Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Join the feast…..

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Just short of a month ago we ran an article about a fundraiser for Joburg North – the theme of that event was Knights of the Round Table.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any crazier, this promo has just been sent out by the Johannesburg Org OT Committee who are hosting another fundraiser for Joburg North.

Medievil Rock Fundraiser


There seems to be some fixation or stuck attention on the time track of the medieval era. This is pretty ironic in view of this period being notorious for pillage, plundering, clan wars, slaying of kings and conquering of kingdoms. Perhaps the dream of one day having an AO in a Castle has something to do with it.

Obviously this is another fundraiser, but nowhere on the promo is this stated.

Once again, people are being asked to up-front money for “the feast” after which they will be further relieved of their hard earned coin once their “bellies are marvelously full”.

The Scientology Band – “SPLURGE!!!” will also be making their debut! This is the brainchild of Robin Hogarth who recently sent out an email informing people about his “crazy idea” of forming a “Scn house band”.

Email from Robin


We’re not sure how the genre of Medieval music and Rock will be combined – perhaps a Metal/Rock rendition from Game of Thrones would be applicable – complete with 49.5 bass players, 7.5 keyboardists and 100 guitarists. A cacophony of contributors.

The video below has some interestingly applicable scenes in terms of the current state of affairs in the Church.







37 thoughts on “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Join the feast…..

  1. Well, scnafrica, color me surprised. I never expected this blog to use one of Anonymous’ favorite Old Memes, the Bayeux Tapestry, as an intro pic. What’s next, Milestone Two doing Lolcats? You can create your own Bayeux from scratch here: http://bayeux.datensalat.net/

    They could make this more authentic. Since every public is now the moral equivalent of an overtaxed and overburdened serf, force them to only wear black or grey rough wool outfits, have them not bathe for two weeks beforehand, and require them to shit in a dungpile. The whale with the biggest donation for the night gets to use a close stool instead of the dungpile and have his ass wiped by Albert de Beer. That should bring in the money.

    Can Robin Hogarth’s idea for a musical group be more of a masterpiece of vague? They want to be Kate Bush. They’re going to end up being Kate Bush-League. Or if you’re Australian, Kate Bush Tucker.

    It’s nice that the YouTube video freeze-framed on King Joffrey. People have called him “the embodiment of Monday morning”. He’s more the embodiment of Thursday at 2, I think. And the comparisons between him and DM have been noted elsewhere. The only difference is that Joffrey’s now dead and can’t do any more harm. We can only hope for a similar, if less bloody, resolution to our problem.

    Sorry I can’t contribute anything more substantial and less snarky, but, really, the RCS History Pillage Squad doesn’t deserve anything substantial. This is as much of a joke as the superhero outfits in Ausfailia and Valley Org’s “How can we exploit Nancy Cartwright more than we have already?” attempts to go Ideal.

    This is the sound of a cult dying. Not a bang, not a whimper, just a suppressed giggle.

  2. Frankly, if you have to do this shit then a Medieval shindig is as good as it gets. Personally I love that stuff. I was about to write you a snarky comment to that effect but my jaw then dropped down and tongue went slack reading Robin’s email. Even before getting that far I knew he was behind this. Talk about one-dimensional personality disorder. He is the champion of encouraging no-talent people to get up and humiliate themselves, and getting audiences squirming with embarrassment. I myself have been on a stage singing and dancing, and nobody should have to endure that more than once, especially not an audience. In his heyday I hear he used to get everyone to dramatise the ‘Joy of Creating’ at the end of every OTC, like it had anything to do with anything. I have always felt people mistake glee/euphoria for enthusiasm.

    • And just because Hubbard wrote something about the superiority of artists, every time any talentless person opens his or her mouth, or some tuneless, unoriginal band plays something people have already forgotten or would like to forget, Scientology audiences go mad with clapping. I cringe.
      Thank heavens I don’t have to sit through any of these really mediocre bands playing lacklustre music again.

    • Scnafrica this attack on named family is not cool, I expect that robin would one of the only guys that would help you out if you ended up in the gutter,

      this type of caractor assasination is not cool, please find time to moderate your people in a non discriminative way.

      Cheers Rock en Roll

      • Chew some fat – How is Robin related to you?

