Marty ambushed yet again by RCS & how this relates to South African SCN’s


Jenny LInson – CNN Interview with the “inch wives”

On Monday (20 Oct 2014) a story broke about Marty being ambushed and harassed by a trio of RCS execs who “just happened” to be in the same place at LAX (Los Angeles Airport). Marty videoed the whole incident.

The three Church execs involved in this humiliating public display of what “top SCN Management” behave like in public were:

  1. Jenny Linson. Personal friend of DM & former wife of Tom De Vocht who was one of many ex-SO members that revealed the many physical beatings perpetrated by DM on top execs in the Church.  Jenny and other wives of those who made similar allegations appeared on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show and tried rather unsuccessfully to dead-agent these claims. Jenny swore that she knew “every inch” of Tom and never saw a bruise on his body. This resulted in the interview thereafter being coined as “the inch wives”  (and thus explains the above pic).
  2. Dave Bloomberg. Long serving SO Exec in the highest strata of Church Management.
  3. Marc Yager. Highest ecclesiastical officer of Scientology’s ‘mother church’ (church of scientology international).  Watchdog Committee Chairman. South Africans will be familiar with Marc as he often appeared in event videos (and then disappeared years ago, believed to have been living in “the hole” ever since).  

Jeffrey Augustine posted an article about this incident and kindly gave us permission to re-post it here on BIC.

The reason we found Jeff’s article to be of particular significance is that he raises the issue of possible laws that were broken.

What many South African SCN’s don’t know is that whereas the Church can and does hide behind 1st Amendment Rights in the USA, no such “rights” exist in South Africa and the Church, just as every other organisation or individual in this country,  falls under the same Constitutional Law and Bill of Rights.

Therefore, if the Church in this country harasses anyone such as they have been doing, they are in effect committing a crime.  (Enforced disconnections, telling people to “unfriend” others on facebook or to disconnect from “so and so”, threatening people if they don’t cooperate by offering up names of UTR friends, requesting people to “come see HCO about some concerns we have”, summoning people to a comm-ev or “ethics interview” on trumped-up charges, confronting a person about “reports” received but not shown, asking any personal questions that the person does not feel comfortable answering, accusing any person of having missed W/H’s or being “out ethics”, publishing or making libelous/slanderous articles or statements about other SCN’s. And so on.

All of this constitutes harassment and discrimination which are criminal acts punishable by the law in this country. One does not even need an attorney to lodge such a case – you can simply go to the court (or police station), fill out the documents and lodge the case – and the matter is then investigated. If proven to be true (which is very easy to prove as the Church is so arrogantly and blatantly overt with their “above the law” attitude) then punitive damages may be awarded to the person lodging the complaint.


With that in mind, here is Jeffrey’s article followed by the video of what occurred.

 Did the Church of Scientology Violate the Law 

When It Harrassed Marty Rathbun at LAX?

It was completely reprehensible, outrageous, and irresponsible for the three Scientology officials to have entered a US airport for the purposes of harassing one individual.

One would think the Church of Scientology would have the common sense and decency to not risk disrupting airport operations in order to act as agents provocateur for David Miscavige.

A single event can shut down an entire airport, delay flights, and cause psychological distress for passengers.

Why the Church chose to engage in such preposterous behavior at a high-security US airport raises serious concerns that should be investigated by law enforcement.

The three Scientology officials may have broken  several laws by harassing Mr. Rathbun inside a US airport:

  1. The Scientology executives are members of a tax-exempt 501(c)3 group, and, they acted in concert in what certainly appears to be a staged operation deliberately designed to create or provoke an adverse incident at a major high-security US airport
  2. The US Supreme Court long ago ruled that, “An airport terminal operated by a public authority is a non-public forum.” In other words, the Church of Scientology agents were not in a public forum. This may prove to be an important distinction.
  3. US airports are multi-jurisdictional non-public forums. Due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of LAX, the Scientology officials have left themselves open to investigation by many different agencies. Moreover, numerous interior and exterior LAX surveillance cameras filmed the Scientology agents.

LAX serves about 220,000 passengers a day.  Why did the Church of Scientology choose to risk disrupting passengers and various law enforcement agencies at LAX?

