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The following article was sent to us by one of our correspondents. It was originally intended as a comment on a previous article, but we thought the content deserved it’s own article. It certainly gives one food for thought:

Atomic Bomb



When the “Things that shouldn’t be” article was posted about the purification rundown there was a huge spate about the “big discovery” that LRH had been pro apartheid. I wrote the first part of this article as a comment but never submitted it as I felt it deserved to be expanded into what I feel is a usable article.

It fits in with something else I have been trying to put together for ages – something about Ron’s concerns about future atomic warfare (becoming more imminent daily).

 The book All About Radiation has come in for a lot of criticism and ridicule.   I know certain “haters”  could shred it to pieces in 10 seconds.  I must say I did battle trying to get material out of it for an article on these lines. But the fact is the whole thing is for real.  A lot of these ‘Doomsday Preppers’ are scared of something along these lines. 

Ron had a lot of attention on nuclear weapons/atomic warfare in the fifties after America began testing bombs in the Nevada desert.  Even long before that actually.  It was not a lie that the Navy wanted him to get involved with the Manhattan Project and that he had to resign from the Navy to get out of it.   

Ron used to organize evacuation drills with the Washington staff.  They would leave the org and rush down to the Patomac river where he had a yacht anchored. He made himself very ill mocking up radiation when he was in Ireland. 

In 1956 he put together the very first “guk bomb” with nicotinic acid.  He called it Dianazene.  It was primarily intended to run out radiation.  That with a few other factors that cropped up (staff who had taken drugs) ended up as the purif,  actually.

 So here goes:

I have taken a look at two of the website links given in earlier comments on this blog relating to the topic of the purification rundown. The title of the post was “Things that shouldn’t be”.

Two commenters made reference to a site that spoke about Hubbard being pro apartheid and the other one talked about a proposed mass poisoning of Kenyans who would not forsake African Nationalism. I would like to comment as follows:

As far as Hubbard is concerned I sincerely believe that his main focus at that time was to ensure the survival of something he had devoted all his time and energies to for decades and something which without a doubt could benefit mankind.

It did not need a rocket scientist in the sixties in South Africa to be able to deduce that one word said in public support of African nationalism would sound a death knell for its author and probably all his work as well as his followers.

Granted Hubbard personally hated Communism so I daresay he went a bit overboard praising the dominant regime at the time. I invite your intelligent guesses what would have happened to Hubbard, Scientology and indeed all Scientologists who began any overt actions against apartheid in 1960. Hubbard had been meaning to go to South Africa initially in 1956 but he sent an emissary and she arrived slap in the middle of the Treason Trials and gave him a report on the state of the country so he delayed his visit until late 1960.

As to the Kenyan affair I would strongly recommend a book by the name of Wildfire. It was written by Nelson De Mille and in the foreword he said he got the idea from odds and ends on the internet. He said he didn’t know if a similar plan was in place but if it wasn’t he thought it ought to be.

Interestingly enough I had to hunt like mad to find much detail about this particular book on the Nelson De Mille website. I started wondering if it was regarded as so politically incorrect that attempts were being made to play it down. I copied this cover blurb from something I eventually found:

“ Welcome to the Custer Hill Club–a men’s club set in a luxurious Adirondack hunting lodge whose members include some of America’s most powerful business leaders, military men, and government officials. Ostensibly, the club is a place to relax with old friends. But one fall weekend, the club’s executive board gathers to talk about the tragedy of 9/11–and finalize a retaliation plan, known only by its codename: Wildfire. That same weekend, a member of the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force is found dead. Soon it’s up to Detective John Corey and his wife, FBI Agent Kate Mayfield to unravel a terrifying plot that starts with the Custer Hill Club and ends with American cities locked in the crosshairs of a nuclear device. Corey and Mayfield are the only ones who can stop the button from being pushed, and global chaos from being unleashed….”

When the details of Wildfire are finally revealed the plan turns out to be the obliteration of San Francisco and possibly another US city (can’t recall which) by a nuclear device and this event will in turn be used as the motivator for the nuclear obliteration of the entirety of what is called “Sandland” i.e the whole of the Islamic world.

