Rena Weinberg – the untold story

This article was submitted by one our ex-SA patriot Scientologists. We thank him/her for shining the light on this important story.


Every now and then a South African becomes a star in Scientology’s firmament.

There was the illustrious John McMaster announced by LRH to be the first real Clear.  Seen and heard all over the world.  John turned out to be a great and moving ambassador for the movement.  Unfortunately he came to an untimely end by being declared a suppressive person and thus disappeared from view.

John McMaster was a product if you can call it that of the Sea Organisation launched in the sixties and run by Hubbard himself.

It ‘ran aground’ so to speak in the seventies when it returned to the United States and set up a land base that became known as Flag.

Little was heard from Hubbard after that and a decade later he died and the ensuing power struggle between the disgraced Guardian Office and the Sea Org resulted in the triumph of the latter.

In 1984 in an effort to recover from the bad press and non existent public relations of the Church of Scientology an organization known as the International Association of Scientologists was born at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead.  Its prime purpose:  to create a war chest to fight off legal battles that were looming.

Ever since then the IAS has bestowed a series of Freedom Medal awards on individual Scientologists.  Among these have been no less than six South Africans.

These were Joan Lonstein, Rena Weinberg, Greg Capazorio, Lawrence Anthony and Kevin Jones.

Joan Lonstein was conspicuous by her absence from the 2004 Freedom Medal winner Summit held at Saint Hill in 2004.  Lawrence Anthony passed away several years ago;  Kevin Jones tried to pawn or sell his medal only to find out that all that glitters is not gold thus it was valueless (he was was financially struggling at the time  and is now a staff member in Johannesburg).

But of all the South African medal winners we would like to focus on one.

Rena Weinberg.

Who is Rena Weinberg?  When the Pretoria Org was about to open,  first rumours were rife that David Miscavige himself was to do the ribbon cutting.  Then it was rumoured that Rena Weinberg was going in his stead.  But at the end of the day it was merely Kerry Ibert (daughter of Geoff Murray) who got the honours.

Back to Rena Weinberg.  According to Wikipedia she is the President of the Association for Better Living and Education.  So, one can ask, how did she reach that elevated position?

Rena Weinberg is mentioned by Marc Hedley in his book Blown for Good.  During Marc’s gradual absorption into the Sea Organisation he was posted for a while at the International headquarters of ABLE (Association for Better Living and Education) and he tells how this South African lady was the Executive Director.  He said that he was told she had joined the Sea Org at the age of 16 and finally found herself in a key position.

Well there is no way that Rena Weinberg joined the Sea Org at the age of 16. Rena was born Rena Rosy.  A nice Jewish girl but she turned out to be a nasty junvenile delinquent.  Into sex and drugs (mostly marijuana) in her home town of Durban, Natal.  She was enrolled in University studying Engineering at the time (circa 1973). Her father was only too pleased to give permission for Rena to join staff whereupon she dropped out of University and was then rapidly recruited into the Guardian Office.

Stationed in the Johannesburg head office of the GO (known as GOAF), it was not long before Rena became Mrs Theo Hill.  Her husband (and John McMaster incidentally) were both featured in news items in Auditor 35 which appeared recently on Mike Rinder’s blog. A very youthful Theo (Toff) Hill was shown on the shoulders of his father at Saint Hill, being lauded as the youngest Clear. Years later, when he met and wanted to marry Rena, he had to get circumcised to comply with Jewish lore.

Well in the African Guardian Office young Mrs Hill was posted into the notorious Bl (Bureau of Information, formerly Intelligence) and soon became the number one under cover black ops person ever known throughout the entire network for Africa.

One would bump into Rena in odd places;  shopping malls;  newspaper offices;  all over the place.  Sometimes she would be wearing a blonde wig;  other times a black one – she was always dressed in a tight mini skirt, and was obviously using her sex appeal to further her subterfuge activities.   Sometimes one would hear she was known by one name;  on other occasions by another.

