All aboard the merry-go-round


The following email promo was sent out by The Joburg OT Committee, who are hosting a briefing on the new GATII Survival Rundown. It is a briefing that is aimed at both veteran Scientologists as well as new public.

Email re SRD June 2014

For someone who has spent hundreds of thousands and many years in pursuit of achieving the uppermost level that Scientology has to offer, it must be somewhat of an insult to now be told that a briefing on why they should be re-doing lower-bridge processes is as applicable to them as it is to a “new” public.

Next, “you may have done some Objectives previously on the bridge and you may be wondering whether you need to do more”. This is a pretty astounding assumption. Besides the fact that it’s a broad spectrum evaluation of the state of everyone’s case, it also suggests that an OT8, having reached the pinnacle of the bridge, is now self-listing on whether or not they “missed” something along the way.

As for the success stories, it’s hard to know which outpoint to take up first. A Clear and L’s completion “blowing unconciousness”, yet another one claiming only a handful of floating TA’s on OT8 but a whopping 32 on the SRD, and the last one claiming that doing the SRD returned their “latent gain” on the bridge.

Latent definition: (of a quality or state) existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden or concealed.

It’s baffling how one can claim to have had “latent gains” return when the gains had not yet developed or manifested, or had been hidden and concealed. It’s equally baffling how anyone can go up the bridge or be C/S’d onto the next step if the PC is experiencing “latent gains”.

As for the copyright, the sentence “the water flowed under THE BRIDGE” is now illegal as these two words have been copyrighted by the Church. We also may not make any reference to what PURIFICATION process a product has been through, as this word has also been copyrighted by the Church (not that this word appears anywhere in the promo piece anyway).

However, it would seem that it’s okay to use the word/s SURVIVAL RUNDOWN or SRD, as these words were absent from the copyright statement.

The mind boggles.



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  1. Man are they clutching at straws here in this piece of promo. I notice a random quote by the Ol’man which could be construed to mean anything.

    Can we say desperate?

    No actual reference noted so that one can see what context it was written in or even if “LRH” actually said it which is typical the Government Approved Squirrel Group ™ these days.

    The low numbers completing the SRD reported on this and Mike’s blog pretty much indicates that redoing the Purif and Objectives doesn’t really indicate to the majority of the public.

  2. Nothing the CO$ did, said, does or says is without fraud or deceit.

    Non of their copyrights are without fraud or deceit.

    Therefore non of their copyrights are valid.

    And on top of that, it is not lawful to copyright everyday language and words.

    Everything they have done and said can be busted by a competent and savvy lawyer who knows his stuff and knows what he is doing.

    The emperor has no clothes.


  3. I am reminded of the theorem: “Bullshit baffles brains.”
    And the corollary: “If you want to baffle more brains, use more bullshit.”

  4. What’s also amazing, is that they don’t even know the definition of their own term “PC”. They say they are giving wins from some PCs, and then proceed to give wins of those who have gone Clear. Truly pathetic.

  5. I am sure the SRD is a good thing to do for your spiritual and physical health… and there are surely many wins from running, which I did for years to keep my weight down after quitting smoking. But, the extraordinary hype behind the SRD has a more sinister intent.

    The EP of this rundown is now being established by the “wins” of OT VII’s and OT VIII’s that complete the rundown. Not by policy or HCOBs. The Church is re-writing the meaning of this process by publishing extraordinary wins (wins required to get off the level).

    A true faith based religion.

    The captive OT VII’s and VIII’s can’t get off the running on SRD until they “see” god or become a god or something like that (joke). The Co$ are taking a simple and beneficial SRD process and deifying it, simply because the Co$ cannot deliver the next levels like OT 9, 10 or 11 etc…. which died with LRH.

