How much service can you give the world?

Most everyone who reads this blog has probably seen the quote about “when buildings become important someone please blow up central head-quarters.”

This is from a lecture by LRH in Dec 1960. This quote did the rounds by email in and around 2008 and has been used fairly often since then.

Below is the extract from the lecture. It is interesting to hear it as given. There can be no doubt that if LRH remained true to this view he would never approve of what became the ideal org strategy. The comments about service are also enlightening. In one minute we see how modern official Scientology has completely reversed these importances.


22 thoughts on “How much service can you give the world?

  1. I have discussed Ideal Orgs in depth with knowledgeable Sea Org who have departed.
    There are 2 underlying reasons for Ideal Orgs:
    1) Per the Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations, tax exempt organizations must not just stock pile money, they have to be seen *spending.*
    2) Ideal Orgs is a statement to the world that Scientology is *Booming* and *Expanding* because the demand is so high, look, new real estate is needed to accommodate such demand !
    In actual fact the local whales (big donors) pay for the Ideal Org. Let’s take Mexico.
    The biggest Mexican Whale is Marcos Salame Jafif,

    Gave $4 million dollars to Ideal Orgs.

    In addition, He bought a completely mall shopping center for an Advanced Org in Mexico. It lies there complete empty, a derelict eyesore with no $$$ for renovations !

    After Marcon’s young son died, at the age of 22, he was regged mercilessly while he felt *Guilt* of his son’s death.

    He also donated for the ideal org in Mexico the biggest they have in the city. This is separate money than the donation for the new “Advanced org.”
    There is two stories of the death of the 22 year old.

    One is that he was epileptic. And since he was in the OT LEVELS he was stopped on medication and had a seizure and died.

    Other story says that the 22 year old committed suicide

    But in the Jewish community if someone commits suicides, the family have the right to tell a different story to cover the embarrasment about it.

    At any rate, even though the very wealthy donors to the Church from Mexico are all Jewish,
    Marcos Salame Jafif is the biggest whale.
    With Millions and Millions donated to the *Church*. This was spun and PRd in Mexico as *PROOF* of Scientology expansion out the roof. But in actuality, one millionaire gave big bucks.

    And finally, Scientology Inc has fought long and hard to get religious status in Mexico for tax exemption purposes. Once again, a year ago DENIED

      • ThetaClear,
        Did you notice that her husband Jeffrey Augustine aka J. Swift aka OTVIIIisGrrr8!, a long term Co$ & Scn critic, is also a Master Mason and Knight Templar, but they say nothing about the tons of allegations against the Illuminati, etc.

      • Thanks for the comm, MaBu

        I am afraid that I would need to learn more about this Knight Templar and Illuminati thing first , to be able to fully understand your statement and how it relates to the Jews.

        ARC PETER

      • Thank you Peter.
        i can see your view although did not think of it at the time I posted. if it had been a Baptist, Methodist or 7th day Adventist I would said the same only changed the word.
        There are millions of Mexicans who cannot come anywhere near affording to the tech. Scientology caters to the wealthy Jewish community in Mexico because they are wealthy and some are whales, while 90% of Mexico could not even afford a session in a lifetime.
        Some of my best friends in the whole world are Jewish so I had nothing on the word per se but I see your view.
        Right now we are just about to do a radio show on Rabbi of rank discussing Scientology who watches my YouTube Channel. This will be enlightening !

    • Mabu
      I am so proud of Jeffrey Augustine attaining Knight Templar status in the Free Masons. The Free Masons ACTUALLY do charity work unlike Scientology Inc.
      And Jeffrey is a dynamite researcher. The first person to find out that the Church’s tax returns hidden on the Internet…revealed a value ofr $1.5 billion from only 3 entities
      1) Church of Scientology International
      2) Church of Spiritual Technology
      3) Church of Scientology Flag Service Org.
      By revealing these and posting on line imagine how many people being forced to donate under pressure of now now now could see the amassed wealth the Church REALLY has stockpiled.
      Click the links called 990Ts to find out more

    • Karen,

      One of the things that still doesn’t add up for me is, if the Ideal Org campaign is attempt to be in compliance with the IRS rules and regulations, then why continue to ask for donations when (as I understand it) the church already has stockpiles of cash? And, on top of the monies that are donated for the new buildings, the individual ORG has to pay it back to the IAS–at least in the case of Tampa.

