Another Knight of fundraising

Below is the latest email promoting yet another fundraising event for Joburg North who in February this year were “on the verge” of buying their building..

Not a bad theme they’ve chosen – the medieval times were an era of severe pillaging, plundering and the introduction of taxes to be paid to the Church.

Of note though, is that in order to attend this fundraiser, you have to pay R150 entrance fee – presumably for your meal and the added privilege of having your hard-earned money taken off you by Albert, Ian and whoever else will be dressed up as King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and other brave knights.

When an org starts charging people to attend a fundraiser, that’s an outpoint of note and a sure sign of trouble in Camelot.


Knights of Round table


16 thoughts on “Another Knight of fundraising

  1. Mmmm. Knights of the round table fundraising for a new org so that a castle can be opened to deliver the equally round circular bridge. Makes sense to me. 🙂

  2. Wow desperate much? Pay to Play, huh? Before you even get to the Bake Sale you have to pay to get in the door. At least with a Bake Sale I get a Freakin cake.

    • C’mon now Baby, this is the RCS we’re talking about – you can’t pay for your cake AND eat it. That would be expecting a bit much 🙂

  3. This flyer is very apt – the Knights personify the SO – on their high horses, with de-personalised faces, cold, chrome-steel valence…… And then you get to the fundraiser and sit at a round table – literally. Its hard for anyone there to sit quietly, not donating. Its in your face from all angles. And the R150,00 entrance fee means the profit margin is so tight with big donors gone, that they can’t afford to provide a light supper and coffee without being paid for it. The venue (not the Castle and not Kyalami on the Track) speaks for itself – the expectation is a small gathering (and the fee for a venue might not be covered by the donations).

    • Also wanted to say – nice play on words nomdeplume. To-knight I will be getting on with the business of living instead of the business of being lied to.

  4. Hi Wendy M – I concur on all accounts. When I was on staff (and I am sure this has not changed), NONE of the actual expenses to put the event on were allowed to come from the proceeds or funds raised. Not the venue hire (if not at the org), food, décor, costume hire – nothing. There was even a fundraiser in an aeroplane hangar once where all the “big wigs” arrived in an aeroplane. All of this was paid for out of the Org’s GI. And if we didn’t have the GI to cover it (which we never did), then we had to “under the table” fundraise to get these expenses covered. I more than once put my own hand in my pocket to pay for food and/or dessert or supply décor etc. I also happen to know that Belinda who used to do the most beautiful décor and set-ups did so at virtual cost – she made very little to NO mark-up.

    So there we would sit, having raised over a Million or so, and the org got NOT ONE RED CENT from this – not even commission. The staff would be paid a measly R200 pay that week, but they would be running their asses off setting up an event and cleaning up afterwards – and this is DAY staff, working on a Saturday from about midday to after midnight. I feel sorry for the poor suckers that are still doing this. I used to think to myself :”Gee I must have been a real mean mother-fucker somewhere down the track to have pulled this in this kak”. And these are the same staff “saving the planet”.

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