PRetending to be in control

 Over the last year or so “Idea Org News” has sent out periodic emails such as the one below. Each gives a quote from the Ideal Org policy describing a trait of an Ideal Org followed by photos showing how an existing ideal orgs is doing that.

This is the one that was sent out last week:
PR Area ControlIt is baffling that this particular quote would be used. The general PR of Scientology around the world is the worst it has ever been. The has been a declining situation since the turn of the century.

In addition the pictures used in this photo are activities done by Joburg Org 10 years ago. The top picture is a human rights lecture being given to school kids while the bottom pictures are from anti-drug marches organised by the org in 2004 and 2005. There has not been another of these marches since 2006. The children seen in these pictures are all grown adults now.

The direct PR area control of Joburg Org in its immediate vicinity – the suburb of Kensington – is atrocious. There is very little feeling of goodwill for the org by its residential and retail neighbours. The org is not involved in the community at all.

One of the recently declared was told by a Scientologist shop owner that they were no longer welcome in his shop – located in a very upstat, prominent shopping center close to the org. The result? A letter of complaint citing blatant discrimination being enforced by the Church of Scientology was sent to the Shopping Center Management and a copy of that letter went to Caxton Press (the news agency controlling all the community newspapers surrounding the org).

It is hard to imagine that those sending out this email actually believe that their “PR area control is such that no one would ever dream of threatening it.”


13 thoughts on “PRetending to be in control

  1. The Church’s PRO area control among it’s own is horrendous. One would be nuts to expect any better control over people who are actually free to read the inter-webs and think for themselves.

    The old adage about never using lies in PR…the Church of course violates this constantly with the outside world, but we all know they violate it even more INTERNALLY.

    Even down to stupid stuff like the call-in officers telling everyone that every next event is truly going to be the best event in the history of Scientology. I mean come on. How many times does the lie have to be told before people start tuning out ?

    The flock was also told that GAT 2 has been in the works for 20 years. Really? Then why were the GAT 1 auditors allowed to train at that time, if you knew all the shit was stil wrong and they’d only have to retrain again later? An obvious lie.

    How many times has COB said that the release of OT 9 and 10 was “imminent”? Why did COB say OT 9 and 10 were imminent if he knew at the time he said it that the whole Bridge was being redone and no one would even be ready to start OT 9 and 10 because they’d be too busy redoing the Student Hat / Purif / Objectives and OT 6?

    I could go on and on and on.

    The Scientology field disintegrating and walking away is just as much a function of SCN’s horrible internal PRO area control as the media turning hardcore agaisnt the Church is a function of it’s horrible PRO area control in the world.

  2. Ohhhhhhh the hypocrisy.
    When I left the Church very publicly some 4 years ago, Office of Special Affairs had my dermatologist disconnect from me. (She also acted as a Medical Doctor for me on the very rare occasion I needed a physician) 15 year relationship and then bam ! “You are no longer welcome……blah blah.
    Discrimination !
    I was not part of the Church of Scientology, therefore she was kicking me out the door (disconnecting from the declared SP)
    Karen De La Carriere 1935 N Serrano Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027
    Dear Karen,
    We regret to inform you that as of August 20, 2011 our office will no longer be able to provide your Dermatology care.
    We recommend that you find a new Dermatology practice within the next four weeks so that you may continue any necessary treatment. Our office will be available to you for emergency treatment until that time which will be by appointment only.
    If you are unable to find a facility, please contact the American Academy of Dermatology at (847) 330-0230 or at

    Well, I fired back. Not in the mood to take the OSA back channels manipulations I threatened legal.
    Here is the response I received.
    Dear Karen,

    Thank you for your letter. I am sorry to see you have the inaccurate impression that I discriminate. Neiher I not any doctor or staff at my office discriminates against anyone because of their religious or other beliefs….

    Given your intent to maintain a strict doctor-patient relationship, I would be happy to take you back as a patient. If you have any dermatology needs, please call our office to arrange an appointment. i wish you goo health !

    The discrimination vanished ! We have been in a good relationship ever since.
    But the hypocrisy is mind boggling.
    I know Indies who have been terminated by their vets, by their accountants, by their Chiropractors for practicing Independent Scientology as opposed to Radical Official Scientology….