Aided by a young Austrian by the name of Hans Lehner (father of JBG Org Staff member Diane Cook) who was later deported, and a young South African by the name of Richard Beghin, this trio repeated the actions of their counterparts in the USA by breaking not only into the Department of Health but also offices of the Dutch Reformed Church who was vehemently opposed to Scientology.  Operation Snow White was alive and well in South Africa. Daily coded telexes reporting their shenanigans were being sent back and forth between GOAF and GOWW (situated at Saint Hill).

When things began to heat up and the Bureau of State Security (BOSS) began taking an interest in the activities of the South African Guardian Office, Rena hopped on a plane and hid out with the UK branch housed at Saint Hill Manor.   When the heat died down she received a cable “Dear …..(her code name)….all clear;  fly home fast”.

Soon, as a result of its vigorous recruit programme, GOAF was able to secure the services of a nice young Jewish dentist from a wealthy Johannesburg family by the name of Brian Weinberg.  It was not long before Mrs Rena Hill divorced Theo and became Mrs Rena Weinberg. No circumcision was needed this time.

Then the house came tumbling down and the GO was disbanded.  One of its six bureaux was known as Social Co-ordination (SOCO) and this was the bureau that housed all the “social reform” activities engaged in by the Guardian Office.  Major juggling occurred.  Many GO staff simply walked away and the rest joined the Sea Org;  spent some time on a “deck project force” (forerunner of the Rehabilitation Project Force) for their sins and were then posted to a variety of Sea Org posts.   Gordon Cook, the head of GO AFRICA went to the USA and took over Mary Sue Hubbard’s post of Controller.  Jane Kember whom Hubbard had appointed “Guardian for Life” was extradited from the UK and went to prison in the US.

Gordon Cook was present during the Miscavige-run Mission Massacre and Finance Police era. He found the conditions so appalling under the new regime that he and his wife Yvonne together with their two small children blew under the pretext of visiting their family in South Africa.  They were both declared suppressive for not returning to the US.  Apart from attending LRH’s memorial service in Johannesburg in 1986,  Cook never put his foot near Scientology again.

The Social Co-ordination Bureau became the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) and Rena Weinberg was soon sailing under this bright new flag.  She and Brian packed up and headed for the U.S.   They had access to Brian’s family funds and could pretty well dance to their own tune.  Needless to say they were now Sea Org and Rena, for sure, needed a ‘shore story’.  The one dreamed up for her was that she had been “under age” when she carried out all her dark deeds for the GO and therefore she could not be held culpable!!   Tell that to the Marines!

Where is Rena now?   Her ‘message’ as President of ABLE INT still shows on the ABLE website but rumour had it not long ago that she was languishing in the notorious Hole at Hemet.

Who knows?   Perhaps that is where she should be.  Narconon, one of the programmes headed by ABLE is in deep trouble;  Criminon and the education/literacy arm Applied Scholastics are also struggling.

So Quo Vadis ABLE INT.




46 thoughts on “Rena Weinberg – the untold story

  1. A few items, for purposes of clarification.
    The CMO (Commodore’s Messenger Organization) was placed above the GO (Guardian Office) by LRH. Mary Sue wasn’t pleased with that, but she was headed to federal prison at the time, and was hardly in a position to challenge her husband’s orders.
    There are many accounts by those close to the action, and to LRH, to confirm that LRH, on all matters of consequence, knew about and over-saw GO activities
    The Mission massacre was run by Miscavige, but ordered by LRH.
    MODERATOR COMMENT: B.V. Ortz – your last sentence has been moderated. You have been taken up on this issue before. We are asking yet again that you respect our moderation policy regarding ad-hominen and anti-LRH remarks.

    • BV – not sure why you found it necessary to “clarify” anything.

