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Rhona MemorialYesterday, 29 June 2014, a memorial was held for Rhona Smit. If you missed it you can see the memorial we wrote for her here.

It was attended by just over 90 people and it was a fitting tribute to this wonderful long standing Scientologist. But beyond the fitting farewell it was profound at another level: Rhona had spent some time reconnecting with people with whom she had lost contact including former friends who had either left or been expelled from the church. Many of those were present yesterday.

In the room were people who knew each other but had not had any contact for 20, 30 or in one case 40 years. To see all these old friends getting back in comm was a joy to witness. 3 hours after the service ended there were still pockets of people catching up.

The wealth of knowledge, experience and intellect present yesterday was also a stark reminder of what Scientology could have been. All that talent and passion was simply thrown away and wasted.

But we suspect, not for long. The friendships rekindled represent a hope that something meaningful can still exist.

Back in comm. This is what we wish to represent and it is immensely powerful.

Thank you to everyone who was there and to those who sent wonderful tributes.




In Memorium: Rhona Smit

Rhona 007

On Friday 20 June 2014 Rhona Smit passed away at the age of 81.

Rhona had been a Scientologist for 60 years and worked for LRH. In the last year she became acutely aware of the issues facing Scientology internationally and thoroughly researched them. She made contact with long lost friends who long ago left the church. In her final months she contributed several articles to this blog and was deeply aligned to what we are trying to do: Allow Scientologists to get back in comm.

Rhona’s passing is representative of a reality we face: A diminishing number of people who knew LRH personally. It is of vital importance that their stories be preserved.

A private memorial will be held on Sunday the 29th of June. If there is anyone reading this who wishes to attend, please email us on

Following is Rhona’s obituary. Continue reading

Scientology, Psychiatry & Medical Science

This article was sent in by Travers Harris. It’s a little different to what we usually publish but it is interesting!

By Travers Harris

In 1970 I was sent on an LRH mission to the Scandinavian Orgs to promote the release of the new Expanded Dianetics. The theme was to have a “Crusade for a Happy & Well Country”. In Denmark it was called a “Happy & Well Denmark”. The crusade went off very well in the orgs that I went to. Currently with the incidence of disease increasing across the world, dianetics is inadequate to handle these diseases as witness the cancer deaths of some scientologists but also dianetics was not really intended to handle serious disease. In addition LRH policy was in the case of illness you should see a doctor.

LRH also wrote about the natural diet of the human race and the effects of sugar on the human body. He stated “Sugar bypasses the natural mechanisms of the body to produce sugar and burns up a body”. The natural diet of human beings, he wrote, was also unknown

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Being rooted to a time that is gone

We recently posted an article about Yet another library scampaign looking to get 2 copies of Clear Body, Clear Mind into “every library in the world”. A new email doing the rounds on this campaign uses an LRH quote that has been used to punt the idea of library donations:

“You’ve got to put the books in the local library You’ve got to do these things or nobody believes you’re there. Because they go and ask to be told by the shelf, before they’re told by a human being.”

It is not clear where exactly this quote comes from or when it was written or said. However, it is so indicative of how the thinking within the church has become moribund.

Without any deep research in the matter it is clear to anyone that the truth of this statement has long passed. Somewhere in the mid 2000s Google took over this function. We would be willing to bet that not a single reader of this blog ever goes to a library to ask a question.

This is not to say that the value of libraries has become defunct but to present a 40 year old statement as a unulterable truth in the modern digital world tells us why the church still believes it is possible to survive by control through the process of enforced disconnection.

A warrior speaks

by Wise Warrior


A little birdie told me I was declared (actually a few little birdies did, but that’s besides the point). No “official” announcement or direct communication from the Church of course. Just lots of little birdies doing the rounds with malicious slander, hate mongering and what-not.

I wasn’t surprised –  I was fully expecting it. I pretty much encouraged the Church to do it. I WANTED my freedom. I was certain without a shadow of a doubt that as long as I remained connected to the group calling themselves “The Church of Scientology”, I was trapped and would NEVER be free.

