Ernest Corbett – a personal perspective


Editors comment: Many thanks to Ernest Corbett for contributing the following article to the BIC blog. .

The Real Current Church Situation

While in the Church, all of 44 years, I heard of OSA attacks on “non-believers” from time to time. Underhand and often devious but apparently effective to stunt the growth of the “squirrels” – so it looked!

Having come into Scientology in 1970, LRH having personally C/sed my OT3 and L10 at the first Land Base at Daytona Beach Florida, been on staff for 5 years and experienced huge wins from Standard LRH Tech and revelled in being part of a group with compassion, caring and excitement, It sure looked like the Church was the only custodian of Standard LRH Tech.

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EXCLUSIVE!!! YOU Magazine puts RCS under the spotlight

You Mag Cover page

YOU  – a weekly publication in South Africa and the 2nd biggest circulating consumer magazine in this country (155,125) has featured a double-page spread about the RCS – including the Corbett’s lawsuit, enforced disconnections and families destroyed by the Church.

Following on from the Mail & Guardian exposè last month, we were approached by YOU for more information and were happy to oblige. We also suggested the Church be approached for comment and were somewhat amused to hear that they agreed to an interview. Of course their response was pretty predictable – as you will read below.

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Black Panther vs Grey Wolf

 Article by Antony Phillips

Panther & wolf

 Editor comment: This is a repeat article which was posted late year. Owing to new people joining and visiting this blog some may have missed it so we decided to re-publish it while we are waiting for some “breaking news”


We are free of ‘Scientology dictatorship’.

We are free to make heretical statements – and to discuss them.

I was thrown out in 1983, when Ron was supposedly then still alive. I say ‘supposedly’ because we were uncertain of that at the time and confused as to why Scientology had recently gone so ‘wonky’. The Internet did not yet exist, but someone produced a little magazine and called it The Heretic.

Here is an article that appeared in it:

The Black Panther Mechanism: A Dangerous Omission


 One possible explanation for the Church’s persistent world view of US vs. THEM, borne out by continual attacks, etc. when TRs and ARC would handle most situations, can be found in the Tech Dictionary under ‘Black Panther Mechanism’, which outlines the possible methods for coping with the environment.

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Life Happens

Editor Comment: Many thanks to Dave LaCroix for sending BIC this wonderfully lighthearted success story. In the article he mentions a video – we have included it at the end and found it interesting and thought-provoking.
We have added the SCIENTOLiPEDIA blogroll to our site – it’s well worth a visit, so pop over there for a tour. 
Over to Dave:
Daile Le Croix

Dave Le Croix

S**t Happens – by Dave LaCroix

I have a Life Repair PC who showed up for session recently all concerned about being a bit late due to having to handle work and life stuff. He’s a very interesting guy and very upstat in life – wife, kids, high randomity and high responsibility job etc. – and I could tell he was concerned about making me wait.

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Kent Bengtsson – declared by rumour for applying Scientology

Kent Bengston

Editor Comment:

Many thanks to Kent for submitting this data to BIC. Kent is an old-timer Scientologist having served on staff in various orgs (including Joburg) and the Sea Org. Earlier this year he was summoned before a Comm-Ev as a result of having commented openly on the BIC blog among other actions that fall within the ambit of the Creed of the Church.

Interestingly, one of the listed Suppressive Acts is “Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology”. When you read what Kent has written, it’s clear this is exactly what happened to him. He applied Scientology and got hung for it.

Kent wrote two letters to the Committee giving his viewpoint and stance on the current scene in the Church, and we are publishing them here. Due to their comprehensive nature, the letters are rather long, so be prepared for a lengthy and interesting read as you journey with Kent into the murky waters of  the “Justice protocols of RCS”.

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OSA – Black ops & dirty tricks – we have the proof



The OSA document (below) was sent to us by one of our correspondents. In order to check it’s authenticity, we sent it to Mike Rinder who confirmed that the actions look like typical OSA activities.

As a comparison, Mike referred us to Marty’s blog containing similar OSA programs – one pgm was to “handle” Chuck Beatty which included getting Chuck and his sister signed up to receive “kinky” sex materials and literature – you can read that article here.

The pgm below was drawn up to “handle” the freezone in Russia. Max Hauri is mentioned by name. (Max is the chairman of STSS – a letter from him regarding copyright issues was featured in our last article).

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Copyright & Trademark issues

Copyright cancelled


In November last year we published an article about the website where LRH materials are available for free.

STSS stands for  (True Source Scientology Foundation / Stichting True Source Scientology). The website was set up by Max Hauri, the Chairman of STSS. When you first visit the site there is a disclaimer that you will have to agree to before being allowed access. You basically agree to use the material for personal spiritual gain and that you are not a member of the church or any of its organisations. Once you click the “accept” button you will be able to download everything. And it does seem like everything: All LRH books, Scientology dictionaries, the OEC volumes, the Tech volumes, course packs for training and specialist course packs.

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