The Duggans, Hogarths, a child and Ideal Orgs

On Wednesday a story broke on Tony Ortega’s site which can be seen here.

His article focused on the American leg of this story which has such a strong South African connection that we decided to track down declared Scientologist Shelley Ashurst, one of the parties most intimate with the story, and get more of the South African detail.

Regular readers of this blog know that Bob & Trish Duggan (the biggest donors in Scientology) have been donating to Ideal Orgs in South Africa for some time. In March this year, an article introducing Bob & Trish and their connection to South Africa appeared on this blog. That article can be read here

In a previous article on this blog it was explained how the Pretoria Ideal Org fundraising was running into big trouble, until SO Management, Elmien Lochner and Flag Reg Charmaine Rodgers (formerly DeKiewet) – daughter of Sadie Lurie – had the bright idea of sending some “OT emissaries” to the USA to solicit the Duggans.

The result was, to say the least, dramatic.

On the 9th September the following 2014 Ideal Orgs Honour Roll was emailed to Scientologists:

Honour Roll with Duggans

We already know that Ian & Cristina Hammond have donated in excess of R3 million based on previous articles and promo sent out by the org – possibly by now even R5 million? Phillip & Ines Park have capped that as “New Civilization Crusader” (R10 million?) and now the big guns – Bob & Trish Duggan with the prestigious title of Legend. We don’t know what the value of this status is, but we reckon it’s minimally R10 million – possibly even double that.

Another of our correspondents was personally told of the arrangement with the Duggans: they would match million for million money raised for Ideal Orgs in South Africa. However, we cannot vouch for this data with 100% certainty.

Bob& Trish Duggan

Bob & Trish Duggan

 Many South Africans are familiar with Carol and Robin Hogarth. For those who don’t know them, Shelley provides some relevant background data as to their fitness as parents, which is critical to the story:

Carol & Robin

Robin & Carol Hogarth

“My (half) sister Carol is married to Robin Hogarth – they met while both working in the GO and got married in the late 70’s. My recent relationship with my sister has been at best civilly cordial and at worst, extremely acrimonious.

“During 2010, while Robin was on OT7, Carol was involved in an extra-marital affair while she was at the same time receiving the Happiness Rundown at Joburg Org. Despite a handling where she agreed to end the affair it continued, unbeknownst to Robin.

In 2011, apparently at the instruction of his Flag MAA Robin & Carol got divorced.

Up until mid-2012, Carol and Robin were considered by Org and SO Management as not “on board” with the Ideal Org strategy– but were rather considered dilettante when it came to these activities. They were not frequent attendees at fundraisers and had only donated small amounts of money despite frequent holidays and the general apparency that they “had money”.

Shelley notes that all this changed in 2012.  In what was to be a pivotal point in Carol and Robin’s relationship with the Church and the Ideal Orgs Campaign, Robin was elected to attend the 2012 MV events aboard the Freewinds. This came about because of the fall from grace of Ciaran Ryan, the former OTC Chairman/OT Ambassador.

“When Robin came back from the MV event, something had changed. He was a different person, attending fundraisers with gusto and seemingly best buddies with Elmien (Cont Fin Dir).”

Whereas previous event photos contained no evidence of Carol and Robin in the audience, suddenly they were pictured at EVERY event – often with Robin on stage spearheading activities and encouraging donations. This was a total 180-degree turnaround, observes Shelley.

Carol & Robin Fundraiser Collage.jpg

Robin & Carol – Ideal Org Supporters

 “I then learned something very interesting:  while Robin was on the Freewinds for the 2012 MV event, he had received a personal one-on-one SRA (Severe Reality Adjustment) from none other than David Miscavige himself”.

“And that explained everything.” said Shelley. It does indeed. In fact, Albert de Beer often relates how Ciaran Ryan’s attitude towards fundraisers similarly changed 180 degrees after a similar SRA some years before.

Despite being divorced Carol & Robin were attending Church events together, and Shelley reports a number of people asking her what the “deal” with Carol and Robin was. Shelley said she had no idea, but she did know Robin had not actually moved out of the marital home despite the divorce.

And now we get to the meat of the story:

Around October/November 2012, Pretoria Ideal Org was running into trouble with a ballooning budget which the Church was in default on. South African donations were no longer coming in fast enough, and an urgent plan was needed. Enter the bright idea to source overseas funding – getting someone to pay dollars towards Ideal Orgs!

Shelley picks up the story: “Robin, by now one of the most gung-ho Ideal Org supporters with celebrity status as a double-Grammy Award winner, was a natural selection. He and Carol were nominated to visit Flag.

“Robin came to visit me shortly after his return from the USA and told me how successful the trip had been. He had met ‘someone’ (no name given) who could write out one cheque and literally pay for every Ideal Org in South Africa. Shortly thereafter it was announced that Bob Duggan had been closed to support Ideal Orgs in South Africa –  so now I knew who Robin’s “someone” was.”

However, it seems there were strings attached. A consequence of the deal was at least two of Duggan’s children coming to South Africa to be cared for by South African Scientologists.

