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This article was sent in by Travers Harris. It’s a little different to what we usually publish but it is interesting!

By Travers Harris

In 1970 I was sent on an LRH mission to the Scandinavian Orgs to promote the release of the new Expanded Dianetics. The theme was to have a “Crusade for a Happy & Well Country”. In Denmark it was called a “Happy & Well Denmark”. The crusade went off very well in the orgs that I went to. Currently with the incidence of disease increasing across the world, dianetics is inadequate to handle these diseases as witness the cancer deaths of some scientologists but also dianetics was not really intended to handle serious disease. In addition LRH policy was in the case of illness you should see a doctor.

LRH also wrote about the natural diet of the human race and the effects of sugar on the human body. He stated “Sugar bypasses the natural mechanisms of the body to produce sugar and burns up a body”. The natural diet of human beings, he wrote, was also unknown

In another bulletin or series of bulletins he created the process “Exchange by Dynamics”, which I ran on several PCs with Quentin Hubbard as my CS. Quentin was a terrific CS to work with and a terrific guy. The process gave me tremendous cognitions even to this day. It indicated to me the unethical behaviour and practices of the Big Food and Big Pharmaceutical industries, which is their out exchange with humanity. The food industry cause addictions with toxic additives to some of the unhealthy foods they create which make you addicted and cause disease. Big Pharma create drugs which do not cure but which you need to take forever to keep you well when you have chronic disease.

LRH was also a pill popper in that he believed in vitamins and nutrition even though at the time there was no “Science of Nutrition” even until this day, but he intuited that there should be such a science.

Today a quantum leap has occurred in both psychiatry and medical science. Shock treatment has now been ruled out in psychiatry and surgery has been ruled out in medical science except in emergencies. Today the real cause of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and virtually all other diseases has been discovered and can be cured or reversed. By 2020 all diseases will be handled with the new discoveries of medical science however the current medical procedure will still be in place as these changes take a while to change in the physical universe.

Going back to the process of Exchange by Dynamics I have worked out how it applies to the new medical procedure and in addition to psychiatry. In the business of BIG BUSSINESS such as the food industry and BIG PHARMA, they have No Ethics and are in the business, not to heal you but to enrich their business by getting you addicted to certain foods and drugs, but which can be healed with proper nutrition and avoiding the drugs and the additives in your food which make you addicted to their junk. They are OUT OF EXCHANGE WITH THE HUMAN RACE.

A true life example follows: 20 year ago I was informed by my doctor that I was diabetic. 2 other members of my family were diabetic so I was not surprised as it was said that it runs in the family. I was told it was incurable and I was put onto tablets and told to avoid all forms of sugar. Big mistake by going onto the tablets as I later learnt that sooner or later you will go onto insulin and your pancreas will become dysfunctional which eventually happened. So I cut out sugar but discovered that there were other foods that caused my sugar to go haywire. I bought several books authorised by “The World Diabetic Institute” and discovered what they said I should eat was sending my sugar levels to dangerous highs which could cause blindness and limb amputation. I soon discovered that the diabetic institutes around the world were hopelessly wrong and also found out that diabetes can be cured with proper nutrition.

In the new Psychiatry, for example, if you are suffering from acute anxiety disorder, instead of shock treatment they will look at the gut brain connection and find there is a chemical imbalance caused by certain foods that are causing this imbalance, particularly in the GMO range and foods containing gluten. This also applies in the “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. In the new medical system their motto is “EAT YOUR MEDICINE”.

I see this in Scientology as the “Failed Case” who had an anxiety disorder or a leaky gut syndrome which bogged the case as it was not a mental disorder but a nutritional disorder.

The following is an extracted from the “New Medical Institute”

ONE OF EVERY TWO Americans have a deadly disease that’s making you fat and sick and will kill you and 90 percent of you don’t even know that you have it. And it’s spreading to the rest of the world. By 2015, 2.3 billion people will have been affected across the world. What’s worse is your doctor’s are not trained how to find it and they are not even looking for it.

So what am I talking about?

I’m talking about diabesity–the number one cause of obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and of course type 2 diabetes. Dementia is now named diabetes type 3.

You might hear many terms used to describe this one basic phenomenon–a new epidemic of disordered biology and disease. It is the continuum of abnormal biology that ranges from mild insulin resistance to full-blown diabetes. We call it by many names. See if you recognize any of them:

    Insulin resistance


    Metabolic syndrome


    Syndrome X

    Adult-onset diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes

In truth, these are ALL essentially one problem with varying degrees of severity. The diagnosis and treatment of the underlying causes that drive all these conditions are actually the same.

That is why I use a more comprehensive term to describe these conditions: diabesity. Diabesity describes a continuum of disease from optimal blood sugar balance to insulin sensitivity to full-blown diabetes. This biological imbalance is our modern plague.


So today the science of human nutrition has been created which can relieve you of your disease and make you well again with proper nutrition. But it is not a simple matter as various tests are required. Many ailments that was previously thought to be audited such as anxiety, headaches and more can be traced to imbalances in the human body. It is quite probable the DM has put people on the RPF or into the hole that have a metabolic disorder or some condition that can be handled by nutrition.

The harsh disciplines of psychiatry such as shock treatment will become a thing of the past and replaced with proper nutrition according tests done. Chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and more will be handled with proper nutrition.

The old medical and psychiatric establishments have become obsolete with the new procedures of “Systems Medicine”. Will the official “church” follow suit with their archaic systems of violence against people such as disconnection, imprisonment and what else they get up to.




