Criminon, IAS and fallen heroes

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On Tuesday (19th Aug) Mike Rinder published an excellent article on his blog about Greg Capazorio and the issue of IAS Freedom medal winners. For those who don’t know Greg, he is a born & bred South African “boytjie” (his own term for himself). He reached fame through his Criminon activities in South Africa and as a result is now holding the post of ED Criminon Int.

We have some data on the story of Greg and his rise to fame  as well as a few other tidbits about Criminon South Africa that are probably not widely known. We felt it opportune to give our readers this data as a follow-up and extension to Mike’s article which can be seen here

Greg Capazorio first appeared on the SCN scene during the 80’s – he and Freddy Pendl had quite the reputation for being the “suave” boys on the block when the two of them arrived at Joburg org to help out with running Anatomy of the Human Mind lectures.   They were also partners in a carpet cleaning business which later was taken over solely by Freddy after the two had a falling out.

Enter Criminon South Africa which was established in the early 90’s, with Greg at the helm as President and Helena Wilson (now LaRocco) as the HAS. At a later point other volunteers came on board such as Ian Campbell, Allison Farah, Kevin and Aline Jones and a couple of others.

Initially Criminon did extremely well running the WTH Criminon program on a correspondence-course basis in about 56 prisons around South Africa. There were a number of public Scientologists who were volunteer supervisors responsible for marking assignments. Things were ticking along quite nicely.

At some point it was decided (we don’t know by whom) that instead of running correspondence courses, it would be better to run on-site programs in local prisons.  The plan was that an initial intake of inmates would be put through the program and they in turn would become supervisors and get the rest of the prison inmates through the program. This could be done locally only, of course.

From a PR point of view, this proved to be a success with awesome photo-opportunity graduations and pompous ceremonies of inmates proudly holding their certificates. But due to lack of manpower only 3 prisons could be worked on at the same time and this resulted in reaching a fraction of the inmates in comparison to the previously successful correspondence system.

Of course the Church’s propensity for any PR opportunity was not missed, and this is what ultimately led to Greg receiving his IAS Medal in the early 2000’s. Had it not been for the strong delivery and back-up team behind Greg, he would never have achieved what Criminon South Africa did, but he was the one singled out to receive the award. Hence the picture on Mike’s blog where one can see Greg, Helena, Ian and Kevin Jones among the brightly orange-garbed inmates.

Greg was then seconded to Criminon Int, and Helena took over the helm for a while before she also left South Africa after having landed herself an American husband.  This now left Kevin Jones in charge of Criminon SA.

At some point in the mid 2000’s, Greg sent Kevin and his wife Aline on mission to Rwanda to get the Criminon program into 9 prisons in that country. This activity was sponsored by an IAS grant.

Kevin and Aline seemingly did extremely well with the Rwanda Criminon program, but not so well at managing the IAS funds (which was only found out much later).

Having successfully gotten Criminon into Rwanda, Kevin was next in line for an IAS medal which he was duly awarded. At some point afterwards however, it was discovered that Kevin and Aline had misappropriated IAS funds and used them for things other than  intended/granted (personal inurement)..  As a result,  Kevin and Aline fell very much out of favour with the IAS and Criminon. Due to the PR flap, this was kept very hush-hush, but this kind of data spreads like wildfire when one is on staff and many people were aware of what had happened.

It is not known whether Greg had any handling as a result of his junior’s activities but one would assume he knew what was going on and we would hope he took his fair share of responsibility for the cycle. Seeing him now being lauded as a celebrity, one wonders if Kevin and Aline were the only ones who took the fall.

In 2011, when Kevin and Aline arrived in Joburg, they were literally penniless and in a very poor state. It was obvious that Kevin, once a lauded IAS medal winner and hero, had fallen from grace.  In desperation, Kevin had apparently taken his medal to a pawn-broker and it was then that he found out it wasn’t gold and thus worthless (this data came straight from the DSA JBG Shaleen). Kevin has never worn his medal again.

Kevin and Aline then joined staff in 2011.  Aline joined JBG Day as the Deputy PES in charge of the Braamfontein Test Centre, but then later took over as PES JBG Day when her senior (Shelley Ashurst) went on a lengthy medical LOA and never returned to post owing to a chronic debilitating diagnosis.