A little over a year after getting divorced, in December 2012 an OT Committee Christmas party at the home of Pat & Rene Habib became a surprise wedding when Robin and Carol were re-married.

Carol & Robin Wedding Collage

Carol & Robin re-marriage ceremony

Early in 2013 a young boy (9 or 10 years old) arrived in South Africa accompanied on a flight from the USA by David Lurie (Charmaine Rodgers’ brother and Sadie Lurie’s son). This child was a fostered or adopted child of the Duggan’s and he was being delivered to South Africa to live with Carol and Robin.

We have decided not to publish the child’s real name as he is a minor, so for the sake of protecting his identity, we will call him Junior.

The stories behind Junior’s adoption/foster circumstances were myriad – but none made sense.

The Duggan’s are billionaires. If these children were too much for them to handle, Bob and Trish could easily have afforded full-time nannies, child-minders or handlers, tutors, chauffeurs, chefs, sports and lifestyle coaches or special schools – in fact anything these kids needed. Why send them to South Africa? And what was the nature of the arrangement?

The first introduction of South Africa to Junior was a shock: David Lurie dropped him at the org to be fetched by Carol who was running late, and the child was terrorising the canteen screaming profanities and brandishing a knife, threatening anyone who came near him.

The LRH Comm (Sandra de Beer) immediately forbade Junior on org property in the future unless he was under adult supervision.

Shelley continues “All I could glean regarding the deal with Junior was the following”:

Carol and Robin had done some deal with the Duggan’s whereby donating to Ideal Orgs in South Africa was dependent on the fostering of Junior.

  • This child had serious behavioral problems – he was prone to violence and outbursts of threatening to kill or hurt people and animals. When he first arrived at Carol and Robin’s house, they had to hide all the knives as he kept threatening to stab or kill them.
  • Junior was not the only Duggan child that had been sent to South Africa – one had also been sent to live with OT8 Heidi Wolfaardt, another was somewhere else. 

“My immediate concern was that Carol and Robin are inexperienced parents. They had never borne children from their marriage and Robin’s kids from a previous marriage (both now in their late 30’s) had not been raised by him. Robin is 65 and Carol 54 so their age alone puts them at a disadvantage in terms of raising a boisterous prepubescent youngster with behaviour issues”

Shelley carries on to say “Another concern of mine was that both Robin and Carol were frequently absent from home for long periods (Robin to do his 6-monthly trips to Flag and Carol travelling all over the country & overseas with her business). This meant that either Junior had to accompany one of them or be left behind and cared for by other people. I do know of one instance when Carol and Robin went overseas and left Junior in the care of their maid for some time, and another when they went on holiday to Mauritius taking the maid with them so that she could act as au-pair to Junior on the trip.

“I was also concerned that before Junior came to South Africa, Bob and Trish Duggan had not been here to check out the Hogarth situation, and as far as I know, Junior had not even met his prospective new parents before being put on a plane to South Africa,” adds Shelley.

When Junior moved into the Hogarth household, Carol immediately set about hiring a number of young Scientologists and other people as daily child-minders for Junior. She was paying these people handsomely for their time, and she got on with life as as though it were business as usual, expecting these people to wear the hat of parent.

“One of these people was my daughter who was transporting Junior back and forth to his tutor and taking him on other educative outings. She was afraid of him as he would threaten to kill her and described in detail how he was going to slit her throat. Eventually I couldn’t handle the horror stories anymore and told her I would pay her the equivalent money to NOT look after Junior anymore. Much to our relief, she told Carol she wasn’t willing to continue and this came to an end.”

Shelley further reports: “In May last year, Carol told me that Junior had come up as a PTS item for Robin on his Flag check, and he had been instructed by the MAA to send Junior back to his parents. A few weeks later while Andrew I were visiting Pat & Renie Habib (JBG OTC members), she told me that Trish Duggan had paid Flag for intensives for Robin to continue with his OT7 – I guess that handled the PTS situation” said Shelley.

Shelley relates how Carol had seconded no less than seven people as au pairs for Junior (all inexperienced child-minders) and eventually each in turn refusing to have anything further to do with looking after him. He could not be put into a mainstream school due to his violent rages and anti-social behaviour. We believe that he has been attending a home-school tutoring program being run by Mandi Waldbaum when he’s not travelling with Carol and Robin.

“My daughter-in-law (Kirsty) took pity on Junior and offered to assist Carol by spending time with him. On one occasion she was supposed to take him to a museum but due to inclement weather decided to keep him at home and do some painting with him instead. This resulted in  a ranting phone call during which Carol told Kirsty that she was having to give weekly reports to Elmien who in turn was passing these onto Charmaine and then the Duggans. Junior was supposed to be receiving proper structured scheduling and education, and what Kirsty had done was a total no-no. After Kirsty heard about this, she declined further help”.

“To me this confirmed that the Duggans’ support of Ideal Orgs in South Africa was conditional (and possibly supervised by the Church) upon Junior being fostered by Carol and Robin” said Shelley.

Furthermore, Junior is in South Africa on a holiday visa only and has to be taken out of the country every three months to keep his visa valid. The legal implication of this is not known.