    The Co$ have very few auditors to deliver any level of auditing (because their squirrel tech pushed most of them out and there are too few trained auditors to replace them) so they need a faith based process that does not need an auditor or C/S to keep the faithful running…. it’s the end of the Bridge…. EP of GAG II: running around a pole. Over and over. Like the Quaker Shakers…

  6. Lovely choice of words. “Some Objectives”, it makes it sound like the Objectives you completed where incorrect or not completed. Its an invalidation.
    But the most important point is that those objectives I did, were approved by Religious Technology Centre. They authorized those “some objectives” and verified that they were true and correct. Look,I don’t mind that RTC have discovered a few more Objective process (it is possible) but I object to anyone having to shell out to receive them.
    RTC should be insisting that all past Objectives completions should go into their nearest Org and receive the omitted(new Survival Rundown) processes for free. This would be RTCs way of making good on their earlier promises that the tech is pure LRH. This action would be an act of good faith and an amends to their failure to provide the true tech as LRH intended.

    • “This would be RTCs way of making good on their earlier promises that the tech is pure LRH. ” Exactly Old Timer.
      And if you cast your mind back to before GAT2, people were already being told to go back to Objectives – nobody has really completed them. So quite a few people did that, only to find out POST GAT2 – but wait….there’s MORE!!!!!
      F’n evil!

      • I say MJ, jolly good to find you in ‘Darkest’ (South) Africa, old boy!.. Tut, tut, do be sure to drop in, for a cup of tea and fresh crumpets, will you? (said while fiddling with one’s cuff-links.) 🙂

        Lord Calvin.

      • Nice to be here. I get around these days. Yes, would love to join you for a spot of tea and some crumpets. Jolly good.

  7. Interesting out points noted! As for running unconciousness and having completed ccrd , the words bored to death come to mind

    • How can I say this without breaking the rules?
      The two tech rationalizations, that allow well meaning corporate Scientology tech people to go along with this are:
      1) After OT VII the person will be – for the first time – running Objectives as a “single unit being.”
      2) Echoing LRH – and most of what Miscavige does, in some fashion, is an echo of LRH, even though some don’t like to hear that – the idea is that there is more NOTs-type case than has been suspected, thus OT VIIs have more subtle and deeply buried NOTs phenomena that remains unhandled. Running Objectives is supposed to blow off this unhandled NOTs-type phenomena.
      The real problem is that LRH fibbed when he told Scientologists that there were lots of upper OT levels already written up, etc. Miscavige himself didn’t know that LRH had fibbed about this until after LRH’s passing, when he had Pat Broeker’s residence raided and searched.
      Miscavige knows there are no more toll booths on the Road to Total Freedom. The Bridge ends suddenly and unexpectedly with a person habitually putting his attention on NOTs phenomena on a daily basis for years. LRH did this himself, and it didn’t go well, but that’s forbidden to discuss here.
      In short, Miscavige is recycling the existing Bridge, and making money, making others make money, and making more money.
      More echo.
      How long this can go on is anyone’s guess.

      • Good comment BVO! Miscarriage knew he was going to run out of “THE BIGGEST AND BESTEST RELEASE EVERS!!!!!” in a matter of years after Hubbard died. You can only claim he had written up the stuff before he died for so long and then it starts looking suspect…
        So the recycling began. On top of that, the Interwebz got borned!! Now he had the added problem of people finding out about the lies, abuse, dirty tricks,
        disconnections etc etc. So he knew he had to find a way to make those hard core, non dilettante scilons pay over and over for stuff they had already done. And that is what he has done and will continue to do until the last faithful minion slips out the back door.
        PS – don’t worry so much about what to say here, even though this board is primarily for Indies, I think we can all rub along somehow. The moderators will mod when necessary and might even get a tad tired of your anti lrh stance. But hey – we all got to put on our big girl panties at some stage and learn to talk to people from all walks of life, not just those that agree with us! 🙂

      • Good comment. I particularly liked the bit about “a person habitually putting his attention on NOTs phenomena on a daily basis for years”.
        The Bridge has become habitual. Perhaps some of those people are glad they can get some sort of processing again, receive a scrap of attention that does not involve “What are you giving us this week?”

      • Thanks Draco,
        However, I’m not really anti-LRH.
        Mostly I just describe what LRH did or didn’t do, and quote what LRH said, and wrote: good and bad.
        Since I no longer identify LRH with my, and Mankind’s, survival and well being, for “the next endless agonized trillions.” etc., that’s easy to do.
        Thanks for your support, and thanks to the Mod for being do cool.

      • Great comment, BV Orts. Yip, go to source, that’s where it started.
        I’d like to send this to a koolaid friend of mine, give him a wake up call.