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  1. I think it is generally accepted that proper nutrition would substantially improve the physical and mental health of humanity. Getting people to actually DO IT is another subject and is far more difficult to tackle.
    And the following sentence
    “Today the real cause of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and virtually all other diseases has been discovered and can be cured or reversed.”
    It looks like a page out of the LRH book of techniques of how to get you to look deeper, don’t you think?
    If it sounds too good to be true, it is…

  2. I don’t fully understand what you are writing about but I like it !
    here a short story:
    From the age of 12 until some years ago I’d constant stomach problems and felt tired the whole day and needed lots of discipline to get through a day and not succumb to my tiredness.
    From the age of 16 on I was audited and used 100ds of hours til my OT IV and used to call it ” my eternal tiredness” . I never could find the “failed purpose” or the “withhold” or whatever was causing it, but wasted lots of auditing, self-figuring, ethics, 2 waycomms etc. on it, chasing for the spiritual reason of it. Never found it, propably OT XV will handle it.
    After 40 years living with it, my wife read about lactase deficiency on the Internet and told me that I have all those symptoms ! I tested it and realized it was my problem and adapted the nutrition. The problem is handled now and I’m alive and this eternal tiredness is gone forever. My whole life I used to drink 1-3 Liters of milk per day and as Adele Davis says it’s a good and cheap source of protein and energy. I took her by the word and and was then nearly dead.
    It cost me no cent for the biggest win in my life !

  3. The remedy for these diseases is not just changing your diet and eating healthier. The human race mostly do not understand what is truly healthy. Take fat for example, it is an essential ingredient for the human body. The brain consists of 70% fat and needs fat, every cell in your body also needs fat but we have been indoctrinated that fat is unhealthy. What is mostly unknown is that there are good fats and unhealthy fats. The good fats are essential for health. The medical profession are mostly nutritionally illiterate.
    In the past month there has been 2 world summits, the world diabetes summit and the world thyroid summit. I have purchased all the material from the new breed of doctors. Part of the problem of disease is the toxins in the human body that you eat, breath and drink such as chloride and fluoride in your water,preservatives and other toxins such as pesticides in the food that you purchase. These have a cumulative effect which needs a body detox to get rid of.
    There are 200 million people affected by thyroid disorders world wide which is an auto immune disease also caused by toxic foods that you eat.
    What is written in this article is absolutely correct which is the quantum leap in medical science. The old breed of medicine has become obsolete and has been replaced with functional medicine


      mwesten – Your comment has been deleted due to ad-hominem attack and denigration of LRH, which was clearly not based on personal knowledge.

      You are welcome to comment on this blog, however please be considerate of others when doing so.

      We refer you to our moderator policy:

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    • 1. ECT is still in use today.
      2. Sugar? Good/bad fats? Additives? Preservatives? This is data that has been known for decades. Nutritionists have been warning about sugar since at least the 1960s, if not before.
      3. I have hyperthyroidism and find comments both alarmist and dangerous. Cutting carbs, taking vitamins and eating organic did not stop the tremors, the nausea or the insane heart rates that could eventually have led to my death. Drugs did, and I will happily stay on them until my thyroid has reverted back to normal. In the meantime, please provide me with links to credible scientific studies that have now proved “toxins” and poor diet to be the cause of this disease.

  4. Look, if you reside in a body nutrition, diet and propper supplementation are absolutely vital. The tech of the above is rather confidence building if you know who to trust and how to sift through the marketing hype for the good stuff. New research into microscopic lipid (good fat) delivery systems that take nutrients from roughly 10% absorption to close to 90%! What this means is diseases related to nutrient deficiencies can be handled pretty much!
    Problem is big pharma knows this natural medicine tech makes sick people well. No side effects or nasty toxins either, what a pity says big pharma, there goes our cash cow! So these bastards are busy doing their best to put the clamps on and get herbs classified as drugs so you have to get a prescription or go to a pharmacy instead of a health shop! As I said, damn bastards!
    Lastly using natural medicine with assist tech as well as addressing the GE directly is probably the way I would go as a handling for any chronic disease!

  5. Interesting what you said. This subject of proper diet is very vital. Thanks to remind us that LRH had a vision of that much longer before anyone else. We do need to rehab the old man who is currently accused by many of all the misdeed of Miscavige.

  6. Proper nutrition is essential. Healing effectively in your mind and body, does not work if you are not eating well, getting plenty of exercise, and seeking professional assistance.
    But, I hope you are not suggesting that proper nutrition would fix thyroid cancer, prevent depression and get rid of anxiety. That is just not true.

    • Outraged … most cancers slows down with proper nutrition , and some will stop growing allowing the person with cancer to live a normal or almost normal lifespan
      Thyroid problems is also know to resolve with proper nutrition.
      As for depression and anxiety , in many cases complete healing , and in others a marked degree of improvement that in many cases stops the need for medication

      • are you kidding me?
        I suffer from clinical depression and there is NO WAY ON EARTH OR THE MOON that my depression can be cured by proper nutrition.
        my husband has no thyroid. He has/had thyroid cancer. There is NO WAY ON EARTH OR THE SUN that his cancer could have been dealt with by proper nutrition. I must be misunderstanding your post.

      • Some thyroid problems such as goiter can be avoided by adding a bit of iodine to the diet. That’s why iodized salt is used.
        But I think that’s about all that diet can do for the thyroid.