“Two other incidents occurred after this which finally confirmed to me that there was something strange with this arrangement”:

“Scientologist Lauren Strachan and her 2D Vincent were renting a flatlet from Jean and Kirsty (my son and daughter-in-law). While Lauren and Vince were away on a trip, the alarm triggered necessitating Jean and Kirsty entering the flat to investigate. Lying open on a coffee table was a file containing Robin’s bank statements. A number of substantial deposits had come into Robin’s account from Church of Scientology Pretoria! Just by glancing over these statements, Jean calculated in excess of R150,000 was paid into Robin’s account. There were also payments out of the account to various Scn’s like Sally-Anne Cook”.

“This confirmed my suspicion that Carol and Robin were personally benefiting financially from the Duggan/Ideal Org arrangement”.

On further investigation with a reliable staff member, Shelley confirmed that Carol and Robin had been receiving commissions from the Duggan donations, as well as directly receiving monthly maintenance for Junior to the tune of roughly R90,000 ($8,500) a month.

Carol also purchased an IAS lifetime membership for her maid, and bought a car for her as well so that she could transport Junior to and from the org and other places.

Ironically, notwithstanding all the money Carol and Robin have made from their Duggan alliance, their Ideal Org Donor Status has remained unchanged at Platinum for more than a year. Below is a picture taken of the Hogarths being presented with their Platinum award during a fundraiser called the “300 Africans Event” in July 2013.

Carol & Robin Platinum Contribution

 Carol & Robin receiving their Platinum commendation for Ideal Orgs

And that’s the South African end of this strange story –  one we hope will come to a stable and happy end for the children involved.

Shelley states as her final comment “My opinions on this story are many and I could have given a lot more data in terms of the fallout this caused in my family. Those details however are not the point and this blog is not the platform.

What is important to me is that Junior deserves a loving home with stability in his life which seems to have been anything but normal up to this point.”



69 thoughts on “The Duggans, Hogarths, a child and Ideal Orgs

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  2. This whole story is horrifying on just so many levels. From Robin being (allegedly) cowed into obedience by the fuckwit who runs this cult to the sweeping under the carpet and out of the country of a troubled child who was in desperate need of help. Real help, not the kind that is supplied by said cult.

    I remember another scientolgist telling me that her son had been declared a suppressive person at the age of 5. No doubt Junior has run into the same school of thought due to his behaviour. But because of the high profile nature of his parents, he couldn’t simply be kicked out of the church and be disconnected from.

    And there are more of the Duggan adopteds living with new families in SA?!
    So it would seem when you complete the very highest levels of auditing, one of your responsibilities is to take on rich people’s unwanted children? And these new “parents” can’t see the insanity behind these actions?

    Enlightened indeed. Total Freedom – not so much.

  3. Jaw Dropping! If this isn’t illegal, I don’t know what is. I hope the IRS is investigating the Quid Pro Quo here and the 501c3 violations of the Duggans giving money to the Ideal Org Pretoria and having money go from that Ideal Org to the Hogarths and others. Outrageous and sickening on many fronts.
    Having said that, I do hope, as Carol said in her FB post which I read on Tony’s site, that Jr (or V as he is referred to on that site) is becoming happy and well-adjusted, although, Carol made it sound like Jr got house-training like a puppy dog and how hard that was on her. I feel for the children and do hope they find stability and love.
    Thank you, Shelley, for the story. Please call or write the IRS Tax Exempt Division and make them aware of what you know if you haven’t already done so.
    Boy, if you want to answer the question, “Are you part of a cult?” what is your answer to, “Are you willing to commit illegal acts for it?” If your answer is “yes,” then you are part of a cult.

    • All the Duggan Children have names beginning with D. The adopted ones had their names changed so that they all have D first names. Just a little quirk that mommy and daddy dearest have…

  4. Is this an episode right out of Dallas? Has all the elements, betrayal, greed and ambition amplified beyond common sense and reason!! But the “Something about Mary” comedic fiasco really gets me going. The part where Carol buys her maid a life time IAS membership and a car really had me laughing!! Whatever shall her maid do with it, the membership I mean? These people really have lost touch with reality havent they?? Was I that batshit crazy before my bubble burst? Doubtfull.Wooaah, gets scary just thinking about how the still ins are carrying on full swing as they most certainly are!

    This personal COB reality adjustment thing that occurred to both Robin and Ciaron has my inteterest piqued.. what was really said and done to these poor idiot patriots to make em into Ideal org hoo ha punters? Very strange.

    Makes me glad Im out though, what a relief! Id rather strip naked around a fire, beat drums and sacrifice my enemies over a thick scewer than be a part of that crazy cult! Hell no!

    The poor under the radars must be praying for a Noah like deluge to deliver them from this evil. I know I
    would. Lets all pray for this to happen very soon shall we. I cant stand the painful laughter ;);)

    • Me too – this SRA is something that crops up time and again in stories followed by a dramatic change in behaviour. However, a common factor is they were wankers to start with. Still, I’m told PDH doesn’t occur in the RCS though the Indies (some of them) have strong contrary views about that. Still I wonder. I have avoided any one-on-one interviews in recent years for this precise reason. If they can do it to Ciaran and Robin (tough minded people, at one point at least) they can do it to anyone.
      Another point is this changing of names. Talk about granting no beingness! They sound very much like possessions/chattels. Some people give weird names to kids, but to go to all the trouble of changing their names smacks of taking ownership.