Should such a dastardly plan ever be carried out we would then be faced with one of the things which Hubbard most feared – a world dying under a cloud of radioactive dust. This was what he worked to avoid.

In the 1956 edition of Fundamentals of Thought he wrote:

“The use or neglect of this material may well determine the use or neglect of the atomic bomb by Man. Scientology is already winning in this field. In the same period of history, two of the most sweeping forces Man has known have come to fruition: a knowledge of himself and others with Scientology, (and) a means of destroying himself and all others by atomic fission. Which force wins depends in a large measure on your use of Scientology.”

This statement by LRH should be taken seriously. Consider the following facts:

  • Islam is the fastest growing religion.
  • It is growing faster than the world population.
  • Per the CIA fact book there are 1.5 (1.62) billion Muslims
  • There are 49 Muslim countries
  • There are more Muslims in the UK than in Lebanon
  • There are more Muslims in China than there are in Syria
  • In Mocambique there are 11 million Muslims (45% of the population) – they are mostly Sunni
  • There is an African Muslim Agency
  • OIC stands for Organisation of Islamic Co-operation

South Africa

  • There are between 75 and 100 000 Muslims
  • Islam is the largest “conversion” religion in South Africa
  • Between 1991 and 2004 Islam 6X’d in South Africa
  • Malcolm X ideas are very evident
  • Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) was received by Nelson Mandela

The writer of this article obtained the above information from the internet when researching the subject in November 2013 after reading several books by Nelson de Mille and Daniel Da Silva.

A Concerned Veteran Scientologist




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  1. I have commented a couple of times on this blog, trying to highlight peace between the pro COB and contra COB (among other things for the above reason as well). Does anyone know if something positive is being done about this??? In my opinion we need this strength to overcome the insanity which is pervading this planet.

    • Hi Mike,
      I see you meant this as a serious question. How do you suggest negotiating ‘peace’ with a psychopath? And ‘who’ exactly should be doing this? You don’t seem to know that this COB has has run a reign of terror and extortion over the past 32 years (since 1982). You must be terribly naive or a very sweet person not to know that LRH recommended that one gets rid of such people – without sorrow – he did not recommend ‘negotiations’. LRH was a ‘take no prisoners’ kind of guy. People are operating by ‘fear-factors’ from a condition of propitiation – and keep on flowing power and money to the Ogre who would otherwise devour your soul….

    • Mike, we have known each other from the early seventies. Though off lines for over twenty years,(and now have my badge of honor as a declared ‘SP’) I have never-the-less fast tracked to today’s ‘operating climate’, along with huge numbers of former ‘faithfuls’, We all have done this by being willing to wake up and open our eyes and ears, to what has REALLY taken place in the “church” of Scientology.

      Yep, it’s just another, yet rather ‘uncomfortable’ process, that we need to go through, to realize the lies that have been fed to us.

      Over two years of interacting on the various blogs, has accomplished the following results for me personally:

      !) Exposed the ruthless David Miscavige Ponzi scheme, perfected and forced down the throats of ‘devotees’, with threats of ‘disconnection’ and loss of ‘eternity’, unless complied with completely and unilaterally.

      2) Allowed the un-suppressed examination of much data that permits one to make pan-determined conclusions, without any interference.

      3) Permitted me to re-evaluate much of what I, and many others, have taken as ‘gospel’ and to select out (as advised by LRH) .. “If it isn’t TRUE for you,
      —it isn’t TRUE.

      4) Given me a totally fresh appreciation, for the genius of LRH, and a much broader understanding of what he was up against, in trying to refine his amazingly effective auditing tech. (google up ‘Friends of L. Ron Hubbard’)

      5) Emancipated me to ‘independence’, from the clutches of ‘Mind Control’, to a point of freedom not previously realized. (check out my ‘coming out’ announcement, on 12 may 2012 (Mother’s Day), on Marty Rathbun’s blog:
      Moving On Up A Little Higher, 1/2 way down page -signed as ‘Li’l bit of stuff’)

      You deserve the realizations awaiting you. Keep on looking Mike! 🙂

  2. Is there any documentation to back up this statement? – “It was not a lie that the Navy wanted him to get involved with the Manhattan Project and that he had to resign from the Navy to get out of it.”

