Chris Shelton – explaining the inexplicable

Chris Shelton2

Chris Shelton

The latest video from Chris Shelton (former high ranking SO member) is a must-watch for everyone – whether in or out of the Church. If you have ever served on staff or in the SO, this is guaranteed to blow some major charge.

In the video he explains in terms that anyone can understand the complicated labyrinth of Church Management and hierarchy, and why and how this very system is doomed to failure.

He also explains how it came about that Miscavige managed to easily perform the perfect coup, effectively replacing LRH as “Command Intention” and is now in the process of positioning himself as “source”.

We highly recommend that you take some time out to watch this – it is a well spent 40 minutes.

Once you have done so, use it to refer others to. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to help people who are “sitting on the fence” or are still UTR (under the radar).





18 thoughts on “Chris Shelton – explaining the inexplicable

  1. In my time there was the video and booklet the command channels of Scientology of how management was meant to work. Chris’s video put it into to perspective of how it actually works… or doesn’t 😉

  2. Thank you, Chris! For doing what you´re doing, explaining the inexplicable to those of us, who are interested in true knowledge about the organization we were members of for so long.

    Every day I thank God for the assholes he sent my way, who jolted me out of my subconscious state and made me wake up and get The Hell out of Dodge!

    You Chris, among many others, have contributed to enlightening me about the true state of all things Scientology and I thank you for that!

    I can say without a doubt and from personal experience that NOT KNOWING leads to GULLIBILITY and STUPIDITY and to making stupid, non survival decisions one would NOT have made, if one had known.

    If anyone ever again tries to tell me not to inform myself about them on the internet, I know exactly what it means! They will not have CLEAN HANDS and will not be someone I´m interested in associating with!

  3. Thank you so much for the great intro and for sharing this video here. I hope that it helps make sense of things for people, like why Sandra and Albert act the way they do (beyond their personal aberrations, of course).

    I made this video for everyone, ex-Scientologists as well as those still in and for lawyers and those who don’t understand Scientology. I’m hoping that this will “blow some charge” for anyone who was ever on staff or in the Sea Org.

    I did a lot of research to get it right and verified my timeline and events with the actual people who were on the ground at the time this stuff was happening (I can’t name my sources as some of them asked to not be named, but you can get some of them from the credits at the end of the video). I hope that it can help explain why working in that nuthouse is so maddening. After I had it all laid out and saw for myself what had happened, it certainly made a lot of stuff make sense for me which I had never understood.

    The best news of all is that RCS is doing itself in. We really don’t have to do much to it at all. Its destruction truly is built into it and we really couldn’t have asked for a better time bomb than David Miscavige. The guy is a complete sociopath and, like every single insane despot leader before him, he is doing everything possible to ensure his own demise. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a push from time to time. 🙂

    Gandhi quote: “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall – think of it, always.”

    • Dear Chris,

      Thank you very much for your video. First of all it’s obvious that you did a tremendous work on putting it together. Secondly, it’s done very professionally and you have a great speaker presence.

      This video clarified lots of information for me and revealed to me some facts I wouldn’t reveal otherwise.

      It’s clear to me that the Church of Scientology as of today is a criminal organisation and it shouldn’t exist.

      However, IMHO, I think that your massage should also include a hope that there is Scientology Tech available outside of the Church and that the Tech works and helps people independently of any specific organisational structure. I totally agree that this structure should be destroyed, but we also should put an emphasis on creating positive things along with destroying the negative ones, shouldn’t we?

      Thank you again for your great video.



      An Auditor and a C/S
      Dror Center
      Haifa, Israel

    • What many folk don’t know is how the Church treated Chris Shelton after his departure.
      Chris Shelton did not blow.
      Chris Shelton on departure had no intention of whistle blowing.
      He painstakingly sat through every single leaving sec check and routed out standardly, He routed out “in good standing”.
      Then the Church sent out demands that he not connect with any Scientologist in his home town Minnesota.
      He was forbidden to go in the Org.
      Remember, his last 30 years were spent in scientology and that all his comm lines were Scientologists.
      When Chris queried this order of complete control and dominance on who could speak to Chris and who Chris could speak to, the *Church* of Scientology took out confidential information from his pc folder that he had confessed to, including sensitive 2d stuff and posted in the Minnesota Notice boards for all the staff and public to read.
      True Story.

