OSA & their Trolls are at it again


Troll (Internet) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtrl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
This sense of the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, but have been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, mass media has used troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families.”


With the above in mind, trolling people’s facebook profiles to see who they are friends with and then messaging these people to “unfriend” someone is not only a despicable act, but a classic trolling activity that the Church seems to be pre-occupied with on an ongoing basis.

In the last few days it has come to our attention that people are once again being harrassed by the Church and/or their trolls regarding facebook connections to so-called “undesirables”.

Although those of us who are overtly out couldn’t give a fig whether OSA knows who we’re connected to or not, this is causing some trouble for those who are still “under the radar” and/or in a vulnerable situation due to business and/or family connections etc.

One of the ways these people are finding these connections is by trolling the facebook profiles of “SP’s”  friends lists, and then in turn contacting those friends and telling them to disconnect from “so and so”.

In addition to this facebook trolling, we have also become aware that a few people are being asked to offer up names of people they do business with and who they are in comm with. Never mind the insidiousness of outright invasion of privacy, they are actually breaking the POPI law by requesting this information which you are NOT obliged to provide (OSA – do your homework on what this is – we’re not spelling it out for you).

We appeal to everyone who is “out” or UTR or in any way disconnected from the Church to please ensure your privacy settings insofar as your friends list by hiding your friends so that only mutual friends can be seen by each other.

A step-by-step guide is provided herewith:

  1. Go to your own profile (home) page
  2. Click on “Friends”
  3. In the top upper corner, you will see a little block + Find Friends, and next to that a little block that looks like a pencil.
  4. Hover over the pencil, and a drop-down box will appear saying Manage Sections and Edit Privacy – click on Edit Privacy.
  5. A block appears saying “Who can see your friends list” – click on the option and select “only me”.
  6. Do the same for the “Following” option.
  7. Close the box, and your’e done.

If you’d like to go one step further and totally block someone from being able to locate you on facebook at all, follow the following steps:

On the very top blue bar – on the extreme right, you will see a little lock icon – click on it.

A drop-down box with privacy shortcuts appears – one of the options is “how do I stop someone from bothering me”.

There is a little block that you can type a person’s name in (the picture or profile will pop up to make sure you’re blocking the correct person), and then you select “block”. This person will not be able to see your posts, comments or your facebook profile at all. The blocked person will not know that they have been blocked by you.

We highly recommend that the block option is used to for those trolls who have become infamous for their fishing expeditions – we know who they are, as do they.

Please pass this on to anyone you know of that should have this data.


65 thoughts on “OSA & their Trolls are at it again

  1. Agent provacateurs, terrorists, political agitators, black ops personnel whatever you name it the purpose is clear. To sow confusion, disrupt com lines and ultimately divide and conquor!

    This has become an art form for some. The havok and mayhem created is a microcosm of what is occurring planet wide. The whole world is under seige this way. Disinfornation, media lies and covert operations abound! It is utterly fantastic as to how much effort and evil purpose it takes to keep this nuthouse nutty! Even with our collective case and its volume it would key out mostly if there wernt those that kept throwing bloody chum into shark infested waters!!

    So if the trolls succeed even in distraction, how do they win? Whatever it was that brought on the attacks were obviously the right actions. I tend to believe any action that frees, enlightens and blows the bank is the right action- simple!

    BIC, certain terminals in the independant movement are catching it hot right now. This says they are on the right track. Good for them, screw the interference merchants, implanters and SP’s!

    All told I think we are winning. The enemy suffers more casualties than we do and is growing desperate. Trick is not to give up. There was a time I feared the might of the church. Today they are a parody of power, a writhing snake contorting ineffectually after loosing its head!

    The mountain is there, the mist that shrouded it is evapourating. Go climb it and see whats to see at its summit wont you. 🙂

    • If there’s something going on, any chance of us hearing more? It’s a bit unreal to me (hence my glib little comment below) – no-one ever bothers me or my family, but then again I’m not suing the crappers.

    • Sorry Chaps/chapesses,
      Not my intention to create mystery.

      I meant to look at the scene from a birds eye view and remind people not to get too distracted by the noise. If its more info you seek there are plenty web sites and books which lay it all out thoroughly. Try David Icke, a man once scoffed at and fair gamed beyond belief by the eletists. Stuff he wrote about then, all coming true. Now they are listening..with bated breath I tell you! Im no authority on all this. I take myself in session daily, watch whats going on around me and keep going. Its fun and very rewarding. I see very intetesting times ahead. Even this blog is evolving well!

