How David Miscavige Does It and How We Got Played


By The Oracle 

In an interview with the Saint Petersburg Times published October 25, 1998, David Miscavige reveals his success to power: “People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

The link for this interview is posted at the bottom for reference.
He implies in this statement, that people are eager and willing to be led by him, possibly even hopeful, and therefore he gifts them winning commands.
A closer inspection of the facts over the past 30 plus years tells a different story.  

How did David Miscavige get power? The oldest and sneakiest trick in the book. “Divide and Conquer”.
When I think of the evidence I could lay on the table, this could easily evolve into a book. I do encourage anyone so inclined to write it. When I thought of all I could lay down on the table to illustrate my point, I thought I might need to write a ten part series.
Being I am currently very short on time, and the people I mean to have a look at this are very bright with lots of Scientology street cred, I will make it as a brief as possible and I know others will fill in the missing things that needed to be said or looked at, for all of us.
Divide and conquer has been David’s only “magic management” trick.
Plan A:
He began with the Hubbard’s, Ron and Mary Sue. Not like Hubbard was down in the trenches himself on that one and huddled up with attorneys himself. Someone else can easily put this puzzle together. He divided that unit.
Plan B:
Next he took on the Mission Holders, which were a unit and a very well organized group with a lot of camaraderie. Again, how he split that group up and even deleted missions across America is no secret. He tore that power down. Then he slapped S.M.I. on top of them to dominate.
Plan C:
Next, he focused on the Sea Org. Not like Hubbard was down in those trenches with the attorneys on “restructuring” either. David divided the Sea Org into small manageable units he could easily dominate, and maintained distances between them so one did not know what the other was thinking. This is how he divided up the Sea Org into little sections:
RTC, ASI, Central Computer bank , In Comm, CMO IXU, CMO INT, Int Finance Office, Int Landlord, Office of E.D. Int, Watchdog Committee, C.S.I., Golden Era Productions, A.S.I., Office of Special Affairs, S.M.I., Bridge Pubs, New Era Publications, A.B.L.E., Flag Bureau, C.M.O., F.O.L.O., CC Int, Continental Pubs Liason Office, W.I.S.E., F.S.O., F.S.S.O., C.M.O. Cont, I.A.S., Freewdins, Blah blah blah blah it must take an airplane hangar to keep the corp docs.
Note, he put people “in power” over all of this significance and then lopped their heads off. It is ONLY HIM UP THERE NOW in charge of of all of this, which is basically, a couple of hundred people let’s face it.
He picked off power people one by one and the Heber Jentzsch family was a huge victory. He alone did not have the power Karen De La Carriere and Heber had in Scientology.
As a note, after Karen left and was posting on Marty’s blog, she confided in a person that appeared “trustworthy” and within days her son was sent to snoop on her and bust her. Miscavige was running divide on conquer. Karen is still standing. And that woman lives out loud and stands tall and is accepted everywhere and is loved and accepted because she grants beingness to everyone. She is one of the most remarkable human beings I have ever seen. And she is STILL being there and confronting that con man.
Plan D:
How to constantly divide and conquer the public? Easy! G.A.T.! Those that went with his programs went right, those that did not went left. Every few years now he does a shake down like this and splits the community. Status’! Those that gave much were applauded, those that did not were shamed. He even figured out ways to segregate the customers!
Plan E:
How to control those that fled and went Independent? Too easy!
He parked OSA plants on ESMB to Fair Game any opinion leader leaving the Church who could enable the discontented. Last count over 230 thread fair gaming Marty Rathbun. Someone was there to stir up witch hunts the instant an opinion leader left the Church. This divided the discontented on that score. Put OSA plants out here to start civil wars between the Freezoners and Independents to keep those from forming any union. Then he refocused his plan to turn Indies against Indies. He then tried to start wars between the Indies such as, “Who is using their real name and who is not?” “Who signed the Indie 500 list and who did not?” And divided camps and got people to out themselves gathering intel through the “status game”.
Plan F:
This goes so far down he manages to do it with witnesses! Divide and conqueror the witnesses. When the trials were going down and Brian Caulkin was in the mix with Louis Garcia, David propped up his OSA plant the throw the solo nots materials on Brian. Waited a moment until the guy was spun in and then moved in to make a deal. He managed to divide and conquer witness! The fair gaming that went on between camps over that one created rifts and no mercy was spared on Brian. (Personally, I think Brian is a well meaning man and that was hard for me to watch).
Over and over this “genius” of David Miscavige, parallel to the magic of a hostile mother in law to split up a marriage, has worked and we have been played.
It is this simple:
A. Divide and conquer.
B. Fund it with beggars.
Why does he fund it all with beggars? Well first of all in this way he invalidates the admin tech. If the Church could really run on admin tech would he need beggars?
Secondly, he does not want to sell and deliver Scientology why? Because then he would make Scientologists! Who / What would oppose David Miscavige? ONLY a Scientologist. The less there are, the less he has to worry about. It is easier to beg and shame people into giving.
Do you think if he was a U.S. Senator or a Mayor he would not be in prison right now? Why does he still run loose? Who / What would oppose him? He has created such bad P.R. people out here in the world think Scientologists are so crazy they “deserve” what happens to them like a prostitute that gets raped! This is how divides us as PEOPLE from our fellow man. This is how insidious it gets.
Whoever you are wherever you are reading this from whatever country, you can probably look around you and see how you have been picked off from people you loved for years and they are standing on the other side of some fence. There must be hundreds of other stories.
So what is the upshot?
We ALL got played. Please for the love of God do not use anything I written here to run out and harm attack or suppress another human being. Stop getting played.
If you have been the target of an O.S.A. plant, let it go. These people are homeless for all purposes. They can not go back and they can not settle out here. Have mercy, grant amnesty, and hope that one of them can or will come forward and offer to help again and belong somewhere again. We ALL got played.
Reach out and stand by someone, anyone, and do not let walls come between you. I don’t care if you are for or against Scientology, for or against L. Ron Hubbard, for or against the Sea Org, put humanity first.
Let’s just stop getting played by the con man who truly, has not been anyone’s friend.