  7. Thanks Travers.
    I got stuck in a wrong datum early on in Scientology when a fairly high-ranking member told me that all illness was psychsomatic. 100% of it.
    I suffered from ferocious migraines so, thinking these were just psychosomatic, addressed them in auditing all the way up to and past NOTS. Nothing was handled and at the end of it all (a fortune) the migraines were worse than ever. When I shook off the wrong datum and discovered that my migraines were caused by food allergies (those containing chemicals, additives, preservatives, taste enhancers, etc) I simply cut them out and now don’t eat anything that I don’t understand. What the hell are “glycerides” doing? And don’t get me started on MSG.
    As a result of keeping food simple I haven’t had a headache in ten years — and if I were to get one I would know why. Nothing to do with aggressive bts, overts or suppression.
    As far as what the body needs my belief is based on the fact that it can go six weeks without food, six days without water but only six minutes without oxygen. The body is about 85% oxygen and there are people in India that live on air. For me oxygen is where it’s at. Many of the chronic diseases of the modern era, cancer, diabetes, etc. are anaerobic — i.e. they flourish in the ABSENCE of oxygen and wither in its presence.
    Since we don’t get enough oxygen via breathing I drink small quantities of FOOD-GRADE hydrogen peroxide which occurs naturally in the body — as recommended in the book:
    The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases by Madison Cavanaugh.
    My sister, brother, mother and father all died of different forms of cancer. I am 71, people say I look 50, I still play soccer and even box with one of my grown sons.
    I hope I don’t “as-is” my physical success but have zero health programs and the doctor is astounded.
    I don’t know how valid the peroxide thing is but that’s my little story.
    Best regards.
    Len Bolton

  8. Hi Travers.
    LrH promoted scientology as a “catch all” therapy. It cured everything. When it failed to cure some ailment, he blamed the auditor (out-tech) or the pre-clear (PTS, PTP) or both.
    Psychiatry and medical science are exactly that – SCIENCE. The other subject is a faith based religious cult which has accepted everything its founder uttered as fact.Sorry to say this but science it is not and it will never evolve.
    I hope you are not implying that nutrition alone can cure all diseases because that would be incorrect. A more accurate statement would be that correct nutrition could prevent certain diseases by keeping the bodys’ immune system healthy.
    In the seventies, the science of nutrition decreed that all animal fat was bad for the body and that a diet high in carbohydrates and low in protein was the ultimate for good health. Todays’ diseases have been traced back to this diet.
    Low fat products and processed foods typically have a high concentration of added chemicals to enhance flavour and shelf life. The effect of theses additives on human health was never researched proir to them being incorporated into our foods. Big Pharm out ethics – probably.
    The new “fab” eating lifestyle is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. How effective this will be to health, is yet to be determined. Time will tell.

    • Oh please there are dozens of policies and HCOBs that contradict what you say.

      Ron himself that anyone who seeks to resolve an ailment totally spiritually or completely physically is an “extremist” to use his actual word.

      I don’t know what your game is about attributing things Ron never said to him but I don’t like it.

      If you are going to say Ron said this or that I suggest you start citing actual sources.

      Really I am growing tired of this SO authoritarianism which is exactly what Miscavige continually plays on i.e. that because he is RTC he allegedly knows “LRH’s Intentions” better than any of us former rank and file.

      One word actually two:

      Bull Shit.

      • My word, that is rich…
        “If you are going to say Ron said this or that I suggest you start citing actual sources.”
        So, if Ron did say something, does he have the actual published, reproducible ‘research’ to back it up? Nah… didn’t think so… so you calling for ‘proof’ is really rather ridiculous, right, given how much dribble from LRH you bought in the first place without evidence. You, apparently, don’t need it – just believe!