      • You people are addressing the wrong “what” and “why”.

        Look past the sales pitch.

        It is a desperate scam, a twisted, an aberrated effort to get you people to spend more money.

        To masturbate more of your financial resources.

        In plain language; crooked business.


      • BV Orts,

        How do you know he quote fibbed unquote?

        He discusses notes concerning these levels above at that time OT VII in the early ’70’s meaning that Broeker wouldn’t have necessarily had them when as Mike and Marty say they did their “Entebbe Raid” on the Ranch.

        Echoing LRH?

        Well sure you could say that Idenetics, Dianology, Amprinistics, E-Therapy, EST, the Process including the “Church of Scientology” which doesn’t really practice Scientology but what is called the “Scientology Religion” and any other squirrel rendition of the subject based on the works of or derivative technology is “echoing LRH”.

        Personally I don’t get your point.

        Since there is no technical reference that I know of that says you have the PC or Pre OT redo levels they’ve already done which is pretty well covered in the C/S Series and the Class VIII materials.

        Expanding Grades, rehabbing and verifying processes already run and doing actions that were skipped or never done is something else entirely then having everyone redo the whole level in a blanket “C/S” ordered by a failed auditor.

        Aside from being in total violation of all the references I’ve already mentioned is the fact that it is a High Crime to C/S levels above one’s level of training and as far as I know Miscavige is only a Class IV and has had no training in OT Review.

        Yeah I hear an echo alright but it ain’t LRH that’s for sure.

      • You know, all of this could have been handled so easily. They had one golden opportunity to get it right and ensure the future, and they blew it. What if, at the LRH death announcement, Miscavige had said something to the effect of “KSW was a good policy when Ron was still with us, since by applying it, the Tech could remain totally standard. But now he’s not with us any longer. We know the Bridge isn’t finished yet. We’re going to use his notes and continue research on the Upper Levels until we create a Bridge that produces standard results in a standard fashion, and fully unlocks the ability of an Operating Thetan. We owe this to Ron for blazing the trail.”?

        This would have excused everything. Standard Tech would have been redefined as “Whatever Ron wrote, plus whatever we’re able to get working.” Arbitraries would have been acceptable as tweaks to the Tech, so no need for the smokescreen of Arbitraries Cancelled. GAT and GAK and the Basics might not have happened, or if they had and failed, hand-waved with a “We thought we got it right. We didn’t. Sorry.” They could have released new OT levels. They could have stuck with providing services and training auditors, so no mammoth IAS greed-fest. They could have even adapted to new technologies, including full exploitation of the Net.

        But they didn’t. None of them had the imagination to come up with that. I know that there are a lot of people who’d want a do-over of that day. How many problems would that have stopped from happening?

      • Hi Remote,
        See Tech Correction Round-Up of 24 January 1977, for starters.
        _____Begin quote_____

        For a number of years people have wondered when OT VIII would be released.
        Well, to tell you the honest truth, OT VIII has been in existence all those several years, and to it has been added a very large number of OT grades. None of them have been issued. Notes for all these grades are in existence.
        What I have been waiting for is 2 or 3 months of free time to go over these materials and write them up and make them available through Advanced Organizations.
        Now I will make a bargain with you. If you get all the tech straightened out and the orgs and flaps and emergencies off my lines and get your training in and your Word Clearing in and everything flying and this civilization even more thoroughly pointed in a civilized direction, you will buy me those 3 months worth of time so I will be able to afford the time to write up all these Advanced Levels I have researched. Do your job well and buy me these three months.

        _____End quote_____

        Around 1979, LRH began writing science fiction novels, and continued to write science fiction novels for several years. He told David Mayo to make an OT VIII, much to David Mayo’s dismay, as Mayo had assumed that LRH would want to be the author of OT VIII. Ray Mithoff would finally assemble a level OT VIII after Mayo’s departure..
        One question is: Why did LRH write 11 science fiction novels and not spend those 3 months writing up his notes?
        And where are the notes?
        Miscavige doesn’t have them.

      • BV Orts,

        They had Super Power which was pretty much written up back in ’78 just over a year after the HCOB Tech Correction Roundup.

        Yet it took ’em over 30 years to eventually release it.

        Also what he says is true.