52 thoughts on “How David Miscavige Does It and How We Got Played

  1. Well said.
    LRH said that “the most sought after particle in the universe, is that of admiration”. Mankind’s desire to seek out those who will flow admiration to them, is a powerful engine. And Miscaviage is a master technician at this game. The creation of levels of admiration flow via the various status systems feeds his empire. And being an OTXIII doesn’t mean you don’t want some admiration flowing your way, it seems . . . .
    And then, always have a third party singing your praise. Any new movie or book, is always commented on and recommended by third parties, never by the author or actor. (Even our lame duck Zuma knows this – he has his own praise singer who enters the stage first.) Note the ever increasing thanks for COB and RTC “in keeping the tech pure . . “, blah, blah. Soon we will not even see LRH’s photo on the public event stages – it will be Miscaviage’s.
    And then the circle will be complete. And there’s enough cannon fodder for this game to continue for a very long time.
    So, my friends, turn your attention to getting the real training and real auditing a la Ron, and create your own future. And have a super day!

    • “Turn to getting the real training and real auditing a la Ron’… WTF?! Do you not have the ability to take a look at all the factual info. available today that lays your Ron to rest?? Read a book for fuck’s sake…

  2. Wow, TO, ….. you have left me speechless! …but let’s try anyway! 🙂

    By way of an analogy here, It has oft been argued, that nothing original was ‘discovered’, by LRH. That in fact — “he just ‘stole’ his ideas from some earlier source!”

    Well, the truth is, that he had on numerous occasions, leaned heavily on earlier teachings, and discoveries. However, LRH, made it quite clear, in many of his publications, (at least those I’m familiar with), that indeed, scientology IS heavily indebted to the work done and provided by his forbears. Further, he mentions, and gives full credit to those persons, too.

    Where LRH publicly “broke fresh ground” as it were, was simply in being capable and able enough, to ORGANIZE and distill that enormously diverse source of material, into a single umbrella of knowledge, capable of exposing previously unknown phenomena of the mind, spirit, and indeed life itself. As we know, he gave the earliest version of that work, a name, “Dianetics”, which through newly found discoveries, transformed into “Scientology.”