      • The best part was when they convinced my Scientologist fiance to break up with me and never speak to me again even though I was trying to do everything I could to stay in good standing and comply with their orders to do the A-E steps (before I was formally declared an SP). That was the breaking point for me. I will never forgive them for that and I will not stop what I’m doing until the RCS is gone. People can apply Scientology tech outside all they want and I don’t really have anything to say about that one way or the other. But the RCS needs to be ended,period.

  4. Chris this is awesome.

    Thanks for explaining this is such a way one can understand it – I was always SO confused about who the hell was actually in charge and how this convoluted system of “Church Management” is structured.

    I observed it as a HUGE outpoint that every SO member seemed to have the God-given right to enter any area of an org and start barking commands to all and sundry – totally bypassing the senior of that Div or Dept, including the ED of the org. This happened to me on so many occasions I was spinning – many times I would beg the ED to get these people off my lines as I simply could not operate within this crazy system of constantly having my area and my staff bypassed.

    A classic example of this was one day when everyone was (yet again) doing call-in. A new public walked into the org (he was a real upstat guy – doctor or something) and the FR (Luke Byrnes) absolutely REFUSED to allow any of my Div6 staff to attend to him. Result? He watched a couple of video panels and walked out the doors – never to be seen again. I was incensed, but what could I do? I had been overridden by an SO member – yet again.

    And as for that little Nazi-youth Nikita Byrnes, I have no words – she walked around Joburg org like she personally owned it – little whippersnapper thinking she was “God almighty”. She would have made a very good DM minion. While I don’t wish anyone the horrible situation of landing on the RPF, this is one case I agree with – it’s exactly where she belongs.

  5. I’ve been out of the “church” for over 5 years now and this video is a masterpiece.

    I have searched the blogs for information and heard all sorts of horror stories. There was something about this video that changed something in me. Chris has a real ability to teach and present information in a calm manner. I really appreciate him taking the time to do these videos.

  6. Chris your latest video is absolutely brilliant!! Thanks so much for all of that effort… I do know how much was involved in making this.
    I so look forward to your videos. Every time I see you’ve put out another one, it just makes my day.
    Again thanks so much!!! You are truly a treasure.

  7. This is absolutely brilliant, Chris. I was on staff and it WAS A TOTAL NIGHTMARE. I was given orders every day and night from about about ten people! I’ve spun. I felt physically ill. I was incapacitated like I’ve never before experienced. I’ve never felt more insane than when I was on staff, never felt more suppressed, more invalidated, more hopeless, more lonely; more of everything and none of it postive!
    The one good thing about it is that I’m not the matyr type and gave myself a gap from which allowed my escape; and I did, left staff and slowly made my way back to normality. It took some months, it was so bad.
    I’ve saved the link of your video and will use it to assist others.
    Thank you so much for making it.

    • “It took some months, it was so bad.” CORRECTION – it took some years to reach some normalcy in my life.
      I left beaten, bruised and nearly broken. I had lost so much confidence, I couldn’t work in sales, for instance – my forte. Eventually and slowly, I gained my normal self and could confront life again with the force that is necessary, I don’t mean force in a negative way. Force – the correct amount of energy and confront.
      This is what the church’s management can do. Thanks, DM. At least I got out and am very happy now and wiser and more aware than ever before.

      • With this kind of crush management and the constant bypassing, it’s a circus. Chris is right about this set up to fail. LRH lost the plot.
        The Mielie Cob is here to stay for quite some time, still.
        Well done, Starship for getting out but not unscathed. However, the spirit is strong and the mind and body.

  8. Thank this universe for Chris and his friends. This sorted out the last bit of questions I had about why the organization is failing. Of course it will stay small and insignificant. Chris looks at his data as a trained evaluator should and explains the exact happenings without his opinion. What a wonderful way to truly handle any charge for us by bringing understanding. Thank you for all your work.

