Please no more hyperbole


Noun: hyperbole; plural noun: hyperboles

Exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

“he vowed revenge with oaths and hyperboles”

Exaggeration, overstatement, magnification, amplification, embroidery, embellishment, overplaying, excess, overkill;


Below is a promo piece from Joburg org. It says something, and has a message – but we’re not sure what it is exactly.

“Slightest touch”  Do they mean lightest touch?

“Staff of Scientology bring off miracles”. Huh?

“These miracles, big or small are peoples lives”. Is this a reference to the size of the miracle or the person’s life?

“The work a staff member does to bring Scientologists together in a volunteer force….” What exactly, does this mean? Considering the heavy regging tactics and lengths recruiters go to in order to get people to join staff, this can hardly be considered voluntary. As is the severe pressure brought down on staff to get their stats up and produce “miracles” with little to no resources and very little pay. No-one in their right mind volunteers to do this. Volunteers are not screamed at, pressurised and sent to ethics for SRA handlings when they step out of line or don’t perform. Volunteers don’t sign long contracts giving them no rights and then, if broken, they are lumped with hefty freeloader bills, lowered ethics conditions, shunning and in extreme cases, an SP declare.

The tag line at the bottom is interesting “Real help. Real people. Building a future.” Someone has been watching a lot of banking TV ads. Today, Tomorrow, Together. Or Simpler Better Faster – etc.

But enough from us, you can read it yourself here:

Triumph Recruit promo


25 thoughts on “Please no more hyperbole

  1. In addition to the hype, their words do not match their actions and that is why these self promotions come across with a sense of unreality.

  2. Love the politically correct, black kid, rent a crowd photo. Like that will impinge on the predominantly white Scientology public. Whoever put the promo piece together does not know his/her public, and above all, seems to be delusional. Personally I view these ads as brain washing campaigns. Like the rest of the Scientology movement.

  3. And worrying too, is this statement: “…apply what they know…”. My impression is that these days staff are not so well trained and what they ‘know’ is scary. I believe a lot of verbal data is bandied about and if the staff don’t ‘listen’ they’re in for the high jump.
    I remember having an ‘ethics handling’ will an SO HAS and I had to show him the references that he was supposed to be using to ‘handle’ me! This is a true story.

    • Canspeak: So true about lack of staff training and what they know. Joburg org is full of unhatted, untrained staff who are not even Scientologists before they get signed up. Many of them haven’t even read a book and cannot afford to do a simple basic course.

      The high rate of unemployment in this country is a perfect feeding ground for the orgs here who take advantage of the desperation and gullibility of these poor folk.

      Most of them are utterly uneducated and haven’t got a clue what they’re agreeing to when forced to sign the contract. They will sign ANYTHING just to get a job.

      They are not told they will be earning a pittance, and then get a very rude awakening – often blowing within the first few weeks of arriving as they cannot afford the transport to get to and from the org each day, let alone buy food.

      I recently heard from a good friend that it’s even worse today and the staff coming and going are like an airport turnstile.

      In the 50’s – 70’s one couldn’t apply for a position in an org unless they were minimum HPA or above. And the orgs were brimming with staff. Makes one think, doesn’t it?

      • Hi Shelley, I’m sure much of what you say is true but I think it also needs to be balanced with the observation that from my knowledge there are still quite a few highly educated, articulate and even scn-trained people still on staff, holding the fort. I argue with some of them from time to time and frankly they know a great deal more than I can claim to in terms of tech. It is this group of course that makes most of us wonder why they don’t apply the LRH that have so painstakingly gleaned over a decade or more. Surely they can SEE!

  4. Hype is not new.
    MODERTAOR COMMENT: BV Ortz, we have redacted this paragraph due, once again, to your insistence on making ad-hominem remarks about LRH that you have no personal knowledge of.

    The difference is that, when one is IN, one tends to accept the hype. It doesn’t appear to be as silly as it does when one is OUT.
    Plus the fact that Miscavige is having to recycle existing Scientology, and there are no new developments. Hype is less believable when it’s about something that’s old.
    Plus it’s sometimes badly written. LRH was a better writer.
    Last line redacted.

    • I’m OK with you redacting it, but don’t say it was ad-hominem. It wasn’t.
      Most people who leave corporate Scientology are not LRH worshipers. They like LRH, but don’t worship him.
      I think you’re being a bit overly cautious.

  5. Scientology Inc CRAVES 2 things~~
    1) Good PR.
    2)Religious recognition.
    Notwithstanding that its PR image is worst ever, synonymous with an Abusive Cult, it relentlessly spams unreal promotion, unreal statistics, unreal wins and then are seen as outright lies.
    Let me give you a simple example.
    L-10 has been promoted for years as producing THE STATE OF EXTERIOR WITH FULL PERCEPTION STABLY.
    Utter rubbish.
    No one in this universe goes through life permanently stably outside the body with full perception.
    I CSed the Ls for some years.
    I never had a case history that had anything more than a momentary feeling of exteriorization and each person thought they were the ONLY ones that did not get this elevated state.
    There is no reason to LIE in Ls promo, but the *Church* will routinely LIE even when they do not need to.
    Perhaps the outright bogus claims made on certain auditing EPs, make the *church* feel
    1)Its good PR
    2) It makes them religious ~~ high high elevated states of “OTness.”