    I fully believe and have observed, that this was his genuine attempt to de-aberrate mankind, and provide him/her, with workable answers, to the riddles of existence.

    That, my dear Oracle, is the “analogy”, I’m using here.

    This comparison alludes to the vast amount of dangerous, arduous and at times, seemingly ‘impossible’ odds, of successfully exposing the ‘subject’ of your article, by those who have done the ‘earlier work’ and made many personal sacrifices, to provide us all with a new freedom and opportunity to speak freely and without fear!

    Gratitude is specifically due to Marty, Mike, Steve, Karen and the army of others, via their blogs, stalwart organizations and the media itself, who have collectively broken down the walls of fearful silence imposed predominantly by the Miscavige Mind Control Machine.

    Where I personally feel you have also specifically broken “fresh ground”, in the fragmented protest against a ’30 year siege’ of the commandeering of scientology, is by way of the most succinct, factually detailed written expose, I have ever seen.

    Indeed, though retaliatory rhetoric, may come your way, (so what’s new Lou?) , be assured, you have massive numbers of fearless combatants, willing to stand by your side!

    Your posting can be just as effective a ‘wake up’ call, as was Debbie Cooke’s letter.

    Perhaps even more so!.

    With love and appreciation,

    Calvin. 🙂

    • Thank you for your generous acknowledgment Calvin. I hold Miscavige accountable for all that has happened under his “watch”. Because he has had the power at any time to toss out policies that are no longer beneficial. Many are over half a century old and no longer helpful.

      “Periodic sweep-outs
      antiquated and didactic laws (rather than general
      concepts and
      sub-purposes) must be undertaken by a being,
      organization, group
      or race or species.

      HCO PL 13 Mar 65 What Is Policy?:

      “POLICY is a rule or
      procedure or a guidance which permits the BASIC
      PURPOSE to
      “Following policy is
      matter of grasping situations and knowing policy
      well enough to
      apply the right policy to the right situation …

      “Ideas or procedures
      that were unsuccessful in assisting the basic
      purpose of an
      individual, species, organism, organization, become
      bad policy.”

      “Periodic sweep-outs
      antiquated and didactic laws (rather than general
      concepts and
      sub-purposes) must be undertaken by a being,
      organization, group
      or race or species. However, such an action must be
      done, selecting only those laws or rules which came
      into being
      because of pressure groups or infrequent enemies or
      which were
      derived from no experience. And before throwing any
      policy away
      one must carefully examine its history to see if it
      is still
      restraining an enemy or forwarding some
      “Mismanagement or
      misgovernment of self, an organization, group or
      state would
      then consist of failing to forward the BASIC
      PURPOSE, not
      grasping and specifying SUB-PURPOSES, and not
      experiencing and
      formulating policies to strengthen successful ideas
      or actions
      that forward the Basic and Sub-Purposes and impede
      ideas or
      actions that retard them and not recognizing actual
      enemies or
      oppositions or planning and carrying out successful
      campaigns to
      handle them. Failing in any of these actions the
      group, organization, state, civilization, race or
      species will
      falter, fail and die.”

  3. Person A and person B are koolaid drinkers of note, and we’re all relatives. Person A owes me a crap load of money, and I stopped communicating with her for this reason (and was also one of many reasons why I’m here on BIC today). Person B also doesn’t speak to person A for her ‘out-ethics on finances’. Since I no longer frequent the org neither A nor B speaks to me. I’m just a piece of low-life shit to them – and I must admit, vice versa. So here we have three once-close individuals none of whom speak to each other, because of WHAT? Yes, I’d say that’s divide and conquer. The British Empire would be proud!

    • What a great article, The Oracle. YOu nailed it on every count.

      “Do you think if he was a U.S. Senator or a Mayor he would not be in prison right now? Why does he still run loose? Who / What would oppose him? He has created such bad P.R. people out here in the world think Scientologists are so crazy they “deserve” what happens to them like a prostitute that gets raped! This is how divides us as PEOPLE from our fellow man. This is how insidious it gets.”

