The global problem of Ideal Orgs


The future ideal org of Northumbria

We have reported fairly extensively at this blog on the situation with African Ideal Orgs – both those that are “done” and those waiting to be done. There is so much about this entire program that doesn’t make sense and among these is the practice of buying really expensive buildings and then doing nothing with them for years while the renovation money is raised.

If, however, the money was put in a high earning interest account and left for 7 years it would probably earn enough to buy a building and pay for the renovations. But it’s always urgent and right now.

And to be clear this is not a South African oddity where we have somehow warped the highly workable international programme. This situation goes on all over the world. Here is one example: The future ideal org of Northumbria in the UK. Purchased 7 years ago for 1.5 Million Pounds it is today a ramshackle and rundown haven for squatters and drug dealers.

Had the Church instead invested that money in a fixed interest-bearing account, they would have over 2 Million Pounds by now. (That’s very close to the entire cost of buying and renovating Pretoria org).

Instead, not only did the Church waste money by purchasing the property when they didn’t have the money in hand to immediately renovate and open it, now it’s going to cost even more to fix thanks to the damage and deterioration it has suffered while standing empty for the last 7 years. But who cares – it’s not like the Church will be coughing up the money for the unnecessary extra expenditure – it’s all going to come out of parishioners pockets. As it always does.

This sounds awfully similar to what has happened in Bulawayo.

This was the subject of a recent article by the BBC. Yet another black-PR point against the Church brought about solely by their own property mismanagement. When (and if) they do finally open this org, they are going to have to do a lot of damage control among the locals who have already voiced a dim viewpoint of the Church.

You can read the full article here.

Scientology Gateshead building still empty after seven years


19 thoughts on “The global problem of Ideal Orgs

  1. Just another sign of the decline of the Co$….

    In LRH’s policy on EXCHANGE he clearly described this out-exchange condition that the Co$ suffers from today. EXCHANGE is not the only policy ignored by the Church, but it is one you can clearly see around the world.

  2. Here is an excerpt from Associate Newssletter #4.
    Viability depends, in the main, upon exchange, where economics are concerned…..
    Even making money can get wrong way to, for if one seeks to collect money without producing something to exchange for it, he will also get into trouble……
    As this was written in 1953 by LRH I guess management feel it can be ignored and the harm to LRH’s Scientology continues.

    • 1953? That sounds like it was part of an explanation regarding benefactor Don Purcell, who broke with LRH after he became aware of LRH’s “creative” accounting methods.

  3. Actually, the reason these acquisitions don’t make sense is because it is assumed that they are being made to expand the reach of Scientology in to the society. This is an illogic. One is comparing apples to grapes. It makes perfect sense when it is evaluated against the actual intention of these acquisitions, which is to derail the practice of Scientology. This is also consistent with the various and many other aberrations we see in the church today. The solution, of course, is simply to ignore it and to get on with the practice of standard Scientology.

    • Spot on, Mark.
      Add to it that the real estate so purchased does not sit in official CoS corporate entities, but private companies. And the latter’s shareholding and control is completely up for grabs.

  4. “At the last census there were 2,418 Scientologists in England and Wales… many fewer than the number of people claiming to be Jedi Knights”.

    The difference: George Lucas doesn’t charge money to people who call themselves Jedis.

  5. When something does not make sense. When the words don’t match the actions. When the actions defies logic. Then one can safely assume there is one or more lies in play.

    It saddens me to see how Scientology has shrunk to a shadow of what it was in the late seventies and eighties. It saddens me to see how those still inside refuse to confront the reality, and believe the PR lines and the propaganda.

    It appears to me that DM has managed to damage the Church of Scientology more than all the external enemies over all the time the Church has been around. This in turn would make one believe that he is in fact working for those that like to see Scientology destroyed. Actions speak louder than words.

    The ideal org program, may just be one means to and end – make scientologists stay off the bridge and spend money on things that will not forward the movement. Such as over the top luxurious buildings that will bankrupt the orgs rather than build them.

    This all makes me wonder if mankind will ever rise to a higher level, or shed the shackles of economic and political control. If a group of people who know about PTS/SP tech, who are spiritually aware and appear to be a bit brighter than the average man in the street, cannot spot and SP destroying what they care about the most, but instead buys the PR and the justifications and listens instead of actually looking at what is happening in plain view, then what hope is there for Man at large?

