AOSH Africa. But when?

And Advanced Org on African soil has been the great Scientological carrot since the 1980s. There have always been long and seemingly unreal lists of targets to obtain to get it. And so far, zilch.

There was much excitement at the purchase of the Castle in 2008. The hype at the March 13 Event of that year was huge. 6 years later it’s a massive white elephant, falling to ruin. There was a massive recruitment drive for the AO headed by Robert Bokelmann. What happened to all those people? Anyone who was recruited for the AO back in 2008 (assuming they are still in the Sea Org) is still 3-4 years or more away from ever taking a post in the org for which they were recruited. Never mind the number of these recruits who have left.

The whole business with the Castle and the alleged AO should be acting as one of the greatest wake up calls. The evidence of the failure of ideal orgs and the GATs (I & II) is right there in that massive, empty building. Just like the dreams of so many.



25 thoughts on “AOSH Africa. But when?

  1. My suggestion is, just bypass the SO and have the Independent Movement set up their own AO.
    There are just too many broken promises from the “powers” that be.

    • My suggestion is, just bypass the SO and have the Independent Movement set up their own AO.

      Long been done: Plus yet others out there too.
      I’ve always considered having to travel to other lands at huge expense (including costs of accomos and loss of income having to be away from work for extensive periods of time) to do the OT levels a lot of nonsense. All you need is a trained 5-man team tucked away somewheres off the main traffic fare of a local org or mission and you are all set. You’d have at least 50,000 OT VIIs or more today. But NO, lets give everyone donation targets reging them senseless for real estate acquisitions.

      • Ive seen real OT’ s made by just one man! Granted this person was an old class 8 and new his business! However it becomes blatantly obvious just how retro intentioned the orgs are in making OT’s! Its like taking your car in for a service and it comes back making smoke, back firing and stalls easily! The precise opposite of what you paid for! You would be forgiven for thinking that there was PTSness or major out ethics residing in that workshop! Daily church bread, par for the course as they say.

  2. Just another con never gonna happen, apparently they still don’t have the rights to run it as a church, correct me if i am wrong does anyone have more data?

  3. One of the biggest lies in scn is that old corny line about you routinely get more case progress in one session than in all the rest of the Bridge combined from purif to clear. I’d say the opposite – give me a levels session over an OT session any day of the week. At least you have cognitions. OT levels are hugely over-rated, especially if tone arm action is anything to go by. People on Excaliber tell me they get massive tone arm action – sadly, I can’t confirm.

    • Peter if you are not getting the TA as you should somethings amiss. I know plenty people who get floating TA’s regularly on Excal. Why wait and see? Contact your CS asap.

      • Sadly there are many in the Indie field who are auditing without a CS. I would encourage all to get hooked up with a CS and pay the money for a CS as it will be well spent.

    • One of the biggest lies in scn is that old corny line about you routinely get more case progress in one session than in all the rest of the Bridge combined from purif to clear.

      I agree with that in part. Yes, it’s hypeful alright. However, its been my experience the OT levels gave me far more gain per unit of time than any lower level auditing. The very best NOTs sessions I’ve had on a few occasions certainly walked all over any given Grade level. Powerful stuff alright.

  4. I have a few questions and will appreciate some information.
    1. Castle – Who owns this building?
    2. Who paid for it?
    3. Who pays the rates and taxes here?
    4. Who looks after the gardens and running costs of maintenance?
    5. Are the owners / shareholders of the castle South Africans
    or hold international status, or otherwise?
    Idle Orgs: Cape Town:
    1. I made the donation in 2009 for renovations as the money was needed now, now now!!!!! To date this has not happened.
    2. Who owns this building?
    3. Who pays the rates and taxes?
    4. Who is really ‘the International Landlord’?
    5. How many front companies were used in the Idle Org scam in SA?
    6. Is there a list of such companies, or is this just one entity?
    Any information on ownership, and who carries the burden for the running costs and rates and taxes for the other Idle Orgs in South Africa will be appreciated.

    • Good questions, Jane. I would also like to know the answers if anyone has them. With the orgs being so empty and so many of the public who are on lines doing basics and other beginner’s courses, I don’t know how they manage from month to month. Do they use the money collected for new buildings and renos to pay the bills? Or does poor old Wally Hex pay up every month to keep the doors open?

    • Jane,
      I have given most of the details in another write-up on this blog about Pretoria’s woes.
      The castle is owned by a company called CULVERWELL CASTLE AT KYALAMI. (There’s some confusion on the name as there was also another name used – TWO SHIPS TRADING 383 PTY LTD – a SO front company).
      The directors are Ken Krieger, Little Lipshits, Elmien, Pat Murton, and Paul Sondergaard. They entered into a lease agreement with tenants who use the place as an events venue.
      The org premises in SA are owned by a company called Bunker Hills Investments 369, and the director are Elmien and Ryan Hogarth! This company is billed and liable for all the municipal costs of all the orgs. They obviously have lease agreements with the incumbent churches who pay them rent. But as noted in the Pretoria org case, they are in arrears to the Tswane council, with not a hope in black hell of making it.
      The company law in SA makes directors personally responsible for liabilities and reckless trading or management is severely punishable. But the sequel to this is a story for another day . . . .

