Breaking News – Church being sued in South Africa

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One of our eagle-eye correspondents alerted us to this news story appearing on Times Live today.

Things just got interesting for Scientology in South Africa who have thus far managed to fly under the radar insofar as media attention and being embroiled in law-suits – as has been happening in the USA for some time now.

We were rather amused and quite proud of the fact that the article mentions the Corbett’s story on “a blog” – of course they are referring to Back-in-Comm.

For those of you who missed reading the Corbett’s story, you can see it here

Gaetane Asselin who is referred to as the Church’s spokesperson in the article is the new CO OSA. She is married to Luc Du Bois who replaced Lena Hoghdal as the LRH PPRO. Both Gaetane and Luc were part of the “storm troopers team” who arrived on African shores in October last year summarily replacing Ken Krieger and Alex Faust and then proceeded with “Operation Obliteration” by declaring, by their admission, 50 South African Scientologists.

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57 thoughts on “Breaking News – Church being sued in South Africa

  1. Is this somehow connected to your earlier article on OSA? An UTR friend told me he/she has been called in to see Sandra and the cretin is actually going to see her! Things do seem to be hotting up again.

    • Interesting. Yes, things do seem to be heating up again. I have also had some feedback on more “witch-hunting” occurring in the Church. I can guarantee you that stats are up to shit, no auditing is happening and GI has crashed. So they’re looking for “external Influences” and wrong-targeting the public as usual.

      Your friend is an idiot for even considering going to visit Sandra – nothing good will come of it – that I can guarantee. Sandra must be having a field day. This is her best activity in the whole world – annihilating good people. The more bodies she has lying around, the happier she is. And with the other storm troopers, sounds like she is in good company.

      • Tell your friend not to go in to see Sandra. I can attest to the fact that it will come to no good. Just quietly beg off until they leave you alone. Mark my words.

      • I agree Shelly Sandra is sharpening her knives and preparing the rack alright!

        These types always seem to be at the right place and time for the devils work! Its been asked why she is still there running her ruin unabated? Simple answer, she does a real good job, depends on your point of view and on which side of the slaughter you are of course 😉

  2. Ag shame, now the Church has another reason to add another reason to reg the living shit out of its sheeples! vooi tog! when will they learn!

  3. I would like to congratulate the Corbets for their bravery of taking the church on. If I had the money I would have sued the “church”long ago”.

    The charges that I would sue them for would be; sleep deprivation of up to 100 hours, physical abuse when attacked by a member, failure to pay my wages while they were banking millions in offshore accounts, food deprivation where only fried bread was available on several occasions, Abusive language directed at myself on several occasions by Norman Starkey and other seniors for trying to get the stats up.

    Abusive stress by L Ron Hubbard for accusing me of trying to destroy the Church of Scientology in the Western United States while not even in the USA. Being thrown overboard from the ship in Denmark in freezing waters and much more.

    Good luck Gay & Ernest.


    • As far as I know, there is no statute of limitation if fraud is involved. Fraud is a common law crime, and as far as I know common law is still a recognized law form in South Africa.
      I am sure if one started to study fundamental laws for the nation and the common law, one would find that fair justice is to be available for free to the people. The corporations acting as courts today, do not want to admit this as it would hit their profits. But research this and if the laws have not been repealed there is a way to get justice without spending fortunes on lawyers and court fees.

  4. Unbelievable. There was Alex Faust, virtually crying on bended knee begging the Corbett’s for help because of the flap. I remember this incident well (Peter bouncing a cheque on the org and the problem it created at the time) – I didn’t know the Corbett’s were the saviours of the day until I read their story on this blog.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Faust assured the Corbett’s the money would be paid back as arranged, and for him to now deny this just shows how utterly untrustworthy and dishonest Scientologists are (and yes, I do mean pretty much every SCN still in the Church). They will lie, steal and cheat without any conscience or compunction as long as they consider it’s “for the greater good”.

    Faust made similar assurances to us in terms of our business participation in Ideal Orgs which he never honoured either.

    I see Peter Cooke’s house is up for sale. Wonder how he feels about the Church shrugging off all responsibility and throwing him under the bus (where he actually belongs together with the other CRB cretins).

    And I just loved this part: “And, while Faust admits the money was paid into the account of the attorneys dealing with the transfer of the Durban property, he denies this meant the loan was for the church.”

    Really? Are you kidding me?

    I wait with baited breath as this all unfolds. Go Corbett’s!

