high-affinity space where those who wish to participate, do.
    BVO above states otherwise. .
    Some of us feel we have this now, outside the corporate scientology scene.
    Some are working hard to create such an environment.
    We have the scene now, and we will have some form of this game in 10 and 20 years time..
    The current scene is a snapshot of a field in turmoil, way too early to be pontificating its demise.
    We can create whatever we want to create.
    I like the article and her appeal to us moderates.

    • Well, best wishes to you.
      You certainly can cherry pick the bits and pieces of Scientology you like, and then call that Scientology. That’s what many of us did, thirty years ago.
      It was refreshing to be able to audit without all that red tape and organizational complication. Even though I had done a fair amount of auditing inside corporate Scientology in the early and mid 1970s, I did even more auditing outside corporate Scientology in the early and mid 1980s.
      It was a great experience.
      Highly recommended for those who have an interest in Scientology.
      However, there’s more to Scientology than just the parts I liked. As I became aware of the over-all subject of Scientology – parts of which had been hidden from me, or about which I had been in denial – I recognized that the parts I liked were not representative of the over-all subject.
      But that took me a few years to recognize and understand.

      • BV I hope we can develop more of a mutual understanding rather than an adverserial approach. While I tend to disagree with the “Ive moved beyond scientology perspective” some of what you say as an old timer rings true. That being said what if LRH did not infact complete the bridge he set out to do in the first place? What if others did complete it? The fact that you comment so regularly means one of two things.
        1. You mean to help others who have left the church to move beyond scientology.
        2. Scientology being your first love you cannot quite say goodbye to yet as there may be more to come?
        Personally I pray for the second but suspect the first. Which is it kind Sir?

  5. BV,
    If as you say “you’ve moved beyond Scientology” then why are you here?
    I mean as far as I know this is a blog for Scientologists.
    The truth is that there are many who no longer call themselves Scientologists who seem more obsessed with the subject than those who still are.
    Are you sure you’ve moved on?

    • Hi Remoteviewed,
      “Moved beyond” is not the same as “moved on.”
      “Moved beyond” is inclusive. It includes yet goes beyond.
      “Moved on,” on the other hand – like disconnection – excludes.
      Corporate Scientology would like nothing better than for those who have experience with Scientology, yet in some fashion differ with it, to “move on,” which means, essentially, to forget about, and shut up about, anything to do with Scientology.
      IMO, everyone here has, to some extent, already moved beyond Scientology, in the sense I described above. Think of it as being exterior from Scientology with perception of Scientology. It’s much better than being interiorized into Scientology.
      Does this explanation help at all?
      I hope so.

      • Well I agree somewhat BV,
        The Church would love to see us all burned at the stake as heretics 😉
        Lucky they can’t get everything they wish for.
        Me I’ve personally separated the subject, philosophy or religion of Scientology from the Church of Scientology.
        To me they are currently mutually exclusive.
        The only thing similar as far as I’m concerned is the name.
        Like a Harley Davidson dealership that sells Hondas.

      • Remoteviewed,
        Yes, that there’s something wrong with the organization is the usual first awareness a person has.
        Recognizing that the organization is largely reflective of the organizational instructions of LRH, occurs a little later.
        Recognizing that there’s some aspect (not all of it, just *some* aspect) of the philosophical and technical instruction from LRH that creates blind spots, and that predisposes a person to be a compliant member of a mind-control cult, is the next realization.
        Then comes sorting out this whole mess, and salvaging something positive. The last part of the last step can actually be fun.

  6. I like her mention of a moral compass and how belief prevents ones development of their own.
    Reminds me of Ethics, PTS, SP, Code of a scientologist, Way To Hapiness etc.

      • Old Timer – Are you sure you want to use Charles Manson as an example? You do know that he had a lot of Scientology processing before he found his ‘moral compass.’

