A central hub of communication

Central Hub

In the 8 and a half months that this blog has been running we have, willy-nilly become a communication point for a number of people for a variety of reasons.  We’ve had people asking for auditing, asking to be connected with old friends, needing advice, help or information. It was not a job we expected to do but one which we were quite happy to do.

So much so that we would like to formalise what has already happened rather naturally.

We are building a database of people which will serve as a resource for people looking for information or help or simply for conversation. This database will include a variety of things from auditors, sups, general info, people to talk to if they’re leaving the church, helping financially or otherwise, Sea Org or staff that leave, contributing articles, doing research for articles, whatever.

If you feel like you can help with our general mission of “getting Scientologists back in comm” then please get in touch and let us know what you are happy to do and we’ll add you to the database. This, of course, will be kept in the strictest confidence and no information will ever be divulged without prior permission.

If you wish to be included in this database please email us. Just let us know how and if you would like to help and we’ll include you in that category.

Our doors are open – if you need something drop us a line and we’ll do what we can to get you hooked up with the right people.

A number of people have requested more social gatherings, and we are organising this to allow people to be in comm. These will more than likely be organised offline, which is to say not promoted directly on this blog, so the database is important to keep people informed.  If you wish to be contacted for such, drop us a mail with your best email address and contact number.

We have also enjoyed the variety of topics discussed on the blog and we are again inviting anyone to submit contributing articles. Anyone can be involved! Got something to say? Send it to us!

For all the above please email us at scnafrica@hushmail.com.



41 thoughts on “A central hub of communication

  1. Yes, I find this blog useful.
    I certainly appreciate the wide avenue of acceptance and subject matter.
    Arguments are good. They are a form of auditing if they are dialectical (truth seeking).
    Criticism is good because critics are your best teachers.
    Calm seas, do not a good sailor make.
    The host of this blog does a good job.
    The blog emotes good theta.

  2. I am looking for a co auditer to co audit via skype.
    I live in Ontario Canada, same time zone as New York, USA.
    Contact me at:
    diogeneseii at yahoo.ca
    I have a fair bit of experience and I am a good auditor.

  3. Hey Scn africa, was thinking another blog milestone 2 publishes awesome wins achieved
    in auditing/training outside the church! Recently someone completed the cause resurgence rundown. The pc’s wins were astounding! Wouldnt it be great to know what the south africans are doing and experiencing too? Im sure so much is happening but little is being publicised. Who knows some brave soul may be delivering the L’s or Superpower for all we know! Bottom line is we need more of the good stuff well known and talked about! There is only so much church expose or LRH character debate I can take before I loose interest. Lets jack up the theta by encouraging people to share those intimate wins for all to appreciate! If anything knowing how well we are doing at such LOW rates will upset OSA tremendously!

    • sheeplebane and others, Ms Ronit Charney ( Class 9 with 1000′s of hours in the chair) is delivering The Cause Resurgence RD ( she C/S ‘s me through it) and she also has all of the SuperPower RD’s so that is available as well in Portland.
      I love Ronit and highly recommend her!
      Trey Lotz is delivering the L’s in Los Angeles and Trey is a wonderful auditor as well !

      • Thats fantastic!!! Doubtful that we have auditors in SA that are trained in those specialist type rundowns though. What I do know is that the OT levels are alive and well and are being delivered to the expected results then some! As S.africans we seem a bit shy of making whats happening in indie land well known. Perhaps we are still finding our feet collectively and decompressing yet still. I hope to hear about more OT completions in Africa and planet wide!!

      • SheepleBane: “There is only so much church expose or LRH character debate I can take before I lose interest.”

    • Speaking of rates, at Flag you would have donated $600.00 an hour to be audited by a Class 9 auditor (based on a $7500.00 intensive). I can tell you I did OT 5 just few months ago in Portland with Ronit Charny for far less than half of that and she often invited me to stay for dinner with the family……Nice!

    • Sheeplebande, I didn’t have to travel to in order to do The Cause Resurgence RD. Ronit was in Portland and I was in Colorado. I had just come off of OT 5 so I didn’t do anything but start.
      I was given a C/S from Ronit and at the end of each day I wrote up what occurred along with the vitamins and minerals I was taking and sent that by email to Ronit. She would then give me a new C/S for the following day. This is a very simple RD and very little is needed to do it. It is just as available to those of you who are in Africa (or anywhere else) as it was to me because of the beautiful ease of the internet.
      I did my walk/jog/running in a city park here in Denver. I found a space that was not much used and went out one day and configured for myself a track on the lawn that was 250 ft. in diameter and started.
      I was only a week on the RD and the gains are terrific! You can see Lana’s success story at Milestone Two which she give under the “Return to Cause” story. I would also recommend reading Mark Fisher’s success which he has on his Facebook page.
      Flag asks for $ 2500.00 dollars for this RD. I was able to do it for less than half of that and did not have to face the IAS or any other wealth hunters at the church.
      Folks, if you want to make some fantastic gains, do it inexpensively, not have to leave your home and even lose a few pounds, then I would recommend the CRRD to YOU!