      • EO,
        Obviously you didn’t *read* the comment I was responding to.
        Allegedly according to Old Timer, Hubbard said that:
        “LrH promoted scientology as a “catch all” therapy. It cured everything. When it failed to cure some ailment, he blamed the auditor (out-tech) or the pre-clear (PTS, PTP) or both.”
        He never said any such thing and the following HCOB proves that:
        (begin fair use)
        Remimeo Class VIII Tech Secs Qual Secs
        HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
        HCO BULLETIN OF 12 MARCH 1969 Issue II
        PHYSICALLY ILL PCS AND PRE OTS (with a note on Drugs)
        One can very easily go to extremes on mental illness vs physical illness. One school says all trouble comes from physical illness.
        Another says it all comes from mental illness.
        The psychiatrist mixes the two and says all mental illness is physical.
        It is time every auditor, particularly Class VIIIs, took a hard look at this area.
        The body is capable of having physical illness, acute (momentary) or chronic (continual). Broken bones, pinched nerves, diseases can any of them occur to a body independent of any mental or spiritual action.
        The mind or spirit can predispose the illness or injury. By this is meant a person can be distraught and have an accident, or decide to die and get a disease.
        But the disease or injury when he’s got it is a body circumstance and responds best to skilled medical (ordinary usual, put on a tourniquet, set a bone, give a shot) treatment.
        On a sick or injured person, you can reduce the time of healing or recovery by removing the spiritual or mental upset, providing the person can be audited, but usually after effective physical treatment. The facts are real enough. Auditing a person with a broken leg after it is set and he is comfortable, to remove the engram of the accident or treatment and the earlier “reason” he or she was distraught or had the accident, can improve the bone knitting time by as much as 2/3rds by actual test. This would be six weeks down to two weeks.
        But the bone has to be set!
        A body is a biological object. It has all manner of internal communication systems and organized interrelated functions.
        Now if you tried to audit a preclear when he was acutely ill, you would find him hard to audit, confused and distracted and unable to follow commands. He may become overwhelmed easily. He certainly is not likely to respond properly. Because the body is sending all sorts of pain or discomfort messages and confusions, it is very much in his way. Two things are going on at the same time—his case as a spiritual being, his body as a distracting pain or sensation object.
        The pc assigns the body to his case or his case to his body.
        You have to get the body out of the attention area to some degree before anything helpful usually occurs by way of auditing.
        Now let us take the pc with a long term illness. He has been sick with something since the age of 8. He really doesn’t know he’s sick physically. He blames it all on his own case.
        In a lot of cases we audit him and he has enough relief to then get physically well. For he was mentally or spiritually suppressing his body.
        These successes (and they are numerous) could cause us to do an all mental concentration and lead some to insist all illness was from the mind. This makes some make the mistake of omitting physical examination and treatment in all cases. Certain schools of healing in the past got the entire field in disrepute by assuming and stating and acting on just that.
        When you find a pc who does not easily respond, whether he answers up to 7 cases “Physically ill” or not, you sure better get him to the nearest clinic for a thorough physical examination including head and spine X-rays and get him examined pathologically. For you will usually find he is physically ill, in suppressed pain or discomfort. There are cures for a lot of these things now and not requiring “exploratory” operations either.
        Don’t throw away all the grades of auditing on him. He’s sick. Physically.
        That’s why you do a White Form. A long history of accident and illness should prepare you to be alert and to send him to a clinic if his response to auditing is the least bit poor.
        Then when you have the physical side of it in hand, audit him at assist level.
        When he is well give him his grades.
        Don’t force auditing into physical healing. It works much of the time. Special types of auditing (running out injuries, etc) assist healing markedly. That doesn’t mean you should avoid all medical treatment!
        “Failed cases” are medically ill or injured cases. Without exception. So why fail. There are medical doctors and clinics. There are standard, usual treatments. You don’t have to buy “exploratories” and questionable actions. These are done only when the medical doctor can’t find out either. When this impasse occurs, start doing assists or look for engrams.
        There are some bizarre or strange postoperative (after operation) or post injury (after injury) conditions which do surrender miraculously to auditing. A suppurating incision (operation cut that remains open and unhealing), a bone that will not heal after having a plate put on it, such things usually surrender to auditing. These facts should be used but they do not contradict that medical treatment was needed in the first place.
        The psychiatrist is an example of the other extreme to spiritual healing. Instead of “all mind” he is saying “all physical”.
        Holding either extreme produces failures.
        The psychiatrist got into his “all physical” by a sensing that insanity symptoms seemed to resemble persons in pain or delirium.
        In these cases the stress of physical suffering is pouring back into and overwhelming the mind.
        After considerable study on this, I realized that an error could have been made out of a statement “all insanity is physical”.
        This is probably the case in the large percentage of the insane. But from this one cannot then say “all mental trouble is physical” because that can be demonstrated as not true. We see it as easily as in a case of a person falling ill on the receipt of bad news, who then gets good news and gets well. The great Voltaire, on his deathbed, received news that he had been awarded the Legion of Honor, after a lifetime of being scorned by Authority. He promptly got up, put on his clothes and went down to receive the award.
        In the case of insanity having physical causes, one could discover this, say it and be promptly misunderstood in this way. The sufferer is in a general agony from a nerve long ago crushed. This actual pain is distributed from its point of concentration to the whole of the nervous system. The person cannot think, looks dazed, cannot work or
        act. An operation removes the pressure causing the condition. The person is then “sane” in that he can perform the actions of life.
        After a few successes of this nature, the psychiatrist leaps to the conclusion all mental trouble is physical. He teaches some student saying “all mental trouble is physical”. The student goes off, tries to figure it out, dreams up a special insanity virus or “genes” or a special illness called “insanity”. He then resorts to all manner of odd and often brutal treatments. By cutting or shocking a nerve channel one can stop the pain messages but such actions lay in new complications which usually terminate in premature if not immediate death or injury.
        This tells one why tranquilizers (psychotropic drugs) make a patient rational or at least able to function for a short while. They too have their side effects. Usually all they do is, like aspirin, reduce the pain.
        Patients do not always know they hurt. They suppress the pain or sensation. It seems normal to them or “life”. When they receive a distressing experience or have an accident they cease to suppress and may go “insane”, which is to say, become continuously overwhelmed by pain or unwanted sensation. They cannot think or act rationally. They may even be insane only during periods of the day or month that coincide with the time of the accident. But they are in physical distress.
        As they cannot eat or sleep, their condition worsens by exhaustion and they may go into various states including a deathlike motionlessness or actually die.
        He may find disease, fractures, concussion, tumours, or ANY COMMON ILLNESS which has escaped treatment and has become chronic (perpetual). He should keep looking until he finds it. For it is there. NOT some “insane germ” but some ordinary recognizable illness or physical malfunction.
        The WRONG THING is to cut nerves or subject the person to more pain. Electricity can force a nerve channel to flow or paralyze it. That is probably why it seems to work sometimes. But it cures nothing and more often confirms the insane condition and certainly fills the patient with dread and terror, injures him and shortens life.
        The problem in insanity is often how do you keep the patient from injuring himself or starving or dying before he can be examined by a competent medical doctor in a properly equipt clinic.
        This is done by rest, security, feeding, under drugs if necessary.
        A patient can be “built up” by various biochemical compounds, diathermy and other mild means that add to his stamina.
        Treatment of what really troubles him such as continual sensation from a once broken leg which was never set, a broken spinal disc or such pathological ills as disease, can then be treated properly and corrected.
        Recovered from the treatment, the patient will be found not to be “insane” any longer.
        Auditing can then occur, any and all engrams (traumas) erased and the person’s recovery will be greatly accelerated.
        Of course the real target of auditing is the improvement of the ability to handle life, greater intelligence, reaction time and other benefits.
        Like the spiritual healer of another age who said all was mind and forbade physical healing, the practitioner who says all is body and scorns mental healing is an extremist.
        Each of these is at the opposite ends of “Aristotle’s Pendulum”. Each has seen
        with his own eyes a few remarkable cures. Thus each is confirmed in his belief and will hotly argue and even attack others who do not share his or her extreme view.
        The truth, as is usually found, lies in between.
        There is no “insanity virus”. Even heredity remains unproven since families perform similar actions, are prone to similar physical ills and they also mentally pattern or copy each other. Either physical or mental facts can similarly prove that “insanity runs in the family” when it seems to do so. Thus “hereditary insanity” is an apparency which gives rise to the folk tale.
        There is the spiritual identity of man, the mind, the thetan, call it what you will.
        There is the physical body of man and that, even if cellular, is still material or physical or whatever you call that.
        Proponents of both extreme illnesses are likely then to go off on an erratic course of search and research as the truth includes both and when you do include both you then begin to add up successes toward the desirable 100% of the physical sciences in result.
        One cannot call either extreme more than an art. And the proponent of the purely physical does not have a “science” just because sciences are also physical.
        One has a science only when one can predict and attain uniform results by the application of its technology.
        It was very natural for the psychiatrist to think he had a foe in Scientology as all he had to hear was “spirit” and he was off. Since that has been his opposite “foe” for a long time.
        To heal Man one has to realize he is dealing with two things—the spirit and the body. When a preclear comes to us because he wishes to be physically cured of a real current illness or malfunction, we do not serve him well if when we see he does not respond to auditing we do not require a full physical clinical study of his body until a real illness is found and treated.
        If we already know he is ill we should call in the doctor. And we should limit auditing to assists.
        This is also a case of crossed purposes. We are trying to give him greater capability and freedom. He is only trying to stop hurting.
        Go ahead, sign them up. But at the first smallest clue (like the White Form) that he is being audited only to get well, we should have in good contact a medical doctor or clinic who is friendly and does not do unusual things to people and get the preclear diagnosed to really find what is wrong with him, get it cured if it is medically feasible and then, with a physically well pc, give him his auditing.
        If this is done routinely, another benefit will also occur. The preclear so audited will not again become ill easily and will retain his very real auditing gains when he has these.
        We are good enough to often get by. The ability of the body to get well often asserts itself when a preclear is given auditing, since the source of perpetuation (continuance) is removed from the illness and it changes.
        Letting a pc, who has a badly set continually painful bone go on up the grades is doing him a disservice. He probably will not attain or retain his gains.
        The stable datum on which I operate as a case supervisor is that if a pc does not get good gains quickly I want to know (and will find) what is physically injured or ill about him before I go on letting him be audited. The X-ray machine and other clinical actions become a must. For he is in suppressed pain and each time he gets a change, he puts on full stops as it started to hurt. He won’t get the same gain again and tomorrow the same process or type of process won’t work. He stops the pain if it starts to hurt
        and puts a new stop on his case. This is true of those cases who really have a physical illness.
        Slow gain, poor result is a physically ill pc.
        The exercise of these points requires judgement for a person can be given treatments which will not heal him. Where this is the case, and the treatment seems too damaging or uncertain, treat the pc on this routine:
        1. Rest
        2. No harassment
        3. Food
        4. Mild sedatives.
        When the person seems well, audit him.
        The truth of the above definition of “insanity” can be experienced easily with no great stress. To have a headache or toothache is sometimes quite distressing and distracting, making one gloomy or inactive. Taking an aspirin cheers one up and he can work.
        That is in fact the basic mechanism. It is why tranquilizers work.
        This is why old-timers thought they had to cut nerves to “cure” the insane. But that’s like fixing the telephone exchange by throwing a hand grenade into the switchboard. You may get no more complaints but you sure don’t have a telephone any more. Which, I suppose, is the basic way to stop all complaints. Nobody can ring up even if the house were on fire!
        Drugs such as marijuana are craved only when the being “needs them” to stop undesirable physical pain or sensation. Then they backfire, causing more distress than they cure.
        Some pcs, taken off marijuana for a few weeks, can be audited. Some can’t. Those who then can’t be audited are in pain whether they consciously realize it or not. In their “unconscious mind” (below their self-suppression) they hurt.
        So those who can’t be audited well when taken off some drug like marijuana should be gotten to a good clinic and given “the works”. A competent medical doctor will find the broken bone, the disease, the diabetes. Give it a medical cure.
        Then audit the pc by Standard Tech, checking resistive case lists, etc all over again.
        Pcs don’t always know they’re ill.
        Mental upset aggravates physical discomfort. Physical discomfort aggravates mental unrest.
        So play it safe.
        A slow case who doesn’t respond well to very usual approaches has something else wrong with him physically.
        Don’t be an extremist.
        Your job after all is to do the most you can for the pc.
        LRH:nt.ldm.ei.rd Copyright © 1969
        by L. Ron Hubbard
        However your point whatever that may be. Is totally off topic since neither of us were discussing the validity or lack thereof (obviously from your narrow perspective) but whether Ron promoted the above.