      • Jane,
        He was also involved in studying the bible and Dale Carnegie .
        According to Jeff Guinn author of the Life and Times of Charles Manson he used Scientology, like Carnegie and Christianity cynically to achieve his own selfish ends.
        Unlike Vincent Bugliosi’s Helter Skelter which is nothing but circumstantial speculation based on guilt by association which is what you’d expect from prosecutor who used a conspiracy theory to convict Manson.
        (I love these so called “critics” who try to claim Scientology made him the way he was when in fact he was that way long before he contacted Scientology.)
        Also Manson (who in both books is presented as a pathological liar) claimed he was a “Clear” but there is no evidence that he even received any auditing.
        So what.
        I mean I could claim I was the Easter Bunny and only a gullible moron would take me seriously.
        Just as you could claim that Scientology was directly involved. You could say that CIA was as well since Manson used LSD to keep his “Family” under control and LSD was CIA’s mind control drug of choice according to Mk Ultra.
        So having researched the area myself. I’ve found no evidence of Scientology or CIA’s *direct* involvement with Manson.
        Just a bunch of people attempting to make a linkage.

      • remteviewed.
        Apartheid was a system of governance which was dreamed up by a few people which negatively effected an entire nation. The architects designed apartheid based upon moral grounds. This moral compass was then enforced upon the populace through the churches, schools and civic organisations. Many people suffered as their moral compass was manipulated or broken.
        Charles Manson and co, may very well have failed to develop their own moral compass. It could be that they rebelled against the morals being forced down their throats. I do not know.
        Much like the author, I believe that it is important to allow people to find out for themselves, being bullied into a mind set or ethic system does produce an orderly population, unfortunately its product is a controlled population.
        The fact that so many people who visit this blog have suffered from the churches policy of disconnection is testament to their moral compass being over ridden.

      • Jane – see the Wikipedia entry on Manson. He took some sort of Scn course(s) while in prison, not processing.

      • Old Timer,
        I see your point of view but I agree with Ron when he says in the WTH that morals are not inherent.
        Personally my view is that you should be free to do whatever you want as long as you’re not actually hurting anyone else by doing it.
        I’ve always objected to the State trying to impose its vision of “morality”.
        Here in America we have what is called the Christian right imposing its idea of what is moral claiming that we are a Christian nation which we aren’t .
        The Constitution and DOI are very secular documents if one actually reads them. Reason being is that the founders feared the nation turning into a Theocracy like the ones in Europe that were ruled by the Church.
        This is also why Freedom of Religion is the First Amendment.
        Then there are the “secular humanists” whose religion seems to be Marxism who believe that the rights of the individual should be subjugated for the good of the State.
        Who in my opinion is just the other side of the same coin.

      • I just realized that I forgot to post the raison d’être for my rant and that is that groups have their own unique moral codes for instance Physicians have Hippocratic Oath just as Auditors have the Auditors Code.
        Nothing wrong with this.
        I mean who’d want a doctor or an auditor who didn’t abide by these codes?
        Also when one joins a group they agree to abide by certain codes.
        Personally my upset with the Church is they have basically altered or in many cases have eliminated the rules that I originally agreed to abide by.
        For example the odious action of using the PCs session data in covert ops.
        This to me aside from being a complete violation of the Auditors Code is completely reprehensible.
        There are other examples such as altering the Tech but not just altering it but also enforcing these alterations with their perverted concept of “ethics”.
        Using disconnection as a means to control any dissension etc.

      • Code of a Scientologist, 1969: “#16 – To insist on standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing, and administration…”
        IIRC, the reference is HCOPL 23 December 1965: ‘Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists’: Suppressive Persons are not protected by the Codes of Scientology. Thus the Auditors Code does not apply to an “SP.”

