David Miscavige Squirrel Ethics and Justice Procedures

Squirrel Shooting

We were sent this article by The Oracle which is a perfect follow-up to the previous posts about the recent lawsuits lodged against the church exposing SP declares, unjust ethics actions and purges of  Scientologists under the “reign of terror” by David Miscavige.

Read on:


Over the past three decades David Miscavige has instituted his own brand of ethics and justice policies and traditions into the Sea Org and the Church of Scientology.


The group aimed to “get ethics in on the planet” has been running on ethics programs and rituals created solely from David Miscavige’s mind and purposes, far removed from any L.R.H. policies and procedures regarding ethics, and has formed his own cult inside the Church of Scientology based on these rituals. As nobody bothered to step forward, as he introduced new customs and rituals, a new system was formed based on fear and domination that has evolved into a separate cult.

Outlined below are the new procedures, rituals, customs and traditions set forth by David Miscavige:


1.  Shock, Awe and Overwhelm with Violence Program.

This was David’s first ethics program. It involved sending groups of “Finance Police” (Sea Org Militia) into the mission network to levy domestic abuse and domestic terrorism from the Mission Holders and extort money and to close the missions.

This program and guidelines are described in the following video:




2. Degrade and Humiliate as a New Ethics Gradient.

This is a new ethics gradient David Miscavige added to the ethics gradients. Whereby selected sections of a staff member’s or customer’s ethics interviews or confessionals are read before a gathering or staff meeting, or published, to publicly degrade and humiliate a Scientologist before other Scientologists.


3. Divorce as a new Ethics Gradient.

This is a new ethics gradient added to the ethics gradients whereby as staff member or customer is ordered to get a divorce to satisfy the demands of the group.


4. C.S.W. to marry or have children.

This is a new ethics tradition designed by David Miscavige, requiring staff no matter their age or status, to request permission from him or their local senior, to marry or have children.


5. Pregnancy as a Suppressive Act.

This is a new suppressive act added to the list of suppressive acts by David Miscavige, and involves a staff member getting in a “family way”. The penalty is expulsion.


6. Pregnancy as a New Lower Condition.

This is a new lower condition created by David Miscavige called the condition of “pregnancy”. A person found in this condition can only redeem them self by electing to kill their unborn child. Failing to do so will result in them having committed the suppressive act of pregnancy, and being expelled from the Sea Org.


7. Verbal and Instant S.P. Declares.

This is a tradition of bypassing all Ethics Gradients and Recourse for Justice, Committee of Evidence, Fitness Boards or Boards of Investigations, and verbally declaring someone based upon human emotion and reaction by Sea Org Militia and the need to terrorize a group instantly.


8. The S.P. Hole.

This is a new procedure whereby staff are parked in a tailor out in the desert with bars on the windows to prevent escape, the staff are to submitted to sub human conditions and civil rights and human rights violations to pay penance. There, they are instructed in methods to degrade and humiliate themselves and one another , self abnegation, in an attempt at redemption from David Miscavige’s personal displeasure.


9. The New Status of Criminal.

This is a new “knowing” status awarded to staff that are willing to perjure themselves in a court of law or on national television before millions of viewers to assist David Miscavige in personal legal flaps or personal public P.R. flaps as a result of his new ethics and justice codes. This is a “reward” under “rewards and penalties”.


10. Beggars as a New Hat, Beggars Have Ethics Protection.

David has created a new post and a new hat of beggar. He borrowed the title “registrar” to weave this new function into the org board. Although the staff do not register anyone for any service, they register for status and identity selling. Accounting is never shared with the beggars or public. Asking for accounting is an unspoken ethics offense resulting in a Knowledge Report and further abuses with David Miscavige’s ethics and justice technology. Beggars have full “ethics protection” in that if they are hauling in the dollars they are not to be disturbed no matter what fraudulent claims they have been making to the customers and other staff.


11. Selling of Status and Identities.

“In Ethics” identities can now be purchased and status’ will be rewarded. These are too numerous for me to to keep track of but it starts somewhere around “Patron” and ends no where because new status’ are being created quarterly.


12. What We Expect of a Scientologist Changed.

It no longer matters your behavior, beliefs, moral or former ethics codes under L. Ron Hubbard. Your purposes to know about knowing, whatever time you have invested into training, establishing a practice, your former religion known as Scientology or how much of your life was invested in it. At this current time what is expected of a Scientologist is a donation, attendance and applause of David Miscavige at his concerts. If you have not paid up your taxes to International Management (David Miscavige) by ways of a “membership”, you are no longer permitted to call yourself a Scientologist. You are also not recognized by the Church of Scientology as being a Scientologist.


13. Domestic Terrorism added as an Ethics Gradient.

For people that managed to escape David’s new ethics gradients, he will send a crew to your home to institute a new ethics gradient called domestic terrorism. People will be stalked, fair gamed on the Internet. Their families attacked. Their neighborhoods disrupted.


13B. Domestic abuse added as an ethics gradient.

With in the organization this is an ethics gradient added by David Miscavige where beatings or beatings by his juniors by his orders are administered .


14. Musical Chairs as a New Ethics Rundown.

This was a new rundown at the Int Base designed by David Miscavige to torture his top executives by ordering that they torture and humiliate one another. By placing chairs around a building and ordering his staff to turn on on another, deprive one another, run “can’t haves” on one another, fight with one another, at the tune of rock music while he observes.


15. Overt and With Hold Write Ups as Part of the Ethics Conditions.

David inserted overt and with hold write ups as part of doing ethics conditions. This is where a person is required to sit down and wallow in “the past” until they have sufficiently shamed and humiliated and tortured themselves to the point that they are willing to beg to be allowed to join the group again. Or pay penance in the way of dollars or labor to the Church.


16. Deny Deny Deny as part of the Ethics Formula.

When the Church is busted for any misconduct, the method of handling the world around them is to deny.


17. Not Standing Up as an Ethics Offense.

Any staff member not jumping to attention upon David Miscavige entering a room is immediately resigned to heavy punishment amounting to even years on the R.P.F., regardless of their value to their staff and the organization which they have been serving.


18. From Post to Curb in Fifteen Minutes.

This is another ethics gradient instituted by David Miscavige, whereby a person can be made “nothing of”, in a matter of minutes by one of soldiers who is dramatizing human emotion and reaction. They can toss a Scientologist out on the street with a fifteen minute order.


19. R.P.F. for Renovations.

This is where David Miscavige sends out missions to R.P.F. unwitting staff when he needs to build up crews for renovations and uses the R.P.F. for his real estate improvements.


20. Making Nothing of (Upon Exit).

Any staff or public departing David’s new culture of ethics and justice, is to be made nothing of. Their work, their contributions, their sacrifices, their views, their experiences, their history, their truths, are to be made nothing of and they are to be declared “Bitter Defrocked Apostates”.


20. B.

Followers of David Miscavige are to be known now as his “Apostates”.


21. Drug and Mug.

Staff or public that become problematic while still on Church property or in the neighborhood are to be drugged and mugged. This procedure is outlined in the following video:


22. ARCXen fields declared suppressive.

ARC Broken fields about an organization are now to be declared suppressive. ARCX’s with the Church or Management, are a suppressive act.


23. Religious Leader 2D Pass.

As the self proclaimed “Religious Leader” 2D rules do not apply to David Miscavige.


24. Sloppy Seconds.

Sea Org Staff out of favor with David Miscavige are only given left over food from other people’s plates to eat.


25. Take the building and accounts through your “new ethics presence”.

Any Org or Org area that appears to be getting wobbly from these new ethics and justice procedures will have a small militia sent in by David Miscavige and the Org and the accounts will be seized and forced out of the hands of the locals, and taken over by his soldiers, that are in full compliance with his new cult.


26. OT 7’s ordered for sec checks.

Everyone at the top of the bridge is suspect. No matter there may be no indication of any out ethics and the people doing well in life, they are ordered in for a sec check at their own expense every six months as penalty for having made it up the bridge thus far, and punished for being “public”. To secure David Miscavige’s interests.


