Hot off the Press! Mail & Guardian takes the lid off Scientology

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It was bound to happen, and now it has.

Today the Mail & Guardian featured a full-length exposé article on the Church’s current state of affairs – both in South Africa and Internationally. In addition to many other issues covered, the article exposes details of the en masse declares, enforced disconnections, harassment and fair gaming of good people and their families, denigration of senior OT’s and attacks on former long-serving & loyal Scientologists.


This result rests squarely on the shoulders of  the Church – that fact cannot be denied. For them to think that their ongoing fair-gaming, harrasment and nefarious activities would not eventually be revealed in the South African public domain is naive to say the least.

True to nature, the Church has gone straight into “deny-attack” mode as stated by the CO OSA when she was approached for comment:

“Gaetane Asselin, a senior church member who arrived from one of the church’s main bases in California late last year when the alleged purges began, spoke to the M&G on the church’s behalf…………..”

” Asselin would not comment on matters currently before the court. She dismissed the allegations by former members, noting that the claims by apostates of any religion are not reliable.”

Of course with the Church placing all the blame on “apostates”  and steadfastly denying their culpability in this unholy mess, the M&G reporter knew there had to be more to the story and started digging. And so the BIC blog was found. Pandora’s box was opened. We were asked for further information and assistance, and naturally we obliged. (Please note that the upper-level data was NOT supplied by BIC).

The link to the article is supplied below – please pop over and leave a comment if you like.

Of course we would like to read your comments here as well.

Link to article here:

For those wishing to read the article on their mobile devices, you can do so here


Below is a picture of the article as it appears in the printed news edition.

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33 thoughts on “Hot off the Press! Mail & Guardian takes the lid off Scientology

  1. Great stuff and good for cooperating BIC.

    I like this part:
    “The Corbetts’s court case, which is expected to be heard next year, will enable their lawyers to dig into the local Church of Scientology’s finances by looking at its books dating back to 2007, when the loan was made.”

    The church won’t like that!

    Gaetane Asselin may soon be marched off to the RPF! She hasn’t contained the “SPs”! 🙂

    • Now that the claims have gone public, the church may feel forced to just pay them out to keep the noise down. 🙂

      Look what happened when Debbie Cook went to court. There was so much coverage, Miscavige is STILL in Hiding!

  2. Hot off the press! More importantly HOT IN THE PRESS. Right now.

    Anybody who has as a stat “number of square inches of bad press” is not getting libs this weekend. Or next. Or hello RPF. This is 3 full pages of stuff which hits right at home and internationaly. Take some time to read it.

  3. Funny that Robi claims that I was aware of all the donations he made. I have a copy of a report that I wrote on the 3rd August 1999 to the MAA at AOSH ANZO complaining about IAS donations he made to the AO without my knowledge. He was at the AO for 11 months not earning an income for most of that time yet he happily donated our money whilst I remained in SA to give birth to our daughter alone.
    Talking about following the cause blindly. ……

  4. I sure hope BIC will do a post-mortem on this article and take to task all the BS responses sprouted by the Church “spokespersons” – such as this :

    “Asselin estimates there are 350 000 Scientologists in South Africa, which she measures by the number of people who have completed courses”

    On what alternate plain does this woman operate from? Where are all these people? How come the BIGGEST LARGEST MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IN SOUTH AFRICA EVER (the opening of Joburg Ideal Org event in 2003) pulled in a grand total of 1,300 people – and that was counting all SCN’s from around the country, DM and his entourage, Vicky Sampson and her backing singers, the catering guys, non-SCN neighbours, maids, children, passing strangers and babies in prams.

    Asselin is supposed to be representative of the “highly ethical top-echelon management of the Church” (OSA, no less) and she straight-out LIED to the media. Even SCN’s in the Church who dare to read this article will know she was lying. Way to go Gaetane – another footbullet for the Church right there!

    • Shelley, I hope ‘someone’ dissects the article, too. You’ve got such a great start on it, it’d be a shame to stop now. 🙂

  5. Yes well done BIC! The truth has to be told again and again. The methods OSA uses to deny the truth of the statements by us, the” bitter defrocked apostates” are quite effective ,in that without inside knowledge of the churches behaviour it is quite reasonable to assume that someone who has left the church may in fact be lying about the church.

    There are however so many “bitter defrocked apostates” world wide now that, can it be that they ALL lie? It is amusing that there is tons of evidence available on how far the church has strayed from the original teachings of LRH and yet those who defend the new regime that currently controls the church (after LRH), just WONT see the truth. One can only wonder what has befallen these “blind” persons.