      The church antics are annoying. But I am far more intetested in who is pulling their string. The church swansong sounds more and more like the buzz saw noise generated by a heavy metal band! Its loud, obtrusive and distracting but has an off switch. Up to us to decide.

      What I do like is that if OSA and their zombie twats make a move we will surely hear about it here wont we? Conversely BIC must be a HUGE distraction for OSA!! 🙂

      • I don’t want to know about world politics, Sheeplebane. I have my own sources for that.
        I’m asking you to cough up what you know with regards to the latest methods of spying and getting people to split on their friends being used currently by OSA to witchhunt. You had spoken as though you’re in the know.

      • Ok so you wanna really know do you? Fine, get your pinch of salt, leave your out reality at the door and step into my window of the world..

        There are no secrets in the theta universe.

        Information exists for anyone to tap into. The only barrier to this is ones own considerations or case. I dont care if you agree. Research remote viewing. Even the CIA and KGB had entire research divisions doing this. Much effort was expended on this. Apparently they were more than convinced, for good reason too.

        We can sing praises about MEST tech with instant communications, internet and sattelite TV etc. How bout good ole fashioned telepathy? Worked before bodies were invented, cheaper by far! Screw Telkom or vodafone! Nah not done anymore you say. Why not hmm?

        To end off there is no hidden data line. There is you and your desire to locate what you need. Get it or dont. Have fun!

  2. Doesn’t bother me. As a long time scn I don’t have any friends any more. When I came into scn I arrogantly turned my back on all my friends – because I was now ‘superior’. Then the day came when I realised I didn’t have any scn friends (or even family) either – we were just ‘prospects’ to each other. Anyone want to be my friend?? Pretty please?

    • Okay Maven,

      You said really good. The evidence is that those “friends” now do not talk to you as you are not in good standing with the Church so not a prospect!! I love you Marven for the cognition you shared.

      Doesn’t bother me. As a long time scn I don’t have any friends any more. When I came into scn I arrogantly turned my back on all my friends – because I was now ‘superior’. Then the day came when I realised I didn’t have any scn friends (or even family) either – we were just ‘prospects’ to each other. Anyone want to be my friend?? Pretty please?
      Reply ↓

  3. Monitoring and attempting to control the private and social lives of others has been disaster by anyone who has attempted it. OSA and the church are ignorant of history. This type of activity is unmanageable no matter how many resources you throw at it.
    Privacy is a fundamental human right. OSA’s activities undermine this right and seek to eliminate privacy for its members, and even former members. In effect, they have created a police state inside the bubble that is corporate Scientology.
    If one cares to inspect, you will find many characteristics of Scn organizations resemble communistic, totalitarian and even fascist groups. How one expects to go free in such an environment is anyone’s guess.

      • Going free from what, anyway? The thetan living outside the body, is that what free is? Free from case, which Hubbard hasn’t resolved anyway.

      • Well…that’s a good question discoqueen. Certainly “going free” has been the church’s battle cry for decades. That could mean different things to different people. Certainly Hubbard recognized it as a button and liberally exploited that. For many, I would say the “process of going free” became all consuming, never noticing that in the end they didn’t “go free.”

      • Trust the church to make the phrase “go free” feel like an engram chain going ZZT!!

    • I really like it when you comment, statpush. You have a way of describing the truth about the church that communicates it the way I wish I could.

  4. If communication really is the universal solvent, then why the need to prevent others from speaking to others?

    Hubbard was well aware that an idea can penetrate 6 inch armour, he knew the power of communication could be used to espouse his creations. He also knew that communication could unravel his game called scientology.

    He created disconnection to keep his followers following him and fair game to destroy his critics. The church and OSA are forwarding his desires.

    The Church of $cientology is in the chronic tone level of fear on the subject of communication, especially communication amoungst its followers.

  5. The Church is running in circles – reminds me of a dog trying to catch it’s own tail.

    I did my own little “trolling exercise” through a couple of facebook profiles – Big-name OTC members, Church & SO Staff and “Stalwart public Koolaiders” and, guess what? ALL of them are connected to people UTR, out, declared, disaffected and/or otherwise “bitter apostates”. Only problem is that they don’t know they’re connected to these people because they DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!

