Speeding things up – GATII style

Slow Progress4

In October & November last year this blog published a number of articles on the release of  GATII – it’s imminent release, and the PR hype about how the advent of GATII  was going to “change the face of Scientology” FOR REAL.

At the release of GAT II much was said about the speed of training, in particular people completing the Student Hat in around 9 days.

Bearing this in mind, on the 19th December we posted an article featuring a Pretoria public – Angelique Van Schalkwyk  – who wrote a success story trashing the “old” Student Hat which she had done 6 years ago, and extolling the wonderfulness of the NEW IMPROVED GATII STUDENT HAT.

The full article can be seen here

Below is the promo piece which appeared in the article:


At the time, we noted that the success story didn’t mention whether she had finished the course or not. At the end of that article, we said: “Time will tell. And we will be watching”.

Well, time has told – and we have been watching. And this is what we have seen:

On the 31st August 2014, Pretoria Org sent out their weekly newsletter with the names of graduates who had completed courses that week. Here they are:


Nicky Snyman                                         Dianetics 55!

Nicky Snyman                                         Creating a Successful Marriage

Barrett Quinn                                           Creating a Successful Marriage

Ronald Palmer                                         Unification Congress Lectures Course

Paul Fourie                                              Objectives Specialist Course

Johan van der Merwe                              Hubbard Professional Course Lectures

Zane Smith                                              Fundamentals of Thought Course

Angelique van Schalkwyk                       Student Hat 

Mr. H                                                       Purification Rundown.

Philippa Symington                                 Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course.

Johan van der Merwe                          FULL BASICS BOOKS AND LECTURES COMPLETION!

And there you have it – Angelique completed the “new lightning fast” Student Hat in just 8 months. Considering that the Church was proclaiming completion of this course within 9 days, this either means Angelique has been on course for one day a month, or ………… you can fill in the rest.

Included in the newsletter was her success story as follows:

“I now feel like a professional student and that I am completely hatted. I can now study anything and I am very excited and eager to start my next course. It feels great to be fast flow now. Every Scientologist should do this course. I have a much deeper understanding about how important it is to never go by a word that one does not understand and the ramification it can have not only on myself, but others and our technology.” AVS. Student Hat

“It feels great to be fast flow now”. 8 months is fast flow? Besides which, per the “old” way, one could only be fast flow after completing the Student Hat and Method One. Has this changed?

She mentions that she now understands the importance of not going past a misunderstood word. This data can just as easily be obtained from Chapter 1 of the VM Handbook (or a R10 booklet), the Basic Study Manual or even the Learning How to Learn Course.

And remember this?

Schedule Promised

At this rate of progress, we will check in again with Angelique around the year 2023 when she should be done with her Class V and Solo Part One.



30 thoughts on “Speeding things up – GATII style

  1. Incredible scoop!
    One reason for slowness, possibly, was revealed to me in a conversation I had with someone having to redo her everything. She was at Flag, she told me, redoing her Metering – and “No twin!” This was repeated five times for emphasis (I presume). She routes herself to Ethics to resolve this and finally pulls in a twin. [This was all told to me as a ‘win’, god bless her!] Then she moves on to the Simulator drills. ‘No twin’ is now repeated six times – longer duration, I presume. Finally, one day she’s walking despondently out the courseroom and someone walking in smashes the door into her face, and this bloody event (literally) is what it takes to pull in a twin.
    Six months later she’s finished her wonderful, fast GAT2 re-tread and returns home to be C/S’d for the SRD.
    She waits about two months – ‘No twin!’ she says in an increasingly shrill and shaky voice. Finally, she asks me if I’ll twin with her, apparently completely unaware that to do so I would have to do A-E and all the pre-requisites.
    The story has a happy ending, because she’d returned her materials to Flag expecting to be doing objectives, and so also couldn’t solo. So she was having a holiday!

    • God this is just sickening – please don’t tell me this person is still glugging the KA after all this? What is WRONG with these people that they don’t see these outpoints hitting them in the face and giving them bloody noses (literally). It’s the dawning of a zombie apocalypse.