    The great tragedy in all of this is that the original tech developed by LRH produced great results. My life improved enormously. I considered these improvements a gift. In the ’70’s no-one tried to take all my money. Everyone in Scientology was interested in self improvement. The money was not the issue and in fact the actual costs were small, the personal gain was large.

    The truth about the current church must be told however. The alterations of the writings must be exposed as must the money grabbing. The fact is that the route mapped out by Hubbard is now so altered (and it has been masterfully done) that it could be called something entirely different and therefor the results are completely suspect in my opinion and by my observation.So I would call it a false church.

    The C of S CANNOT be considered to be the true custodians of LRH’s legacy. On a planet where we are obsessed with democracy why do we tolerate the ongoing management of the church by David Miscavige.He flashes smoke and mirrors and the ” mindwashed ” bow down and ignore the facts and their own knowingness…no wonder mankind is so badly in need of help.

  6. Feel for the entrapped (rodents, to use a kinder noun) who make up the staff complement. Their minds have been so thoroughly bent out of shape, by their erstwhile captain, one Depraved Miscarriage, that they are almost beyond appreciating the scale of the collapse about to engulf them.

    On the other hand, perhaps some basic survival instinct may now kick in, triggering a mass-exodus hysteria as ‘rats abandon the sinking ship response’ in a last gasp attempt to escape impending disaster.

  7. Its hard for me to like these articles when the tech is lumped in with the church.

    For me it would be a very sad day, if the church, in its current off policy, out ethics form, finally bites the dust, only to drag the tech with it.

    • Not likely to happen. The tech has and is being delivered outside of the Church – stellar products are being produced, many people have been salvaged and are now flourishing and prospering. That’s what happens when the tech is delivered correctly.

      • So true Nomdeplume! I often chuckle in thought of how easy it is with the right stuff, surrounded by the right people makes for good living! You dont need castles, moats and firey fictitious dragons to improve. Its all here.

  8. “The slick David Miscavige”. It looks like the terrorism reigned on the press for decades has lost it’s charm. Even the Daily Mail has his number and they are not afraid to utter the words. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

    Thanks for the broadcast!

  9. Now some of the ex’s are putting in ethics on the RCS because THEY refuse to make ethics change. Now THAT is toughness and doing the right thing. I think that is the spirit of the Scientology that I subscribed to.

  10. I think I’m going paranoid (or maybe I’ve been listening to too much Black Sabbath). I’m only writing this in case it’s happening to anyone else, because I honestly believe it’s just coincidence. But then again, I’m a very naive person.
    In the last 10 days I’ve had six particular conversations with people about scn. All different people. Scn’s story (as you can so clearly see from today’s stunning article) is going mainstream and people are interested. After each conversation, I turned around and there was an on-lines scientologist standing or walking by. There just aren’t that many of the bastards left for this to be a coincidence. Am I being watched, stalked, or am I going mad? It’s also coincided with an out-of-the-blue invitation to me from a scio and my first person disconnecting from me. Too much activity – are the OSA robots going mobile?

    • You can bet your bottom dollar the OSA-bots are going mobile after this has hit the fan.

      But I wouldn’t worry too much – the person/s handling the remote controls have NO idea of who or where to direct their robots.

      They’re dramatizing Type3 phenomena quite accurately – it appears “everyone” is against them – hence the insanity prevailing with wild witch-hunts, invitations for people to “visit HCO”, and sudden appearance of CJC and HCO terminals on people’s lines. And then of course their wild denials in the press and blaming “apostates” for the state THEY are in. Yep – definitely Type3.

    • When I was an under the radar churchie in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, this would happen to me as well.

      When you are thinking with the world of OSA, you can not think in black and white, yes and no. You have to think with hypotheses and their likely probabilities.

      The scenario you describe has a positive probability because it is a common OSA tactic.

      Another common OSA tactic is to have someone have a meal with you in a restaurant who is not necessarily a Scientologist – someone you would not be on your guard with – and have you talk about Scientology with them during this meal. They will have a volunteer OSA agent or PI sit at an adjacent table to listen to what you say.

      I was actually told to do this as an OSA agent in the 1980’s at a programmer’s conference in chicago.