Law enforcement is at LAX to protect the public; an airport is no place for the Church of Scientology to carry on a vendetta.

Were tax-exempt dollars spent? If so, were laws broken during this potentially illegal expenditure of tax-exempt monies?

Who inside of Scientology ordered this action?

These may prove to be questions that law enforcement will investigate.

This event was another incredibly ill-advised misadventure on the part of the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige.

This writer salutes Marty Rathbun for his calm demeanor and composure in dealing with angry cult members at LAX.

EDIT: Our sources tell us the following:

  1. Jenny Linson, Dave Bloomberg, and Marc Yager have replaced the post of WDC OSA Legal previously held by Mike Rinder. They operate from the building that was previously CMO Gold.
  2. The LAX incident was “striking an effective blow” in order for the SP Hole Legal “Troika” to get out of a lower condition. If so, this is proof of the insanity in which the upper management of the Church is engulfed.

“Troika” is from the Russian тройка and refers to a triumvirate or a group of three. In the Stalinist Era in Russia, the notorious NKVD troika conducted show trials (kangaroo courts) and imprisoned or executed those deemed enemies of Stalin.


Jeffrey Augustine


If you would like to read the article Marty personally wrote about his experience, you can do so by clicking here


41 thoughts on “Marty ambushed yet again by RCS & how this relates to South African SCN’s

  1. ““Troika” is from the Russian тройка and refers to a triumvirate or a group of three. In the Stalinist Era in Russia, the notorious NKVD troika conducted show trials (kangaroo courts) and imprisoned or executed those deemed enemies of Stalin.”

    How ideologically appropriate.


  2. A very high valued Target cannot have random actions done on them without co-ordination and permission from the pinnacle.

    Marty is off limits unless Miscavige approved. otherwise it is helter skelter, willy nilly and not co-ordinated and too random for results.
    A concerted attack on Marty is thought out, planned, drilled and rehearsed.

    The one thing that cries out in neon red lights is their level of DELUSION.

    Marty is no longer a Scientologist but they are speaking to him as he is still part of their group.

    1) Attacking him SP HOLee style i.e. mock, jeer, invalidate, overwhelm 3 against one repeatedly feed negative energy and so on ~~ delusion they are seeking an SP hole result to someone who set himself free of all of that.

    2) Bewailing that Marty is not helping the PLANET

    Delusion that Jenny in her own mental state is helping the PLANET and Marty is not !
    Marty is not at INT base under SO jurisdiction.
    He does not have to answer why he is in Los Angeles !
    What DELUSION.
    This is the earlier similar LAX (Los Angeles Airport) ambush on Marty some 3 years ago. Note how the now dead Jim Lynch is bloviating threats of hard drives going inter-state. All bogus. All hogwash. Nothing came of any of it. This is psy -ops, Mental psychological intimidation ~~ very CULTish behavior

    • On this point of still-ins not recognising that people who have left the RCS can do whatever they want.

      I was chatting to someone who left the Church last year. Not 10m away was an OT7 selling products to passers-bys. This OT7 refuses to speak to this person because they are “still connected to people who are declared”. Despite the explanation of “I’m not doing scn any more, I don’t subscribe to your rules and regulations any more – I can talk to whoever I want just like any other passer-by.” i.e. practicing the basic human right of freedom of association (which ironically the Church purports to support).

      Didn’t matter to the OT7. If she is going to refuse to speak to people because someone is connected to others who are still speaking to someone who may be declared in South Africa, there are one hell of a lot more people she is going to have to disconnect from. Her world and space just got a whole lot smaller – good advert for an OT7!

    • Karen, you are right.. BUT… there is an EVEN EARLIER SIMILAR incident!
      Only this time it is more on flow #2… 😉

      Any ideas who approved/planed that “airport-greeting”.
      Mike? Marty? Kurt Weiland? Mark Yaeger? Kathy True? DM?

      Karma is a bitch…

      Nevertheless, you can see/hear how OSA used german speaking SCNist to get Mrs. Caberta “properly welcomed” – and look at the similarities… UNBELIEVABLE!

      Pay attention to the young lady in the white skirt at 1:42

      It is: JULIA HÜTTMANN from Stuttgart/Germany.