    • You know Shelley, as recently as 18 months ago reading your comment above, “They will lie, steal and cheat without any conscience or compunction as long as they consider it’s ‘for the greater good’” would have shocked me. Now, you literally took the words out of my mouth. I know of people who still have some dealings with members of CRB and what you describe is EXACTLY the way they are. It is impossible to penetrate their assertions of their ‘rightness’. Yet they know. Why otherwise does the RCS never simply accept its day in court and PROVE their rightness for everyone to see. Because they know they’re not right and their very dirty linen would be exposed.

  5. I would like to also add to the above: Endangering my life on 3 occasions when Hubbard appointed an incompetent captain to my ship where I was the chief engineer and she ran the ship aground on 2 occasions. And on another occasion sailing a ship that was not seaworthy in a vicious storm. Were it not for my actions that ship would have lost its engines and would have sunk with 40 crew members on board in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

  6. And the church proves themselves to be lying sacks of shit yet again. Anyone out there with a comprehensive email list for the still ins? They should read this article and take heed. This could happen to any one of them. Lend the church money for whatever the latest crisis is – electricity about to be cut off, phone bill, toilet paper etc – DON’T DO IT! Or if you really feel you have to do it – get it in writing signed by several people on behalf of the church. On second thoughts…just don’t do it. Whoever signs that piece of paper will probably be long gone when you try to claim your money.

    This is what happens when people think they are dealing with the most ethical beings on the planet. I can just see DM squatting in a corner muttering “Not one thin dime…” over and over again. He gets very nasty when rich people leave the “church”.

  7. All power and support to the Corbetts.

    And all good wishes and support to the Back in Comm blog as the meeting place where information and resources are shared, and power is generated for all those seeking justice against the Cult of Scientology.


  8. I think the debt has prescribed and can no longer be collected.

    Maybe the legal guys who visit this blog can comment further.

    • OT – I doubt the Corbett’s would have rushed into this “bonnets over the windmill” without thoroughly doing their homework and making sure they have a case. A mitigating factor in their favour is that they were still members of the Church until they were summarily ex-communicated last year. Up until that point they had no reason to believe that the outstanding loan would not be repaid. I would therefore assume the prescription period would run from that point. It would be great to get some legal input though.

  9. This is monumental!! Inside the bubble the Corbetts were praised as saviours, real OT’s who seemed happy and up toned. I admired them immensely!

    Hearing of them now in this way makes me feel proud. This pair of thetans are lions in every sense of the word, by god they are not afraid of anything are they? Upon their backs lay the churches future and yet the bastards tried to break em none the less! Sure bite the hand that feeds, churchies you better run cause that hand now weilds the wip of truth and boy can it smite you down!

    From southern africa comes a can of woopass you aint felt before. All of their reserves will be used up in no time to deal with this case. I suggest more victims of financial abuse by the church come out and lets make this a feeding frenzy.

    After this why not sue them on slave wage pay, family separations, staff abuse and sleep depravation? Hell these cats built their financial pyramids off the sweat and tears from our trusting eyes!!

    We come for you. Hear the drums of justice..they beat for you Sandra, OSA and DM’s of the world!!

    • You see?? There go those ugly words again “Sandra, OSA, DM “. The world hates them and the church kept them on year after year. What the fuck?

      All strength and support to the Corbetts . A bunch of OT’s if ever I saw any. Faust followed church orders when begging for the money. And now happily follows church orders to deny any responsibility. The Corbetts saved the day and now get kicked in the balls for it. The church takes that bullshit to court. They should be fined for wasting the court’s time. So glad I’m not part of that shit anymore.

  10. Go Ernest and Gaye. May the force be with you. Good for you!
    I look forward to more suing of the thieving thugs and more publicity so that the unknowing are warned.

  11. This sounds like the time Ciaran Ryan and Warren Bruckmann wrote me a post-dated cheque for around R100 000.00 which bounced.

    The money was actually owed to me by JJ Botha but these two criminals bridged it because the outstanding debt was keeping JJ stuck in ethics and preventing him from going onto his next “OT” level, which in turn was preventing Ciaran and Warren from collecting their “FSM” commission contingent thereon.

    When I then confronted Ciaran on it he denied responsibility and said to get it from JJ (sounds a lot like “It was Cooke and not the church who was party to agreement of loan”)

    He thererafter proceeded to impersonate me via emails on various occasions and even tried to intimidate my qirlfriend.

    JJ of course said to get it from Ciaran and Warren. He then continued to borrow even more money from other Scientologists in order to pay for even more OT levels.

    Warren’s response has been to hound me ever since, calling me a “Suppressive Person” in front of my clients and even trying to get me fired from my job.

    P.S. Hi Ciaran, I know you’re reading this. Care to write the next article on KSW Lions about me so we can start another legal battle?

  12. Sandra de Beer loves to lure those with disagreements into a conversation with her in order to get enough dirt on the person so she can declare them.

