Ideal Orgs – Desperation much?


A couple of articles have appeared on this blog regarding the increasing desperation to get the funds together for the “Ideal Joburg North Org”, including the ED admitting to donating R2 Million by bonding his personal property.

One of our correspondents forwarded this bulk text message sent out by Brenda Petrie (Joburg org OT Committee Member and wife of ED Joburg FDN). The message was sent out before the fundraiser that was to be held this past Saturday.

A note should be made here, and that is that Brenda is normally an extremely mild-mannered, friendly and polite person. For her to send out such a message communicates just how desperate things are.

Message Follows:

“…Did you know?.. Its always the SAME people at fund raisers? Is this RIGHT? This is YOUR group. YOUR future. Please support our Ideal Org strat. Have a nice dinner. Be entertained. And IF you can..Donate. This is for all three orgs DONE (to you, sir COB) in GAUTENG. And towards an AO on SA soil!!…You can’t not-is that!! Please join us in the Chapel on Sat night. Ml Brenda Jhb OTC..Please respond Yes/No”

Message Ends

This message speaks volumes. One major difference is that there are even fewer of the SAME faces around after the massacre of some 30 former big spenders and/or movers & shakers that were heavily relied upon in the past.

The rest of the public not attending these events are either staying away in quiet protest, or are just plain worn out.

This should send a message loud and clear to those in charge – but will it ever be heard?

45 thoughts on “Ideal Orgs – Desperation much?

      • When the Flag World Tour Event were here last weekend (probably still here?), Joburg North was to hold an event for them on Saturday afternoon. It was cancelled. I’m not sure but it is probably because they had no confirms – my guess but a good one.
        How do they possibly believe that having a big building is going to change this? Where did these people go to school?
        The ED, Ian Hamilton, is an engineer, can’t he do the Maths?!

  1. “to you, sir COB” brown-nose?

    “You can’t not-is that!!”
    In fact that is called “to as-is”. LOL

    Dear church members,
    now you know that YOU ARE NOT ALLONE!
    It is not your personal “money engram” and it does make sense to stay away.

  2. “This is for all three orgs DONE (to you, sir COB) …” This needs to be amended to: “This is for all three orgs DONE (to you, you filthy dog COB) …”
    Just trying to add a little more accuracy to her otherwise inspiring message..

  3. Creation of this blog was a brilliant move as it allows people all over the world to see what is actually happening with Scientology in South Africa. Your level headed reporting makes this blog required reading for me every morning and has given me my first view of those who dedicated their lives and fortunes to helping their fellow man go free.

    It is here that one can clearly see the tragedy that organizational insanity has wreaked upon the people of South Africa. There are the senseless attacks on those who built the organizations and now the insane posturing of those who are demonstrating the depths of their indoctrination into what has become a madman’s cult.

    The game has gone from helping men go free of their aberrations to a frenzied scheme of building empty temples to a long forgotten dream. It mirrors the dramatization of last century’s cargo cults: If we build it they will come!

  4. “(to you, sir COB) ” … did she really say that in the email?? That is the weirdest thing. After all the ideal orgs are supposed to be for the benefit of the public, not the corncob!
    It would appear the cracks are widening. Wake up Brenda and Bob! You are not stupid people. Bob – how busy is your org? Too busy to handle all the business coming in? Are your staff well paid? Do you have staff? In fact Jhb org and Pta org should both be so flooded with public – new and old – that a 3rd org in the same small area is warranted.
    Their orgs are dead and yet they still feel it is OK to bilk your public to put another big, useless, empty and expensive building there.
    Shame on you Brenda. You are lying to your public. You are taking their money and you are trying to shame people into funding a thing that has been proven, world wide, NOT to work. I don’t know how you guys sleep at night.

    • Me, too, Tony. Clear indications of the real story from inside the bubble, not the BS “stats” and hyperbole publicized from on high. Sir, COB, be damned.

  5. The few die hards left in the church are being brought low by the suppositorical “command intention”! Personally there are better ways to get high than giving it all away at a fund raiser with the glee of insanity!
    Brenda Petrie mentions the same faces seen at these fund hellraisers. Perhaps they enjoy being the only ones, the newfound status must be delicious since the venerable Corbetts were tossed to the curb! When the money runs dry, what then? Status is such a capricious beast!
    To think Scientology Inc could have conquered the world. Instead it got MESTY and sold overground tombs & IAS badges! Underground we go then!