      • As an indie I have seen with my own eyes the result of someone who was PDHed at the freewinds of all places! Auditing uncovers all. The fantastic irony of it. Spend millions, dispel any doubts, rat out your friends to get to the golden gate only to get as your true reward – PDH COB style. No way you say? Look around, see any sane well balanced OT8’s around?

        If I wasnt bound by priest confidentiality agreement I would explain how its done. Its shocking and cruel and so hidden it takes rock solid TRs to undo and handle. That datum about making something so unbelievable no one bothers to look rings very true.

    • Hey sheeplebane. The key tool of choice for ‘mind-control’, happens to be “FEAR”. And as long as one is afraid, one can be manipulated to do almost anything!

      Fortunately, the converse, “COURAGE”, happens to be an equally useful ‘tool’, to overcome, or undo, the work of these purveyors of mental subjugation, or mind-control (COB’s “speciality”)

      Having to go head to head, with real life threatening situations on a regular basis, has forced me to examine their emotional influence, both subjectively and objectively. To get to grips with REAL threats, certainly does require that one understand the mechanisms involved. That includes appreciation of the extent of ‘power’, (or influence) that these mental ‘states’, can exert over one’s thoughts and actions.

      That “fear” is an emotional tone, and a primary response to a threat of ‘danger’, whether real, or imagined, can assume disproportionately intense levels, according to the how ‘threatening’, one perceives the ‘purveyor’ (or instiller) to be!

      When a “mind-controller” is involved, they may, or may not have/use actual leverage, or harmful actions, at their disposal.

      The important thing here, is what YOU NEED TO DO ABOUT IT!

      The very first move, on your part, ought to include the decision to end the paralyzing state of FEAR. Indeed this move, deserves an article all of its own and I’m SURE there are many of us who could make some useful contributions there! 🙂

      It is laudable, that many of those now reading this blog, (Indies,) and others who can sign their own names, have already taken that first bold step, in confronting their ACTUAL worst enemy! (their INNER fear/s

      -Calvin B. Duffield. Durban. (Come get me OSA. I’m ready & waiting 🙂

  5. The Florida Dept of Children and Families has a hotline, website, fax line if Shelly is interested in report what sounds like explicit child neglect as this boy per comments is in need of immediate help. You do not have to give your name and it’s not just for abuse matters. I at least wanted to give the contact info for consideration. Wishing the best outcome for all concerned. This is heartbreaking news. Thanks to all who were brave enough to give this child a voice.

    report online at
    call 1-800-962-2873
    fax your report to 1-800-914-0004
    (These all U.S. numbers)

  6. Is this not tantamount to child trafficking???? There are legalities surrounding adoption, my question is whether the authorities should not be investigating this???

  7. This story is mind boggling Shelley.

    Why would people adopt children and then parcel them out like unwanted puppies?
    Why would such adoptive parents then choose such seemingly unsuitable foster parents for their unwanted child? Do they really think that money = genuine love and care ?

    Interestingly – the 9th September 2014 Ideal Orgs Honour Roll – reads to me like the who is who of a list of crooks, utter skelms and dodgy people. Thank you for this article.

    Do you know what is the cost of being a mere ‘friend’ donor of the Ideal Org swindle ?

  8. There is so much more to TOP Gun Registrar (sales person) Charmaine Rogers who’s weekly target is $1 million in hard cash for the Flag Land Base.

    1 Reg = 1 Million quota to be extorted weekly.
    When Charmaine wanted to marry Bruce, Bruce was in the Sea Org in Los Angeles.
    Trish Duggan waved a magic wand literally.
    Anything is possible when you have really big money.
    Trish Duggan got the marriage license, the minister, and Trish had a limousine meet her at the airport and Bruce as well in their separate locations, had them driven to Trish’s luxury home and Trish created the entrire wedding event for them PLUS a very generous wedding gift.
    I only state all this because *UNUSUAL FAVORS* from the Public is a HIGH Crime. RPFable if not RPF’s RPF.
    So how on earth was this permitted !
    The Church wanted Trish/Charmain bonding for future large $$$$$$ extractions$$$$$$$
    Charmaine grew up in an orphanage and had no family here except her brother. Sadie, her mother, South African but she had to place the children in an orphanage for whatever reason. The kids grew up there and reunited with Sadie later. Charmaine actually speaks Hebrew.

    Trish Duggan has unofficially adopted Charmaine.
    Nice to be the adoptee of a Billionaire]’s wife with all the perks from the Sea Org for massive wealth extraction for Miscavology.

    • Once while getting auditing at AOLA when still in the church, I brought back a cookie for my auditor after the lunch break. My auditor refused it saying it was against the rules for SO members to take any gift from a public. It was a cookie, for gosh sake! And now look at what a public did for SO Reg, Charmaine. A wedding, limo, flowers, gifts, the whole thing. I guess rules are broken if there is money involved where the church is concerned.