27. Memory Swipe Requirements for all staff and former customers.

Anyone, customer or staff leaving the fold, is expected to have an instant memory swipe of their experiences. Move on, and forget it ever happened or mattered.


28. Surrender of civil rights.

Anyone new joining staff or people who want to remain, are to sign away their civil rights for civil rights regarding free speech to protect the name of David Miscavige.


29. Planetary Cancelling of all certs.

All certs are cancelled across the planet instantly upon any mention of a new “Golden Age” by David Miscavige. Any policies by Hubbard of permanent certification has been cancelled.


30. “Homeless” Assignments as an ethics gradient.

This is where staff are parked on the grounds or near by forests in garages or roof tops to sleep or live for extended periods of time.


31. Noticing, Admitting To, or Speaking Publicly About the David Miscavige’s New Era Ethics and Justice. Hidden agendas, is highly forbidden.

None of the above, as David’s new magical rituals and traditions, is in writing or aligns with hitherto known as L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology Ethics and justice.

As none of it is in writing and has been adopted by custom and tradition, none of it is “true” as far as outsiders are concerned. It is a Miscavige hidden agenda that “insiders only” are privy too. This aids in his deniability. He managed to establish these rituals by tradition and indoctrination and it is to be “understood” by his new apostates under his regime and part of his new culture. Which means the Sea Org has hidden agendas as a group.

If you are parked off lines, have been fair gamed, declared, shunned or terrorized, it is likely because you were never appraised of his new cult and their rituals. As it has not been published and those that mention about it are up for domestic terrorism or domestic abuse.

You didn’t suddenly become “bad”. The game changed and it was not put in writing.

The Oracle

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  1. Addition:

    The Never Ending Workers Debt

    Hubbard wrote a policy about staff contracts and how a certain percentage of a person’s labor is to be taken into consideration, should they choose to leave staff. After five years a person who served on staff, would owe nothing. Before five years, 20% of their debt would be reduced per year served on staff.

    David Miscavige instituted a new penalty for leaving staff. The NEVER ENDING DEBT tax penalty.

    No matter how many years of hard labor you put in, you get credited for ZERO. It does not matter if you put in three decades! Forty years! You owe for every sec check you were ever ordered to get for the Church’s benefit! Every training you were required to get to do your job. You therefore, do nothing while on staff, but accumulate debt. The more years, the more you owe! The more you work, the more you owe! Your work and effort and years are NEVER given ANY VALUE, ZERO VALUE! Everyone going on staff in the Sea Org is inheriting debt that accrues annually! Every Sea Org member has UNPAID DEBTS according to the new regime.

    • Great article, and more than anything makes me question why I ever got involved. I’m reading a couple of books at the moment – one about Hitler and one about slavery – and can’t help myself but in almost every book I read when it dwells on some inhumanity I constantly make comparisons to scn. That’s where this ‘religious philosophy’ now sits – alongside every violation of human rights. It is not comparable to those philosophies or religions seeking truth, self-determinism and justice.
      Another thing I recently realised about myself. When I was still in I very rarely spoke to people (whether strangers or acquaintances) about scn. Now that I’m out (sort of) I talk about it constantly – because for the first time I can express my thoughts without fear of a sec check, and for the first time too I know what I’m talking about is the truth.

      • ” for the first time I can express my thoughts without fear of a sec check, and for the first time too I know what I’m talking about is the truth.”

        So true Maven, me too! In addition to that, I dont have to worry about talking to the ‘wrong” people and becoming pts and it coming up at my next sec check. The philosophy and techniques are brilliant, when I realized it had become a cult and how that had come about I could get on with whats important.
        Discussing actual Scientology to people.

    • Cotch,

      You wrote:

      “..for the first time I can express my thoughts without fear of a sec check.”

      This is no small issue. The Church compares it self with other religions unjustly. In other faiths you are ENCOURAGED to bring your doubts to the table and work them out. Especially in the Mormon religion. The children of the Amish are literally kicked out the front door and forced to live on their own without the religion for some time to determine if this is really right for them or will work for them.

      When the Church of Scientology compares itself to other religions it is what they DON’T say that is the real issue. Doubts or questions are considered a shortcoming of the member, always. A weakness. Some kind of demonic “take over”. Some kind of satanic evil. BLIND FAITH is the new standard.

      In other religions the books are on the table and the members of the Church are told exactly where the money is going and how it is spent. The other religions do not employ private investigators, thugs, hate groups and domestic terrorism as part of their rituals. Their members are not FORBIDDEN to co operate with the demands of civil law!

      • I agree, TO! I seem to remember LRH saying,”its the zealots that kill religion”, and from my experience that is so true, and not just dave, but other idiots as well!

    • Thank you VERY much for adding this point! LFBD F/N 🙂

      PLEASE think of a random number between 1 and 93… Done? OK!
      Now look this number up in this reference… is it something DM/Co$ is doing?
      I am sorry to be so blunt – but can you imagine now, why DM wants to get this reference hidden and out of view?


      Some things INCREASE when you SHARE them – one of them being TRUTH. Let’s have a good time.

  2. “The Oracle” implies future tense. Your summary of past tense in a word brilliant!

    I say this cause I as-is. Reading your succinct description of Miscavology made me blow charge. Awesome, I needed that! I get great case gain on solo but this was a nice unforseen bonus!

    To go down in history as the devil who nearly wiped out Rons Legacy is quite a thing you know. Untold damage and mayhem done in Scientologys name. How many enemies created? This embodiment of all true deffinition of SP is still there, for now at least. I take small comfort in knowing that the little midget lives in a world cloaked with hidden terrors lurking everywhere.

    I yearn for the day when the equation with DM in it, is purged completely! Those that subscribe to the thinking DM merely put on the ole mans boots and continued on with his own blood swathe are..very silly I will say.

  3. Brilliant Oracle and spot on. Sheer destructiveness by a slave master and your setting out what you have observed will hopefuully lift much of the by-passed charge that many have accumulated. Thank you, do well, have fun, and stay strong. David

  4. Well this is what you can expect from a madman. On the other hand what are SO staff at flag doing about it. The SO staff to allow this type of psychosis must be PTS to a point where they have entered the domain of psychosis themselves. It is a crying shame that LRH’s creation has now become an asylum for the insane.


    • Hubbard did say, “Anything you depend upon, you will become the effect of.” I agree wholeheartedly. Everyone in the Sea Org depends on the orders coming down from “the top” (David Miscavige).

      The staff have also placed themselves in full dependency upon the Sea Org for not only orders, but food, shelter, clothing, a nightly bed.

      The public depend upon the Sea Org to manage it all.

      It’s all that simple. And yes, they are all PTS.

      • Hi Shelley,
        I was told by the Moderator that if I made one more “anti-LRH,” etc., comment that I would be banned, and I assumed that I was banned.
        The message I placed here was for the Moderator and the Admin.
        I don’t know who controls the moderation policy but there is a lack of consensus, or consistency, over what should be allowed and what should not be allowed.
        This is perhaps understandable. When someone leaves corporate Scientology, it’s natural to go through changes.

      • Boggle, You have been “victimized” constantly posting here. Adding me to your list of oppressors isn’t going to take a huge effort on your part.

        Your contributions here have been that of a heckler.

        A heckler is a person who harasses and tries to disconcert others with questions, challenges, or gibes. Hecklers are often known to shout disparaging comments at a performance or event, or to interrupt set-piece speeches, with the intent of disturbing performers and/or participants.

      • Hi Oracle,
        Now, according to you, I’m “a heckler” ?
        Sounds like a loud “hater.”
        Oh well.

    • Each one of the abuses cited could be fully examined; however, this blog will not permit free communication, so no such examination will occur.
      To the mods and Admin: Read Marty Rathbun’s and Mike Rinder’s blogs – from the last year and a half or so – and they will tell you much about which you are now in denial.

