A warrior speaks

by Wise Warrior


A little birdie told me I was declared (actually a few little birdies did, but that’s besides the point). No “official” announcement or direct communication from the Church of course. Just lots of little birdies doing the rounds with malicious slander, hate mongering and what-not.

I wasn’t surprised –  I was fully expecting it. I pretty much encouraged the Church to do it. I WANTED my freedom. I was certain without a shadow of a doubt that as long as I remained connected to the group calling themselves “The Church of Scientology”, I was trapped and would NEVER be free.

Consider being in the position of achieving the EP of Gr0, and then being handed a list of of some 4,300 (and counting) people that you are NOT ALLOWED to talk to. Consider graduating from the “How to Confront and Shatter Suppression Course” and then turning heel and literally running out of a shopping center because you saw an SP idly chatting to a friend outside the shop you wanted to enter? (Yes, this happened to me just last week). I don’t call this freedom.

One of the many benefits of being declared is the new-found freedom of being able to communicate with ANYONE you choose – even long-forgotten “bitter apostates” and other equally salaciously labelled folk. Good people who were used, abused and thrown on the scrapheap to join many other long-lost heroes.

And so it was that I recently had the good fortune to meet up with just such a person – an old friend and someone I had last seen some 30 years ago when we were on staff together. As a result of the Finance Police and Mission Massacre – early to mid 80’s, a number of families were badly affected, including my friend’s. Some members of the family chose to walk away, and others decided to stay. Thanks to the criminal act of “enforced disconnection”, 30 years on, certain members of this family don’t know where their relatives are or even if they’re still alive.

None-the-less, the two of us had a wonderful time reminiscing about “the good ‘ol days” – the camaraderie and high ARC we shared with each other as we got on with producing good products. The “vibe” and hive of activity in the org, everyone working towards a common purpose and goal. We were a good bunch of people. And we still are.

Of course, the conversation eventually got around to the current state of affairs, and I spent some time trying to describe the current status quo.  As I was talking and upon seeing the reaction on my friend’s face to what I was saying, it occurred to me how completely insane it must sound to someone who had been away for so long. Had I not lived it, I would hardly believe it myself. After bringing my friend up to speed about the number of former high-ranking, highly trained and highly regarded people who had left the Church and were openly speaking out against the ongoing abuses, my friend remarked that it sounded like a war had been declared. Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

A couple of days later, I received an email from my friend with a link to a fascinating website. The page specifically linked to was on the subject of battles and/or wars – I found it a fascinating read.

I will provide the link to the website at the end of the article for those who would like to read more,  but I would like to note these two excerpts which I found particularly apt:

To the many heroes out there who continue to fight the good fight of exposing the truth despite everything the Church is throwing at you, this is my message:

“It is important to keep in mind that retreating from an individual battle does not mean that you are surrendering or declaring defeat in the war. A battle is no more than that – one battle. To continue with the battlefield/war analogy, a battle is simply one skirmish; your ultimate objective is to win the war. Many a pawn has to be sacrificed in a chess match in order to capture your opponent’s king, which is ultimately all that matters in the overall scheme of things.

 Always keep your ultimate objective in mind. Don’t let your pride or anger interfere with your overall victory. I know that this is easier said than done at times, but it is a very important part of the game, and one that takes some self-discipline and practice to perfect. Have an overall plan for victory. Be willing to sacrifice a battle here and there in order to win the war in the end, and don’t expend energy fighting a battle which cannot be won at any cost.

Be rational and deliberate”.

And to those in the Church who are actively ignoring, condoning or committing acts of abuse, harassment, malicious slander, enforced disconnection and other blatant crimes “in the name of Scientology”, this is YOUR message: 

“Many people feel the need to fight a losing battle just to prove to themselves or others that they are committed to their cause. This is not someone who is ultimately concerned with their final objective, but rather someone who is concerned with impressing those around them. This kind of action has more to do with pride than it does with strategy or common sense”




28 thoughts on “A warrior speaks

  1. Great post. I also know some people in my area who have also been declared without being informed of it. They heard about it through the rumor line; friends being told to disconnect and what not, but never received any letter or call from the Church or anything saying they’d been declared. In Texas most people have better manners than that. It would seem that being in cult causes people to lose sense of what “proper” manners are.

    • Agreed. Just common decency. Declare by rumor is plain cowardice.
      Isn’t it in Texas they say, if stupid was dirt, they’d own 10 acres?
      Or if stupid was veld, they’d have 20 hectares.

