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In January we published an article titled Why control of Scientology is no longer possible (or necessary) which detailed the fact that Scientology material is out already out in the world and that it is impossible to control this or how people use it.

This fact has become even more so since then. Most recently some people over at Scientolipedia have done some incredible work and have announced that all lectures are now available for download. In all it is 100 gigs of LRH lectures. It seems just about everything is there including the ACCs, congresses and more. Most of the downloads include the transcripts.

They have put together a great page with detailed instructions on how to get the software you will need in order to download. It takes about 10 minutes to set up and then simply download away! To get going click here: Getting all the lectures

In November last year we also featured a website where other materials are available and it is worth mentioning again. The website is It was set up by Max Hauri from Switzerland. When you first visit the site there is a disclaimer that you will have to agree to before being allowed access. You basically agree to use the material for personal spiritual gain and that you are not a member of the church or any of its organisations. Once you click the “accept” button you will be able to download everything. And it does seem like everything: All LRH books, Scientology dictionaries, the OEC volumes, the Tech volumes, course packs for training and specialist course packs.

Between the two sites above the entirety of the materials of Dianetics and Scientology are freely available.

For those that have chosen to continue their Scientology journey outside the church this is a fantastic resource and further paves the way for the unselfish application of the subject.

Of course, you won’t need to have huge book shelves that have to be boxed up every time you move. Now you just need an external hard drive.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this and taken what must have been many hours to accomplish. Thank you.

And a final note: Below is a video of Max Hauri addressing a convention of independent Scientologists last year. He talks about the issue of copyright and how the issue has been dealt with.

Happy downloading!


35 thoughts on “All materials & lectures available for download

  1. Brilliant! Many thanks to Brian, Max and everyone else who have made scientology materials freely available. Needless to say, if Miscavige and his henchmen had ever intended to ‘clear the planet’, ‘build a new civilization’ or even to help anybody at all, they would have done this years ago.

  2. Great! can work like a bit of an overwhelm!! Where to start? If you lack a suggestion, try:
    Deep Philosophic: PDC lectures Dec 1952
    Beginning Auditors: Special HPA lectures September 1959
    Advanced Auditor: Ist Melbourne ACC November 1959
    Hopefully transcripts are available – they help.
    All the best, Ant (

  3. Thanks for this very valuable information. Solved me many problems. All my Scn literature is boxed up in some warehouse because my new apartment cannot contain all of it. And anyway, searching the hard drive is much more convenient than searching paper volumes.
    Thanks again.

    • Volumes 1 to 10 are in the fine collection of materials at They’re in the directory labelled ‘red and blue volumes’.

      But the publishing history of the R & D series seems to be complicated; I think these are the original volumes 1-10, with volume 10 covering January and February 1952. I have a hardcopy volume 10, published in 1996, that covers March to June 1952. Maybe the publication was re-started with a different numbering, as often happens with academic journals. Sorry, don’t know where vols. 11 to 16 might be found.

  4. I do not have time to listen to Max’s video right now, on copyright, but everyone should keep in mind; not to have any concern over CO$ copyrights.

    Because none of their copyrights are bonafide. That means non of their copyrights are free of fraud, deceit, cohersion, subversion, and any other evil or hidden agenda.

    The same goes for anything they say or do.

    Their well hidden and well disguised agenda is always to get you in a trap and take you to the financial cleaners, bankrupt your present time and future resources, and make a slave out of you, and get you to sign a billion yr contract.


    1. To force to act or think in a certain way by use of pressure, threats, or intimidation; compel.
    2. To dominate, restrain, or control forcibly: coerced the strikers into compliance. See Synonyms at force.
    3. To bring about by force or threat: efforts to coerce agreement.

    1. (tr) to compel or restrain by force or authority without regard to individual wishes or desires

    1. to compel by force or intimidation: to coerce someone into signing a document.
    2. to bring about through force; exact: to coerce obedience.
    3. to dominate or control, esp. by exploiting fear, anxiety, etc.

    The idea of oweing the CO$ anything such as freeloader debts is also a lie.

    It is a scam, a fraud.

    All the money ever taken in by the CO$ are illegally gotten and are called the proceeds of crime.