      • Each one of these abuses is being fully examined, right here and right now.

        You are on a persistent protest read. You are so involved with protesting, you are protesting examination will not occur, when that is exactly what we are doing.

      • Holy mother of God, Boggle – will you give it a rest please? If someone says it’s black, you say it’s white – whatever article, no matter for or against, you will have some or other “chirp” to refute/negate/nullify/usurp – on and on and on. Enough already. Are you bored or just trying to stir things up to upset people here? Are you an OSA troll? Who ARE you???

        Your comment above is condescending, evaluative and downright rude. You don’t know the identity of the admins/mods or anyone else involved in the running of this blog, and yet you have the audacity to invalidate them by saying they are in denial – what gives you this right? Just because your comments get moderated due to your REFUSAL to obey or stick to the moderation policy, they are now in denial? Get real.

        What gives you the right to assume that “they” are ignorant of or don’t read Mike & Marty’s blogs? Have you not seen the numerous cross posts between BIC and Mike’s blog? Mike has commented on this blog plenty of times – as have many of the BIC visitors commented on his. Have you not seen that this blog has links to both the blogs you accuse the admins of “not reading”?

        This blog does not belong to you, and you don’t get to make the rules – they do. If you don’t like the rules of the game then leave the playing field and find another playground that suits your agenda.

        Oracle – thanks for taking Boggle up on this too. I concur 100%.

      • Hi Oracle,
        A “persistent protest read”?
        I’ll add that to the list of Scientological significances being tossed at me.

      • Hi Boggle,

        You did not mention that in your two friend blogs there is no space for not agreeing in full with these two = below 2.0 . The stable datum is “what intention there is behind your comm” it is survival for all those involved ? then it is above 2.0. It is not survival for all those involved then it is below 2.0 , Please, do not offend our intelligence. If you really apply LRH Tech it works all the time. We are not interested on your not application of the Tech and excuses why you are not able to apply it in your life. It does not work for you. Okay. But do you really need to enturbulate others for it?

  5. Does Miscavige think he is above the law ?
    Is he oblivious to the fact that beating, punching, assaulting is physical abuse and is ILLEGAL ?
    Don’t the Lawyers tell him to knock it off ?
    These Lawyers are highly paid to cover up his crimes, but don’t they give him common sense advice ?
    Are only others sued for punching but does David Miscavige who has done it for 25 years ~~ does he get a FREE PASS ?
    What hypocrisy !

    Miscavige could make the Guinness Book of World Records of being THE most VIOLENT and ABUSIVE thug of a “Religious” leader of a CHURCH.
    And this “Church” wants respect as a RELIGION.
    And hides behind 1st amendment religious privileges and “ministerial exception” for kidnapping back fleeing Sea Org Members and other so called “religious disciplines.”

    The published books from long term Sea Org members Marc Headley’s “Blown for Good”, Amy Scobee’s “Abuse at the Top” and Jeff Hawkin’s “Counterfeit Dreams” tell anecdote after anecdote after anecdote of Miscavige beatings, that he personally did. So the “Church” DID NOT deny or challenge the factual beatings described in time, place, form and event.

    Note that the litigious “Church” did not sue any of the above authors even with explicit tales of DM beatings.
    No law suits on the whistleblowing books.
    What “Religion” is in the business of DECEPTION, LIES, VIOLENCE, BEATINGS, KIDNAP, RAPE of $$$ from Parishioners ?

    Bob Keenan in the United Kingdom had or has the post of L Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relations Officer but instead he has for a considerable time been doing nothing but running intelligence operations directly for David Miscavige, beating and hazing Int staff in the UK directly for David Miscavige.
    About 5 years ago in the middle on November (this is freezing in England, Bob was ordered him to have Guillaume Lesevre, Mike Rinder, Heber Jentzsch and and Marc Yager woken up at 6am, escorted to the lake (at St. Hill Manor) and thrown in.

    This was done daily for about 10 days.
    The fact that the temperature was already only above freezing and that they could not fight back or receive more draconian punishments is of note.
    Forcing older men to be dunked in freezing cold water daily for 10 days is cold, calculating and with malice aforethought, not something done in the heat of the moment.
    David Miscavige who runs all operations on high value targets through the execution arm of Office of Special Affairs Intelligence branch which he uses as his personal army and especially for vengeance and vindictivenss.
    There are no checks or balances.
    Because Miscavige is a violent thug, others in his inner circle are too scared to challenge him, so he has no advisors, no coaches, and even the lawyers know that they can be fired on the spot for crossing him or calling him on the carpet.
    He craves standing ovations and adulation.
    Scientology Inc craves Religious Recognition but are unwilling to change internal atrocities, RPF, RPF’s RPF thus being scene by the world as the Al Capone of Religions.

    Get more informed here ~~

    • I forgot to add this new ethics gradient “torture” by freezing water , added to the culture by David Miscavige. Thank you Karen. And thank you for all you have done to bring these crimes to light.

      Karen herself is under continuous attack by David’s Central Intelligence Agency.

      I implore all of you to visit her youtube channel as frequently as you can, leave comments if you can, and view her videos as the support registers on youtube stats and makes it more of a challenge for the Church to shut down her youtube channel, which David Miscavige is always making an effort to do.

      When I was writing this article, Karen crossed my mind many times but I could not find the words, and became faint hearted about how I could describe what David Miscavige did to her with regards to her son. Of all the red flags coming from a group, to run a “can’t have” on the body of someone’s deceased child just hits me in the gut. This was the red flag of all red flags. How low can someone go?

      Please do whatever you can from wherever you are, to support her youtube channel. She is forwarding valuable information to the world in her efforts with this.

    • Lets not mention “Law” and “legal” as some kind of standard that is true and fair and to be respected and honoured. According to the “law” in most countries it is illegal to cure cancer. In many American States it is illegal to grow your own food in your garden or collect the rain that falls on your roof or your land. In Spain the Government taxes sunshine (does it own the Sun maybe?). In the UK it is illegal to be homeless, what I have heard. In Europe a law was proposed that made it illegal to collect seeds from your own plants, or divide them, or even to replenish a felled forest by leaving seeding trees. Laws are made attempting to make plants and basic elements of this universe illegal for various purposes. Do Governments believe they are above mother nature or the universe?

      Dave and his cohorts may be despicable, violent, manipulating, criminal parasites taking advantage of a trusting public and their own loyal well meaning staff, but they have far less blood on their hands than the big governments, especially the US one.

      I hope when you said “law” you meant what law once was, or was meant to be. Where one was considered innocent until proven guilty, where there was no crime without a victim. Where people had natural rights and freedoms no man made construct such as a Government could interfere with.

    • About 5 years ago in the middle on November (this is freezing in England, Bob was ordered him to have Guillaume Lesevre, Mike Rinder, Heber Jentzsch and and Marc Yager woken up at 6am, escorted to the lake (at St. Hill Manor) and thrown in.

      This was done daily for about 10 days.

      I am confused. If those people are in the hole in USA how can they be in UK in November. There is no event or reason for those Int execs to be in UK in November for 10 days. Are you saying that DM spent his money for travel and security just to throw them in the lake. Really?
      Many people suggested me not to say it. But I have to. If somebody get abused and do not handle the abuser but he get abused over and over .The abuse person is out ethics. The abuse person agree to be abused. This is my opinion and understanding of the Scientology Ethics procedures.

  6. Addition:


    Hubbard issued a policy letter stating any refund request was to be paid within 24 hours.

    This has been cancelled by David Miscavige.

    Nobody is receive a refund no matter how dismayed and disappointed they have become. Ever. David Miscavige’s policy is that all requests for a refund are thwarted at any cost. If someone is asking for a 30,000 refund, spend a million to keep it! Hire lawyers, law firms, whatever it takes to run one big “Can’t have” on the person requesting a refund.

    • If you ask/demand a refund, policy dictates that you are a Suppressive Person and should/can be fair gamed and deprived of your possessions which could be the money you are asking be returned.