        OT VIII had been issued as an HCOB back in ’69.

        So how do you know these notes weren’t written up and weren’t given to *management* for eventual release?

        Also as I wrote earlier he does mention these same levels in an HCOB written three years earlier entitled SCIENTOLOGY, CURRENT STATE OF THE SUBJECT AND MATERIALS where he says:

        (begin fair use)

        The subject of Scientology is to some degree developed in reverse order. The task was to undercut the current level of Man and this was the general target. Therefore one finds the higher levels publicly spoken of most frequently in the earlier books and tapes (between ‘51 and ‘55). In seeking full application to others and attainment for them of their potentials it was necessary to codify the materials and develop processes for them.

        Any difficulties people were having with going Clear were handled in the mid ‘60s and OT levels as they exist in Advanced Orgs were completed by ‘68. There are perhaps 15 levels above OT VII fully developed but existing only in unissued note form, pending more people’s full attainment of OT VI & VII.

        (end fair use)

      • Remote,
        What you’re calling (old) OT VIII was a small amount of theory. That is not an OT level. There was never a level of (old) OT 8. This has been confirmed by others who were around at the time, and by David Mayo.
        If you wish to believe that Miscavige has upper OT levels, and that Marty Rathbun is lying about there being no such levels, then that’s your prerogative.

      • You’re simply mincing words here BV.

        The HCOB gave a list of actions that would make an OT VIII at that time.

        Thus the level of OT VIII existed in theory which contradicts what Mayo says in “Recollections”. Also I listed to various references where levels above OT are discussed and actual procedures were developed from them such as the Ls and thus would indicate that there were indeed *notes* of some kind since all Scientology procedures and actions are based on some kind of theory.

        Whether you consider these *theories* valid or not is beside the point which contradicts Rathbun and Mayo’s assertion that no notes existed.

        To further prove my point I also list several references that could validly be considered “notes” on these levels if actually read and studied.

        Yet you come up with some definitive statement made by two individuals. One who was trained but who had an ax to grind with the organization and one who at the time of the “Entebbe Raid” had absolutely no level of training at all in the Technology.

        I’ll stick with what Hubbard says. You can go with what Marty and Dave say if you wish.

  8. This is hormone injection for the pigs. More bacon for the C of $ frying pan, nothing more! Problem is the slaughter house has so few oinkers to fatten these days! It never ceases to amaze me how creative they can be to make it so!

  9. That was one ugly bright-colored promo for me to see early in the morning! Reading it didn’t make it any better. Comments were right on the mark, though.

  10. This is the biggest shovel full of BULL SHITE EVER!
    i did the Survival Rundown in the late 70’s it was great and I was
    at the lower end of the Bridge.



    HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU ATTEST TO OT8 the first OT level in the Church and
    your objectives are unflat!

    What out tech is this that you get to OT8 and you have not got all the gains
    there are still some LATENT!

    ARE NOW WINS BASED ON FLOATING TA”s and how many you get!
    So instead of boasting the time you took to complete a process you
    now count the number of floating TA’s you have had!
    Sounds like Technical Degrades – which if you read again in a new
    unit of time – the Church violates and that was written by LRH!

    Well Iam sure there will be OTV11’s and OTV111’s who will fall for this
    BULL SHITE as for new people starting the Bridge in the Church these
    Stats are not being made known and I mean brand new!

    The reason OT’s are have to redo lower grade processes is because
    they do not have the tech in the Church to make them full OT to start off

    Where is it written we now have a circular BRIDGE!

    What on earth is Qual doing the mind boggles anyone can freely go to the
    Church part with their money – get abused and come out in debt and not
    had the true gains from each individual grade chart EP as the latent
    gains are hidden!

    by redoing the Purif!

    Well if you donot have Auditors to deliver the Bridge I suppose the next
    best thing to keep the Hamster Wheel turning is to redo the lower Bridge!

    Us OLD timers who know LRH tech and Can apply the tech KNOW
    the Church has altered and misduplicated in the guise of THE GOLDEN AGE OF TECH
    more like the TARNISHED AGE OF TECH!

    • Goldie,

      I remember some of these same “OTs” sometime back saying they made more gain on they’re auditing on NOTs than any auditing prior to that point.