Aline was bitterly unhappy on staff and had more than her fair share of run-ins with Sandra de Beer. She confided to a couple of people that she couldn’t wait for her contract to end as she would NEVER join staff again. Kevin, who had  joined JBG FDN was trying to earn a living during the day to keep him and Aline going, but things were rough for both of them.

Aline has now left staff and is apparently working for Mark Berman. No data on Kevin who on last report was trying to find himself a replacement on FDN staff as his contract has also expired.

And so too, like many others before them, our once erstwhile heroes have fallen from grace while Greg Capazorio maintains his position as President of Criminon Int and as Mike so succinctly put it, is now shilling for the IAS.



43 thoughts on “Criminon, IAS and fallen heroes

  1. Increasingly, as I read these stories, my skin crawls. For years, I felt so smug and self-righteous that I had found the solution to life in scn. And even today I feel I have tech under my belt to help me get through whatever life may throw my way (and even sometimes still view life as a game). But when I read what happens on the other side of the Academy door, or the auditing door, I feel a sense of complete unreality. What was I really doing all those years? Kevin and Aline aren’t bad people, Greg certainly isn’t – even Freddy was a gas. How did we all come into this condition?

    • maven. I too have wondered why normally “good” people get themselves into this state/condition. IMO it’s actually the system that is to blame – and the more entrenched you are, to that degree the more “creative” (read criminal) one has to become to survive. If you’re a volunteer VM or other 3rd Dynamic activity helper, it’s not so bad, but boy, just join staff or the SO and you’ve had it. One starts off with a Gung-Ho attitude of “saving the world” and ends up trying to “save oneself” from being taken out and/or stepped on like a cockroach. The system is rigged up in such a way that if you don’t lie, steal and cheat, all manner of shit will rain down on you from up high. So people will do ANYTHING just to stay out of trouble and prevent having their face ripped on a daily/weekly basis. The constant unrelenting pressure to “keep doing more” and “keep making more money” with little to no resources brings about an environment of dog-eat-dog and each man for himself – all in an attempt just to survive. When you pay staff a pittance and treat them like criminal DB’s, that is exactly what you will get. Unfortunately, this is all covered up with smoke and mirrors, and the general public normally don’t get to see the real ugliness behind the curtain. The other way to survive staff is to become a subservient and apathetic “ghost” in the hopes that Management will stop noticing you. Heaven forbid you speak up and/or question the blatant departures and violation of tech – your head will most certainly be on the chopping block if you “go against” the system.

      I don’t know Kevin that well, but I was told about their situation when I was on staff. I worked with Aline, and I really liked her – she was hardworking, kind and compassionate. I also saw her being reduced to a quivering heap by Sandra and knew the strain she was under. As the article states, she took over my post after I left the org and my one regret is that I knew what she was in for. I did apologise to her for “abandoning” her on the post of PES last year at the Rhodes Park Spring Fair. She was very gracious about it, gave me a big hug and I bought a beautiful cushion hand-made by her. That was in September. 2 months later I was a low-life SP and I am sure that if she walked past me in the street today she would either ignore me, sneer or spit on the pavement – the system demands she does so. She is actually an extremely pretty, talented lady and very artistic. I hope she wakes up soon.

      As for Freddy, I am sorry, I have no sympathy in that quarter – we all know how and why he landed up in the condition he did, and there certainly was no Church pressure on him to behave as he did (unless there was some gross out-tech on his OT levels). His nefarious 2d activities were downright despicable and yes, I am calling a spade a spade. I have no respect whatsoever for the shame and heartbreak he brought down on his family and the risk he placed Liz in. He might have been larger than life and screamingly funny with his cavalier jokes and attitude to life but he could also be a total con-artist. He would raise money for WTH campaigns and use the money for himself to live on, and he was always on the bum for loans, transport and help from people. He ripped off a number of people including Andrew and I and he actually owed us quite a bit of money which was never paid back. In his defence however, I will say that he was extremely passionate about the WTH campaign and did some really good works in that area. I think that’s why people were willing to turn a blind eye to his out-ethics shenanigans.

      • Interesting what you say about Freddy. I once loaned him a car for “a week”. After very heavy pressure I got it back eight weeks later. That wasn’t even the issue. Driving around town, it was incredible how many times I saw my own car parked in extremely suspect places and dangerously parked to boot. Once he left his kids with me, and later came to pick them up. He arrived at the door and literally immediately said he “had to do something”. He disappeared for another two hours while his kids waited. How long can a shag take?

