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With the current amount of hype about “circular bridges” and everyone being re-routed onto the Purification Rundown, we did some digging and came across this interesting tidbit:

Someone from Pretoria Org recently had the bright idea to create a Facebook page called “The Purification Program”. The page was created on the 4th April and a number of posts were made up to the 12th April where it seemingly stopped being monitored.

Two glaring outpoints immediately jumped out at us:

Outpoint 1

The ONLY success story on the page is by a Joburg Org FDN Staff member who did the program more than a year ago – at Joburg Org. It’s a pretty standard success story like most others, until this statement is made:

“I did the purif and in a matter of weeks my body was restored to its former glory and health. In the purif I got rid of sugar that was stored in my body as well as tranquilizers: I COULD SEE THESE CHEMICALS COMING OUT OF MY BODY! “

Sugar? Sugar (glucose) is not a chemical – it’s a VITAL source of energy for the body’s cells. Glucose is transported from the intestines or liver to body cells via the bloodstream, and is made available for cell absorption via the hormone insulin, produced by the body primarily in the pancreas.

Too much or too little sugar in the body can produce major health problems – possibly even death. If indeed there was sugar coming out of this person’s body during the purif, he was under serious health risk. Of course, he could have had an MU on “sugar” being a toxin coming out of his body, but the fact that this was not picked up and corrected when he wrote his success story is a major faux pas on behalf of the C/S.

Outpoint 2

We are not quite sure who is monitoring this Facebook page, but whoever it is,  is certainly not doing their job.

Right next to the Success Story mentioned above, there are 4 extremely negative comments about Scientology and the Purification Rundown. When one clicks on “see all”, there are links to articles which are extremely derogatory of Scientology, Narconon and the Purif. Some of the headings include data on the current Narconon lawsuits taking place in the USA,  “Narconon Fraud Exposed”, “Scientology Purification Scam” and “There is no science in Scientology”.  The links go to various articles on Tony Ortega’s site and YouTube.

Below is a screen grab we did of the page:
Purif Facebook Page


If you’d like to see the page for yourself you can do so here:

The Church is very busy trying to fight the “enemy within” by instructing it’s parishioners to unfriend all the newly-labelled “SP’s” on Facebook. In the meantime, they are apparently oblivious to the fact that they are being taken down and mocked on their own home turf.

Click the link soon. We can’t imagine it’ll be there much longer.

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  1. Well I tried that web page and it seems to me its already gone. OSA must monitor THIS site pretty damn closely! I get the impression CoS literally has nothing to do these days than chase every wrong Why. But what else would you have to do when you have two people on course on a Sunday morning.

      • I’ve just clicked on the link and it’s working.
        This is so funny. OSA will have a heart attack and I believe the person who put it up and hasn’t monitored it is in for the high jump!
        As far as I know, Issue Authority is needed before a page like this can be posted.
        OSA, who is surely monitoring this blog, will zap it off quickly – unless, of course, they’re too busy chasing wrong Whys and aren’t looking lately. 🙂

  2. Sugar? Sugar (glucose) is not a chemical – it’s a VITAL source of energy for the body’s cells. Glucose is transported from the intestines or liver to body cells via the bloodstream, and is made available for cell absorption via the hormone insulin, produced by the body primarily in the pancreas.

    I would like to comment on the above statement:

    Sugar is not a nutrient nor is it a VITAL source of energy for the body’s cells. It is a dangerous substance that is currently causing the worlds largest epidemic of all time, dwarfing AIDS the great plague, and the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic combined.

    The following statement is made by an American doctor Mark Hyman MD

    ONE OF EVERY TWO Americans have a deadly disease that’s making you fat and sick and will kill you and 90 percent of you don’t even know that you have it. And it’s spreading to the rest of the world. By 2015, 2.3 billion people will have been affected across the world. What’s worse is your doctor’s are not trained how to find it and they are not even looking for it.

    This problem will cost the USA $3.5 trillion over the next 10 years. It is bankrupting their economy. In 30 years 100 percent of our federal budget will be needed to pay for Medicare and Medicaid leaving nothing for education, defense, agriculture, roads, or even social security.

    So what am I talking about?

    I’m talking about diabesity–the number one cause of obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and of course type 2 diabetes.