      She is VERY good friends with DIETER STUCKENBROCK – the father of former INT BASE SECURITY CHIEF, UWE STUCKENBROCK (R.I.P.) and the father-in-law of LOURISSE STUCKENBROCK (COB Assist.).
      Both are also VERY good friends with GABI KORELL – who had a HUGE problem with her son T.K..
      As a “difficult juvenielle” he was sent to “Happy Valley/Ranch” as a method to “handle the situation with him.”

      There are even more dots to be connected, but let’s look at this clip which has another perspective from the airport-ambush.
      Listen carefully to the reactions at about 2:09:

      Isn’t that a perfect summarization of KSW#1?

  3. I saw the video yesterday, came across it on Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker.

    Words cannot describe the lack of decorum witnessed here. According to Marty, behind them were about a hundred and fifty people ogling this.

    Miscavige and his minions do stoop low, don’t they.

    I applaud Marty’s calm demeanour throughout what must have been an enturbulating ordeal. I have such tremendous respect for Marty, per se.

    Karma – when this rebounds against Miscavige and these three, if Marty takes it further, these three will be at the end of the midget’s wrath and serve them all right. They’ll probably end up in the hole again!

  4. The RCS has become a laughing stock. Slowly, as we can see from this and other blogs, this is getting into the public domain not as a serious philosophical discussion but as the latest ‘Idi Amin’ saga. In my youth our local newspaper had a regular feature ‘Today’s Idi-otic’ and the legacy that Miscavige will leave behind when he finally f**ks off will be that kind of buffoonery. I’m already embarrassed to tell anyone I am or was a scn – who in the future would want to admit to thinking our Idi-ot was a serious leader?

    • Scientology’s military-keystone-cop style “management” has always been a comedy freak show. I was “on LRH mission” (daily telexes signed R) to the then fairly new FLB in March-April 1979. On April 1 (April Fools Day) a long, long telex was received by us from, and introducing, a new management body called the Watchdog Committee. The telex was so comically bizarre I couldn’t help but believe it was an April Fools joke. Seriously! As I recall we even formulated and sent a reply to clarify as much… was not a joke, of course, but now the world laughs with me. 😀

      • This post on Marty’s blog is worth a read:
        xenu1979 | October 22, 2014 at 1:08 pm | Reply

        My co-workers were randomly talking about this today because it was on Reddit so I watched it again, and my god, I am not one to call names but those three look terrible.The two men look almost ghoulish. Also, once you watch it a couple of times it is “obvious” they are carrying out orders.

        I served in a Special Ops unit in the military back in my younger days, and the more I learn about Scientology, the more I think it’s a paramilitary group and not a church. Actually it’s a paramilitary cult. That’s what it is. It uses military speak, military regalia/rank, it has it’s own Staazi, it’s own Gulags and black prisons, and most importantly, it employs military mind control tactics!

    • Thanks Shelley. you bring up a very good point of ’emancipation’.

      Move over please, won’t you folk in the gay community?

      Make room too, for the NEW PROUDLY OUTS”

      OUT of the “Church” (cult) of Scientology, that is! 🙂

  5. GREAT NEWS best promo ever 340,000 views on YouTube and climbing!
    Shows Scientology at its best and David must be livid to think he has been
    linked with this Catastrophic outcome – someone messed up on their
    drilling! HRH will not be amused! AND believe me heads will roll!

    • It has already been picked up by International Business Times (see link in my comment above). Not sure about local – let’s see how things play out.

  6. Another point I would like to bring up is that CofS has been reported to use a travel agency system to access flight info for people like Marty that they want to target or people who have “blown” who they want to prevent from leaving. I have to think there are at least ethics violations if not outright criminal violations of using such a system for such purposes. Does anyone have any knowledge of CofS use of such systems to harass and stalk?

  7. #1 Jenny Devoct Linsen was not permitted to sleep for 1 week. 7 days of sleep deprivation circa 2005. CIA describe sleep deprivation of this kind actual TORTURE. When she was finally permitted to sleep, Miscavige ordered all INT execs to “watch her sleep” and people were not permitted to leave the room til she woke up. So she slept (embarrassing) with 100 pairs of eyes on her. And here she comes as David Miscavige emissary to win some points by him by hissing with venom at Marty ? WTF ?