      • Frik – thank you very much for this interesting information. hmmm – what will they do with a ‘suppressive person’ shareholder in Bunker Hills Investments ? – Perhaps they get all shareholders to sign blank undated letters of resignation and fill the details when appropriate.

  5. The statement that a being routinely makes more case gain in one session that they did on the whole lower grade chart up to Clear is pure propaganda. If that were really true than people that have done hundreds of OT sessions (if not thousands) would be able to fry an egg with their vision.
    It simply isn’t true and this is part of the con.

  6. Oh yes this is an interesting topic.
    I remember in 1986 there was a huge rah rah rah
    and recruitment for an AO in South Africa.
    When I was at Flag there was also talk of an AO
    here and that was around 2005 and Sonja was recruited to
    join – plus there was South Africans training at Flag.
    What happened to them apart from GA11
    Sonja Anderson (Falas) who was the lead auditor when she was at JHB Org
    she joined the SO and ended up in HCO!
    The mind boggles and now it is 2014 and once again the
    field was subjected to Fraud and lies!
    Still no AO – thank goodness do not want a Church AO thank you very
    much – they would not produce real OT’s!
    However this article does expose the usual brand of shite that the PR
    Hamster Wheel spins out and dupes the field.
    Would really like the team of bloggers to answer Jane’s questions please!

  7. There is a term in the tech dictionary, “megalomania”: a person who has delusions of grandeur, wealth, power, etc. (HCOB 11 May 65).
    Then there is the everyday expression “red herring”.
    Which one applies to the castle? Both?

  8. Another way to look at this promo piece is maybe:
    Sea org member Mr Promo I/C sits down after dinner at his Ikea desk. Grabs a stubby pencil. Looks at the first dispatch in his basket. Declined Purchase Order. Okay, fuck you too.
    Next one. “We need new SO members. Get a promo piece designed right now.”
    Stubby pencil gets to work.
    “Okay, what should I write? Staff pay, nah, won’t work, benefits, nah, free uniform? Nah. Great free meals….nah. Free bridge, in theory at least….nah. I think I will have to stick to purpose…..create a new civilization……hmmmmm. Maybe a bit over-used. What about, guarantee the future of mankind……..close, I think, but what about context, hmmmmm… Let’s see, oh shit, the old AO story, that should work. Alright, I need to work in this phrase, “unleash the highest levels of ability on or by or through or or….the strongest people on earth. Or the most powerful, or some dam thing like.”
    I’m on a roll…..
    And so comes to pass a staff recruitment promo piece. Zilch to do with actual AOs and stuff.

  9. Theoretically an AO “Advanced org” would be a home to advanced spiritual beings, more enlightened, more wise, more ethical.
    In ACTUALITY the further up the bridge the less is the person trusted.
    Grade IIIs do not have Sec Checks every 6 months, but OT VIIs are not trusted enough and report to give up their crimes (75 question sec check) every 6 months. The higher up, the Grade chart, the more you are in AO turf, the more Sec checking you will receive.
    Then there is the ::::ahem::::matter of *Eligibility* and OSA and RTC decide if you are *ELIGIBLE* for this higher level which might cost another $25,000 to $50,000 depending how much you bog on getting those 3 swings of the needle to call the FN…..
    Advanced Org for checking your *external influences* and reading the Internet…..

    • That is soooo true Karen. I never thought of it that way. It was always a “cognitive dissonance” for me when I was going through eligibility after 30 years of service… I dedicated my life to Scientology and now I had this young, untrained, un-audited Ethics officer determining my eligibility to go onto advanced courses. Why was I under the microscope instead of the Ethics officer for preventing myself and other people from going up the Bridge?
      It so backwards today. When I was the HCO AS at AOSHEU in 1974, the Eligibility policy applied to about 1 out of 1,000 people primarily because they had ONLY paid money and did no volunteer work, ever. It was easily resolved and it did not cost them money. Just some volunteer help in their field of expertise. So different today. It looks like the evolution of the 2,000 year evolution of the Catholic Church but accelerated by 2,000 X.

  10. HappieChappie ~~
    Well you might have escaped, be happy, THE single most worldwide disaster of any level in the *Church* of Scientology is the state of Clear.
    Routinely people on all continents were called in to be told their clear state was cancelled and then when this caused a severe *adverse* reaction, a *NEW* reg cycle, with NEW costs for ANOTHER Clear Certainty Rundown occurred. Clear cancellations proved to be a Cash Cow.
    After *Church* Bulletins came out on Past Life Clear and Natural Clear, these then got cancelled, but Hey, you could sort it all out for more money, more CCRDs.
    Some folk have had 7 to 8 CCRDs !!!!!!!!!
    You are clear.
    No you are NOT clear.
    Pay us for another CCRD.
    Ok, you are clear.
    Months later. No, your clear cert is cancelled.
    Pay us for another CCRD.
    And the beat goes on…

    • For some reason I escaped being told that I wasn’t clear. I was told, though, that I needed to redo the actual CCRD. I objected at first but knowing that I couldn’t beat the system, not then still being ‘in’, I succumbed.
      Fortunately, I had money on account so I redid it and it’s official – at least according to the church – that I’m clear, and the original date of going clear was reaffirmed. So I got off lightly.
      There were a good few here in SA who were given the R-factor that they were not clear. Whew! What an invalidation!

  11. Thank you Frik for the Data on the Castle very interesting. If you know anything else please share.

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