    • Well said, Sheeplebane.
      The problem is that the attitude of those who keep on attending is one of superiority. They believe that they’re the ones who are seeing the light, not the other way around. I know this because long ago when I was a member of the OTC and we’d hold a breakfast or an auction for the Joburg North org and the same old same old only crowd attended, we thought, and we voiced it, that we were the good guys, the bright buttons!
      It never entered our heads that ‘they’ were the sensible, logical ones.

      • Too right! I never want to feel so self righteous and know best as to what everyone needs to be free again! Im happy to live and let live. Yes Im still hopefull we can make a better existance with the tech but I wont dare to assume everyone wants it the way I see fit. Take the pressure off, relax a little and make the bigger philosophical decisions in a good frame of mind rather. Everything works better that way. This beats the push, push do it now or die modus used by the church as they fight imaginary dragons all day! Who says you cant enjoy yourself on the way off or out 😉

  6. (My reply to Brenda – Someone please cut and paste and send it to her.)
    Dear Brenda,

    You are certainly facing a large fund raising effort. I would like to help you. Please consider my free advice and assistance as my donation to your efforts.

    Firstly – you need to broaden your horizons way beyond the obvious few. Look past the same old tired faces attending these fun-filled- fund-raising events. Be graceful, let them go. How many years can people really take the hammering and pounding before getting really gat-vol?

    It is time for them to look after their own families. We are heading for a severe recession in South Africa, and do you really want to be responsible for forcing people into further debt just to please the sir-COB? You need to take a quick trip to all the nearby Idle Orgs. Ask yourself where are the people?

    You need to attack this issue from all sides. You need a significant amount of money, obviously it won’t be enough just to sell a few chocolate bars, or hold cake bazaars and hope for the best, although running such supplementary fundraising efforts can certainly help. After all – LRH did recommend that holding raffles, getting a magician or fortune teller in, auctioning off the second hand ashtrays – are very good fund raising ideas. It is so much easier, than training all those auditors, and delivering services.

    You will also seriously have to look at sending out fundraising letters, to the business community at large. I am sure you will find almost all to be sympathetic to the needs of the church of Scientology.

    As with most fund raising efforts, how you go about writing church fund raising letters matters very much. It’s not good enough to just raise funds from a small pool of people like myself – who donated to Cape Town Idle Org some six years ago, still waiting for at least a ‘thank you very much’ note of sorts.

    It will be a good, for those who are fundraising for Scientology – to get completely over the idea of ‘entitlement.’ The public needs to be informed. There are matters such as ‘who’ benefits in the final analyses from erecting all these Idle Orgs around the planet. I was told the local Org must still pay rent…. You want to think carefully about your letters, as phrasing and tone can make all the difference in how people perceive your church and its goals. And then in the final analyses – people need feedback. When you say you are going to do xyz – then deliver.

    When beginning your letter – it’s always best to start with an attitude of gratitude. Thank the person or business for any support they have given in the past, as people like to know that their contributions are appreciated, and are more likely to give again if you acknowledge that with appreciation.

    After that – don’t beat around the bush too much with trying to entice people with free dinners and entertainment, and the tone of hero-worship of a ‘sir-Cob.’ I almost got the idea that you were on your knees when you said that…. Really! It is so unbecoming when adults do that.

    People know what church fund raising letters are about, so don’t insult their intelligence by talking around the issue. Get right to the point – be bold – write to the COB as a priority, to tell him you need funds. He is personally able to fund these three Idle Orgs in Gauteng from his back pocket in an afternoon. Perhaps he will just have to cut back a bit on the Scotch and flown in caviar. Tell the COB that your church is growing; it’s trying to do its best with charitable works to serve the community.

    List these charitable activities. Tell him about those starving children in Rustenberg. Tell him that there are 900+ small children to be fed each day. Just imagine this – there are only 30 free loafs of bread for these little children per day. This is a feeding scheme – started by people who are starving themselves to help feed the starving children of the miners. This is happening right now, in real time each day in South Africa. Do you know what it is like for a child to be hungry? And it is now a bitterly cold winter. People do have mercy.

    Tell the sir-COB about these priorities. These are charitable deeds to be performed right here and right now in real time. In fact Jesus Christ, when he saw the hungry multitudes and he could only find five loaves of bread and a few fishes – looked up and prayed for a miracle. And low and behold – a miracle happened and he fed the multitudes!!