    You might hear many terms used to describe this one basic phenomenon–a new epidemic of disordered biology and disease. It is the continuum of abnormal biology that ranges from mild insulin resistance to full-blown diabetes. We call it by many names. See if you recognize any of them:

    • Well, as we’re off on a tangent here … “sugar” is a sort of family name that embraces numerous chemicals — and they ARE chemicals, though naturally occurring ones — like fructose, glucose, and sucrose.

      I suspect we all learned at some point that the main point of photosynthesis in plants is to capture energy from sunlight and store it in the form of sugars in plant tissue, which later can be used in all sorts of subsequent living operations and biochemical transformations. So there’s nothing inherently evil about them.

      While, as Travers notes, excessive and unneeded sugars can wreak havoc in animal bodies, these same bodies have evolved to enjoy and benefit from the various natural sugars that exist in every plant we consume. And speaking only for myself, “we” should probably eat more of them.

  3. Poor Pretoria org! What the church has done to everything workable is
    make it into a public urinal! I mean those of us ex druggies know what a new lease on life a standard purif can do! Many who really need this rundown simply wont do it now! Well done DM and company, good job!

  4. The most worrisome thing I came across when having another look at my copy of Clear Body Clear Mind was this statement which appears on the very first page. “The author makes no warranties or representation as to the effectiveness of the Purification Rundown”. WTF????

    Narconon is undergoing one hell of a shellacking in the USA with 10 Federal lawsuits filed against them for fraud, wrongful death etc. The ONLY reason they are under the microscope is because either the program is ineffective, or they are doing something wrong, fraudulent and/or harmful. People have actually lost their lives while under the “care” of Narconon – this is NOT a joke.

    If the program is REALLY so effective and 100% above board, why doesn’t the Church get their legal rudiments in with proper scientific tests and endorsements or accreditation – from trusted and reliable independent sources?

    The only “official” endorsements of the program that I know of are two “Doctors” – both controversial in the extreme. Dr. Megan Shields is a Scientologist – she signed Mary Sue’s death certificate, and she also prescribed Valium & Chloral Hydrate (mind bending hypnotics) to Scott Campbell – an SO staff member who was held prisoner on the Freewinds, drugged heavily and had Black Dianetics run on him. He was later transferred to the LA “Big Blue” building, and the same drug “regime” was prescribed by Dr. Shields. His story is well known – the Church nearly killed him, but he thankfully made it out. His reference to her can be seen on Youtube:

    The other “endorsement” of the Purif comes from yet another controversial character – Dr. Forest Tennant, M.D. – involved in 29 methadone clinics and investigated by Californian authorities for serious & continuous deficiencies, ultimately having to pay fines of $625,000

    The Church’s failure to clean house and get their legal ruds and ethics in has resulted in them now confronting these justice actions – they have pulled it in – good and solid.

    • Wow, what a history, considering the church is supposed to be a drug free entity. Oh my goodness.
      For me, the most shocking revelations have been the fact that the church has administered drugs to SO members on more than one occacion.
      And LRH took drugs – from early on, throughout his auditing and right to the end. He even put a drug in his ten year old’s chewing gum! He used black magic on his family, first wife and at least two of their children. And then we learn about Black Dianetics being run on the Ship in tandem with the use of heavy drugs! Holy smoke!
      I’m flat on it now but it took me a while to digest this.

      • I’ve heard smatterings about the use of drugs at Narconon at Arrowhead and others, too. I’ve never known what to make of this.
        I knew someone who’s son went to Narconon in Cape Town. He blew and told of the use of drugs. I didn’t believe it at the time. I’m not so sure now!

      • GC,

        This information about Ron being a druggie is based on nothing but hearsay “evidence” by as far as I’m concerned from *unreliable* sources.

        Especially the one about putting dope in some kids chewing gum which is totally ludicrous.

        Really I suggest you peddle this disinformation to a site that will suck up this poison laced Koolaid like say OCMB or ESMB or maybe ARS.

  5. Criticism is “enemy line”!! Links to Tony O are “out security”!! There is only ever “good news” in the Co$ even if it has to be made up or lied about. Whoever is behind this site will soon be hauled into Ethics and screamed at for being a treasonous wretch. In a few days it will be back to the typical theetie-weetie, barrel-scraping, robo-PR fluff. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. All this from a group that claims it has mastered communication and that free speech is an inalienable right. Hah!! Silly little cult.

  6. Shelly,

    Personally I don’t agree with an “independent” study as usually they tend to be biased in some way by the “researchers” a priori conclusions.