  7. This article resonates with me on many levels. I am grateful you shared it. Gave me pause to think, and be grateful that I did not have to lose My Religion.
    Let me tell you a personal story of religion in action.
    I believe I was most unceremonious-religiously declared to be a ‘Suppressive Person’ – by the religion of Scientology last year, or perhaps the year before, not quite sure when, as it happened by religious-whisper-campaign travelling all the way to the USA.
    I was made aware of my condemned-for-eternity-status a month or so ago, on the occasion when an embossed-religious-symbol-envelope arrived from the religious-Mecca-of-perfection, penned by one of the religious-super-power-clergy of the religion of Scientology.
    This religious person is the grandmother of my non-religious, leaning-towards-agnostic grandson.
    This religious-grandmother made use of the religion of Scientology’s Flag-land-base-stationary, to officially-religiously tell her grandson – that she will no longer talk or make contact with him – and will stay disconnected from him (religiously-for-eternity) – unless he becomes religious, and promptly hands himself over to the religion of Scientology in Cape Town’s, religious clergy officer with the religious title of ‘Ethics Officer’ – to work out a religious plan – how to also religiously disconnect from me – and my condemned-for-eternity-religious-status.
    That folks – is religion in action!
    Even though I made it to Scientology’s OT IV – I never considered Scientology to be ‘my religion.’ 😀
    What happened to the assertion that Scientology is all-embracive of all other belief systems?
    I prefer a smorgasbord approach to religion.
    I little bit of this, a little bit of that, even a little bit of Scientology-truths.
    Religion, as someone aptly described it, is crowd control. I am all for the free-spirit of all that is.
    As I grew up orphaned and short on parental-guidance – I earnestly read the Bible from beginning to end looking for answers to life, the universe and everything.
    Some lessons stood out for me such as –
    ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
    Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
    Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake
    blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.’
    That last one should resonate with all SPees. 😉
    And in seeking answers to ‘who’ or ‘what’ God is – I found this simple answer, which made sense to me – ‘The person who does not love – does not know God – because God is love.’ Just think about that in width and depth for a moment.
    Keeping in mind that ‘God is love’ – this I found in 1 Corinthians 13
    Love is patient,
    love is kind,
    it isn’t jealous,
    it doesn’t brag,
    it isn’t arrogant,
    it isn’t rude,
    it doesn’t seek its own advantage,
    it isn’t irritable,
    it doesn’t keep a record of complaints,
    it isn’t happy with injustice,
    but it is happy with the truth.
    my conclusion – that ‘the-god-within’ would have such qualities …. and in this way find and resonate with ‘the-god-within’ in all that is – in other words all of the eight dynamics
    AND – the simplicity of the Dalai Lama – has a lesson for the Leader
    and followers of the ‘religion of Scientology’
    ‘This is my simple religion.
    There is no need for temples;
    no need for complicated philosophy.
    Our own brain, our own heart is our temple;
    the philosophy is kindness.
    And, as even the Marley-man explained
    Love is my religion,
    I’ll take you to the temple tonight
    All my days I’ve been searching,
    to find out what this life is worth
    through the books and bibles of time
    I’ve made up my mind
    I don’t condemn, I don’t convert,
    This is a calling have you heard
    bring all the lovers to the fold,
    cause no one is gonna lose their soul
    Love is my religion,
    hey you can take it or leave it,
    and you don’t have to believe it
    I don’t want to fight, hey let’s go fly a kite
    there’s nothing that we can’t cure,
    and I’ll keep you in my arms for sure
    so don’t let nobody stop us,
    Free spirits have to soar
    with you I share the gift,
    The gift that we now know oh-oh-oh
    Well I’m done searching now,
    I found out what this life is worth
    not in the books that I find,
    but by searching my mind
    I don’t condemn, I don’t convert
    this is the calling have you heard,
    bring all the lovers to the fold
    no one is gonna lose their sou.
    Take a few minutes to listen to this. Enjoy 😀

  8. “I mean as far as I know this is a blog for Scientologists.”
    Well, yes. But surely not ONLY for “Scientologists”. I’ve never seen anything that has indicated that one must be a scientologist to either read or post here.
    There have been cautions to posters to please not make posts that denigrate LRH in any way. Explained (to me) that is because many who post here are extremely sensitive to negative postings about him.
    But I think there are numerous posters who do not consider themselves to be scientologists.
    Jane: I found your posting to regarding the letter from the grandmother to be so very, very sad! What a sorry, misguided “religion” this is to have produced such an action. All I can say in consolation is that it is very, very good that you and your son are OUT!

    • I’m sure if you went to a Mormon site and started bad mouthing Brigham Young or Joe Smith you’d get kinda frosty reception.

      On the other hand. You’ll find you can pretty much getting away with saying anything you want about Miscavige.

      Me even when I was in never recognized his so called “leadership”. Some even here try to compare the two but to me it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

      Personally I try to avoid ad hominem and try to state logically why I oppose the current leadership of the Church and why I believe that the Church has been hijacked and placed under the control of a person who in my opinion is a complete and utter moron.

