Look what we did!

In the early hours of Saturday morning this blog reached a milestone:

Half a million views since it’s inception 309 days ago on the 25th of October 2013. That averages out to 1618 views per day.

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Sex: The taboo subject

We came across the following article a couple of days ago – it appeared on the Milestone Two blog. It is authored by Lana Mitchell, and she kindly gave us permission to re-post it on Back-in-Comm. We think it’s an excellent write-up and well worth the read. We’re sure many reading this have had issues to resolve on this subject after leaving the church. 


Sex Taboo pic


OK – let’s take up a hot subject that is rarely spoken of.

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Why Ideal Orgs

We are reposting this article from Mike Rinder’s blog as it is generally important data and it also involves Joburg Org. We have added data to give a more complete picture of the Joburg scene. Our additions are in square brackets [] and in this colour. You can read the original article at Mike’s blog here: Why Ideal Orgs

Any time there is a post about ideal org failures, there is a lot of speculation about “Why?”

I have written various posts and comments about this from time to time, but realized I had never put it all in one place.

There are two reasons for the ideal org program that go hand in hand. And it explains why, in spite of the clear failure of this program to bring about planetary clearing, or anything at all aligned with the “Aims of Scientology,” it will continue to be pushed until the very end.

1. It is vital for Miscavige to hold onto his position

2. IRS concerns

But before explaining these points more thoroughly, a review of the history of how “ideal orgs” came about will help put everything else in context.

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Chris Shelton – explaining the inexplicable

Chris Shelton2

Chris Shelton

The latest video from Chris Shelton (former high ranking SO member) is a must-watch for everyone – whether in or out of the Church. If you have ever served on staff or in the SO, this is guaranteed to blow some major charge.

In the video he explains in terms that anyone can understand the complicated labyrinth of Church Management and hierarchy, and why and how this very system is doomed to failure.

He also explains how it came about that Miscavige managed to easily perform the perfect coup, effectively replacing LRH as “Command Intention” and is now in the process of positioning himself as “source”.

We highly recommend that you take some time out to watch this – it is a well spent 40 minutes.

Once you have done so, use it to refer others to. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to help people who are “sitting on the fence” or are still UTR (under the radar).





The global problem of Ideal Orgs


The future ideal org of Northumbria

We have reported fairly extensively at this blog on the situation with African Ideal Orgs – both those that are “done” and those waiting to be done. There is so much about this entire program that doesn’t make sense and among these is the practice of buying really expensive buildings and then doing nothing with them for years while the renovation money is raised.

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Criminon, IAS and fallen heroes

 Medal Cartoon1


On Tuesday (19th Aug) Mike Rinder published an excellent article on his blog about Greg Capazorio and the issue of IAS Freedom medal winners. For those who don’t know Greg, he is a born & bred South African “boytjie” (his own term for himself). He reached fame through his Criminon activities in South Africa and as a result is now holding the post of ED Criminon Int.

We have some data on the story of Greg and his rise to fame  as well as a few other tidbits about Criminon South Africa that are probably not widely known. We felt it opportune to give our readers this data as a follow-up and extension to Mike’s article which can be seen here

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