      • maven,

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about bringing light to areas where it should be, such as financial outpoints, knowingly deceiving people, etc. But making comments like “how long could a shag take” is a low blow. Does taking shots at a dead person’s past sex life really contribute something of value to this blog’s Mission?

    • TreasonousFu*k – “How long can a shag take?”, maven.
      Freddy put his wife and children’s lives in danger.

      Dead or alive, I don’t have respect or regard for him.

      • Gretel – I didn’t say you should have respect or regard for him. I said there’s nothing classy about putting a dead man’s dirty laundry out to dry when he isn’t around to defend himself. His past sex life has nothing to do with the church’s corruption.

      • TreasonousF*ck, I don’t agree with you. We’re putting everyone else’s dirty laundry on these blogs.
        The church condoned his dirty sex life; just as it condoned the criminals. Freddy was lauded in the same way the criminals were/are.
        The church is getting blamed for public and staff going criminal, why not for Freddy, too?

      • Gretel – Understood. If you truly feel that way and if you or any of your family members were ever in the church, how about posting all of your innermost ruins (and what you did or failed to do as a result of those ruins) on this blog and sharing that data with all of us then? Make sure that those secrets would likely cause humiliation to be felt by people like your parents, ex-spouses, children, and friends (some or all of whom may still be in the church but will probably be less likely to leave as a result of you posting this data).

        If Freddy’s dirty laundry is relevant to the Mission of this blog and/or exposing the corruption in the church, doesn’t that likely mean that yours is too?

  2. A couple of weeks after the Criminon offices at the Pretoria courts burned down 3 years ago I ran into one of the Criminon staff.

    I was just getting started with a new business with a friend and this guy and one of the girls that also working at Criminon started to work in the sales side. Great people, hard workers, honest and just general good beings – I suppose that was why they joined Criminon at near zero pay in the first place, Criminon then started pushing him in starting Criminon again in Pretoria, no funds from Int he have to find donations for funding. For the first time these guys made some real money, felt how things should be when in comes to fair exchange.

    Then………. the local org found out that he is actually getting real money! They go as far as phoning the office to speak to him and when we say he is at a client they ask for the client’s phone number so they can fund raise him there. One of the SO guys even phoned me to try and find out what his salary was. WTF!

    Me and my partner later got into disagreement regarding business and I started a now very successful new business. I tried reaching to them some time back but either they had to disconnect from the SP, namely me, or they do not want to get involved between me and the old partner (that went into a heavy blame and black PR campaign against me and my family) they work for now. Either way I think they are still better of than being Criminon staff.

    Anyway, thought it was interesting to see how the Pretoria Criminon staff was dropped like hot potatoes when the offices were burned down, then later were “summoned” to rebuild it themselves with no funds from Criminon Int and later how the org discovered that they received some money and now want there unfair share of it.

  3. Hahaha!!!! I don’t know which is funnier:

    1) That Kevin’s IAS medal isn’t made of solid gold…


    2) That Kevin thought his IAS medal was made of solid gold in the first place.

    Regardless – the joke IS solid gold. 🙂

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  5. Even though I am 100% opposed to the IAS, had a ton of disagreement with it even when I was still in, and disagree with Greg’s contribution to it (as well as the SO), I still have a lot of affinity for Greg. I always enjoyed comm cycles with him, he almost always helped me in a timely fashion when I needed it and believe it or not I can’t remember him ever regging me. The reality is that once a person has invested so much into something (and many of us did too), we tend to look for why we were right about that. Continuing to invest in it then keeps making us right. Greg also gets a lot of status from his position and past honors, he may feel that if he left he would have nothing.

    Underneath any sociopath in power, are a lot of Social Personalities keeping things going. People tend to go into agreement with their environment, it’s rare when a person rises above it, especially when they are right in the middle of it. In other words a person is much more likely to shift their VP once they’re separated from that environment for a period of time, Greg likely hasn’t had that opportunity in a LONG time.

