Come hither with all ye FUNds


After the somewhat sobering content of our previous article, we are lifting the mood to bring you a bit of fundraiser report-back merriment.

A couple of weeks ago, this blog did an article on the up-coming Medieval fundraiser for Joburg North.  In that article, we mentioned the new SCN House-Band Splurge! would be making their debut. This fundraiser was heavily promoted, and a decent period of notice given to the public.

On the 14th October a report-back email was sent out accompanied by some pictures taken at that event.

The short description and ONLY feedback from this fundraiser was the following:

“On Saturday the 4th of October, Gauteng Scientologists got together at the Johannesburg Org for the Medieval Ideal Org Rock Concert! The Africa Landlord briefed on a new building which has been found for Joburg North”

  • From the pictures below, the event was poorly attended. We have compared these pictures to an event held in January this year – the plunge in attendees from then to now is plainly evident.
  • Despite many notices and lots of promo about about this event being a “medieval theme” it seems most of the public ignored this and came along dressed any-old-how. This too, is in stark contrast to previous fundraisers where at least 80 – 90% of the public got into the “spirit of play” by dressing up accordingly.
  • Yet again they report having found a building. What exactly does this mean? Going back over the years, Joburg North has “found” at least five buildings in the past – all of which have resulted in no product. Finding a building and BUYING a building are completely different things. This news is not new at all and the lack of any other data (location, price, have they actually paid for it yet etc) is somewhat of an outpoint. 
  • Assuming these are the best pictures they have to offer, when one compares them to other fundraising pics, it is clearly evident that public attendance, enthusiasm and willingness to enter into the spirit of things has worn very thin.  

On with the promo, Here are some excerpts with our comments.

Medievil Rock Fundraiser - report back

The above picture is probably the one taken at the end of event – it is customary to get everyone up on stage for the last shot of the evening. Usually by then many people have left, but non-the-less, we counted just 22 people – 12 of which are staff members, leaving a total of 10 public on stage.


Compare this to the Barn-Dance fundraiser held in January (pic below) and one can instantly see the vast difference in numbers:

Barn Dance5 18 January


And then there were the people who received commendations for previous donations – a grand total of 12 people, with 5 of them staff members and 7 public.Medievil Rock Fundraiser - commendations


Again, as a comparison, this is the picture of people receiving commendations at the Barn Dance fundraiser in January – more than double the people with commendations and more than double public vs staff.

Barn Dance1 18 January

And then there were these:

Medievil Splurge members

We are not exactly sure what these two are doing – perhaps members of the newly announced SCN house band Splurge? We recognise Graham Holmes on the left playing his new squeegee instrument, but are not sure who the chair-drummer on the right is. Rather odd choice of musical instruments.

Medievil Rock Fundraiser - report back - Public Train Doing the hokey-poky Medieval style?

And we close our Medieval Report with this. 

Medievil Rock Fundraiser - report back - Robin

 HRH Hogarth 


16 thoughts on “Come hither with all ye FUNds

  1. Oy vey….
    Nowhere in the world does one electively dress us like a moron to be shafted shamelessly in public.

  2. Oh my goodness what a poor turnout!
    Someone must have got into deep shite
    as the confirmed did not pitch up!
    No Sympathy coming from me!
    The field are not even willing to play the game and
    dress up for the theme!
    Not very high toned – Sooo pleased I NO LONGER have
    to attend MANDATORY EVENTS yes when you are on Solo
    Nots it is an Ethics matter if you do not attend these uplifting,
    on purpose Events and of course the OT Committee have their
    quota set to Reg all the POOR ……….who have to attend.
    You cannot AFFORD to be an Ethics particle in the Church!
    Same old faces – no expansion happening on the division six lines!
    Puts a big smile on my face!

    • Goldie. deep shite indeed! ..then again, Depraved just continues unabated, with his tired old ‘circus tricks’! Such as: “Roll-up! Roll-up, folks! Watch intently, as I make your hard earned loot, disappear in a flash! For an encore, I am prepared to repeat this stunt again and again!” (’cause you’re so stupid! And it gives me the greatest (perverse) pleasure, in hoodwinking MY fortune from you suckers, while you grovel in your pathetic expectations that I will actually deliver your ‘eternity’) “Snicker! LOL!”

      (What people may not realize, is this conceited Bozo the one-man ringmaster/illusionist/clown, has also set up one of the world’s largest ‘hula-hoop’ manufacturing facilities, (on the side), so that he will NEVER run out of the blessed things!)

      This is due to the fact that HE has also ‘discovered’, that it’s even more ‘fun’, watching his ‘$heeple’, jumping through an endle$$ $eries of hoop$,
      (“The NEW Bridge”, The NEW training line -up, GAT !, II, !!!. etc, etc) (which HE has gotten them to pay for, WITHOUT delivering, naturally), than treadmilling in the old boring ‘ham$ter wheel’, that previously held his fascination as center stage in his coveted circu$ ring.

