A promise is a promise

On the 1st & 2nd of February a two day seminar was held on making every South African org Ideal. Here is the promo:


Critically this promo makes the point “This does not just mean having buildings but having each as a true Ideal Org operating at full delivery capacity and clearing its zone and ultimately making OTs right on Africa’s own turf.”

6 months after this event (and over half way through the year) they have sent out the following promo:


16 August 2014

Where: Jo’burg Org, Cape Town Org and Port Elizabeth Org


At the time this event is held there will be 137 days left to make 4 orgs (if we ignore Zimbabwe) “true Ideal Orgs”.

To belabour the point we have often made: We don’t knock progress whether big or small. It is the lies through flagrant false promises that we knock and wish to expose. There will not even be one new ideal org this year. There will be no AO opened next year. Scientologists that continue to support this folly must know this.


18 thoughts on “A promise is a promise

    • Nah – he’ll just blame the SP’s. I don’t think he can confront spending ‘his’ hard – earned money….

  1. So we can assume from the first promo that there are only 200 scientologists left in the whole of Gauteng? Because there is no way even one person was left out of the invite.
    Then somehow, these 200 must raise the money (again) to buy buildings, pay for the space planning, and then renovate them at vastly inflated COB prices.
    Once the 200 have done that, they have to get the money together to fly his holiness out here for the overpriced, ridiculously flamboyant openings of each org.
    And while the 200 are doing this, the 50 staff members left in the country (generous estimate I think) will be bugging said 200 to give the ultimate sacrifice and join staff!! Let’s see – at least 100 staff per ideal org needed to even closely approximate some sort of delivery = 600 staff just for the ideal orgs. Get them trained on Gag2 at flag and sent back here. Oh sorry…missed out the fundraising for the expense of training them and pig’s berthing and slop at flag. A whole 5 months left to do this…
    And then you have a whole YEAR (2015) to do the same for the AO!
    So what’s the problem? Totally do-able 😀

  2. Many Years ago when your word ment something and
    LRH would say you deliver on what you promise – you
    could believe what you read, heard or what was told to you!

    With another Crashing misunderstood on the word PROMISE –
    The more they lie the more happy I feel because this group of
    …………. you can fill in the blanks needs to be brought to Justice
    never to deliver OUT TECH on any being ever again!
    Never to practice the art of Fraud.
    They should be brought down and sell their buildings to pay back
    the money they owe for not delivering what they promise.
    No OT’s made to full OT
    OUTPOINTS – Do you know any OT’s Who have:
    Done OT 8 and are not stable and I know of some OT’s who have had
    several different versions!
    OT’s in huge Financial Debt.
    OT’s going Bankrupt.
    OT’s who have gone Bankrupt.
    OT’s with failing businesses..
    OT’s out of Valance and having reoccurring Somatics..
    OT’s becoming ill.
    OT’s having major accidents.
    OT’s in Fear on the Tone Scale
    OT’s unable to spot Out-points.
    OT’s in Fear to Communicate.
    OT’s having to do a Circular Bridge.
    To regain latent gains Purif – Objectives etc.
    OT’s having to redo Basic Books which are not
    the original books written by LRH data IS missing.
    OT’s having to redo their training – some with Golden Age
    of Tech have had to do the Student Hat 4 times!
    OT’s having to pay large sums to make amends on Ethics cycles.
    OT’s having to pay large sums to the IAS so they are in good standing.
    OT’s having to pay large sums to Ideal Orgs so they are in good standing.

    Every one of us needs to SUE them and bring this corrupt organization DOWN!
    I feel very strongly about LRH’s Tech and the OUT Tech being applied in the
    I am sure we could get some advice on how as a group we could all claim
    individually but as group take on the BEAST- anyone have any bright ideas?

      • Goldie – +100% – that’s the spirit. We need more of your ilk. Call a spade a spade. Love it!

