Yet another library scampaign

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  All aboard for another Library Campaign!

One of our eagle eyes alerted us to this email from Sebastian Howarth. This guy sure gets around. In one of our previous articles – “Ideal Org Update”, Sebastian appeared in a promo piece explaining how he had been working on the project to get a building purchased for Joburg North and was now in Cape Town with his wife and Stephen Smith to ensure that org was to be the next Ideal Org DONE. With both of those projects not accomplished, he seems to have come full circle back to Joburg North and is now posted as their D/FBO MORE……. As a reminder, that article can be viewed here.

Here’s the email:

Hi all,

A new campaign for libraries has just launched: getting Clear Body, Clear Mind into all the libraries on Earth!

Because of the massive drug problem there is in the society, and the release of the new Purification Rundown, we are now getting these books into all the libraries of the planet.

Our portion is obviously Africa. In Africa we have 1201 libraries, 530 of which are in South Africa. We are getting two copies of Clear Body, Clear Mind into each library; one book costs R230.

It would be very cool if you could contribute towards this massive dissemination movement. A great game is finishing a whole country! This is a game for everyone – big donators and small. Some countries have only 1 or 2 libraries! That’s only R460! Others who can contribute more can finish a country like Burkina Faso which has 10 libraries: R4600.

Other countries have more (14, 21, 47, etc.)

Please let me know how many you can do and I will tell you which COUNTRY you just took responsibility for.

Sebastian Howarth


To be clear – not one library donation campaign has ever resulted in books in every library. This goes as far back as the campaign to place “What is Scientology?” into all South African libraries in the early 1990s. A great number of those books were sold by the central library at R5 a piece. We wrote an extensive article on the fraudulent basics library campaign back in November last year.

The closest library to Johannesburg Org is Rhodes Park.  A couple of months ago, someone visiting the library looked for the basics, and found this:

Rhodes Park Library

That’s right – only DMSMH and Self Analysis. These two books were all the library had left from the entire set of basics. (It’s rather ironic that DMSMH is next to “The Disappearance of the Universe”).

To put this in perspective, this library is 1.4 kilometers away from Johannesburg Org. It’s a 2 minute drive down the road. Of all the libraries in South Africa, one would surely expect the one closest to the Continental (Ideal) Org would have a full set of basics.

Today we did some further digging. We phoned the Rhodes Park library and asked how many books by L.Ron Hubbard were still in stock. The answer? None.

We asked what happens when books are “donated” to libraries, and were told that all books are sent to Head Office for cataloging. Once this is done they are sent back to the library. If the books don’t “move” (i.e. are not being taken out regularly enough) they are sent back to Head Office.

We phoned Head Office and spoke to a lady who, upon hearing we were enquiring about Scientology books, asked not to be named. She told us that all books returned to Head Office were either sent to other libraries, but generally they were sent for pulping.

Now back to the email:

  • There is zero evidence that indicates there has been any study on the validity of even putting books in libraries. What are the stats on library use? Particularly across Africa. Is this a proven method of dissemination?
  • Once again, public are being expected to pay the FULL RETAIL PRICE for books to be “donated” to libraries – the Church means to profit from the goodwill of public donations. 
  • Sebastian encourages people to “play a game” and do a WHOLE country. The last person who did a whole country was Ralph Madeira – he was relieved of his money, and then promptly declared. He had apparently answered one question of a survey on an “enemy” blog. No comm-ev,  B of I, nothing. Both Albert De Beer and Ken Krieger knew that Ralph was looking at the internet – he openly admitted it to them. This didn’t stop them from regging him for a few hundred thousand Rand for library campaigns and other cycles.  As soon as he handed over the money, he was toast. He was not informed of his declare and only found out by default when he called Hillary Eenkhorn on an unrelated cycle. According to her, Anne Hogarth made the “instant declare” decision.
  • Clear Body Clear Mind is a book that is specific to the Purification Rundown. While it discusses doing a home purif its main function is to encourage the reader to contact their “nearest org” to do the program. For Africa, the orgs listed are Bulawayo, Cape Town, Durban, Harare, Joburg, Joburg North, PE and Pretoria. Africa has 47 countries and there are only 8 orgs in 2 countries – both located in Southern Africa.
  • Saying that there are 1201 libraries in Africa is one thing, but has anyone considered what this means in terms of logistics? From the viewpoint of those running the campaign a “done” means “paid for” not “in the library”. There is no discussion in the email about how books will be shipped or the how they will ensure those on the ground actually put those books on the shelves. What about languages? There are between 1,250 to 2,100 and by some counts 3000 languages spoken in Africa. Nigeria alone has 500 languages. Of these, about 100 languages are spoken for inter-ethnic communication, with these being broken down further into 6 different language families, depending on the area (Northern, Saharan, Western, Central, Southern and Indo-European). It would be interesting to know how many languages the book has been translated into – we guarantee it doesn’t come close to covering the diversity of Africa’s languages. Sending this book to a remote rural library would be a complete waste of time – and money.
  • Sebastian says in his email “because of the massive drug problem there is in the society, and the release of the new Purification Rundown, we are now getting these books into all the libraries of the planet”. If anyone had done ANY research on this, they would have found that of the top 10 countries in the world with the worst drug problems, not one African country features. In order, the countries worst affected by drug or alcohol abuse are Iran, UK, France, Slovakia, Russia, Afghanistan, Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico.
  • In order of importance, drugs are the least of Africa’s worries.  How about the Church does something of REAL value for Africa and her people – such as addressing the fact that 70% of all AIDS deaths come from Africa? The top 10 countries affected by HIV and AIDS are ALL African Countries. In order,  these are Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa,  Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Cameroon.
  • Then there is the issue of poverty. From the 50 nations considered to be least developed, 34 of these are in Africa. This equates to extreme poverty and a tragic lack of basic human needs such as safe drinking water, nutrition and shelter.  When one considers that Africa is the world’s poorest inhabited continent with major issues such as extreme poverty, AIDS, TB and other diseases confronting her people – many of whom live below-the-breadline,  it stands to reason that very few people are going to be queuing up to do a R10,000 Purif Program when their family doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.
  • Copies of this book are available on Amazon for anything from $0.01 to $3.95.