      This appears circular and self serving: “OK, we will refund you, but now you are an SP so we cannot comply”.

  7. Oracle, while it is important to document these specific abuses (which you have exhaustively done), it is equally important to understand how such abuses were allowed to come about. In many ways, much of these are natural extensions of the framework Hubbard created. This does not mean they are correct or even sane.

    Hubbard formed the Sea Org and instilled the ideas of toughness, ruthlessness and unreasonableness. The development of “Ethics Tech” occurred during the early days of the Sea Org. There are ample resources on the web which document the abuses inflicted on others during this time period.

    The Sea Org is ALL about Ethics. Their “mission” is to “Get Ethics in on the Planet”. How they do this exactly is anyone’s guess. In actual practice, the Sea Org exists to get ethics in on other Sea Org members, org staff and general Scn public. That is what they do.

    While they proclaim ethical and moral superiority over virtually everyone else, this status is self-appointed. It certainly did not come about from their good works or their exemplary behaviour. They (as well as Hubbard) simply proclaimed themselves to be the Ethics Police for the planet. And so, the seeds of abuse and destruction were sowed.

    Now, this is the culture created by Hubbard. Members pride themselves as being “tough sonsabitches”, able to endure arduous workloads, impossible deadlines, undoable tasks – in a word, “OT”. So, “being OT” as become associated with being able to experience abuse and hardship.

    It is within this culture that a young, impressionable David Miscavige was effectively raised. At an early age he witnessed that force and domination often win; that compassion, understanding and kindness were for weaklings. DM did not invent this framework, he was born out of it.

    This is not to excuse DM and his actions and behaviour, which are horrific. But, not everything can be laid at his doorstep. Clearly the man is mad. But what about the group he commands and the policies they follow? Why isn’t DM under house arrest for his unforgiveable acts? Why haven’t the staff mutinied?

    I find it painfully ironic that the most ethical group on the planet is unable to do the obvious right thing. Hell, any wog knows better and would not stand for such unethical treatment. So, this group of ethical OTs are paralyzed with fear and when their punishment is meted out all they can muster is “Thank you Sir, can I have another?”

    Anyone studying this area must eventually recognize that it was Hubbard who established the groundwork for this. Hubbard introduced “too gruesome”, “ethics gradients”, “penalties (but no rewards)”, “fixed dedicated glare”, “unreasonableness”, “overboarding”, “disconnection” and so on.

    All the rest is creative destruction.


    • Statpush, And who did Hubbard get his 1950’s ideas from? Ex communication from the Catholics? Uniforms from U.S. Gov? I am not inviting people to wallow in “the past” or understand COPIES or COPYCATS.

      Do you know how many people explored Scientology that have NO history of abusing others? Probably 99% of them! The Sea Org is the SMALLEST percentage of Scientologists. I was there, I didn’t buy into this . What did a man that died in 1987 have to do with Mike Rinder being tossed into freezing water?

      Oh, you can say, “But he got the idea from Hubbard….”.

      Well I got other ideas from Hubbard. They were not about torture.

      Truth is when Miscavige gets in front of a judge, he will be the first one to throw Hubbard under the bus. He will say he was brainwashed. He will say Hubbard made him do it. He will say he was just following orders. And people with your argument will give him a slap on the wrist.

      Sorry buddy, hundreds of thousands of people explored Scientology with out getting into this kind of drama. They all read L. Ron Hubbard. He was not virus that people caught. This is along the same pattern as alcoholism being a disease. This is why you can go to an AA meeting and watch some guy stand up and say, “Hi, my name is Fred, and I am an alcoholic.” And he hasn’t had a drink in thirty years. He is NOT an alcoholic. Maybe he WAS an alcoholic. He doesn’t stand up and say, “I WAS”…he is convinced he still is when he isn’t. He isn’t at all.
      Somehow he did a doubt formula and decided he did not want to be part of the group of the group of alcoholics.

      I refuse to give Hubbard the credit for all of my gains in Scientology. I had everything to do with getting up the bridge.

      And I refuse to blame Hubbard for what has gone down the 30+ years since he hasn’t even been alive!

      • Sorry Oracle, the point here is not that Hubbard is responsible for the abuses. Each of us, including DM, has a choice regarding behaviour. And because of that each of us are responsible for our actions.

        As you point out, there are thousands of Scnists who do not engage in torture and abuse. I believe this to be true. However, at the upper echelons of Scn Management you will find physical and mental abuses. I have experienced these first-hand.

        The point of my post was that if we are to understand this phenomena we have to look beyond Miscavige. DM is not some anomaly; I have met other Sea Org members who operate in a similar fashion.

        So, you have to ask “What is it about this organization or its culture which permits and maybe fosters such conduct?” “Where do they get the idea that this is okay?” “How does a once social personality turn into a sadistic religious warrior?”

        This is the subject of my post.

        And as I detailed, the foundation for much of this can be found in source references. You may disagree with this, as is your right. You may also think that Miscavige is the source of all that is wrong with organized Scn, this too is your right. And on that we will have to agree to disagree.

      • Statpush,

        There are a lot of forces and conditions to add up. Plus points and out points. Eternal truths , ideas customs traditions hearsay opinion experiences .

        Not sure any two people can do the math and come up with the same sum total.

        Possibly the only undisputable truth, would be that neither Hubbard or Scientology are the basic on any chain.

        Hubbard rolled into the public domain with Dianetics in the 50’s along with credit cards, roll on deodorant, T.V. dinners, color television, micro wave ovens, automatic doors that open by sensor, Velcro, seat belts, bubble wrap and birth control pills. Everything “new”.

        We were all born before the wind.

      • By the way statpush, what is up with the false report and injustice? You posted this on ESMB and it is a totally false report:

        Default Rejected Posting
        It appears my recent posting on the otherwise excellent Scientologists Back In Comm was outside their tolerance level. Presumably because it was perceived to be “anti-Scn” or “anti-LRH”, which is unfortunate, since that was not the spirit of the post. I wrote what I felt was true, regardless of the personalities involved.

        This was in response to an article posted by The Oracle entitled David Miscavige Squirrel Ethics and Justice Procedures.

        Given I put time and consideration into this post, I thought I’d post it here.

      • Oh, I see you added something:

        “UPDATE: It appears the good folks at Back In Comm have changed their mind and have posted.”

        From “rejected post”.

        Who changed their minds? These people are in a different country in a different time zone. Just because your post doesn’t pop up on your time doesn’t mean someone is out to suppress you.

        Keep it real Boo.

      • Not for nothing, but you actually started a thread on another forum to fair game this blog. All because you thought you were not getting enough attention fast enough. How do you see yourself as different from the David Miscavige that sends someone to the RPF because they did not stand up fast enough when he enters a room? There is no evidence anywhere that you were suppressed yet you report it as so and then report, “someone changed their mind” about suppressing you. There is no evidence whatsoever that this happened, yet there you are, publishing this as fact.

      • Statpush I think its kinda simple. Give a nail gun to LRH and DM and watch what they do with it.

        Then lets presuppose LRH designed this type of nail gun. He uses it to assist in building houses. DM has other ideas. Anyone wanting to use nailguns for its intended purpose is nailed to said houses walls. Is this LRH’s fault for making fine nail guns? Would it have been better if no nailguns were ever made? Would this have solved DM and his ilk?

      • Oracle…dude you need to chill. I will not be lured into a flame war with you. Not playing that game. I am not attacking ANYONE. What I write about is from my own observations and experience and having studied Scn for 30 years. It really is as simple as that.

      • sheeplebane, I wish it were that simple. However, the nail gun analogy wears thin when you look at concepts like “too gruesome”, “fair game”, “disconnection” and “destroy them utterly.” I have a hard time finding the goodness in these concepts.