  9. Chris is an outstanding researcher.
    He makes the content valuable due to the painstaking research.
    No longer can “Church” shenanigans be hidden ~~ the Internet is here !
    For way too long the Church was an intimidating foe.
    Not any longer.
    In an effort to close the barn door after the horse has bolted, the Church is enforcing signatures of “non disparagement” on every staff member and Sea Org.
    Not alllowed to say Anything negative, not allowed to disclose anything that went
    on behind closed doors with psych ops penalties.
    We will see how that rolls out.
    Only an entity with alot to hide would care so much to have so much hidden with sworn statements “to not reveal…”
    Non Disparagement contract (Credit Tony Ortega)
    CHURCH of SCIENTOLOGY OF __________

    Religious Covenant of Non-Disparagement

    I, _________ (print name), have been offered a post on the staff of Church of Scientology of __________ (the “Church”). As a member of the Scientology religious community represented by the Church, I am committed to forwarding the religious goals and tenets of the Scientology religion and the Church itself. I made this religious commitment in order to help every being I can attain his or her full spiritual potential, the path to which was discovered by L. Ron Hubbard as set forth in the Scientology Scripture.

    1. To be a staff member of the Church is an incomparable opportunity to serve my religion and carries with it the most serious and sacred obligations. The Church is the focal point of the Scientology religion and all Scientology activities in its community and the stable emanation point fort the spiritual growth for all Scientologists living in the area.

    2. I recognize that with this opportunity to serve the Scientology religion as a member of the Church’s staff comes an equally important responsibility to do all I can to ensure that the Church remains effective and accomplishes its religious mission. I understand that this is the most solemn of all the responsibilities that I will shoulder while on staff and is one responsibility I must continue to observe even if I leave the Church’s service. Scientology parishioners, Field Auditors, Field Ministries, City Offices and Missions in the surrounding community look to the Church to disseminate the Scientology religion in their area, hold counseling standards high and to further their quest for spiritual freedom. The inviolate strength and integrity of the Church and its staff therefore are critical to the spiritual life of Scientologists in the area. If the credibility or effectiveness of the Church or its senior staff, or executives of higher ecclesiastical Churches such as Religious Technology Center (“RTC”) and Church of Scientology International (“CSI”) is diminished or harmed in any way, Scientologists throughout the area will suffer incalculable spiritual harm.

    3. I therefore agree that in exchange for the opportunity to serve on the Church’s staff and to receive the benefits available to all staff members, including the right to receive Scientology religious auditing and training to forward my own spiritual growth, I swear to forever use the full extent of my ability to uphold my obligations under this Religious Covenant of Non-Disparagement (“Non-Disparagement Covenant”). I will never do less. Accordingly, I PROMISE AND SWEAR NEVER TO SAY OR ENCOURAGE OR INDUCE OTHERS TO SAY OR WRITE ANYTHING NEGATIVE OR DISPARAGING ABOUT L. RON HUBBARD (“LRH”), THE CHURCH, CSI, RTC OR ANY OTHER CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OR THEIR STAFF, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS OR TRUSTEES, IN WHATEVER CAPACITY, OR ABOUT THE RELIGIOUS PRACTICES, MATERIALS, TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES OF THE SCIENTOLOGY RELIGION. I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT THIS NON-DISPARAGEMENT COVENANT APPLIES NOT JUST WHILE I AM SERVING ON THE CHURCH’S STAFF BUT ALSO IN PERPETUITY, SHOULD I EVER LEAVE STAFF.

    4. The term DISPARAGE means:

    A. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do negatively affect or cast the Church, LRH, CSI, RTC or any Church of Scientology, their staff, officers, directors, or trustees or the religious practices, materials, technology and services of the Scientology religion (“Staff and Religious Practices”) in a negative light.

    B. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do harm the reputation of the Church, LRH or any Church of Scientology, CSI, RTC and Scientology Staff and Religious Practices including, but not limited to, negative or derogatory comments and statements about financial status, operations, and the character of any Church of Scientology or its senior staff ecclesiastical leadership.