      The GO was NOT under the regime of the CMO during the time the accounts in this article were happening (1970’s). Jane Kember was DG WW and MSH was the Controller. Of course LRH was being informed – he was the one who formed the GO and appointed MSH in the first place! There is a Guardian Order by LRH explaining the whole reason for the formation of the GO – it was in every basic GO Staff hat-pack. There was NO doubt that LRH, ultimately, was the head honcho- many Guardian Orders were written by him (blue on blue)..

      The CMO only came onto the scene when the GO was already in the process of being disbanded and Operation Snow White had been exposed, resulting in the incarceration of a number of GO Staff. It was only then that the GO was “absorbed” by the Sea Org, with many GO staff being transferred into the SO (as is stated in the article). It’s a well-known fact that all the previous Guardian Order Policies were merely renamed to OSA Directives.

      Not sure why you had to state “the Mission Massacre was run by Miscavige……” – isn’t this the same as being “led” by him? Of course, onto that, you had to tack the reference to LRH.

      I have read a number of your posts now, and it seems that any opportunity you get to take a dig at LRH, you are quick to take it up.

      • As I wrote, the CMO was placed over the GO by LRH when Mary Sue was headed to federal prison, which was in 1981.
        Regarding the Mission massacre, even Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder have confirmed that the orders to crush and loot the Missions came from LRH.
        Historical accuracy is not an attack.
        That said, I understand and support the purpose of this forum, and gladly accept moderation, and have found that moderation to be fair.

      • Thank you BV Orts.
        “Historical accuracy is not an attack.”
        Truth can be uncomfortable and as long as misemotion is kept out of discussing or clarifying facts, I’m all for putting it on the table.

      • Let us not berate someone for provide some additional information, especially if that info is contrary to your own belief.
        “Historical accuracy is not an attack”.- B.V.Orts

      • The Mission Massacre WAS instigated by LRH. The entire thing, from start to finish, was orchestrated by LRH. It was his origination entirely. Miscavige was running/led the show – under the express orders of LRH.
        I’m a bit mystified at to why this is being called ‘taking a dig at LRH’. It is the truth, it is fact. Why shouldn’t it be mentioned as such?

      • Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true. – Adyashanti.

    • BV,

      Until I see an actual written order from Ron or anyone else removing Mary Sue from here Lifetime appointment as Controller I will dispute what you say because it is nothing but hearsay.

      What is actually in writing is a completely different narrative where Miscavige admits lying to Mary Sue regarding this dutifully recorded in the St. Petersburg Times NKA Tampa Bay Times:

      Read it for yourself and stop spreading myths based on your personal prejudices appropriate since we are on the subject of prejudice here.

      Also until I actually see anything in writing that Ron ordered the mission massacre other than others posting (like some kind of echo chamber based on Goebbels-ian precept precept that if you say enough times then that confirms its veracity) that he did which is nothing but a “hidden data line” or more accurately agitprop.

      In other words you show me the signed *order* (which in fact violated Ron’s own personal policy on dealing with Missions or Franchises therefore would have junior to actual *policy* no matter who actually ordered it) which can be verified as issued by the Ol’man.

      Otherwise the “evidence” you present is nothing but circumstantial.

  2. Never knew Rena but I knew others like her who worked for the GO.

    Sometimes I wonder if we wouldn’t have been better off if the GO had won that Titanic struggle.

    A bunch of scofflaws and felons compared to a bunch of fanatical Nazis.

    Gee hard choice.

    At least the GO had a sense of humor which is something the average SO member can’t be accused of having.

    Remember if it wasn’t fun it isn’t Scientology. Heard that was quoted from Mary Sue.

    Anyway ABLE.

    What a joke.

    At least SoCo had relatively good PR and from what I remember there were no deaths reported from any of the Narconons they oversaw.

    Can’t say the same about ABLE which has a higher body count than your average Bruce Willis movie.

    Amazing that OSA and ABLE have the ability to make the GO and SoCo seem like paragons of virtue.