    So, just imagine what all those Super-Power-Beings in Clearwater can do, right here and right now in real time – for these starving children. Will it therefore be too much to ask the COB of the fastest growing religion in the world – to perform a few miracles here? After all Brenda, what is the point of worshipping the sir-Cob when he cannot be asked to contribute with charitable deeds for the starving …. Or, to dig in his back pocket to put the three Idle Orgs here in Gauteng and perform this miracle that people just can’t do without?

    It is important that you explain the COB exactly what the funds raised will be spent on, and how that will help the church with its long-term charitable goals. Being concise and polite in your letters can make all the difference in how successful your fund raising effort will be.

    I wish you luck, Charity and hope for the best.

    • Very good, Jane! 🙂
      “I am sure you will find almost all to be sympathetic to the needs of the church of Scientology.” So true!! I’m sure Brenda will see the value in your suggestions.

    • Jane, your letter to Brenda Petrie is brilliant. Thank you for such a poignant and insightful communication. If only she could receive it but she is probably too busy bowing and scraping to that pathetic mielie cob.

      • Actually she will most likely not read it as she is not allowed to type the word Scientology into a computer, much less browse terribly en theta Web sites and blogs. These are the freedoms our OT’s enjoy.

  7. “This is for all three orgs DONE (to you, sir COB)”

    Gawd what a groveling sycophant.

    Back in the day ASHO 5Xed their stats or something like that and promoted that they had done it for Ron.

    Well that didn’t last long when the Ol’man found out about it he sent them a curt telex that it wasn’t for him that they should be increasing their stats.

    Though I doubt if you’d get the same response from the lil’ SIC that’s Squirrel in Charge.

    These days its all about Dave and what Dave wants he gets basically even it means the total destruction of the Church of Scientology.

    If they really wanted to expand Scientology and have Ideal Orgs “for real” (as they say) they’d stop listening to that corrupt lil’ rodent and fully investigate him according to their Ethics and Justice policies and issue a Bill of Particulars on his sorry squirrelly ass.

  8. I’ve just recorded my BEST, highest ever financial cash flow since the release of GAT 1 and 2 or the Basics!!!!!!! I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact I haven’t been to a fundraiser in four years? Or paid for a service requiring a sec check? I dunno, I’m open to objective opinion as to whether there’s some tenuous connection.

    • Maven, it’s the same for me. My cash flow hasn’t been so good in years!
      I left the church about three years ago, had a couple of tenuous comm lines still which I’ve let go now, of course, and for a long time. However, there was still an activity that kept me connected to the church and I knew I had to get rid of it asap. I did that about a year ago and wallah! EVERYthing in my life improved. I hate to use the words ‘my stats went up’ and ‘across my dynamics’ because I’m talking plain old English these days! But it is what happened and continues to do so and be so.
      There’s a connection, I’m sure.

      • Oh yes, and laugh a lot.
        More on the finances: I seem to have better control on income now, too; and don’t worry about it anymore.
        I’d like an objective opinion, too, on THIS aspect of things.

    • Although my request for ‘objective opinion’ was facetious, there is something I’d care for the opinion of others if anyone cares to answer. My financial dealings with onliners is murky. I owe money to various of them, but am in turn owed more than I owe. The people owing me are clearly not paying and probably never will – anticipating me being expelled at some point and thereby handling their obligations. Others have already disconnected from me and I don’t doubt those I owe money to are just awaiting repayment before duly disconnecting too. So I’m also not repaying, although financially I am in a position to do so. I have a solution in place but can’t communicate it as it would identify me in the unlikely event any of them were to be reading this.
      I rebel against the notion of repaying people (even good guys who loaned me money in good faith) knowing they will sanctimoniously rejoice at screwing someone like me.
      The attitude of scios appears to have been all along that I should settle my obligations to othes, as this is the only way I will flourish, but should also move on with my life by writing off what’s owed me. Very convenient. Does anyone have an opinion as to how differently they would handle this?

  9. Some really inspiring replies.
    It amazes me to think those in the field believe all
    the rah rah bullshit!
    There is one thing LRH always said LOOK
    don’t LISTEN so the staff are not only asleep but
    also BLIND the public still supporting the Church not
    just asleep but also BLIND!
    By the Way WARNING Sandra de Beer is back and up to her
    usual threatening comm cycles !
    Hell she has not cognited that she is the best example of breaking
    up the field even more as her threats inside and outside the Church
    get back to us!
    She is a shinning example of Insanity.