  2. The craziness like what you’ve described in this post is why my wife and I got the hell out of dodge and moved from Clearwater to the Philadelphia area.
    It just wasn’t possible to escape the mind-fuck Stepford-wife kind of thinking that is so common in SCN as long as we continued to live in CW.
    I’ve been studying recently on North Korea. The more I do so the more embarrassed I am that I ever participated in anything (the Sea Org specifically and Corporate C of S in general) that is so hauntingly similar to the mental prison camp that is North Korea.
    Consider it for a second. Take the SO. You can’t watch the news. You can’t watch TV. You can’t access the internet. You can’t call your family without permission. You can’t have a cell phone. It’s almost impossible to take a vacation. You’re “priveldge” of eating is so tightly controlled that you’re out-of-your-mind THRILLED to get ice cream after dinner once per week (fights would break out over ice cream). And guess what…all this regulation is for your own good!!!
    The “it’s all for your own good” part is what makes it particularly spooky. And of course the fact that all of these things are not seriously questioned by those upon whom these rules are enforced. It’s all “normal”.
    You’re held up as being one of the most ethical beings on the planet, yet are treated as if you can’t be trusted to not to escape during any waking moment.
    The similarities to the North Korean brand of brain washing are haunting. I think this subtle and dangerous form of mind control is why almost all former SO members have nightmares about being back in the SO.
    I left the SO on relatively good terms (wasn’t declared or disaffected) and I STILL have nightmares about being back in.

    • Ditto on the nightmares, Danny.
      “You’re held up as being one of the most ethical beings on the planet, yet are treated as if you can’t be trusted to not to escape during any waking moment.” Yes, the stark reality of being S.O. and being treated so badly is very different to the smart shiny promo they put out. You are very seldom, if ever, treated as a valued part of what is supposed to be “the most important thing this planet has ever seen”!
      The Elite? Nope, not really…

  3. These are great warrior word, as in a game of chess , and rumour and humour, a good line charge about this will be had.

    In war or any battle one must become like water, send wave after wave the hardest stone gets worn away.

  4. Welcome, Wise Warrior, to freedom. And thank you for writing this.
    If you have the list of the 4,300, I’d appreciate a copy. Frik.Blaauw@GMail.com. Because I’m going to be pissed off if I’m not on that list!
    My, the sky is blue today.


    It has been a primary quest of science and philosophy to identify the “unifying field”, this force that connects everything in existence. Religions identify “IT” as God in one form or another. Whatever labels we apply to “IT” – theta, consciousness, the unifying field – “IT” permeates and connects everything. This connectedness becomes obscured to the extent that consciousness (theta) becomes entangled in MEST and related considerations. The result of theta’s entanglement in MEST is a defined perspective – a particular viewpoint with beliefs, assumptions and values – a games condition.

    And the point is? Most people, if not all, who became Scientologists did so to enhance the quality of their life’s game. Whether they were specifically aware of it or not they sought to be less entangled in MEST. Nonetheless, to cut a long story short; as it turns out it seems that involvement with the C of S is having the opposite effect – more entanglement in MEST – more defined points of view and fixed ideas.

    Of the various manifestations due to indoctrinated “church think” of members few are as damming as the idea of disconnection. Here is the thing; the concept of disconnection or separation from anything is typical of a games condition. The more entangled in MEST theta becomes the more solid it becomes and the less self-determined. The less entangled in MEST theta is, the less solid it is and the more self-determined.

    What this amounts to in terms of the C of S’s policy of disconnection is that for it to work those targeted need to be dragged down into games conditions where theta – consciousness – is significantly solid.

    If we look at H2O we find that when the temperature rises it turns into steam – very un-solid. On the other hand as the temperature drops H2O turns into ice – very solid. In a way something similar happens to theta – consciousness. But in the case of theta it’s not a drop in temperature that changes conditions from “steam-like” to “ice-like” but a drop in ARC. Or, as I see it, the collapsing of unconditional love into something increasingly solid, like language and symbols, logic and reason.

    And the point is? Where love prevails – where the connection between people is steam-like – telepathic-like, and not solid, it is impossible to cut. It’s like trying to cut steam with a knife. But where circumstances – games conditions – have become ice-like relationships can be cut and people separated. A block of ice can be cut in two and the pieces separated.

    In the final analysis, my suggestion to people who have been separated from family or friends by disconnection policies of the C of S, however you can, make them feel your unconditional love. Keep in mind that unconditional love isn’t about propitiation, weakness, blame, making guilty or covert forms of punishment. Unconditional love is the most awesome force in the universe. It is beyond the most complete ARC one can imagine. Communication is not the universal solvent; unconditional love is. There is no mistaking it when it is received or given.

    • That list is from 1992. Back then, they at least came up with a reasonable excuse to put you on the list AND gave you a goldenrod to boot. I would be willing to bet if a published list even exists 12 years later, it is at minimum twice as long as this one by now. The list doesn’t even have Rathbun, Rinder, DeLaCarriere, etc. on it.