      • Statpush..I used a very simple analogy to make a basic point. INTENT! Use any technology from metallurgy to scientology its your intent that counts. What was LRH’s intent in “fair gaming”, overboarding etc? Was he testing out some ethics actions or was he wetting his sadism? If it was malicious then lets weigh it up against the whole shall we. The broad subject has massive positive outcome if used correctly. A few policies were maybe not good. That ratio is what, 0.1% bad and the 99.9% good. Why get stuck on this minute bad part?

        If scientology was represented by a blank white paper sheet with a few black dots on it, why do some see only the black specs? There is so much white to consider. Fascinating!

      • Statpush, I am not a “dude”. I am not “luring” you anywhere. I have not discounted your 30 years of observations. I have not invalidated or disputed anything you have said. I am not into a flame war here.

        What I am making you aware of is your false report and this testimony you have presented on another forum to invite ill will and undue criticism towards the authors of this blog . This is injustice.

      • Clearly there is a substantial amount of charge associated with this topic. It was never my intent to restimulate anyone. I was hoping for a meaningful, philosophic discussion about these areas of Scn.

        That is all.

      • Statpush, I am not “restimulated” when I point out that you should not publish false reports and set up threads for witch hunts and fair gaming based on false reports you publish.

        It means I busted you for some bullshit, nothing else.

      • Statpush, And since YOU dragged ME into it, hoping to launch your witch hunt at MY expense,

        “This was in response to an article posted by The Oracle entitled David Miscavige Squirrel Ethics and Justice Procedures.”

        I have every right to set the record straight.

    • Excellent discussion of the issues between Oracle and Statpush: One that would have never been allowed inside the Church of Scientology – no matter who was running things: Hubbard or Miscavige.

      And this despite the Creed of the Church if Scientology which was, by firm Hubbard policy, to be the first thing people saw when they walked into any org or mission.

      Both sides of the debate are represented well by Oracle and by Statpush in the limited space that can be provided in the comments section of a blog.

      I have found that, after Scientology, you must keep gathering information that has been denied to you, keep thinking for yourself about it, and keep testing why you have formed the conclusions you hold.

      No matter what anyone presently believes, it’s good to see the Backincomm blog fighting to adhere to the ideals we all had when we first got involved in Scientology.

      “All men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others”

      Keep hope alive.


      • Hi Alanzo,
        The Creed of the Church of Scientology was to be prominently displayed on the wall of the lobby of the Org. However, it was, itself, never policy, and it appeared on no Scientology courses other than the “Ministers Course.” (Making Scientologists “ministers” and dressing them in clerical collars was a protective PR action.) It’s been called a wall decoration, and, when I was involved with Scientology in the early and mid and late 1970s, it was regarded as such. LRH explained, in various places, that not only do those judged to be SPs, or anti-Scientologists, have no rights, but that reactive minds do not rights.
        That’s a footnote or “fine print” in the “Creed,” and every Scientologist I knew in the 1970s realized it, and approved.

      • Boggle, re the Creed. Sorry but I have to disagree. As early as the late 60’s when I was a little girl and right into late 80’s at every Sunday Service (which our org did EVERY week), the Creed of the Church was read out, as was the Code of Honour and Aims of Scientology.

        The Creed was also part of the HQS Course (LRH Version), The VM Handbook Course and was printed in the WIS book. At every SCN wedding or other church service I attended, it was read out – I heard it so often that I could say it verbatim.

        I don’t know which org you attended, but maybe it was a place where this highly regarded piece of LRH writing was held in disdain – it certainly wasn’t in the org I belonged to.

        I did the Minister’s course which was a fantastic course – learning about all other religions, their doctrines, dogma etc – I came away from that course having great respect and tolerance for other religions – and I believe this was the intent of LRH – granting other religions beingness by understanding what they were about.

        Your statement “it was a wall decoration and regarded as such” is a generality – I certainly never felt this way and nor did any Scientologist I knew.

        Regarding reactive minds do not have rights, I think you got this slightly skewed – the saying was “you don’t have a right to your bank” which in my view was akin to saying “stop dramatizing” – as far as I am concerned, a totally sane and logical viewpoint. In my opinion, a euphemism for “keep your manners in”. People going off at a tangent, ranting and raving like lunatics is exactly what happens in the CURRENT RCS – I very seldom if ever witnessed this in the early days.

      • Hi Shelley,
        Practically from its inception, Scientology expressed views contrary to those in its “Creed of the Church of Scientology.”
        IMO, it’s helpful to those who have experienced Scientology to recognize the patterns that exist in Scientology.
        Recognizing those patterns does not mean that the good parts of Scientology are discarded.
        Giant crosses on buildings, dressing up Scientologists as ministers with clerical collars, becoming a “Church,” having “Sunday Services,” having a prominently displayed (where the public can see it) “Creed of the Church,” having “Volunteer Ministers,” etc., were and are protective PR actions.

      • Boggle.
        1. Since it’s inception – which inception is that? When the organisation was called The Dianetics Association, the HASI (50’s) or when it was much later on established as a religion? You weren’t there at the inception, so I assume you’re stating as “fact” data you have from 3rd-hand accounts and picked up from others who also were not there but are suddenly fundi’s on the subject. My mom, on the other hand was right there when it became a religion, so I got it straight from someone who lived it. To explain Ron’s reasons for this are too long to go into and it probably wouldn’t make an iota of difference to your already made-up unwavering viewpoint of some kind of subterfuge on LRH’s behalf. One thing I can tell you categorically is that it had NOTHING to do with the enemy line of “do you know how to get rich? You start a religion” BS which is bandied about by hater sites and suits those who have ulterior motives by spitting this vitriol out to denigrate LRH.

        2. What “patterns” are you referring to? Jigsaw puzzle, concentric circles, zig zags, I don’t get what you mean by “patterns” – this sounds like psycho babble – it’s a term used by psychs – “patterns of behaviour” – aka “labelling” aka A=A. And again, a generality with no specifics thus cannot be addressed.

        3. I have not seen a SCN minister dress up in a dog collar for about 30 years – have you? I think you need to come into PT. These days, “SCN Ministers” mostly dress in casual smart garb or a suit, and very seldom do they even don a SCN cross.

        4. VM’s and “Ministers” are two completely and utterly separate hats. A minister does the Minister’s course and he delivers Church ceremonies and services – Sunday service, weddings, etc. A VM does not do these things and is not trained in them. How on earth can you lump these two things together as if they’re the same thing? Again, A=A. The VM program was launched in 1979/1980 by LRH as a grass-roots program (actually he had Africa in mind when developing it and this was the first country in which it was launched – by the Guardians Office – Social Coordination Division),. It’s purpose was to get out basic tech into far-flung rural areas in order to improve conditions in life where people were living under trying circumstances and needed social improvement/help and could not get to orgs or afford services. The plan was to train up people from different communities and send them back to their communities to minister to their people. Much later on(NOT LRH) – another “hair-brained DM Scheme” decided that the VM program should be squirreled and was even touted as becoming “bigger than the Red Cross” by forming disaster response teams – never ever the intention of LRH. This only started after 9/11 and the 2004 Tsunami. And of course, yet another opportunity for sucking public dry to support the IAS grants for gigantic yellow circus tents/barges/planes/trains and long-haul trucks that take an army of 24 people to erect and man – yet another abysmal failure and literally MILLIONS of $$$ down the drain – this was NOT LRH – it was 100% DAVID MISCAVIGE. So what “pattern” do you see here???

        I am done with trying to get you to see what is REALLY there in PT, WHO is responsible and WHY it is happening. You clearly insist on seeing something that is not there. Your relentless insistence that everything wrong in the RCS today stems from LRH is just not worth arguing anymore. I am done being drawn into your incessant bullbait on this subject. But if that’s what floats your boat, carry on and have fun.

  8. This is an amazing write up!
    Any sane person can recognize these new codes are made up
    by an absolute Psychotic!

    His sheep following these codes and carry them out all in the name
    of The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number are also totally
    Psychotic as only the insane cannot tell the difference between
    Constructive and destructive Intentions!