    • I don’t agree that one just goes criminal in certain environments. I also don’t agree that it’s rare for people to rise above it. Not people per se.
      I’m not willing to do exactly what the church does or Scn and make excuses for the criminals We’ve probably got more criminals per capita in Scn and the church than in the non-Scientology world. And it’s because the situations are not dealt with as they should be. They get away with it scott free while these excuses are bandied about.
      I’ll name some of the criminals: Kevin and Aline Jones. Peter Cook, Warren Brackmann and Ciaran Ryan. And yet these people are lauded over by staff, SO and public. They stole the money hard-earned by hard working decent people. They will not be made to pay it back.
      I feel feathers for them, have no sympathy whatsoever. They all knew what they were doing when they were doing it.
      They all know that no one can lay a charge against them. They are protected.

      • I know of a lady who is the sole provider of her family. She sold her house, gave the money to Ciaran Ryan and Warren Brackmann who embezzled it. .
        She had no reason to suspect Ciaran Ryan, NEW OT VIII or Warren Brackmann, Champion of Sandton Police Station in his pose to handle criminality in the police! They appeared to be pillars of the community.
        At a Charter Committee, she was asked to not push for full settlement! She was asked to waive her due and accept a pittance. Her appeal to lay a charge and take the matter to court, if necessary, was refused.

      • Thanks for your comment discoqueen. It’s been my observation that otherwise good people do some pretty F’d up things while working in that organization. I believe that these same people could still be non-criminal assets in other environments. If you were dead broke, had no food and your children were starving, and then you noticed some food you could steal and totally get away with it, you don’t think the thought would cross your mind? You don’t think there’s any chance you’d steal this food?

        I’m not saying they shouldn’t be held accountable, I’m saying that just because they are behaving a certain way in that criminal-think environment doesn’t mean their operating basis wouldn’t be different in a different environment. People tend to go into agreement with their environments and with the group, why do you think the church will have 3 staff members during a reg cycle and you’re by yourself? Because they know the 3 staff members’ realities will likely absord the weaker individual reality. This is not the result in all cases, but it is in most of them. Why do you think the church has a culture where it’s “cool” to give everything you have to them, and not doing so is “uncool.” The stronger frame absorbs the weaker frame, group think overrides individual think (in most cases).

      • Oluckyme – I too know a lady who was in a similar situation to the one you described and got ripped off. It’s not only a complete lack of responsibility…it’s unconscionable.

        It’s a fact of life that people commit overts. IMO the most important question is, do they respond with a self-determined effort to make up the damage for the harm that they’ve caused?

      • I cannot agree with TreasonousF*ck. I have been broke, have had hungry children, have been in a corner financially. I didn’t stoop to stealing or committing acts of criminality. I believe there are many on this blog who would not have, no matter the circumstances.
        To excuse such behaviour or blame the church is not only short sighted, it’s ludicrous. How do you know these people were good people before they arrived in Scientology, anyway?
        We have choices. The Crims had/have choices. They made theirs, quickly went into agreement with other criminals. That’s all there is to it.

      • Discoqueen – Thank you for expressing your opinion about this.

        Are you saying that you would starve to death before you would try to steal a loaf of bread?

        I have read numerous “coming out stories” by ex-SO and ex-staff. The great majority of them say things like “I did things while I was in that I’m not proud of, things that I very much regret. I would like to offer a sincere apology to anyone who I may have harmed along the way and please know that I’ll make up whatever damage I caused where possible.”

        There are many examples of individuals who went into agreement while in but later realized things got out of control and that they were doing things which were very contrary to their own ideals. When I myself reflect on my own experiences it is sometimes shocking to realize that it all seemed so normal at times and how I would justify the church’s behavior with rationalizations like “Well they’re saving the World, they need this money because the more money they have the more power and influence they will have…and the church needs all the power and influence they can get if we’re ever going to Clear this Planet and reverse the dwindling spiral.”

        In that environment otherwise good and loving people disconnect with people they love. They probably think they’re making the ultimate sacrifice for the ultimate cause. Hell they might even believe they are doing the person a favor by disconnecting (otherwise they’ll never straighten out…after all that’s what the policy says). I guarantee you that if these people ever leave and get back in comm with those loved ones they’ve disconnected from, there will be a lot of tears and a lot of sincere, heartfelt apologies.

  6. “IMO it’s actually the system that is to blame – and the more entrenched you are, to that degree the more “creative” (read criminal) one has to become to survive.”

