It’s IAS night!

The following video was leaked by Chanology last week. We assume it is going to be used as part of the push for funding at the upcoming IAS night of the maiden voyage events being shown at orgs around the world this Saturday night.

It would appear that this video was shot in various locations around the world. At 3.30 into the video a South African does a rap. The rapper is Sbusiso Manqa. It is not clear if he is a Scientologist or how he is involved. A look at his Facebook page shows the only Scientologist friend he has is Paul Sondergaard. If anyone has any info on him please share it with us in the comments or email us at

Here it is:


16 thoughts on “It’s IAS night!

  1. I was always made to feel guilty for not having my IAS membership up to date. Now, I’m glad to be free of the extortion. 🙂

  2. I can’t bear it. Nauseating. I’m so glad I don’t have to be there.
    I bought my Lifetime Membership in 1990 for R6000. I’m sure I made it back from the 20 percent discounts I received over the years. I hope so.
    I never contributed again except for tiny amounts. Thank heavens.

  3. I asked Peach Bokelmann the question once, “What has the IAS actually done in Gauteng? Show me the proof of where the money goes to.” Her reply to me was, “Are you saying you don’t trust COB?” …Enough said.

    • My first thought was that this response absolutely typifies the sheer cynicism within CoS, until it damned on me that this is the attitude that underlies the loyalty of almost all still-ins. I recently had a comm cycle with a couple badly mauled over by the church, and CRB for that matter, and this person said with considerable confidence that she had written it all up and all the local execs would be getting shafted shortly. She said she trusted nobody in the local organisation (with some justification it seems). I asked her if she trusted MisFuckface and I cannot describe the look of appalled disbelief on her face as she cried “OF COURSE!!!!!!!!”
      Maybe she’s been proven right in a way as all those clowns are gone and I’m assured the current clowns are totally trustworthy. Barf!

  4. It’s not too bad. Quite a nice song. I love the music. Pity about the warped message. But then again when you can throw money at it anything will sound good. Imagine how much this cost. How many starving people could they have helped with it!

  5. We all know the story here. The young South African man wants to be a rap star – it is probably his DREAM!!!. And guess what … Corporate Scientology can make that happen!!!!!!!! What they haven’t told him is exactly how much that is going to cost him … Yet. And to be honest he looks like a nice kid but the rapping and his voice is pretty weak. If anyone knows this boy tell him to get along to an idols audition they will tell him honestly he is not very good. It’s free and takes only 1 afternoon and then he can get on with doing something else with his life!

  6. You gotta admit it, this video is very well produced. And how crafty! Give all those young aspiring artists a chance to perform! And be sen around the world! They’ve put their heart into it. There’s only one thing sordid in this: the fact that the IAS money is used to pay for 20 lawyers to keep David Miscavige out of the court room and NOT for what they advertise.

  7. A slick video production,pity the song is ” cheasey”.
    It is a good effort at self back slapping and blowing smoke up your own a-hole.
    The target market will lap it all up and heartly sing along when aired at the event, convincing the still-ins that they are supporting the only group able to actually do anything for mankind.

  8. Oh man this is so bad. Somehow I don’t see the Red Cross needing to make hip-hip videos to make their donors feel that anything is actually being accomplished. I can’t believe I ever thought the IAS did anything. It’s such a generality. What do they actually do? Everyone who has ever been a VM at a disaster site knows that the IAS does NOT NOT NOT pay for anything. Not the t-shirts. Not the air fare. Not the hotels (or couches) Nothing. That comes out of the pocket of local SCNs. How exactly is the IAS helping the people of Africa? Food? Shelter? Education? None of the above.
    SUCH a joke. SUCH a waste of money.

    • You said it all right, Matt. They haven’t helped anybody being referred to on that video. It’s the lie of all time.
      There’s been no help from the IAS in Africa or anywhere else, for that matter. It’s one of the biggest scams and swindles, I want to say of all time again. And those still in lap it all up. To do otherwise would be an enemy line and punishable in ethics.

  9. The concept of the video and the style is a rip-off Playing For Change. The IAS version is weak, and embarrassing. Playing For Change has genuinely brought change about through their music and is renown for their true musical abilities.

    • That makes it doubly disgusting. They are stealing the music and lying about what they are doing instead of crediting the REAL musicians and the REAL people who help. Scientology takes all the credit, gives none where it is due, whilst doing nothing but collecting money for The Little Dick.
      I wonder if there is a point of no return where the still-ins become never-leaves.

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