  4. Oracle, your article speaks compassion and truth. And while I have myself observed these factors, you’ve yet got parts to that picture which I had not before recognized. Indeed, I see eye to eye with Calvin in calling your article “the most succinct, factually detailed written expose”.
    Perhaps you would care to elucidate what you mean by “Not like Hubbard was down in those trenches with the attorneys on “restructuring” either” ?

    • Perhaps you recall the book called “The Command Channels of Scientology” that was sent out to everyone with a check sheet? I still have the book and a check sheet. This was when all of the corporations were created and Watchdog Committee and E.D. Int and an entire restructuring was done. David Miscavige has been the terminal in charge of dealing with attorneys and was the person who kept reporting to Hubbard that is was legally safe for him to return to the Int Base.

      • Typed too fast. I meant to write:

        David Miscavige has been the terminal in charge of dealing with attorneys and was the person who kept reporting to Hubbard that is was NOT legally safe for him to return to the Int Base.

      • Dear Oracle, thank you for that clarification. Now I understand it (couldn’t get it before!)

  5. The Oracle,

    Thanks for setting the record straight. I totally agree.

    Over the years, DM’s role in the demise of Scientology has been obfuscated by the deluge of heretofore unknown and un-analysed negative information about LRH and his technology.

    DM stoked this fire about LRH with the “blind leading the blind” evaluation of LRH’s Tech and Admin and creating the new GAT, ASI, etc.. these were “DM” technologies to correct the “blind” LRH and thereby placing himself at the top of LRH’s technology hierarchy and also placing him at the top of an organization that today has morphed into DM’s fund raising Ponzi scheme. All this has little to do with Scientology. But, as we all can see in the news, both LRH and Scientology are blamed by the general public for what DM has done to Scientology even though it is in fact not Scientology.

    In the end, the biggest divide and conquer story of DM’s reign is his single handed destruction of LRH, his technology and his organization by replacing it with the most hated hypnotic cult technology and money sucking organization on earth.

    Miscavige’s Black Dianetics is squirrel technology masquerading as LRH’s tech in order to give Scientology a “bad name” and bury the subject forever.

  6. A savvy analysis Oracle. I was for a long time mystified as to why things were so off balance that it looked like a deliberate attempt to destroy. I think there are two main motivations:

    1. Miscavige’s personality – in this regard there is a very good article written by Mike Rinder some years back called “On DM’s Behavior” and it can be found on Steve Hall’s website (maybe also other places).

    2. There is an apparent need to keep everyone chasing their tails and going up and down, back and forth and getting bankrupted so as not to achieve anything meaningful – so that the demand for levels 9 and 10 remains low, and no targets are attained that will force Miscavige to deliver the levels – or more to the point – disclose that they do not exist. His power depends on people listening to him and they will stop doing that as soon as they become aware that he has been sitting on a lie and and has betrayed everyone who has been led to believe there is something more.

    Oracle, your spot-on analysis has contextualized the pattern of behaviour of Miscavige and his supporters. The history of the organisation is its own worst indictment.

    I agree too that we have ALL been played. And I agree that we should be forgiving of one another and forgiving of all people of good intent. That would be the perfect defeat of the “divide and conquer” strategy being used on us.

    • Wendy, I agreed fully on your sentiments.

      Your last paragraph cannot begin to quantify the untold numbers of those who have unwittingly been led by the nose-ring (the result of heavy exposure to the Miscavige Mind Control Machine – “MMCM” — his ACTUAL “tech” breakthrough!) — into the most heinous, hurtful, behavior imaginable!

      –The enforced “policy of disconnection”. the consequences of which are unprecedented in western religion.

      — This latest post by The Oracle, can go a long ways in setting the record straight. it needs to go viral, if it is to have the cleansing and enlightening effect you have highlighted.

      ARC & thank you,


    • “A calm sea does not good sailors make”.

      A lot of people got dressed up in military uniforms. Hubbard went from making clears and auditors to making soldiers armies and governments. Calm lands do not good soldiers make. He turned out some good soldiers. What is the purpose of s soldier? Really. To bypass.