    #Marc Yager (formerly Watchdog Committee Chairman and Commanding Officer of CMO INT) has been beaten, punched, kicked, socked in the chest, humiliated, called a fag, a homosexual more and utterly abused more than anyone at INT Base. He once attempted to mutiny against Miscavige and was crushed by being forced to live in a wilderness in a tent in isolation with only a garden hose to clean him for the better part of 3 years. When he once tried to escape he was lunged upon and threatened that he would be DESTROYED if he attempted escape.

    #David Bloomberg (Australian) long term executive of Author Services (ASI) pretending secular (non Church) while RPF and SP hole loom on the horizon just as if they were current Sea Org, Bloomberg was SP Holed for years.

    These 3 know the sadism. These 3 have been beaten and bloodied and attended the *seances* in SP HOLE and yet they provide the service of attacking Marty Rathbun as *ecclesiastical* Church staff in cahoots with Miscavige.
    These 3 are not some OSA volunteer. These 3 are hardcore *ELITE* inner circle of David Miscavige.
    It is hard to swallow. I will never understand Stockholm syndrome.

      • This is not the Scientology I grew up with in the sixties and seventies. Miscaviige has turned into an evil little despot. Every being has the right to leave the game. {PDC10}. What is being practised today under Miscavige is becoming more and more black Scientology.Pure evil.

      • Hi FDJ,
        What’s mainly changed is that there was no Internet or You Tube, and no convenient means of recording audio&video, in the 60s and 70s. LRH’s instructions regarding how to do harassment date from 1955 in the ‘Manual on Dissemination of Material’, from 1959 in the ‘HCO Manual on Justice’, and onward through the 1960s, and 1970s.
        Not only outsiders who had never been Scientologists, but also those who had left the organization, were the targets.
        I’m glad you were insulated from it when you were growing up, but it was (and is) very much part of Scientology.

  8. There is no hell good enough for David Miscarriage! Karen this backstory of these cowed down to minion status execs is insufferable cruelty! I almost wish sudden death on them to end all the misery!

    Instead I seethe with wrath against a man whos very name stands for all things profane! I despise him for what he did to my philosophy, the people I love and to all those other poor souls who yet follow him into the abyss.

    Karen thank you for your tireless efforts in bringing this vile man to justice. I live for the day when we see his head on a pike which came by his own hand. I actually know it will happen soon. So does he.

    • Thank you Sheeplebane.
      After my son’s death at 27 years old due to enforced disconnection and no medical treatment, the *Church* came after me with visits to my home from Squirrel Busters and put up a bunch of fantasy hate pages even going so far as to allege I was a Russian Spy honey pot (Mata Hari)
      So I decided to expand my range of whistleblowing.
      I have 16,000 followers on Twitter.
      In 1.5 years on You Tube. These are my YouTube stats
      11,139 subscribers
      Joined Mar 26, 2013
      And I value this blog and the posters. We shall prevail to end the abuse.

      • Karen, thanks again for sharing the pain you were put through on so many fronts. Though nothing can undo the damage, it is wonderful to see just how strong you have become, as a result.

        It is just as evident how your strength has rubbed off onto so many, enabling them to make that decisive step of getting OUT!

        For sure; “We shall prevail to end the abuse.”

  9. This is an example of incredibly stupid overt harassment. LRH provided instructions, on numerous occasions, to Scientologists, on how to do overt harassment. However, then, there was no Internet, and no YouTube, and one would think that Miscavige would recognize that those LRH instructions should be modified to adapt to the Internet/YouTube age. Miscavige, apparently, has not adapted or modified those instructions.
    Then there is covert harassment in which LRH specialized, and wrote extensive instructions. This is not as much affected by the Internet, but that’s another topic.
    Miscavige appears to be out of control and perhaps having a mental breakdown.
    Even stranger times ahead.

    • I think there are “even stranger times ahead”, Boggle, too. I would like a film made of it all; or a blockbusting documentary. I would like it to make a shitload of money at the box office. It should reach a huge audience across the planet.

    • OMG – well spotted, JSG. Yes and how utterly ironic that the Church posts something like this while they are the worst bullies out there. And trust me, although Marty’s case is certainly one of the worst, they do this to their own staff right down to CLV org level – I have personal experience/s of this.

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