How to spot an OSA robot

 By Robert Berrington
Robot we come in peaceWe received the following from Robert Berrington who has data of value regarding the ongoing infiltration and snooping by the Church and OSA. Just last week we were alerted to yet more attempts by the Church to get certain public to “cough up” information and names of their UTR friends or declared people’s activities. Whereas we cannot with certainty confirm the allegations being made against the people named in this article, we have allowed the publishing thereof as this is not the first time we have received similar reports.
 Over to Robert:

How To Spot an OSA Robot

A few months ago I received a Facebook notification saying that Brian Scott-Dawkins was now one of my Facebook friends. I didn’t recall ever having sent him a request but I assumed I must have done so many years ago and that he only now accepted it, possibly due to the fact that he’d started waking up from the spell of the Cof $.

So we started chatting a bit and I referred him to Backincomm.

Shortly thereafter I was impersonated by a cult member via an email account they had created, Using this address they emailed Scnafrica, fishing for information.

My girlfriend was then sent a crudely “altered” picture of me with (taken from my Facebook page). Obviously this was meant as a veiled threat of some sort.

And then I received an email apparently originating from a friend of mine (we were on staf together) trying to get me to admit to various things. A simple call to my friend verified that the email was a hoax, and thus I verified that yet again someone had “created” a bogus email address looking like it had originated from someone else. Although the IP address had been removed,  I managed to uncover that these emails had been sent by Ciaran Ryan – possibly with some help from his IT-savvy son, Marco.

Steve Moore at some point also left a message for me on Facebook saying “We know what you are doing,” mwahaha!

My point is that some “friend” (read OSA imposter) on my Facebook now had information about myself, my girlfriend, my friends and ex Scientoligists I am still in touch with,  and used this information to bug me and upset the people I love and care for.

I’ve noticed that a good few “Indies” and even declared SPs still have Sea Org members and other well-known Koolaid drinkers as Facebook friends.

What’s up with that? Are you simply obtuse or is there a more sinister reason behind this?

Look, for the love of God, if you are out of the Church or UTR, get these people off your Facebook account and out of your personal lives. These people have no right to your private information, and by staying connected to them, you are endangering the comm lines and privacy of your real friends.

The picture below says it all:

Dont feed the trolls

So how do I know that Brian was an imposter?

  1. Firstly because I saw his name on a list of people who had recently contributed large amounts of money to Ideal Orgs. Duh, OSA…
  2. Secondly because BSD suddenly appeared as a “friend” of many SPs and people who were either declared or had publicly disavowed the cult such as Pierre van Mossevelde, Robert Horn, Ryan Hogarth, Shelley Ashurst and Francois Groenewald. The scary thing about this is that most of these people don’t remember having ever accepted or requested a Facebook friendship with Brian. (Hmmmm…)
  3. Thirdly because he never responded to this message I sent to him “So I see your name appearing in a recent donations list for ideal orgs. Convince me why I should believe you’re not an OSA plant?…”
  4. And fourthly, in hindsight, because all the stuff with myself and my friends being impersonated etc. happened shortly after BSD became my “friend”.

I’d like to suggest some pointers on how to spot an OSA plant both online and in the real world (and I welcome anyone to add to this list in the comments section):