    • No. None. Well . . . there is L Ron Hubbard’s own statement about being invited to join the Manhatten Project but he was never required to resign from the Navy for declining, at least, according to him.

      • I have watched this video clip before. So it says he failed in whatever it was at the university. He didn’t take it seriously. See what he said about it at the Radiation Congress LRH pointed out that “nuclear physicists were in the 30’s known as “Buck Rogers” boys – the comic strip character of science fiction – and there was nothing he could be used for. He had no background that could be used in industry. Rocketry was completely flat and left to the Germans and the Russians. Any field that he might have entered had no real use for him, so he either employed himself as a civil engineer running a survey or something of the sort, or he turned to some other field of endeavour.
        Thus, lacking incentive, the only use I could put this Buck Rogers information to was Science Fiction. Like so many later physicists I wrote science fiction for years; that was the only remunerative use I made of this material.
        Wikipedia confirms this: “The adventures of Buck Rogers in comic strips, movies, radio and television became an important part of American popular culture. This pop phenomenon paralleled the development of space technology in the 20th century and introduced Americans to outer space as a familiar environment for swashbuckling adventure. Buck Rogers has been credited with bringing into popular media the concept of space exploration,[1] following in the footsteps of literary pioneers such as Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    • Yes – I would also like to see that this ‘is not a lie’ – why specifically would the Navy have wanted this? Links to documented proof please. I believe nothing. Seeing is believing. If it is not written it is not true.

      • Hi Jane. Regarding “if it isn’t written it isn’t true”. Since October last year, some 30 South African SCN’s (or more) have been declared by RCS. All these declares are in writing – does this make them true? Very few people have been allowed to see these declares, but some have – my husband being one such person. What he read was a bunch of lies, blatant falsehoods and outright slander – all of which could easily be blown out of the water. The declares were certainly in writing, but they definitely were NOT true (this is precisely the reason the Church wont let us supposed “SP’s” see or have our declares, because they know damn well they could be sued in a court of law for libellous slander).

        When I was subjected to a comm-ev last year, the ONLY report the Committee tried (and failed) to take up with me was the one containing utter BS and lies – which interestingly enough, was only submitted to the Committee AFTER I had already been named in the Bill of Particulars. This report was certainly written – but did this make it true? I think not. I have been told that there is a 5-page declare on me. Of course I have not been shown it, and I guarantee that just like the other declares, it contains a bunch of BS. Unfortunately, because it is written, and the Church states I am now an overnight SP, everyone believes this and has acted accordingly – literally falling over themselves to disconnect from me and further adding to the rumour and slander – including publishing a disgusting smear article on me in the public domain – does this make it all true?

        I am in no way trying to op-term with you, but one cannot knock Scientology on the one hand, and then use it when it suits one to make a point. I have so often heard the thought-stopping remark “if it isn’t written it isn’t true” . I believe this has, over the years, become yet another piece of LRH that has morphed into something out of context. IMO I believe when LRH wrote those words, he meant if it wasn’t written BY HIM (or perhaps by a senior to their junior in giving an order or instruction) then it wasn’t true – in other words, he was trying to knock out verbal tech and people giving (and acting on) verbal orders like saying “Ron said …………….”.

        If I have personally seen/witnessed or observed something, and then relay this to someone else, are they to disbelieve me because I didn’t write it down?

        I have no reason to disbelieve something that someone says – unless I have definite personal knowledge to the contrary. Perhaps the person who wrote the article had some personal knowledge or experience with LRH, and thus felt confident enough to make the statement. Asking them to prove this by seeing it in writing is, as far as I am concerned, invalidating the integrity of the person and tantamount to calling them a liar.

      • The initial work on nuclear physics was actually done by the navy. I cant give you a reference to documentation that proves the navy suggested he get involved in the manhattan project. He was in the navy – he primarily did intelligence – it could have well been a suggestion. There is a carefully researched document on the web – regretably I did not make a note of the address when I first discovered it. It was a copyrighted document by a Margaret someone. It pointed out inter alia how so much of his naval record was obliterated and altered to cover up the intelligence work.

