ToKnight’s the Knight – and its free now!

As a quick update on the Knights of the round table fundraiser.

Yesterday we posted an article about a fundraiser for Joburg North org, pointing out that attendees were expected to pay R150 entrance fee.

Today another promo about the same event has been sent out. It was sent at 11:42am today – that’s 7 hours before the start of the event.

This time, the promo states that entrance is “Free of charge”.

Anyone heard of  “too little too late”?.

This could only have happened for two reasons:

  • Our article yesterday resulted in the org recanting (we really wish this WERE the reason).
  • But the more likely scenario is that when public were told they had to pay R150 entrance fee, they objected and said they would not attend (South Africans are used to free food at ALL events). It’s highly likely that the dismal confirms and public balking at having to pay for the privilege of being parted from even more money resulted in a last minute decision to cancel the entrance fee.

To charge or not to charge – that is the question!

See adjusted promo below:

Knights of round table2



26 thoughts on “ToKnight’s the Knight – and its free now!

    • And as a reminder, as much to myself when I got caught up in the whole spin of it.

      “If the org slumps… don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology. It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.” “For orgs as for pcs, ‘Solve It With Scientology’. “Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in more Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.” – LRH
      HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II, Org Programming, (OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)

      • Lron’s ‘solution’ to bad sales was to promote more and push the basic services that got the customer in the door. That is no longer the business plan of $cientology. Everything is IAS and straight donations. NO services, no overhead, though the 10% paid to the regs does cut down on the take. But then they can reg the regs and get it all back. It’s always about the money.

  1. No thanks. I would rather do the dishes or go for a root canal treatment. I have long seen the pattern here. The blogs expose some out point and publicise it.
    Very soon the church has adjusted their actions so as to seem to not be doing that. You will see their promo or emails change…

  2. We mock the org, but the reality is this blog provides a very valuable function to scn which you ought to charge them for. I once had a very good friend, sadly no longer with us, who used to say his role was to hold up a mirror to my face so I could see myself through another’s eyes. Once I’d got over the upset, I found it incredible illuminating. That’s what this blog does to the RCS. Of course, they have to be willing to look.

    • maven – one of the ways you drive an SP totally psychotic and utterly cave them in is to say “look inside your head”. I once saw this being done and you cannot believe the result. Unfortunately, the RCS has become an SP organisation and cannot afford the luxury of looking at itself, because to do so would mean they would have to acknowledge they have become a psychotic group and are useless at causing any pro-survival action. .

      That’s one of the reasons I believe these blogs exist and why they deserve our support. WE are the mirror getting the RCS to LOOK (and I mean REALLY look) – to confront who they are and what they are actually doing. And if it means just ONE person a week or month who wakes up and decides “enough” and walks away, then it’s worth it.

      So you saying we are their mirror is so correct – and more powerful than you know.

      • I hope the moderator will allow my off topic comment..

        Shelley, desperately waiting for the next installment of your story..

      • Mocking Jay – sorry for keeping you waiting. Our story has been a bit on the back-burner because of my mom’s death and the resultant fall-out this has resulted in. I will be doing a separate article on this soon – watch this space. And then hopefully I will have the time to get back to the story again. 🙂

      • Shelley, “one of the ways you drive an SP totally psychotic and utterly cave them in is to say “look inside your head”. I once saw this being done and you cannot believe the result.”
        I was wondering if you could tell us this story?

      • Meja Deja – Its a long story, and a bit off topic. If you send your email address to the blog administrators they can send it to me and I will send you the data. 🙂

  3. Shelley. So what you are saying, in the last article, is that the org sells auditing and training, hopefully, takes this money to pay the overheads of the fundraiser, so that the funds raised can buy a building, which LRH says they should not buy, through the fundraiser that he also says they should not partake in?

    Therefore, by now saying the dinner fundraiser is free, they are saying they are going to take more money from auditing and training income than they planned to before?

    Interesting. There is enough in these paragraphs to make anyone ‘looking in’ to pause and think very carefully about management’s current direction.

    You see, if admin is out, as above, tech is out, and per LRH, ethics are out too.

    • Vesturblanc – correct. The Org’s GI for that week has to cover the overhead or costs of any and all events. The funds raised at fundraisers are not allowed to be used to cover the costs of the event. I was often personally involved in “confidential” regging of public we could trust for money needed money to pay for events.

      I cannot tell you how often we would sit in Ad Council and try figure out how the hell we were going to pay staff, cover the phones, rent, electricity and other costs AS WELL AS lay out R30,000 or more for an event. It was always a bun-fight of note, and often resulted in Bob Petrie (ED Joburg FDN who has his own company and is quite well-off) dipping into his own pocket to pay for their share of the expenses. He even put costs on his credit card at times. Even I used to club in money to pay for expenses of events. At one event, they wanted people dressed up in medieval costumes to welcome guests and I had to pay over R1,500 for the costume hire. At another event, I bought the dessert or supplied the material and décor costs/flowers etc. Many other SCN’s also contributed.