    One thing en passant is poor Theo having to get circumcised that musta taken a big slice outa the honeymoon 😉

    • Hi remote viewed. I really like your comments. I know a lady, now nearing 90 who was involved in that time. She once made the remark “the only mistake the GO made was to get caught!” When one considers some of the crimes perpetrated by most governments one can’t help but think she may have had a point. There was a fantastic sense of camaraderie in the GO and I will tell you this – in South Africa the GO was the only ‘arm’ of Scientology that did anything that could have been construed as ‘anti apartheid’.

      • Very Correct Heathcliff,

        In fact while most major newspapers were looking the other way Freedom published an article how they were using repressive psychiatric methods to keep the population in line while at the same time the IC here in America was quietly supporting SA’s brutal regime.

  3. First time Ive heard of her, glad I never met her! A bonefied honey pot to lure the insects into the fly trap! It takes a special type to do those things others balk at. Covert ops, undercover agents and all manner of cloak and dagger should never EVER be a part and parcel of a movement with aims of enlightenment! Play that game and its all over, thats a given on any Sunday!

    What ever happened to playing those games where everybody wins? Too boring for some it seems..

  4. Rena and Laurie Zurn, formerly DG US and head of ABLE Int (Rena was the President) were both in the Hole when I left in 2007. Both had been there for approximately a year. I don’t think they have been seen in public since.

  5. Interesting story, thanks. We knew Rena when she was working in Education Alive in SA and were actually on the ship with her when she received her Freedom medal. It was such a surprise as she was one of the first to get it and we didn’t even really know what it was… She even borrowed a dress to receive the award as she came very unprepared. Anyway unfortunately for her she attracted the ” Powers that Be” and she landed up in the States. Looking back at that time Rena’s stats were highly exaggerated and when I compare her stats to what was later achieved it was a joke– not that I want to invalidate what she did do. She certainly pioneered the idea of getting a good education into our very bad education system in SA. Anyway after that we used to see her from time to time at flag but she became quite manic and always had a huge agenda for pushing stats and getting money – she and Charmaine who left SA at more or less the same time.
    The next time we had anything to do with her was when she suddenly appeared on our doorstep, she was putting on one of her “capers” and was bringing out a very secret person to SA. We were all sworn to secrecy, it was none other than the great Will Smith. Oh my gosh what a fuss! We were required to empty out our Safari lodge of all other guests, we arranged a graduation in Bushbuckridge( local village where we were delivering basic study Manual to hundreds of local teachers and students) to show him our “good work” we had to hire a helicopter, grade our airstrip and hire in a plane to transport him to the lodge in the kruger. It was manic and crazy and alllllll for our expense of course. Well the day before he decided to hell with this woman who was trying to control him totally( as the arrogant Church tends to do) and he cancelled the trip. Of course we were left holding the financial baby and she just disappeared off the radar. We were absolutely furious but being good church members we just took it all smiling. My gosh when I look back on all these little incidents I cannot believe we were so stupid and gullible for so long.
    After that we only saw Rena a few times more at flag, I think the failure of this caper was the beginning of the end for her and she just looked more and more haggard. Then of course we heard the rumors that she was in the Hole trying to make up the damage to the grand master….. Poor woman, what a waste of a very able woman. Don’t get me wrong she was very cold and calculating and got what she wanted even if she left dead bodies behind.

    • Good for Will Smith!
      Though, sorry Gaye that you were so abused. How disgusting! If you’d refused, you’d probably have been called suppressive then already!
      We live and we learn. I believe, as Scientologists/ex-Scientologists, certainly ex-church members, that we’ve probably learnt a bit more than most, at least more expensively in every way – financially, emotionally, spiritually and even physically, but not in a good way. At least, we won’t be jerked off again so willingly.
      We have probably learnt a lot and in a good way, as well.

