Ant’s Postscript

By Antony Phillips



I mentioned in a recent comment on this Blog that my heart bled for you in South Africa who have recent connections to the so-called Church.  Don’t worry about my loss of blood, there is lot’s of blood for blood transfusions in Denmark. (That is an insouciant joke, which serious so-called “Church” members might not understand).

I look at this from a view point of someone who has been disconnected from the so-called Church for 30 years and whose friends have been disconnected for a similar long time.  Though I have occasionally read items about the “Church” (and felt it could only get worse), and am aware of how the Scientology books have been changed  (and got a bit het up about it, since I knew how careful people have been to preserve Ron’s exact words), I have enjoyed life and not thought much about the so-called Church.

However since talking, fairly extensively, to Rhona Smit on Skype, I have thought a lot about your situation in South Africa and come up with the following.

One of the last actions before I was thrown out of the Church was to take the Happiness Rundown Course and Internship – 1980 version, since cancelled.  It was a very rewarding course.  It was new at the time, at first only available from Flag, and we were getting (slowly) Flag trained personnel to supervise and C/S.  In essence, that Happiness Rundown was very simple, and three quarters of the course was concerned with basics of auditing. If these basics are not in you get a lousy session – in any sort of auditing.

It has recently occurred to me that those basics apply to life and to the degree that they are not in place in life you get a poor life.  This applies to people who have never heard of Scientology.  The man who has a sexual relationship going on which he is withholding from his wife has weakened his life and happiness. Etcetera.

From what Rhona told me, many of you in South Africa have problems, withholds, the liability of not being sure if someone has found out something you need to keep secret….  The whole bundle of tricks, multiplied many times if you have been associated with the “Church” for a few years.

I once wondered whether Rhona’s death was “engineered” by higher ups in the “Church” (I know of one case from 2007, where I am pretty sure that a suicide of someone quite dangerous to the “Church” was engineered by the “Church”)


Note that I have seen no concrete evidence that this was so. With regard to Rhona, I think she had sufficient problems, etc. with parts of her family still in the “Church” that she was set for trouble and unfortunately got  it. But that is only an opinion (from long distance).

The “Church” (while altering his written works) likes to create an image of Ron as a perfect person, and Rhona had first hand data showing his humanness.  Before Rhona flew on that fateful journey to Cape Town, which her daughter Carol had said would be the last time Carol would speak to her mother, Rhona had expressed to me that it was very problematic what she should say to her daughter, Carol. A problem – a very present time problem.

I imagine she would have tried play down  (suppress) the problem. I think she, and many in SA that read this have a load of problems, withholds, etc. etc. that they try to some degree forget in an attempt to make life livable.

It could be that the evil  (towards us ordinary people) side of Church management, as well as using domination and nullification towards its “membes” also reckons that their out rudiments in life will keep them subdued.

I think many have quite a large job to look in this area, and need to handle, piece by piece, the various “out rudiments in life” the church has caused them. Many auditors know how complicated these simple things can get.  With years of dominating control over its “parishioners” there may be a lot to look at. Take it piece for piece. Cooperate with each other on this.

The result will be a greater freedom and more companionship and  more ARC than ever you are now likely to see in a decadent “Church”.

Christ (according to records) advised letting the dead bury their dead (Matthew 8,22).  I am inclined to advise letting the Church “bury its dead”, and I advise devoting attention to creating life outside its influence.

Validate (devote energy to) what you want  – advice from Ron in his PDC lecture 24 (December 1952).

Whether you still continue to call yourself a “Scientologist” or have given up the name in disgust (I do not think it matters which you do – words change their meaning – like the word “gay” has done in my lifetime) I wish you oceans of happiness, and freedom you have not see the likes of in years.

All best wishes,





4 thoughts on “Ant’s Postscript

  1. . . . It has recently occurred to me that those basics apply to life and to the degree that they are not in place in life you get a poor life. This applies to people who have never heard of Scientology . . .

    Upon what basis do you make this evaluation regarding people who have never heard of Scientology? At this stage, the available evidence indicates the opposite is true. In fact, the opposite appears to be true whether or not a person has heard of Scientology.

    • I am a little lost on the logic behind the above short statement. My hypothesis is that the elements which prevent an effective Scientology session (including, but extending beyond, the rudiments), if present in life reduce the effectiveness of life (including enjoying life). What I got to hear from Rhona gave me the impression that those connected with Scientology in South Africa had these things (elements that prevent a good auditing session) in life to a marked degree (but in fact Rhona and I talked about maybe a dozen individuals).
      Those in and those out of Scientology are basically thetans, and I do not see that this would be a difference in this respect.
      Of course my understanding of Scientology does not include what has been added or changed in the last 34 years, So it might be here that we differ.
      All best wishes,

  2. Dear Ant,
    Thanks for this very interesting article. I can totally see how South Africans are operating on a “withhold” – I see this on an almost daily basis with people who are too scared to tell their stories despite being utterly OUT of the Church – they are withholding this from the “Church”, their friends, employers and even in some cases their own family. Makes for a pretty miserable existence, I would think. Thankfully my family (well, those important ones anyway) came with me but as you correctly pointed out about my mom, she was still tethered (and not by apron strings) to my sister and thus the Church (OSA particularly) which made my mom’s life very difficult at times. I intend expounding on the events leading up to her sudden departure in more detail as I believe the story should be told.

    I was one of the fortunate ones that did the Happiness Rundown many years ago (early 90’s I believe). The end product was a recovering of my own integrity, and the willingness and ability to call BS when I saw it. Got me into trouble occasionally, but I would rather call a spade a spade than try “glow things right” with PR. Something the Church has become quite masterful at doing.

  3. Noted.
    Rhona’s death was a shock to me, after I had built up ARC since February – it is difficult to imagine how it is for you.
    The question of withholding being in Scientology from employers (or prospective ones) is a sticky one. I managed not to withhold, and in fact got cooperation from my employers for small projects I was involved in. After being thrown out I used in my spare time my employers copy machine for duplicating “splinter” papers, and on another job, used their desk top publishing equipment for typesetting a magazine. I explained that I had been thrown out of Scientology, and was doing work for people who had been thrown out or left. I got willing cooperation, just like a man who used the firms equipment for printing a magazine about Alsation dogs. However I never talked about Scientology, and certainly did not proselytize.
    On the Happiness Rundown, in the early 90’s you must have done the Happiness Rundown that replaced the one I interned on in 1981, which was canceled on 18th January 1984. I understood it was canceled because too many people were blowing the Sea Org after having had it. The first one, and the Bulletin canceling do not appear in the Red (tech) Volumes. I feel I ought to investigate the changes , and write up the history etc. for Scientolipedia, but am baulking at the prospect. Instead, I am writing a biography of Jack Horner, who was in South Africa in 1956. Can any one scrape up data on what he was doing , apart from writing a book?
    All best wishes,

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