A short note from Ant

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Editor’s Note: We received the following article from Antony Phillips – a pioneering Scientologist from the 50’s who worked in London. He and Rhona Smit got back in comm earlier this year, and after Rhona left, her daughter Shelley maintained the comm line with Antony. He talks of his early days in Scientology and has a special message for us here at back-in-comm.

In February 2014 Rhona Smit contacted me. She knew me from when she was HCO Secretary in London in 1957, and had seen my home page.  I was overjoyed.  I am working on documenting some of the things that happened in the 50s in London, and there are not many live sources around any more. It was also glorious to comm with someone who remembered those times.

We carried on a lively communication via Skype and email, and I anticipated getting up speed when she had got some things sorted out around her.

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Virtual Ideal Orgs

Virtual reality

[Virtual: 1. almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition. 2. not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so]

The following promo has been distributed by the the “OT Ambassadors” of Africa who have come up with the bright idea of encouraging ALL Scientologists (including those living in other countries) to buy “virtual bricks” for  funding the rest of the Ideal Orgs in Africa. The reward for anyone making such a donation is that their name will appear on a “Virtual Wall of Fame”.

The promo piece clearly states that AOAF will be opening in 2015.

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It’s the people that matter

Silhouette of ten young women, walking hand in hand.

By Ryan Hogarth

There is a subject that I often find myself talking about when discussing my journey away from the church: Other people.

I have been continually astounded by what can be learned from people in this world. It is populated by clever, caring and amazing individuals. Having said that there is certainly a healthy population of assholes but I have not encountered these in the main.

This was a surprising thing to discover. After 25 years as a Scientology staff member I had an entrenched (fixed) idea about people at large: They were an assemblage of the bumbling, foolish, clueless and devious.

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It was IAS night!


Update: The event reported on below did NOT include Pretoria Org. It was a combined Joburg, Joburg North event. Pretoria will be having their “Call to Freedom” IAS event this coming Saturday in the org.

In the lead up to last weekends IAS event we posted the recently produced song for the IAS. It’s IAS night!

That event was held last weekend at the Kyalami Castle where that video made it’s official debut. The castle is the home of the future Advanced Org which may or may not open in 2015. It is probably important to note at this point that the “African AO” has been a dangling carrot for 30 years without a single official OT level delivered. Yet, we are hearing of greater numbers on the OT levels right now throughout the country which has not required a large building or impossible “have to haves”.

We wondering if everyone made it to the event ok since it’s final directional sign fell of and it not doing much to direct anyone. Propped up against a wall pointing the wrong way.


The event last Saturday night was the maiden voyage IAS event and was combined with Joburg, Joburg North and Pretoria Orgs. That’s two Ideal Org (Joburg & Pretoria). Around 300 people attended. As is the practice with fund raising events it had a theme. Of course being at the Castle the theme had to be “knights”. David Lipsitz & Albert de Beer along with Cameron Wade were there to oblige being dressed in knight outfits.

Most remarkably R650,000 was raised for the IAS. At least this is the pledged amount, it remains to be seen how much of that will be collected as people wake up to buyers remorse.

With 300 people in attendance and being able to report a figure of R650K to report to the IAS is enough for those still on the inside to believe that their mission is very on track.


How the system is eroding

reputationIt is a well known fact that the church operates a climate of fear. It is how they have exerted control over staff and the general community at large for so long.

There was a time when they were very good at it. The HCO/OSA machine were able to corral people and quickly cut off contact from any dissenting elements. However the advent of the Internet with its broad & instant communication has made this control less and less effective.

This, combined with the internal disestablishment of HCO & OSA, has to a large extent neutered their ability to tightly control dissent. OSA is a shadow of what it used to be. Continue reading

It’s IAS night!

The following video was leaked by Chanology last week. We assume it is going to be used as part of the push for funding at the upcoming IAS night of the maiden voyage events being shown at orgs around the world this Saturday night.

It would appear that this video was shot in various locations around the world. At 3.30 into the video a South African does a rap. The rapper is Sbusiso Manqa. It is not clear if he is a Scientologist or how he is involved. A look at his Facebook page shows the only Scientologist friend he has is Paul Sondergaard. If anyone has any info on him please share it with us in the comments or email us at scnafrica@hushmail.com.

Here it is: