Shore stories & mixed messages

Editor Comment:  Our previous post attracted an amazing amount of attention – with over 800 visitors viewing this article, the TA action was off the dial and wonderful to see. This is obviously what people want more of, and we are working on a number of similar exciting “good news” articles.

In the meantime, it’s also important to keep an eye on what’s happening on the other side of the fence. The reporting of both sides of the coin (RCS vs Independent Scientology) is crucial if we are to accomplish our aim of keeping people properly informed of current events.
With this in mind, we present the latest from the flip-side. 

Mixed Message beach

With Joburg North having announced they found a building, the fundraising will continue in earnest as it’s almost a guarantee they don’t have the full amount in hand to purchase the building just yet.

And then of course there are still the renovations to come. As they have only just found the building, the budget for renovations is an unknown factor.  

If history is anything to go by, the original budget for Pretoria Org was R21 Million, and at the end of the day (after all the changes and amendments at Int Management level who couldn’t seem to make up their minds from one week to the next),  they ended up forking out in excess of R37 Million. This is how come Joburg North virtually had to start fundraising from scratch last year – all the money they had collected for their building was funneled over to handle the Pretoria shortfall.

We believe there is another fundraiser happening this weekend and public are reporting receiving personal visits by SO Fundraising Reg’s for one-on-one reg cycles. The frenzy to get the money in for this cycle is being stepped up a few notches.

Today one of our correspondents sent us this which we thought was quite amusing: (Hint – look carefully for the mistake).

Sent: Monday, November 10, 2014
Subject: Summer Holiday!
Summer Party Fundraiser

Summer Holiday Fundraiser.jpeg

In case you missed it, there is a major oops between the top half of the promo and the details at the bottom – obviously someone did a quick “cut and paste” job, not noticing that the date and theme on the top completely differs to the data beneath it which contains details of a “Kings & Queens” fundraiser that took place 3 months ago!

Of course all sorts of pictures pop up when one thinks of Kings and Queens having a beach party, but we’ll leave that up to your creative imagination.

The point is, this is a pretty major mistake – and something LRH is quite definite about:

“The Cause of Suppression : Read “Basic Terms and Definitions.” (From the Scientology Handbook – online version)

Another indicator of a Potential Trouble Source is that in the presence of suppression, an individual makes mistakes. When a person makes mistakes or does stupid things, it is evidence that a Suppressive Person exists in that vicinity.

So even after the purge and SP labeling of some 50 Scientologists over the last year (as is being bragged about by CJC and others) – it’s clear that they have NOT found the Suppressive Person/s.

We see the newly-formed SCN house band Splurge! is being promoted again – whoever came up with this name probably got it from the LRH article “Joy of Creating” which contains the line “The greatest joy there is in life is creating. Splurge on it!”

We decided to do some research on the definition of this word in every day use and this is what we found:

Oxford Dictionary:

noun: splurge; plural noun: splurges

  1. an act of spending money freely or extravagantly.
  • a large or excessive amount of something.


And then we found this:

Urban Dictionary:

To spend money freely with no remorse and very little consequence to your bank account.


As a final thought, this says it all:




23 thoughts on “Shore stories & mixed messages

  1. When I was asked to return to flag to purchase a ship in 1986 there were quite a few oddities that I noticed which would have had LRH doing his nut. If any one or any department needed money for whatever they would phone the FBO and she would go to the cashier and collect money from the finance person without any FP or whatever.

    When I was sent on a mission to Miami to speak to the owner of the ship, there was no briefing or mission orders, I was just told what to do and I was not given any money for food or anything, I paid for it out of my own money. All they gave me was the money to pay for my plane ticket which they phoned the FBO to collect from the cashier.

    The ship org, the department I was in commanded by the CMO missionaire Sue Price, knew nothing about financial planning and I had to refer them to the policies and teach them.

    It was quite obvious that the top org in the world was completely off policy which of course filters down to the lower orgs. That is why you have all this nonsense of ideal orgs. The staff of the SO obviously are not trained on policy.

  2. Splurge:
    verb: to indulge oneself in some unusual activity, expense, pleasure, luxury {liked to splurge a bit on weekends} – often used with “on” {splurged on a stake and strawberries for dessert}
    noun: an ostentatious or conspicuous demonstration or effort; burst of activity; great display {without splurges or ostentation} {last carefree splurges of pre-Depression film production}

    • Thanks Meja – Some interesting other definitions – “indulging oneself in some unusual activity, expense luxury” – this exactly fits the bill of what DM does but he’s taken it to a whole new level – he is doing it with other people’s money.