      Now they are saying almost exactly the opposite.

      Go figure.

      One wonders if they really made any gains at all “latent” or otherwise and that they aren’t just a bunch of NCGs like their buddy Dave.

      About these “Floating TAs”. I know you can crank up the sensitivity on a Stage IV needle and get basically the same affect.

  11. This false data campaign is just perfect for the introduction of the arbitrary. A secret order from LRH. Yeah right. The order is don’t do psycho courses or listen to false data !

  12. What if Broeker just hid the upper upper levels somewhere? He could have been doing these levels for years and is now an OT 20! I’m waiting for the SA lists re-do anyway. “Recall a time when life was cheerful” TODAY! And … I even got a floating TA today … I threw my E-meter in the river and watched it glide idly downstream …

    • Joe,

      I never really trusted “Loyal Officer” Broeker when he spoke at Ron’s Requiem and especially after the release of the Sea Org and the Future.

      That said.

      I preferred his style of hands off “management” over meddling micromanaging Dave.

      • Pat Broeker at the “event ” of LRH death was looking to me as an actor.
        Actor’s studio type. (with the way he would gesture before to speak… So contrary to stiff “in trs” scientologists.
        Could have played a part in “The godfather” or in a Martin Scorcese film.
        Do you remember when he said he would CS Ray Mithoff on the upper OT levels… Can you see the nerves he had to tell such a bullshit.
        He really was talented for that show (Miscavige also is not a bad actor).
        Big moment when Broeker showed this big date!!!! (one page or more)
        If one of the auditor present in the room would have remember the Date/locate bulletin he would have wonder why this bloody date didn’t blow earlier. Just a big show. I think even Miscavige was amazed.
        They are both real crook, and the “theta” scientologists couldn’t stomach this possiblility. It’s hard to confront and it was “entheta”…
        Can you remember how happy the audience was when Miscavige said “Ron has completed his research”…. They clapped so well!
        They didn’t know what would be the next sentence : The old man left his body! Boy they must have cried after all this joy.
        A little voice in my head said “what a bunch of moron” but maybe I thought I had a MWH for such an awfull thought!
        Personnaly at that time I thought he left the body years before and they had to prepare for the “after Ron”.
        This is a thick mystery. May be one day someone will witness what really happened.
        But we all spent 30 years giving our money and belief to liars.

      • Yep BG,

        That pretty much describes my reaction as well plus good ol’ Earl Cooley going on about how he got the impression that the Church was in “good hands” somehow psychically from the ol’man.

        As if his last communication to anyone on Earth would be to a Shyster Lawyer.

        Sure I believe that.


  13. Some “success” story – guy says he had only a handful of floating TAs on his previous journey up to OT VIII, and on the SRD he has had 32. Sounds like black PR on OT levels – why bother if you can just do the SRD and float out of your head/case/latent whatever. The guy should get a refund on his previous training – sounds like it was a dud for him – or he was sold a bill of goods – or he is being sold a bill of goods – or all of the above.

    Goldie said it best above. I share his/her outrage!

  14. Announcement.– My best friend, Allen Cook aged 69, of Durban dropped his body in the early hours of Monday the 16th june, 2014..After a 10 year struggle with cancer, he coped admirably with a dormant stage of the disease, but it reached an aggressive stage over the last 3 months.

    Formerly of Jo’burg, Allen had become a Class IV staff auditor in the late 60’s and will probably be remembered for his tough demeanor, and steely resolve. He moved to Durban Org around 1970, where he continued to train and audit pc’s. Incredibly focused, he had one mother – f—‘ing brand of TR-O! He had processing up to original OT4. There was nothing or no-one, he wasn’t prepared to handle! Having known him for the past 42 years, I can say without doubt that he was, at the same time, the wisest, and most compassionate friend to anyone who dropped in for a chat, or a bit of advice, at his restored furniture showroom on Nicolson Road, in Glenwood.

    He leaves behind his 3 children, including son Mark, who will be trying to soldier on best he can, with the business. His distraught family will miss him terribly. I will be staying in touch to help in any way possible.

    Knowing Al, i’m certain he will be keeping an ‘eye’ on things, (as always) and will be in touch, one way or another. 🙂

    Remember Al, — ” A while, a rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.” Khalil Gibran — “The Prophet”

    Love and miss you, Calvin & Dot Duffield.