    So the Church of Scientology itself is making people into criminals? Wow… just wow. And nobody thinks the founder of this church had anything at all to do with the current practices of the church?

    That really does not make sense.

    • Deeana – when I refer to “criminal” I was (in the main) referring to those actions listed as “crimes” and “high crimes” within the Church Justice codes. To sit and list them all would take tomes, but they are extensive AND include criminal acts for which one can be prosecuted by law.

      If you read further down in my comment, you will see I point out the blatant departure from and violation of LRH tech which results in the “criminal” behaviour in the first place. Falsifying stats and reports is an instant Treason condition (as it should be in ANY company and which one would be instantaneously fired for), but the pressure put on staff by CURRENT Church Management results in “creative” stat reporting by staff who don’t want to get into trouble. And I have even seen Senior Int CMO staff falsifying reports and stats – in fact I was personally instructed to do it by an Int CMO Missionaire in 2011 who also completely unmocked Div6 and was guilty of musical chairs – both of which are serious “crimes” in the Church. But who the hell was little old me to go against an Int CMO Mission? I tried, and got thoroughly crapped out and had my report ripped up in front of my junior staff.

      Another example of “criminal behaviour” is that of fundraising. LRH is very definite about not indulging in fundraising and states that financial problems should be solved with more Scientology. And yet what is the main activity of the Church today? Almost nothing BUT fundraising and very little delivery of Scientology – exactly opposite to what LRH said.

    • Deeana, blame the church and the crims are blameless. Sorry, I don’t buy. I was on staff. When I saw what I did, I left. I didn’t become the same. Yeeow!
      I believe this is theatie wheatie!
      I believe the Founder had everything to do with the practices of the church. But it’s still no excuse to stay and partake.

  7. Good comments and article.
    Shelley, more crimes are asking public to buy buildings for low-demand orgs when it is a serious violation of policy to do so. So is altering tech, and turning the entire church operations into fundraising operations. Non stop. So is managing international Scientology in a way that creates long term disgusting PR so that new people stop coming in, and stopping the training of auditors and pricing the student hat at 10,000 SA Rand or 2500 dollars.
    Management has completely and totally lost the plot. Their incompetence is truly something to behold.
    If management was great and wise and benign, there are many good staff and public who would play along. Unfortunately,those days are over. A new era will have to start for it to have any chance of surviving as an organization. Probably too late already.
    Greg will blow which way management blows. If the direction is good, he will play a good game. If the direction is what it is now, he will blow the wrong way too. Leadership makes ALL the difference.

      • True dat. Point is I thought, that if management was wise and enlightened, a guy like him would play to that managements tune, ego and all.
        I friend of a friend works day and night as a CS a and another as an auditor, completely in the belief that they are really and truly helping. Under current management they are tainted if not myopic. Under a smart and forward-thinking management, they would be great guys to have in the trenches.
        Management is bankrupt in the current scene. Leadership is as poor as it has ever been, in any corporate anywhere. Brilliant leadership could, maybe just, turn it around. Even a touch.
        The current leadership is running the show, setting the pace, causing the effects it does. And all of this, the entire show, has a destructive output. Given a theoretical genuinely insightful management……..who knows.

  8. This is just a great blog.

    I’ve started to come here every day and read what you guys are discussing and I feel a kinship with you that is so common to other Scientologists who got involved in Scientology, just like I did.

    This particular comment by Maven is so honest and so open and exactly how I operate…

    “Increasingly, as I read these stories, my skin crawls. For years, I felt so smug and self-righteous that I had found the solution to life in scn. And even today I feel I have tech under my belt to help me get through whatever life may throw my way (and even sometimes still view life as a game). But when I read what happens on the other side of the Academy door, or the auditing door, I feel a sense of complete unreality. What was I really doing all those years? Kevin and Aline aren’t bad people, Greg certainly isn’t – even Freddy was a gas. How did we all come into this condition?

    … that I feel so good coming here.

    And I am just some guy from the cornfields of Illinois, far far away from Chicago,

    Thank you for your blog. You guys are so intellectually honest and so refreshing. It reminds me of why I got involved in Scientology in the first place.

    So I have a book recommendation. I’m not what LRH would describe as a “Brain Theory Boy”, or a “Dialectic Materialist”. But I do not discount science to the degree I did when I was an arrogant Scientologist, and I welcome all comers when they challenge my present worldview.