    Besides sweating out toxins by using a sweat lodge here in America and a sauna in Europe has been around for millennia.

    That said.

    Basic legal ruds more than likely weren’t applied at these Narconons like having the person submit to a full physical exam to see if they were even physically capable of doing the Purif which like any exercise regime is highly strenuous.

    Having an MD on hand or at least a Medical Liaison of some kind.

    A purif i/c who actually watched the people on the purif and made sure they weren’t staying in the sauna too long and a C/S who actually read the reports and made sure that “D” wasn’t heading into toxic levels and that “C” wasn’t causing Dysentery and that the person was drinking enough fluids to replace the fluids being sweated out and that the person had an actual twin etc.

    I mean back in the early ’80’s when the purif first came out we never had any of the problems they seem to be having now with the Rundown.

    Also back then most people including heavy druggies completed the purif in about two weeks.

    Now it seems to go on forever.

    So long that I’d say the majority doing it these days are probably totally *overrun*.

    You don’t run it till every toxin is out of the body. You run it till you reach the EP as given in the reference and the person can be run on Scientology and Dianetic processes.

    Personally I think they are running the purif these days hoping to achieve the same EP as the DRD which is never gonna happen.

    • RV, if you do away with independent studies what do you propose to replace them with? Organisations studying their own claims? Surely not, because they would definitely have, as you say, the same biased a priori conclusions you believe independent researchers to have. Would you send us back to the days of snake oil salesmen just making any old unexamined claims? Randomised double blind control trials are definitely the best way Narconon can defend its claims. That they haven’t done so already is worrying. It looks like they don’t believe the tech would hold up under such unbiased scrutiny.

    • What are your reasons for suspecting this? Do you believe it possible for any study to be independent? What conditions would satisfy you that a study was independent?

      • Probably first you’d have to start with someone who didn’t have any preconceived idea that Scientology is a fraudulent cult.

        Of course anyone who wasn’t would be accused as being an “apologist” if their assessment of the Purif came out favorably.

        So why bother?

        Anyway the fact is that Scientology is a religion by its basic tenants and “Science” such as it is has always had difficulty with evaluating a person’s religious experience personal or otherwise.

        Maybe at one time it was until it swallowed the bitter pill of Dialectic Materialism completely.

      • How would a triple blind work any better than a double blind which would be almost impossible under the circumstance since the Purif is an action not a pill?

  7. Really, i don’t see anything so wrong with this page. They are trying to show what is the purif. It’s honest, maybe some wrong but at least not a work of COB. They are really some glaring out points to denounce than that.

  8. The purif can have its merits if the person delivering it knows what they are doing. In saying that I mean “knows what they are doing!” I had the fortune of being supervised by someone who didn’t have a clue how do it and spent most of my purif preventing my twin from blowing because they had so many upsets with the I/C! I only got through because I read the book and just kind of put myself through.
    But with the lawsuits and people getting arbitrarily re-assigned to the purif these days, things are certainly heading towards a one-two knockout punch.

  9. Hello! I don’t ever post here, but am a regular at Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker and ESMB forum. Found this today and thought y’all might find it interesting…

    ‘The Grand Scam’ by Rob Rose Reveals Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard’s Support of Apartheid

    A quote…
    “Rob Rose writes: “What Scientologists don’t want you to know is exactly what was in those letters to the South African ministers. He continues:

    They’ve gone out of their way to airbrush Hubbard’s craven fawning over the apartheid government, specifically, his gushing praise for the father of the racist ideology, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd.”

    • Oh please.

      I’ve studied all of Ron’s technical bulletins, most of his policies, quite a few confidential directives,pretty much listened to all his lectures and there is nothing there where he supported Apartheid in any way.

      Interesting that someone would write a book almost 60 years after the fact of these letters allegedly being written.

      My answer:

      • Hi RM,
        Unfortunately there is ample evidence that LRH supported apartheid. This came up in a Report of the Commission of Enquiry into Scientology for 1972. A letter from LRH to the then President of South Africa – H.F. Verwoerd (father of the apartheid system in South Africa) surfaced wherein LRH congratulated Verwoerd on his “township” policy of keeping blacks segregated from the whites.