      • Cindy, the Feshbach brothers invested monies for David Miscavige increasing his financial portfolio.
        Talk about unusual favors !

      • Yes, Karen, good point! DM made a ton of money off the Feshbacks investing for him, which was against his own rules. But in true Sociopathic form, “rules are for others” is David MIscavige’s motto.

    • Karen, I was Sadie Luries minder/auditor/driver for a while. What you say is somewhat revalationary! Sadie told me many things, but never did she mention the orphanage thing, amazing! Her daughter had pull alright, she spoke and oceans parted immediately. We had to make it happen for her. Sadie was left to us to mind. Her offspring did not really care. Sadie pined after them always. I felt sorry for her and will always have a soft spot for the lady.

      The church is a prettified, militant mob organisation geared for extortion, thuggery and abuse. The day it breaks I will make an annual freedom day for me to celebrate on thereafter. Cant wait!

      This lie needs to end.

      • Thank you SheepleBane, Draco.
        Aside from the South African Ideal org donations and massive amounts from the Duggans for Super Power, IAS and all the other causes, curiously enough Charmaine managed to get $500,000 from the Duggans to renovate the yacht “Diana.” I call it curious because this piece of history was kept very low profile. Charmaine was the *ONLY* Reg that got a thumbs up and a push to obtain donations for the purchase and renovations of this yacht.
        It is unknown why this was kept under wraps ~~ a kind of sneaky secretive project. Charmaine received a very generous commission on the Yacht Diana donations.

        The yacht was supposedly to be used for the training of Sea Org members. I think one or two groups finally went out on it for some “sea worthiness” drills. Charmaine got $$$$ from others as well for this hush hush project.
        So all these people donated and there was a big PR *Christening* after the luxurious RENOS and the people who paid for it got invited to the christening.
        Turned out to be one big flap because they all thought Diana Hubbard would be there to christen it, but Miscavige sends sends Bitty Miscavige. (Jenna’s mom)

        Eeewww, big flap B.I.’s from the public. It was a very private affair carefully covered up.
        Now here is thing that is very curious
        Where is that yacht? Where did it go? The Sea Org didn’t need it for anything. Imagine sucking in $1 million for renos for a yacht that can disappear !
        Anyway, I am very well informed from my sources it isn’t Bob Duggan that Charmaine gets the money from. It’s Trish. 100% Trish.

    • Charmaine proved her loyalty to Miscavige back in the early 80s when she arrived in South Africa on an INT mission. The mission was to get rid of all the key players in Jhb North org. It was reduced from a vibrant, happy org, with staff that actually enjoyed what they were doing, that was solvent, to having ONE staff member left. It never recovered. To this day Jhb North is a struggling org that is not even the size of a start up mission. She had no problem carrying out “off-policy” mission orders and doing gang bang sec checks. She is not a nice person and does not care about the body count left in her wake.

      God help her if she ever loses the ability to extract money from people. Miscavige will come down on her like a ton of bricks.

      • When I was last at Flag I blew. That’s a whole story I’d like to share sometime. At 11pm at night I walked out of the Sandcastle MAA’s office/detention room with the determination never to return, and that’s ONE postulate I kept! I phoned for a taxi ride to the airport for 6am in the morning and went to my digs (owned by a South African) to pack my bags and very nervously wait for the taxi, every moment anticipating the cavalry to appear after me . Sure enough, who arrives shortly after but Charmaine Rodgers. I crapped my pants big time. I thought why else would she be arriving here but to drag me back screaming for one of those gang-bang sec checks. But how could they know so soon? I hid in my room (crazy how we grant these people such power over us when we’re still in). That was one of the most painful reg cycles I’ve ever endured and I wasn’t even the target. If I saw her now I’d tell her to s**k my d**k. Or maybe I wouldn’t – these Jewish women are scary at any time.

      • This comment is wonderfull satire, painful and sad. I admit I laughed out loud uncontrollably then quickly curtailed it thinking about how many really suffered under this mental tyranny!

        Sean you are a gifted writer, dont hold back hear?

  9. This whole saga is just so rotten…. through and through. Neglect on soooo many fronts.

    Another dimension to the concept of ‘sheeple farming.’ Exploitation, soul -‘extraction’, being ‘soul-ed’ off, to the highest bidder, (make that dumped!) Chasing after ‘status’, as a worthy goal? ‘Fleecing’ as the pre-occupation of choice?

    Where the f— is there ANY humanity in this??

    • Wow. This is enough to terrorise a child and to introvert it for life!
      Big brother is always watching you and don’t your forget it! Whatever you do, we WILL find out about it.

  10. You can’t make this stuff up. Most ethical beings on the planet MY ARSE.

    And you know what? No one will ever admit to this. Instead they’ll just call Shelley derogatory names with multi-syllable adjectives, to try discredit her.


  11. Shocking, absolutely shocking. Painful to read, could hardly get through it. Reading it on Tony Ortega’s blog already gave me nightmares, but then I thought it’s just gossip over a little dirty laundry. Well, forget that, far worse! Can somebody explain to me how the Führer manages to turn sentient people around by 180 degrees, please?