      • Hi RV.
        I am glad you liked my post. I would like to correct you though, I never stated Hubbard said. My comment is based upon my observations of and study of his early books, lectures and PABs. When you promote your subject as being able to cure physical and mental illness, I think that qualifies as “catch all”.
        I must apologies for not having any referances handy, I had no idea that it was a prerequisite to commenting here. And lets be honest with each other, its too easy to dead agent Ron by quoting Ron.

    • Hey Old Timer,
      Your observations are totally valid. But so are mine and by my own observation I see no where where he “claims” he can cure any illness that wasn’t psychosomatic in origin.
      While you seem to be on the other extreme by claiming such things do not exist.
      BTW I suggest if you are going to post anything that you post the whole relevant passage as I have done so that it can be viewed in its actual context or cite the actual reference.

  9. Thanks for the food fact info , I would like to know were and how you came to the knowledge about psychiatry not shocking and not doing surgery ????????! Looks like a thumb suck pro psych blunt blade

    • If you read my article you would have noticed the new breed of psychiatry, not the old. Some of the lectures I have listened to by them show a caring and loving new breed of caretakers that don’t and never will use shock treatment

      • I’ve read your article Travers and it’s very interesting, positive and informative.
        Nevertheless your claim that “Shock treatment has now been ruled out in psychiatry and surgery had been ruled out in medical science except in emergencies” is totally inaccurate and misleading.
        There is more shock treatment being carried out now in psychiatry than there was in the seventies when “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” came out.
        I’ve personally tried to handle various instances, even as recently as the last year, of individuals being scheduled and then given electric shock treatment. So it is infuriating to read such an inanity about shock treatment having been ruled out.
        As for the claim on surgery it is ridiculously untrue, when every other day we hear or know of individuals undergoing surgery – and not always or necessarily as a last resort.
        Sure, there are some knowledgeable, capable and enlightened health practitioners BUT THEY ARE NOT THE MAINSTREAM AND REMAIN A TINY MINORITY.
        That this tiny minority is growing and that its work is positively reverberating in varying degrees across the field is a true and good thing.
        But no good cause can ever be forwarded with inaccurate and misleading data and your article is badly served on that account. And that’s a shame because there was a lot of good in it.