        Not only this, but in the late 1970’s, the Guardian’s Office in South Africa visited the offices of the Soweton Newspaper (THE largest black-read newspaper then and now) – and tried to do a “hatchet job” on Desmond Tutu – who is today heralded as an anti-Apartheid hero, instrumental in bringing about the “new South Africa”. Because of this action by the GO, the Sowetan Newspaper to this very day will have nothing to do with the Church. (I can give personal testimony to this, as I ran into this issue just a few years ago while working with a reporter from the Soweton on the atrocities occurring at a Psych Hospital – although he did the initial report with me resulting in a front-page expose, there was further follow-up needed and then he found out I was a Scientologist. He was ordered to have nothing further to do with me, and told me never to contact him or his offices again). It was only after digging around, that the Desmond Tutu story came out, and I found out why the Soweton newspaper was so anti the Church. They NEVER forgot what we tried to do to a South African icon and hero………

      • So what exactly did he say Shelly?

        He says:

        “you have conceived and created in the Johannesburg townships what is probably the most impressive and adequate resettlement in existence”.

        Does he specifically say in the above that he supports Apartheid?


        As far as I know about the Zeitgeist of the period various tribes at the time were fighting one another like the Zulu and the Bantu.

        So they were resettled in zones where they wouldn’t be in constant conflict.

        Is this back story ever mentioned by the Ron haters?


        Of course not.

        It would dull their lil’ axes.

        Now about dissin’ Denny.

        You sure this wasn’t a false flag op?

        Jus’ asking

        You know not that it’s never been done before.


      • If LRH did not support apartheid, can you explain why this question was included in the infamous “Johannesburg Security Checks”:

        32. Have you ever slept with a member of a race of another colour?


      • RM – I hope this comes out in the right place as there was no reply option at the bottom of your comment. I am not willing to get into Q&A with you on the issue of LRH and his support of Apartheid. You obviously did not live nor were you raised in this country, I did. I lived through the entire Apartheid regime, and can tell you it was unequivocally one of the most abominable systems I have ever encountered. It did nothing for the blacks who were totally suppressed in every possible way – right down to not being allowed to use the same shops, transportation (trains and busses), parks, public toilets, benches and schools as white people.

        I personally witnessed many blacks being beaten to within an inch of their lives by police if caught in town after 6pm curfew or they didn’t have their “pass” (identity papers) on them. It was common knowledge that the South African Police “disappeared” many blacks who spoke out against the Apartheid rule – and this was with the full sanction of the then ruling Government. I can only compare this to the Gestapo regime – Jews having to wear stars on their clothing, carry identifying papers, and confined to concentration camps – sound familiar? I have every reason to believe this is where Verwoerd got the idea of “segregation” in the first place. Support of the “township” arrangement was definitely support of the Apartheid government.

        BTW, the townships were never created to keep the “Zulu & Bantu” apart (these terms both mean the same thing – like saying the English and the British). They were created to keep blacks, coloureds and Indians segregated from white areas. Soweto residents (the biggest township in South Africa) consists of a wide diversity of people from virtually every “tribe” in South Africa.

        @ Jimbo – good point about the sec-check question. It was because the act of having a 2d with a non-white was a criminal offence – one which was punishable by some hefty jail time.

      • Still there is nowhere he says he supports SA’s racist policies and true I did not live in South Africa.

        Also if you are going point the accusative finger of “racist” at anyone why not the CIA?

        I mean they covertly supported the South African regime and even gave it nuclear weapons technology.

        A little known fact.

        Also ANC the political party that opposed Apartheid was being funded by the Soviets.

        There were many geo-political concerns at the time aside from racism.

        Ron like CIA was more of an anticommunist than a racist. He was more concerned that if the regime fell that SA would become a communist satellite state and that would end whatever religious freedom SA would have.

        I my own view it was more a case of the devil you do know is better than the devil you don’t.

      • This is for you, RV. I’ve borrowed it from another comment.

        “Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”
        – Adyashanti.

    • Are there any reasonably unbiased write-ups on life in South Africa, pre and post Apartheid? I am sure that there are a lot of people who don’t have much reliable info on South Africa, outside of South Africa.
      (IMHO, the notion of Apartheid got swamped by the politically correct, such that most info on it is totally biased and unusable. I would need to understand the basic existing situation before I would be inclined to pass judgment on someones actions on it.- be it LRH or anyone else.)

      • BTW, the author, Rob Rose is an investigative journalist from South Africa.

      • Never mind ’84.

        Didn’t ever support Apartheid nor do I believe Ron did either but you know if you say a couple of good things an Apartheid government may have done in order to create a dialogue you are immediately accused of being a racist scum.