      • Shelley, you know better than I that such people see nothing in front of their faces. The mere fact she routed herself to ethics tells you her mind set – COB has gone to all this effort to lay before us this incredible gift to mankind, so what is wrong with HER that she can’t simply avail herself of it. I used to have the same feeling when I was mid an endless sec check with nothing much coming up – there has to be some devil of an evil purpose lying there that my awareness is simply not up to confronting. Thank GOD I was in the hands of a competent auditor to help me find it!

      • Here is my opinion. This Scientologist wants freedom. She sees big outnesses in the Church but denies or justifies them, because she feels that there is no other route for freedom.

        Her desire to go free is bound with her earlier wins from auditing. She never had such wins elsewhere. Even though she is getting no more wins at present in the Church, the hope is there. There is no hope for getting such wins outside the Church.

        So, her perception of “outnesses in the Church and no more wins” is locked in with “her earlier wins and hope for more wins.” There is equal force on both sides. It is locked in like a standing wave.

      • Freedom is the only thing a being will put themself into slavery in order to achieve. Tha’s not a new thought, but still very true.

        From experience, I agree with Vinaire that big wins early on the bridge can set us up to hang around for years in the hope of something more. After a person’s life has been saved and their case cracked, they have no real idea of what else they’re waiting for.

    • Shelly we were all caught in the spotlight, once! Too afraid to voice an original thought that questioned the almighty COB! Its only now looking back and hindsight being the perfect science that it is, we all go WTF??!!

      Perhaps the worst thing to do is free someone partially. Oooo.. the enemies one makes when people realise this is a scene to behold! Witness our current situation I guess.

      • Hey sheeplebane – actually, I was never one of those too afraid to speak up and kept quiet – I called an outpoint when I saw one – and made myself very unpopular in the process with many targets painted on my back through the years (as I am sure you can remember).

        Yes, I did believe in the ideal of a planet without insanity, crime and war and I did believe that on the day we can fully trust each other there will be peace on earth. But trust me, I was under NO delusion that things were all rosy – I knew years ago that something was badly wrong and the tech was being altered and/or violated – you and I even discussed it remember?

        My mistake was stupidly thinking I could help to correct the problem by joining staff as part of the solution. And oh boy, was I in for a rude awakening – I had NO idea of just how bad it was – and that it was not just confined to South Africa and/or Joburg Org.

        My eyes were opened ONLY once I made the decision to dig deeper – the minute I found out what was really going on, I was OUT – and very overtly so – I made NO bones about how I felt about the situation – a 10-page report which put me on the radar to be taken out at all costs – and despite them having absolutely nothing on me (besides my audacity to report their blatant and flagrant departure from Church doctrines and LRH tech), they were forced into pulling an “OSA ops dirty trick” to trap me which ultimately got me hung, drawn and quartered.

      • Ja, I remeber it well Shelly! I also thought joining staff was the right way to solve things. There was enough workability left in the tech to still pull of some impressive effects- like change someones life for the better utterly (as long as someone in the SO didnt take too much notice that is 🙂 )

        We will all be celebrating Davey boys return to his locker beneath the sea of misery soon I hope!

  2. Everytime a see promo from the church or receive an email praising the tech, I think back to Dianetics, Modern Science of Mental Health.The first book. A state called the clear was presented in this book, complete with description and a procedure to follow to create this state in others.
    Why i believed in this pseudo-science, I cannot say for sure but I sure wish I had looked at the product more closely. Why? Because it never existed – ever. But the church will say it is in existance and that I never “got it” due to M/Us, out-ethics, out-2D, PTSness, blah,blah,blah…
    And it is the same reasons why, Angelique took longer than checksheet time to complete this course.Why else?
    Maybe she never really understood that she was “here on the same terms as the rest of us – win or die in the attempt” and ” This it a deadly serious activity”?
    Perhaps she lapsed in a temporary state of “reasonableness”
    Thank God she did not “muff” it and can now study any subject (only RTC endorsed subjects).