      Main problem now is, “The Big Top” is almost empty these days! 🙂

  3. Of those 10 public you estimate at least five are Joburg OTC members (I can recognise HRH Hogarth, Rene Habib, and the inevitable OTC ladies Desiree Channing, Karen Richards and Kareen Khoury – there’s probably more in the back row trying to avoid the regges) and you can take it as read they’re only lending their theta support as they’re known to not be anything more than nominal donators, if at all. ‘Useless eaters’ as Albert de Beer apparently describes them. That takes it down to barely five public, none of them whales. I’d say they raised no more than R10,000, possibly doubled by Bob Duggan. Maybe just covered the costs.

  4. Thanks BIC for reminding me just how much I miss these events! It took me a while after leaving the church to realise it. Seeing the bliss and happiness on all those faces makes me want to go there again!!

    Someone hold me back! This brotherhood of enlightenment was the shit. Please tell me Sandra is still there to welcome my return, I expect a golden rod folded into a tulip and an IAS approved tithe exemption and Ille happily go back for another mind rodgering. Thank you.

    Covert hostility aside I recognised a fair number of still ins happily dancing to their party line. Do they wonder where all the nice people went or do they feel like the ancient Israelites waiting for DM to part the red sea? How does one reconcile the mass declares, exodus and endless pillage of Joburg? Whats the propaganda line?

    Bullshit still baffles brains..those fundraiser pictures remind me of that too! If I were a Pharoah in ages past these people would be most ideal. Sleep deprive them, steal all their money, take their childrens childhood away, separate them from their families and make them hurt your enemies even if they become maimed in the process yet..

    Still they build dem pyramids dont they. There are no words that describe this tragedy.

    P.s. doesnt Albert look like Col sanders from Kentucky fried chicken? His hairs gone completely white. All those reg cycles gone afoul perhaps.

  5. All I have to say is “there but for the grace of Sandra De Beer go I”.

    In hindsight, I owe the Church a big THANK YOU for pushing me to the point of no return. Literally.

    I see poor old Walter Hex and my heart bleeds. He has not even made it to Clear despite God-knows how many Millions he is in the hole to Ideal Morgues for now (no pun intended).

    I see my erstwhile brother-in-law Robin literally pimping himself for the Church in that ridiculous get-up, and I just sigh. “What happened to you Robin – where are YOU?”

  6. I think the whole thing is hilariously pathetic. I get the impression that many of these people are starting to get the feeling of, same old, same old….

    Hiring costumes every second week or even once a month starts becoming very costly. Never mind traipsing around in them all night, hot and smelly!

    I get the impression that many of these people are staring to get the feeling of, same old, same old….!

    The midget gets his kicks from voyeurism and I can imagine his guffaws and the snide remarks he makes when he gets these pictures. He enforces their merriment while he strips them of all dignity and what money they have left.

    Most those people there do not have much personal money to give. Walter Hex is the only whale, perhaps the only whale left barring Philip Park.

    Oh boy, oh boy. It makes me feel so good that I stopped attending any of the fundraisers and even before Debbie Cook’s email and even before I’d finally decided that I was “out”! It feels SO GOOD!

    I’m no longer so sorry for the attendees of these things, I used to be to some extent. Surely by now, they’ve felt and seen the absurdity. Surely, some spark of light must be glimmering in the recesses of their brainwashed minds. We were all brainwashed to some degree or another at some point. Yet, we shook ourselves and saw the light. Hey?

  7. The ideal org would be an activity where people came to achieve freedom. Freedom comes from the gaining of knowledge, getting rid of unwanted barriers, raised communication skills, your enjoyment of life and any other activity that raises your survival potential. You can deliver this in a barn and people will flow in. Those still in the Church “WAKE UP” get out, join the
    freezone where the focus is on your ability to live life better and not to bankrupt you in doing so. David

  8. Sad really (except that many faces I once knew at Jbg North are NOT there – that’s good at least). Someone once told me that these fundraisers are supposed to be off-the-wall outrageous. So while they milk members of their funds (against the backdrop of zero feasibility assessments on what they are doing), they send members into group agreement to look silly too. Its probably all the silliness (getting drunk on other people’s company rather than drunk on alcohol) that diverts one’s attention off the demand for money.
    Their faces look sad and worn. I don’t want to single anyone out – it will just attract trouble to them, but I sometimes reflect on the helpless situation that people like Albert and David find themselves in. What other options do they have? To what extent might Robin be minding his “Ps” and “Qs” by towing the line to protect relatives in the SO and at the Int Base. Now this other thing with minding other people’s children. Was there pressure brought to bear on him to do it? One just does not know what goes on in their universes. Staff and SO were all people who started out just wanting help in a meaningful way. They were all betrayed. They have lost / are losing themselves.

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