  • Some Scientologist who hasn’t been on-lines or in the org in ages suddenly sends you a friend request. Don’t just accept this by thinking because you haven’t seen this person for so long they must be out or UTR.  Always check with the person first – openly ask them why they are suddenly befriending you. If you don’t get a response, then you know. If you are UTR it’s just safer not to accept any “new” friend requests from Scientologists – you’re on your way out anyway!
  • You tell someone some of your upsets and the next day you get a call from the org to arrange an interview with you or to ask you directly what your issues with the org are.
  • The person appears on lists of those who have recently made large donations to Ideal Orgs or the IAS.
  • Does not originate his own disagreements.
  • Seems odd, in an indefinable way.
  • Is connected to other well-known, on lines committed Scientologists.
  • Does not attend ex members social gatherings.
  • Still heavily uses Cof$ terms such as “We need to take back our eternity.”
  • Lists CCHR, Narconon, Youth for Human Rights etc. as some of their interests, or has “liked” such pages on their facebook page.
  • Has SO members on their friends lists.
  • Has “SPs” or disaffected Scientologists as their friends, but is still obviously very “in” the Church.
  • Asks questions like “Why are you ill?” as a method of getting you to introvert and suspect that you are connected to this mythical thing called a “Suppressive Person.”
  • The “friend” is a person you did not know well to begin with, so why are they now friend requesting you?
  • There is very little activity on their Facebook account.
  • Sometimes it is not the real person who is now running the account but someone from OSA or someone working for OSA. In this case, communication from them sounds a bit too much like they’re trying to say things they believe the person they are pretending to be would say. It just sounds a little too contrived.
  • There is no pattern to the types of things they post.
  • Recent increased attacks or interest in you shortly after the friend request/acceptance.
  • The person simply appears as a FB friend one day. It may seem that this is from an old request which they only responded to now but I’ve seen it happen to many people, so I don’t know if they’ve found a way to simply befriend who they want?
  • Check your friends list from time to time. If you see the name/s of people you cannot remember befriending,  then you can reasonably suspect that you are being spied on.
  • The person claims to have been out for a length of time yet still has fanatical viewpoints on what is considered “ethical” or “unethical”.
  • The person greets the ex member as if nothing is out of the ordinary and does not even hint at the possibility that they may no longer be going to the org or ask if you are still going to the org (those who have left really want to talk about it and share their own personal experiences).

In closing, this is my message to OSA:

Wake up – it is YOU who are creating your own enemies.


For those of you unfamiliar with Robert Berrington and his story, Tony covered it some time ago in and article which can be read here

56 thoughts on “How to spot an OSA robot

  1. Thanks for the tip-off, Robert.

    A couple of weeks ago, I had such a request. I ignored it. And now, I’ll block her.

    Ciaran Ryan is a snake, a criminal snake, at that. I’m rather surprised about BSD but as I learn more and more about just how much hypnotising is imbedded in scn, I’m not all THAT surprised.

      • So true. I keep thinking there’s not anything more to know, then something new pops up even more astonishing than before.

        Aren’t we so fortunate to be where we are. Even if it’s years before we completely unravel, we aware with eyes open.

  2. What you say rings true for me. I have experienced that oddness of comm on occasion.

    Not everyone who is UTR wants to disconnect from all their Scn FB friends. I am one such case. I want them to remain friends so that when I announce my departure there will be some chance I can influence them to open their eyes and look or even get in comm with me.

    I don’t regard the majority of them as enemies. Those who work for OSA are something else. It takes a special kind of stupid to do that I think. Some are too far gone to wake up without the church itself completely falling apart but there are also quite a few who seem to be sufficiently independent of thought as to possibly start to look if they get a shock out of my announcement.

  3. Excellent article Robert. My mind is spinning with the deceit of it. One point: do you think this is a general strategy by OSA or has Ciaran (or his surrogate Angelo) personally got it in for you, considering the BRC history (or is it JJ history?) between you?

      • You South Africans need to man up, I hear a flaming tyre around the neck can be bought quite cheaply there. Fierce intimidation has always worked for me with cowards like OSA

      • I remember once overhearing a conversation between C, R & B of CRB fame and thinking at the time, I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of them. Their own actions against me left me stranded on the wrong side of them (as it did with Robert and many others). The gist of their conversation – at a time when they were variously doing Ls and OT7s and 8s and were all ‘oh so ethical’ – was whenever anyone brought up their various financial crimes (by legitimate KR) they would simply attack that person mercilessly. Their various donations and commitment to the SCN cause, and the fact it was also three against one, put them beyond reproach as it turned out. Note – the rightness or wrongness of anything they did never entered into their minds. Just attack.
        Robert, it doesn’t surprise me Warren is trying to get you fired – he’s a person who makes everything personal. He specialises in introverting his opponents – and give due where it’s deserved, he’s excellent at it.

