Hot off the press….

One of our eagle-eyes happened to be in a local printing shop around the corner from Joburg org and spotted this printing in progress – literally hot off the press!IMG-20140702-WA0000[1]As a reminder, Ian Hammond is the ED of Joburg North. On the 19th February, we posted an article about Ian having personally raised a R2 Million bond against property owned by him which he had donated towards the purchase of a building for Joburg North. In this article, Ian stated:

We are at a turning point with the purchase of our Ideal Org building.  We have reached the halfway mark with our fundraising.  There are other interested parties in our building, putting offers in.  We need to make a move and do it fast!! “

That article can be viewed here.

3 months later, on the 20th May, we posted an update on this story “Joburg North ….going nowhere slowly”.  An email had been sent out proudly announcing Ian & his wife Cristina as Gold Humanitarians. Not a word was said about the progress of the purchase of the building mentioned in February.  That article can be seen here.

And now this. Platinum Humanitarians. And still no announcement of a building being purchased. It’s almost guaranteed the building Ian spoke of back in February has been sold to someone else by now. In the meantime, it’s been almost 5 months since Ian raised that bond which he is now repaying. It’s simply mind-boggling that there seems to be no end to lengths people will go to curry favour with “Command Intention”.

Another glaring outpoint is that the Continental Ideal Org (Joburg) org is having to out-source the printing of these certificates in the first place.

In 2011 when Joburg Org got it’s multi-million Rand face-lift,  Dissem was fully kitted out with everything they needed to produce all the org’s printing needs, including posters, certificates, flyers, org magazines and the like. This included a plotter capable of printing up to A0. The value of this outfit was $18,700 (R180,000.00).  Either they have run out of ink or the machinery is no longer in working order and they cannot afford to get it fixed/serviced. We suspect both.

The next time you receive an email headed “what your donations buy”, you are welcome to use the pic below in your reply:

Person dumping money into a toilet bowl




28 thoughts on “Hot off the press….

  1. Oh that is very funny. I agree and I bet those machines are lying broken in the store rooms; and who cares, it is not ” my money” who buys it. I remember once when Elmein very excitedly told me that she and Peach had made R400,000 one week and I pointed out to her she had not made anything– someone else had made R400,000 with hard work and given it to her ( for no exchange I might add) the Church has a really weird concept of exchange even though they promote LRHs policy on the four levels of exchange. The lowest one being ” criminal” which is getting something and giving nothing in return.

    • You are so right Gaye. Criminal exchange – it’s the only way they can stay in business. God knows they’re not producing enough products to keep them alive (trained auditors and well & happy PC’s), so they have to resort to rip-off exchange. They don’t see it this way though, because they arrogantly believe they are “the most ethical group on the planet” and are the only ones doing something about the dwindling spiral. Ja right.

      There is a sense of entitlement particularly in the Sea Org that parishioners owe their money to the Church because, were it not for the Church, they wouldn’t have so much money in the first place. Crazy think.

      I remember sitting in many meetings where wealthy and upstat public were singled out for being hit up for (more) money – the manner in which the org and SO management referred to these people was derogatory in the extreme. The viewpoint was that if you had money and were not giving it all to the org, you were an out-ethics scumbag.

    • I love your answer to Elmein, Gaye. Just shows you where they’re at. They ‘made R400,000 one week…’ by successfully ripping it of others. That’s what they think their work is!

  2. Surely the time has arrived to finally recognise that CoS has absolutely nothing to do with scn any more, and maybe even stop expecting to see it. All that is left is a vague similarity in name. If LRH says one thing you can virtually agree the exact opposite will be done in practice with inapplicable, misquoted LRH references given to support it (as in the case with Ideal Orgs), and more importantly – make all us ‘malcontents’ wrong in the process for pointing it out.
    I can’t wait for the day there is a fully-functioning independent scn group in this city (Jhb) preferably located in the grubbiest, cheapest (but clean) premises we can find – just like the old days!

    • Yeah, Honeychile, that’s right, nothing to do with Scientology any more, and don’t even expect to see it!
      Hey, Backincomm, the picture is brilliant! Nothing could be more fitting. It’s precisely what’s being done. The money, hard-earned or yet to be earned in the years to come, of these well-intended truster’s is being thrown down the chute, so they shall NEVER GO UP THAT BRIDGE.

    • honeychile… You said it well! The Dror Academy in Israel though, is a great working model, of how to create a “Phoenix arisen from the ashes.” I’m more than certain there are one or two well placed individuals, right here among us, who would be supported to the brim, were they to emulate that example in Israel. “Back in Comm”, is just the first (though very welcome) step!… Putting an ORG there IS the very next logical move!

      Would you agree? 🙂

  3. OP: “The next time you receive an email headed ‘what your donations buy’, you are welcome to use the pic below in your reply:”

    For those who like to have their statuses upgraded, don’t worry, there is plenty of opportunities ahead.
    yvonneschick, July 2, 2014 at 10:57 am: … “A ‘team’ from the ideal org project in LA visited Austin once. In a conversation with one of them, she casually mentioned that the grand plan was for an ideal org for every 500,000 population. So, once we finished Austin, it would be our duty to carry on with another for Austin (1M pop) then 2 for San Antonio, etc., etc. That would mean 10 in Houston where there isn’t even an org at all, I realized it was a never ending program totally out of touch with reality.” …
    Zephyr, July 2, 2014 at 2:18 pm: “Yvonne, You got it. It’s the endless Ponzi scheme!” …

  4. Ian’s an idiot. There’ll be repercussions and he’ll get stabbed in the back. There is no gratitude in among this criminal group. He’ll leave the church, will have lost R2million and be labelled a Suppressive Person – please mark my words!