        Ya know A=A and all of that.

      • 1984, what Shelley described is accurate. Bias doesn’t come into it. There is nothing biased about it. It is fact, the truth of the matter.
        Please don’t try to make it anything other than what it is or was!

    • When studying the OEC, I listened to a lecture per the checksheet: It was the New Year’s event and LRH had just arrived back in the US from South Africa. He expressed his admiration for SA government’s banning of communism here. He said words to this effect, I love how the SA government deals with communism in their country! They just shut down all the embassies and told them all to leave and never to come back. Just like that! Communists are not allowed in South Africa! LRH was tickled pink.
      It did sound as though LRH had admiration for this Apartheid government. I remember thinking this at the time but quickly put the thought out of my mind.

  10. Does “The Research Center for Dependency Disorders and Chronic Pain” really exist? Who is behind this company? Where is the home page?

    Forest Tennant, M.D., Dr. P.H., Executive Director!topic/alt.religion.scientology/czLJMaXqOwk

    The facebook page took information from here

    It seems that one parrots the next.
    It could be like the 76% success rate claim.
    Remember, Dr. Denk got quite rich with the detox. Why should Dr. Dr. Dr. Tennant be different?

  11. @ remoteviewed:

    “Now, hypnotics, taking hypnotics – Nytol, amphibinol, snooze-all, drowse-all, those things don’t work. They don’t work. I don’t know what it is about them but these sedatives have a kickback that – don’t give you very much about sleep. There isn’t anything connected with sleep. They’re hypnotics and I don’t care what anybody calls them, they’re hypnotics.

    “I was wondering what people were taking – you call this “tranquilizer” so I took a couple of handsful to find out what was happening about them, so forth, and I – instead of going to sleep as one was supposed to do, or feel relaxed, something of this sort, why, I felt my eyes snakk and pow-w-w and the diaphragms dilated like that and I put the body in a chair and went over and sat on the molding for a while and let it get over it.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard


    18ACC, 31.07.57

    “The best stimulant is Benzedrine. In its absence an overdose of coffee will do.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard

    From ‘Terra Incognita: The Mind’

    “Opium is less harmful [than alcohol], marijuana is not only less physically harmful but also better in the action of keeping a neurotic producing, phenobarbital does not dull the senses nearly as much and produces less after effect…”

    –L. Ron Hubbard

    From ‘Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health’ (1950)

    “You should be able to drink as much as you want, use the body in any way you want.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard

    From a ‘Philadelphia Doctorate Course’ lecture (1952)

    “We will not speculate here on… how I came to rise above the bank.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard

    From ‘Keeping Scientology Working’ (1965)

    “Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer!”

    –L. Ron Hubbard

    From SHSBC-35 6107C19, Q-and-A Period: Auditor Effect on Meter, 19th July 1961

    • RB,

      You take anything that anyone has written or said turn it into a sound byte and twist it anyway you want to achieve your agenda.

      For instance what he says on smoking misses the background that cigarettes are made with tobacco which contain nicotine which when smoked produce nicotinic acid which is now called Niacin a substance that Ron and other nutritionists believed countered the effects of Radiation which he believed was the key cause of cancer.

      Of course you never bothered to post the rest of what he said in that lecture but only choose to post the most controversial aspect.

      This would be considered dishonest “journalism”.

      Also he makes a *comment* that marijuana is effective as a therapeutic drug. Something various states in this country including the one I currently live in have finally acknowledged by legalizing Cannabis which BTW is cheaper and more effective as an antidepressant than the crap being pushed by Big Phama.

      So your point is?

      What he says a Benzedrine and Caffeine is true. They are both *stimulants* which sort of blows the theory that Scientology is just another form of “hypnotism” promoted by the anti Hubbard crowd.

      That said both Benzedrine and Marijuana affect processing results so are no longer recommended and haven’t been for over *sixty* years as the subject evolved.

      My recommendation is that you come up to present time.

      Regarding Ron’s “racist” remarks I suggest readers of these actually read or listen to the actual source of these comments so you yourself can see the actual context they are presented in.

      Finally anyone can take a bunch of scribbles and claim it was Ron’s “diary”.

      Something posted by our friend Gerry Armstrong a while back who also claims to have a hand written copy of “Affirmations” yet who when asked for a copy of the genuine article gets a poorly typed PDF which is allegedly a transcription of the real thing.