  5. Having all the materials available is very important.
    From the description of this, however, it sounds as though it’s all of the material that most Scientologists would prefer to think of as being Scientology.
    However, there’s more material than that. And a complete understanding of Scientology requires that it be examined also.
    I may be mistaken, as I haven’t had the opportunity to thoroughly examine the available data bases at his time, but I’d be surprised if this includes everything.
    So, while it’s good news for “tech people,” and bad news for lil’ Davie Miscavige – which is wonderful – it’s not likely to be a complete collection of all of LRH’s explanations and instructions to Scientologists.
    Regarding Max Hauri, for those that don’t know – and I don’t see it mentioned in the text – he’s the head of Ron’s Orgs, taking over from Bill Robertson when he passed.
    So celebrate the availability of information, but also be mindful that, for a complete picture of Scientology, there’s more that needs to be examined.

    • BV, if you have any other material that you would like others to have access to, please contact me by clicking on my name, and then clicking the “About me” page on my blog. Thanks!

      • I can see the list of lectures from Scientolipedia, but the Ron’s Org link doesn’t show me anything except an overseas phone number. I’d like to see a list of what Ron’s Orgs has and, then, I’d know what they don’t have.
        For example, for starters, according to the above article, they have the HCOPLs of the OEC volumes, but do they have the confidential HCOPLs that do not appear in the OEC volumes?
        That a simple one to answer, so perhaps someone could let me know.

  6. Thank you for a wonderful acknowledgement about the work that was done on Scientolipedia. And you’re right-on about making the connection to Ryan’s article about control of the data. That article was very inspirational and stirred action. Thank you again, Ryan.

  7. Very interesting stuff. This Max Hauri sounds like a good guy.
    I always wondered if the “church” really wanted to get the tech out into the world why would they have a beef with it being available on the internet for free? I can see them wanting to make money, but is money a senior purpose to bringing sanity to the world? I guess we know the answer to that question.

    I also have the feeling that by making the materials available freely you would get a lot of people using it and talking about it and evaluating it. Part of corporate scientology’s problem is that they always say they have to “police it” or “qual” it, “KSW” it, however you want to say it. They don’t want the planet to squirrel the tech.

    THEY are the ones squirreling it.

    What about the LRH datum of quantity-quality-viability? Get the tech out to billions of people and let them start using it. Book1, TR’s, whatever. Some tech is better than none right? Then they could have other organizations that could do higher training, etc. You might actually start to do some good.

    The way NOT to do good would be to let the cult start policing and enforcing their version of the tech to people. That would be bad.

    • “What about the LRH datum of quantity-quality-viability?” I don’t know/remember that. Can you amplify? The quantity principle resulted in masses of letters out which did not communicate anything of value, and, I fear, well done auditing hours which were not very well done.
      All best wishes,


      • I look at it as a gradient scale of improvement. The quantity part has to be at least acceptable quality. Then you can increase the quality and make it better and better over time and it becomes more and more viable. The main idea I was trying to get across is if the materials were out there in quantity then people could at least attempt to use them instead of the “church” running a “can’t have” on everyone. I didn’t mean for the statement to be some sort of an absolute. If you don’t think it has any reality for you then throw it out the window.

  8. This is likely not everything, but it’s a lot.
    Out of this sea of words and loose ends will arise groups. Judging from the past, these groups will not get along very well. Each one will think the other is “squirrel,” etc.
    If LRH had assembled a concise compendium of theory and tech, instead of writing eleven science fiction novels, this seemingly inevitable conflict might have been avoided.
    Unfortunately, Scientology, as created by LRH, is a secretive subject, and a concise and compressive compendium would have blown that secrecy.

    • “Unfortunately, Scientology, as created by LRH, is a secretive subject” I would reword that to, “Unfortunately, Scientology, as moulded by LRH, became a secretive subject”. Looking at 1950, I don’t see much secrecy.