    • Kamikaze –
      Your comment above about thumb sucks and such and about ‘psychiatry not shocking and doing surgery’ – just makes my BLOOD BOIL – on so many levels!!
      Where to start to explain? I am just SO extremely impatient with ignorance and such intellectual sloth.
      1. I don’t know in which country you reside, but here in South Africa – we have things called ‘laws’ – and this is a link to our MENTAL HEALTH CARE ACT no 17 of 2002. Please make the effort to read it.
      2. If there are words in this document that you don’t understand – look it up in a good dictionary. Here is a link to a good dictionary.
      3. And here is a link to a medical dictionary
      4. Do you know that in our country psychiatric patients have RIGHTS!! Real – HUMAN RIGHTS and not the ‘pretend’ human rights of the cult. You will not find the human dignity, real care and compassion displayed to psychiatric patients in South Africa inside the cult. I guarantee you that.
      5. Do you know that on admission to a psychiatric hospital – even one who has been admitted on an ‘involuntary’ bases – that the patient is given a CARD – and on this card is SPELLED OUT IN BIG LETTERS – point for point the PATIENT’S RIGHTS – such as:
      a. To be treated with dignity
      b. Refuse any kind of treatment
      c. Not to be treated in any way against his / her will
      d. To be given access to legal representation
      e. Access to full information to give informed consent to any treatment.
      6. These are Human rights – which you will not find inside the cult!! – not for ordinary members – or for those driven insane – such as – Lisa McPherson comes to mind – locked up by the cult for 17 days and starved to death and cockroach eaten – oh you did not know about this ? Here is a link to how the cult treats psychiatric patients .
      7. For good measure here is another link – kidnapped, drugged, held against his will.

      8. Reference – International Base is where all top executives of the church are reportedly held imprisoned Debbie Cook’s testimony in open court


      9. Reference: The Church of Scientology’s WAR on Psychiatry.

      Published on 13 Apr 2014 this video depicts the recurring WAR of the *Church*of Scientology to *OBLITERATE* Psychiatry. It also shows a 19 year old Scientology Sea Org member – who had lost both his hands and an eye in the SEA ORG and who went insane. His parents did NOTHING to help him – and left their son in a full blown mental meltdown to live on the streets for many years. He was rescued and cared for by government psychiatric services.
      10. It is a pity the cult does not move with the times – and still rely that what Hubbard said 65 years ago is still true! IT IS FALSE. If you don’t believe me – for god’s sake – use Google – it’s your best friend to ‘find out for yourself’.
      I am now not talking to you – from the point of view of ‘ a thumb suck pro psych blunt blade’.
      I am talking to you from HARD experience – the day to day REALITY of a Scientologist who was EXTREMELY ABUSED by her PATRON HUSBAND AND THE CULT and driven over the edge. This matter will see it’s finality in the High Court next year – as there is no other way.
      I paid the org R22,700 + for NED auditing instead she was completely BETRAYED by those whom she entrusted her life to for the previous 18 years and in ongoing fair-game despicable conduct – driven over the edge… PSYCHIATRY SAVED HER LIFE – AND did so WITH DIGNITY AND with GREAT HUMANITY.
      I did not choose this road and neither did she – BUT THE ONE GROUP she trusted to help her – BETRAYED HER and much worse…. to protect their ‘patron’ ….. Yes the cult kept the money. I have no words just how despicable – ‘the most ethical people on the planet ‘’ really are… No effing words to describe.
      People who are driven to despair and have a psychotic break – are the most vulnerable, invisible and forgotten groups of people in $cientology. Like this brave lady driven insane …. so promptly forgotten by her friends who knew her for 18 years whilst inside the cult.

      • The fact is many of these so called “rights” came into being was because of the Anti-Psychiatry Movement lead by Thomas Szasz and CCHR.

        That is a combination of Psychiatrists with consciences and the Citizens Commission of Human Rights. Before that psychiatry was used as a Socio-Political method of control.

      • Remoteviewed is right. Back in the day, CCHR was leading the attack exposing the CIA’s effort to control psychiatry and their running of mind control experiments. A lot of that was published in “Freedom Magazine”, because other magazines were afraid to touch it.
        That was a long time ago, and since then, CCHR and Freedom Mag have done a 180 degree turn. But, back in the day, they did a lot of good.