    • My condolences to you and his family, Calvin. I didn’t know Allen but I wish him all the very best for the next part of his journey. It is good that he was loved and will be missed by the people in his life. That is a mark of a good life in my book.

    • Thanks for posting this RIB,

      Looks like Al was one of the beings that Ron was talking about in Open Channel in What I think of Auditors.

      Truly the type of individual who’ll be missed.

      I’m sorry for your loss.


      • Thanks remoteviewed. He sure was, in every way. We soldier on when those ahead of us fall — the cycle of life itself. I’ll certainly pass on your words too.

      • Thanks cre8tivewm. Just an update for you! Al has already been in touch, and assured us he is ok and glad to be out of pain, but will soon be moving on to start another ‘game’! 🙂

  15. Hi Calvin, respects to you and his family! He sounded like a great guy!
    Your talk of my ex neck of the woods place brings back a smile. We lived in 339 Manning rd. I walked to my School DHS despite living in Glenwood territory. Durban days were lekka, proud to be a Sharks fan forever. My ole man wont live anywhere else, reckons Cpt is too cold and Joeys is far worse! You remind me of the typical confident Durbanites I remember so fondly! Great comments so keep them coming, cheers!

    • Hey, sheeple (not!) Thanks! And yes, genuine in every way 🙂
      Yeah, Glenwood USED to be really lekka. ..except the ‘rising tide’ is kinda ‘flooding the area’, if you get my drift? We still live in the space! But i have to agree with your ole man…it’s hard to beat the climate here, in spite of the other ‘testing elements’! Hey what place on this planet doesn’t have it’s problems. But as long as we have the Sharks, man that just puts everything in PROPER perspective hey? 🙂

      love to you & Shelly, man.(ps. got to get together next time you’re up here okay?) – Calvin.

  16. It was rumoured OT ,9-10 were being delivered to some ,

    A parent should handle thier children the same,

    now if only a hand full of OT8 were salected to go do the 9 and 10 .
    That is not treating your children as the same and is betrayal .

    The children are now rebelling and hear we are, all kuk in the mix, or is it a re mix.

    I need to look and touch a wall, ah not really I think I will spend more time talking to god,

    • KP,

      It wouldn’t surprise me that they are delivering a perverted version of 9 & 10 to some big bucks patron like they did with Matt Flashback on Super Power.

      They are probably going to issue it after their latest carrot Super Power falls through which is the reason for the flurry of activity on “Ideal Orgs”.

      Originally the release of OT IX was going to coincide with all Orgs going SH Size.

      (An impossible target for sure.)

      Now it’s when all Orgs are “Ideal”.

      My opinion is that the Church of Scientology will implode long before this happens.

      • As Marty Rathbun has noted, and as David Mayo has also noted, these levels didn’t exist.
        That’s the problem. No more carrots.
        Why people wanting to weaken corporate Scientology would forward a shore story, about OT levels that don’t exist, is anyone’s guess.
        It’s the promise of the next next mysterious upper *upper* level that keeps many INSIDE corporate Scientology.

      • BV,

        I wouldn’t trust Mayo all that much. He says in his rambling “Recollections” that OT VIII didn’t exist. Yet it had been issued as I wrote earlier as an HCOB in ’69.

        And Marty. He is on record in the SP NKA TB Times as denying that Miscavige ever used physical force on any of his staff.

        You want notes. Ron discusses the levels above OT VII in an HCOPL entitled OT Orgs and the HCOBs Drugs Aspirin and Tranquilizers plus Drugs: Non Compliance and Alter-is. Not to mention the fact that he says he developed the Ls based on levels above OT VII in a Welcome To The Flag Internship, the Xdn Lectures and several REDs.

        So ya want “notes”. There they are in plain sight. Obviously Marty was not aware of these or he wouldn’t have made such a definitive statement. To in my opinion appear to be an authority on the subject of Scientology which he isn’t.