    The OSA Robots who read this blog are not even aware they
    have been programmed and that is truly dangerous so now I
    firmly believe all staff still IN – all the sheep following this
    Psychotic are well and truly stuck in an IMPLANT!

  9. Grand expose, by one who ain’t ‘chicken’.

    It’s interesting to note that WWII, orchestrated and led by the Third Reich dictator, Adolf Hitler, was finally brought down by the combined might of the British and their Allies.
    Leading the counter-effort, was none other than Winston Churchill. One of his most famous speeches, was to inspire millions across the world, to rally around to support the ‘war effort’.

    His speech: “There is NOTHING to fear, but fear itself!”

    Well, that could pretty much sum up your article, TO, don’cha think?
    (nice little example of how Churchill truly grasped AS-ISness, hey?)

  10. Hi Oracle. Have you heard about the new Miscavige eval for the reason for the failing orgs?
    It is: “The SP leading the PTSes”
    Don’t we wish.
    Even if someone did come out with this, the “Church” is totally unrecoverable at this point. What real Scientologist would follow anyone who is still in any part of that corrupt organization.

    • David Miscavige cancelled div 6! That is the reason for failing Orgs. Where have you ever seen a policy by Hubbard that says people are to be enlightened by a video? David replaced all div 6 staff with robots. How was that for some 1.1 inval? David has NEVER worked in div 6 or with div 6 public. He could not have a clue about div 6. He never worked in a mission or with mission public. He is not only not an expert about div 6 and missions, he is totally ignorant of these conditions while considering himself a “brainchild”. He has trompled over and unmocked the div 6 in every org and mission with videos of Tom Cruise!!!!!!!!!

      • Bang on Oracle – Div6 is a joke. I was the PES of Joburg org – and I can verify this exactly. I was horrified when I was instructed that under NO circumstances were we to talk to new public before they had gone through all the videos first. Inflow, Inflow, Inflow – brainwash…………90% of the videos are WAY beyond the average intelligence of our public (never mind the language barrier of American vs South African) – and so we lost dozens of public who got bored and just walked out of the door riddled with MU’s (HIGH CRIME – Giving people MU’s on Scientology).

        The new PE course is a total overt product – GUARANTEED to blow anyone for good (again, way too steep a gradient and as opposed to the 5 night personal lecture done by a HUMAN BEING, instead it was now crammed into two hours to cover the ENTIRE POW book – again with video inflow, inflow, inflow in an accent and at such a speed even I found it hard to concentrate – and I am no dummy).

        And as for the “life improvement courses” – don’t get me started. What happened to the HAS Course, then the HQS, then onto the bridge and away – no, now we have to keep public circling and circling around Div6 until they circle right down the drain and out into the sewage.

        And then, as if this isn’t bad enough – the 1st step on the bridge (Purif) increased 100% to R10k – this is 3 times the minimum wage in South Africa which makes it unreachable for the majority of South Africans, and probably most of Africa.

        Does this sound like someone who wants to “clear the planet”?

      • No Shelly, it does not. The Church of Scientology is sadly, all about one man and his movie star pal. Those two really believe Scientology is all about THEM.
        That is why “nobody else matters”.

      • Div 6 was my baby too!! Nothing better than being there and watching someones first cog, seeing the theta light switch flikker and finally beam out with certainty! There really is no better pay than that! Its more fun than Disney land. Dave is such a killjoy!

    • Speaking of “S.P.’s”, did you know that the pts sp detection course was REMOVED from the basic Sea Org member staff hat? How many Sea Org Members do you think have done the pts sp detection course? When I was at Flag I could only find a few (old timers). The majority of the Sea Org staff have NEVER done the pts sp detection course!

      • …do you know that at St. Hill UK staff became PTS A-F-T-E-R IAS-events and had to be handled? It was a quite big flap for production.

  11. Thanks, Oracle for an excellent article – it was almost like having a session with many LFBD’s as I read along and found myself enthusiastically nodding in agreement.

    What got me onto “the radar” of the Church was by putting in reports of my own observations of things that were in some cases whacky and in others, downright insane. I was careful to quote exact specifics and PL’s that were being violated left, right and centre and the fact that the “Church” had strayed so far from everything I thought SCN was as to be completely unrecognisable. Of course at the time I was naïve and didn’t know that the “rot was at the top” which is where I sent my report/s. Duh. Talk about rushing into the lions den! That was me in the cross-hairs and marked for extinction.

    It’s WAY too dangerous to have people who can think for themselves in the Church – express an opinion that is not in direct alignment with “Command Intention or ask a question that is uncomfortable or exposes any lies, and you are toast. Thankful to be out, though – reminds me of that line in Amazing Grace – “I once was blind but now I see”.

    • Shelley, “The Top” in Scientology, is an illusion. It is ONE MAN. When I got involved with being on staff, I saw so many outpoints. I said, “This is because I am at the bottom. This org (The Flag Land Base), is at the bottom. The more I move up to the Int Execs, the more standard and on policy things will be.” Nothing could have been further from the truth. The closer I moved towards Int Management, the creepier and more off policy it got. Until I was at the Flag Command Bureau working with WDC terminals and when I saw what was going on there, I just flipped! These were THE WORST of it! That is when I knew. The only one above them was David Miscavige, this was coming from HIM. The most unholy of all that Scientology could manifest. Literally criminal. The further away from him the activity was, the saner it was! I can’t begin to describe the lunacy up at “the top”. The “squeaky clean” that were actually “qualified” was some kind of twisted joke! These were people you would not hire to work in a nail salon!

      • When Hubbard said, “We build a world with broken straws” he was being very generous.

        Exactly what is David doing with all of his broken straw men?

      • Oracle – I couldn’t agree more. When I first started spotting “red flags” I honestly thought they were peculiar to our local org in Johannesburg (way further down the rung than you were!). Then I saw Int events of the same “set up” Gold photo shoots of “bustling orgs full of people” – they did the same in JBG – another red flag. And here and there I started noticing more and more red flags – but still I supported ……… Then I joined staff in 2011 thinking I should rather try to “help” than sit on the outside nattering – and the wheels really came off. An Int Missionaire spent 5 minutes screaming and swearing at me in Qual one day for refusing to obey an illegal order – so close to my face that the spittle was hitting me everywhere. The Mission I/C played musical chairs in Div6 (I was the PES) and basically removed every single effective staff member I had in my Div, replacing them with people that did not qualify for staff – let alone Div6. I wrote a report on this citing the exact PL that was being violated (2 actually – musical chairs and removal of staff from Div6 forbidden without prior approval of the PES).She publicly berated me, accused me of being CI to “Command Intention” and ripped up my report in front of me and my juniors.

        Then the LC of the Org gave me a similar face-ripping to the one I got from the Int Mission. Evenetually, I got so ill I actually collapsed one day thinking I was having a heart attack – and that was the end of my staff sojourn.

        And things just kept getting worse. My daughter-in-law exoerienced similar treatment and so I started writing reports – and got nailed badly for doing so. When this happened, I realised this kind of “treatment” must be coming down from higher up – that could be the ONLY reason it was condoned down at our level. And so I started researching. I committed the carnal sin of looking at the internet. A very rude awakening – I read everything – good, bad, ugly, indifferent – the works. For 3 months I would wait for the family to go to bed and then fire up my laptop to start reading……… Finally I came up for air and my world was spinning.

        My conclusion? Our Church had been ruthlessly hi-jacked in a very clever but evil coup and had been taken over by a Psychopathic criminal who had decimated everything “good” in SCN. The Scientology I knew and grew up with was gone. In it’s place was a totalitarian regime under the rule of one seriously evil mo-fo.

        And how did I know I was correct? Because he was the LAST person I suspected – exactly as LRH says it is. Once my eyes were open, it was easy. If you listen to his speeches carefully, he peppers them with nullification of public, reference to “SP’s” screwing with the tech, accusing people of being “lunkheads” etc – carefully and very cleverly woven in among his hyperbole speeches, but most definitely there. And then of course South Africa was hit with the “straight up and vertical declares” – 50 of them within 3 months. Again, per LRH (I don’t know the exact reference) – wherever you see tons of people being declared, look for the boy who is doing it, because THAT is your SP.