      • Wow! See what I mean? Who knew? Many thanks for letting us know! It can be done and much cheaper too!
        To those keyboard critics who carp on about how bad it all is take note. This could be your last chance. I hope you take it. We need everyone to grab life by the cans, squeeze em slightly and only let go once you feel fantastic! 😉

  4. What a great idea Scnafrica. LRH did say the new civilization will spring from Southern Africa and I think we lead the world in many aspects and will continue to do so. Your blog is excellent and I know has helped hundreds of guys to come to terms with what has happened to our beloved Scientology. A strong group of sane individuals that can tell differences and similarities will carry us into the future. Well done.

  5. Loving your news today. I think it’s a much needed thing, getting people in more tangible comm than what this blog can offer. And it seems like a natural continuation of it too. There seems to be a point where exposing the criminality and perversion of the tech runs dry and needs to be balanced with theta. Thank you Scientology Africa.
    Also, I would like to join those commenting above in looking forward to hearing some wins, good news of using the tech etc.

  6. Thank you for starting this blog, and for allowing the development of it, to so much more. I needed it, and I’m sure many others too.
    My sky is bluer . . . . .

  7. I don’t know if it was a year or so ago I heard through the grapevine a comment that Ernest Corbett made to one of his scn employees that caused a great deal of consternation. A lot of water has flowed under the Bridge so to speak since then, including all the declares. But the moment I heard of that comment I knew with certainty the day would come when what you are now proposing would happen. It is what I have hoped for and looked forward to. I believe this is the fledgling start of what will be a true indie movement in South Africa which will once again bring LRH’s Bridge within reach of ordinary people. I salute you BIC! It isn’t just the price – it is the easy availability that LRH initially looked to.

  8. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say “Getting Scientologists in comm,” rather than saying “*back* in comm.”
    Inherent to corporate Scientology are restrictions on communication: Restrictions on what can be said, and with whom one can associate.
    See HCOPL 23 December 1965, ‘Suppressive acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists’, for a list of these restrictions.
    These official Scientology restrictions are supposed to become second nature to a Scientologist, enforced by the person, himself, from within.
    The steps to freedom, then, are in two stages: The first is freedom from outside policing by corporate Scientology. The second is freedom from internal – self – policing due to one’s corporate Scientology indoctrination.
    Well done to ‘Scientologists back in comm’ for encouraging Scientologists to communicate with greater freedom.

    • Hi B. V. Orts, I know just what you mean. I’ve let go of so many of these types of ‘rules’, even ‘demands’ and am still letting go. It’s a freeing feeling, I can tell you.
      I’m not sure if I can belong to an organised ‘religion’ again that is going to dictate to me what I can and can’t communicate about; who I can and can’t be friends with; or even how I should be thinking about something; or what I should think.
      It’s an ongoing process but truly freeing. I’m flying again.

  9. BV at least you are consistent! Ille give you that mate! You have shown me how to use the written works of LRH to prove a point better than any commentator on this blog, well done!

    • B.V Orts has shown nothing, Sheeplebane. He is a troll who sows discontent and strife onto this blog. If he ever was a Scientologist he has sadly never experienced Scientology, as evidenced by his inane statement above, which in so many words, but surreptitiously, asserts nobody had ever been truly in comm. Poor fellow.

      • I know Meja and agree mostly although I reserve the right to hope for a blue moon to shine on him one day. He believes he is doing the right thing. There are people I know in S. africa who hail him as their anti-LRH mouth piece which is pretty sad.

      • Meja,
        I became a member of the Church of Scientology in 1970, and audited inside corporate Scientology during the 1970s.
        During the 1980s I audited outside corporate Scientology. That was tremendously refreshing: no more bureaucratic red tape. I could just audit without organizational complications. It was wonderful.
        When a person leaves corporate Scientology things begin to change. There is increased freedom to communicate. There’s a lot of re-evaluating.
        It’s an adventure.
        Take comfort in knowing that hundreds, perhaps thousands, have gone through these changes in times past.
        In the end you’ll still have the good in the subject of Scientology, and will be free from the negatives in the subject.
        And Sheeplebane, I’m not “anti-LRH.” I am pro truth.

      • He is a troll who sows discontent and strife onto this blog.