      • Hi Concerned Veteran,
        LRH did not primarily do Intelligence while in the Navy.
        His involvement with Intelligence while in the Navy was superficial.
        LRH told a lot of tall tales.
        That doesn’t mean that the good things in Scientology aren’t still good, it does mean that Scientology needs to be sorted out a bit more than some expected.

      • Concerned Veteran: “There is a carefully researched document on the web – regrettably I did not make a note of the address when I first discovered it. It was a copyrighted document by a Margaret someone.“
        L. Ron Hubbard, the Navy & World War II: Revisited by Margaret Lake

      • Hi Shelly
        What I should have said is ‘official-Navy-Orders’ type of documented proof regarding the ‘if it is not written it is not true’ comment I made. I am not referring to lies, deceit and natter written by the COS about a person, such as yourself (an myself no doubt) – and then because ‘it is written’ it must be true per COS modus operandi. Not at all.

        If the COS can’t give you a copy of the rubbish they have written about you, and only made this information available to the eyes of a few – that is slander, that is 3rd-party, that is despicable – as you are not given the opportunity to defend yourself. This practice will cost them dearly in the end. Mark my words.

        We should all know by now that the only reason why this is done by COS – is because those on inside still under the spell – cannot know the truth, and thus they cannot confront / handle the fact that this type of ‘sp-declare’ is the cowards way, and it is ‘off policy’. The only reason this is done is ‘the secret’ must not be revealed as it will break the spell – it is a complete control mechanism – to keep the ILLUSION-of the magic show going.

        They don’t want someone who has woken up from the spell to be shouting out ‘how’ the trick is done. That is why thy lie, why they deceive, the HAVE TO give Scientologists still under the spell the mushroom-treatment. (Kept in the dark and fed BS.)

      • Jane White,

        As regards LRH’s wartime records, MaBű posted the link to Margaret Lake’s thoroughly documented research on the subject, with numerous photocopies of official records. You can read it yourself for full details, but at the end of her paper, she sums it up as follows:

        “Hubbard’s Navy service record (as today supplied by the National Personnel Records Center [NPRC] of the the National Archives) is demonstrably incomplete, and in certain cases also provides false and inaccurate information with regard to Hubbard’s actual activities during World War II. This is especially true for the South Pacific period, during which he was a Naval intelligence officer and also attached to the US Army. In all likelihood, most of these incomplete and inaccurate records are due to administrative oversight and error. There may have also been intelligence-related activities which affected certain documents. And some records may have been lost in the 1973 NPRC fire of Army personnel records.

        “If one relies solely on Hubbard’s service record from the NPRC to understand Hubbard’s military career in the Navy (as most earlier Hubbard researchers and biographers appear to have done), one will be left with an inaccurate and incomplete picture of Hubbard’s World War II years. One must look into the military, travel and other records of the National Archives (as well as other reliable sources) in order to get a more complete and accurate picture of Hubbard’s Navy service. This is especially true as it pertains to accurately answering the questions surrounding the South Pacific period, i.e. the truth behind whether Hubbard was flown home in the Spring of 1942, whether he was injured, and whether he saw combat.

        “When more extensive research was conducted into these areas, it was found that Hubbard was in fact flown home from the South Pacific (as he had claimed), did in fact sustain injuries while in the South Pacific (including being “blinded” by something which physically damaged his eyes), and was sent into an area where he may have seen combat. The injuries, combined with a later duodenal ulcer, left Hubbard in a debilitated condition after the war. As a result, the Veteran’s Administration considered him 40% disabled, after World War II, after conducting physical exams and tests.”


    • Ron basically dropped out of College due to lack of interest. It’s possible that the USG was interested in the fact that he did study Nuclear & Molecular Phenomenon at GWU and asked him to join the Manhattan Project but obviously he wasn’t forced to resign because of his refusal to participate.

      Just reassigned.