        He is my brother-in-law and trust me, this article is mild in comparison to the data I have on him and what he has been up to in terms of 1.1 activities and outright refusal to help family and friends that needed him. Just a couple of weeks prior to the Corbett’s declare he was living it up at one of their 5-star lodges – both he and Carol couldn’t talk highly enough of these people. The minute the declares came out, Carol was spewing venom and hatred for all things Corbett and their family – hypocrites of the highest order.

        On the morning BEFORE my comm-ev Robin came to my house to disconnect from me – his OWN family – I had not even been declared yet! He didn’t care that the Church had NO evidence against me nor that they were acting totally off-policy and in fact downright criminal by refusing to hold a standard comm-ev and further spreading malicious rumours about me long before they decided to include me in their “operation wipe out”. He didn’t even ask me for my side of the story – all he was worried about was his OWN PR and the effect this would have on him. He was not concerned about me AT ALL. I have an eye-witness to this meeting.

        Despite the declares being totally off-policy and a blatant violation of LRH tech – with no comm-ev’s held or anyone being informed that they have been declared, he has disconnected from me and family as well as his nephew (Ryan Hogarth) and his family – where is his integrity and BALLS to demand that the Church adhere to it’s own policy and doctrines?

        At NO point did he ever even attempt to help me with all that I was going through for the two years leading up to my final expulsion. The fact that I had been the victim of a vicious witch-hunt and malicious slander by the “group” seemed to go unnoticed by him under his nose while he was “on the level” – I thought doing the upper levels is supposed to increase one’s zone of responsibility and awareness- and yet here was one of his own family members being hunted down by a pack of wolves – and he did absolutely nothing about it. In the meantime, I was the one who stuck to his side when he discovered his wife was having yet another affair while he was on OT7 and I was the one who told him the truth of what was going on with her – I had his back – and he ultimately put a knife in mine.

        At the moment, he is illegally holding onto possessions of a deceased estate (my mothers) and refusing to give them back, resulting in the estate not being wound up as it should – does this sound ethical and honest to you?

        He has a partnership with Andrew in a property and has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to handle the danger situation of Scientology tenants moving out putting the property at risk with the bank. Furthermore, he has left the property fully in Andrew’s hands to be managed maintained and cared for – including running and paying for it’s maintenance and up-keep. He is totally out-exchange on this cycle. Just a week ago he tried to manoeuvre and force Andrew into selling the property which would have resulted in huge financial loss to us, and him walking away free and clear. He is blatantly practicing Fair Game tactics against us. And I have plenty more data that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck – but this will come out in due course.

        Trust me, Robin is no saint – you need to take your blinkers off and look past the “PR” that Robin is so fond of hiding behind. The truth is ugly – I know about it, and I will expose it – in good time.

        This is exactly part of the problem – it’s ok when we speak of “they” and “them” and “the Church” and “staff members” and “The OT Committee” – all generalities and vague. But now that an article has the BALLS to actually name someone supporting this madness going on in the Church you suddenly have a problem? Get real.

        You have NO IDEA what Robin Hogarth and his wife Carol have put me and my family through in recent months, so I suggest that unless you know the details, don’t be so quick to jump to the defence of people who are behaving like fundamentalist zealouts and are very much in support of and helping to spread libel, slander and malicious rumours about good and honest people. And their actions are very much ADDING to the fact that the “Church” has been turned into a money-grubbing cult with a reputation that stinks worldwide. He needs to wake up and look outside the bubble. THAT is what I call integrity.

      • Personally, I love the ‘caractor assasination’. There are far too many lies, overts and outright crimes (not to mention crimes against humanity) hidden under the veil of scn. I view this blog as a sort of TRC (remember that?), albeit they can’t answer back. It’s local and I want to see and hear names. The biggest thing I’m experiencing on exiting the RCS is a desire for TRUTH, even blunt truth. There have been several things I’ve written about others and even myself that the moderator has seen fit to moderate – and with hindsight rightfully so.

      • Oh dear, Shelley, you’ve really let out some steam there!
        Fundamentalist zealots is the exact description of this sort of behavior!
        Anything will be justified due to the zealotry. Mad. It’s so upside down. Think of the definition we’ve attached to the word “reasonable”. Now look at what they are doing. That is much more reasonable than any reasonableness we used to criticize when we were in the bubble.
        Anyway, I hope you can sort out those affairs soon. And hoping Robin wakes up sooner rather than later.