    • there no end to this woman? What happened to that comm ev? Just an excuse to send her back to LA for more reverse auditing or PDHing perhaps? Is management not happy about the speed of particle destruction she mets out on Joburg public? May the gods have mercy on the souls of those who quiver before her!

  10. And towards an AO on African soil!!!

    Here’s the thing about the AO.
    The first deal from COB was all the South African orgs Ideal. Then we simultaneously open the AO.
    Next Harare and Bulawayo were added to the list, although they would be paid for by the IAS. Still later, Joburg North was added to the list.
    The goal posts are getting further away all the time. I truly wonder if another Ideal Org will open in this country. Even once the Joburg North building is purchased many millions more will be needed for renos and all the electronics and meters and furniture and comm baskets… libraries, tapes, lectures, films, signage and oh-shit-we forgot-abouts.

    • LMR, I’ve often wondered the same. No one really wants to pay for another building, judging from the lack of funds coming in; or no one has any more money, the Corbetts are gone as are other big donors.
      (The Corbetts must be feeling wonderful not being called or pestered on their doorstep at all hours!)
      I wonder what Walter Hex and Philip Park feel about being the only two donors left? One cannot really count the mice and rats’ R100s or R1000s. It’s sweet of them, though, good in their ethics files but that’s about all.

  11. Dear Brenda,
    Thank you for your uplifting e-mail.
    Enclosed find an uplifting picture of Sir COB. You may frame it and hang it up on your office.
    Moderator has removed this link
    Will you please send, in my behalf, to Sir COB this thank you picture To You, Sir COB.
    Moderator has removed this link


    Moderator Comment: MaBu – we appreciate your contribution and support of this blog, but the links your provided were in violation of our moderation policy. We understand that one tends to get a bit “hot under the collar”, but let’s keep it clean please.

    • Just in case somebody got a misleading impression about my “letter to Brenda”, basically it wasn’t an expression of unkindness towards Brenda. It was unkindness towards Sir COB, a truly megalomaniac, as exemplified by the following anecdote.
      Mat Pesch, May 28, 2014 at 9:30 am:
      “A veteran Sea Org member and close friend of mine was sitting at her desk at Flag one day when Miscavige walked in with his following. He asked her ‘Do you think I am more like Napoleon or Alexander the Great.’
      She was totally caught by surprise and hesitated, not knowing what to answer. Miscavige took it as evidence that there was something wrong with HER. She got dragged off for interrogation and was removed off her execution post. After 20 years in the Sea Org and being one of the best staff members I ever knew, she was soon out of the Sea Org. It was the best thing that ever happened to her and she is doing VERY well these days. The point is, Miscavige was seriously asking his insane question. In this guy’s mind, he is some kind of god and thinks he will be remembered as such. In truth he will only be remembered as just another bat shit crazy cult leader.”

      • Psychotic is the right word.


        a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations, that indicate impaired contact with reality.
        any severe form of mental disorder, as schizophrenia or paranoia.


        Psychiatry. characterized by or afflicted with psychosis. Synonyms: (in nontechnical usage) insane, psychopathic, lunatic, mentally ill; mad, disturbed, deranged, demented, non compos mentis. Antonyms: sane; compos mentis, clearheaded, lucid.
        Psychiatry. of or relating to psychosis: psychotic symptoms; psychotic delusion.
        (loosely) mentally unstable: The man who threw a stone through the convenience store window must be psychotic. Synonyms: loony, crazy, nutty, nuts, bonkers; kooky, cuckoo, daft, batty, screwy, potty.
        intensely upset, anxious, or angry; crazy: My dad gets so psychotic when I come home even a little bit late.

        Psychiatry. a person afflicted with psychosis. Synonyms: (in nontechnical usage) psychopath, madman, maniac, lunatic.
        (loosely) someone who is mentally unstable: I always cross the street when I have to go past that homeless shelter; it’s full of psychotics. Synonyms: nut, kook, cuckoo, loony, loon.

        someone who exhibits extreme emotion or behavior: My brother turns into a complete psychotic whenever his team loses. Synonyms: lunatic, maniac, psycho.

        The more crimes COB racks up the worse he will get.