    And btw, 10% commission on 10 mil, ah well, that’s only 1 mil. Crikey!

  12. Here’s a definitive question, to ask of the CO$’gists:

    How else could you be parted with such huge sums of money, for ZERO exchange, unless you had been deprived of your senses, via the “reverse scientology” aka “Mind -Control TECH”, perfected and applied ruthlessly, by your “trusted leadah”??

    Wake the F—- UP!

    • Ten million is not necessarily a vast sum to a billionaire who uses the “donation” as a tax deduction per the malodorous 1993 USA Inland Revenue & Scientology Inc. arrangement. (I’m not so much concerned about the billionaires as I am about the ordinary people who are being abused by the “donation status” hard sell.)
      Plus this billionaire has one or more troublesome children that he can, coldly, hand over to Scientology, while telling himself that Scientology is going to fix them.
      “Reverse Scientology” is also called “black Scientology.” I don’t want to upset anyone, but Scientology has consisted of an interweaving of “black Scientology” and “white Scientology” since, at least, the 1960s.
      It’s Scientology, not “Reverse Scientology” that I’m worried is going to be applied to these poor children.
      Did you see the 1961 Children’s Sec Check posted above?
      A troubled child who needs professional help does not need Scientology with all it interwoven mind-games and craziness.
      Those ex-$cientologists, who have edited out the worst parts of Scientology, as placed there by its founder, may have forgotten that those parts are also Scientology.
      I hope these children get help soon.

      • Any ‘tools’ are dangerous, especially in the wrong hands, Boggle.

        Used correctly (and intelligently, OF COURSE), one can achieve truly outstanding results.

        The old maxim: “handle with care.” has proven self -explanatory.

        As an entirely practical person, I have always managed to live by my wits, powers of observation, and especially reaction time. I leave the mind control / mind poison games to those who have other unresolved personal issues/agendas going on in their heads. I honestly cannot see any advantage whatsoever, in living in such a wise. Out of “present time”, simply means fixated, or dispersed attention. Such people just don’t
        ‘get it’, (duplicate), when they should. Their lives (and attitude) reflect that, too.

        Take a walk, notice ‘things’, you hadn’t, before. Enhances the perception of NOW. Life can take on a far more cheerful, positive, outlook, as a result.

        Try it and see for yourself.

      • Hi Racing,
        A while back, you were trying to handle what you believe to be my ARC break with Scientology. I’m sorry to tell you that there is no ARC break.
        And here you are trying to bring me into present time.
        Yet here I am in present time already.
        What’s next?
        You’re a good person, Racing; however, my comments are not the result of “case.”
        Thanks, anyway.

      • Sure Boggle. Whatever it takes, to keep a balanced perspective 🙂

        Btw, have you happened upon Adyashanti? Another approach, that really can ‘lift’ the spirit, above ANY ‘fixation’, such as L Ron Hubbard and/or Scn. material, you clearly feel so intent on warning people about?

        If you haven’t, or care to, Google up: “Adyashanti — The Gift of Wanting”

      • Hi Racing,
        Let’s see, you’ve imagined me being a) ARC broken, b) out of present time, and c) fixated.
        What’s next? Tight shoes?
        You’re funny.

      • I think a the sec check for children that I’ve just seen can seriously damage children. Delivered to a child already ‘damaged’ could send him over the top, he could go psychotic!
        Or he would become interiorised to point of not being able to take part in life as a normal child.
        At ‘best’, he’ll be interiorised into being a slave of this cult.
        With the options he has, he’s in big trouble. He cannot win.
        Somewhat satisfying to me is that fact of karma. It will come if not already considering that Robin and Carol Hogarth are in such a a bind and may never be able to get out of unless they run!

  13. I think the vital information here is this.

    These people the Duggins are being sponged off of around domestic problems to fund real estate goals for the Church. The Church, and other Scientologists, are actually profiting off of that family’s misery.

    Because of the abuse of David Miscavige stretching all the way to South Africa, he has actually become a liability to this family and those children and created an unsafe environment in South Africa for them.

    The Church will spare no efforts to pull on a family’s heartstrings if they are highly beneficial to the Church. When John Travolta’s son died they sent Sea Org members to live with him full time. Yet David Miscavige parks his own executive in tailors in the desert and tortures them.

    The Duggins, through all of their success and apparent social savvy, have not studied the Internet obviously, to be in a position to be fully responsible for the misery they contribute to and fund.

    Has anyone noticed the Duggin’s success with in Scientology they are applauded for, is big donations not bridge service? Not sure when the last time was Bob Duggin actually did a service.

    The Duggins as a family unit are used by David Miscavige to the point of personal photo ops, to shame or propel others into making donations. Not to encourage people to practice Scientology or “get up the bridge”.

    Sea Org Staff “personal services” can and do get purchased by public if they are making large enough donations. As witnessed by the fact that Charmaine collects weekly family reports for the Duggins.

    A family crisis for any Scientologist can and will be turned into profit for David Miscavige if they are wealthy. His “game” is to profit off of other people’s misery.