      • Not related to me but the administrator of the blog,

        all my dealings with robin he was classic lent us his car , no hang ups about things, and he helped me when I needed it.

        I believe that the blame or pts ness of carol going out 2d will be said it is you shelly that was making carol pts and do these mad things.

        I see your side and hope you can solve in aagic way,

        now have we not chewed some fat. Means to talk about what what’s.

        Regards best fat chew

      • There was a time, Shelley when I felt that those committing abuses in the name of Scientology, had been taken in, or an unwitting accomplice or just plain stupid and should be pitied, but over time, when I hear and read of the destruction these people have caused, in the name of KSW, Im pissed too. Name them, shame them, let them wear the hat they have put on themselves dupes of dave, fools or just plain evil!

      • Chew some fat: “I believe that the blame or pts ness of carol going out 2d will be said it is you shelly that was making carol pts and do these mad things.”

        ^ Lol so Shelley was THE CAUSE of Carol going out-2d? So even though Shelley was likely nowhere near physically present during the incident, she was still the cause and BOTH of the participating parties were other-determined effects of Shelley’s supreme SP Power?

        So when I bit my nail a little too far down the other day (an accident), was it because I read Shelley’s written words and unknownst to me I was PTS to her during the moment when I overbit by a millimeter?

        Is Shelley also the cause of JHB Org no longer being Saint Hill Size? How about apartheid, was that because Shelley was born?

      • Hi “Chew some fat”

        Auditors are senior to clears because clears cannot make clears. Auditors make clears. Auditors are also senior to OTs for the same reason.
        SPs are senior to auditors, clears and OTs. In the presence of SPs, mistakes are made. SPs can make clears, OTs and auditors loose their gains from scientology auditing and training.According to you, SPs can make the wifes’ of OTs go out-2D.

        Chew on that for a while 🙂

      • Chew Some Fat: “I believe that the blame or pts ness of carol going out 2d will be said it is you shelly that was making carol pts and do these mad things.”
        Will you please enlighten us how Shelley influenced Carol. Will you please share some juicy anecdotes with us. Or, maybe, Shelley’s influence on Carol was due to her powerful butterfly effect ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect )

      • “The biggest thing I’m experiencing on exiting the RCS is a desire for TRUTH, even blunt truth.” – Sean.
        Me, too, Sean. I’ve seen just too many crim people lauded over and hailed because they’ve got money, mutual out-ruds – whatever.
        Let the truth come out, character assasination or not! I feel quite brutal about it. So often, really good people, very many out now and participating on this blog, moi included, have been demonised unjustly while the real perpetrators of crooked deads or black acts get away with murder and strut about the church as though they own the place.
        I’m not bitter just gutvol!
        Let there be truth. Name the perpetrators. Let them be exposed.

  3. As you say above “There seems to be some fixation or stuck attention on the time track of the medieval era. ” think on this….
    “The Flagellants were religious zealots of the Middle Ages in Europe who demonstrated their religious fervor and sought atonement for their sins by vigorously whipping themselves in public displays of penance. This approach to achieving redemption was most popular during times of crisis. Prolonged plague, hunger, drought and other natural maladies would motivate thousands to resort to this extreme method of seeking relief”
    from http://eyewitnesstohistory.com/flagellants.htm

    • During the Black Death, the Flagellants were out in force. Their goal seemed to be a good one: take on mankind’s sins on themselves in order to expiate God’s wrath. There was one problem: part of the Flagellant oath was to not bathe for their term of service (33 1/3 days). That meant that they weren’t getting rid of the fleas on them that were carrying Yersinia pestis, thus spreading the plague. I think comparisons to the Church of Scientology could easily be made.

  4. R150.00 for the same old, same old cold, uninteresting, tasteless fare is asking a bit much, don’t you think?
    Any bets this charge will be dropped just before D-Date because many vocal objections to paying it will have been heard by then and be given as reason for declining attendance?

  5. I’m surprised it’s happening only in a month’s time. Not so long ago, these events ran every two weeks. Then the every two weeks in between IAS fundraising events were ran, right across the Idle Morgue fundraisers. To my mind, there was something weird about this.
    Something has changed. I wonder why.