      He says in the Story of Dianetics and Scientology he resigned due the Government’s interest in his research in the mind.

      It is possible more than likely that he knew about such programs as Blue Bird which later became Mk Ultra and Artichoke which he mentions in Science of Survival.

    • I’ve seen the documentation. I’ve read so much all over the place and even have it on file. (Moderated).
      All I can say about finding the evidence, is read as much as I have – books, other blogs, etc, etc. There is plenty evidence to be found.
      Rest of comment moderated – please refer to our moderation policy.

      • “Evidence”?

        Please unless you’ve actually verified the documentation by actual personal inspection other than seeing it posted on the web (like say the MJ 12 docs) or can corroborate any hearsay other than by group agreement then it’s not really “evidence”.

  3. There’s a video on the Net that features LRH’s tale that he was repeatedly sought by the Manhattan project and, each time, refused, only to be, each time, sent into a combat theater as punishment.
    I’m sorry, but it’s just plain silly.
    I wish old timer John Sanborn was still around. He accompanied LRH to Ireland. He would have had a good laugh to hear that, “LRH made himself very ill mocking up radiation when he was in Ireland.”
    Oh my.

  4. Hi Veteran Speaks. So sorry to be “that guy” but your facts don’t add up.
    ” It was not a lie that the Navy wanted him to get involved with the Manhattan Project and that he had to resign from the Navy to get out of it.”
    The Manhattan Project was active from 1942 through to 1946 and officially disbanded in 1947. Lt L Ron Hubbard was active within the USA Navy during this time and if the Project needed him, he would have been ordered into the project. Hubbard would not have had a choice.
    Hubbard officially resigned from the navy reserves in 1950, three years after the Manhattan Project was disbanded. He could not have resigned to avoid being drafted into the Nuclear Program as that operation was no longer in existence.

  5. The problems mentioned in this article are certainly real and I dare say that anyone mocking their existence has become so inured to life amidst and amongst them as to result in a virtual blindness. All this being the precise reason why our fission is all the more tragic.

  6. I have hard time believing you posted this bigoted post. This post makes the religion of Islam all the bad of the world. It is more feeting corporate Scientology not this forum.

    • Hi Simple Thetan. I am quite surprised at your statement.
      Bigoted: “Having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one’s own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others”

      I have read a fair deal of your blog, which contains a great deal of opinions from you about LRH and Scientology Technology. You refer to the New OT Levels as a “bad LSD trip”. You utterly knock the validity and usefulness of objectives, you have a very strong opinion on how the lower Grades should be run, and you clearly state that you would “like to reform the Church of Scientology by creating a new one”.

      You are absolutely entitled to have these viewpoints – as these are YOUR viewpoints – people do not need to agree, nor disagree with them.

      However, just as you are entitled to YOUR viewpoints, so are others entitled to theirs – and you referring to this post as “bigoted” makes you rather bigoted – if you get my drift.

      • Shelley, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I post mine in my own blog. I do not condemn the religion of more than a billion people. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful law obiding people who do not pose a threat to anyone. I am just surprise that the owners of this blog chose to present it here.

      • Simple Thetan – I suggest you re-read the article. The author was in no way condemning the Islamic faith – quite the opposite in fact. What was being communicated, (IMO) was the fictional hypothesis by Nelson De Mille of the USA causing some major catastrophe on their own home-ground, blaming Islamic extremists for the act, and then using this as an excuse to declare war on Islam. I don’t understand how you misconstrued this as a condemnation on the religion of Islam?

    • “The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful law obiding people who do not pose a threat to anyone.” – this is true, Simplethetan. It suits America and it’s-in-crime, especaially their puppeteers, to smear this group of people using this form of propoganda. There’s agenda and I thought it was obvious to most people but I see it’s not.
      Mainstream media, on the payroll of these governments, have been forwarding this smear campaign for a couple of decades now, to good effect, it seems. It’s false data.
      Look in the direction opposite to the smoke in order to get closer to the truth and what is on the agenda.

  7. Hello Concerned Veteran Scientologist,

    I am very sorry to say this to you, but your article left me quite confused, and quite unsure of what you are actually saying.