Most critically history shows that there is no intention of getting these books into libraries. Only to keep the donations coming in. Sebastian will be reposted elsewhere long before the first CBCM is ever checked out of a library.

47 thoughts on “Yet another library scampaign

  1. And the public just keep lapping it up. Well I suppose we did for years too. Amazing how duped people are. All in the name of apparent spiritual freedom. Pay buddy pay!!! It may be a good idea for the church to say that as part of the deal you have to pay for the book for a specific library and then you have to go and check it out of that library once a month to make sure it doesn’t get pulped!!!! Or maybe org staff could have a roster to check these books in and out of libraries?

  2. A brilliant and informative article. Thanks for putting it together from so much research you must have done to do so. It is greatly appreciated.
    Pushing the purif to the general public in the face of the Narconon lawsuits is either ambitious or extremely foolhardy at this stage of the game.
    As you say, it’s a scam. Shame on you, the C of $, how can all you people live with yourselves? It is so disgusting the lengths these people will go to to rob the public.
    Somehow though, I don’t think this one is going to fly. Let’s see.

    • I think it’s time we all woke up to the fact these people aren’t “going to lengths” or anything else. Like the rest of us were doing before we awoke from the long, dark sleep – they’re just obeying orders and not giving the slightest bit of thought to the rightness or wrongness of their actions. That responsibility they happily assign to Slappy. There’s a certain robotic comfort in just doing what you’re told. One of the most rewarding jobs I ever had was as a labourer – I didn’t have to think at all!

  3. Also, Africa at large is a continent where a lot of people feed off the land directly without having a lot of exposure to pesticides, and other man made chemicals. Most people cannot afford drugs they cannot find in nature or grow themselves like Cannabis.

    I think a good indication of toxic influences are Cancer, which is mostly a First World phenomena. That would affect S. Africas better off people, who can afford to surround themselves with Microwaves and man made chemicals, but the poorer Africans living off the land seems not that affected and I wonder how much “Case Change” are to be had for them from the Purif (if they could afford it).

    I guess the poor people might have to worry about what is in the stuff that they get vaccinated with in various de-population programs. That may justify a Purif.

    • Well yes, much of what you say appears to be true. But as I’m sure you realize, the demographics have changed dramatically in at least ONE respect. …… Today, almost everyone and ‘his/her dog’ is exposed to microwaves from a far more more pervasive source! Global Communication technology!!! ie Microwave transmission towers and their ‘repeater-structures, proliferating almost everywhere except neglected ‘rural areas’.

      Living organisms, of course, utilize self generated minute levels of ‘electrical’ energy for their very existence. Live cells are thus stimulated.

      Those microscopic cells, essential for life, unfortunately, are now being bombarded constantly by a new, far more sinister ‘energy’.

      This ‘man-made-convenience’ of cellphone communication is having an impact in ways we haven’t yet began to realize. Cancer, it has been shown, does NOT occur in the presence of a strong immune system. No prizes for guessing why many of the microwave ‘towers are surreptitiously ‘hidden’ in large towering artificial trees.!!!!

      Seems we need to wake up to the rampant ‘killer’ rife in our atmosphere too?