    This book certainly did.

    I have to say, I came out the other side of it better, more informed, and even more positive that I was RIGHT (:>)

    Anyway, here’s my book recommended for whoever might be interested:

    I’d love to see what you guys make of it.


  9. How on earth did Aline and Kevin Jones qual for staff? They’re criminals. Did they pay the money back? Oh, I forgot, that doesn’t matter in Scn/the church.
    I believe the amount they stole was tens of thousands of $ (dollars)!
    They don’t have the earning power to pay back such an amount. But the truth of the matter is – they won’t even try. Would you trust people like this to work in your company?
    Remember, it was people’s money that they stole. They walk away with ne’er a care in the world. They got away with it – that’s all the counts to them.
    Life, of course, will get them – karma. Yet, the criminal mind doesn’t take responsibility, so perhaps not, hey?

  10. Lent Greg a very rare book some years ago asked that he please return, still waiting! Mmmmm anyone have his contacts as I would like my property back after being promised profusely that it would be returned.

  11. Does anyone have any specifics on what amount of money the IAS disbursed for the purpose of establishing Criminon in Rwanda, and what was the scale of the alleged “inurement”? What I am asking is, did they steal money or did they use if for hotel bills and flights and the like? And how much money are we talking about here? Is Criminon still operating in Rwanda? (and why Rwanda?)

  12. “on last report was trying to find himself a replacement on FDN staff as his contract has also expired.”

    Been away for a long time …on recruitment policies do you really have to find a replacement when you have served your time?

    i.e. not what staff say you have to do… but what policy says

    • There is no policy that says one has to replace oneself when you’ve served your time. It is an arbitary.
      It may be run on leavers to put guilt there or to keep them there longer.
      Like any job, the onus is on the entity to find new staff and/or to replace those leaving.

  13. My information from a Criminon staffer was that the major crime was that the stats were inflated. And that drove rewards – salaries.
    No different to the stats bullshit coming then from the TWTH station/mission in Rwanda. When I looked at the well-done auditing hours reported (I was busy sending the report upline to Int for the CO here in JHB), I said that that was strange – with that amount of theta release, there should not be a war in Rwanda. That was my last interaction with then then-CO – I was ushered out of that office. And the non-sense was confirmed by the famous Brockmann Africa safari years later, and kept quiet.
    And given the amount of TWTH books distributed in Zimbabwe, and the Study material (which gave Mary some-thing-or another a Freedom Medal), one would think that that war-zone would be calm and rationale. But it isn’t.
    It is strange that two major war/disturbed zones in Africa – Rwanda and Zimbabwe, had alleged major injections of the Tech. The same in Isreal/Palestine. Georgia. Is the Tech kicking up dust? This could be a research project . . .
    Throughout my close involvement with ABLE and then Criminon at that time, I was travelling into Africa often – Kinshasa, Luanda, Lubumbashi, Accra, Lagos. And I would invite the relevant CO to travel with me (at my cost) to see first hand what the situations were on the ground in those places. They didn’t have a clue! My prime challenge was to come to Kinshasa on the 11 am flight, and we go into town to the Grand Hotel, lunch, and fly out that afternoon. And if the CO (or whatever) could walk up to the plane on her own two feet, she passed the most stringent TR course ever! No takers. (One would run through a gauntlet of the largest refugee camp in the world (those days) between the airport and town – have armed men firing at you just for fun, go through six or seven police and army roadblocks. My driver, John, would win any cross-country motor race, dodging potholes and bodies lying in the streets at breakneck speed. Lunch would be Coke and an stale sandwich, and then you’d go through five searches at the airport including body searches by very aggressive police.)
    But these SO seniors would talk in JHB as if Africa was the same as Los Angeles, or London, or Berlin. And they would expect the same stats from initiatives set up in the continent. And compare those with the mentioned first world centres – adding pressure to perform equally. What Kevin did to even go there, was brave and courageous. But with no/little support from JHB, one eventually does what is needed to survive. I do believe that Kevin made a difference in Rwanda, but the system was not sustainable.

    • Good data Frik. Thanks! I would not dare venture through those places you mention, nowadays. The chances of getting kidnapped are also not small I guess.

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