    • I think a more telling headline for this entire scenario would be:

      How David Miscavige (redacted) up the Duggin’s family plan and put their children at risk, by sending his soldiers into South Africa to terrorize Scientologists.

    • Sorry for the typos in my original post above. Scrambling for time…

      Spelling should be DUGGANS not DUGGINS

      executive in tailors in the desert and tortures them.
      It should be

      Or maybe someone can just edit…. XXOO

      • MODERATOR COMMENT: There have been a number of comments about the “state of the mind” of the child. Some of these have been redacted, and we will not allow any future similar comments.

        The focus of this article is not speculation about the child’s mind or his supposed “state” or any other categorization.

        The point is that a child has been dumped in South Africa – apparently arranged by the Church, in exchange for money and Ideal Org donations.

        All of this has is being co-ordinated and arranged by the Church who are receiving “reports” which are being forwarded along Church channels to the Duggans in exchange for continuing donations to the “Ideal Orgs Program”.

        The foster parents are prominent members of the church and cheerleaders for the fraud as they are personally being enriched by this arrangement.

        Passing judgement on the child and his mental state is inappropriate and unkind. As is speculation about his future state.

        Please, stick to the subject.

      • nomdeplume2014. Once again, thank you for a timeous intervention.
        A child should never have to be subjected to cruel innuendo. As a result, we see a child attracting attention for circumstances thrust upon him, way beyond his capacity to understand or control.

        More than anything, this child needs the proper support and environment, and ‘caregivers’, suitably trained and psychologically prepared, to guide the individual back to a stable, healthy outlook. This will obviously take a certain amount of fortitude and a great deal of patience. But with positive reinforcement and a genuine willingness to step into the shoes of the youngster concerned, the power of ARC, together with complete and unconditional ‘granting of beingness’, (standard auditing) any dramatization/s can be fully addressed and coaxed away, for the ultimate relief and benefit of all concerned.

        Thank you for your compassion and speaking out, and perhaps giving this youngster a ‘fair’ and fighting chance in his future life.

      • Weird – I never understood that video as having anything to do with anybody’s ideas about anybody’s state of mind. I assumed it was a comment on the entire scn trainwreck.

        Moderator, if you are going to make such a rebuke, please put it in the right place or be more specific about why you singled out this particular thread.

      • The comment was not a response to the video nor that particular thread – apologies if it seemed that way.

  14. Well said moderator. I have known Robin since the sixties and am surprised he has been conned into a situation like this. He has well and truly trapped himself and done a tremendous disservice to the youngster. Not ok Robin and you know it. So handle and put right. David

    • Right on David. There was a time I held Robin in high regard – he was my “go to guy” if ever I needed help or guidance. I am disappointed and consider he has utterly compromised with his own integrity on this and other cycles. It has been a rude awakening for me that even someone like him would get entangled in this mess and stoop to this. I am very sad to have “lost” him. I look at photos of him now, and he does NOT look happy – he is just not the Robin I once knew.

      • Interesting point you make Shelley. I have long noticed one common factor among all the still-ins I know – they seldom look happy. I continually bump into still-ins, and one thing I notice among almost all of them is their compulsion to communicate. I know that sounds like a good thing, but I go to gym where people are expected to, you know, exercise, and I see these scientologists always engrossed in ‘communicating’ obsessively. They appear to be completely unaware that communication takes many forms, not just endless jabber. Observation is communication. Action is communication. Truth is communication. These guys have become robots, they just can’t observe it.

      • Of course Shelley. After being subjected to the “Severe Reality Adjustment” ‘tech’ of ‘Depraved’ Miscarriage, who would be? (Robin included!).

        One only has to look at the faces, (never mind the psyche!) of all those once spirited people, who have now succumbed to the toxic effects of ‘interaction’ with ‘Depraved’.

        Fortunately, we have among us, warriors of real fortitude. Those who have not only personally triumphed over the worst that “he” could dish upon them, but managed to hit back with some of the most damaging, revelations of their own, that he is still having to contend with today.

        Karen De la Carrera, and Mike Rinder, being two who regularly contribute to this blog.

      • I agree with Racing in the Blood. All the best have left the church already. The ones who are left, well God help them. So in the spirit of the best have left, let’s have a big Indie convention where we can all meet each other! Any ideas on that?

  15. I think one thing in the Scientology sandbox that set the whole business up for sabotage, was the ideas on children . Children can be SP’s too, children are thetans too, no thetan was ever the parent of another thetan, there is no place for children in this race to “save earth”. Children’s sec checks, children need to “put in exchange”, and a host of other notions that fizzled up to children being outlawed and fair gamed in the most intense devotee environment.

    They are more or less considered “other fish to fry”. Raised in deplorable conditions in the Sea Org and even with people on staff in regular Orgs as the Orgs failed to provide adequate exchange with the staff. The fact that one of Hubbard’s own committed suicide was a screaming red flag something was amiss in this environment.

    It was easier to “convert” people into Scientologists than to grow them. Children became viewed as liabilities and present time problems. The handbook most parents used when I was public and first came in was “miracles for breakfast”. Which promoted enforcing stats keeping in young children and ser facing on them about “exchange” and conditions. I heard the author had serious failures with her own children.