      • Remoteviewed –
        One word in answer to your comment
        I see you scoff. I see you are well indoctrinated by the Company-line and it’s PR-machine. It would be a joke – if it was not so very, very f*cking-tragic ….
        Knowledge is not STAGNANT.
        It does not REMAIN stuck in time.
        It evolves. Get acquainted with the modern world. Acknowledge the actual PROGRESS made over the past 65-years in scientific-, academic-, justice-, philosophical- medical-, spiritual- , behavioural studies and findings – and the worldwide implementation thereof – by various means, no less our Constitution. The most prominent ‘stuck in time’ places one can find these days, must be the practices of North Korea and the church of $cientology – both run by tin-pot dictators on similar lines.
        Over the past 65 years – since the advent of Dianetics and Scientology – the achievements made and KNOWLEDGE injected into the POOL OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE – is staggering – aided by the fact that ignorance is a choice by the advent of the Internet. Scientology is supposed to be a ‘study of KNOWLEDGE’ – the latter by its intrinsic definition – is supposed to embrace and incorporate all knowledge ‘in knowing how to know’. This includes the necessary skill of applying analytical and critical thinking skills as a bull-shit detector.
        Do some actual research on what you say and don’t just scoff and regurgitate the Company-PR.
        These are not ‘so called “rights” – but actual rights.
        And no – there are MANY more studies, developments, commissions of enquiries, UN resolutions – into the practices of medicine and the human psyche – since the 30′s 40′s and 50′s of a Nazi-Germany mind-sets. AND really – there are many more ENLIGHTENED bodies, commissions, charters, constitutions, real progress, real scientific breakthroughs, developments – and people around the planet – than Thomas Szasz and CCHR – who are organs and mouth-pieces of a cult run by a tin-pot dictator – with vested interest NOT TO DIVULGE the actual human rights abuses and criminal actions of the said tin-pot-dictator and cult.
        So don’t just name your 2 source as ‘trustworthy’ reference points – when in fact I would call them selective and HYPOCRITICAL to the extreme – for NOT investigating the actual human rights abuses and crimes committed by a cult run by a tin-pot dictator.
        In fact – I have asked them in writing to INVESTIGATE the Church of Scientology – never heard back from them. So you would not call them hypocrites as well?
        PLEASE Remote – for this audience I DARE YOU – to list the ACTUAL RIGHTS of Scientologists – ‘in good standing’ within the confines of the church.
        Here we go.
        1. Communicate with whomever they choose to?
        2. To freely express their opinion?
        3. To counter another’s opinion?
        4. To write freely of their own opinions?
        5. The right not to be interrogated?
        6. The right to legal representation?
        7. The right to be treated with dignity?
        8. The right to refuse?
        9. The right – not to be disconnected and have their families shattered?
        10. The right to freely make donations – without coercion?
        11. The right to come and go as they please
        – and to leave without harassment when they do?
        12. The right not to be intimidated?
        13. Threatened?
        14. Coerced?
        15. The right to procreation – and not subjected to coerce abortions?
        16. The right to report crimes to the authorities, the police to investigate such?
        17. The right for their children to get a proper education – and to refuse being intimidated to have them shipped off to the Sea Org – without backlash?
        18. The right not to be exploited?
        19. The rights to their own souls – and not be threatened with spiritual oblivion if they don’t comply?
        20. The right not to be imprisoned?
        21. Tortured?
        22. Deliberately driven insane.
        The list is long – but I will stop right here. If you think I exaggerate I will ask you to read this excerpt from an affidavit .
        PAR.35. My observations were direct and personal. I am a highly trained RPF auditor. I received orders directly from Miscavige, and others, to misuse the Hubbard Tech to create extreme mental and emotional distress and insanity in persons I was instructed to ‘security or sec check’.
        36. ‘The response of human beings to these conditions is somewhat predictable. I saw many people undergo psychotic breaks. By psychotic breaks I mean being reduced to incoherent babbling, stripping off clothes, crawling around on the ground, banging heads, limbs and other body parts against furniture and walls, barking, losing all sense of one’s identity and intense and persistent suicidal ideation. This is what Scientology calls the PTS type III phenomena. There is a policy which describes this.
        37. I personally observed a number of other Scientologists go crazy and commit suicide as a result of the auditing processes.
        Why won’t CCHR investigate the staggering crimes and abuses committed by the church of $cientology??
        What do you call:
        1. forced abortions
        2. imprisonment
        3. gang-bang-seck-checks?
        4. Physical torture
        5. menticide
        6. shattering families
        7. even – ordering someone’s fingers to be broken – to stroke the ego of the tin-pot dictator.
        I wonder what Thomas Szasz – would say about this.
        You seem to not notice any of these crimes and abuses. If one wants to point fingers somewhere else – then one’s own hands must be clean. The very roots by which ignorance finds its life energy – is hate, greed and illusions. Hate – without investigation, without reason to do so – disconnect and slander the so called SP and their families – the whole and entire profession dedicated to heal the shattered psyche, the rape of the soul, lives destroyed, the dreams stolen away – the very TRICK to make people believe that evil comes from others.
        And what REALLY gets me – IS THAT PEOPLE ARE SO INTIMIDATED AND LIVE IN SUCH FEAR of the tin-pot-dictator of a cult – and actually believe – that this outfit has the power to smite them for all eternity – with threats levelled against their very existence as spiritual beings – asserting to have the power to obliterate their continued spiritual existence for all eternity should they not comply with demands. This should be considered a BAD joke – if the reality of this fear-induced little TRICK – is not so tragic.

      • Speaking of “BS”.
        I wasn’t even discussing the Church’s hypocrisy but who was responsible for a Mental Patients Bill of Rights and it was indeed the Anti-Psychiatry Movement beginning with the publication of Szasz’s seminal book The Myth of Mental Illness and later supported by CCHR.
        The fact is that SA at one time was one of the worst offenders of mental patients rights before CCHR blew the whistle on them.

  10. This is a interesting topic and something i did not know enough about until i became a sick old man ….
    Studies done with societies that lived far longer than average joe , had some surprising
    It seems that close family and social bonds coupled with healthy eating was the key a long and healthy life.
    If this sort of stuff interest you have look at :
    The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Do to Prevent Disease… by Jonny Bowden
    On this website you can look at food and why it is good for you. go to the section worlds 100 healthiest foods.
    It also explains how to cook food healthy , very important .
    If you ever wondered why you have to eat protein, how often ,
    How to set up meals so that you get the most benefit
    How much YOU should eat to stay healthy
    Understand what food does in your body this book is for you …
    You will understand why fad diets fail …
    It is easy to read ….
    This book is a gem
    Fat Burning Secrets of the World’s Best
    Bodybuilders & Fitness Models
    By Tom Venuto
    And as a last point …
    See Science of survival , it is stated that people that do not follow a healthy lifestyle tends to lose some of the gains form auditing
    Also Creation of human ability — body’s tone influence the tone of thetan
    How many PTS handling’s the real cause was bad diet ?
    You sit in the chair holding the cans a blocked nose ,and you say i don’t see a SP
    And the script is pressed under your nose — Any PTS condition stems from a SP
    Yes maybe the bad SP is telling you to eat bad food …

  11. About GMOs
    Currently one in 68 U.S. children has an autism spectrum disorder (!!!)
    That was one in 5000 in 1975. The curve is exponential.
    Recent studies have shown correlations between increase in neurological diseases and GMOs.
    The problem comes from the endocrine disrupting properties of glyphosate, the main ingredient of the Roundup, the herbicide companion of GMOs.
    Something has to be done about it !