    • I know, Old Timer. I can’t buy much of it anymore. I’m ignoring a lot of it and doing very well, thank you.
      I don’t make myself wrong anymore. If I have a problem, I go about addressing it and that’s that. I don’t look around for the SP…..
      I’ve stopped analysing everything to death. And I’m really doing very well in life with my new (old? PreScn….) methods of handling things. Because of this, I’m lighter, happier and more prosperous.

      • Agreed, Gretel.
        Life has ceased to have this seriousness it used to have for me thinking like a Scientologist all the time. I have cut loose and am loving it.
        The first decade I came into Scn was the most serious decade of my life; the most fraught with life problems; and the most problematic people and relationship-wise – when it was supposed to be the opposite. I had much easier and nicer, friendly relationships preScn. I was even popular. This always puzzled me.
        Yet I stayed for another decade – that promise of better things to come. The day I realised they weren’t coming, not via Scn, was one of the most liberating days of my life.

      • When (as we all do) I ended up in Doubt about the organization I applied Scn — I evaluated its statistics.

        After the so-called wins I was poorer, looked worse, had lost friends, was paranoid about the world — not one of my dynamics was in good shape — by their fruits ye shall know them. All Scn had given me was hope!

        The Scn detractors I knew could see what I couldn’t before I could — I was worse off. I left the church and went with Mayo — great time up in Santa Barbara. Then as Hubbard’s credibility fell away so did that of Scn and I left. I retain a bit but that’s all. In the big picture overall it’s bs

      • “The day I realised they weren’t coming, not via Scn, was one of the most liberating days of my life.”

        That is a great expression. 🙂

  3. Contrary to the claims of bitter defrocked apostates on the fringe of the internet, here is an article about a GAT success:
    … “We are in a golden age” … “technology. Recent years have given us highly entertaining innovations” …
    “ is a Kickstarter project that replaces your old” … “There is no stopping the forward progress of” … “tech, as evidenced by” …
    “The installation process involves removing your old”…

  4. Holy guacamole. I find it hard to believe that those who watch this blog (and make no mistake, it’s being monitored daily) did not realise this story wouldn’t be picked up and run with after it was written about last year already (or do these people have severe memory lapses?).

    If I was them (or her) I would have quietly got my certificate and slipped out the back door – no published success story or announcement as having graduated a course after 8 months which should have taken 9 days. How bloody embarrassing for her and shameful for “the wonders of GAG2”.

    Is this an example of going up the bridge at “lightening speed”?? As someone pointed out, per KSW she is a dilettante (the Church’s definition – not mine, nor my opinion).

    • Good point! Considering that GAG2 was released in November last year, there have been 48 weeks gone since then. They claimed in their own promo 30 weeks from Purif to Class V & Solo One.

      Where are they????

      And aside from NEW auditors – what about the existing auditors out there who all lost their certs when GAG2 was announced because they had been “doing it wrong” all these years – where are they???

      It’s a bloody zoo. I hope more people are waking up and saying to themselves “errrrr – what’s up doc?”

      • Oluckyme – as far as I know, Mathilda is still auditing. Not sure how she got around the GAG2 thing, but maybe she has to study at night, do High Crimes and the like. I know there was something about auditors having to spend 5 hours in the academy every day until they were “back up to scratch” – (i.e. indoctrinated to GAG2 standards).

        Last I heard, they had 2 auditors in the Joburg HGC – Mathilda and one other (think its Wayne Diamond who did his GAG2 at Flag). The rest are all re-training. Judit has left – gone overseas with her hubby. Michael as we know went from Class IV back down to Class II and have no idea what Maria Slender is up to.

    • So when I say I am going to cut the corn off my COB I am now in breach of trademark??? That’s just as nutty as trying to copyright the words Purification, Bridge and other everyday words I have seen included in their copyright disclaimer at the bottom of promo.

      • It gets worse WendyM : The definition of COB is “Close Of Business” or “Cum On Body”. RTC – BankservAfrica’s real-time clearing service allows customers to move single credit payments in real-time to beneficiaries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Somehow, that also fits!

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