    • “Something has changed. I wonder why.”
      Gretel – the number of scientologists has dwindled alarmingly and those that are still around have been milked dry. All the really big donors have been declared and are out here spreading the news about what is really going onj.
      Then, of course, there is this blog…who knows who all it reaches 😀

      • May be so, Draco. However, when did Miscavige let that be an excuse for not carrying out Command Intention?
        Could be he’s distracted with the very many lawsuits filed against the church and Narconon?

  6. You can be absolutely certain that at the time period of this promo , there was absolute religious intolerance , the inquisition was rampant !
    Now the heretics is declared , but i am sure deep down if the church could they will want to burn and hang each of you … ha ha — they have done everything they can and is still busy with actions that is aimed at maximum pain
    Some people are lucky we are living in this time and age..
    Have a look at a proud history of that time

  7. You left out to prominent features of the middle ages: the Spanish inquisition and the selling of indulgences. History repeating?

  8. Interesting comments! Sean, yours stand out for me in and amoungst the other provoking statements in a real way. The whole TRC (truth and reconcilliation commission) held post aparteid to address the many crimes committed by those trying to keep a failing system in place, can be likened to current RCS and its opp term BIC. What does disturb me slightly(as mentioned by Sean)is the one way flowness of all!

    The Nurembourg trials offered the Nazi boss survivours to explain themselves to the world. I think all Scientologists would benefit from bringing those fiends to justice for having weaponised and used Scientology for nefarious purposes instead of its original intention. BIC would be a wonderful reference platform should any lawyers need info on Church skulduggery!

  9. So any time a member of $cientology goes “out 2D” – a quaint little phrase for adultery – they can excuse themselves by claiming they were “under the influence” of a PTS?

    How convenient!!

  10. This blog is not for the faint hearted!
    This blog tells it as it is!

    This blog is designed to tell the truth and give us all a platform
    to expose the injustices and crimes used against anyone who
    has had the balls to disagree openly. – Those who have resigned from the
    Church or been conveniently Declared Suppressive.

    Most of us have had to keep our mouths shut because of FEAR!

    This blog makes you aware of what has taken place in the Church
    and what is taking place right now!

    It is now the right time to expose certain individuals who have abused
    the Code of a Scientologist – the Code of Honor – We have all got our
    faults and our purpose is to make you aware of covert individuals who
    actively support and who will not Confront what is actually going on in
    the Church and all out ethics actions justified by the justification we follow
    dear leader because everything he tells us to do is for the greatest good!

    Shelly you are a breath of fresh air!

    Do not loose track that LRH has put his trust in us to Keep Scientology

    It is only the true rebels who will stick their necks out and persist to expose
    corrupt individuals and the money grabbing Church who does not produce
    stable products.

    The promo piece as you can see is another dramatization – the madness that
    is in the bubble of corporate Scientology..

    This blog actually wakes up new individuals who have had their
    doubts confirmed.
    Well done for clicking on and spread the word this blog really
    does communicate planet wide and OSA can not do a bloody
    thing about it!
    Now isn’t that great!


    • Thanks for the ack Goldie (and others who have commented on my posts).

      There is plenty more where this came from.

      I for one am not afraid of the Church – let them come – with their arrogance and delusional think that they are above the law and can carry on like a bunch of wild-west bandits. “The most ethical group on the planet? Ja, right”.

      They are blatantly violating not only their own policies and procedures, but also our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This needs to be exposed, and must be backed up with actual evidence including naming names.

      This is not the USA – the Church has no 1st Amendment to hide behind while it continues to harass, harangue, discriminate against and defame good people. Fair Game cuts both ways – they seem to forget this.

      More people need to speak out – I can assure you that doing so lifts an enormous weight off one’s shoulders, and helps those teetering on the edge to take that leap of faith.

    • Yesterday, I listened to the video on Underground Bunker (Tony Ortega’s website) of the interview of Mark Fisher by Jeffrey, Karen’s partner. His groups were infiltrated and his activities monitored by a spy sent by Miscavige for twelve years! It’s worth a listen.
      It made me thankful that my groups and activities remain unknown and I’ve made sure of that.

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