      Ostentatious or conspicuous demonstration or effort; burst of activity; great display. Just look at these fundraisers and the pics that go along with them – Mike’s Thursday Funnies comes to mind – pictures of public in gaudy gold jackets, over-the-top frenzies of people pumping the air, doing locomotive train dances around the hall and the like (glee actually, not enthusiasm). Our own public acting like Kings & Queens.

      Any non-scn out there attending one of these events would think we are stark raving crazy – certainly ostentatious and demonstration of effort. But at the end of the day, when it’s all over everyone goes home while this “Ideal Org” sputters along and eventually the whole cycle proves to be unsustainable and things falls flat within short order – the org is doing exactly what it did before only now its worse because their overheads are way more than they can handle – witness JBG & PTA and the myriad other Ideal Morgues scattered all over the planet right now.

  3. Took me a while after my head popped outa me arse to finally see who the real SP was!

    Once I did it all slotted into place like a rubex cube. Line charge, anger grief and finally back up to exhilleration!

    My guess more people are hearing that magical popping sound (when
    ur ead is given its freedom ;)..) and begin to look again. I personally am revelling in the news of how dismally its going for DM and minions. The allies are gathering, reforming and realizing how powerful we can be when our view isnt obscured by hmm..other organs! D-day for DM is coming.

    Passop DM, jy is nou in grooot kak ou pal!

    • YUSSSSLOOORKK, JONG??? — “BLIKSEM!!” (en ander vuil onaanneemlike vloekwoorde, sal beslis ontvolg, herevan.)

      (Jeeeeez, young man? — “Scoundrel!!” ( and other foul mouthed, unacceptable expletives are sure to follow from this!)

      Just wait til Poppa davey ‘pops’ his head out of his own arse, and get’s ‘wind’ of thisssss! —- Hisssssss!!! Even MORE Stink, than any amount of palliative ‘Shermanspeak’ PR deodorising can counter!!

      Quick! …. YUCCKKK! — Don your gas-masks, all! 🙂

    • Tony, your comment tells me all I need to know about the difference between the US and South Africa (or should I say, African time). 6.30 for 7 implies everyone will of course be half an hour late, and shifting the watch backward is hopefully going to get some people there on time. But in scn it gets much more complicated. Nobody wants to be at the frigging event in the first place, so 6.30 for 7 becomes 7.15. Over time, that 7.15 slips even further to 7.30 and finally 8. Moreover, nobody wants to come to a reg event early so everyone monitors when everyone else is arriving and aims to slip in the door 15-30 minutes late and miss the regs. Of course, leaving an event is an entirely separate activity that one could (and should) write a book on. It requires enormous attention to detail, tactics and even choreography to get one’s family out the door while the regs are grabbing the whales.
      The Ideal Solution for any attendee of a scn event is of course to arrive after its already over, and say “Shit you guys messed up the time again.”

    • LOLS!! In africa everyone is always late!! To compensate 6:30 for 7:00 is used to attempt punctuality. Org events were even postponed at times because people arrived when they felt like it. All those claps and cheers for DM were evidently not something people rushed for!

      • Actually, these comments entirely miss the single most important aspect of events in South Africa. How many of them coincided with an important rugby match? Hmm? This became so endemic that they even started hosting showings of matches at the frigging fundraisers. I for one am embarrassed to say I even attended a few. What South African (other than a minority of pregnant women) is going to watch a rugby match between South Africa and New Zealand other than drunk and disorderly? Hmm? But how can you with HCO and Sandra de Beer standing at the exits looking like a reincarnation of the Gestapo? Hmm?

      • Woden, why dja go and spoil my morning and mention that foul beast of hell, Sandra, lols! I read books about the third reich and I see a profound likeness to Heinrich Himmler, valence wise the two could be twins. The ice they exude – chills the bones!

        Regarding showing the Rugby at events, now thats frikken funny!!! I had left prior to this new solution to failing attendance! Ille be damed, Sandra must have been seething underneath to allow such deviation from protocol! Did anyone take pictures?? :-p

        Tony as to escaping those wretched events, the great escape movie has nothing on us fluffy sheep bolting from the money wolves! On staff, Id wait for the beady eyes to focus on their hapless victims before I bolted outta there like greased lightning. Did I feel guilty? Slight twinge, more relief, lotsa relief and a naughty feeling like Id had escaped a good walloping from the headmaster tee hee!!

      • Hey WODEN! Jus, watch wot you say there, hey? You’se stending on verrrry, thin ice there, jong! VERRRY, VERRRRY thin ice!

        ( did you know, that mor blood is GREEN & GOLD ? BLIKSEM ? 🙂 )

    • LOL!! Thanks for the responses.
      We too in the USA hated the events and lots came late. I was a very programmed bot so tried to do my duty. Sometimes when it got to be too much I would sneak out early. Pretend to go to the bathroom and tell my wife to meet me by the car. We would leave and feel such euphoria!! 🙂

      • The imaginative “excuses” people could up with were quite genius. Go onto the fire escape for a smoke, use it to escape – from the reges. Pretend to take a phone call saying your house alarm is going off and you need to rush home to see what’s happening. Say the babysitter just phoned to say your kid is not well and you gotta go. Rush past the firewall of reges saying you REALLY need a pee, go the loo, wait a while and then quietly slip out the door when they’re distracted.

        As a staff member, we were wise to all of these “tricks” and tried to have staff posted at the various “exit” points to catch escaping public.

        As for the 6.30 for 7pm thing – as said above, public in South Africa are notorious for arriving late, so this is an attempt to indicate that you need to arrive from 6.30 and the event will start at 7pm – not that anyone takes notice…… Most events start late anyway so the poor buggers who pitch up on time have to wait up to an hour before the event starts. People started wising up to this, so regardless of the time advertised, people pitch up when they like – even up to an hour late.

        My pet “HATE” was the booming Pomerantz intro to events – so I always made damn sure to miss this before arriving – I just could not stand that “implanting inflow” ……….and for some reason they thought that 100 decibels was necessary – I literally used to end up with a headache at events from being blown out of my skull with the loud sound. The one pluspoint when I joined staff was that I never watched another Int event – I was “too busy”………. but what a price to pay.

      • Explains why churchies became a culture of liars! DM lies to his flock. The SO lies to the Class V staff and they inturn lie to the public. The defleeced public lie like stock brokers to avoid the shears and so on.

        All of this to cover up the biggest lies of all. DM doesnt have any more OT levels beyond 8 and that he is the leader due to a hostile take over or coup de tat! I have personally researched the above and independently verified this data from multiple sources and eyewhitnesses. It was no chance happening that a sociopath gained control of Scn a began the systematic destruction of our philosophy! Classic infiltrate and destroy from within technique.

        Question is did LRH know about it and if so why did he allow it to happen? I believe he did. He gave the Sp’s a big bone ie. Church to extort money, assume his large estate(sure love the MEST) and control a cult for their own pleasures. In the meantime the best of the best would leave and take the tech with them. Under the radar and of little interest to DM and co (mostly), these top tech terminals quietly made OTs! Yup right under DM’s nose.

        Now the tech is ubiquitous, thanks to the internet and a few brave souls. There is no excuse really. Just dont expect someone to push your ass up the bridge, its all up to you. Thats the way I like eeit.

  4. I remember growing up as kids, events were kinda fun. Firstly, you only had about 3 per year. LRH birthday, auditors day, new years. I think Dianetics day came later. That were fun parties which always included music and dancing and alcohol. Minimal speeches and right down to a great evening. Even on the flag ship Apollo it was great. Ron didn’t bore us to death like DM. Of course the purpose of Scientology and org then was totally different to recent times. We had some weird idea we should make auditors and audit PC’s and sell them services and get it done. Strange behaviour indeed.

  5. I remember an event some years ago…I left early and was confronted at the door by some arb …..I said ok..walked back a few steps and told him that I was going thru and he should stop me…he wisely chose to move out the way.I had every intention of using my limited but still considerable rugby forward knowledge….I was kinda sad when he moved!!I was going to take me,him and the fkn door home with me…get chargy just thinking about it.Only ever attended events after that where I was involved on stage and thus could move about freely…..yup osa,its me!!

      • You and me both Tony……I wont mention his name but,suffice to woulda been a hearty collision!!He still had a few words to say as bullocked past him but ,alas,I was only hearing the roar of the Kings Park faithful!!To his credit, he had more brains than guts.T’was fun.

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