    • What has everyone gone and done? Bypassed Hubbard. David Miscavige describes him now as an over product maker that could not even train an auditor.

      I think Hubbard had every intention of setting people up to be able to bypass him. When your aunt Minnie passes away do you still set a plate for her at the dinner table, put food on it, and push a chair up the table? You are supposed to bypass and either pick up the torch and carry it or discount it’s value as time goes on. We see methods in medicine all the time changing, what people find useful, they keep. Some becomes out dated.

      Scientology is described as many different things to many different people. So people have out lists and wrong items too.

      But every one should be able to make their own choices and have their own understandings about it. I don’t get “decompressing” at all. I don’t get “recovery” at all. I didn’t have to do any of those things. I was the same person before during and after. I left the Sea Org thinking, “After all of the outflow I have done over the last six years, after all of that concentrated effort to help others, for virtually zero exchange, I have a lot of inflow coming my way. And trust me, I did. The red carpet rolled out for me.

      But I never saw myself as being in a Church or being part of some religion. When I got involved it wasn’t even called a Church, it was just called “The Org” and was more or less funded by topless dancers.

      When Hubbard’s soldiers showed up, frankly, the place cleared out. We all thought it was too creepy and recamped at local missions or Celebrity Centers.

      So, who am I to say some people do not need to to “recover” or “decompress” or whatever it is they go through. We were involved in different things.

      I do not care to carry a torch for Hubbard or Scientology. That is not my purpose. I am not surprised he is bypassed and I think that is just natural. I do not I feel I need to justify my understandings, and I don’t think anyone else does either.

      People “needing orders” is a situation. But most people can not sleep on their mother’s couch forever. “Choice” is a power many people do not claim. Their choices were/are selected for them by others, made for them by others. I do believe many people got involved with Scientology and it was never their choice. Someone chose that for them certain it was what they needed or wanted, when it just wasn’t.

      Psychometric studies were being done in the late 1940’s. And were described in Claude Bristol’s books. This one is even read on YouTube. This is where my interest lies. I think the Scientology community has done more with it that anyone else. And I think some day in the future that this will not be so scary for people to explore. Given a proper environment to be curious. Given good purpose and healing intentions.

  7. “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”
    ― Joseph Goebbels

    Goebbels is the earlier similar to Miscavige. Very similar and one lifetime earlier

    • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” –Joseph Goebbels
      Goebbels height was 1.65
      He was made Chancellor on 30 April – birthday of Dear Leader.

  8. Excellent article, Oracle.

    Miscavige has carefully separated Scientologists.

    People have been grossly overrun on Not’s. The cancelation of the “blow by inspection” and the three swing FN are suppressive out tech of high magnitude, burying the OT under mass. Earlier state of release looks hallucinatory, seems dub in and all the wins are drawn into BPC.

    Some still audit with those lies and the stat of actual wins is down, down… No real scientologist knowing his basics seems to remain in the church.
    Not many actually have really understood the magnitude of alteration of “COB”.

    My take is that all the Ron’s journal from 34 are FALSE. Not written by LRH, not said by him.
    The amont of lie is unconfrontable for someone who doesn’t really know the basic of the tech and can observe departure of basic laws, and is not hatted on how totalitarian fascist are acting with outright lies as a matter of propaganda.

    For exemple RJ35, from clear to eternity is promotting the “actual OT levels” versus the pre OT level ! Nice marketting invention to keep the customer on the shop in 1982. The “actual OT levels”, above OTVIII don’t exist. How could LRH have been promoting something which doesn’t exist? Did he ever do that previously? And RJ 38 were he promote RTC? Don’t you think he is quite weird? And what strange voice, so young and robotic for an men over 70 who use to all kind of chukle, comm lags…

    These RJs are forgeries. They are complete big lies, and nobody is ready to confont it, like with the lies of the nazis. “Bigger is the lie, more the people will accept it”.