      We have people who say it is because Ron trusted him enough to turn over the reigns of leadership to this nincompoop but until I see something in writing other some oblique reference in a legal instrument and the hearsay of someone from what I call the “Magic Kingdom” then I’ll reserve judgement.

  9. Samantha,
    I am a man and soon to be 61.
    I loved reading your blog write up, immensely.
    I love your way with words. Especially for a 27 yr old. You are educated and intellectually articulate, beyond your years, by far. In intellectual articulacy you are at least 30 yrs ahead of your age. You could turn out to be intellectually dangerous by the time you get to be sixty. 🙂
    (If I was 30 yrs younger, I would at least let you submit an application to be my wife. 🙂
    Then if I married you I would put shackles and other control mechanisms on your thinking. :))) Everything you think would have to be approved by me. LOL )
    It is not usual, to read something so intellectual on these types of comm lines.
    Although, based on what you wrote, I don’t agree with everything you say, I still love your mind. Your writing draws me in.
    You pushed several of my buttons.
    I want to comment on what you said from more than one perspective, as well have more to say than space and time permit. And there is so many things I want to say. To express myself completely, my response would have to take several directions.
    But I will say this anyways……
    There some parallels in my life story to yours too.
    Especially the strict upbringing. My dad did not have as good a handle on the bible as yours did. He was 42 and married a 17 yr old. It was his first marriage. That idea does not sit well with me. to start with. It is borderline pedophelia. That is the first sign of a lot of problems in a person’s mind. The way I see it, is his main operating data was “be fruitful and multiply” and “spare the rod and spoil the child”.
    So in 10 yrs he and mom had seven children. I am the oldest.
    My dad was also knowledge hungry and spent a lot of time reading the bible and Unity and Science of mind and related stuff. He was looking for answers to the problems of the spirit and the mind.
    (He was brought up Catholic, but disowned it when he left home.)
    (I wonder what would of happened if he found scientology?)
    By 42, I have to assume, dad had did a lot of thinking on how to bring up children. He figured that if a child made a mistake, the child was bad and needed a good lickin to make him good and if some was good more was better.
    Before I was 10 yrs old I was so beaten I had a difficult time walking a straight line. To make matters worse he filled me and the rest of us full of very false and limiting data, that gave most of his children personality disorders of various degrees and types.
    At 15 I realized that there was something wrong we me. I was a social misfit and could not get along with anyone, except with other weak and damaged personalities. Children who were also heavily suppressed by one or more parents. (And I do not mean suppressed by Hubbard’s definition. There is a lot more to suppression and ways of suppression, than Hubbard;s definition.)
    Dad had a little library and I began to look into it to see if I can find any answers. He had a book on hypnotism. I read it and did not find too much of interest.
    We also lived on a farm and 11 miles from the nearest small town of about 400 population and 270 miles north of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. That is pretty far out in the sticks. That makes access to knowledge difficult.
    The beatings and implanting with false and limiting data, really made me a mental cripple with learning disabilities and other functional disorders. Modern psychology calls it schitzotypal personality disorder. (Read up on it on line. )
    But their definition falls serious short.
    The problems I had were multitudinous.
    I left home as soon as I was finished grade 12, which took me an extra yr.
    When I got to the city I was drawn to new age books stores and self help books and read a few couple hundred over the next 27 yrs.
    I was a new age therapy junkie and new age book junkie.
    Although it was interesting I was not solving any problems.
    In the mean time I moved from Manitoba to Ontario.
    In 97 I was very sick mentally and physically and suicidal.
    On Good Friday I was considering suicide.
    But did not want too, at the same time.
    So I decided to pray. I simply said, God I want my sanity back.
    That was important to me.
    Because I realized my mind was screwed.
    After I prayed, I fell asleep for about 10-15 min and then woke.
    I decided to go to the kitchen to make something to eat and on the way I turned the TV on and caught a commercial adverizing a book called Dianetics.
    It said: to find the source of all your emotional problems read page so and so.
    Long story short, I did and was blown away.
    I said to myself , this is the first author that seems to know anything useful about the mind, how it gets screwed up and how to fix it.
    The next day on Saturday night ( again long story short) I contacted the cos (in Toronto) and asked for more info on Dianetics.The guy asked me if I wanted to come in for a demo.
    Again long story short I did and got a very good two hour plus demo.
    The guy (from WISE) was a very good book one auditor.