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  5. These library “scampaigns” (I love that!) remind me back in the late 60s when Mission International Books was initiated by LRH/Flag/SO (take your pick). At that time, the NY Org had been in a long Power trend, the first org ever declared in Power Day/Foundation (by LRH) in the world. ALL staff were required to leave their posts to go out to the huge number of bookstores in the five boroughs to take orders for various books. This was done. Org stats, of course, crashed mightily. But hundreds of orders were taken and forwarded to Pubs Org DK. We found out later that no books were ever printed or shipped to fulfill any of these orders. A total waste of time and staff energies for which they were rewarded with lowered stats and a great sense of delusion.

  6. I’ve an extra request. Can anyone provide me an email address for two very old friends in the Capetown area? Alison Parkhouse and/or her daughter, Susan Parkhouse-Mouton, the last known address for Susan being Diep River. [thegman77 at] Many thanks.

  7. I hope the field realises that every book that ever comes out or is “repackaged” is going to have a library campaign at the expense of the members and to no-one’s benefit because the numbers in the orgs are dwindling not growing. Eventually they might take a step back and look at this objectively. I would not be surprised if Miscavige is earning royalties on these books that he repackages, or is getting a commission at the top of this pyramid. I don’t buy that he gives a damn about the impact of getting the books in libraries. There has been no impact – yet the campaigns go on. And on.

    • Wendy, they realize nothing. Current onlines Scientologists have agreed to a state of absolute stupidity – they see, hear and know nothing. The practice of not-isness does indeed reduce understanding. These people have gone backwards to a state of walking circuits. They now understand nothing and that explains their actions and why they are so easily scammed.

  8. I see nothing wrong with donating a few books, like (Dianetics, Fundamentals of Thought, Problems of Work etc.) to libraries.

    I do have a problem when you include books like Advanced Procedures and Axioms, 8-80, and 8-8008. These books are not going to be understood by new people.

    The reference on this is HCO Policy Letter “ETHICS AND STUDY TECH” page 482 ORG Exec Course vol. 4.


    If a person is found guilty of this, yet continues to violate this policy, they can be called before a committee of evidence and charged with;
    “COMMITING AN ACT OR OMISSION UNDERTAKEN TO KNOWINGLY SUPPRESS, REDUCE OR IMPEDE SCIENTOLOGY OR SCIENTOLOGISTS, and if found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, may be declared a SUPPRESIVE PERSON and expelled with full penalties.”

    The library donation campaign is one more attempt by Miscavage to suppress Scientology while he sucks money out of Scientologists.

    • Good point Dan and well done on posting the actual reference these orgs are in violation of.

      I agree the books that should be given to libraries are DMSMH (I mean its mentioned 50 xs in Books Make Booms) FOT and POW.

      I wouldn’t recommend the later version of WIS because it abounds with disinfo.

      Maybe the Dn & Scn Tech & Admin Dictionary wouldn’t be a bad idea but it seems that most Churchies don’t even have a copy of those books.

      Also why all these new books?

      (A rhetorical question I know since the author of the post alludes to the real intention behind this campaign which has nothing to do with actual dissemination to the public.)

      As I’m pretty sure that many who are still on lines still probably have several copies of the basics due to Basicmanaia a few years back.

      • Scnafrica great and well written article.


        True what you say. To actually enforce the Basics as has been done, on all new people, shows a deep and tragic misunderstanding of the structure of Scientology and how it should be presented to the world.

        Either that OT it’s simply intentional psychopathy.

        Those just lurking, can take just this one factor, the Basics evolution and it’s enforcement in the new line-up, as evidence enough for the parlous state of affairs within the movement.

        88008 and History of Man and PDC, for all new people. Come on.

        The dear leader hasn’t got a clue.

    • This probably won’t be allowed, but I was kind of expecting someone to challenge it and no one has.
      Such dire seriousness! Courts of Ethics! Suppressive acts! Oh my!!!
      When I first came in contact with Scientology, in late 1969, there was a large table, in the Org’s lobby, featuring books. All the 1950s books were there. Anyone could buy any book that interested him, including (gasp!) ‘Scientology 8-8008’, and it was just fine.
      One of the books I liked the most was ‘History of Man’.
      Boy!, was that Org and its Book Store Officer out ethics!
      The Miscavige Library Campaign is wrong because it’s an unscrupulous money making scheme.
      You folks who desire to restrict he flow of information – for “the good of all” of course – and I, live in two different worlds.
      Oh well.

  9. Hold on! Rewind…”While it discusses doing a home purif …” A HOME purif? This is the first I have heard of this. I have never read the book – was one of the first to do the purif in the dark ages and there were no books with pretty pics. Is this something new?
    And talking about Africa being the wrong target – even if a home purif were to be attempted, how the hell would these people get hold of the mega vitamins demanded on the purif? Niacin from the local little chemist or sangoma?
    I also seriously doubt that either Bulawayo or Harare “orgs” have saunas or a purif I/C or C/S, which would make Pta the closest org capable of delivering the purif to the rest of Africa. Yes…I can see them flooding Pta in their droves….eish.
    Do the Zimbabwe orgs still exist? And I mean as in people not empty buildings. Anybody know what’s happening there?