    And people who disagree with COB are thrown away. And those who stays in disconnect. I have lost many friends who are sure I’m “non survival” for scientology. One day we will know the exact truth of how he did his power push…

  9. A lot of people know how he did his power push. If you fill the missing dots by having a look at the statements from people who crossed his path since the beginning of the eighties, you’ll be able to get an idea. There is a very revealing interview of Mark Fisher by Jeffrey Agustine on You tube.
    There is a lot of info Miscavige slowly climbed up the ladder of power by cutting and monitoring communication lines and when people realised what was going on they were already in the RPF.
    He outplayed every body because no one would believe this up start bully who knew nothing of the tech could get so far. He was under estimated by all the higher strata of execs who later were brought to their knees under his iron rule.

    • “Start up Bully”, I like that one! Underestimated, I think he was over estimated more so. People thought he was a friend. People thought a lot and did not look. He has all the talent of a resentful mother in law. He has only been looking out for number one. And he’s got bank, that guy is a millionaire now. Did you know the pts sp detection used to be part of the basic Sea Org Member Hat and it was removed? Decades ago. Those people there now in the Sea Org have no clue. When I was there the new recruits were mostly people that needed a green card in the U.S. and had only done a communications course. Once you are in, you do not read or train.

  10. Thanks Oracle.
    People getting back in comm is the antidote, as you suggest.
    We have been played, and now DM is playing. Transferring assets from the field to Int Management via ideal orgs and in cash to the IAS rserves. It is a cash/assets transfer scheme. It has zero to do with the tech. That is his smoke screen.
    To stay legal, he has to spend some cash, so he creates the Scientolotoldy Media Production facilities. He loves that stuff. He is playing his games.
    To try and fit what he does into some logical framework, does not work. He is not trying to expand Scientology and make orgs clear the planet. He wants to play.
    He does this as a psychopath, in love with his own image, without conscience. With no actual friends and only on his first dynamic.
    This is the extent of betrayal.

    • There was never a policy written by Hubbard about the Freewinds. If fact, there was a policy saying OT8 was to be delivered in the A.O.’s. The purpose of the Freewinds is to house the I.A.S. and maintain off shore bank accounts.

  11. Do you think this might possibly be an example of the tone level covert hostility? This was a marvelous article as was “Notes on my Decompression”

  12. Mike Rinder has a famous closing phrase: “It sucks to be Miscavige”.
    A little bird told me that The Oracle probably is going to find this closing phrase amusing: “LFS Miscavige”.

  13. Let me add plan G)
    Let all the people who are still in the church re-do the purif
    Introduce a single source of vitamins
    Make sure these vitamins contain a substance that will destroy all wins so far and to
    make sure, they can never ever become free in the future

  14. What is still so impressive despite his immense despicability is how this little midget did it! On the the surface he seemed to have everyone beat, ole man included!

    Or was he made to believe he had won and given the trappings of absolute power and riches so as not to draw attention to a simple fact. The real bridge is alive and well out side the prison system known as the RCS. Did LRH have a part in creating this senario? Compelling to say the least. If DM and benefactors thought they had won hands down, perhaps the indies could quietly get on with it. Those who felt the need to expose the church would take the hits and provide much needed and valued cover for the rest of us.

    Admiration may be the most desired particle but perhaps freedom has seen more action than just about anything else on offer. Maybe put the two concepts together and say I admire freedom – vigorously! For a while DM had me convinced and sold that he could provide me with something more than just honest basic tech would. That makes him a fine con man but a very abysmal soul technician. Grifters, charlatans and con men have a nasty likely hood of finding themselves hanging from a rope they helped tie. It may take lifetimes or it may be soon but happen it will. Davie the bell tolls for thee..

    • Thanks for the article.

      SB, I seem to agree with you. I think that LRH knew and/or “pridicted” the furture of HIS Scientology and brigde to freedom. He relised that the midget and “infultrators” were going to take control and made them “think/believe” they had control, and completed Tech, to save the true Scientolgy and bridge from thier “cancerous little paws”.

      My view and two cents worth is that the little midget is just a “prawn, I mean pawn” in this game being played infront of ALL our eyes. Its a very clever game me thinks. Its keeping allot of eyes “over here” when allot is happening “over there”, quiet a good magic show if you ask me.