      • YUSSSUSS!! I so can relate to that I tell ya! I once had Belinda Albert screaming at me in my auditing room to let my incomplete pc leave his auditing to make a resign major onto the purif! I fought tooth and nail, showed em ridge on the bridge etc. Nope, nutting nada hell or high water he was starting the purif boy! This was none other than Kwezi Bengu who was audited and recruited by me. Poor bloke sat bewildered next to the reg as the the execs screamed blue murder. I knew something was sick within..where was the SP?

        I decided it was good ole Sandra De Beer, she was the one after I witnessed her abuses. Little did I know..only when someone special said to me, hey look at this and this did I have that penny drop, then avalanche!!

        It took strength and determination to leave this group after giving up so much, fighting so hard to push the aims of Scn. But I did, it was more than worth it. I am sooo happy despite loosing my friends and family.

        I will communicate and support anything which hastens the demise of that little gollum who usurped his way to the top. Hence me here on BIC giving my one cent here n there! Down with DM..now where did I bury my nerve gas and AK 47?

      • Shelly, If anyone was capable of carrying the torch, it was not David Miscavige or a young bunch of kids that had never even obtained a drivers license. The Scientology only boomed when it was down on the streets, with real people where it had some value. Look what David did, he BURIED it in vaults, the ultimate Can’t Have! He stuck Hubbard in a museum in Hollywood! How 1.1 was that? He literally BURIED the tech UNDERGROUND. With what he spent to do that, he could have put up 200 missions across the U.S.! He charges 40,000 to open a mission with his permission now! He has the “heartbeat” of Scientology in a prison pen out in the desert! If anyone was capable of carrying the torch, is was always us, the people with the ability to care about other people.

        It has been a long road and hard lesson to learn. But at the end of the day, that is where it stands.

        The abuse you suffered as a staff member, was at the hands of people who really did not have the ability to care about other people, and should never have been on staff themselves to begin with.

      • I hope this comes out in the right place as a response Oracle, but when you mentioned the “burying of the tech in underground vaults” it reminded me of a discussion with some friends that had us on the floor rolling in fits of laughter – to lift the tone a little on an otherwise serious subject, I’d like to share it.

        When the whole “where is Shelly” thing started blowing up and media were reporting on it – coincidentally the imminent release of GAG2 was around the corner. In a casual discussion about “where is Shelly” and GAG2, someone mused that maybe she was in the underground vaults madly sand-papering all the “mistakes” off the titanium plates so that they could be re-etched with DM’s “correct technology”. 🙂

      • Shelly, I personally have no concern for Shelly Miscavige or her Karma. She stood by David for decades while he dealt the cards. When I was three years old, I watched my mischievous brother, a year older, piss in a soda can and offer it to another child to drink. I rushed forward to stop the other child from drinking it. Shelly Miscavige stood by and watched hundreds of lives ruined. While she wore custom cotton uniforms and dressed in custom clothes from Italy’s finest. Someone needs to say it. This bitch is every part of a war criminal. She has always been “Scientology royalty”. She enabled David Miscavige all the way. She is technically a millionaire. As they have shared assets.

      • Great comments, TO & Shelley. It just occurred to me recently, (after enduring a two plus years avalanche of exposure of the DMented one),
        what a thoroughly extenuating, living example, Martha Stout, (author of “The Psychopath Next Door”) could use to re-evaluate her criteria.
        This guy, surely exceeds all known boundaries for such behavior?

      • Speaking of the PTS/SP Course being removed, speaking of Div. 6 being canceled, speaking of good people being declared;

        Page 1007 Org Exec Course vol.1.



        Good staff members are the prime target for SP’s. In one org where an SP got a foothold, 60% of the staff was gotten rid of and the org almost crashed.
        They do it by making people too dissatisfied to produce and so make it impossible for the org to earn.”

        Bad news, particularly if false, is the only comm line of the SP.
        The executive who is getting bad news as a steady diet on his lines has SPs about.”







        L. RON HUBBARD

      • Dan 351. The Entheta Brigade are already operating at full tilt on this blog. (This is according to MS2 blog, who just recently published an article highlighting their own virtuousness, entitled “Still Not a Hate Site.”

        So who are these ‘infiltrators’ one may ask?

        Obnose them. Their communications either directly, or snidely reveal their intent. — Disrupt THIS blog, BIC! Fires being started, that soak up a lot of attention, that could be better used in discussing the positives that build up ARC, not create upset, the stock tool of the “divide and conquer” set.

        The eradication of those with destructive intent, will NOT occur by being
        ‘accommodating’. There are enough visitors and contributors of articles to this blog who would be happy to see these ‘disruptors’ shunted out the door.

        TOUGH love? Maybe. Miles better than TOXIC love, imo.!

      • Better late than never…been very busy…
        Great post T.O. !! You are wise, ORIGINAL and special !!
        And many fascinating comments here, pleasure and honor to read.
        To the “horrible” classic question: “how could so many, so long, stay in and watch, participate, agree, become robots and stay silent???” One relevant answer is: blogs like this, and so many people here and elswhere, who did not stay, left, out, watch no more, DISAGREE, do not participate, but expose, noisily, and are NO ROBOTS – but free and original thinkers!
        And on top of everything, so many here and elsewhere, including many Indies, have the greatness to keep granting beingness and love, inspite of all.
        Very spiritual! I love it!
        Thanks T.O. – your fan.

    • Thank you for sharing with us.
      This is what DM fears – it’s a remedy against people like him.


  12. The “64,000 dollar question” is, if Scientology were to return to a time (such as the early 1970s) when “Ethics and Justice Procedures,” and other “tech,” were “On- Source,” how many of you would go back?

    • Boogle, I pray for the day, Id go back in a heartbeat! And not just for me, I see friends and family obviously dealing with their own demons and I just know the Bridge would sort it out for them. And then there are the people I dont know, but would like if I did know them, now we are talking big numbers. The potential of Scn is still there. We just need someone sane up the top!

  13. Addendum to David Miscavige’s new justice procedures:

    34. Issue false reports and wallow in perjury with blatant disregard for the law or bearing false witness until the Church of Scientology is viewed as a pathological liar.

    This is a brand spanking new policy laid down by David Miscavige in that it is done with out shame, and flaming disregard for embarrassment of Scientologists that result.

    In court document after court document he has himself described as a Holy Saint. This is his latest:

    “Mr. Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of a worldwide religion; a man of impeccable character who is dedicated to his faith and to the service of its parishioners. He respects the institution of marriage and those who enter into it.”

    It matters not than anyone on the planet can scroll the Internet and read incident after incident and testimony after testimony regarding his utter disrespect for marriage and family, but report after report as the his true character. Hos OWN attorneys in Texas referred to him as “BLACK HEART” !

    Although there is clearly NO WAY for Miscavige to redeem his public relations value (He has become the Church of Scientology’s biggest liability), he will issue forth and testify and swear in courts planet wide that He is nothing more than a Holy Saint beleaguered by hungry parasites.

    • TO, your last para. above, brings back memories of those final televised moments that captured the loathing defiance of Saddam Hussain, as he screamed back at the court judges, who had just sentenced him to death by hanging. DM’s own fate awaits his deeds.

  14. I don’t think the abuses and twists and bastardization of tech and policy started with DM, though I do think he made it all worse. There are a lot of examples where LRH committed abuses and denied basic human rights to his followers. However, I will say this- I believe LRH believed in Scn tech and thought it would work. He was a mixed bag and although he believed in enlightenment, he also set the stage for what DM has done and continues to do.

  15. I did not write an article about L. Ron Hubbard. I see this has disappointed some, and I am sorry to disappoint.

    I think most of that had already been covered in other conversations in other places. In fact, over and over and over and over again for several years now.