    This latest purge of witch-hunting is very telling. The Church may as well put up a bright neon sign announcing that they are struggling, stats are crashing, GI is non-existent and they’re on a slippery slope to oblivion. So what do they do? They say “aha – there must be more SP’s and PTS types on our lines – THAT’s the WHY!!!” And so off they go off on a crazy, futile witch hunt to weed out the ever-diminishing field just a little bit more.

    I believe LRH coined the term wrong-target?

    Heads up SCN: You’re not doing well because your time has come and you only have yourselves to blame. You cannot do anything to stem the growing exodus anymore. People are waking up. Word of mouth is VERY powerful – this is a well-known marketing principle. Treat ONE person badly, and the fallout can be catastrophic. People talk – they blog, and they have internet technology at their fingertips – it’s all out there for everyone to see. And they ARE looking. Your naivety in thinking people aren’t looking and waking up is astounding. You can only pull the wool over people’s eyes for so long.

    You simply don’t have enough fingers to plug the dyke with anymore.

    Your lack of expansion and crashing stats have nothing to do with “others” – it is directly as a result of YOUR actions.

    Clean up your act, stop lying to your public and start making amends for the treasonous and heinous acts you have committed and are committing on a daily basis. If you had one iota of an idea of the numbers of upset and disaffected people currently in your field you would cringe in horror.

    Now who’s “pulling it in”?

    • I second that motion.

      CoS, in its current state, cannot survive in a modern culture that has lightening fast comm lines, freedom of expression, and healthy debate. One of the reasons Scn was able to expand during the 50s, 60s and 70s (and somewhat in the 80s), is because of public unawareness. We simply did not have resources to sufficiently investigate Hubbard, Scn and it’s organizations. The truth is, people have ALWAYS been harmed by Scn, we just didn’t know about it.

      Those days are over.

      • Personally I’m pleased to note that the commentors on this subject today are a wisened bunch and not Hubbard Punters (Bible Punchers). I like that they know the score and are more knowledgable and sophisticated. They’ve poured their kookaid down the drain.
        Hi guys. Love ya!

      • Statpush, there’s also a question of its efficacy. I never questioned these things when I was in, but one relative of mine who experienced auditing long before I ever discovered scn used to have a beer before every session. This was seemingly never noticed??

      • Sean,
        That’s funny. While I would not recommend having a beer before session, however there is something to be said about the atmosphere of those early days. Some refer to them as “the good ol’ days”, others claim they weren’t that great. Regardless, all that can be said is that “things were different.”
        My own personal preference would be a rather loose, less serious, more spiritual research and development climate, than the strict, totalitarian mindfuck we have today.
        Scn started out as adventure. By all accounts, it was exciting and compelling, and attracted a large number of intelligent, well-meaning individuals. Somewhere around 1965 things began to change. By 1968 things had gotten down-right brutal.
        Today, the spirit of that brutality is alive and well. The irony is that now you have to prove to the group that you are a loyal member before you can be brutalized. This generally means: joining staff, donating money, going up the Bridge, being an FSM, etc. Once you are perceived to be “in” and loyal to the cause, you can then be subjected to harsh ethics and brutality that has become the hallmark of the Sea Org.
        If anyone is considering getting involved in Scn I would recommend dabbling in it – and make that known. As soon as you claim you are a Scientologist, the full force of draconian KSW #1 kicks in, which is the beginning of the end.

      • Good point/s statpush. Things were definitely different in the “good ‘ol days” – not necessarily in terms of brutal hours, living on the bones because of terrible staff pay and the like, but the joie de vivre, personal camaraderie and general ARC was very evident amongst org staff. Staff socilaised with each other, public were our friends and we had lots of fun. Things were not so “serious” back then – intense, but not serious.

        The one difference I can put it down to was that we hardly (if ever) saw a Sea Org member anywhere near our org – they stayed in their sector and did their thing while the org did theirs – with little to no interference from the “4th Reich”. PC’s were happy and going up the bridge, the HGC was humming and the academy was brimming full with happy students.

        And then SO Missions into orgs started – and the wheels came off. Things were no longer fun, and the whole atmosphere changed. And it just went downhill from there – ethics threats, sec-checking, lowered conditions, declares and of course the obliteration of the Missions – for me, that was the beginning of the end – circa 1979/80 or thereabouts. And yet I still stayed on until 2012 – hoping upon hope things would change for the better. It never did.