    • Wow Gaye – thanks for providing the “back-line” story to this incident. Will Smith did come to South Africa, and I remember it all being “hush hush” and super-secret – there was talk of him visiting the org, maybe a graduation or maybe even a fund-raiser!!! (heaven forbid).

      All he did in the end was to visit Summerhill School briefly – and ALL he wanted to do was spend time with the kids – which he did. Each child got a bookmark with a picture of him standing with a few of the school kids – I still have my daughter’s somewhere. I remember at the time picking up that he was non-plussed at being “told” what his agenda was to be, and he took control by doing what he actually wanted to do. It was after this that he and his wife sponsored an Applied Scholastics school in the USA (I believe now closed).

      Of course he didn’t come anywhere near the org. I have always had the idea that Will and his wife wanted to distance themselves from the religious aspect of SCN and their involvement in it – certainly from a public point of view.

      I had no idea that Rena was involved, nor the lengths you guys went to after being roped into this caper – what a crying shame.

      • I saw Will Smith and his young son on TV when he was out here. He donated R1million (I remember it being $1million because I seem to remember thinking, at the time, that R1million was not a lot of money for a well to do person.
        Trust the church to try to jump onto the band wagon, to gain kudus from a Will Smith visit. I’m embarrassed for them.
        I wonder what Will thinks now about the church and ‘his’ school that is closed down. I hope he’s seeing straight!

      • I left out that he’d donated the money to the Mandela Childrens’ Fund.
        And correction: “I remember is NOT being $1million….”

    • I too knew Rena Weinberg, Richard Beghin, Gordon Cook and quite a few others. I was GO GAS for Pretoria and interviewed various terminals who were attacking us in the seventies. It’s BS that we stole anything from Dept of Health or NG Church. We followed policy.
      What I did for the GO was to try and get some prediction of attacks which would then be neutralised. I attended NG Synods and interviewed various psychs.
      NG Church: FN Van Niekerk was anti anything that was not NG.
      He wrote books on dangers of Free Masons; Had an A=A re Scientology and “The Children of God”; He wanted to persuade the NG Synod and Director of Health, JC de Beer, to have scientology banned. The attack on Scientology was orchestrated world wide. Read “the missing report”
      Yes, the GO pushed in anchor points by indicating our litigiousness and by pointing out glaring falsehoods to opinion leaders. The GO abided by the laws of the country. We never stole any docs!
      I only discovered the Miscavige deception in about 1999 as an order was given that all ex GO’s needed to clean up by having the False Purpose rd. I then researched to find what had happened to Mary Sue as she was the Guardian and discovered that what occurred in the US was what the GO was supposed to prevent. I resigned from the Church and insisted on an SP declare as I wanted it broadly known that I had resigned and I wanted all my kids OUT.
      Scientology remains a workable tech and I think due to to the actions of people like Rena, Gordon Cook and many others we prevented the psychs from the overall control they were intent on.
      We had private mental health institutions who took overflow patients at a premium from govt. Most were only homeless people.
      We had Dr Aubrey Levine with his aversion therapy for gays at 1 Mil Hospital – He is now in goal in Canada.
      I would love to meet nomdeplume and give him a piece of my mind because I think he lacks it somewhat!

  6. Still bugs me extremely!! How, with all this whistle blowing and exposure of the hole and other gross human rights violations does DM get away with all this? I know there are many law suits currently being waged against the bastard but it defies logic for someone to be thus protected in a “democratic” country known for its Ille sue you mentality! One would think something wouldve stuck by now against him? Hes either one lucky SOB or he has devils in high places that mind him!

    • Sheeplebane,

      You say it bugs you extremely … how DM gets away with it. Consider this. If people – all over the world – throw obscene amounts of money at DM – which remains unaccounted for and can be done with what-ever-the-flavour of the day with it – whilst it piles up into Billions of $$$ – this money – gives licence to kill what-ever-comes-your way with impunity.

      This article written by Jeffrey Augustine this morning might shed light on how this is done..