      • You know, I never liked Ciaran Ryan, right from the start. I didn’t know why. The same with regards Warren Brackmann. The evidence did present itself later, though. It always does.

        Funnily enough, the same goes for each of their wives and it had nothing to do with their spouses. Made of the same cloth?

  4. Great article and very needed and wanted.
    The more data we have on OSA TROLLS the
    stronger we are as a group!

    OSA underestimates our loyalty to LRH and our
    loyalty to each other.

    They have NOT DUPLICATED that we know who the enemy is
    and we will not be intimated by their GESTAPO TACTICS !

    The rebel movement is NOT just in South Africa it is a worldwide
    movement now with so many under the radar and numerous
    Scientologists resigning which of course is kept very hush hush.
    and dare I say even their declares being hush hush but of course
    somewhere along the line these declares will be made known of
    course they will not even let you know if you have been declared
    however your face book friends will suddenly disconnect from you
    OR a new OSA TROLL will suddenly contact you mmmmmmmmm

    DISCONNECTION threats and Eternity threats are no longer
    having the effect as the South African Field are saying

    Ratters will be exposed – Covert friends will be exposed!

    Go for it Scn.Africa

  5. Well well well. Now isn’t that a coincidence (or not). I had almost the exact same from Brian Scott Dawkins. His wife is Pam who has worked at Summerhill School probably close on 20 years now. One day, out of the blue, I get this private F/Book message from him asking where he knows me from. We get chatting and I overtly tell him am declared – he says he knows, and wants to know what’s going on “because it’s all confusing”. I refer him to the BIC blog, he tells me has already read it, and wasn’t sure he liked it because of “what all the SP’s have to say”. He carefully makes both “for and against” Church statements.

    Brian and Pam never ever attended events – let alone fundraisers – they had been so far “off the radar” for so long I don’t think they were even on the call-in lists anymore – and suddenly he pops up and is madly busy on a previously “dead” facebook profile befriending SP’s, Sea Org members & other Scio’s including a few UTR’s.

    I knew what he was up to immediately and told him to unfriend me – he said he wouldn’t as until he personally heard from the Church, he would be in comm with who he liked. So I copied all our comm and pasted it into a word doc (just in case – never know when I might need it again – nudge nudge wink wink OSA) and I blocked him totally.

    • Good for you. What very strange behaviour. What does he hope to gain, or does OSA hope to gain knowing that you know that he knows, if you get my gist?

      He’s not too bright, is he? To think “we’d” fall for it.

      • Or should I say, not too bright to let OSA impersonate him and make him look stupid. Of course, we already know that OSA is not too clever. They’re so arrogant, they have little true perception of themselves.

  6. Well, well, well….. what do we have here for you now, (OSA) ??. looks like your ‘games’, are set to take on another twist? You have already been ‘hard at it’ by sending ‘love’ letters addressed to ‘Calvin’ on to my wife’s (Dorothy’s) computer and congratulating me on ‘my purchases of Viagra”, and “how amazing the experience is. ” LOL!

    These birds are faaarrrrr WORSE off than ! had even imagined. ANYTHING goes, of course, when one has lost one’s self respect and self determinism.

    I would love nothing more, than to take any one of you OSA ‘bots on a ‘grand tour’ of the REAL world, where I can expose you to REAL dangers, that would actually frighten the crap OUT of you! … which will actually do you more good btw, than the little kool-aid igloo you inhabit, devoid of fresh air and ‘healthy’ communication.

    Your ‘chairman’ is, I’m sorry to have to inform you, NOT going to ‘deliver you from evil’, any time soon. In fact, he has insidiously entrapped you, and your thinking, primarily through the application of ‘reverse scientology,’ using it’s tool of choice…….. FEAR!
    (Don’t believe it? Check out the draconian ‘penalties’ you face for non-compliance!!)