    C. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do harm the Church, CSI and/or RTC’s relationship with any Scientology parishioner(s) including, but not limited to, comments that could or do harm any Scientology parishioner’s confidence in or hinder their spiritual growth in the Scientology religion or progress up The Bridge.

    5. I understand the gravity of the action I am taking in signing this Non-Disparagement Covenant, I know that I am accepting responsibility for some of the most sacred and important obligations that exist in my religion. I further understand that the spiritual well-being of my fellow Scientologists depends on my ability to keep the promises I make herein. I also know that I am giving up forever some very important personal rights under the United States Constitution. But I also understand that I would not be permitted to serve as a member of the Church staff unless I agreed in advance to the terms of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. I take this action because I believe my personal spiritual commitment to Scientology and the betterment of humankind take precedence over any rights of free speech I may have as to these specific matters.

    6. I understand and agree that the promises I have made in this Non-Disparagement Covenant relate to special, unique and extraordinary matters and that a violation of any of my promises will cause irreparable injury not just to the Church but also to the Scientology religion as a whole and that there are no legal remedies available that could correct this injury. I further understand and agree that such harm is likely to be very substantial and that it will vary with the nature of the disparaging comment or statement, making it extremely difficult and impractical, if not impossible, to measure the full extent of the actual damages caused by a violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. For these reasons I therefore agree that if I breach or threaten to breach any of my promises in this Non-Disparagement Covenant that, among other things:

    A. The Church may seek a court order to stop me from breaching or threatening to breach my promises. Because a public hearing to enforce any provision of this Non-Disparagement Covenant might cause disclosure of information deemed confidential information, I agree that if there is litigation concerning this Non-Disparagement Covenant, I shall cooperate with the Church to seek an appropriate order from the county court, or any other court of competent jurisdiction, to seal the file and issue a protective order prohibiting disclosure of confidential information and/or limiting the disclosure of any other information obtained through discovery, to the maximum extent allowed under law.

    B. In addition to anything else a court may require me to do for violating this Non-Disparagement Covenant, that I shall pay the Church $25,000 as liquidated damages (and not as a penalty) for each individual violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant and/or for each individual instance of causing, participating in, cooperating with or encouraging the publication or broadcast of information that results in a violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. I understand that it is difficult to ascertain the exact extent of damage and harm a violation would cause the Church, but I acknowledge that $25,000 is fair and reasonable.

    7. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein, I understand and agree that the provisions of this Non-Disparagement Covenant shall not apply to the disclosure of information as compelled by law or pursuant to subpoena or order of any judicial, legislative, executive, regulatory or administrative body, provided such law, subpoena or order is valid and constitutional.

    8. The promises and agreements I have made in this Non-Disparagement Covenant shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state without reference to the laws of any other state or country. I agree that if legal action is necessary to enforce the promises I have made, that it may be brought in the court of the county in which the Church is located or any other court of competent jurisdiction, and I agree in advance to be subject to the personal jurisdiction of that court. This Non-Disparagement Covenant shall inure to the benefit of, and be binding upon the persons or organizations that received or are assigned the rights and duties of this Non-Disparagement Covenant (i.e. successors and assigns).

    9. I understand that all the promises and other obligations I have made in this Non-Disparagement Covenant will be legally binding on me forever. However, if a court happens to rule that one or more of the promises I have made or obligations I have agreed to are not enforceable, then I agree that the rest of the promises and obligations I made shall remain in full force and effect and legally enforceable against me for all time.


    Executed this ___ day of _______, 20__.

    (Printed Full Name)
    (Home Address)
    (Printed Full Name)

    By its: ______________________________

  10. Such a great video Chris! I was on staff and in the SO for over 30 years, worked at pretty much every echelon including LRH Archives where I held the post of Director of Files (my job was all the handwritten originals – no film or audio), so much of this I know from being up close and personal with it but you’ve done a really terrific job with simplifying the insanity for anyone trying to wrap their wits around it. High fives and kudos, mate!

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