  17. Yes remoteview. When Earl Cooley said about LRH “Mighty thetan”. He was looking like being “ethnics” with scientologist. I really had the feeling that we were abused by a crew of people who have carefully prepared their scenario. Like if I would go to some wild native somewhere and pretend to align with their tradition to get their ressources.
    And the purpose of that was obviously to secure the assets. And we were the asset as well. All the money that we would give all our life. They probably took a course on how becoming a “real religion” in America. And “real religions” do some fundrising. I can imagine Broeker or Miscavige meeting some “specialists”. Complaining of the bad financial state of the church. The specialists would laugh loudly : “But, young fellows, you are sitting on a gold mine !!!”
    Hence, the idea of creating IAS, make people to caugh money with bad news like any standard chaos merchant.
    And they would invent this story of LRH has completed his research and he is moving now on the next step free from the body! Very bad exemple!
    And we all believed this bla, only the most “entetha” and data serie trained percieved the scenario. There is much to say and to analyse and we don’t know the basic intention which maybe to make the business survive no matter what, or a straight intention to destroy the subject of scientology (Robertson viewpoint). But the end result is that the subject is ridiculed and here on this planet it has become more difficult to really blow a charge. Trs are wildly out… It’s very difficult to find a terminal who will listen to you without eval and inval… But it’s another subject… But at the end the founding scientologists are nearer from the grave (many are gone) mostly in financial failure, and in need of spiritual gains.

    • That’s what I figure too.

      I do know that after his death “management” or as I call ’em the Junta like the Moonies got ahold of Robert Gray with H&K which is heavily connected to CIA to improve their image by making ’em “mainstream”.

      Seems that worked out well.

      After that Dave cut a deal with the IRS turning the Church into a tax reporting agency and basically making him a revenue agent as Chairman of the CTCC.

      I mean what other 501ciii religious organization on Earth is so concerned about whether their parishioners pay their personal taxes or not?

      Not only that but they handed out a “burn notice” to any Scientologist involved in CATS or any other Fair Tax Op which was started by the Church.


      Anyway they poured the coals on straight donations to IAS because they were tax deductible doncha know and dropped promoting actual services or exchange of any kind because they offer tangible benefits and concentrated on a big international GI push.

      There are probably other things involved like a covert effort to destroy Scientology by causing the organization to self destruct which seems to be what is happening.

      As far as I’m concerned under Miscavige’s so called “leadership” he has done more damage to the Organization than all the combined efforts of the various Alphabet Soup who were attacking us in the past.

      • Yes, a Junta! That was the feeling I had on the “management” in 1983. But Miscavige did better than any other fascist in the past. After getting rid of his opposant (Marie Sue, Mayo, Robertson and many of the original XII and VIII) he fired one after the other his own crew, starting with Vic Aznaran (who was first RTC IG). And his so called senior : Pat Broeker.
        And all the reste of them… You know the list. They are all gone or on the hole. And what is incredible is that the parishioners don’t wonder why they don’t see anymore Ray Mithoff or Heber Jentsch… It’s amzing. Even Hitler or Stalin didn’t wipe out his own crew..

      • Maybe Dave doesn’t feel he needs them any longer.

        Now that he has “friends” in high places who are going to cover his squirrelly ass for him 😉

  18. Delivering the so called OT9 and 10? I don’t think anyone in the church is able to construct (from LRH tech) a rundown which would work to some degree. But after all, Ron wrote so many things from which you could work out a rundown. But still one would need to be a talented CS, and willing to fake “source”. (it would have to be signed L Ron Hubbard to have any value)
    It seems also very unlikely that LRH didn’t leave some kind of notes. But it might be not really understandable… I imagine…

    • FG,

      I don’t think you’d have to fake source in anyway.

      Take the lower grades for example. All anybody ever did was take the processes developed related to the subject of the grade and compile them into a list.

      Fact is Ron never personally wrote any of the Grade Processes sheets. They’d all been issued as BTBs for years.

      Same with any OT Levels. I’m sure you could go over all the OT processes developed in the early ’50’s and line them up to attain the specific EP of an OT Grade like Orders of Magnitude or Futures or Character or whatever.

  19. A Thought to Ponder from

    The Urantia Book

    “Never…can either science or religion, in and of themselves, standing alone, hope to gain an adequate understanding of universal truths and relationships without the guidance of human philosophy and the illumination of divine revelation.”

    (1135.7) 103:6.5

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