    By starting off on a premise that ‘I know certain “haters” could shred it to pieces in 10 seconds’ – are you then implying that what you are saying is truth, and nothing but truth in the book All About Radiation – which you state ‘has come in for a lot of criticism and ridicule’?

    How about completely settle this matter? How about once and for all eliminate all ‘haters’ and criticism and ridicule – by having the content of this book subjected to the highest standards of scientific studies and scientific scrutiny – to verify its claimed results once and for all? I am sure that the results of scientific evidence would not fall into the category of ‘haters’.

    Or is this book part of ‘the Scientology religion’ and therefore a ‘belief system’ which could not be subjected to the cold hard clinical scrutiny of science?

    I remember that the article ‘things that should not be’ which apparently gave birth to your article – related to ‘things that should not be’ – such as the deaths of people in the hands of Narconon – or are people who do care about this ‘haters’ – which begs the question – ‘are Scientologists now so brain-dead that it does not matter that people are harmed – in present time – there are at least 19 active lawsuits against Narconon – not only in the USA which range from deaths, fraud, medical-aid fraud, human rights abuses.

    Reference this link – Scientology’s drug rehab system hit with tenth federal fraud lawsuit by Las Vegas attorney – http://tonyortega.org/2014/05/28/scientologys-drug-rehab-system-hit-with-tenth-federal-fraud-lawsuit-by-las-vegas-attorney/ Since this article appeared another 2 law suits were filed, one naming 80 plus defendants including David Miscavige for trade-mark infringements of an official body.

    Your puzzling statements about apartheid, Muslims, 9/11, a fictional book ‘Wildfire’ – used as reference, and implied obliteration of the planet by nuclear power, backed up by statistical numbers about Muslims – given as the ‘fear-factor’ in the equation of all the above….. brings me having to ask you a few direct questions:

    1. Do you believe 19 Muslims, armed with box-cutter, untrained pilots on top of it, could
    a. Fly various heavy duty aircraft into buildings
    b. which the best trained Lear-jet pilots claimed cannot be done
    due to scientific factors – such as altitude and other aero-dynamic-impossibilities?
    c. Do you believe that 2 aircraft could bring down 3 sky-scrapers?
    d. at free-fall speed?
    e. all done – without touching the third building two blocks away from the impact zone?
    2. Do you know that
    a. 1,500 + engineers and Architects.
    b. 250 + Pilots and Aviation professionals,
    c. 400 + Professors,
    d. 300 + survivors and family members,
    e. 200 + artists, and media professionals’
    f. 400 + medical professionals
    g. 220 + Senior Military-, Intelligence-, Law Enforcement-, and Government Officials and
    h. 41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11 as “Terribly Flawed,” “Laced with Contradictions,” “a Joke,” “a Cover-up.’

    This is a link to a 9/11 website – it may induce you to question more, and to believe less. http://patriotsquestion911.com/engineers.html

    These are strange times in which for too many of us – the battle already seems to have been won by easily identifiable cookie-cutter-shaped scapegoats – such as Muslims weapon-ed by atomic power. The latter seems to be the ‘fear factor’ your article implies.
    I am asking questions. Not a ‘hater’.

    • Hi Jane. Your question about the book All About Radiation being subjected to scientific verification etc. just doesn’t make sense. The book is a transription of the talks given at the Congress by LRH and a doctor. As far as 9/11 is concerned I made no claims or assertions of any kind whatsoever. I just said it was the subject of a novel in which a retaliation plan was formed and which failed due to the efforts of the hero of the novel!
      Here is a quote by Einstein on the atomic bomb:

      The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything, save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.
      Albert Einstein
      Ron was offering Fundamentals of Thought as a means of affecting the minds of men. All religions and political systems can affect the minds of men.