      • You got it Shelley.
        If LRH made one mistake, it was the creation of the Sea Org.
        In many ways, the Sea Org is the antithesis of the Scn philosophy.
        The actions of the Sea Org WILL bring Scn down. Wait and see. They are a toxic bunch.
        For those doubt this, please do not confuse individual Sea Org members with the group calling itself the Sea Org. I’ve known many fine INDIVIDUALS in the Sea Org, and count them as my friends.
        However, collectively, it is a para-military religious dictatorship bent on control and domination of anything in its path. It will “consume” any and all resources it can, including your bank account, your children…anything of value, in order to keep itself alive. The Sea Org NEVER takes responsibility for any damages it inflicts. All is justified as the “greatest good.”

    • Good points all round, Shelley.

      Don’t you find it fascinating that an “SP” can derail the entire “Ideal” Church Of $cientology of Jo’burg by his presence alone.

      I have heard of and witnessed OTs getting ill and even dying due to their connections to an “SP”.

      A single SP in your hand will always beat a Royal Flush of OTs.

      • You are right Old Timer. Despite the many retreads of the PTS / SP course which promises to shatter depression, scientologists are constantly being told to disconnect from the disaffecteds. Why bother to do the course at all? Just another anomaly …

    • Check out Science of Survival and chart of human evaluation. People who lie are at fear.
      They are scared of the truth.

      What is the Church in fear of, what scares them into telling lies.The answer is the truth.

      • It’s their crimes against humanity – abortion, sleep deprivation, starvation, violence with people regularly being beaten up and hurt, and some of the most humiliating acts against staff imaginable. Even feeding them drugs! I bet they didn’t get those drugs lawfully!
        It’s fundraising and not producing the balance sheet and income statements showing where the money’s being spent or where it’s going.
        It’s the scam of being declared a religion and scoring tax exempt.
        It’s for being out-exchange on their staff. In South Africa there is a minimum wage. The church has been violating this for decades. (I’d live to see a class action regarding this; and the church having to pay out retrospectively! For a couple of decades! I might even join in this one.)
        It’s Miscavige using funds that are supposed to be for the betterment of mankind on his court cases, his fancy motobikes, his nightly whiskey, his fancy living quarters, his designer clothes and shoes, his fancy coiffs (his hairstyle). He probably has manicures, massages and all sorts of things we haven’t even thought of – all coming out of IAS funds.
        There have been many deaths, too. Many people were paid off in the Lisa McPherson case.
        I’m sure there’s something obvious that I haven’t thought of.

    • I came across this quote from LRH’s great grandson, Jamie DeWolf and reckon he knows RCS better than most when he observes: They have a “malicious glee in going after their targets”.

      Here’s more: “But even though he was raised Baptist Christian and never had anything to do with the church, his family warned him about mentioning it in public.
      “My uncle said it was like poking a sleeping dog,” DeWolf laughs. “The Scientologists didn’t know who I was or where I was, so why should I take the risk? My family was very wary.”
      And rightly so, it turned out. “Immediately they came after me and came to my door and were hunting me down,” he remembers. “They had a whole cover story. They told people that they did a show with me and that they were promoters, fellow poets and artists.”
      “They were just lying to everybody,” he says. “I had private investigators following me. It’s possible my phone line had been tapped. They fight nasty. Part of it actually is a certain malicious glee in going after their targets.”
      But people in Scientology, he says, have it much worse. DeWolf has said that that reality probably even contributed to the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split. “The more [Katie] saw behind the curtain,” he’s said, “the more horrified that she probably was.” And that dark truth is why he speaks out.
      “The more that I perform, and especially in the last two three years, I’ve met people who’ve had 20 years of their lives utterly destroyed by this cult,” he says. “They have relatives they can’t speak to any more, lost their kids, lost their house. It’s become very serious to me. For me to even speak out on my own genetic legacy and to be aware that I could [be] absolutely threatened and hunted for that, that really emboldened me. I’m not gonna die with these secrets and they should be exposed.”
      (The Church of Scientology has previously rejected DeWolf’s claims, saying: “Despite his public representations and self-promotion, Mr. DeWolf is not knowledgeable about the Church of Scientology or its founder.”)