    • “Ian’s an idiot” – Ain’t that the truth!
      Ian is in a position to see exactly how “successful” the 2 Idle Morgues on his doorstep are. Seriously…what is he thinking? Does he really believe that somehow his org is going to succeed where the other 2 have failed? It is the weirdest thing to me that people will keep tossing money at this thing that has so publicly failed.
      It’s like investing in a company whose shares have dropped steadily, and yet you still throw your hard earned cash at it, month after month, year after year. It’s insane.

  5. I remember Mike Eenkhoorn being really excited about those printing presses. And now not five years down the line – despite the millions in the bank account – they are having to outsource their printing. And I am guessing that someone is seething that this photo found its way onto the blog.

    Its tough when the plans and programmes don’t work out, but its insane when they won’t re-work the plans and programmes to their benefit instead of their detriment. “Trying to do too litttle” was the “why” that COB pounced on. Here’s the real “why” – “doing things ass-backwards, off-purpose, off-policy and out-exchange” is what’s crashing the stats. Simple really.

  6. I think that people throw their money at these projects only because the apparent validation and accolades make them feel so important within the group.
    The art of fund raising is probably the only subject now days that is studied and executed with incredible precision. And part of that is the enormous pomp and ceremony that goes with donating your hard earned cash.
    When I was still in, my husband was very much a victim of this well executed scam. He gave regardless of whether we had money or not, simply because the regges made him feel like he was the only person in scientology taking responsibility for mankind. Of course his name was mentioned at every event, every graduation. …and with that he donated without a second thought.
    He loved the accolades and validation. …and the “respect” of management.
    Its a well oiled money making machine.
    So glad through the “bullshit baffles brains” scam.

    • Very true DM,

      There are other reasons like remaining in management’s good books and getting through “eligibility” which thanks to RTC canceling “arbitraries” like the eligibility form Form 10B which was based on issues of security with Ad Course Materials, whether the person was enrolled in a Suppressive Group (like say EST NKA Landmark), Code of a Scientologist and the Ethics and Justice Codes and most importantly whether one has applied *Scientology* to helping others.

      Now they can “tailor” eligibility to anything that management wants like whether the Pre OT has donated enough money to the myriad of causes like IAS, “Ideal Orgs”, library projects and whether they paid their taxes or not which have nothing to do with a Pre OT’s actual *eligibility* for the Advanced Course per policy.

      Meaning basically they can use what I call “spiritual extortion” to extract money out of these Pre OTs.

      Personally I think this aside from the obvious tech degrade of the omitted original OT Levels is the reason that “OTs” are not as OT as they used to be.

      That in the fact that most of them are in the tone level of propitiation.

      • RV.
        “A thetan who is completely rehabilitated and can do everything a thetan should do, such as move MEST and control others from a distance, or create his own universe; a person who is able to create his own universe or, living in the MEST universe is able to create illusions perceivable by others at will, to handle MEST universe objects without mechanical means and to have and feel no need of bodies or even the MEST universe to keep himself and his friends interested in existence.” coha

        “A thetan exterior who can have but doesn’t have to have a body in order to control or operate thought,life,matter,energy,space and time” SH Spec 82, 6611c29.

        “a being at cause over matter,energy,space,time,form and life…….” bcr

        “ able to tear telephone directories in half without laying a hand on them…” pdcs

        I could go on quoting………
        but the issue I have is that I never witnessed ANY of these attributes in ANY OT.

        “OTs” are not as OT as they used to be…….. did they ever exist in the first place?

    • “He loved the accolades and validation. …and the “respect” of management.”
      DM – this is the biggest lie of them all. I would love to have video of how management talks about the public. I really became aware of this while I was on staff at Flag. They saw Sea Org members in CLOs and AOs as Dilettantes and ineffective. Ordinary staff members were objects of scorn, and the public – well they were just irresponsible scum bags who deserved to be lied to and ripped off. After that little experience I realized that there was an ulterior motive behind every compliment paid to me by Sea Org members.
      I really wish I had walked away then!

    • What you’ve said, DM, about the accolades and validation, is true. It’s heady stuff. I’m positive this is the main impetus.
      I’m glad I’m through the “bullshit baffles brains scam”, too. I didn’t donate much, mind you, decided quite early on not to – fortunately – or I would be very sore at myself now.

  7. Nice one. Dear Ian.

    Good comments above. Wendy, it is simple really. This whole charade is such a distance from original policy intent it is scary. Such a deception.

    A friend of mine told me reads on sec checks if he donates. Such does he feel fundraisers are continuous present time overts. Amazing.

    It sounds very quiet to me when I get data on orgs in SA. Deadly quiet.

  8. Meanwhile, over on the Tech Lions blog, Loony Larry is spouting on his vitriolic ramblings about conspiracies and SPs.

    Who is this deluded imbecile anyway?

    • He’s Luke Byrne’s father who live in the US of A. Luke is SO here; don’t know what his post is these days.
      They lived here a couple of years ago, were friends with Ernest and Gaye and even worked for Centurion. He and his wife are OT 8s, ahem.
      He seems to have turned against Ernest and Gaye and has said some derisive things about them.
      Larry’s got an ugly mouth on him.

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