Hot off the Press! Mail & Guardian takes the lid off Scientology

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It was bound to happen, and now it has.

Today the Mail & Guardian featured a full-length exposé article on the Church’s current state of affairs – both in South Africa and Internationally. In addition to many other issues covered, the article exposes details of the en masse declares, enforced disconnections, harassment and fair gaming of good people and their families, denigration of senior OT’s and attacks on former long-serving & loyal Scientologists. Continue reading


Travers Harris – my life in SCN & the SO

Travers Harris

Travers Harris

Editors Comment: We were sent this article by Travers Harris – a fascinating account by a genuine old-timer of his early pioneering experiences and adventures in Scientology. Our thanks to Travers for sharing his story with us. 

When I was introduced to Scientology in 1964 it was called The Hubbard Association of Scientologists (HASI). I attended an introductory lecture and later did some of the basic courses. I was very impressed and later signed up for The Hubbard Professional Auditors Course.

At the time I thought there was nothing like it in the Western World. It was about the philosophy of spirituality, of love and of friendship. Continue reading

How to spot an OSA robot

 By Robert Berrington
Robot we come in peaceWe received the following from Robert Berrington who has data of value regarding the ongoing infiltration and snooping by the Church and OSA. Just last week we were alerted to yet more attempts by the Church to get certain public to “cough up” information and names of their UTR friends or declared people’s activities. Whereas we cannot with certainty confirm the allegations being made against the people named in this article, we have allowed the publishing thereof as this is not the first time we have received similar reports.
 Over to Robert:

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BIC celebrates their 1st Anniversary!

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This blog went live on the 25th October 2013 with it’s first article Hello & Welcome!  

As stated in that article “We hope this blogging platform will provide a place for South African Scientologists to get back in comm. Most of us have observed outpoints & actions within the church with which we disagree. We have learned that we can’t talk about these things with each other. This is silly, unproductive and dangerous. Only an organisation that is open and transparent will fully serve its people”

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A change will do you good

An article by Chris Shelton

  Chris Shelton article 18 Oct 2014

“Progress is impossible without change,and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw

Looking at the ex-Scientology community, the blogs and video channels and Facebook groups, I would say that I have put out my fair share of articles and videos about the abuses and darker sides of the Scientology experience.

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Marty ambushed yet again by RCS & how this relates to South African SCN’s


Jenny LInson – CNN Interview with the “inch wives”

On Monday (20 Oct 2014) a story broke about Marty being ambushed and harassed by a trio of RCS execs who “just happened” to be in the same place at LAX (Los Angeles Airport). Marty videoed the whole incident.

The three Church execs involved in this humiliating public display of what “top SCN Management” behave like in public were:

  1. Jenny Linson. Personal friend of DM & former wife of Tom De Vocht who was one of many ex-SO members that revealed the many physical beatings perpetrated by DM on top execs in the Church.  Jenny and other wives of those who made similar allegations appeared on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show and tried rather unsuccessfully to dead-agent these claims. Jenny swore that she knew “every inch” of Tom and never saw a bruise on his body. This resulted in the interview thereafter being coined as “the inch wives”  (and thus explains the above pic).
  2. Dave Bloomberg. Long serving SO Exec in the highest strata of Church Management.
  3. Marc Yager. Highest ecclesiastical officer of Scientology’s ‘mother church’ (church of scientology international).  Watchdog Committee Chairman. South Africans will be familiar with Marc as he often appeared in event videos (and then disappeared years ago, believed to have been living in “the hole” ever since).  

Jeffrey Augustine posted an article about this incident and kindly gave us permission to re-post it here on BIC.

The reason we found Jeff’s article to be of particular significance is that he raises the issue of possible laws that were broken.

What many South African SCN’s don’t know is that whereas the Church can and does hide behind 1st Amendment Rights in the USA, no such “rights” exist in South Africa and the Church, just as every other organisation or individual in this country,  falls under the same Constitutional Law and Bill of Rights.