      • I saw the video of his speech a few months ago which he gave at the Protest Against Scientology in Clearwater. He’s a colourful character and he had some, very valid information to offer the conference. It was a whole weekend long. The video was shown on Tony Ortega’s site.
        The author of Barefaced Messiah, Russell Miller, was there, too. He had something to say as well.
        The whole thing was very interesting. I think Jon Atak was there, too. Do you know that he’s been to Russia and London to spread the word?
        Do you know that Nibs, Ron Hubbard Jnr, has gone public, too; about the atrocities he saw and the lies and adnormal behaviour? He’s taken his story to a civil court. He wants the truth made known. It’s on YouTube.

      • Aprilfool – Nibs died many years ago. Those videos are old. But you are right – he definitely did try to get the truth out there, and was severely harassed by the church on lrh’s instructions. He has some very interesting things to say. Nibs was DeWolf’s grandfather.

      • Jamie DeWolf rocks. His slam poetry really hits home. The church can whine about him as much as they like – he has first hand stories handed down from his grandfather. I am sure he knows a lot more about lrh than the average CoS member. They only ever get to see the white washed lrh. Even old timers who are still in don’t buy that BS

    • I think you’re right, Shelley. They don’t know. Or are not active on FB and haven’t given it thought.
      The other reason could be to keep things open for spying.

  6. I’d like to interject some old no longer used, background information about the church for historical info.
    Back when I was on staff (1975-1985), orgs followed policy like this one;

    2 September 1970 page 589 Org Exec Course vol. 7

    “The first policy of a Scientology org, laid down on about 8 or 10 March 1950, is:


    L. Ron Hubbard

    This is “first policy” as in primary and most important. It’s use disappeared with the coming of the DM regime. The new regime changed it from “friendly” to “hostile” relations with the environment and public.

    • Good point DAN351.

      The Church is in such terror of being attacked, infiltrated and/or exposed (Type 3 in other words) that they treat all people suspiciously (especially their existing flock) – and of course lie to them with smoke and mirrors.

      New people are now presented with screeds (I believe 4 of them) legal agreements about how they will NEVER sue, disparage, attack or bring harm to the church – BEFORE they can even take a Div6 service! Such is their terror of new people.

      It would be interesting to put this to the test – send someone into the org with a boatload of money, tell him to lay it down on the Receptionists desk and say “I want to go OT please”. I can guarantee you he will be in front of a sec-checker with an OSA agent standing behind him before you can blink. This guy just HAS to be a plant……… 🙂

      • So very sad Shelley. The old ‘fun times & place’, are no more!

        The creepy absence of “live” “bodies in the shop”, replaced by the ‘walking dead’. Apparitions of artificially programmed creatures of darkness (they are terrified of being taken from their sub-world, in case they perish in the glare of the sunlight, where all the Ess Pees abound)

        These are the diseased, de-soulled present day church of $cientologi$t$, who haven’t the faintest clue of their condition, or how they have had their entire lives modified into FEAR of Finding OUT.

        Un- frigg’n believable as it may be, this state of affairs being used to enslave & destroy man, (Reverse scientology), is EXACTLY what Ron warned about, IF it was allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

        De-programming, through LEGIT Auditing, can straighten this out, but it requires quite a bit of work in the ‘panel-beating shop’, depending on the severity of the ‘mangled wreckage’, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

      • Can the “screeds” be held up in court? If it comes to that?
        Miscavige eventually got to Debbie Cook by saying they wouldn’t sue her for violation of contract if she backed off.
        A lawyer friend once told that he could get me out of any contract. He said there was always ambiguousness in the language or some dots on “i’s” or crosses on “t’s” would have been left out. Or an intitial would be left off a page. He’d find SOMETHING that would threaten the documents legality.
        I know there is a “new” law in South Africa that states it’s the intention that’s important. What was intended…?
        So perhaps being pendantic in the manner I’ve mentioned above would no longer hold?

      • Ju – good point re the contracts.

        What RCS and DM don’t realise is that this is South Africa – they have no 1st Amendment Act in this country (the law that basically gives any religion the right to commit crimes against humanity “in the name of their religion” whilst hiding behind the “1st Amendment Act”.).

        In South Africa, regardless of who or what organisation you are (including a religion) you are subject to the Constitution and Bill of Rights just as everyone else is. So in a nutshell, those contracts would probably be pretty easily thrown out of court.

