Back in Comm: What it looks like



Rhona MemorialYesterday, 29 June 2014, a memorial was held for Rhona Smit. If you missed it you can see the memorial we wrote for her here.

It was attended by just over 90 people and it was a fitting tribute to this wonderful long standing Scientologist. But beyond the fitting farewell it was profound at another level: Rhona had spent some time reconnecting with people with whom she had lost contact including former friends who had either left or been expelled from the church. Many of those were present yesterday.

In the room were people who knew each other but had not had any contact for 20, 30 or in one case 40 years. To see all these old friends getting back in comm was a joy to witness. 3 hours after the service ended there were still pockets of people catching up.

The wealth of knowledge, experience and intellect present yesterday was also a stark reminder of what Scientology could have been. All that talent and passion was simply thrown away and wasted.

But we suspect, not for long. The friendships rekindled represent a hope that something meaningful can still exist.

Back in comm. This is what we wish to represent and it is immensely powerful.

Thank you to everyone who was there and to those who sent wonderful tributes.




21 thoughts on “Back in Comm: What it looks like

  1. Even in death Rhona is an achiever! What a wonderful cohesion of friends – back in comm again. The universe is smiling on Rhona and on us.

  2. Very moving! So nice to read about this. πŸ™‚
    In my opinion there’s no love in Scientology – just stats. This shows that Scientology can’t negate love regardless of how hard they try.

  3. What a great send-off for Rhona it was! I felt she was fully validated and acknowledged for who she was and what she had achieved. I know she would have been very happy for the getting together of so many friends and family. For me it was a real sign of a life fully lived.and the power of this woman to pull together so many people who had been out of comm for so very long was a wonder to behold. She is both missed and loved.

  4. Oh my goodness it was a real memorable occasion!
    There was not one single chair available – standing room only!
    Rhona was loved and her band of rebels got together and she brought
    us back into comm.- I met up with old friends I had not seen for 30 years!
    I bet OSA must have had a fit to find out she was on the blog and in
    comm with a large number of declared SP’s and I can vouch she was at
    a get together where there was at least 40 disaffected rebels!
    I know she was smiling and very pleased!.
    Thank you to everyone for making it such a Theta Day.

  5. On behalf of my family and I, we would like to extend our utmost appreciation to everyone for assisting in putting together a superb memorial for my mom.
    Ryan Hogarth did a fantastic service, Ernest and Gaye Corbett kindly offered the use of their magnificent home – a beautiful space so befitting my mother who definitely had a penchant for the finer things in life :) And of course many other people who helped – you all know who you are.
    I was deeply touched by the number of people who spoke lovingly of my mom and her many qualities, thoroughly acknowledging her service to Scientology, deep commitment to LRH and loyalty to her friends and family alike.
    The people who attended were indeed an acknowledgement to the many lives my mom touched throughout her life. It was wonderful seeing so many old-timer friends, and quite something to witness the camaraderie of previously lost kindred spirits coming together again.
    I just know she loved every minute of it!
    Love Shelley

  6. Imagine…people getting together on their own determinism.
    It is funny to think of what Scientology could have been if ran by someone sane. I can imagine people discussing things, collaborating on things to improve the planet, fun, parties. I can imagine the staff being in good comm with the public, setting good examples of handling injustices within the group, on and on. Instead we got little dictator who is too dumb to realize that he is managing the biggest fail in religious history.

  7. I wasn’t there, wasn’t invited (doesn’t matter) but that we sit in this area and there are those in and those out.. hopefully there are going to be some conigitions like…err… why haven’t I seen these guys at an event recently… but we sit here with a bigger attendance than PTA org freewinds event… erm? [lightbulb] oooh… ah… oh… ooops omg… woooah

    • just some guy – I am sorry you weren’t personally invited. If I knew who you were, I would have definitely extended an invitation to you. Last Friday an article on this blog openly extended an invitation to everyone who wanted to attend, and I also posted an announcement on facebook. You would have been very welcome, and I apologise if you feel you were overlooked.
      Kind regards,

  8. Rhona, I sense you smiling! Since through the grief of your passing out of the life just lived, an enormous wave of ARC has swept through the gathered field! Thank you for continuing to be there. Thank you for continuing to inspire us all. That what you do. πŸ™‚


  9. What an outcome. Bringing different people together.
    Declared SPs and those disconnected and out for years, coming together to give Rhona a send off. Unifying instead of shunning. ARC instead of Them vs Us. Fly high Rhona.