    The session gave me a release which made me feel as if I was pulled out from under a rock pile.
    I was blown away.
    I said to myself, this guy did more for me in a couple of hrs than everything else I did in the prior almost 30 yrs.
    But, again long story short, in a few more days I seen a lot of aberration in the staff, crazy stuff, and began to be very wary, vigilant, and ask questions .
    I was soon declared.
    And five months later ( while attending a business convention in San Antonio, Texas) met some one who told me about the freezone.
    And I am still here.
    I got all the scn books and read them all.
    Got a few 100 hrs of phone auditing, learned to solo audit, and am doing ok, so far,
    But to go back a bit, in 1991 or so, I learned about the problem with beliefs.
    I learned a belief is a confession of ignorance. So I quit believing anything.
    Believing is a trap.
    It means to accept something as true without proof.
    That is intellectually dishonest.
    In scn I learned about “operating data”.
    So I operated on “operating data”.
    I became not only a truth seeker, but a truth scientist.
    And operated on the data that the value of a datum is only determined by the number of problems it solves and how well it solves them. As per the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.
    So with that in mind I will address your stance on feminism.
    Hubbard addressed that issue quite succinctly in Science of Survival.
    But after thinking about it for many yrs and realizing the importance of it, I decided it needed more clarity and detail and even take it up a notch.
    So here is my version:
    (Paraphrased, edited and expanded quote:)
    The whole future of the human race depends upon how it brings up it’s children.
    Only today’s women can save the world today, by properly fulfilling their God given responsibility as true, bonafide mothers
    Only today’s children, when brought up right, can save the human race of tomorrow.
    Proverbs 22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go,
    And when he is old he will not depart from it.
    We are all only as good as we have been bred and brought up.
    We are the sum product of everything we experience from at least several months before conception to today.
    The time has come when we have to stop thinking in terms of rights, but in terms of intelligence and responsibility.
    A young girl has to be nurtured, brought up, emotionally nourished, trained and educated on how to be a Godly girl, a Godly woman, a Godly female member of society, a Godly wife and a Godly mother, and her responsibility to God’s creation.
    A young boy has to be nurtured, brought up, emotionally nourished, and trained and educated on how to be a Godly boy, a Godly man, a Godly male member of society, a Godly husband and a Godly father, and his responsibility to God’s creation.
    A young girl has to be educated on how to treat men and look after home, men and family.
    A young boy has to be educated on how to treat women, how to look after women and be a good provider.
    Edwin Markham (April 23, 1852 – March 7, 1940; said: In vain we build a world, if at first we don’t build the man.
    I paraphrase that to say: In vain we build a world, if at first we don’t build the individual with a noble character, common sense, reason, morals and ethics, in tune with nature, and inspire a relationship with God.
    The mother must be tending to and teaching her child every moment that child is not in regular school.
    And she must spend her time educating herself on how to be a woman, how to be a wife, how to be a mother, and how to bring up children right too, and the proper care and feeding of husbands. (To borrow Dr. Laura’s book title. The proper care and feeding of husbands.)
    And the more able mothers should be teaching other mothers who are less able.
    All of our problems are due to unGoldy sexual practices, unGodly breeding practices, unGodly parenting practices and unGodly lifestyle practices.
    The creation of Godly children, actually begins well before conception.
    For people fail in any endeavor for the lack of the right knowledge to solve the problem at hand.
    If you have the right knowledge, you can solve any problem.
    And the proverb of advice to young people: Gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all the days of your life, and they will be as a crown of glory for you by day and a guiding light on your path, by night.
    A race which specializes in women for menial purposes, or which believes that the contest of the sexes in the sphere of business and politics is a worthier endeavor than the creation of the next generation is a race which is dying.
    We have in the modern woman who is an ambitious rival of the man in his own activities, a woman who is neglecting the most important mission or responsibility she has. The mission she has been biologically hardwired (programmed) (created) for by her Creator.
    A society which looks down on upon (or ignores, or scoffs at) this mission, in which women are taught anything but the proper management of family, the proper care of men, and the creation of the future generation, is a society which is on it’s way out.