    She did this with me, persistently pestering and hounding me to tell her my views on Scn and Hubbard (the true “Source” of everything Scientology). When I eventually became sick of it and
    told her how it was she had me declared.

    Peter Cooke was practically my brother in law for 4 years. I liked him, up till the point where he threatened to kick me out of his house for getting a real job. I moved out of his house two days later and also ended my relationship with his sister in law (DSA JBGD) at the same time.

    Oh, the DSA also tried to use her connection with me thereafter to get names from me of other “under the radar” disaffected Scientologists.

    • Thanks for giving us all this, Rob. What a criminal trio they are – Ciaran Ryan, Warren Bruckman and Peter Cooke. Yet the church lauds over them.

      Ciaran is OT 8. He’s a disgrace to himself and us all. Warren and JJ Botha are on the Bridge owing Scientologists millions of rands which the latter will never see again.

      Yet they’re the most righteous bunch of arseholes who ever saw.

      Just let you or me say boo to anyone and we’re slapped with ethics and justice; and/or smartly declared. How is this right?

      • Did you say righteous?? I once saw Warren loft up a copy of Dianetics in his hand and assume the valence of a catholic priest recently vindicated on a charge of holy buggery! He puffed out his chest and started lecturing this poor fellow about something completely
        disrelated to Dianetics. I cringed internally and wanted to beg him to stop.. The other guy who happened to be from Canada and sold hair oils from India turned around after and looked at me with a grin that said it all. This guy is nuts!

        Warren will be amoung the last to leave the sinking ship called RCS. He knows along with the likes of Sandra that the only offering he will receive is the plank or a tight noose. This poor chap personifies the person LRH mentions in the HCOB about the criminal mind, what an uncomfortable tortuous existence I say!

  13. Was Woody Faust allowed to use a phone in the RPF to make his comments mentioned in the story? Maybe he should agree to go to court at least it may get him out of cleaning toilets for a while!!
    Maybe he could bring Mrs Byrnes back too. I’m sure her family must be missing her. Oh no they’re not! not even friends with her on Facebook anymore. Shame on them!

    • Faust is a Tommy Davis drone. He will say, sign and do anything if it means he can get off the RPF, and you can bet your bottom dollar his “responses” to this case are not being handled by him at all. Jenna Miscavige mentions his name in her book – they were together at The Ranch abandoned by parents who went off to play “Navy Navy”. In a way I actually feel sorry for him. I just wish he would follow Jenna’s example. Maybe this latest “flap” will see him being routed to the RPF’s RPF, and that might just be the catalyst to get him to wake up and leave. One can always dream.

      • Mrs Byrnes – aka Nikita Howarth, daughter of Nick and Marina Howarth – stalwart Durban Org supporters and major Church KA’s. Nikita bit the dust last year and was sent off to the RPF. Not really surprising – she was fast becoming a little minion of Sandra de Beer – pretty mean and nasty. Tried taking me on a couple of times and I told her where to get off – once again a young “kid” slapped into a CMO uniform and the power went straight to her head. Utterly lacking in ARC and a died-in-wool “hard chrome steel” attitude. I disliked her intensely.

        She is married to Luke Byrnes (the FR for JBG Org). Luke’s name is not actually Luke Byrnes – his real father was declared many years ago, and Luke assumed the surname of his step-father Larry Byrnes (another SCN swimming in the KA).

      • Thanks for the info, Shelley. I never knew, thank goodness from the sounds of it!

        She must have done something pretty bad for her to be yanked off post and brandished to the RPF.

  14. This is the thing about the I.A.S., Scientologists in good standing are assured with every donation that the I.A.S. is there as a purpose, to protect the Church and step in as a guardian.

    WHO did the Org go to for emergency help? The Corbetts! Members of the I.A.S.. WHO in this world I ask you, has a telephone number to call anyone in the I.A.S. to help out in some emergency? Nobody! Not even members of the I.A.S.!

    Who created the I.A.S,? David Misavige. Who is the spokeperson for the i.A.S. delivering all of the reports to the public about the I.A.S. accomplishments? David Miscavige. Who takes all of the glory and all of the money for the I.A.S.? David Miscavige. Who handled this org emergency as members of the I.A.S., the Corbetts.

    The Corbetts have every right to expect David Miscavige to step forward and straighten this out. They were members of the I.A.S. when they were kicked out of the Church! The Church sold them “LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS” and did not honor that agreement either. You can not sell someone a “LIFETIME” membership, and then cancel it!

    I hope the Corbetts are thinking with this information and their attorney appropriately sees fit to include David Miscavige as a defendant.