    My article is about David Miscavige. And a write up traditions, rituals and culture I have noticed bloom under his charge. It is that simple.

    If any other meaning was taken from my article, people are reading into it things I never said or implied.

    If I have written anything untrue, I will be grateful for anyone who points it out.

    I do not think I copied or repeated someone else in this summary. I have not seen another article or summary like this. If it does not align with some former article or essay you read in the past and this disappoints, again, I apologize for the disappointment. I do not feel it is worthy of my time or someone else’s, to repeat stories or theories that have already been beaten into the ground by others.

    If you preferred to read about someone else besides David Miscavige, and you prefer to talk about someone else besides David Miscavige, this summary is probably just not an item of interest for you.

    I realize when people are seeking entertainment, and they invest their time looking for it and come up disappointed, there is some degree of heckling to be expected.

    I apologize to any I have failed to entertain, but on the other hand, I am not presenting myself here as an entertainer.

    I am simply conveying what I have noticed.

    If you have noticed something different, I am glad for you. If we all noticed the same thing at the same time, there would be no need for words.

    Again, if I have said anything untrue, please do point out what it was.

    • The Oracle wrote:

      “I do not think I copied or repeated someone else in this summary. I have not seen another article or summary like this. If it does not align with some former article or essay you read in the past and this disappoints, again, I apologize for the disappointment. I do not feel it is worthy of my time or someone else’s, to repeat stories or theories that have already been beaten into the ground by others.”

      It’s true that the list of exactly what in Scientology is original and unique to David Miscavige has not been detailed very well.

      I think you are right that you are one of the first to try to detail those things in Scientology that are solely caused by, and unique to, David Miscavige’s own actions and influence on Scientology.

      In that sense, I think this is an important contribution to the discussion, Oracle. Well done.

      So are you also saying that this is another one of those cases where you are right, and so is Statpush and the others who emphasize Hubbard’s influence on Scientology and Scientologists?

      Are you saying that you can be right, and so can others who disagree with you?


      • For those who are wondering about the use of the word “haters”
        by Scientologists. It’s a euphemism for “Suppressive Persons.”
        It’s also an application of Scientology’s confidential instructions on manipulating public opinion – specifically the writings on “battle tactics” and “propaganda.”
        I just re-read the comments for this article. There are no “haters” here.
        Depicting those who simply have a different view as “haters” is going backwards.
        Going backwards helps no one.

      • A hater is someone who is so entrenched in his own hatred that he seeks to find fault with any and everything to justify his own feelings of hatred. I am all for open debate. And it is virtually impossible to squash comments that are hate filled. So therefore I am also free to comment on haters.
        In the USA the expression Haters gonna hate, is pretty common and also means a person who is trying to stop another at his game. I read the Oracles comment about people wanting to circumvent things to LRH and thought it was funny also how some people still want to drag LRH into the mix.
        Hey, it looks to me that LRH was far from perfect and didn’t really make it to OT.
        Do we need to dwell on that for the next one thousand years?? Dm is here RIGHT NOW. Attack that little asshole. I think it could even be an OSA trick to sort of make LRH responsible for the way dm is behaving.

      • “A hater is someone who is so entrenched in his own hatred that he seeks to find fault with any and everything to justify his own feelings of hatred.

        I actually thought you were kidding, but I can see that you are serious.

        The use of these labels is not good manners, nor is it good critical thinking. The practice of labeling people is simplistic and leads to misunderstanding. It actually doesn’t get any body any where.

        Also, labeling people as “haters” who disagree with you is an illogical ad-hominem attack because it ignores what the person specifically wrote or said that you disagree with – the actual specific point they made – and attacks their character with suppressive generalities instead.

        Their character is not the point they make. Even a fool and speak the truth, so it is important to look at exactly what point the person made that you disagree with, and address that specific point.

        So back to the point: Can you, or Oracle, or any one else show which specific references by David Miscavige, which when followed 100% standardly by Scientologists, resulted in fanaticism, criminality and abuse in Scientology?

        Oracle has put a lot of good things up, and it’s a great start. But I don’t see any actual references.

        I’m wondering if you can show some actual DM references which were being followed when Scientologists became abusive.


      • I actually did say it as part humorous and part truth.

        As far as the ad hom stuff goes I don’t really care what you think as far as my critical thinking goes. It can be a truth that people speak from hate. I won’t let you try to drag me into one of your “debates”.

        I know from the get go you will not be moving off of any position you have had for a very long time for the most part so it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to try to debate you. I would much rather speak to someone whose opinion is closer to my own. If I want diversity in viewpoints I can read all I want.

        My “haters gonna hate” wasn’t directed to you by the way. It may appear that way by the way it was posted. When I wrote it and sent it, your comment wasn’t even there. I really do believe that some people are stuck in pain or hate or some real bad feeling and they make comments from that spot. It’s like a bad break up between a couple. Sometimes the person just HATES the other one and does nothing but talk smack about them for years, sometimes the rest of their lives. I know the pain of having been in a cult and I can sympathize with those feelings but at some point I think it could be healthy to let some of it go. You can still give opinions for sure. In this analogy sometimes the hurt person tries to convince EVERYONE that their ex is the devil incarnate. The person may have had faults as we all do but the hurt person makes it their life’s work to convince the other one should be shot or jailed. Maybe LRH should have been jailed at some point…but the man is DEAD.
        He isn’t here anymore.

        Yet still some are trying to convince others that he is the devil. What is the EP of this? When the world outlaws any kind thought about the man?

        This blog is specifically for people who have some decorum in regards to Scientology and LRH. The Oracle was simply pointing out that her article was about dm and dragging LRH into the discussion wasn’t really part of the plan. ( that was my take on it anyways) But some people cannot just let it go. The man has been dead for what, about 28 years now??!!

      • I specifically said these traditions and rituals generated by David Miscavige were never put in writing. Then Alanzo asks for references. Laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!

        “I’m wondering if you can show some actual DM references which were being followed when Scientologists became abusive.”

        “Oracle has put a lot of good things up, and it’s a great start. But I don’t see any actual references.”

        “Can you, or Oracle, or any one else show which specific references by David Miscavige, which when followed 100% standardly by Scientologists, resulted in fanaticism, criminality and abuse in Scientology?”

        I mean, where do you go with that?

      • Tony & TO – really enjoying your comments and viewpoints on this this thread. +100 – thanks 🙂

  16. All this debate, discussion and even testy disagreement is wonderful, healthy and completely normal! I applaud every person who contributes to this blog. You are all brave and FREE! Never stop looking, arguing and communicating and most importantly sleep well at night!


      Releases some BPC on the topic of being critical. tsk,tsk,tsk
      It’s one thing to be “natery critical” and critical as in… “sorry, we have an ideal org but where is the toiletpaper…?”

  17. Hi Shelley,
    Just to let you know I’m not ignoring you and did respond to your last post to me.
    Unfortunately, my response – which consisted almost entirely of LRH instructions to Scientologists – seems to have been nuked.
    Not sure why LRH instructions to Scientologists would be considered entheta.
    Maybe it will be un-nuked?
    Anyway, I tried.

    • Sorry Shelley but just for the record I saw Alex wearing a dog collar at services in the last couple of years. He seemed like he was really getting into the role, smiling benignly at the ‘congregation’ very ‘holier than thou’ !

    • Boggle – it doesn’t matter whether it’s un-nuked, nuked or whatever – I wont respond anyway – engaging with you is frustrating and a waste of time. I had my fill of bull-baiters and stirrers in the Church – I am certainly not going to continue playing these games now that I have left. I have better things to do. I wish you all the best in the future.

      • Yep, Shelley. It boils down to duplication and a comm lag, before we respond according, hey? 🙂

  18. MODERATOR COMMENT: oluckyme – Please read today’s article which should adequately answer the comment you submitted. Regarding your other allegations, we have sent you a private email covering the issues you raised.


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