      Again I cite the following reference:

      As far as I’m concerned and in my *opinion* there has been a constant psywar operation against Scientology for years that OSA has been *incompetently* “handling” for years because the one ostensibly in charge is working on their behalf while pretending to protect Scientology.

  12. Also @ remoteviewed:

    Hubbard on Indians:

    “Now we say there’s, well, another place in the world—there’s India. Wonderful place — except for its people.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, “The Control of Hysteria” (lecture), 15 April 1957.

    On Asians:

    “They smell of all the baths they didn’t take. The trouble with China is, there are too many chinks here.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, personal journal, 1928

    “A Chinaman can not live up to a thing, he always drags it down. Hence…is rather dirty in spite of Japan’s efforts to clean it up.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, personal journal, 1928

    “This is the only way I know of to keep Anzo from being deluged with Asiatic hordes.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, HCO Information Letter, “Anzo Supplement”, 17 February 1969

    “When this government [Chiang Kaishek’s] finally fell there was no one ready to teach the Chinese the human way of life.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard, The Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin, Vol. 2, No. 1, “Education and the Auditor”, July 1951

    “…China, slavishly dedicated to ancient scholars, incapable of generating within herself sufficient rulers to continue, without bloodshed, a nation.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Fundamentals of Thought, Chapter “Causation and Knowledge”, Section “Civilization and Savagery”, page 113-114, 1997.

    “You can put these things into the hands of some Chinese and send him to Hong Kong and we’ll have cleared chinks.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard, Secrets of the MEST Universe (lecture 1), “Methods of Research: The Thetan as an Energy Unit”, 6 November 1952.

    “The very nature of the Chinaman holds him back. If his fellow should fall, John thinks it quite proper that he stamp on the underdogs face.”
    -L. Ron Hubbard, Ron’s Letters and Journals, “Early Years of Adventure” (Asia Diaries, 1927-1929)

    “When it comes to the Yellow Races overruning the world, you may laugh … [The Chinese] have neither the foresight or endurance to overrun any white country in any way except by intermarriage. One American marine could stand off a great many yellowmen without much effort.”
    -L. Ron Hubbard, personal journal (Asia Diaries, 1927-1929) as quoted by Russell Miller in Bare-Faced Messiah, page 42.

    Hubbard’s opinion of Japanese:
    “Japanese is a baby talk — very, very hard to read, very, very, easy to talk. … A very faint kind of language.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, New Slant on Life, Bridge Publications, 1997.
    “One of the reasons they [the Japanese] have bad eyesight is probably these microscopic characters [furigana] which have many lines and strokes to them. … We wonder why they went mad and bombed Pearl Harbor when they knew they couldn’t win. That [the Japanese language] would be a reason.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, “The Part Played by the Analytical Mind” (lecture), 19 July 1950 (as quoted by Anthony Roberts in an a.r.s. post)
    “There is no madder nation than Japan. … And that nation has the highest rate of suicide, has the highest rate of thick-lens glasses and did the most suicidal trick a few years ago. It’s the doggonedest country.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Perception of Truth, part 2: “Logics 1-7″, a lecture given on 10 November 1952.

    Hubbard taught school on Guam for one month when he was a young man. The island’s native population, the Chamorros, made an impression upon him:
    “… gooks … really more or less savage at heart.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, personal diary, June-July 1927

    Hubbard on Arabs:

    “In North Africa they had the Arab with the gun and whip, but he could force people to do things … and he accomplished a tremendous amount of extermination, but he certainly didn’t advance that civilization very much.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard, PAB No. 119, 1 September 1957, as published in Level 0 PABS (c.1968, The American St. Hill Organization)

    “He’s [the Arab] been going crazy steadily and gradually ever since he lost the early very fertile basins of the Middle East. He’s been going crazy ever since he failed to learn wheat farming and brought about the erosion of all of the fertile areas of the Middle East.
    “This race has been going for a very, very long time and has been eating death for a very long time and it is death. … They have eaten death too long and now they bring death to the things they touch.
    “The Arab is to a point where he won’t even follow a decent leader. He’s got to have a man of blood, a man of cruelty, exaggeration and bigotry. Then he’ll follow him.
    “…the Arab is trying to be pleased with death and murder and mayhem and disease and poverty and political unrest.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, 20th Advanced Clinical Course, “Case Analysis—Rock Hunting”, lecture of 4 August 1958