      • Hi Concerned Veteran,
        Thank you very much for your clarification. i appreciate the fact that you took time to do so. 😀 I happen to completely agree with your bottom line comment that nuclear radiation, political systems, and religions do effect the minds of men (and women) – in some cases it leads to insane ‘solutions’. The book you mentioned ‘Fundamentals of Thought’ just happen to be one of my favourite collection of essays written by Ron. As a Veteran, I suspect that you are one of those ‘old timers’ – the real deal. I fondly remember meeting some ‘old timers’ way back in ’91 / 92. There was just something different about the spirit in which the public was dealt with by these veterans way back when.

    • For once we concur Jane,

      Daniel DeSilva who is a fictional writer of Spy Novels who’s main character is a Mossad Assassin would not be a reliable source on Islam.

      I also have many unanswered questions about 9/11 but I’ll move on.

      The chances of an all out nuclear war with say Iran who according to the last NIE is unlikely to build a nuclear weapon despite what the neocons and Israel would want us to believe.

    • I agree with you about 9/11. There is so much evidence pointing to its set up, not by Muslims but by Zionists and the American government itself. I’ve got much information about it which I don’t know how to access again. However, it can be found easily on YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet.
      It is simply extremely naive to still think the 9/11 attack was done by Islamics.

  8. The basic message, from the earliest days, was that Scientology is essential for survival, and that one is doomed, and Mankind is doomed, without Scientology.
    This was a “button” pushed over and over again, in various ways, throughout Scientology’s history.
    The threat of nuclear weapons was and is very real, and it was exploited by LRH to manipulate Scientologists and the general public.
    This mixture of truth and fabrication runs through the fabric of Scientology, and is the source of much confusion and mischief.

    • The opening page from a 1955 letter, from Dr. L. Ron Hubbard, DD, Ph.D, to the FBI:

      “It’s a trap not being able to prevaricate.” LRH, during a moment of candor, during a lecture, from 1952.

    • I got the idea that the poster was trying to explain that had LRH not been pro apartheid that he could of started a nuclear war.

      • There is no evidence that Ron was “pro apartheid” when he commented on the resettlement program.

        To me it was like someone saying:

        “Gee Mr. Hitler it’s nice that you got the trains to run on time and put everybody to work,”

        In order not to get thrown out of Nazi Germany in the ’30’s.

    • For any religion – believe what you want to but your behavior is going to get exposed if you hurt people. That is not being a bigot – it is saying you better behave yourself and not do more harm than good.

      If you study other cults – they use some form of “doom and gloom, world coming to an end propaganda and we have the key to spiritual freedom forever so you better toe the line” tactics on members as well. DId you notice the more you stayed in Scientology – the more the focus was put on “doom and gloom” of the World coming to an end? Most members live in fear and confusion but pretend to be happy and certain. This is a common play for leaders of cults because it works.

      I have been convinced from my research, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Biography of L Ron Hubbard put out by the Church of Scientology contains mostly lies. Scientology was sued over these lies and they lost yet they continue to tell them to the members.

      Why do they need to do that?

      Do some research on cults. There are definitions of Cults you did not receive in Scientology. They all use similar mind controlling techniques.

  9. Having read this article and the comments being posted in response, my first reaction is to say “hey everyone – just chill the F…….. out”.

    If one does not understand or agree with something being said by another, let’s apply some manners in politely requesting clarification or further information.

    The entire point of this blog is to get Scientologists back in comm. This implies that everyone is entitled to a platform of communicating their own viewpoints on various issues regarding LRH and the subject of SCN – moderation policy permitting. As it states at the top of the blog page “All men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others”.

    I have no problem with people having an opposing viewpoint to the author of this or any other articles appearing on this blog, but do we really need to resort to ad-hominem insulting remarks in the process? Making scoffing remarks and saying things like “bigoted” , “plain silly” and accusing one of “facts not adding up” is just discourteous and does nothing to invite robust and healthy dialogue.

    My two cents worth 🙂

    • I agree Shelly.

      “Countering” what someone says with ad hominem is just plain silly and in many ways bigoted.

      Also if the facts do not add up then state why instead of just using it as merely a dismissal.

      The above is about as dull in my opinion as the “everybody knows” “argument”.

    • Hi Shelly, I agree with you! The main writer of such scoffing remarks is B.V.Orts. All of his comments (4) contain such remarks

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