    This does not mean that girls should not go to school. By all means should girls go to school. But there is a right way and wrong to do almost everything. There is man’s way and God’s way. Anything that is not done God’s way,or according to God’s principles, will fail. The predominant way of today, teaching a girl to purse a career in sports, business or politics, or anything other than the purpose discussed in this article, to fulfill her dreams, is dead wrong. It is the ultimate crime against humanity.
    (Side note: Pursuing interests in sports (on the surface) appears to be a good idea, but is short sighted and done in vain. It is shallow and leads to more poor character people than not. It is ok to a point in childhood, but not in adulthood. )
    Girls become women, wives and mothers. Mothers are the factory of society. There is no more important role or job or career. Any other purpose for a woman is irresponsible, and a slippery slope.
    Other purposes or roles for women, contributes to the eventual collapse and demise of civilization. It is the ultimate crime against humanity.
    For education, women must be taught all the subjects that make good women and men, good marriages, good relationships, good families and a good society.
    They need to be taught the principles of good breeding practices, birthing and raising of children (or good family practices.) .
    They need to be taught the subjects of noble character, spiritual and personal development.
    They need to be taught good home making, good housekeeping and good home economics.
    Besides the conventional three “Rs” and literature, girls need to be taught at least the basic of all the sciences, chemistry, physics and biology.
    And how to maximize the God potential in man and woman.
    The historian can peg the point where a society begins it’s sharpest decline at the instant when women began to take part on an equal footing with men, in political and business affairs. Since this means that men are decadent and incompetent and the women are no longer women.
    Feminism is the Trojan horse of the destruction of civilization, the ultimate genocide. As ridiculous as this may sound, (on the surface) feminists are in fact criminals. They are committing the crime of negligence, neglecting their proper roles as women, wives, mothers and home makers.
    Today’s girls and young women are encouraged to compete with men in his world and fulfill their dreams and ambitions. They are fighting for equal rights. They are fighting for equal rights to compete with men on an equal basis in business and politics. The fact is that man- woman equality is equal to a dead battery.This is vanity, this is nothing short of hedonism, and a crime against civilization (humanity). Their God given responsibility has been perverted and hijacked to serve mammon.
    This is not misogyny, or sexism.
    I hear the out rage by some.
    Get honest. Get real. I say to my critics and condemners.
    It is a statement of bold and basic fact, based on honest thinking, good reasoning and logic, or study of cause and effect in the long term.
    This dissertation is for the love of the true and bonafide woman, for the love of the human race. It is love for the woman who is free of deceit, or such vanity or narcissism.
    There are two ways to establish the value of great ideas,
    the first is by honest, intelligent, and noble minds,
    and the second is by the condemnation of rogues.
    It is however best to secure the first,
    because it is always accompanied by the latter.
    Paraphrase of Charles Colub Colton.
    Learn to think of what a certain action will result in to the future, if continued. What are the long term repercussions or consequences of an action. Use good common sense, honest looking, honest thinking, honest evaluation, honest reason and logic.
    When the proper care and raising of children become unimportant to society, that society has forfeited it’s future.
    Even beyond the conceiving and rearing of children, a human being does not seem to be complete without a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.
    When you have sane, sensible, well adjusted, properly educated Godly men and women, this relationship is the vessel where in is nurtured the life force of both individuals, whereby they create the future of the race in body and thought.
    If a man is to rise to greater heights, then women must rise before him.
    But she must rise as a woman and not as today she is being misled into rising as a man.
    It is the hideous joke of frustrated and unvirile, foolish men (and an increasing number of vain, narcissistic women too) to make women over into the travesty of men which they themselves have become.
    Shallow, vain, narcissistic and ignorant women have often said that men are difficult and troublesome creatures. But they fail to see the big picture, and that is that we are all only as good as we have been bred and brought up.
    The only reason these women find men difficult and troublesome is because they do not have the knowledge and skills necessary on how to be a Godly woman, Godly wife and Godly mother.
    If you have the right knowledge you can solve any problem.
    We are all products of genetics, a conception and an upbringing. If you have a problem with a product, a child, you have to check the factory for the cause of the problem.
    If you have a problem with a woman, you have to check the factory for the cause. If you have a problem with a man, you have to check the factory for the cause.
    Identify the problem correctly and find the right knowledge (right education) and take the right corrective actions.