    • It’s a real old list, doesn’t include any 21th century “SP”. If they update they will add another 1000 names!

    • The irony is Travers that Art of War is recommended reading for OSA (of course as we have seen having the data and actually applying it are two different things in regard to the so called “Church of Scientology”) though it’s doubtful they ever apply it because of all the blow back aka foot bullets they seem to create.

      Guess these “SP declares” ( which are totally contrary to the policy on How to Write an Ethics Order but then why would anyone be surprised. I mean they say they are applying the policy on “Idea Orgs” and do something else entirely while RTC maintains that it is maintaining the purity of the tech while continually altering it) have sorta reached the “Top Secret” “Eyes Only” of our Prez’s “Kill List”.

      Just be thankful the “Church” doesn’t have access to drones 😉

  6. What a wonderful post. People sometimes get caught up in fighting the battle and insist that people they don’t know should do more. I saw this a lot when Debbie Cook took her leave. I disagree. I think a person should fight the fight they are comfortable with and no more.

    There have been several times I have been attacked on blogs or message boards where I appeared to walk away and let the person or persons attacking me think they “won”. Actually, when you take away the thing the other person was pushing against, they generally fall down on their own. I just go somewhere else where my message will be heard without all the noise and continue delivering my message rather than try to shout above the babble.

    My mother’s favorite saying was “there is no limit to the amount of good you can do as long as you don’t care who gets the credit”. If someone needs credit and recognition, are they fighting the battle to win or to get noticed?

    On that same vein, how can Scientology claim to be clearing the planet when their entire focus is on STATUS. Moving up in status, getting more and more recognition, helps no one but the one in the spotlight.

  7. Well done to you Wise Warrior! Take your time to warm up in your new found sunshine. Communicate with people you love and above all be kind to yourself. I wish you joy and strength!

  8. These “no notice” declares are really something.

    It all started with certain OT VIII’s and OL’s who were being big bad SPs by refusing to disconnect from others who had been declared or who had received auditing from Indies in the field. The Church didn’t want to put it in writing that these people were declared as there would be an uproar. So they stopped putting it into writing. Then they just stopped informing people totally.

    Just a few examples…when Wendy Honors in Australia was declared (Freedom Medal Winner) there was no issue to be shown to the public. Then Joy Westrum Pendery (Freedom Medal Winner / OT 8) refused to disconnect from Wendy. There was no Declare put out on Joy, but the whisper campaign started that she’d been declared. Imagine that…OT 8, IAS Freedom Medal…INSTANT declare.

    Then when Rick Pendery spent a few weeks getting auditing in the Indie field, the whispers started about Rick now being an SP as well. Was there an issue or anything? Of course not. I’m not sure that Rick even actually got declared, but the whisper campaign among on-lines Scientologists was sure hot and heavy on him.

    LRH policy is dead in the Church. Unfortunately, for those who are still in, I don’t believe there is TOOOO much hope of them waking up. And by “in” I mean really embracing GAT 2 and praising COB for all his greatness.

    The evidence is out there. There are of course THOUSANDS of people who are still “in good standing” but have ended-cycle on the Church and just don’t really have anything to do with it any more. Those people might not be standing up to be counted (as is their right), but they are certainly not “in”.

    With all the evidence that is out there that the C of S has become a money transfer scheme and a glorified Real Estate Investment Trust, and with all the evidence that free speech and thought is as frowned upon in the C of S as it was in Nazi Germany…I truly feel that those who are actively embracing the GAT Phase 2 and drinking the Kool-Aid despite all the reasons not to — those people are probably in for good. It will take a serious jolt to change their outlook. It would take parents and siblings and spouses getting declared…and even that might not be enough.

    • Ex-HCO,

      Probably another reason for all these secret declares is that it is easier to prove libel than slander.

      In other words their ideal of enforcing their perverted concept of “ethics” is to basically *natter* about how bad so and so is.

      Anyone who knows anything about the tech of Level II knows what this is really an indicator of.

    • Nicely stated ex HCO.

      It is a pitiful state of affairs. If they openly publish these things, they would create even more,problems for themselves than they have now.

      Their own bad PR forces them to be non standard. Non standard ethics, non standard policy, non standard delivery tech. All 3 techs screwed.

  9. I believe I am declared. This is because there are those who claim to have seen it. Of course I have not seen it and probably never will. It makes little difference to me because I resigned anyway, but it proves absolutely that the ethics tech is used selectively, only those parts that further OSA’s aims. Of course the fact that I have enough certificates and commendations and thank you’s to sink the Apollo makes no difference. I have come to understand that no amount of good deeds in the church are worth a monkey’s fart when you dare to observe the myriad outnesses and comment or (heaven forbid) act on them. If the naughty children won’t behave then throw them out of the school. Even if they are OT8’s or class 12’s.

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