      ‘The Church of Scientology is deliberately designed to be legally confusing, evasive, and dishonest. One example: Technically speaking, the “Church of Scientology” does not exist and never has existed. Here is what the Church told the IRS in a 1993 submission:

      Captain David Miscavige cannot run a non-existent entity. Therefore, when the Church, OSA, and the Captain’s lawyers point out that Captain Miscavige does not run the “Church of Scientology” they are quite correct.

      The question thus becomes: What, exactly, is Captain David Miscavige the Dictator over?

      The answer is that Captain David Miscavige is the Dictator of the entire Scientology Inc. ball of wax. Said another way, the entire Scientology Inc. ball of wax is the alter ego of Captain David Miscavige.

      And yet, even saying this still does not tell us what Captain Miscavige is the Dictator over. Indeed, as we showed in another post, the Church of Scientology International (CSI) has no employees and no members.

      CSI is a legal entity that owns property and operates based upon a license from RTC. CSI is administered by religious volunteers who belong to two unincorporated religious orders — both of which are not legal entities and so basically do not exist in any legal sense.

      Former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson is now one of 22 lawyers working for David Miscavige and the other defendants in Rathbun v. Miscavige et. al. in Comal County, Texas. Mr. Jefferson stated in his recent Writ of Mandamus:

      “Plaintiff asserts that Mr. Miscavige exercised control because he leads the Sea Organization, a religious order within Scientology. But the ‘Sea Org’ is not a corporate entity; it has no physical or legal existence. It is not incorporated or established pursuant to legal formalities. It has no constitution, charter or bylaws, and no formal or informal ecclesiastical, corporate, or other management structure. It has no directors, officers, managing agents, or other executives; no employees, staff members, or volunteers; no income; no disbursements, no bank accounts or other assets; no liabilities; no stationery; no office, home, address, or telephone number. It does not create or maintain any financial, personnel, or other records. It can neither give nor receive orders because it has no one to either give or receive them or to carry them out. It cannot sue or be sued. (MR1810-12 at ¶13.) The evidence Mrs. Rathbun has submitted fails to establish a prima facie basis for an alter ego finding, because none of it involves the defendants’ purported contacts relating to this suit, nor does any of it speak to the organizations’ current practices.”

       The Church of Scientology does not exist.
       The Sea Org can neither give nor receive orders because it has no one to either give or receive them or to carry them out.
       Captain Miscavige does not run the Church of Scientology.
       Captain Miscavige’s rank is only an honorary title in a legally nonexistent religious order.
      The only way any of this legal tissue of lies begins to make any possible sense is when considered in terms of L. Ron Hubbard’s words about the design and construction of the Church of Scientology:

      “If anybody tried to attack a Scientology organization and pick it up and move it out of the perimeter or go over the hills with it today — this happened to us once — why, they would find themselves involved in the most confounded weird mass of legal — well, it is just like quicksand. Quicksand. It’s an interesting trick. Every time they shoot at you on the right side of a horse, you’re on the left side of the horse; and then they prove conclusively you’re on the left side of the horse, you prove conclusively that you’re on the right side of the horse. They go mad after a while. This is what the basic legal structure is.”

      Despite its attempts at adroit and clever legal evasion, the true construction of the Church of Scientology is known. At present, Scientology Inc. rests upon the demented psyche and character of Captain David Miscavige and his cabal of wog lawyers. This is a marriage made in hell and one guaranteed to fail at a certain threshold.

      Scientology Inc. is an IRS-enabled monster on a very short leash.
      The leash may even become a noose under the right circumstances.

      • PS – and at some time look out for this move from DM.

        L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 12 February 1967, “The Responsibilities of Leaders – ‘When you move off a point of power, pay all your obligations on the nail, empower all your friends completely and move off with your pockets full of artillery, potential blackmail on every erstwhile rival, unlimited funds in your private account and the addresses of experienced assassins and go live in Bulgravia and bribe the police.’