    Remember there is a right way and a wrong way to do almost everything.
    For everything genuine there is a perfect counterfeit.
    The mother is the primary factory of society. Nothing just “happens”. Everything has a cause. The mother has the most influence over the child and it’s outcome.
    I am not ignoring the fact that good women need the support of good men. They certaintly do. I am just putting things in order of importance.
    The creative care and handling of men is artful and beautiful task, when such knowledge and skill is in the hands of a talented woman in tune with her Creator and biological purpose. It is a full time job.
    Children brought up in daycare or and in front of the TV, tend to become empty, vain and maladjusted, stupid, increasingly even psychotic. Consider the increasing number of young men who become mass murderers in the USA .
    Their values and character tend to degenerate to the lowest common denominator of vanity of mass consciousness.
    The more women compete in the world of business and politics on an equal basis with men, the more children with poor characters, the more madness, the more insanity, the more mental illness, the more riots and war, we will have, until civilization is destroyed or even the planet blown up.
    I heard a radio program talk show back in around 1990, on CBC radio, where the radio host was interviewing a black woman from Africa, who wrote a book and was promoting it. I only wish I could remember the author’s name and title of the book.
    (If anyone here, knows that author and book, please tell me.)
    But her unforgettable great wisdom was that she was teaching people (in her case, especially her fellow Africans) that women were responsible for all the problems in Africa, because they failed to bring up their sons and daughters right. And only women could solve the problems of Africa, by bringing up their children right!
    In particular she was addressing the problem of how despicably the average African man treats women. She said such problems are caused by the man’s mother. Women (collectively) have only themselves to blame.
    In order to properly solve a problem, you have to identify the right cause of the problem.
    The truth is nothing more or less than the most right answer to a problem. And the value of a datum is only determined by the number of problems it solves, and how well it solves them.
    Women who think they can leave the home and children and go out and solve the problems of the world, have failed to think and realize that when they do that, there is another generation of children growing up, that will be unparented or improperly or incompletely parented. They will tend to be maladjusted. They will tend to have poor character, mental illness and psychological problems.
    This new generation will be worse then the previous one.
    Because all problems with children (and adults too) are due to failed parenting. PTSness and SPness are caused by failed parenting. Overts are caused by failed help. A thief is caused by prevented havingness. Prevented beingness, prevented doingness and prevented havingness.
    There is no such thing as “just a bad child”, or a child that just turns out to be “a bad apple”. There is a cause for everything. If you have a problem with the product, you have to check with the factory for the cause of the problem.
    Those who would cheat or dupe women of their rightful place in creation, by making them into men should at least realize that by this action they are destroying not only the women, but the men and children of the future as well.
    This is too great a price to pay for being modern or for someone’s petty anger, joke or vanity against the female sex.
    The arts and skills of woman, the creation and inspiration of which she is capable of, and which -still here and there in isolated places in our culture – she still manages to effect in spite of the ruin and decay of man’s world, which spreads around her, must be brought back newly and fully into life. These arts, skills, creation and inspiration are her beauty, just as she is the beauty of mankind.
    It used to be quite commonly said that behind every successful man there is a
    successful woman.
    In today’s modern world it is not politically correct and safe to say that. And political incorrectness usually receives a deluge of, outrage, condemnation, even persecution from rogues, perverts and hedonists.
    The fact is that political correctness is a form of lying. Politically correct speak is not bona fide, that is not free of fraud or deceit, or dishonest thinking.

  10. remoteviewed, do you honestly believe this:
    Unlike Vincent Bugliosi’s Helter Skelter which is nothing but circumstantial speculation based on guilt by association which is what you’d expect from prosecutor who used a conspiracy theory to convict Manson.
    Do you believe Charles Manson was convicted because of a conspiracy theory?
    Manson’s link to Scientology is minimal at best, and there is no legitimate reason to believe that Scientology had anything to do with the crimes committed. But it was pretty well proven that he was responsible for them. Suggesting that he was convicted based on some conspiracy theory in the prosecutor’s mind is pretty far out there. I’m asking if you’re serious about that?

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