    • If someone is still buying the PR and justifications and delusions and lies, ignoring what is happening right before their eyes, they are certainly NOT smarter than the average man or woman on the street.

      There are people out there becoming more spiritual more aware and more giving at the same time as others out there developing more hate, more self-serving lives and more violence.

  6. Follow the money line (I would venture to say) as I personally feel sure it will lead beyond ”THE LEADER”.
    In my opinion If we have goofed in any way, it has been that of not reaching the state of ”Theta Clear” fast enough.
    LRH said In The New Hubbard Professional TR course:-
    Responsibility is the non-recognition and denial of the right of intervention between oneself and any other being, idea, matter, energy, space, time or form, and the assumption of full right of determination over it.
    This window of communication we have is a good start

  7. Durban, Bulawayo, Gateshead, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Toronto…all locations with buildings bought and left deserted or with renovations that have the same completion timeline as La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It makes you wonder if the real purpose of this whole scam was to buy a building, then shame the local Scientologists into forking over more money.

    The sad part is that they’re following a Hubbard dictum: if it worked before, then do the same thing again. Super Power was such a magnificent money sink that the RCS believes it can repeat it, over and over again. No one (meaning DM) saw that there was a problem: finite numbers of Scientologists mean a finite amount of cash available, and the smaller the number of Scientologists, the smaller the pool of money. Of course, that’s basic logic, something that’s slipped the grasp of Kim Jong Miscavige from the moment he strong-armed his way in.

    Of course, when these buildings are sold (just like the “future Orlando Ideal Org” was; see Mike Rinder’s blog), DM will just blame it on the SPs and the Ebil Psychs, and then demand more money for the IAS War Chest. And there will be people who will buy that.

  8. My dear friends, some of you touched on DM’s true intention re Ideal Org program, some missed it.
    When a corporation has surplus cash, it either lends it or buys real estate. DM wanted to do the same – even without having surplus Cash. His real intention was to turn Scientology from a service organization to a real estate enterprise. From making Clears to making money. That’s the long and the short of it.
    The scheme is geniously simple:
    First, you don’t use your own money. You use other people’s money. You raise the cash from gullible adherents with super-push rough’n’tough fundraising tactics.
    Once you have their cash, you buy real estate and register it in YOUR name. Now it’s not theirs, it’s not CoS property, it’s YOURS.
    The poor local org which was duped to raise the money and move into posh, too-big acommdations which inflated upkeep costs it can’t afford, is still required by Landlord Int. to pay RENT! See the gall of it? (gall: brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence). So DM profits from all directions without having invested a penny. The question whether the Org makes auditors or not (it doesn’t), or whether the staff prosper or starve (they starve), is beside the point. The point is that Dear Leader is now a real estate tycoon. And if the local org folds, goes bankrupt, dear leader just sells the property and pockets the money in offshore accounts. It has happened.
    I truly envy this guy’s bent for making money, however bent it is.

  9. One would have to factor in the tax situation.
    In the USA, the IRS (Internal Revenue) have limits on the amount of loot a “non profit” can acquire, but – apparently – no limit on the amount of property it can acquire.
    In South Africa is Scn Inc. regarded as a “not for profit” organization?

    • In America, the buildings are thought to be for furthering the churchs’ growth, so you can buy Idle Morgue after Idle Morgue, and say that you’re buying them for expansion. The 990-Ts(tax forms each certain non-profit organizations must file yearly with the IRS) that were recently released have a valuation that is in the high hundred millions(nearly what we Yanks call a billion $.

      Jeffrey Augustine has been helping us find these gems, and he tells us this one is hot off the presses — it’s the 2012 return by the Church of Scientology International, the mother church as it were. This is again a 990-T form, which reflects “unrelated business income” that since 2006 even churches have been required to submit if they’re taking in money unrelated to their main purpose. We’re less interested in the relatively small amounts of revenue listed on these documents than we are a single figure that appears on the first page — the entity’s “book value.” This is an estimate based on CSI’s total assets, including real estate.

      And for 2012, it’s a seriously big number: $846,314,618,

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