        Also we have a pretty strict Consumer Protection Act here, and you cannot enjoin someone up-front if in-case the Church intends breaching that Act (like say for instance take your money off you for one reason then use it for another, mislead you, lie to you or don’t deliver what was promised – all of which the Church has done and is doing).

        Likewise, the staff “contracts” are so full of holes they may as well be used as paper sieves. How do you “contract” a volunteer? The minute you pay anyone for work in this country, they are an employee and not a volunteer – henceforth, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act applies – including the minimum wage, working hours and all the other laws that go along with it. That’s why the Church deducts UIF off staff (and the full 2% by the way – not the 1% they are supposed to and the other 1% THEY are supposed to be paying).

        Which begs the question of why no-one has ever taken the Church up on this. The answer is easy – if you’re a died-in-wool SCN and you even whisper “legal” you’re toast. If you are a “newbie” as in brand-new green non-SCN, you’re too bewildered and afraid and probably terrified of never getting another job should you go to the Labour Courts. Some have though, and the Church has ended up paying out – but this is kept VERY hush-hush. Of course let’s also not forget that many of their staff come from foreign countries and even though they have work permits, they are pretty much in a stranglehold when it comes to taking the Church on legally.

    • Senior Policy was “Always deliver what you promise”

      Not sure of the difference between First and Senior…

      Unfortunately scn never fully delivered what it promised.

  7. I have had this happen to me 5 of my Facebook friends were snooped in on by OSA and are not in contact with me anymore.
    if friends are so shallow to follow the church and not stand up for there rights than good riddance.

  8. I do have some FB friends who are still in the Church and I changed my settings to “only me” as suggested — but I wished it wasn’t something I needed to be concerned about.

  9. Quite frankly I am not too concerned about who sees what on my FB page. I reckon the OSA trolls could benefit from some of the inspirational messages posted. I also like them to see that out here, we share jokes and family get togethers and fun times. Good for them to see that and compare it to their own miserable lives. You never know when just one thing speaks to another! 🙂

    • I agree Draco, but there are some out there who for one reason or another cannot “come out” yet due to family/business and other connections. I am with you totally on not giving a continental what OSA sees on my FB page, but in terms of our UTR friends we need to protect them while they safely make it out. 🙂

      • Totally agree, Shelley! Family comes first and we all need to protect those we love and our relationships with them!

  10. I am here to speak up for Trolls, the real Trolls who are real and I know this because I haven given session to these ARCB’n beings.
    These beings have been given bad BLACK PR because how they look [ discrimination] and let me tell you folks they are better beings than those who have smeared them ”ugly”. and these are humans.
    Trolls, yes some live underground but many has taken human form and live like rest of the Entities who occupy human meat bodies. Trolls are Spiritual beings and I believe they are wonderful same as Fairies or Little People who live in forests.
    Mythical Beings are real, just because the ”eye’s dont see them that do not mean they are not present in our universe.
    Fairy Tales has more truth them than todays news you read in the papers.
    If some one has audited long enough and questioned the Universe and its content will find the answers to all the mystery, the myth, and can locate the hidden secrets too.
    It is amusing and fantastic what a solo auditor can discover in session, the Tech works and miracles happen daily because the daily sessions. Part of the miracles was when I have reconnected to those beings which dwell in different forms than humans… and let me tell you folks that this planet has 9 billion human bodies but they are greatly out numbered by those who dwell in different forms and we cant even imagine just how many beings are about who dont have a body. [ ask those persons who have been on NOT’s for twenty years, ]
    As for my self I never been given one phone call or sent one mail since I left the church in 82, no one has bothered me and I have on open blog for 5 years, yet nothing from the church.
    Perhaps nothing has come my way because I have as-ised all my ARCB’s after I left the church? When we as -is the connection as I have by as-ising the ARCB with that I have erased the connection to the church, I was off their radar, cant pick up something which is not there.
    Auditing works,, I said that hundreds of times, so please for give me for ridding the same horse, I only have one and I love it.
    If the church members would spend half the time in session and not doing low back stabbing PR and lowering the general tone level of this planet and that goes for those who spend most of their time in blogs commenting by now not only two persons would have reached the Native State but hundreds and the planet would be better off.
    I am a bit off as usual the topic, but I am not your usual commenter either. so that is that.
    Best to you.
    Elizabeth Hamre.

    • Elizabeth Hamre, are you related to Louise Hamre, the former MAA from AOLA who is not out of the SO but still drinking the KA as far as I know. Are you related to her?

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