  2. There being no OT 9 or 10, Miscavige has to spin out the situation with this major delay tactic. Before this, each org had to reach St Hill size before the two levels could be released.
    To reach St Hill size, would mean the training of auditors; gettting in standard tech and standard admin – massive production. Anyone who has studied the OEC, and Vol 7 in particular, understands what it will take. However, auditing and happy pcs is no longer the VFP of an org, by observation. This is not desired because it will mean more and more people moving up the Bridge and quite soon the OT 8s will want their next level and will start demanding OT 9 and 10!
    Auditor training is seriously on hold or not going ever to occur again – much. Demanding that everyone study the basics and lectures from 2007 put paid to this. Even before 2007, auditors in orgs were few and far between. There appear to be seven auditors only in the whole of South Africa and I believe the situation is similar worldwide.
    Chris Shelton’s video on this subject is very good. I seem to remember that we’ve had it on this blog not too long ago.

    • Nice one Inspired.
      The video is super-clear. Do not engage in ideal org building projects, do not fundraise, solve it with Scientology, the only focus of orgs is making auditors and auditing people.
      Compare this to current management. A whole new scene with no connection to LRH.
      Current management has completely, totally, 100% lost the plot. They have no call on anyone’s support. Time to cut them loose.
      If you are relatively new to this blog, what you see here is enough to call it quits on the current scene.

    • Inspired – I agree with you 100%. the ideal org campaign is a delaying tactic. And to make sure there is a long enough delay (i.e to the end of Miscavige’s life) he made sure to require huge buildings and then demand expensive renovations and running costs. Just in case the field came up with the bucks, he made sure to demand donations for the Super Power building (which was over funded), and the IAS and libraries and TWTH, now the LRH Hall and expensive e-meters, expensive re-training of auditors and he spent a few buckets of money on a building at the Int Base and a TV station – and he is not shy to spend money on lawyers and PIs and luxury travel to cut ribbons. Everything is designed to go backwards and get further and further away from having to tell the public there is no 9 and 10. Miscavige does not care about the number of members – he just needs a core of donors to keep the fires burning fast enough to look good and keep his stats up, and slow enough to never reach that particular target in his life time. Can you imagine the ARCX if he ever were to tell the public that he has no 9 and 10 and he has been purposely misleading them all along? He is sitting on the mother of all withholds. It really sucks to be Miscavige. It will be worse for his successor in title if he/she keeps the lie alive.

    • Looks like I was premature in my conclusion here. This poster and the Cultural Revolution wasn’t until 1966. Hubbard lecture was in 1960. Strange coincidence you have to admit though. The spirit and meaning are both the same. Maybe Mao used it in earlier writings or himself ripped it from someone that Hubbard got it from?

  3. Interesting to note that my friends tell me, around the world, that IAS call-in is happening intensively right now.
    Compare this to the call-in that happened, or not, for Auditors Day? Nothing. Not a single call.
    IAS is fundraising. Auditors Day is, by their actions, not important at all.
    Axiomatic. Self-evident truth.
    This tells you all about current management. Gone. Not LRH. Some other weird thing is playing out, but definitely not LRH and not Scientology.

  4. For those of you who have not been privileged to be invited to a special briefing on why the idle morgues are invaluable to expansion – there is a wonderful article on Tony Ortega’s sight:
    Filled with lies and half truths from beginning to end. Anybody here in touch with Jhb and Pta Public? Are they raving about 47X expansion (70X in some places!)
    My word, they must be bursting at the seams by now….

    If you don’t want to read anti-scn or anti-hubbard stuff, I suggest you don’t read the comments. 😉

  5. Draco, I think it is fairly accurate to say joburg and pta have divided by 47 or 70. It’s a simple matter of changing the operand from X to ÷ and you have it right. Gat1 cancelled all the auditors and later gat2 cancelled all the auditors again. The basics got rid of the auditors in training. The academy is bereft of auditors in training and yet the ideal org solution to this is to build more academies. The management of the C of S is in at best treason to Scientology.

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