      • ‘When you move off a point of power, pay all your obligations on the nail, empower all your friends completely and move off with your pockets full of artillery, potential blackmail on every erstwhile rival, unlimited funds in your private account and the addresses of experienced assassins and go live in Bulgravia and bribe the police.’
        You said it Jane – like master like servant.

      • Dear Anti Ron Amen Corner,

        Why don’t you try posting the whole PL?

        Also this wasn’t the tech Miscavige was applying according to him he was applying Dale Carnegie’s (interesting because that was similar to the tech that Mason applied to his Family according power is assigned to people who are listened to according to the Man Behind Scientology which I linked to earlier.

        Also since I won’t be accused of what I call sound byte psywar like others on this board:

        Unfortunately you’ll actually have to read a book here instead of acquiring all your (dis)information from Wikipedia.

      • Many thanks for this, Jane. DM will take the money and run!
        Unless the noose hangs him first due to his complacency and/or over condfidence of his position in his ivory tower. One can hope for this.

  7. So does one assume that sexy cute Rena in her mini tight skirts and dark undercover ops performing under-the-table deeds, dirty and illegal deeds so she had to take cover at St. Hill out of S. African jurisdiction when things got *HOT* ~~ why all these characteristics made her a *NATURAL* for Freedom Medal Winner of the International Association of Scientologists! 🙂

  8. I’m sadly disappointed by this article. It lacks dates, stats, facts. Rena doesn’t seem to have a single good quality, apparently, per this article anyway, nor anyone else mentioned? It seems, to me at least, that ABLE was running much better, turning out good products while she was still the President, present and active in person, compared to the global dwindling in the past years without her. Anyone, in particular the author, ever thought about what her purpose might have been for joining? Have we really deteriorated into talking about beautiful women’s sex appeal and how they use it and husbands who are or aren’t circumcised?

    • Yes it is a character assanation, but if only 1/10th is true it is justified. What staggers me about the Scientology public and ex public is how they defend the indefensible and are prepared to overlook severe out ethics under the justification they were somehow doing good. Yes sometimes the end may justify the means in extreme circumstances but I haven’t seen any good endings from any of those people. Wake up

      • You mean like you defending assassinating a person’s character?

        BTW not all Scientologists think the same way.

        This is what is called a generality.

    • Meja Deja, I disagree that the article lacks dates, stats and facts.

      Firstly, the dates of these occurrences are all pretty well-known by now, the period of Operation Snow White, when the GO was disbanded, the year/s in which the Missions Massacre and Finance Police events occurred, and when the Sea Org took over what was once the GO. – Why is it necessary to repeat these dates?

      I am not sure what stats you wanted? How many covert-ops were run? How many telexes were sent back and forth? How many “enemies” were quelled? How many illegal acts occurred? I don’t know why you would want or need these stats.

      Thirdly, as to the facts, I can attest to this article being utterly factual. I should know, as I was working in the GO with Rena and everyone else mentioned in the article at the time. My post was that of Dir Comm GOAF. All communication into and out of the GO went via me. I was privy to every single activity going on within the GO, the orders coming down from up-lines, compliance and progress reports going back etc – it all came through me.

      I do not believe the author made any inference as to the character of the people mentioned – these are things that happened, and consequent results that occurred as a result of these actions. The fact that Gordon Cook walked away after he witnessed Miscavige in action IMO makes him a man amongst men, and it was a sad day in Scientology to lose his shoulder against the wheel. The fact that Rena stayed on and rose to greater heights AFTER she had been involved in illegal black-ops and other Snow White activities (which were crimes for which she could have gone to jail for) goes to show the very criminal organisation that SCN has become today. Sad, but true.

      I hope this data gives some credence as to the accuracy and facts contained in the article.

      • Go Shelley! You’re right on – this is an opinion piece eliciting comment, not a court of law. These pricks hid behind ‘facts and stats’ knowing full well we rarely have access to them. As to a character assassination – for Christ’s sake the poor woman’s in the Hole.