  10. The Libraries are owned by the Psychs – that is why the books were pulped…everyone knows that inside the Bubble…just more evidence of the “winning”


  11. The same phenomenon as described here is seen in the US. A number of people in the critic community have purchased their Basics for cents on the dollar courtesy of library sales of unwanted material, when the library simply hasn’t thrown them out. In the early days of Mike Rinder’s blog, there was a good article with nice crowd-sourcing on how many libraries actually did have copies of books that Scientologists all over the world paid full price for (not limited to just the US; a number of European posters contributed stats from their area). The Library Campaign is both a failure and a rip-off. It was a money grab and a make-work project for Bridge’s expensive printing plant.

    Here’s a piece of data that you might be able to use: those of us involved in the Red-X campaign to eliminate the Church of Scientology from Craigslist have noticed that about two weeks ago, there started to be a big push for Clear Body, Clear Mind in Craigslist ads (the infamous JJ In Boston posted about a dozen ads for it in one day, for instance). Does anyone else think that this is indicative of a change in marketing tactic by the Church in general, and the African orgs are acting in lockstep with a worldwide push for CBCL and the Purif? If so, do you think pushing the Purif on raw meat will sell Scientology?

  12. Not only do the library scampaigns rob the unsuspecting, but the materials themselves are sabotaged. I have done all the basics and book and lecture courses and although I got a lot out of the LRH truths still in them, there was twisted, mis-worded and omitted data throughout. This starts right at Original Thesis.
    I noticed a lot of students on the basics never got beyond Advanced Procedures and Axioms, where there seemed to be a skipped gradient. Interestingly though, the LRH data that was still untainted speaks often of the goal and application of high ARC and Self determinism, and was always in direct conflict with the Church’s activities. They do the opposite to what LRH says.The sabotage stops most people from actually getting the data and questioning the rock bottom ARC and mis management.

    • R2D2,

      My suspicion is that the Basics are solely a distraction from the actual *Grade Chart* which is something one would expect from an actual SP.

      Also much of the data on the so called “Basics” is totally out gradient like say the PDC and the Phoenix Lectures to the average Scientologist. Never mind the average public.

      Hey don’t get me wrong if I was a book store officer and someone from the public asked to buy a copy of say HOM or COHA. I may recommend that a better gradient would be DMSMH or FOT but I wouldn’t not sell it to ’em though I wouldn’t promote it to *new* public.

      One wonders what these people are thinking when they promote what is considered “Level V” material to the average guy on the street?

      Other than creating a total unreality on the subject.

      • Remote – these people have absolutely no reality on these books THEMSELVES, so how can they possibly have any judgement in this area at all? Today’s Scientologists are so stupid re: their own subject, that they have no ARC for new public’s understanding. Which is why the new orgs try to rely on their idiot videos, which lacking any humanity, will also be gigantic failures. This is NOT a smart group of people.

      • I agree Joe.

        In my opinion those who are going along to get along either have absolutely no understanding of what Scientology (in other words they are totally *glib*) is or are doing it because like Miscavige they have a secret desire to control and manipulate others.

      • Yes and imagine what it is like for a black person in Africa whose mother tongue is one of the eleven official languages – and that’s just in South Africa. I have spent hours M7’ing bulletins and policy letters with newly recruited black staff members.

      • I hear ya Heathcliff.

        Back in the bad ol’ days we used to M7 Foreign Language cases on the Basic Study Manual first yet I don’t think there is any prerec like a course on how to study to the “Basics” which means that even those who speak English are going to be barreling past mis-us.

        As I wrote to Joe. They are either going to end up being totally glib on the subject or use it for their own perverse ends.

  13. I delivered basics that were very much loved by the library’s in SA and neighboring country,

    One out point I noted was a letter to the mayor or such person, was in the basics set I bought, it was a donated set and was resold onto me

  14. This a great article which clearly points out how glib and gullible people can be. It’s a fantasy to think that putting any book in a library is going to handle any social issue on a grand scale, just by “being there”.

    Mostly it shows how the main activity of the CoS is to extract money out of its parishioners for its own gain, without a care to the real suffering and needs of people in society.

  15. This Sebastian has got to be the dumbest guy in SA … He has no education, no money and members of his close family have either been declared or sent to RPF. What a fool.

  16. Since no one else mentioned it I will! Jim Carrey pic is perfect, just about everything the church does these days needs a response like it! Perhaps we could show a caricature cartoon next illustrating DM doing what he does best ie. Extortion, suppression, slave labour explotation and tech perversion. There is nothing like a bit of comedy to get across a good point! Hell yes please!

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