      The midget I believe, as a human being, is not as “powerfull” as he is made out to be there is more at play me thinks! We aren’t all humans are we?…………….

    • “What is still so impressive despite his immense despicability is how this little midget did it! On the the surface he seemed to have everyone beat, ole man included!”

      Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

      He just got Hubbard to listen to him and then he fed him false reports. People do this all over the planet every day. At least in countries where people are selling used cars.

    • You don’t expect someone can live in a full time treason condition, and prosper. But they do.

      Even Hubbard alluded to it saying something like, “The captains of industry are pirates and bums”.

      Biblical: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

      It doesn’t mean every successful or wealthy person is bad or shifty. It just means a lot of people gain power and wealth through treason. By simply being treasonous. From what I can see everyone that has crossed David’s path has been hit with treason. He even has his minions committing perjury in the courts and the treason is bleeding through the legal system.

  15. I find myself reading these blogs less and less, albeit it that I’ve appreciated and benefited from much that I have found in them.
    I periodically have a look at several blogs to find things of interest and value.
    This blog is definitely one of the best and this article was packed with senior explanatory data ( that’s what valuable data does: explains and aligns).
    But for all the very considerable merits of your succinct, integrative expose, it was your humanity that resonated the most with me.
    For all the clear thinking, the brilliant and relevant research, exposes and expositions, I feel that what we mostly need to sort out this mess, salvage the good and enable real survival and progress, is an attitude of conscious tolerance that puts humaneness and humanity above any consideration of creed, race, tribe, ideology, belief, viewpoint or any other grouping criteria or circumstance. And your words, Oracle, helpfully point in that sane direction. So, thank you.

    • Thank you Tony. I think we are all pretty good communicators. For me, I think Hubbard taught us how to how to have a good conversation. I think that is all Scientology really is. That is what auditing is, a conversation. And Hubbard taught people how to have a meaningful conversation. Even good questions to ask.

      I know a lot of heavy stuff got piled on top on it that was not beneficial. But in the beginning and when everyone was really winning, we were just learning how to have great conversations with one another.

      And we still are.

  16. TO – a bit late…been so busy and just rediscovered this blog:
    Divide and conquer – so true!!! It goes down all through the spine of all scientologists in the church.
    The CoS attitude devides people, friends cannot freely talk to each other, even married couples, as we all know. This is a devide and conquer operation, and it worked. People got divided, everybody!! And Miscavige conquered, all the way. Great observation. And all these petty quarrels amongst people who left, has to be a result of something similar. No other logical explanation.
    I can write loads on this. But the surest proof on the divide/conquer, since leaving and especially DPTSing and becoming Indie, a huge world of relationships and deep friendships with people opened up again, and is blossoming – as it should (damn) be with me.
    Good one!

  17. Its an age-old technique this divide and conquer tactic. Its been used for millennia and is still used today by governments around the world to either stir up discontent or to start a war. David is no genius, he is just astute. It is so ironic that he chooses to astutely find the very mechanism that will divide the group instead of something pro-survival. What gets me the most is that he will destroy the church as we have known it, and the very thing that LRH warned us about in every Advance Magazine published, is that the workability of any tech is destroyed one it have been sufficiently altered and therefor will perish. David has done this to a degree of success and if any of the tech is to survive and remain workable, it will be because of the independents, the declared, the disillusioned and the field of standardly trained auditors and technical staff no longer affiliated with the church. Great responsibility i would say, but the people on this blog alone can pull it off if they remain true to the purity or any workable tech. I also agree that once the basics are in, exploration for every person with enough tech behind them and venture forth into terror-incognito and contribute their findings, codify it and bring it to us to find out its workability for ourselves. Afterall, what is true is that which is true for you.

    • Maybe LRH intended it that way.

      We have all the LRH materials available out in the field. We are free to experiment with those materials as LRH was doing, and move the subject forward.

      The Church was intended to keep the application at a certain level as a fall back position. The main action for progress is in the field now.

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