      • This type of exteriorisation is the thread that runs through the PDCs anb these date back to the ’50s. LRH talks about auditing pcs who have exteriorised and stably so.
        As said by Karen, there are no case histories reported of people who can do this.
        B.V. Orts, I understand where you are coming from.

      • B. V. Orts…You are becoming a legend on this blog. You must be the most moderated commentator I have seen yet. I love it!

      • If you are forbidden to discuss your wins outside of session, or compare your auditing results with another then those gains are subjective.
        Pride also plays a big part. Would you be willing to admit that after bankrupting yourself on going OT, that you are broke and not exterior?

  6. Well – I was also persuaded by hyperbole in the past. “Total freedom!”; Ha!
    As Will Rogers said, “There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves”.

  7. Yes far to many hyperbole are used by the Church often by individules who have never audited a PC. However as an old time auditor from the early sixties I have seen peoples lives changed many times. More recently my wife and I took seven young people from a township and gave them a comm course plus put them through the learning how to learn course with really good results. Without exception they all secured jobs which had been their goal. The most remarkable story was of a young domestic worker who on completing the course was determined to improve her lot in life. Every afternoon she went to the local junior. school which her child attended with a very simple dictionary. First she worked with her own child clearing words by reading from the dictionary and explaining where necessary. The childs work improved to such an extent that it could not help but be noticed. Other children asked for help which she readily gave and the improvement there was also noticed. One of the sponsors of this school learnt about what our young lady had achieved and encouraged her to study to become a Montessori teacher. The money for her to do this was raised from people in the district including ourselves and today she is Qualified to teach at junior level and has a permanent job doing this. Most of all she has pride.
    This is simply one win of many I have seen coming from LRH’s tech. Do not underrate what this tech can achieve. Go read your axioms once again, demo them, and, if you can go study as an auditor but not in the church please.

  8. Imagine if you decide to donate some of your free time to charity. You help out at the SPCA on weekends or you sweep your churches floor on a Sunday morning or whatever, serve soup in a soup kitchen twice a week.
    Would you donate your time if THEY made you signed a “binding” 2 1/2 year contract?
    If you were unable to help this weekend due to family commitments would they council you for failling to honour your contract?
    If after 6 months of helping out at the soup kitchen (and recieving a complimentary lunch each time), you decided to leave, would they bill you for the lunches you ate?
    If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be involved in the church of scientology.

  9. The text is written in a terrible English. It demonstrates the poor literacy level of these staff members. They do not understand the words and/or grammar they are using. They just repeat phrases they’ve heard (phrases they’ve heard over and over) and put them together in different constructions and combinations. This piece of promo is also a testimony that word clearing and study tech is not in proper, good and wide use – if it is even used at all! – for if it were people would become literate. Sad state of affairs.

    • It sounds as if they randomly remixed feel-good promo materials from some volunteer agencies. Designed to give you a warm fuzzy feeling, but not to make you think.

  10. “Last night I was transformed into full-fledged miracle by one touch from a Joburg staff member!! I don’t know what he did, but he touched me and every goal I ever had in this life instantly came true!!! I am a transformed miracle being, touched by the golden god staff member and a forever miracle enhanced super (dooper) golden child!!!”

  11. “There is nothing quite so fulfilling as ….”. But some things come close:
    – Seeing your business competitor lose a big deal.
    – Seeing those Salvation Army do-gooders get arrested for vagrancy
    – Sending your troublesome father off to a mental institution
    – Getting rid of the “enemies” in your company by feeding them to Sea Org recruiters.
    To name a few.

  12. This weekend, we ate at a fast casual restaurant in the middle of nowhere where the waitresses were from a foreign country. We had minor alterations to our orders (I.e. No mayo on a chipotle burger) and it took 3 tries to get it right. Not one order came out as specified, even when the party ordered exactly from the menu.

    My daughter said “it’s like they know how to say the words, they just don’t understand what they mean”. That’s what this brochure is. A bunch of interesting words with a picture that doesn’t match anything below it and words with absolutely no coherent meaning. I think the person who created it sincerely thought they were being profound, which makes the whole thing even more heartbreaking.

  13. Im more intrigued by the comments than the post today! Normally its both. Not that the post has no relevance, it does because on some level whatever happens in Joburg org means something to a few of us. But when I read some of these so called harbingers of truth about LRH and Scn I gotta guffaw! I mean what gives? Is this blog really the place for your rightness or mine? When someone says B.V. Orts youre my hero, I have to be concerned.. at least B.V. still likes LRH! Cant say that for some of his followers though. In or out of the church, level 2 tech is what it is. If it aint as- ising for you then somethings up my friends! No matter how wrong you may think LRH is or isnt, its time to move on a little higher and stay on that blog perhaps? More agreement there methinks.

    Alternatively wins and successes are still great theta currency. Most of us still like hearing what can be done with the tech. Most of us. Well done to those, lets hear more please!

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