    Hubbard on Egyptians (and French):

    “Those small brown men who sell their sisters on the streets of Cairo were once the mighty Egyptians.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Ability, issue 56, October 1957, quoted in Winning (“News Journal of the Office of Special Affairs”) vol.1, iss.3, 1997

    On the Jewish race:

    “Now it’s of peculiar interest to an Arab country that there is a company and a certain set of bankers who also finance the World Federation of Mental Health. …and we see that although the KGB and so forth seems to be associated with the World Federation of Mental Health, their other organization in action seems to go back to Jewish Bankers.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Aides Conference, “Covert Operations”, 2 November 1969

    “Furthermore, [Sigmund Freud] had a racial fixation on sex, a fixation sufficiently pronounced to cause it to infect contagiously all modern European stock.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, PAB No. 92, “A Critique of Psychoanalysis”, 10 July 1956

    On Blacks:

    “The South African native is probably the one impossible person to train in the entire world — he is probably impossible by any human standard.”
    -L. Ron Hubbard, Professional Auditors Bulletin No. 119, 1 September 1957, “The Big Auditing Problem,” as published in Level 0 PABS (c.1968, The American St. Hill Organization).

    “As long as a white foreman is there, they will prevent soil erosion; but the moment that a white foreman turns his back — boo! There goes the whole program.
    “And you finally get up to the point of where he’s [native] supposed to take care of something, a lesson which has never been taught to the native of South Africa.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard, 15th ACC (Power of Simplicity) lecture “Education: Point of Agreement”, 30 Oct 1956.

    “The insanity rate per capita in South Africa is appalling. …it is easily seen that a primary requisite in any programme of the rehabilitation of the Bantu in South Africa would be mental health…”

    –L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB April 1960, “The Scientific Treatment of the Insane”

    “A “black South African’s” withholds read not only on the needle [of the E-meter] alone but on the Tone Arm [sensitivity adjustment] as well.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, E-Meter Essentials, section I: “Meter Oddities”, 1988 (pg. 24)

    “Perhaps the unusually strong withholds can be explained by the Bantu’s mercenary nature:
    Because the one thing — the very, very commercial little culture the Bantu has … the idea of commerce and money and that sort of thing is very deeply ingrained in these people.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, SHSBC, “Errors in Time”, 18 July 1963

    “…the African tribesman, with his complete contempt for truth and his emphasis on brutality and savagery for others but not for himself, is a no-civilization.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, Bridge Publications: Los Angeles, 1997.

    “You’ll find in Africans a fantastic amount of heavy space opera and so on, going on … which makes the colored African very, very interesting to process because he doesn’t know why he goes through all these dances … and why he feels so barbarous ….”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, 1st Melbourne ACC, lecture “Principal Incidents on the Track”, 27 November 1959.

    “They took people who were totally dedicated to certain tribal procedures … and said, ‘You’re free.’ And they said, ‘Free. Free? Free. Ah! You mean there’s no police anymore.’ Boom! Boom!”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, State of Man Congress, Opening lecture, 1 January 1960.

    “The Zulu is only outside the bars of a madhouse because there are no madhouses provided by his tribe. … primitives are far more aberrated than civilized peoples. Their savageness, their unprogressiveness, their incidence of illness …”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, 1995.

    The Church runs security checks on members suspected of certain criminal behaviors. The Johannesburg Security Check is “the roughest security check in Scientology” and consists of a series of pointed questions which Scientologists answer while on the E-meter (in this case, used more like a lie detector than an auditing tool). Included in the list of “crimes” is engaging in an intimate relationship with a member of a “colored” race. A selected portion of the questions demonstrates the seriousness of this crime:

    “Have you ever slept with a member of a race of another color? Have you ever committed culpable homicide? Have you ever bombed anything? Have you ever murdered anyone? Have you ever kidnapped anyone?”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 7 April 1961, “Johannesburg Security Check”

    There are hints that Scientology membership was limited to whites, at least initially, in their organizations in southern Africa.
    “Now if we can get white population, immigrants and big companies and so on moving into Africa and if we can get with that Scientology well established in Southern Africa, why we can then look forward to a salvage operation base, in case the northern hemisphere’s lights go out.
    –L. Ron Hubbard, recorded talk to the Saint Hill staff about Rhodesia, 6 May 1966