    • “Unifying instead of shunning”.
      That is the FIRST time I have ever read that in a blog post about Scientology. How lovely that Rhona was able to ‘bridge’ the gap between. I never knew you Rhona but wherever you are, thank you for creating a healing bridge over the roiling muddy waters.

  10. Very glad to see the rebelion so well attended! Rhona had clout! The church was left out, ag shame! Wouldve been an opportunity to shill some doe. Nevermind, people resestablished comm lines, remembered the good ole days when the ole man was at the helm and loved it!
    I think that when the Joburg ex staff, ex SO, ex public realise how many of them there really are and inject even a subtle amount of organisation as a group, those Joburg org walls of Jerico are gonna come tumbling down. Cant wait to see the pictures!
    It gladdens my heart, even the theta one knowing that we are winning and the church is reduced to an odd desperate scud missile attack here and there!
    Rhona I never met you but I sure as hell can thank you, for your story and your amazing contributions! If you up for another round Im pretty sure there will always be a place for you here. Happy hunting!

  11. I had an incredible experience following the service. This is something I generally don’t like to write about or even hear, because getting ‘in comm’ with the thetan is so subjective and I often think, BS, and simply part of what OTs use to maintain their ‘altitude’. Having said that, on returning from the service Rhona definitely popped into my space to say a final goodbye and it was one of THE most theta experiences I’ve ever had. For one thing, I was awake. Previous ‘visitations’ have been while asleep and too easy to mistake for dreams. I got the message of a being incredibly keyed out and excited, and high ARC – a Whole Lotta of Love, as Led Zep would say!
    This is only the fourth time this has happened to me, and the previous three were a real hodge podge (my parent at death and long before I became a scn; my frikking dog of all things came howling into a dreams as it died; and best of all the birth of my oldest child – the only one that wasn’t a death).
    Rhona, have a good next life! And thanks for popping by.

    • honeychile, if it wasn’t for your post I would not have bothered to say this but you nicely expressed my sentiments about these things. I have just been getting back in comm with Rhona after more than 30 years when Shelly informed me of her passing. Here is the thing; after a few minutes I realized that I felt nothing. This puzzled me. It was as if I was informed that Rhona can’t make it for tea she had to go to the supermarket to get some stuff. About 20 minutes later I realized that the connection Rhona and I made in those recent contacts were not of the kind that can be broken through physical departure. This is not an issue to be understood through the mind, it is only through the heart that this will make sense. .

  12. It was a beautiful service and a true testament to the mensch that Rhona was. What was most striking about the social interaction that took place after the service, was that everyone seemed so relaxed, the space was filled with warmth. It was amazing to see people engage and unite again after so many years. There was no malice, no negative talk.
    Although I no longer subscribe to the belief system of Scientology, it was great to see people who my family knew and were responsible for bringing us into Scientology. They were genuinely caring and kind people and still are….just a pity that type of person is no longer found in the church.

  13. This is wonderful. Thank you Backincomm, thank you Rhona, thank you everyone who was there and reconnected. Scientologists reconnecting is what we want to see MUCH MORE OF.
    Let it only be the beginning!

  14. My deepest thanks to those wonderful people who made it possible for all those other wonderful people to get together at Rhona’s memorial. To those of my old “traveling companions” on this fascinating journey, who I saw after so many years I wish to say – “Wendy, Molly, Kim, Dave, Andrew Allan and others;It may not have seemed like it at the time, but for however brief our encounter on Sunday and whatever small talk I made, I sensed your Being at a level beyond words – not of ARC, but simply love.
    In the words of D T Suzuki, Japanese author: “The contradiction so puzzling to the ordinary way of thinking comes from the fact that we have to use language to communicate our inner experience, which in its very nature transcends linguistics.”

  15. Lovely too see this happen as it did. Great tribute to Rhona and it seems good reconnecting as well.
    Well done on getting there and thanks Shelley for all you have done as well.

  16. I still cant understand why some of her family are still in the church when Rhona actually was with Ron and was living proof of how the church use to be, fun exciting and auditors were made.

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