    The cancelling of parent time in the Sea Org was a tremendous betrayal upon the staff that were there already with their children. And a declaration that children were other fish to fry, and Miscavige was more deserving of people’s time than their own children. Expulsion as an ethics sentance to women that became pregnant, a telling indicator of the attitude.

    Most “religions” are born and grown around the family unit and this dissemination encouragement has been the only guarantee of that religion’s immortality.

    The Church of Scientology has a morbid dislike and resentment towards children that approximates death sentences in it’s highest devotees.

    If no thetan was ever the parent of another thetan, then surely no thetan is ever truly the Chairman of the Board either.

    These attitudes about children have carried through three or four generations and have become so ingrained in that society and people that have traveled through it, there seems to be almost no awareness for responsibility of family or children. Especially when folks are asked to disconnect from their own family members who might become a distraction from the Church.

    The children that do pop up on the landscape, are expected to be surrendered to David Miscavige for his personal pleasure / use. And become Sea Org staff. There they taught to have attitudes of revulsion about sex, and what deadly consequences it can bring to their career and the karma of any potential children.

    As the dissemination cycle of the Scientologists has been cut, so has been it’s future. With out constant new converts, the orgs become still and they rely on begging and beggars and donations to put a roof over their head.

    The idea that children and family come last or not at all has been the ruin of the church. The viewpoint that family and children can be fair gamed for a “good cause”, may take another two generations to overcome. This border lines sociopath.

    I personally do not think there will be a Church of Scientology twenty years from now. And I think the main failure will be the anti family anti children attitudes born in that culture. The family unit is a dynamic that is irrepressible on this planet. Unless you are a member of the Church of Scientology.

    • Bang on Oracle, bang on! LRH himself speaks of leaving the 2D alone and not suppressing it whatsoever! Dear leader being above taxes, civil law and everything else feels he can get rid of these pesky brats. Problem is Davie boy that to play this game you need bodies, lots of em!

      So DM shoots himself in the foot and we get to watch him hobble around before he finnally keels over.

      It is lovely to watch former SO, church staff and public return to creating a strong and vibrant 2D once again! The Rinder family is a great example, Christy is a doting mom and simply revels in motherhood – awesomeness!

      Personally while in, my 2D was attacked viciously on all fronts! Ultimately the church failed bar one point, havent spoken to my sister in years(shes high on kool aid and a Flag brainwashee).

      The reason for breaking down the 2D is rather sordid, it disconnects a person from their first power source, ones own family. Once achieved the only family is the church and all manner of sacrifice is required to remain in good standing. No thanks, I have me own dad and dont need DM as his surrogate. Besides DM gives too many hidings, steals all my toys and makes all my brothers and sisters kill each other – bad father!!

      • In 1951, in the book, ‘Science of Survival’, LRH was against promiscuity and against abortion.
        In 1952, during the “PDC” lectures, he was for promiscuity and pro abortion, ridiculed concern with “family” as a characteristic of the “Genetic Entity,” and described families as not being good groups.
        His 1961 Children’s Sec Check was outrageous, and psychologically abusive to children.
        With the establishment of the Sea Org, in 1967, the idea of family was again diminished and, with LRH starting to use children as his servants, one could almost say it was perverted.
        And his establishment, in the mid 1970s, of the Children’s RPF, speaks for itself.
        LRH did not “leave the 2D alone.”

      • “LRH did not “leave the 2D alone.””

        No, he did not. Thanks for these facts, Boggle. I saw that in the PDCs as well. Hubbard wrote what was expected for certain public. He didn’t take long to contradict himself. For every ‘standard tech’, there is a contradiction. So what is standard? Indeed.

    • A most profound comment, The Oracle. You’ve made points about this that I’ve not seen anywhere else.
      And you are so right!
      It all flies in the face of it’s supposed to be the second dynamic which comes BEFORE the third. It’s another one of those glaring contradictions of Hubbard’s – glaring and yet not seen.

  16. Another icky and sticky mantra in the Scientology sandbox that gave birth to three generations of Scientologists beholden to sacrifice in every manner was: “You are only as valuable as you can serve others”.

    This forbade any purposes of SELF HELP.

    Yet you see the church just begging straight up for donations now with out any emphasis on helping others beyond what is printed in the brochures about them “saving the planet”.

    They are not saving the planet. They can’t even think about saving themselves. When they do they are called dilettantes with other fish to fry.

  17. “….Scientologists beholden to sacrifice in every manner was: “You are only as valuable as you can serve others”.”
    Another profound statement here, Oracle. Fortunately, I was not deterred from leaving the church because of this – IF ONLY because I’d done so much third and fourth dynamic work.
    But the above statement certainly made me right for selfessly devoting myself to causes!
    The New Me is still serving but it’s serving ME now and my third dynamics pays me for it! At last now I can figure in the equation without guilt. 🙂 I’ve served my time.
    No more sacrificing. It’s a great feeling!

  18. I waiting to see Mr Duggan’s reaction when he’s knocked off his high horse and realises he’s been duped by a cult and its leader.
    It’ will be most interesting…..

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