      • Well, the ‘Excalibur’ manuscript of 1938 was and still is a secret, with a collection of ‘shore stories’ told about it, ranging from it was stolen by the Russians to it never existed in the first place. In fact, there are several copies.
        The late 1940s ‘Affirmations’, which were revealed and confirmed in court, were secret.
        LRH’s wife in 1950, Sara, by the mid 1950s, if not becoming secret, was ‘erased,’ along with LRH’s daughter by Sara, Alexis. In 1968, LRH even explained, when asked about his second wife, that he never had a second wife.
        In 1955, LRH, on Sligo Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland, dictated into a tape recorder what was soon after published as a Russian Communist manual. The manual mentioned Dianetics (in a later version, Scientology) several times as something that needed to be stopped if Russian Communism were to succeed. Several tall tales about it were told to Scientologists, and these can be found and read. The tall tales obscured the truth, and that would qualify as a secret.
        By 1959, there was the HCO Manual of Justice, which was confidential, and that was probably the beginning of official secrecy.
        And I don’t need to tell you that there was plenty of secrecy in the 1960s.
        This secrecy, along with the vast number of words and loose ends, and the lack of a concise compendium authorized by LRH, have led to angry arguments and feuds between “tech people.”
        Perhaps the arguments and feuds will be less if we at least recognize what we are dealing with.

  9. Thanks for sharing this. My, how times have changed! I recall the times of epic jackboot raids on homes and individuals, and lawsuits galore for doing just this. We also have to thank those courageous pioneers of the early 1990s who took all the heat, were sued, some having their lives ruined and financially destroyed, to pave the way for what has been achieved here – get the materials out to everyone.

    A VERY brief summary of some of the raids and lawsuits (there were many others not listed here) of those times is here:

    And here is video footage of one of those raids, conducted at the home of Arnie Lerma – this is just one example of what many courageous people went through, so that we can have the materials available today:

      • Thanks scnafrica. I did a search, and I find that most of the old lists have disappeared from the Internet. Someone had a webpage listing the Copyright lawsuits as they were unfolding, but that has gone now. And even Wikipedia is incomplete. It would be really good to have a summary listing of all that went down at that time, as it is an essential part of understanding the history of this organization. That period (1990 – 1999) was such a critical time, where for the first time in history, the Church was outmanoevred by the Internet effect. In the past, they could take people “out the back” and “beat them up” (figuratively) and shudder them into silence without it being known very widely.

        I could volunteer for this, but it will have to hold for a while as it would be quite a project to track them all down, and I have other projects to complete at the moment. If anyone else is up for this, it would be a really useful service. One does need to consider that many of these people that posted materials to the Internet were doing so as critics of the subject of Scientology, while others were just trying to liberate the materials. In compiling a list like this, one would need to remain neutral and objective about the motives of the individuals and organizations involved – and just record the instances where materials were posted, or even fair use extracts were posted, which resulted in raids, lawsuits, and a host of other harassment measures to those individuals or organizations.

    • By rights,if someone really knew what they were doing, the CO$ still could be successfully sued for this raid and any and all other raids and just about anything else the CO$ did. Because the real law is on your side.

      This someone would be someone who knew law and justice (or wanted to, and was willing to learn law and justice incl how the legal system works and how to win in court) as well as they know scn. And scntlgy would have to be known very well.

      In other words you would have to become your own lawyer and be a damn good one, and act pro se (means acting as your own lawyer).

      Buying this home study law course is the best place to start:

      “How to Win in Court”



  10. A little note on how the OT levels especially Ned for OTs (NOTS) got so widely published on the Internet.
    A little known Dutch journalist called Karin Spaink posted some Steve Fishman documents on the internet. Steve is a fraudster and most non-credible.
    However, even though he had no credence, the Church went ballistic and sued Karin and the various ISPs (Internet service providers) posting the documents.
    Thus began 10 year litigation of the full weight of the Church of Scientology vs Karin Spaink who became a local folk hero getting dribbles of donations to combat the weight of the Church. A true David and Goliath battle.
    In the course of the 10 year war, Karin Spaink entered the OT level, NOTS material as EVIDENCE.
    Any evidence in a court of law becomes public.
    Earlier copies were stolen, but once they were used in Court ~~ it was now in public domain.
    The Church’s stupidity and urge for warfare and annihilation of a critic cost them dearly.
    Read more

  11. while a good resource these are the edited post 1990 versions. For example in PDC 20 5212C06B the part about scientology being used in to create a world worse than 1984 and Hubbard recommending Black Dianetics be used on someone.

    “Did you ever read poor old George Orwell’s uh.. 1984? Yes, yes, that’s wonderful. That would be, could be, the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence. ” and . ” And if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn’t available. Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself “the new order”. We don’t need any more new orders – all those orders as far as I’m concerned have been filled.” All of this has been cut out.

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