    At best, I’d say say you have a VERY slim chance, of ever recovering from your plight, should you choose to remain at the behest of your ‘Master’.

    On the other hand, have you considered, just how much better off you could become, (instantly), by breaking away from the trap of — “Command Intention”

    All the original, (non-squirreled ) LRH material and tech freely available to you, out here in the big wide world full of ess-pees, wogs, and EX’es of every description.

    Oh well, your choice — Suffer on… dear fools….. suffer on. gladly.
    (and btw. we keep an eye on YOU too, ok?)

  7. Back in the mid 90’s OSA had several operatives who got positions with AOL. These operatives were using their positions to get some of the early chat groups on AOL to violate terms of service and get them disbanded.

    If you get something strange happen, like new friends that you don’t recall ever officially requesting as friends, I would recommend that you immediately notify Facebook and tell them you believe you may have been hacked.

    It IS possible that OSA has some internal spys who have figured out how to this. Their immoral behavior knows no bounds.

  8. Be sure to make your friends list on Facebook visible only to you.

    Also, be sure to update all your passwords to strong passwords, especially on your facebook account and your email accounts – and very especially if your “status” has recently changed with regard to the Church of Scientology.

    Scientology is the most 1.1 organization in the world when it comes to other peoples’ computers. They have had a full time hacker group working for OSA since the 1990’s whose full time job is to surveil and infiltrate the computers of “critics” and “SPs” and “squirrels”.

    So learn computer and internet security techniques and make sure that you and your friends always follow it.


  9. I am just careful who I ‘friend’. Very few are people I don’t know personally and well. Most are family. I have had ‘friend’ requests supposedly from people I know but they sound weird. I’ve asked questions they should be able to answer and when they can’t I know the profile is spoofed. Not just trolls are on facebook. But lots of nice family members are! I am finally ‘free’ to meet my cousins.

  10. Can you believe this? Have they got nothing better to do? They must be so short of terminals – not much public turning up for course or events now, hey?

    Why don’t you deliver what the church is there for, make auditors and have happy pcs? That’s the way you beat “your enemy” – by flourishing and prospering. But you are so far off church policy aren’t you, like a drunken sailor, on very shaky legs. Paranoia is the name of the game for you, isn’t it.

    You’re farting in the wind, bozos, morons!

  11. Forgive me for my rant but here goes..

    Ive just said goodbye my gran. It was her funeral you see. A great woman, selfless and giving to level
    you wont find easily anywhere. She would put any churchie to shame, any day of the week!

    I sees my sister there. I havent seen or spoken to her in nearly 2 years since I told the church to go and jump. You would think the hatchet would be burried under the circumstances. Not so. She managed an under the breath “hi” as she scuttled past mentally warding off evil spirits. What a shame. Scientology Inc. taking its bond of family and dashing it against the rocks!!

    Its about time this ends. My sister and I lost a brother and and dear gran. When will you realise my dear sister that blood will always be thicker than water – always!

    • Sheeple – so sorry to hear about your gran. My condolences. Hope your sister doesn’t get into shit for being in such close proximity to her SP brother!

      A very similar event occurred last week at Ueli’s “gathering to say goodbye”.Of course, having been declared with the Joburg 18 last year, he was persona non-grata, but his wife didn’t give a continental and everyone was welcome – in or out. There was a mixed bag of people with those still “IN” trying very hard not to get too close to or look at us SP’s for any length of time. It would have been amusing were it not for the sad occasion. Pathetic, really.

      • Shelly its despicable
        in all languages of our rainbow nation! Retribution is a dish best served on liquid nitrogen!

        One day when that house of cards propped up by lies created by mouth farts will crumble and poof!

        Its just aint right. I wanna watch this organisation burn to an ember and finally sputter its last gasp and let all be free. Everything good and theta was robbed from it and squeezed beyond warped recognition.