    • Goldie, I think I have an idea. Has anyone here been specifically regged for money for Durban Org? The one that’s now a vacant lot with no prospects of having something built on it? If you have receipts that specifically say that the money you gave was to go to Durban Org, I think you have a good case if you sue. When you sue, put everyone in as a defendant that you can think of, like the reg who stole your money, the ED of the org, and the local IAS rep. Make sure you keep the defendants local.

      Use the Garcia case as a model for the suit itself, and apply the NAFC’s tactic of listing everyone you can think of as a defendant. I’m not sure if the Zimbabweans in the audience can do the same with Bulawayo, but I’m sure they didn’t donate money in order to fund a brothel.

      • And if I remember correctly seeing something on this blog fairly recently saying that the empty stand in Durban has since been sold. Am I correct?
        I say, go for it.

  3. I agree with this post and the comments this far. I predicted this time last year that there will not be another ideal org opened in Southern Africa. The goal posts are moving further and further away and already people have stopped running. The best runners have been declared. Even if they get Joburg North paid for there is still all the renos to do. Oh and tons of staff from an ever dwindling field…

    • Joburg North Ideal Morgue will be the biggest disaster of them all. Randburg is not the place to put an org, it’s not the public. Randburg CBD is terribly downstat.
      The able in this country live in the Sandton burrough. It’s been said for eons that the real estate in Sandton is too expensive but look what’s been paid for these Morgues. One could have bought TWO builidings in Sandton with that money by now.

  4. I like to believe I predicted right from the beginning that fundraising would go the way it has – morphing into a never-ending process. Even though I was totally with the pgm at the outset I always had an analogy at the back of my mind and watched that analogy play out. That analogy was the South African phenomenon of intersection hawkers. Around 1994 (you know, democratic elections) we saw the first of these characters and I couldn’t help but notice a lot of enthusiasm by motorists to take their flyers, buy their crap and generally treat them like they were delivering some real service. Personally, I saw this as just slightly more sophisticated begging. Because of the support, the inevitable happened and there was an explosion of these characters and I correctly predicted the next step (because it’s really just normal business marketing playing out in a weird sort of way) and they began wearing fancy-dress costumes and other novelties to stand out from the crowd. Then they became irritating and people stopped ‘supporting’ them. Then they became corporatised – companies paid them just to dish out flyers with no real expectation any more that people would take their litter, but the real thing is they’re mobile advertising – and as apathetic as all hell.
    Call me nuts – but isn’t that scn fundraising, with perhaps the single modification that in the corporate stage instead of the process purpose being advertising, there’s an ethics compulsion in its place.

    • People were up to a point willing to tolerate the IAS scam, but when IDEAL ORGS came along in the mid-2000s and all the out-of-valence over-the-top PR and marketing went up, many people started to realize their financial life would become even more unsettling and time came to say adios muchachos. Scientology had been turned into a serious fiscally life-threatening affair and event attendance went way down thereafter. The IAS was bad enough, but IDEAL ORGS and other money rackets became a turning point for folks waking up.

      • I believe you’re right, Formost. The koolaiders who still hang around are not those with the bucks, except for a couple like Park and Hex; and I’m not sure there is anoyone left with bucks.
        The koolaiders will still give their R500, R1000 and think they’re heros because they are doing their bit. I feel sorry for them and I don’t mean this sarcastically at all.
        And yes, I think the numbers outside are starting to exceed the numbers still in.

  5. Tenacious bullshit has achieved more than I expected. The sober fact that it can only baffle less brains with time despite the relentless push heartens me gladly none the less!
    The last of the still ins must be holding on to that one bleak hope of pulling off the “big win”. Why else stick around when others of greater ability have left or been kicked out? Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is not madness, its pure folley. Yet on they march..and march. The lemmings. I dont despise them, I feel for them. Who enjoys seeing good people shackled to a harness wheel of perpetual nowhereness? Another groundhog day fundraiser in COB’s purgatory of misery.
    Can anyone say slave uprising? Is there a Spartacus amoungst them I wonder?

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