Consider being in the position of achieving the EP of Gr0, and then being handed a list of of some 4,300 (and counting) people that you are NOT ALLOWED to talk to. Consider graduating from the “How to Confront and Shatter Suppression Course” and then turning heel and literally running out of a shopping center because you saw an SP idly chatting to a friend outside the shop you wanted to enter? (Yes, this happened to me just last week). I don’t call this freedom.

One of the many benefits of being declared is the new-found freedom of being able to communicate with ANYONE you choose – even long-forgotten “bitter apostates” and other equally salaciously labelled folk. Good people who were used, abused and thrown on the scrapheap to join many other long-lost heroes.

And so it was that I recently had the good fortune to meet up with just such a person – an old friend and someone I had last seen some 30 years ago when we were on staff together. As a result of the Finance Police and Mission Massacre – early to mid 80’s, a number of families were badly affected, including my friend’s. Some members of the family chose to walk away, and others decided to stay. Thanks to the criminal act of “enforced disconnection”, 30 years on, certain members of this family don’t know where their relatives are or even if they’re still alive.

None-the-less, the two of us had a wonderful time reminiscing about “the good ‘ol days” – the camaraderie and high ARC we shared with each other as we got on with producing good products. The “vibe” and hive of activity in the org, everyone working towards a common purpose and goal. We were a good bunch of people. And we still are.

Of course, the conversation eventually got around to the current state of affairs, and I spent some time trying to describe the current status quo.  As I was talking and upon seeing the reaction on my friend’s face to what I was saying, it occurred to me how completely insane it must sound to someone who had been away for so long. Had I not lived it, I would hardly believe it myself. After bringing my friend up to speed about the number of former high-ranking, highly trained and highly regarded people who had left the Church and were openly speaking out against the ongoing abuses, my friend remarked that it sounded like a war had been declared. Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

A couple of days later, I received an email from my friend with a link to a fascinating website. The page specifically linked to was on the subject of battles and/or wars – I found it a fascinating read.

I will provide the link to the website at the end of the article for those who would like to read more,  but I would like to note these two excerpts which I found particularly apt:

To the many heroes out there who continue to fight the good fight of exposing the truth despite everything the Church is throwing at you, this is my message:

“It is important to keep in mind that retreating from an individual battle does not mean that you are surrendering or declaring defeat in the war. A battle is no more than that – one battle. To continue with the battlefield/war analogy, a battle is simply one skirmish; your ultimate objective is to win the war. Many a pawn has to be sacrificed in a chess match in order to capture your opponent’s king, which is ultimately all that matters in the overall scheme of things.

 Always keep your ultimate objective in mind. Don’t let your pride or anger interfere with your overall victory. I know that this is easier said than done at times, but it is a very important part of the game, and one that takes some self-discipline and practice to perfect. Have an overall plan for victory. Be willing to sacrifice a battle here and there in order to win the war in the end, and don’t expend energy fighting a battle which cannot be won at any cost.

Be rational and deliberate”.

And to those in the Church who are actively ignoring, condoning or committing acts of abuse, harassment, malicious slander, enforced disconnection and other blatant crimes “in the name of Scientology”, this is YOUR message: 

“Many people feel the need to fight a losing battle just to prove to themselves or others that they are committed to their cause. This is not someone who is ultimately concerned with their final objective, but rather someone who is concerned with impressing those around them. This kind of action has more to do with pride than it does with strategy or common sense”


Yet another library scampaign

Merry go round3

  All aboard for another Library Campaign!

One of our eagle eyes alerted us to this email from Sebastian Howarth. This guy sure gets around. In one of our previous articles – “Ideal Org Update”, Sebastian appeared in a promo piece explaining how he had been working on the project to get a building purchased for Joburg North and was now in Cape Town with his wife and Stephen Smith to ensure that org was to be the next Ideal Org DONE. Continue reading