        I can hear that bell tolling and it tolls for thee COB!!

    • Hey Sheeple, sincere condolences, man. Time for a bit of a rest from the toil at last. and I’m sure she is appreciating it.

      I’m not surprised you feel so much ire towards the DMented dwarf.
      Anyone who has had their loved one’s mind’s taken over with the loathsome implants of ‘justified disconnection’, would feel just as you do!

      Though there is some welcome news now beginning to filter through via the most recent updates on Mike Rinder’s blog.

      It appears the ‘soul-less’ sociopath is now showing definite cracks and fissures in his loathsome demeanor. The face is quite pasty and pale. The hands are pressed even HARDER onto the podium, to conceal uncontrollable shaking. The tuxedo is hanging on a now skinnier frame, suggesting there are signs of physical stress, to accompany the considerable mental and emotional collapse he has pulled in on himself!

      The decline of the usurper, now appears irrevocably underway, so
      you may not have long to wait now.

      —“All THINGS, shall pass” 🙂

    • Gretel – no they were family. I have no doubt though that OSA will be bugging people for a list of names of who attended – just as they tried to do with my mom’s memorial. What are they going to do – re-declare us? And can you imagine a headline in the tabloid press “Church banished & excommunicated family members for attending a funeral” ……………They are devoid of any humility or dignity whatsoever. Should be renamed Office of Suppressive Affairs.

      • This is the thing which makes me wonder how feasible it is to remain UTR. My spouse went to Ueli’s memorial at which there were still-ins and was duly seen. How long before it gets back to OSA. I’ve also recently had two comm cycles in which I was openly talking about scn (and not in a good way) or referring to people who have been declared, only to turn around and see a still-in standing right there. I imagine three reports coming in about me in the space of a couple of weeks would raise eyebrows. What, am I supposed to hibernate?

    • Unless you have done the new GAOE (Golden age of exlamation) you can now not use any ! Requirement is writing a gung-ho pro scn dissem piece with superfluous and construed wording with non sequitur sentences.

  12. I am not fond of quoting “gurus” as I come from a background of practicality – I subscribe to experiencing first hand knowledge.

    Voltaire:”those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”

    This quote actually sums up the behavior of anyone who has had their self determinism manipulated. Voltaire may have had religion in mind when he uttered this.

    According to Hubbard himself, he was well versed in the writings of Voltaire (see PDCs ), he could have discovered this datum as correct and applied it to elicit admiration from his followers, to get them to do his bidding.

    When people “cognite” that scientology is “the greatest good for the greatest number”, the church can manipulate its followers into acts which they normally would never do.

    I am sorry to point this out but the current church’s attitude and actions towards defectors and critics is Church Policy, written by “Mankinds Greatest Friend”.

  13. So here we go again.
    In South Africa.
    One of the reasons the “Church” is so hated and despised by those no longer in the tunnel is precisely this type of conduct.
    They spy, they infiltrate, they do dirty tricks, they smear former members, they plot their demise, they *Fair Game*.
    40 years ago they did this to Paulette Cooper, a writer who was writing a book.
    That’s all, she she was writing a book which was critical.
    The *Church* went into a frenzied mad dog attack.
    Guardian office program plotted to get her incarcerated in a mental institution.
    Ambushed her in a fake delivery and got her signature that they then used to frame her for bogus bomb threats. Even had a Guardian Office guy “Don Alverso” move in to live with her.
    Posted her private home telephone number in Manhatten toilets so that she got requests for blow jobs from random strangers all night long.
    None of this would have come to light, but for the FBI raid in 1977 where the FBI discovered all this in the boxes they towed away and dropped all charges against Paulette.
    Now all this was 40 years ago and eventually the word spread and the Church could never recover from the reputation of how far they will go to destroy.
    It’s the “Greatest Good!”
    Guardian Office Programs to DESTROY:

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