      • Dio: “Psychotic is the right word.”
        Psychotic and megalomaniac are not mutually exclusive. In this case (Sir COB) both words apply to a great extent.
        1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
        2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

      • Deo: “Robert Mugabe house is still more plush. For the Despots out there”
        It looks like you didn’t read this article thoroughly.
        Article: “Home > Fauxtography > Architecture > Mugabe Mansion”
        This article belongs to Fauxtography
        Fauxtography: (chiefly Internet) Misleading presentation of images for propagandistic or otherwise ulterior purposes, involving staging, deceptive modification, and/or the addition or omission of significant context.
        Article: “Claim: Photographs show a mansion belonging to Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.
        FALSE” …
        “In fact, these photographs actually depict a home half a world away from Zimbabwe, a mansion in the tony Bel Air section of Los Angeles that has been extensively photographed inside and out because it is sometimes used as the site of location shooting for television programs and movies.”
        Of course, the above clarification doesn’t mean I’m defending Mugabe’s excesses.

      • When the rich spend money on extravagance, it creates employment for the less able, It helps the less able develop their skills. It develops their creativity and artistry.

        There are many reasons for poverty and insanity. But the ones that are pertinent here is:

        People go insane to the degree they do not work.

        And people fail for only one reason in any endeavor and that is for the lack of the right knowledge to solve the problem at hand.

        If you had the right knowledge, you could solve any problem.

        Gain wisdom, the right knowldge and understanding, and they shall be as a crown of glory for you by day and a guiding light by night. Proverb

        The problem with the people in a country like Zimbabwe ( and similar applies to almost any country, is that the people are either ignorant or operating on false and limiting knowledge.

        The are also insane. Meaning that they they have a very poor understanding of right and wrong and the ability to discern the difference.

        They also have little or no common sense.

        common sense:

        1. plain ordinary good judgment; sound practical sense
        2. inspired by or displaying sound practical sense

        sound practical judgment independent of specialized knowledge or training; normal native intelligence.

        People who do not have and use common sense, could have legal action taken against them, and even be institutionalized to protect public safety.

        These people are very low on the scale of intellectual and spiritual evolution.

      • MaBű it really had to do with the falsehood of an ideal building where you somehow achieve more than lets say for instance under a Ficus religiosa tree
        In the first you reach OT , under the latter you become Buddha

        As for Mugabe i know most South Africans had a look at the pictures circulated on the web , hopefully they had a shock to find out it is false remember what you thought when you first saw them ? I was angry and felt sorry for the average Zimbabwean that had to receive food aid, another reason to hate Mugabe — just because your buddy forwarded the stuff, you had no reason not to believe it and you took it at face value .


    You may perhaps wonder what exactly the hidden purpose behind the so called “ideal orgs” of the current Co$ is?

    Yes, yes, I am convinced that you may know a lot about this issue, the monstrous money waste, how empty they actually are, etc. etc. ad infinitum, but!

    How about the exact 1,1 intention behind them. What are they up to?

    Well, I am very much afraid it’s awfully simple, it is even based on LRH tech, (totally reversed) and I have a hunch that most probably everything will become crystal clear to you after you read the following passage taken from a Ron’s lecture.

    So please, please make sure you read carefully. Here it goes:

    “Now, where aesthetics have turned against the preclear or he has become dependent on something else for his aesthetic quality and then it betrayed him, you have the neatest Rock you’ll ever have. Now, that’s a wonderful Rock. That’s thud! This individual walked into the door of the most beautiful building he had ever seen, and they grabbed him and put him in the clink and held the body in duress and transported the soul elsewhere, you know. Fabulous situation. But he was attracted there by an aesthetic.

    Well, this is the entrapment by aesthetics. And you’ll find aesthetics are a usual trap. That’s why you find, by the way, Dianetics and Scientology are not all trapped up with a whole bunch of horse-aesthetics. Get the idea? You’ll find a few of them around because they’re unavoidable. But it’s not that anybody’s against aesthetics, but we don’t want starry-eyed people wandering in the front door dramatizing for the hundred-thousandth time the lock where they see a beautiful building and walk in. Or the lock of where they hear beautiful music and walk in, where they hear a beautiful organ playing and a choir singing and they walk in the front door.


    Because all you do is collect a lot of nuts.”

    L. Ron Hubbard,

    Excerpt from 5807C23,
    20ACC-16 of 23 July 1958

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