  3. I was disappointed to hear those photos are 10 years old. I’d just been thinking some of those dudes look in good shape (considering) – maybe all those hours in the sauna, on objectives or running around a pole had paid off – not that gym membership wouldn’t be cheaper. In my last year of being ‘in’ people often used to tell me how good I looked. This stunned me as I was massively disaffected by then and pretty sour to be in the org at all, and the ‘looking good’ was entirely down to me going to gym every day (rather than the courseroom) and sitting in the sun regularly. I didn’t want to be mean by pointing this out, because the speakers were well intentioned and obviously thought they had sooper dooper OT powers of perception. Who knows, maybe they were right!
    I used to attend some of those walks and even back then used to cringe in case anyone recognised me. But still, they were fun.

  4. Totally nuts! They don’t even think ahead far enough to realize that some of their own public would remember being part of these decade old marches and wonder why the “church” isn’t using a more current picture! The obvious conclusion is that there ARE none. I suppose they think that thought stopping tech will automatically kick in, and people will justify this.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. Does this look like PRarea control??

    Besides money and the farce of ‘expansion’, it is all about stats. Because of the ‘Thursday 14:00’ deadline are the (remaining) staff under enormous pressure, and they are getting repercussions when their stats are not up. So they do anything to show at least that they are keeping it rolling and are with ‘command intention’ and thus hyping the “Id(a)el Orgs’. And as ‘command intention’ does, hyperbole and lies – everything – is better than the horrifying truth of being part of the fastest shrinking religion on earth; or like it looks like being the case in South Africa, the implosion. The farce of expansion has to be maintained as a self-protection, being with ‘command intention’ and probably also to handle the ‘cognitive dissonance’.

  6. It is quite possible that the people who are declared are the actual product of Scientology. These are the people who can think for themselves. Isn’t that a valuable final product?

    Maybe LRH planned that way. How are the SPs contributing to the society? What is their PR area control?

  7. I went into my chemist a couple of weeks ago – they are a friendly bunch of ladies, personal service and always enquiring after my family, etc. They knew my mom had passed away and were offering their condolences – at some point the subject of SCN came up and I told them I had been “banished” from the Church. The response? “That bunch of weirdo’s in the building where the golf course used to be? We stay VERY far away from them – they are a cult, and Tom Cruise is stupid for belonging to them”. This chemist is less than 1km from the org.

    Spoke to the Chairman of our Street Community Watch the other night – we spoke about my mom and of course, the SCN subject raised it’s ugly head. He wet himself laughing, and said “well, my girl, you are better off without them – they are a money hungry bunch of criminals”. He told me how he picked up a pamphlet years ago and it interested him so he went into the org and got regged for R12,000 – which of course he didn’t pay (this is a wealthy guy). He walked out the door and never went back.

    A couple of years ago (2011) while on staff I was ordered to book a stall for the Church for the annual Kensington Spring Day which was happening the next weekend. When I spoke to the woman organising it, her response was “you know you Scientologists always think you can come at the last minute and demand a booking when we clearly sent out notices weeks ago that bookings had closed. You guys do this every year and have the cheek to think we must dance to your tune – why cant you get your acts together and book properly like everyone else?”. I was SO embarrassed. (Oh, and I paid for the hire of the stall out of my own pocket – and used my own gazebo for the day).

    – PR area control? Oh please.

    • One thing I remember LRH writing was to work within the mores of the society the org was in. It would have been nice if they had followed that one!

    • Exactly! PR Area Control. Please.
      There is a disconnect between what they quote, and reality. In this pink hued bubble, the fact that the LRH quote exists is enough. You just quote it. Somehow the dream of what that quote represents is enough to rally the troops.
      Ah-hem. Folks. Just look outside. There is your area “control”, your poor, poor repute, your image of being weird and super-strange, your internet….

  8. The church PR has been a bitch for a while now, regardless of the workability of the tech of auditing.
    What comes to mind when I say Church? Catholic? Methodist? Anglican? Definitely a Christian Church.

    What comes to mind when I say Church of Scientology? Cult? Weird group? Tom Cruise?
    In 2014, the internet and the vast number of articles and accounts and stories on the internet have placed it’s history and operating basis permanently on record. This is on top of tons of videos on YouTube, dozens of books by authors of high esteem, ex members. Blogs abound. Stories are added weekly and relentlessly. All around the world.
    Local PR Area Control is the adverse effect of this international PR universe. One swamps the other. This is over and above what the local church does, per the comments above, to its own PR.

    Local PR Area Control, in say Taiwan, benefits to the degree that the members do not Google in English. It is slightly protected. But for a while.

    This promo piece advocating the ideal status of area control, is so unbelievably naive. It is a statement. Those who cannot see, read this and dream of such a state. Sadly it is delusional. Harsh to say, but true.
    Hope abounds in the pink universe.

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