        Letting a few trolls lose is a manipulation method used by many blog operators to get traffic up a tad. Not suggesting that’s going on here, merely pointing it out having moderated blogs in excess of 100,000 users. It attracts the make-wrong, protest, backswipe and correction crowd.

      • So you say BV. Judging by your comments and those of similiar ilk who support you I beg to differ actually. Truth as you say is relative depending on what valued logic you evaluate “truth” on. If you use infinitely valued logic there are only more degrees of untruths and truths.
        From what I have observed thus far I see most of your comments with the following held down 7. LRH failed. I simplify of course. But that is the basic basic I see. Most of your comments make sense when you take the above into consideration. Dress it up in whatever way you prefer. The premise stays the same.
        I would like to say that I disagree completely, for the record. From my bridge progress this far I have achieved all that was promised and so much more. This tells me your argument is a moot point. If however I was experiencing out tech, church suppression, out RUDs and out INT or all of the above simultaneously, ALL your previous comments would be in my new bible!!

      • Such harsh and angry words: “mouthpiece,” “troll,” “ilk.”
        I wrote that I was pro truth, meaning in favor of truth. That means going in the direction of truth. It’s not an absolute.
        This primarily seems to be about LRH as far as you’re concerned.
        You’re in the “who” camp.
        Then there’s the “what” camp that regards ideas and methods, and not personalities, as most important.
        There’s always been a tension between these two camps in Scientology, going back to the 1950s.
        That hasn’t changed.

      • Neither camp resonates for me actually BV. The who or what is not the issue. The camp that makes sense is that camp that does something. What are you do-ing? Besides subverting the who(LRH) or the what (scientology) that is. I dont see you giving anyone a better alternative? You say showing the truth is what you seek? What is that endeavours end product? Increased awareness, ability or perception possibly? If everybody agreed with B.V. Orts what would we have excactly?
        I like the ole mans goals better thank ye very much. He laid it out so well that if we cant follow it we deserve what we get.

      • This is a snide remark, Meja Deja and which Sheeple quickly jumped in his tupence haypenny bit. This is not the kind of comm that is needed on this blog, surely. Surely, B.V.Orts and anyone else it entitled to have their own opinions and speak freely about them.
        That is what this blog is for, saying things that were verboten before.

  10. Back in comm.

    ‘Organizing more social gatherings’ is a powerful plan. This builds understanding and is a forum for ideas and networks to spark.

    I assume you can let those who are on your database know when these will be held? Also an announcement on the blog of something pending and to contact the blog for details?

    I like.

  11. Oh! I get it !! Lol. You mean your blog is actually working like the Idle Org was supposed to!! Too funny!! So it doesn’t really take a multi million dollar building for people to want to hang out and get in comm and help each other.

  12. Your comments don’t make sense, B.V. Orts. You thank this blog for its existence, yet you do not respect it. No, you don’t. You violate its guide lines with every single comment, causing the moderator the nuisance of having to edit them. Next, you say you audited in the eighties outside the corporate church and state it was wonderful, yet you won’t miss a chance to mention how awful LRH is.
    What is your purpose for posting here?

    • I’ve never said LRH is awful. It seems that way to you because you are super sensitive on the subject of LRH who, apparently, you identify with your own survival and well being, and with the survival and well being of all Mankind.
      What I have mainly done is produced references to LRH’s teachings, and quotes from those teachings, and – in links in earlier articles on this blog – items such as observations by former C/S International David Mayo, plus an extremely well researched e-book examination of LRH’s explanations and instructions to Scientologists: explanations and instructions ranging from the publicized to the secretive.
      This you see as an attack on LRH.
      Others see it as an attempt at an examination of the entire subject of Scientology, as presented by LRH. IMO, a sorting out of LRH’s teachings is very much needed if Scientology is to be taken seriously by the general public, and if it is to become a positive influence.


      • I am with you, B.V. Orts. There are so many ‘sensitive’ LRH followers who knowingly do this in blind faith. It’s frightfully unhealthy.
        There is new information all the time about the man and about the imperfection of the tech.
        Let’s face it, most of us had our little worlds shaken up when learning the horrible truth. It’s called confront and confront of evil is its lowest form.

  13. There is certainly a change occurring in the field over recent times — communication is starting to flow on many fronts, and the desire is building to get out-tech, misprogramming, standard auditing, and training happening.
    This blog has been a key part of that — so thank you to all who are working to keep it going.
    Discussions on Milestone Two are on a very similar vein — and we are working cooperatively with any technically trained people in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and of course South Africa, while building an international community network.
    We (at Milestone Two), will support ScnAfrica in any way we can to make sure you have a strong team of standard delivery people. Let us know what you need and want.
    And if you are a technically trained person (auditor, C/S, cram officer, word clearer, supervisor) and want to get active again, we can assist you to do that too.

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