      My story on this is here:

      Alanzo: Undercover Agent for the Office of Special Affairs:

      My Note on the Above: Not all of the information on my blog follows the moderation policy of the Back in Comm Blog. I consider you a grownup who can make up your own mind about things, and present my views accordingly. There is no upper level data in this blog link. It is only a write up of my experience working for OSA.

      I present it here as help for a group of people who are likely under continued covert 1.1 attack by the “Church”, with the intention to share experience and information to help them defend themselves effectively against this abusive cult.


  11. I sincerely hope Verashni Pillay gets to read the blog
    she can do all her investigations at her desk!

    I really want her to DIG DEEP into the Disconnection Policy which
    does not exist!

    I would like her to understand it is not another religious group or
    media who is criticizing the Church but its parishioners who have been
    excommunicated or who are under the radar!

    The majority of us have not been able to use the Churches Justice
    system and been able to produce our disagreements to a Committee
    of Evidence who is supposed to do a fact finding investigation!

    The majority of the declares have been declared because of their
    refusal to disconnect from family and friends or looking on the internet!!!

    Oh I hope the courts DIG DEEP! Really get to the bottom of where our
    money donated to the Church has gone to – especially as so many of
    us have kept records of the amounts and the Church has promoted
    who has donated what!

    As HRH Robin Hogarth says its costs huge amounts to transfer funds etc.
    Let the TAX MAN get involved!
    Then Robin says it is Cardinal Sin to mix the Scientology materials.
    EXCUSE ME that is what so many of us have disagreements with and
    have voiced these disagreements only to get declared! DAH!

    And once again we have not been named for mixing Scientology materials
    but refusing to disconnect from those who the Church decides are
    dangerous and willing to expose their scandals!

    As for Gaetane Asselin she has consent memory loss and makes no comments –
    how convenient and she holds a top position in the Church!
    And I would like to remind her WE KNOW THE CHURCH HAS OVERTS
    AND KNOW WHAT WHEN WHERE AND WHO. No wonder she would not
    comment on what our overts are supposed to be.

    There will come a time not only in South Africa but Internationally
    when every person who has been forced to be disconnected from
    family and friends WILL have their day in Court as this enforced policy
    either because the person has resigned from the Church OR has been
    Excommunicated from the Church by the Church as this action IS AGAINST OUR HUMAN RIGHTS!

    There will come a time when the Church will be inundated with court cases
    demanding Justice!

    OSA AND THE PR machine will have some sleepless nights trying to cover up the
    lies and thinking up more lies BUT now the media have caught wind of these scandals.
    More will unfold and the media will expose more once they start to unravel the lies
    with hard evidence of those who refuse to disagree with the corrupt management
    of the Church!

  12. Hi Alanzo

    I like what I read on your link – so well written and while funny, it’s informative. And you jumped OSA! 🙂

    I like your blog. I read all of it and I agree with you one hundred percent.

    I thank you for trusting that we’re adults and can come to our own conclusions.

    • Thanks, Ju!

      When I was a Scientologist, one of the wins I had on the False Purpose Rundown, as I was being asked to confront one yucky thing about myself after another, was:

      If it is true, it will stand.
      If it is false, it will fall.
      Let it fall.
      If it is false, I don’t want it.
      So look at everything.

      I have never lost this win. This win of mine that I gave myself while undergoing the False Purpose Rundown gave me the courage and confront necessary to have more integrity.

      This is why I believe it is important to continually challenge and to test and to inspect the beliefs and the thinking that we operate on in life. These are our foundation, and if that foundation is cracked or false or chimerical, our whole life can collapse.

      When Scientology collapsed on me, as I am sure it has collapsed on many people here, I learned that just confronting auditing questions was not enough. You have to also confront what you base your thinking on, what you believe and why. And if you find something that is false there, don’t keep propping it up.

      If it is false, let it fall.

      And build something in its place that is strong and true.

      So that is the spirit of my blog.

      I think that is the spirit of this blog, as well.

      I think this was the spirit of us all when we first got involved in Scientology.

      Sorry for going somewhat off-topic here, but I know that there is sometimes pressure to not look, and to not “Q&A” when you are a Scientologist. I think that going into agreement with that pressure was the fundamental mistake I made which led to the life I had built, based on Scientology, collapsing on me.

      I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. And if it has happened to someone else, I think we should help each other rebuild lives that are stronger, and more true.

      I can see that here in the purpose and the essence of the Back In Comm blog.

      I want to play by the rules here, and to help contribute to it.

      Despite the pressure you may be getting, I hope you will let me.


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