    “As South Africa has a white population of only 2.8 million or thereabouts, you can see that every other central organization in the world has been out-created.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB 17 July 1959, “Africa over the Top”

    Hubbard appears to have thought the problem of apartheid was overstated.
    “The problem of South Africa is different than the world thinks. There is no native problem. The native worker gets more than white workers do in England! […] The South African government is not a police state. It’s easier on people than the United States government!
    –L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB 10 October 1960, “Current News”

    “It is considered in England and the United States that the Government of South Africa is altogether too harsh with its native peoples. It is sadly humorous to notice that the native in South Africa, however, holds an exactly reverse opinion and the fault he finds with the South African Government is that it is far too lenient in its administration of laws throughout the native populace.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard, PAB No. 96, “Justice”, 15 September 1956

    “For instance, my boy Jamble … I used to tell him “yes, I know Jamble — you’re a good boy even though you do drink and smoke dacca and gamble — that has nothing to do with me, you’re still a good boy” and you know he came way up tone arm. I noticed he drank less and I think he stopped smoking dacca entirely but he didn’t stop gambling because Master used to give him a pound to go out to the race track and lose.
    “… tremendous labour supply in the Bantu, the Mshombe, the Matabele, these people are very hard-working people and under proper direction are quite productive. … and here is this perfectly valid labour supply — the African, who at this time is not being well utilised at all …”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Conference with the Guardian, 18 July 1966

    “But they served with great enthusiasm. Those people sure can work. The African sure can work. That’s one thing nobody has ever quite noticed about them. They are very hard-working people.”

    –L. Ron Hubbard, “About Rhodesia”, lecture given on 19 July 1966

    “Having viewed slum clearance projects in most major cities of the world may I state that you have conceived and created in the Johannesburg townships what is probably the most impressive and adequate resettlement activity in existence.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Letter to South African Prime Minister Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, 7 November 1960, Johannesburg; reprinted in part in G.P.C. Kotzé, Inquiry into the Effects and Practices of Scientology 1972

    “Illiterate cultures do not survive and they are not very high. The natives of the tribe of the Bugga Bugga Booga Boogas down in Lower Bugga Wugga Booga Woog are mostly no longer with us, or they are around waving red flags today and revolting against their central government.
    “And they didn’t learn fast. Their literacy was not up to absorbing culture rapidly.
    “They’ve been very happily down amongst the bong-bong trees, you know, dancing up and down amongst the bong-bong trees, and the highest level of their interest and so forth was their own back yard.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, The Study Tapes, “Study: Evaluation and Information”, lecture given on 11 August 1964

    “Actually, have you ever noticed how a Negro, in particular down south, where they’re pretty close to the soil, personifies MEST? The gatepost and the wagon and the whip and anything around there—a hat. They talk to them, you know. ‘What’sa mattuh wi’ you hat?’ They imbue them with personality.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Therapy section of Technique 80 (“Route to Infinity” tapes), Part I, a lecture given on 21 May 1952

    “Unlike yellow and brown people, the white does not usually believe he can get attention from matter or objects. … ”The white goes further. He often believes he can get attention only from whites and that yellow and brown people’s attention is worthless. Thus the yellow and brown races are not very progressive, but, by and large, saner.”
    –L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, Bridge Publications: Los Angeles, 1997.

    • Well produced evidence for the doubters. Unfortunately, it is a shock, it was a great shock to me, to come to know that LRH was a hypocrite. His actions belied his words.
      And we have had the wrong end of the stick about him from the beginning. We bought the bs only because we are social personalities. Whew!
      But it is what it is. The truth will out!

      • Oh how nice HC.

        Is it because a I pointed out you’ve taken a bunch of comments posted out of context on the ‘net and never bothered to consult the actual source first before drawing your conclusions?

        Like others who allegedly discovered the so called “truth” and are presenting as such to us poor benighted.

  13. OSA took notice of the SA Purif facebook page b/c the comments section is filled with glowing reviews now. They are all posted as of 11-15hrs ago, looks very co-ordinated

    • They should send back-in-comm a commendation for bringing their attention to it. Joke is that of the 4 success stories, 3 come from overseas SCN’s. Couldn’t they find enough South Africans???? Wonder if the correction was done by OSA Int or our local OSA here?

      • Gee why am I not surprised?

        Typical of OSA’s incompetence which shines through with every action they do.

        Probably their only stat that is “straight up and vertical” “for real” etc. is number of foot bullets.

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