Therefore, if the Church in this country harasses anyone such as they have been doing, they are in effect committing a crime.  (Enforced disconnections, telling people to “unfriend” others on facebook or to disconnect from “so and so”, threatening people if they don’t cooperate by offering up names of UTR friends, requesting people to “come see HCO about some concerns we have”, summoning people to a comm-ev or “ethics interview” on trumped-up charges, confronting a person about “reports” received but not shown, asking any personal questions that the person does not feel comfortable answering, accusing any person of having missed W/H’s or being “out ethics”, publishing or making libelous/slanderous articles or statements about other SCN’s. And so on.

All of this constitutes harassment and discrimination which are criminal acts punishable by the law in this country. One does not even need an attorney to lodge such a case – you can simply go to the court (or police station), fill out the documents and lodge the case – and the matter is then investigated. If proven to be true (which is very easy to prove as the Church is so arrogantly and blatantly overt with their “above the law” attitude) then punitive damages may be awarded to the person lodging the complaint.


With that in mind, here is Jeffrey’s article followed by the video of what occurred.

 Did the Church of Scientology Violate the Law 

When It Harrassed Marty Rathbun at LAX?

It was completely reprehensible, outrageous, and irresponsible for the three Scientology officials to have entered a US airport for the purposes of harassing one individual.

One would think the Church of Scientology would have the common sense and decency to not risk disrupting airport operations in order to act as agents provocateur for David Miscavige.

A single event can shut down an entire airport, delay flights, and cause psychological distress for passengers.

Why the Church chose to engage in such preposterous behavior at a high-security US airport raises serious concerns that should be investigated by law enforcement.

The three Scientology officials may have broken  several laws by harassing Mr. Rathbun inside a US airport:

  1. The Scientology executives are members of a tax-exempt 501(c)3 group, and, they acted in concert in what certainly appears to be a staged operation deliberately designed to create or provoke an adverse incident at a major high-security US airport
  2. The US Supreme Court long ago ruled that, “An airport terminal operated by a public authority is a non-public forum.” In other words, the Church of Scientology agents were not in a public forum. This may prove to be an important distinction.
  3. US airports are multi-jurisdictional non-public forums. Due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of LAX, the Scientology officials have left themselves open to investigation by many different agencies. Moreover, numerous interior and exterior LAX surveillance cameras filmed the Scientology agents.

LAX serves about 220,000 passengers a day.  Why did the Church of Scientology choose to risk disrupting passengers and various law enforcement agencies at LAX?

Law enforcement is at LAX to protect the public; an airport is no place for the Church of Scientology to carry on a vendetta.

Were tax-exempt dollars spent? If so, were laws broken during this potentially illegal expenditure of tax-exempt monies?

Who inside of Scientology ordered this action?

These may prove to be questions that law enforcement will investigate.

This event was another incredibly ill-advised misadventure on the part of the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige.

This writer salutes Marty Rathbun for his calm demeanor and composure in dealing with angry cult members at LAX.

EDIT: Our sources tell us the following:

  1. Jenny Linson, Dave Bloomberg, and Marc Yager have replaced the post of WDC OSA Legal previously held by Mike Rinder. They operate from the building that was previously CMO Gold.
  2. The LAX incident was “striking an effective blow” in order for the SP Hole Legal “Troika” to get out of a lower condition. If so, this is proof of the insanity in which the upper management of the Church is engulfed.

“Troika” is from the Russian тройка and refers to a triumvirate or a group of three. In the Stalinist Era in Russia, the notorious NKVD troika conducted show trials (kangaroo courts) and imprisoned or executed those deemed enemies of Stalin.


Jeffrey Augustine


If you would like to read the article Marty personally wrote about his experience, you can do so by clicking here

Come hither with all ye FUNds


After the somewhat sobering content of our previous article, we are lifting the mood to bring you a bit of fundraiser report-back merriment.

A couple of weeks ago, this blog did an article on the up-coming Medieval fundraiser for Joburg North.  In that article, we mentioned the new SCN House-Band Splurge! would be making their debut. This fundraiser was heavily promoted, and a decent period of notice given to the public.

On the 14th October a report-back email was sent out accompanied by some pictures taken at that event.

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