      Because of this, the org then had no money to run itself for the next week, and this resulted in all sorts of unusual solutions like having to submit a CSW and a “rush” PO to the FBO for up-front funds to pay for expenses and/or call-in or paper, etc. Per policy, the penalty for a rush PO is 25% added and taken off the top of the next FP which just made the next week even worse. And on and on and on………. the never ending story.

      • I’ve come to realise one can never really appreciate the horror of what is going on in RCS unless one has been on staff. However, Shelley, reading your above post I just had an analogy rush in on me – a cognition if you like.
        I once went to several rural Limpopo schools to visit some corporate social investment project. Coincidentally, there happened to be an inter-school debate for some of these low-income schools at the University of Venda, which I also attended. One girl after another got up and said her biggest problem in life was getting raped, or at least the very real threat of it. Sincerely, I thought this was some gag. I kept looking around to catch people laughing. The boys spoke of having to sneak to school and back to avoid other schoolboys wanting to rob them so they could buy drugs after school and visit the shebeen. There was not one mention of maths, geography or languages. Education was scarcely mentioned AT ALL. I thought WTF is this?? When a corporate paid for a computer lab for the school, the local community stole them all (probably to buy their drugs and booze).
        The cogition? I thought the above story was a view into hell and if only we in scn could get in there with our solutions we could do something for real about it. That’s the cog I had at the time, but sadly, that’s not my cognition in PT. My cognition is that scn (the RCS version) is every bit as insane, if not more so – because we at least know its insane. Almost every one of the above ‘risks’ has some analogy in RCS, down to rape (albeit, not the physical kind), the absolute absence of focus on education in the form of training and processing. Sorry to spell it all out, I dare say you all immediately got the analogy.

      • This is crazy management – I had always thought the cost of the fundraiser came off the top of the funds raised. But this style of financial mis-management is a sure way to bankrupt public, staff and orgs. Its no wonder the crush reg went on. Necessity levels were insane. It also sounds as if Joburg Fdn would have collapsed by now if it were not for Bob Petrie. I feel so sad for him – I didn’t know him well, but whenever I did encounter him I always felt he was genuine. It sounds like his good nature is being abused. I remember a fundraiser at Kyalami on the Track with costumes, a vintage car, and some sort of pulley system from the stage ceiling to lower people down onto the stage. What a waste for an org to have to pay for that plus the venue.

      • Maven – its my observation of similar social ills (compared to what you saw in Limpopo schools) that made me think and hope that scientology had a solution. The church keeps saying it has solutions, but they are never implemented. Hah! What I discovered was that scientology does nothing except push your help button for their own agenda. The church has done little to nothing about society locally. If anything has been done, it is an individual here and there who helps on their own time and dime. The church, however harms in the name of help – an SP characteristic. Why are we ORDERED to get buildings with ornate signs, furniture and fittings when teenagers are in fear of rape and assault, and more basic and pressing needs should be addressed? Why bankrupt and ARC break the field that they do have? Why break down the staff and SO they do have, turning them into robotic “yes men”? The prison of the mind is the most insidious because one becomes one’s own jailer. I agree with you 100%. The church is not going to do anything – its management is killing itself with a one size fits all (A=A) off-beat “solution”. I would be happy if they could prove me wrong – but sadly that ain’t gonna happen.

      • WENDY: “Why are we ORDERED to get buildings with ornate signs, furniture and fittings when teenagers are in fear of rape and assault, and more basic and pressing needs should be addressed?”

        This is excellent observation of a huge outpoint.


  4. There is no Problem between the pro Miscavige or the contra Miscavige that cannot be resolved by reason, communication and love.

      • 😀 It would be really fun if all or most of the Declared people close enough all showed up together to one of these shindigs, with flyer in hand, cameras rolling, and see what they do. It says “ALL welcome”, so if they do not let us in, we could have the Advertising Standards Authority cite them for misleading advertising…..mwuahahahaha!

        Seriously though, you could chase me round the block at the mere idea of attending one of these events, I would not be able to survive it, the nausea would be too much. But for a flashmob type prank, I could be persuaded to reconsider…… 🙂

      • Phoenix – love your sense of humour. Just picturing their faces when we all show up is enough to make me grin with evil glee. And of course with a camera rolling, I wonder if they would actually have the balls to get physical with us? Ah, well – one can dream I guess. 🙂

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