      • Great comment, Shelley. I get tired of the theetie wheatiness of certain people still wanting to hold on to illusion of whatever they need to hold on to. The facts are not pretty.
        The church is corrupt, the seniors in high places are corrupt… If anyone is not corrupt, show it by leaving and exposing the corruption!

      • Dear CSAL,

        The reason that many of us are commenting on this blog is because we realize the Church is corrupt.

        So you are either preaching to the choir or are being arrogant.

  9. I had not known Rena before 1988, nor did I know she had a history with the GO and had been involved in under cover Ops, but that does not influence my own experience working with her.

    I worked for 4 years as the CMO Programs Operator for ABLE, and was responsible at that time for seeing that key strategic targets for Applied Scholastics, Criminon, and TWTH were met. Rena
    was a dedicated Sea Org member, with a purpose. As the years passed, they had flaps of various kinds, but there was progress and expansion in the areas she was responsible for. Not saying that all was rosy, but there was real live products, not PR false hype.

    DM has controlled her for years and the fact that she is in the Hole and has been there for at least 7 years, shows that he considers her enough of a threat that he has to nullify her. That she has overts and withholds of her own, is just part of the sequence that allows DM to control, manipulate and nullify her.

    In that place, for that long, she has had her prison sentence. That is my view.

    She is basically good as a being. Yes, she has committed enough overts and put enough nails in her own coffin, that she is now behind razor wire (literally) and subject to pyschological and emotional Black Scientology. But if I had the opportunity to get her out of there — I would.

    Just saying.

    Here is a pertinent article on the subject:

  10. I’m a young man who is not a scientologist and have never stepped into an “org”, but am interested in the trajectory of the church, particularly after reading Going Clear and Russell Miller’s book. I follow this blog and two others to keep up to date with this. I like most of the stuff here but was a bit disappointed with the above. “Nasty juvenile delinquent” — “into sex and drugs” — goodness me. From the little I understand of scientology ethics, I’m aware that sex wasn’t exactly encouraged (nor drugs obviously) but if someone is writing for this blog, I suppose I assume there will be a little bit more outside perspective on such matters.

    What fascinates me, though, is that a particular writing style of ad-homonym attack that I see in Scientology publications (freedom magazine, church press releases, attack blogs) also comes across occasionally in outside-of-the-church writers too. The above is a good example. It’s not how the rest of the world writes, guys. But I don’t want to preach. I’m mainly curious about why/how this occurs. Hubbard always seems quite jolly and avuncular in his writings.

    I hope I have not written anything here against the rules, if I have let me know and I can edit.

  11. Dont have a lot of detail here but I know they recently declared one of the ex-GO staff who really did pioneer Education Alive – Jenny Retief. Rena just came on the scene afterwards because she needed to be seen as someone other than a Bl operative. And having declared Jenny Retief they then got onto her mother who had been doing voluntary work for Crimanon for more than a decade and she had to stop because she was ‘now connected to an SP’. Makes ya wanna vomit!

  12. My first comment somehow did not get through, I guess because I’m not a scientologist (it would be nice, if you’re going to moderate posts, to publish but then edit them to let people know what’s expected). I thought this article was a bit vitriolic – some of the stuff you post here is so interesting and profound.

  13. Shelley’s data is correct here. She personally typed all the telexes, personally sent and received all the mail packs. Saw to the distribution of comms in and out of the GO. I went with her on some of the comm runs to the airport.
    She fails to mention she used to have to borrow George Bourne’s VW Beetle to get there. ( un road- worthy vehicle) when she was 15 years old ( 3 years under the legal age for driving at the time) and frequently had to do some private fund raising to pay for the postage costs and petrol. It was quite normal. “You are the Dir Comm and it is your responsibility to get these comm runs done. Make it go right! ” And being Shelley, she did.

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