      • Who do you mean by “we” white man?
        As far as I’m concerned many of the proponents of what is called “orthodox” (as in orthodox religion) science call anything that doesn’t agree with their dialectic materialistic POV a “pseudoscience”.
        Guess it takes a pseudoscientist to know one. You know like it takes a con to know one.

      • Remoteviewed, your comment makes little to no sense. Science is actually incredibly open which is why scientists never say something has been proven, they only give theories and those theories are tested by other scientists who either back up the theories or disprove them. While Pseudoscience is a claim, belief or practice which is presented as scientific, but does not adhere to a valid scientific method, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status.

      • In many cases what many “scientists” claim is “Pseudo” scientific is many cases has been more rigorously tested than many other sciences in many cases yet is simply called a “pseudoscience” simply because it doesn’t restrict itself to the material like for example Parapsychology.

  12. A few examples here to prove a point. When I heard that Osca Pistorius was going for a psychiatric test for an anxiety disorder I though what next. Then my daughter was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. It was heartbreaking to see her. Terrible anxiety, hair falling out, heart palpitations nearly 200 per minute and constant grief.

    Many years ago I had a pc in total grief and in apathy. She had all the auditing she could have locally and eventually blew and refused more auditing. I went to see her but she was adamant. Today I would have sent her for a thyroid checkup. The Thyroid is the master organ in the body and all other organs and every single cell depend on the thyroid for proper function. The cause of thyroid disorders are toxins, chemicals and pollutants in the body.

    As mentioned earlier the current medical establishment is obsolete. Functional medicine is the next generation where causes and not symptoms are treated.

    That we will have 2.3 billion people affected by 2015 with serious disease and currently another 200 million affected by thyroid disorders is a huge situation.

    The following from Dr. Marc Hyman a functional doctor.

    This problem will cost the USA $3.5 trillion over the next 10 years. It is bankrupting their economy. In 30 years 100 percent of our federal budget will be needed to pay for Medicare and Medicaid leaving nothing for education, defense, agriculture, roads, or even social security.

    So what am I talking about?

    I’m talking about diabesity–the number one cause of obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and of course type 2 diabetes.

  13. If you would like to view and read about one of the excellent new psychiatrists Google Dr. Kelly Brogan. She is caring, selfless and would not even dream of shock treatment.

  14. I would like to add that my purpose in writing this article is that I have sufficient information in the writings and video recordings and documents from the many doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists and others to create a health center different to any other in South Africa. The information about the new functional medicine is vast. It is about curing disease without drugs.
    There is, like the medical establishment, the Institute of Functional Medicine.

      • You wouldn’t happen to getting paid by the FDA for posting this SNM?

        BTW as far as I’m concerned “peer reviewed” is nothing but a circle jerk.

      • SNM,

        Right but I see your claim that this is a pseudoscience is valid because it wasn’t circle jerked by a bunch of suborned “scientists” who were paid to come to a forgone conclusion.

  15. Actually I think SexyNinjaMonkey makes some valid points. Not necessarily about “studies” which I’ve always suspected of either being financially or politically motivated.

    That said there are many things in holistic or natural medicine that I disagree with like one proponent of intensifying a fever by drinking hot tea and wrapping oneself up in blankets.

    This is crazy.

    If someone has a fever you give them penicillin or they are allergic to it some other form of antibiotic. Not just ride it out or worse intensify it.

    Intensifying a fever can cause neurological damage.

    Also remember there are many policies and the Auditors Code that say that if you have a sick or injured PC or Pre OT you send them to a *medical* doctor. Not a nutritionist or a chiropractor.

    True according to Hoffer and Osmond you can rectify some mental conditions caused by vitamin deficiencies but this not a total answer. Just like Prozac isn’t.

    Like psychiatry tends to these days. This totally ignores environmental factors aka stress and possible mental trauma i.e. locks, secondaries and engrams that may be causing the condition.

    In my opinion promoting only the holistic or natural approach is in many ways as extremist as promoting the purely physical and pharmaceutical approach.

    That’s my opinion.

    • My main correction here is riding out a fever is fine, it’s how it’s been done throughout most of human existance and only really has negative effects for the already sick or frail. I can’t argue with your point about intensifyng it, that is batsh*t crazy.
      I can only assume you’re an ex-sci due to your knowledge of the policies and the way you rip on psychiatry, I will attempt to skirt around any arguments that might relate to psychiatry as we’ll never agree on that one.

      • SNM,

        Let’s say we can agree on certain points and agree to disagree on others.

        BTW I don’t consider myself an Ex-Scio though I am no longer a member of the Church.

        Though I guess you could call me an Ex-Scio per the new IRS approved definition which these days means a member of the Church.

        Nice to see our Government’s involvement in preserving the First.

        (Sarcasm is hard to convey in written text so I’ll note it here.)

        Anyway SNM. I do enjoy debating with you and hopefully we can do some more.


      • From what you said i can only deduce that you are an indie scientologist? Correct me if i’m wrong.
        I’m not sure what you’re talking about regarding government, I assume it relates to American government which means nothing to an Australian.

  16. I wonder why the average lifespan of a western human is still increasing? Couldn’t possibly because of al of those horrible toxins, GMO foods, lousy medical and other sciences not making any advances could it? Most of you don’t know what you are talking about, total ignorance.

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