    • The bottom line is, Scientologists are led to believe the purpose of the I.A.S. is to protect the Church. As MEMBERS of the I.A.S., they inherit the duty. If the Church breeches it’s “contract” made by selling people “lifetime memberships” and then cancelling it. Anyone who contributed to the I.A.S. as a member has a right to ask for all of their contributions be returned, be it in donations or handling emergencies for the church as a member of the I.A.S.

      • Right on TO – agreed on all points. This has been my think for a long time. You pay for a “lifetime” membership and you ARE the IAS, and then they kick you out of the Church (for no good reason, indiscriminately, based on lies, libel and slander, I might add), but then expect to keep all your payments after they have informed you that you no longer have the right to call yourself a Scientologist (as is contained in the Corbett’s declare and probably the others too)?

        It don’t work that way in South Africa with the Consumer Protection Act. A lifetime membership means just that, and if they cannot prove gross misconduct on your behalf mitigating kicking you out of the group (which they cant in virtually every case) , monies paid into the IAS are no longer valid and must be returned to “the consumer”. Case closed.

      • Very good point, Oracle. When I claim my money on account not used, for me, that it, I will claim back my Lifetime Membership fee, all the other ad hoc donations which bring me close to the next status plus interest.
        Thank you for bring this up.

    • When the Corbetts stepped in to help with this emergency, they were members of the I.A.S..

      The Church sold them unconditional life time memberships. Which the Church has not been able to deliver. The ethics of selling “lifetime memberships” come into question here.

      How long has the Church known they will not honor lifetime memberships? And how long have they continued selling them knowing this? This is straight up fraud.

    • The “Right to call yourself a Scientologist”..thread with a thread.

      WHO made this policy that you can not call yourself a Scientologist unless you pay taxes to him in the form of a “membership”? David Miscavige.

      Hubbard wrote, “What we Expect of s Scientologist” and no where in that is the I.A.S. mentioned. Hubbard did not invent the I.A.S., and he was not a member.

      If anyone cared enough legally to pursue this in court, The right to call oneself a Scientologist, this would be a milestone legally.

      David would be forced to come forward and establish that his policy over rides L. Ron Hubbard’s, and take full responsibility for this I.A.S. baby.

      Since there were plenty of people recruited into the Scientology experience when the organization was flying under Hubbard’s banner, and convinced they could call themselves “Scientologists” and even encouraged to, with out membership obligations, those rights still belong to them as an oral and implied contract and the Church is obligated for Hubbard’s debts along with the use of his name.

      David Miscavige hijacked the word “Scientologists”, at who’s approval? To incorporate his own company and call it the “International Association of Scientologists” and used straw men to establish it.

      He then taxed every Scientology by telling them they could not call themselves Scientologists or do services unless they bought a membership!

      This is NOT part of Scientology or the religion and there is no reference by L. Ron Hubbard on the I.A.S..

      David Miscavige then borrowed Church staff, Sea Org members, to build up his organization and beg for donations. There is no policy anywhere in any Church scripture to tax Scientologists in this manner. It was all David Miscavige.

      Worse, he ran this game knowing full well, against church ethics and justice policies, he was selling something he could not deliver.

      As the guardian of the Church and getting paid handsomely for it, he has conflict of interests which burden and tax every Scientologist and staff member.

      He effectively owns the word “Scientologist” and “Scientology”. And he has taxed others to use it. His personal profit as a result, can be evidenced very easily.

      He funds his I.A.S. events through Church resources. Staling from the Church to fund his private enterprise.

      Because HE laid down the law that one must pay him taxes to practice the religion, or be a part of it, and established himself as an internal revenue service,
      the membership has dwindled at a spiraling rate. People can not practice in thier homes with out fear of law suits. Nobody can disseminate unless they pay him taxes. Nobody can hang a out shingle or set up a mission.

      He has effectively shut down dissemination lines through a private hobby horse in which he is the only beneficiary.

      • He used his Sea Org Command post, to position straw men from staff who were well under his command.

        So all of his corporations are illegal. All of juniors have conflict of interest. They can not follow orders from him, and still do their duty as required by the law.

        They all have conflict of interests.

      • It is part of the Scientology religion to NOT deliver up a Scientologist to the demands of civil law. It is right there under suppressive acts in the ethics book.

        The purpose of a corporate head is to ensure the company is in compliance with the demands of civil law.

  15. So good to see the Corbett’s NOT cowering down to dear leader!
    So good to see the Corbett’s putting Ethics in on the most Ethical Staff
    on the planet – think not — they are the most TREASONABLE group of
    ……on this planet!
    Honest Beings have Rights and it would be great if the South
    African Justice system can bring the ……..Down!
    Ernest and Gaye Go for it!

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